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Emporia Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1965, Page 1

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Emporia Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1965, Emporia, Kansas 1 1 Emporia Gazette saturday the ninth Day of january cml Xiv 75th year no 138 two pages Washington fights speculators Gold Gamble Treasury seeks Reserve change from Congress Washington a in a move apparently aimed at calming foreign fears Over ability to redeem dollars with Gold the Treasury has said con Gress will be asked to change Domestic Gold Reserve require ments the statement came Friday following developments which Treasury officials said touched off some speculation in foreign Money exchanges these developments included Frances announcement that it would convert million in american dollars info american Gold and a report that president Johnson tentatively plans to seek elimination of a require ment which now commits billion in Gold to Back Bank deposits the Treasury didst say whether it wants part of the Gold Reserve requirements Low ered or completely abolished and it said the form and timing of the request to Congress Haven been decided change needed but a change in the Gold re serve is needed the announce ment said to assure the Avail ability of credit in a growing Domestic Economy and to re Lieve any doubts that May re main anywhere that the Gold Supply stands firmly be Hind the Dollar in International markets at the immutable Price of s35 an present Law requires two kinds of Domestic Gold Reserve each pegged at 25 per cent one about billion represents 25 per cent of the nations commercial Bank deposits the other about billion represents 25 per cent of currency in the form of Federal re serve notes deposits expanding the Crux of the problem is the rapid expansion in commercial Bank deposits contrasted with the fairly stationary Supply of Gold the two reserves combined amount to billion while the total Gold Supply is about billion a differ ence of about billion the United states is commit Ted to redeem out of this Bil lion on demand the dollars held by any foreign government which wants Gold Johnsons reported plan to seek a change in the Gold re serve Law would free for foreign Exchange the billion now backing Bank deposits it would not effect the billion which backs currency Treasury officials Friday attached no great significance to the French announcement out Side of its coincidence in timing with the report of Johnsons plans London a the British and treasuries have made counter moves against Specula tors scrambling for Gold and putting pressure on the stagger ing Pound Sterling financial circles Here said today the vast worldwide Gam ble in Gold appeared to be fizzling out under pressure from London and Washington the Treasury warned that speculators were liable to Burn their fingers Kansas City cards show up employees who live illegally Kansas City a when Kansas City mayor plus Davis mailed out Christmas cards to City employees and had 200 of them returned be Caine of incorrect addresses he Learned that some employees May be living in the suburbs this is despite an ordinance requiring them to live within City limits he has a plan to combat that it w As reported Friday pay checks May be periodically mailed instead of being distributed in offices by clerks it it Viet military ends its Rule of country Good evening foam covered after Crews at Tulsa International Airport plastered a Central airlines con Vair 240 with foam Friday after it made a successful wheel sup Landing the planes nine passengers and three Crew members escaped without injury the plane flight 168 from Amarillo to Topeka was diverted to Tulsa after its main Landing gear jammed Over Topeka the Pilot tried All emergency measures prescribed for the gear trouble before deciding to make the emergency Landing the plane circled the Tulsa Airport for about 20 minutes while final at tempt was made to lower the gear there were eight Passen Gers and a Crew of three a wire photo j m Penny files for school Board election in april Junius m Penny 2038 Canter Bury Road has filed As a Candi Date for a school Board Post in Lyon county Central unified school District the area includes the present Emporia school District the schools in the suburban and nearby Rural areas and a territory extending Westward to the Chase county line or Penny filed for Post no 2 a two year term in the unified District where a six Board members fill be elected at Large or Penny candidacy in creased to 12 the number of men who have filed for unified school Board positions in the county three unified districts since dec 31st he is a member of the present Emporia Board of education and is one of four of the six county planning Board members who set up the unified territory in Lyon county and who now Are candidates for posts on the unified school boards to be elected april 6th other members of the