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Emporia Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1965, Page 4

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Emporia Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1965, Emporia, Kansas Page 4 the Gazette the Gazette Faith Hope love abide these three but the greatest of these is corinthians going for broke so now amid the noise of tie health program under which the politicians Are going to cure All human ills from hang nails to cancer at absolutely no Cost satisfaction guaranteed or your Money Back comes the news that we Are about to pass the next Olast Milestone on the Road to bankruptcy although it is being called by 1 far dainties name but we Are now almost at the end of a Long and shame Ful Road time was when the american Dollar was As sound As our National Honor paper Money existed but Only As a warehouse receipt and each Bill was instantly redeemable either in Silver dollars or Gold eagles we jeered at the soviet Union where it was part of bolshevik tyranny to Force their russian serfs to accept Money which was in effect a government trading stamp redeem Able in nothing with a shifting arbitrary stat fixed value which could be changed at the whim of any politician it was we pointed out the right of a free people to demand of its govern ment a currency As firmly fixed in precious Metal value As is the length of the Yard or the weight of a ton those poor russians Well Here we finally Are we started Down their Road when in 1934 Franklin Roosevelt to make for himself Elbow room for a Long series of unbalanced budgets de valued the Dollar from a Price of per ounce of Gold to furthermore it was made a crime for any citizen to own or use Gold currency the devalued Dollar still remained tenuously linked to an International Gold Standard but you had to travel to Switzerland to get an ounce of Gold for 35 paper american dollars even so you could not bring it Back into your own country for that was wicked hoarding and against our Law for some time Silver was unmolested its depression Price was Down to 3oc an ounce and would have to Rise to per ounce before the Silver in a Dollar would equal its face value but time passed presently Sil ver like All other commodities began to Rise in Price As our inflation mounted for a while Silver was held Back by the fact that miners usually find it mixed with Lead and Zink metals for which there is Little demand in times of peace so it was not profitable to dig much Ore even so last year Silver at Long last reached per ounce to keep it from going higher the government was forced to Start Selling part of the considerable Silver stocks we keep Squirrel led away in West Point but our Treasury blandly estimated that we should have enough to hold the line and keep our Silver coins in circulation for maybe 10 years traders were not so optimistic and began cashing in their Silver certificates paper dollars which Promise that the government will pay to bearer on demand one Silver As a result of this run the government last year stopped payment in Silver dollars and will pay Only bar Silver in Exchange for such Silver certificates furthermore again last year it began withdrawing from circulation these paper Silver certificates exchanging them for a Dollar Bill which looks almost the same except that it promises to pay the bearer Only another paper Dollar Back now to Gold which you still can get for american dollars if you go to Switzerland up until the end of world War ii we had ample Gold backing for our Money also most of the worlds free Gold had come to this country for safety three factors then began working with peace Europe called Home its Gold and a Long series of unbalanced peacetime budgets be ginning with Harry Truman and continuing on through John Ken Nedy put enormous amounts of printing press Money in circulation each Dollar printed to Bridge a deficit being a further Strain on our shrinking Gold Reserve there was furthermore our foreign Aid to underdeveloped nations billions in gifts disguised As leans More billions in farm surpluses we could have sold a this has in these emerging nations developed Only their ingratitude this being in full Bloom they repay us by stoning our diplomats burning our libraries and eating our younger missionaries to staunch our dangerous out flow of Gold two years ago we called on Europe and our old friends rallied the Central Banks of France Italy England and West Germany agreed that America the bastion of the West should not be let to go busted to this end each agreed that its Central Bank would maintain in its reserves a High per cent of our paper dollars rating them As Good As Gold yet Gold continues to pour from our shores recently de Gaulle announced that France was leaving this club was cleans ing from her Bank reserves our paper dollars while she can still get Gold bars for them Well Why not now president Johnson having announced the biggest Giveaway program of All time simultaneously announces that he will ask Congress to remove the require ment under Law that 25 per cent of the reserves of our Federal Reserve Bank be kept in Gold the effect of All this Well As of today you can still get Treasury bar Silver from our shrinking Supply if you collect enough of those fast vanishing Silver certificates