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Elyria Independent Democrat (Newspaper) - March 04, 1868, Elyria, OhioThomas Jefferson first principle of Republic aim in that Trio Jakc majoris is unto seen Tho of colonnade births she fundamental Law of every society t individuals of equal Madison period of time a ground of the Moat oppressive Dominion Ever exorcised by Over Elliot s debates vol. In. P. W2. Speaking to the right of suffrftjtt., Houdes the following Imi Gyug right of is certainly one if the fundamental articles of rep Mican government and ought not to be left to be regulated by Tho legislature. A gradual abridgement of this Riihl Hast cent the Mode in which have been built on the of popular forms. Juliot n do Butch vol. P. 388. In Tho number of the federalist to says we resort for n criterion to the. Different principles on which different forms of government Are established. To my Teflon a Republic to be. Or it least bestow the name on a government which derives nil its Powers directly or indirectly from the great of the be and is administered by o ulcers holding their offices during ple Imire for n limited time or during Good Beila Vior. It is essential for such Tomt it be derived from the great body of Tho society not from an proportion or favored class of it otherwise a handful of tyrannical Nobles exercising their oppressions by a delegation of their Powers might aspire to the rank of republicans him claim for their government the title of Republic. A government derived not. Its Powers then from the great body of the people was not 11 government Liat James Madison would denominate n Republic. Abrogating to himself All learning virtue und refinement to bring reproach upon Tho Law refuses to Parli Clinto Tho exercise of civil rights with the Ijen Ernnt sin poor leaving upon them the task of framing and then their mistakes and blunders cites against Iho Law Coil Tii dug those rights. The Southern people arc by these measures invited to form state governments in Harmony with Tho broadest and grandest definitions of human Liberty. Tho moment they do this military government vanishes. Here is a despotism from which the victims by their Oivin voluntary acts Aro freed. The simple organization of in government of their own and by themselves in conformity with the enduring1 principles of Justice removes that of which they complain. Kuther than do this they prefer to endure Tho Rule established by Congress and Ery out against Tho despotism by which they Are oppressed. Tub second Tab solution. It is affirmed in the second Resolution that the proposed Law requiring two thirds of the supreme judges to Deu Laronn act of Congress unconstitutional is itself plainly unconstitutional. Wherein or How we arc not int Ormi cd either1 by the Resolution or by cd. I ej.1t015. Elyria wednesday March 4, 1868, we offer no excuse for occupying so much space in our paper in presenting the very Ablo speech Hon. . Disk san. It will be Road with interest by nil his constituents. The various thereof. Arguments in support Alexander inn Hilton equally emphatic says _ there can be no truer principle than this that every individual of the Comini mity has an equal right to the Protection of the we promo e the third article Section unit of the Constitution provides that judicial Power of the United states shall to vested in one supremo court and such inferior courts is Congress May from time to time establish How Many i ridges shall con Stigile the supreme court is not by Tho cons tuition. It to left for do termination to some other and what that authority except it to Congress therefore Congress in 1787, in the first judicial act organising the supreme court provided that court should consist of a Justice and five associates any Ibur of whom shall constitute a quorum. If confess can establish it can regulate the proceedings. To last week announced the passage in la 6 House of of Tho Resolution impeaching Andrew Jphnson i Rosi dont of Tho United status of High crimes and misdemeanours. Tho next Stop was to appoint a committee to inform Tho Senate of s Iii action of the. House and that body selected or. Stevens Iho oldest member Altai Amiin of Tho Coin Mittic. On the 20th Milr the following proceedings War fluid about one o clock a Largo number of members of Tho House made their appearance in the Senate. At ten minutes after one o clock or. St ovens loaning on the Arm of or. Bingham entered Tho Senate and the doorkeeper announced they had Como from the House of representatives. Or. Stevens in a Clear firm voice said president in obedience to the order of Trio House of representatives we appear before Yon and in. Tho of the ii on 30 of and of All the people of the United states we impeach Andrew Johnson president of the United states of High crimes and Misc Lomi a Lorsie office . I a Ovorn i thing established. In Congress j Furt Lier inform the Senate that works vol. 2. P. It to so. If prior Lizul distinctions Hamilton s 418. Then again he testis is share in the sovereignty of the state which is exercised by the citizens at Large in voting at election. N cup of the most important rights of the subject and in a Republic ought to stand Foremost in the estimation of the Law it is that right by whih we exist As a free people. A by. 2, p. U15, but hear him upon the present status of the freedmen is Only under the pretext that the Laws have transferred the negroes into subjects of property that a place is disputed them in the computation of number and it Isad Mittit tent if the Laws were a restore the which Lune been taken array the negroes no longer he tin equal share of representation with the o her the federalist no. 51. Thus the negroes being no longer subjects of property Are entitled to an equal share of representation with the other inhabitants Ami this it