Lyon county planning Board who filed earlier for unified District posts Are Anthony Hurtig of Hartford Martin Logan of Americus and or Stanley l Vandervelde of Emporia it it Kansas traffic score Topeka traffic death log 24 hours to 9 a m 2 comparable american influence at Zero expects Indonesia to press Malaysia harder Washington a officials expect Indonesia policy on Malaysia to grow More aggressive the next few weeks will be critical they believe in deter mining How far Indonesia will press its neighbor in making this estimate High officials do not discuss pos sible moves by military forces in the area in general though there is Reliance on the reinforcements Britain has been sending to Malaysia meanwhile Indonesia withdrawal from the United nations has caused a review by Washington of its last remaining assistance programs to president Sukarno government state department and foreign Aid officials said Friday Indonesia is receiving about Mil lion this fiscal year about Mill a for technical assistance and the remainder in food ship ments for the victims of a vol Canic eruption on Bali about 430 indonesian civilians and 20 military officers Are being trained Here under the technical assistance program no new trainees have been sent Here since september state department officials acknowledge influence with the Sukarno government has dropped to Zero ambassador Howard p Jones has la bored for seven years to keep Jakarta Friendly but now the Mission is admitted to be a fail ure the United states has defense commitments with Australia and new zealand under the an Zus Alliance in the event the two Commonwealth countries or their forces Are attacked Australia and new zealand Are participating with Britain in the defense of Malaysia there is Little doubt among authorities that communist China has encouraged Sukarno to take a militant position officials said it it pairings Are made for Lyon county tournament Here pairings for the Lyon county league tournament to be held Jan 18th 20th and 23rd were made at a meeting of league coaches at Roosevelt High school this morning Roosevelt and Neosho rapids will meet at 6 p m monday Jan 18th in the tourneys first game other first round con tests match pipe and Reading at followed by Americus and Hartford at 9 p m Northern Heights is to seeded in the tourney and Drew a first round Bye the wildcats will face the Olp Reading Winner in the semifinals the other two first round winners will tangle in the other semifinal game body of Santa be fireman is found in Midway room Earl Mccullough 36 a Santa be fireman whose Home is in Chanute was found dead about a m today in a third floor room of the Midway hotel 510 commercial St the body was found on the floor by Glen Crumb a Santa be Call boy who was notifying a Santa be train Crew to report for a train de parture scheduled at 10 a m or c h Munger District Coroner was called and opened an investigation cause of death was not immediately determined and Coroner Munger ordered postmortem examination of the body which was taken to the Roberts Blu Barnett funeral Home or Mccullough was a member of the Crew of Santa be trains no 97 and 98 which operates Between Emporia and Moline they checked in about p m Friday night at the Mit Way which is the lodging Center Here for Santa be trainmen be tween runs other Crew Mem Bers Are s d Kennedy Engi Neer g w Barnett and a l Chard brakeman and r e Jones conductor they reported that fireman Mccullough had said he was not feeling Well after the train arrived Here thursday night and complained of a headache Coro Ner Munger who worked on the Case at the hotel reported that the Man whose body was found on the floor had heavy bleeding apparently from the nostrils funeral arrangements will be announced later by the Roberts Biu Barnett funeral Home official Call set on bypass bids four Highway jobs included in project a Legal publication giving official notice to contractors that bids will be taken in Emporia feb 4th for four Highway construction jobs will be printed in the Gazette on Jan 14th and 21st three of the projects listed in the notice from the state Highway commission Are part of the 135 bypass around Emporia and the fourth is for surfacing the East sector of the Olp Hartford Road the notice relates that bids will be received at the office of Ted newcomer Emporia City clerk until 9 a m feb 4th then will be opened publicly because of the Large interest in the Emporia bypass project the bids will be opened in the Arena of the Emporia civic auditorium one of the bypass sectors to be advertised for bids is designated As part 1 starting at the Kansas Turnpike interchange West of Emporia and extending Miles Northeast and East work will include grading and seeding and construction of 11 Bridges part ii of the 135 project be gins approximately one mile East of the Emporia City limits it runs West for Miles that Job also will include Grad ing seeding and the construction of five Bridges also