and you can still get for 35 american paper dollars an ounce of Gold if you go to Switzerland but for How Long in a mat Ter of years and maybe months we will be off both Gold and Silver using junk Money of paper Copper Nickel and brass a managed currency with its value manipulated by politicians such As we scoffed at when the bolsheviks imposed it on the poor helpless russians four decades ago just when and How will it Hap pen it will happen Long before Lyndon Johnson leaves office and it will be presented not As National bankruptcy but As Swift Wise measures taken by our Good Good government to protect us from wicked wicked speculators who were about to swindle our Treasury out of its remaining re serves of precious metals and not he get away with it but a Gullible multitude to show is gratitude to their Savior for snatching them from the jaws of disaster probably will inlay his Austin television Tower with solid Silver and then lovingly Pelt him Witk Road Appes of 22carat l w 20 years ago january 9th 1945 the nazi escape route from the bulge was virtually several the bulge was virtually severed fought in snowdrifts five feet deep and in Zero weather mrs w r Bruckner entertained for her daughter Paula on her first birthday anniversary mothers and their children entertained were mesdames m s Ellis and marshal w g Cal hot Atid Kenneth Jay Sullivan and Pat Ted lord and Teddy Ernest cd Trico and Sally Lieut and mrs David tray Lor were the parents of a son born monday morning mrs Edna Loomis of Kansas City a former Epona police Matron was Back in her old Job at the police station she was working in the place of mrs j m Mccants who had taken an indefinite leave Ralph e Hahn Emporia manufacturing company was on a business trip to Jeffersonville ind sgt Keith Caywood who had been stationed at Camp Swift was transferred to fort Benning to enter officers candidate school he was a 1942 graduate of Emporia state College forty years ago Ralph e Hahn returned to his work at the Jon Sanderson clothing store after a visit with relatives in Hutchinson wailing place another Santa Claus editor of the Gazette sir for the past several years you have printed a letter from a Little girl named Virginia who wanted to know if Santa Claus really exists you have always assured her that he does so i thought that i would write to her too so Here goes dear Virginia for Many years i too have been wondering if there really is a Santa Claus then last night i turned on my to set and there he was smiling and waving to All his helpers and they in turn were cheering and clapping for him after he had spoken a few words of greeting he proceeded to Tell everybody what he had in his bag for them he had something for grandpa and grandma the school kids Uncle Jim and aunt Emma in the City Cousin Pete Down on the farm the labor unions and a whole lot of folks i dont remember just now seems he took in just about everybody except a Guy Down by Florida named Cas Tro and a big chinaman Over in Asia it was a Fine show All right and it made me feel real Good but Virginia after i turned off my to set and got to thinking about All those Fine things Santa was going to bring it occurred to me that Santa forgot one Little thing who is going to pay for All that you see Virginia our Santa Claus is a mighty Peculiar fellow he can buy and distribute a lot of Nice things but he cant go into business and earn any Money the people wont let him now every time our Santa Claus buys something somebody else has to give him the Money to pay for it or he has to figure out some other Way to finance it now it seems to me that there Are Only three ways that Santa can do this first he can print More Money but this is just like getting drunk you feel real Good at the begin Ning but end up with a bad hang Over and headache and you Are worse off than at the Start second he can put a new mortgage on the old Homestead Hes done that for the last 30 years and boy is it Ever plastered maybe More than its Worth third he can put More taxes on everything everybody buys and take More out of Peoples pay checks hey that you and i help wont somebody please Tell Santa that i can hardly pay my taxes now respectfully your Uncle Clyde Schwindt route 2 Olpe f i de note dont look now but one of Lyndon Reindeer agrees with l 1 no improvement editor of the Gazette sir we were forced to scrap Over 300 cars and trucks because the big wheels declared us a Public nuisance and a Hazard to health but now we have a Nice parking lot to the North that is strewn with whisky bottles and Beer bottles that Are also on private property and Many Are broken where Small children run and play they arc also scattered along West ninth Avenue and 50 Highway to make it another Road Hazard along with the noise and hollering they make before Many of the drunks that try to drive Home after a night out where have Law and Justice gone that All men cannot have equal rights respectfully or and mrs Jesse Woody route 5 a Good place to Start smiles Cousin Broadbear Hast been doing much since new years eve when we hear he did entirely too much if at first you dont succeed the Bird City times advises to try doing it the Way she told you at first a Florida nudist announces that he will promote a miss lady Godiva contest it should be quite an attraction imagines