seems a is an admitted proposition. There could tic no equal share unless they the right of Choice an did the others. An mixed the number of Jud nine chief Justice Pmj right associates any live of whom shall constitute n quorum if Congress has the Power to say that four judges in one instance and five in in other shall constitute a by what process of reasoning Are we to learn that it Mav not constitutionally say six shall constitute a quorum instead of either of the other 1111111bers. The whole subject is left to inc discretion of Congress. And. 1 believe that More than a Bare majority in a court of nine judges should to necessary to pronounce a Law unconstitutional that Lins received the Sanction of both tint executive and legislative departments of the government or of two thirds of both Hui ses of Congress. And if the great in res of reconstruction which i have been considering Are in danger of being stricken Down by a Bare majority decision of the supreme court then r believe Congress tji Ould is Isth to provide for the exigency by the adoption of the two thirds Rule. The lessors of i evidence. Sir w have Learned by the Stern lessons of cod s provides that his judgments will not sleep forever. We Imi Content upon this Point with j refused to let the oppressed go in other of the citations of or. Literally turn eel into blood and our first born were slain our whole land was clothed in one Ner from Lien Franklin every of the commonalty except infants insane persons and criminals is of Ciamon right and by the hubs of god n to Cen inn and entitled to tie free enjoyment of Liberty la Liberty consists in having an actual Juire in the appointment of those who Frame the and who Are to be the guardians of every life property and peace for the All of one is As dear to him As the All of another and the poor has an equal right but More need to have representatives in the legislature than the Rich one. That they who have no voice or vote in Tho electing of representatives do not enjoy Liberty but Are absolutely enslaved to those who have Voles Niu l to their representatives for to be Ert slaved is to have governors whom Otho have set Over us and to subject the Hab aliments of woe. It Shook beneath the tread of advancing armies on Fields were Laid waste and desolated beneath the Iron Heel of War until at. Last we professed ourselves read to Deal kindly and truly with god s poor. To cannot be Antnio to. Those who were True to us in Tho hour of our direst extremity without provoking his almighty ire. He will avenge the cause of the poor. To the cry of the oppressed he turns not a deaf ear. Having bestowed the priceless Boon of Freedom upon the slave we cannot now Stop Short of clothing him with the full Robes of a Freeman. Will we never learn that we cannot withold another s rights without thereby weakening the tenure of our own sir i believe that tic. Great Princido Laws made by the representatives of j of Equality of nil before the Law that Niu Lerlie these reconstruction measures must prevail. And proud Fin 1 that at last in this Laud the. Law acknowledges that there is no High no Low no Rich no poor known within her sacred turn plus. 1 believe it to to the grand Mission of Tho party to inaugurate the Day when this people stretched from Ocean to Ocean from Lake to be a people As free a they Are great moved by a common sympathy in they Anarch to a common destiny where Freedom shall make her chosen scat nestling upon glad Dening others without having had representatives of on own to give consent in on behalf. Franklin s Wocks vol. 2, p. 372. Tell me in the Light of these opinions in the Light of the cherished ideas of the past if Virco lifts or Otic Lulf of a Community Are excluded from the ballot if that is a Republican form of government if that portion Are reckoned in the computation of numbers in order to swell Tho representation of the favored class and is itself denied All voice in the Choice of that representation if that is Republican Tho majority in Congress and Tho Republican party say no. In order to establish and guarantee a Republican government the reconstruction measures were devised temporary in their nature to pass away on Hie formation of such. And no in Luve oui Mountain us big every sunny in Ltd. The Atlantic monthly for Miuca is an unusually attractive number and to Are gratified to know that is ii. That is being More with the fundamental principle of a j and More appreciated by the Public. Trio Republic can devise another and letter plan. Despotism. This plan it is Nuich cd is a Milit itry despotism More of Lions to Iii Trio tics a Potie Liy Ilic or j Silt in. We Honvo by Iii Tunit lit unit a tins Jive y also by tick nov and i Ells Boston Ivilo Hin Misli Hio i a nuclei Willi Trio choicest Leuling topics Bot i it a Tomc ladies is a Clio Ico number giving Iii addition toils literary matter its Imi Ial fashion plates. Tho Groat merits on race it Hios Olio ivc As pm Flag. Sumo Trinica be 1 buy 1 r and lint of pathos Ami Linmore Elo despotism was the concentration of Power in the of the few to the prejudice and exclusion of the Many. Her is a plan to Dill use civil rights und privileges so widely and universally that All forfeited inc never so Low to grasp the precious Boon. Is despotism Trio despot who ins St Odwith his foot upon the neck of his victim for two Hundred years at Lens is thrust aside and beholds that victim arise invested with every right that he himself possesses or has possessed except the right to oppress and cries out against Tho despotism that oppresses him. Seated upon his throne of Guwor which he had fondly dreamed was to to perpetual lie i oels it crumbling Benceth him. Lie beholds Freedom s Sun arise but there is no Healing in its beams to him. A hears anthems of the free hym Ned by enfranchised millions but to