related to the bypass will be widening of present Highway 50 to four lanes Start ing approximately one mile West of the Kansas Turnpike and extending East Miles included Are grading seeding and a new Bridge the Lyon county secondary Road project on which bids also will be taken is for a base course and asphaltic surfacing it starts about two Miles South of Hartford and runs West for Miles the 135 bypass project for Emporia will be the biggest Highway related improvement in Lyon county since the construction of the Kansas Turnpike nearly 10 years ago it it cities counties cannot make payroll deductions Topeka a cities and counties cannot make payroll deductions for health and medi Cal insurance and other functions Clay Hedrick state Audi Tor has ruled Hedrick specifically ruled in a Shawnee county audit the neighbor with fancy fillings says All this talk about Gold reserves gives him the Toothache it it today forecast Cloudy and continued cold tonight sunday generally fair and warmer Low tonight 10 to 15 High sunday 30s East to 40s West Emporia and Vicinity partly Cloudy tonight and Sun Day moderating temperatures with Light southerly winds Sun Day Low tonight in the Low teens High sunday in the up per 20s it it Emporia skies saturday january qty Sunset today Sunrise tomorrow m Moonset tonight Midnight morning and Mer Cury in the Southeast before Sunrise Venus is always the brighter of the two but Mercury is about 45 million Miles nearer the Earth at this time it Emporia weather from Faa 11 a m 15 degrees High Friday 60 degrees Low last night 10 degrees barometer rising humidity 58 nne 15 Trace it it cold wave continues the cold wave which struck Emporia abruptly Friday continued today the temperature at the Faa station Emporia air port was 15 degrees by 11 Only five degrees higher than the overnight minimum of 10 de Grees it it warming trend is expected in Kansas Topeka a tempera Tures in most sections of Kan Sas were 40 to 50 degrees lower this morning than they were Friday lows ranged from one above Zero at Goodland to 20 above at Pittsburg and Garden City these lows were not unusual for the time of year but they did Mark a Sharp change from the Balmy readings recorded in most sections Friday morning highs Friday were from 31 at Concordia to 65 at Pittsburg the higher end of the scale was posted in Advance of the surge of cold air skies were fair Over Northern Kansas today but there was considerable cloudiness in the South West and South Central a rapid moderating trend is expected to carry top tempera Tures sunday to the 30s in the East and the 40s in the West highs today were to be in the 20s with lows tonight 1015 East to 1520 West precipitation accompanying the outbreak of cold air was Light in All sections heaviest was 3 of an Inch at Pittsburg Johnsons Commerce Secretary nominee Connor to put his drug Stock in Trust Washington a John t Connor president Johnsons nominee for Secretary of com Merce reportedly plans to put into Trust his substantial Stock holdings in the drug firm to Heads the shares in Merck co include some Worth which Connor purchased for by exercising a Stock option after Johnson picked him to Secretary of com Merce Luther h Hodges Connor visited Washington Friday and discussed his Stock and tax situation with at least four members of the Senate Commerce committee it begins hearings on his nomination tuesday committee sources said the nominee has agreed to give committee members a Complete financial report monday several senators have expressed interest in Connors re cent Stock Aqui Sifton Merck a major drug producer and research firm has been involved in several disputes with the Patent office an Arm of the co Pierce department Connor told the senator be visited that he plans to place his Stock in a Trust irrevocable so Long As he remains in the Cabi net its terms would forbid the trustees to let Connor know How they were handling the Stock or his other assets sen Howard w Cannon d a committee member confirmed what a reporter al ready had Learned about the discussions a Well placed Republican source told the reporter con nors reputation and prestige Are impressive and he doubts there will be major opposition to the nomination from the gop Side unless there is More involved than i now there was no comment How Ever from sen Norris Cotton after Connor visited him earlier in the Day Cotton said this is another warning that we must be on our guard to make sure the great society does not collect too Many fringe knowledgeable sources said Connor plans to in Trust his previously held Merck Stock valued at about million the Trust physical Possession of the of Merck Stock he bought for but retain personally for six months title to those shares this was described As a tax saving or tax avoidance device because an immediate title Transfer to the Trust would subject the prof it to High bracket Federal in come taxes a six months wait however would make the profit eligible for the