the lamed Tiller toilet for those who enjoy a Parade of horses the person who agrees with everything you say remarks the Clark county Clipper will Bear watching in other matters also while Money int everything it does keep you in touch with the children comments the holy Rood Gazette although its been two months since the landslide buried him Barry g has come up for air and is starting a newspaper column to appear in of All places Hutchinson news it May take the new session of the legislature to bring Back some hot air in Kansas we arc t l looking i collegians Emporia Kansas saturday january 9 you should buy and read a word for s another big Jolt for Freedom world affairs by David Lawrence each individual is sup posed to have the right under the Constitution to Freedom of expression and free Dom of thought countless demonstrations have been witnessed in recent months As citizens have engaged in sit ins and various other dramatic Maneu vers in order to emphasize their civil but when it comes to the right of a citizen to work without be ing coerced into surrendering his beliefs All the pious rhetoric about human Freedom goes by the boards the tragic truth is that if a person wants to get a Job to support his family he is about to be told he must give up his Freedom of association and Freedom of How Many of the millions of persons who listened and watched president Johnson de liver his address to Congress last monday night really under stood the paragraph in which he recommended what amounts to a form of human bondage for or Johnson informed both houses of Congress they will be asked to pass a Law taking away from the 50 states their right to prohibit compulsory unionization the president didst explain the Point to his audience and it May Well be wondered How Many people could possibly learn what a fundamental change in american life was being recommended when All they heard was the following Brief reference in or Johnsons message and As pledged in our 1960 and 1964 democratic platforms i will propose to Congress changes in the Taf Harlley act including Section 14b i will do so hoping to reduce conflicts that for several years have divided americans in various states of our affects 20 states How Many listeners recognized what was meant by the reference to Section 14b it is the provision of the National labor management relations act of 1947 which permits each state to prohibit by Law agree ments requiring membership in a labor organization As a Condi Tion of employment within that state Twenty states now have right to work Laws they Are Ala Bama Arizona Arkansas Florida Georgia Indiana Iowa Kan Sas Mississippi Nebraska Nevada North Carolina North Dakota South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia and Wyoming but the Labo Runion monopoly objects to such Laws and wants to extend its Power Over the entire coun try so that compulsory unionization will be the Law of the technically an employer in any state can refuse to sign a contract with a Union which stipulates that a worker cannot be retained on his Job unless he joins a Union but an employer who tries this confronted by threats of strikes picket lines and other hazards to his Husi 3icss he naturally feels that if employees generally dont care to preserve their rights it int up to the management to do so Labo Runion leaders Are not As much concerned about the right to work Laws in the 20 states As they Are anxious to see compulsory unionization retained and extended in All the 30 other states where it is legally permissible hut where it has some times been fought by workers and by advocating the enactment of state right to work Laws even if Section 14b is re pealed it will be technically possible for each state to have a right to work Law to cover employment in businesses which Are supposed to be conducted wholly within the state and Are known As intrastate operations but now that the supreme court has interpreted interstate Commerce so broadly in connection with the civil rights act nearly every business which uses some article or ingredient or equipment coming from another state can be considered to be engaged in inter state Commerce and cannot be covered by the state right to work Laws these would thus become meaningless May be fatal blow if Congress however passes legislation repealing Section 14b of the Taf Hartley act it will be tantamount to endorsement of the idea of compulsory unionization everywhere and in All Busi Nesses those employee and employer groups which have held out against this step will be told that Congress and the president of the United states have for Mally endorsed the whole concept it seems ironic that with All the Many references in the presidents message to free Dom and the constant reiteration that the american people Are enjoying unexampled free Dom a worker in Many areas cannot keep a Job unless he agrees to join a Union within 30 or 60 Days after he is employed the idea that a human being can be compelled to work against his will has Long been denounced As slavery it is easy enough to say that a worker Doest have to become a Mem Ber of a he can just not apply for a Job requiring Union membership but survival for himself and family May be at stake and he has no alternative to accepting this form of coercion yet president John son said in his message last monday we have achieved a Unity of interest among our peo ple that is unmatched in the his tory of copyright 1965 new York Herald Tribune gets a Liht Fine the Washington merry ground by Drew Pearson Robert Allison Lloyd Iii the nazi heckler who dashed into the House chamber in blackface and Black tights on opening Day received a heros Welcome on his return to the nazi Barracks across the Potomac the Cook prepared a special dinner in his Honor Lloyd had managed to break through police Security shouting is the Mississippi and praising his comic opera fuehrer George Lincoln Rock Well All it Cost was which he forfeited on a disorderly con duct charge it was the third time Lloyd had got away with a Small Fine for disorderly conduct Lee paid Only for disrupting a meet ing at american University on oct 10 1963 he paid another for breaking into a negro youth dinner and turning Loose a Box of mice on june 25 1964 for his open contempt of con Gress however the Fine was Dou bled in contrast two members of women strike for peace Row face jail for contempt of Congress the Pudgy Lloyd is a favorite of Rockwell the american fuehrer has said of him a if i could Only Breed a race of men like this there is a fantastic Story too behind Lloyds appearance in Black tights it goes Back to a Brawl he had last summer with a fellow nazi officer inside nazi Headquarters Lloyd Felt he had been i sultos by Schuyler Ferris a thin Sal Low older Man with the dra Matics of a High school bit player Lloyd proclaimed his Honor had been impugned demanded satisfaction and marched into the backyard to do Battle the big Blond Lloyd a Captain Rockwell storm troops looked As if he could massacre Schuyler a lieutenant who promptly disappeared strutting like a Turkey cock Lloyd was about to claim Vic tory by default Whan Schuyler suddenly materialized he wore Black tights and was barefooted gravely he appealed Cap Tain we Are nazis we should not be fighting each other we should be fighting our common enemy the with a Roar Lloyd rushed at him kill him Lloyd yelled Rockwell from the sidelines but the barefooted Schuyler stepped deftly aside and delivered a kick to the Groin the charging nazi Captain came to an abrupt halt turned for a new charge he was stopped again with a kick to the mid Section several other kicks finally felled Lloyd and he came away from the encounter with a profound re Spect for Black tights later Lloyd bought himself a pair of leotards and these were what he wore when he crashed into the House chamber stuffed ballot Box when House republicans voted in secret caucus on the show Down Between Charlie Halleck and Jerry Ford they picked trusted congresswoman Cathe Rine May of Washington to count the votes after making the count mrs May announced there Are More votes than members puzzled mrs May and two assistants recounted the voting slips five times the result was always the same it showed 141 republicans voting though Only 140 republicans were present there must be somebody Here from Cook shouted an unidentified Republican referring to Chicago obviously one Republican had slipped two ballots into the Box one marked the other marked the vote was 7268 for Ford this required a second ballot this time the to Tal came out an even 140 votes 7 for Ford and it for Hal Leck the republicans still Haven been Able to find out who stuffed their ballot Box copyright 1965 by the Bell Mcclure Syndicate Tut Americus messes John Redelfs Martin Logan Harold Kizenberger and Merrell Moore were guests of the Allen masonic Lodge no 335 thursday eve Ning for initiation ceremonies in the farm circles of my boyhood nothing considered More disgraceful than to be made a sucker to be taken in by swindlers con men or operators of Shell games spelled disaster for folks in our circumstances Skepi cism in the sense of being free from naivete was part of our folkways it had a measure of survival value such a background coupled with a limited formal Educa Tion May explain Why i have always been so favourably impressed by the idea that a healthy scepticism is a Mark of an educated Man is it not a fact that we can Tell an educated Man from another chiefly by his capacity for resisting another mans thoughts and defending his own views or As Saint Beuve phrased it a septic is not one who doubts but one who this suggests that a worthwhile education might Well include training in scepticism and a development of the critical mind Alert enough to Challenge another thoughts Able to resist popular Abracadabra an education of this sort would help one to see things As they Are and at the same time generate an Abhorrence toward being taken much of today schooling does not qualify by this Standard so i wish to put in a word for that kind of training which would unmask Loose thinking Chican eries plausibility is panaceas nostrums and the like in our contemplation of this problem we should confess that everyone of us harbours numerous faults errors notions shallow ideas incipient inanities but we should also note that these remain dormant and harmless in certain environments and then in other situations favourable to nonsense flare up As awesome and destructive action the total of inanities the dormant and Active taken together probably varies Little from decade to decade i suspect they were As prevalent