much lower Cap ital gains tax rates into the Trust sub Stantial distributions of Merck Stock the company purchased for Connor in an employee incentive program As part of his salary the Stock is to be issued in annual blocks for years Gazette to sunday tape recording of the Emporia St lest Benedicts basketball game Ritchie California authority is restored to civil officials Saigon South Viet Nam a the Viet namese armed forces agreed today to end their three weeks of military Rule and restore governmental authority to the civilians a five Point communique said chief of state Phan Khac Suu would be Given legislative pow ers it did not agree to reinstate the High National Council Dis solved by a group of Young generals in their dec 20 purge a embassy spokesman said the agreement did not rep resent everything we think but comes close enough to make it possible for the United states to Deal with the new government restoration of the Council with legislative Powers has been sought by american authorities renewed talks on increased american Aid for the fight against the communists sus Pended since dec 20 were expected As soon As terms of the communique Are placed in effect it Gen Nguyen Khanh com Mander in chief of the armed forced signed the communique with Premier Tran Van Huong and two Deputy prime ministers vote is expected the civilian government will be charged with organizing a National Assembly probably with a direct vote in the cities and an indirect vote in the coun the communique said it added that the members of the High National Council arrested in the purge will be re leased immediately it did not mention whether other politicians and students arrested in the same purge would be released the action appeared to have ended at least for the present South Viet name three week old political crisis the communique ended with a Call for National Unity among Viet name political leaders the communique followed a meeting that extended through most of Friday night at a sea Side resort involving Huong Khanh and most of his Gener als Khanh and Deputy ambassador u Alexis Johnson met this afternoon at khans Resi Dence it was the first time either Johnson or ambassador Maxwell d Taylor had conferred with Khanh since the Cri Sis began no meeting set there were no immediate plans for a meeting Between Taylor and Khanh who have been the primary antagonists Taylor had sought an immedi ate pullback by the Young generals who staged the purge restoration of the Council and re lease of the prisoners new East coast Dock strike is almost certain to begin sunday now to dig out skies have cleared Over and cover autos up to 12 feet of Snow the sierras following a three week Long storm fell in parts of the sierras during the massive the problem now is to dig out deep drifts line storm Truckee is about 35 Miles West of Reno the main of Truckee population about Nev a we photo new York a a new strike by Dock workers in ports from Maine to Texas at Midnight sunday appeared al most certain saturday in the Wake of a contract rejection vote by longshoremen Here the uneasy peace was shattered along the waterfronts of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts in a surprising development Friday night Thomas w Gleason president of the International longshore mens association said he was a Little disappointed by the new York vote of to to reject a fou year contract recommended by Union leaders the margin of defeat was 562 votes the new York longshoremen always have set the pattern for Dock workers in other ports and there is an unbroken tradition that if one local strikes All locals go out Gleason scheduled a meeting today of the 23man executive Council of the Union to decide what my position will be and prepared to formally notify the shipping association of the rejection vote in Baltimore the Sun reported that Gleason Friday night had already sent telegrams to the Ila up directions for the walkout at monday the Federal government has exhausted strike delaying machinery such As an 80day Cool ing off period As provided in the Taf Hartley act that was used when the Union struck East and Gulf coast ports oct 1 during negotiations James j Reynolds assistant Secretary of labor who has been working As a mediator for Sev eral months termed the new York rejection he said the situation is extremely serious and that a strike distinctly shippers have estimated that a strike would Cost the nation million a Day it also could cripple the Economy if it lasts for a significant period the proposed contract provided for a guaranteed annual wage an hourly increase of 80 cents in wages and benefits Over four years and pensions Thi old contract provided for pensions mostly of the Basic hourly wage in new York currently is the agreement also called for a reduction in the size of work gangs from 20 men to 18 on april 1 1966 this is believed to have been the item that brought rejection

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