at the turn of the Century As they now Are in the mid sixties How Ever they were More or less quiescent then whereas presently they Are on the rampage All of which suggests that we should reflect on the forces which keep inanities in a harmless state that is we should know what it is that holds them at Bay natural aristocracy by far the most potent Force of course is what Jeffer son referred to As a natural human aristocracy of virtue and Talent when the aristocratic spirit is in Ascendancy that is when the Pursuit of excellence in All things is the tendency of the time at least on the part of a distinguished few inanities remain relatively dormant displayed under such circumstances they appear ridiculous the intellectual soil ii simply unfavourable to the fruition of mental weeds and viruses when it is not respectable to display the worst in oneself to let oneself go As we say the worst is held in Check develop ment of the aristocratic spirit elevates enlightened respectability to a dominant position this is social insurance in its highest form perhaps the next bist insurance against inanities rising to Active social control is a healthy scepticism by no Means the doubting of everything but the questioning of everything that is doubtful to illustrate the Earth Flat notion is utterly harmless its decline began with a scepticism about the old cosmology today the notion is so thoroughly downed that one risks a charge of insanity by daring seriously to Advance it fallacies cannot become virulent in the presence of a healthy scepticism some will accuse me of going too far in illustrating my Point with a notion so Many of us know to be false the idea that the Earth is Flat please note however that were counter beliefs removed millions of earthlings Are As ready to believe the Flat notion As the spherical fact furthermore notions equally nonsensical Are heard on every hand in the first in stance scepticism has done its work in other cases scepticism Hast yet come into play it is not necessary to reach out or Strain for examples heres one that just came to my desk by the president of one of the worlds most generously financed business associations the system of old age survivors and disability insurance which preserves individual Freedom of Choice by paying benefits solely in Cash should be extended to the entire popu lation italics popular fallacies if that int on a Par with the Earth Sfat notion Pray Tell what is and what about such popular witless plausibility i As the following the More Complex the society the More govern ment control we need if we had no social Security Many people would go hungry the government should do for the people what the people Are unable to do for themselves the size of the National debt Doest matter because we owe it to ourselves the free Market ignores the poor human rights Are More important than property rights were paying for it so we might As Well get our share customers ought to be protected by Price controls the welfare state is the Best Protection against communism big business and big labor require big government the United states Constitution was designed for an agrarian society private business should Welcome government com petition the government can do it cheaper because it Doest have to make a profit purchasing Power creates jobs businessmen should work for the Good of others no one must profit from the misfortune of others rent control protects tenants government should control prices but not people taking into account the relative opportunities for under standing i firmly believe that More Force of intellect was required to unmask the old cosmology and thus to Down the Earth Flat notion than is now necessary to see the fallacy in the foregoing cliches the former was quite a feat in Skepi cism seeing through these current and popular cliches should be Light work for any Bright Schoolboy yet the most vaunted educational institutions in the offer costly advocacy of these cliches they Are advanced As the ultimate in Politico economic Wisdom Only now and then Are there educators who train students in scepticism regarding these fallacies if a society is not to suffer a decline and fall scepticism must increase As fallacies Are activated when socialistic fallacies Are in extreme activation As at present persons with a sceptical turn of mind trained in scepticism May give the unfavourable appearance of being against everything the reason for this false impression u that the prevalence of the fallacies engages so much of their thinking and explanation we must Point out however that their mistrust of socialism has its origin in what they do in fact believe in and stand for a practice of the free Market private property limited government philosophy in Short they understand and stand for the Market Economy the Market Economy the greatest gratified of material human wants Ever known to Man docs not presuppose any super men authoritarians masterminds on the contrary it is harmed and subverted by the introduction of any coercive Mastermind ing of creative and productive activities this Way of life unlike that commended by socialism presupposes nothing More than Ordinary people peacefully pursuing their own ends for economic education Leonard e head president

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