him there is no Harmony in the glad refrain. He who has i it orders from the rude. Denied the Rigau of representation and the right of trial by jury to millions for generations suddenly Dur Vcra their inestimable value nod falsely denounces this plan As Purposing a div privation of those rights knowing that it provides for a representation most Complete and perfect knowing that it provides for a re establishment of Tho , which is the Quence and wit tog a Thor with its absorbing interest. As a work of list ii and Tho wide popularity of its distinguished author Henry Ward Bce Click have already secured it a permanent place in american literature its extensive circulation in the columns Ottlie 3tciv i urk has Ionly exec tool Tho curiosity of those who were unable to read it As a serial and increased t Heidi anxiety to possess in Book tie Huso of representatives will in due time exhibit particular articles of impeachment and make Good the same. And we do demand that the Senate take order for Tho the said Andrew Johnson. Or. Wade president of the Senate replied the Senate will take such the next step was to prepare Tho a articles in which Tho crimes and misdemeanours Are set Forth in concise Lan language. On saturday it was announced that Tho committee having this matter in charge wonk report on monday. Tho Mode of procedure after he charges arc preferred is As follows the Senate by its sergeant at arms summons Tho accused to appear and answer to is then furnished with a copy of the charges and allowed time to answer them. The House of representatives replies to Tho answer when t is put in declares its readiness to prove its charges and appoints managers to conduct the impeachment. A time is then determined for the trial. The accused has Tho advantage of Legal advisers and witnesses in his behalf arc compelled to attend. The forms of trial Are the same As in other courts of Justice. Whey the trial is concluded the senators consider the subject and each senator having been previously sworn As jurors Are sworn is called by name and says whether the accused. In Bis opinion is guilty or not guilty then the judgment of that effect is pronounced. The sentence of Tho Senate on trials of impeachment is limited to removal from office and future disqualification to hold any office under the United states. A singular argument. Tho copperheads although they Bear no particular love for the president Are trying to make All thu political capital they can out of the impeachment proceedings. In its Strait to find some objection to impeachment the Plain dealer puts Forth the following singular logic Woodward who was for fourteen years chief Justice of the supreme court of Pennsylvania and who is considered the lawyer in Congress yesterday in that body denied. The right of the Senate As at present constituted to try the Case of president Johnson according to inc Radical programme. The House As he broadly and truthfully asserts is not composed As the Constitution requires of chosen by the people of the several nor is the Senate composed of senators from each if it is True that this is not a Legal Congress then every act that has been passed since Jeff Davis co., withdrew from that , is null and void Congress then has no Power to defend Tho Constitution Tor the moment the members from one or More states with draw it is no longer a Congress composed of chosen by the people of the several and its action is therefore null and void. Such an a surb idea could Only originate Iii the brain a who desire to Sec the Grovern Niotis destroyed r were the e Frame of Tho Constitution such old grannies As to thus provide instrument the Means of its own destruction any person can procure copy by remitting Trio Price to Ingham Cleveland Ohio who Solio lapsed authority of the courts who Roby a Legal trial by jury May to but never having Learned in its grand holy import Tho Sublime lesson go to cum lamp to Purchase yer in Cotton goods you can save Money by going to to Purchase Cotton goods. The Largo retail House of i. P. Shei Wood is retailing All kinds of Cotton goods at the Low Pitico made la january he has just opened 20 cases of _ Tho Best makes of prints at cents this transaction that is constitutional Ino conc o 111 Lacfi in Vaw to to v .agonizing1. Trio Plain dealer is in i cat agony Over Tho fact that if president Johnson is impeached Ben Warlo will the chair As president of the Senate and himself in the executive chair in time to fight for Tho Republican nomination at Chicago for the presidential arid agonisingly asks will the people to such Well what do you prop Oso to do about it Tho Constitution provides that Iho vice president shall b q president when the a executive chair is in ado vacant and it was one of your own party thai made him vice president by murdering Abraham Lincoln. Does the p. Claim that the Only part of i no of be Ronnii yet the Case Price in new York is 15 cents f was tub a tinder of the Repici Chatton is inevitable. This Tho aristocrats Well know but they would hold on to their Bonds lift mortgages upon yet nil Tutlo longer. from Tho Lacrosse Democrat the. Organ of the de Noera by in Tho West. Every rebel is heartily in favor of repudiation and the Copperhead democracy Are so nearly Allied to Triem Liat to can boo no impropriety in their coming out boldly on the rebel platform. What do honest think of this doctrine of repudiating our honest debts a Toad Lismond s inc cure. Our capacious town Hall was filled last wednesday evening to listen to Hon. St. S. Towns Encl on the Law of he commenced by saying that Tho Law of 1 to Gross was the Law of god find Illust fitted it very forcibly As it is developed in nature commencing with the lowest order of animal life and tracing Tho do Gustivo and Ner Vous organs from Micro rudiments to their highest perfection in . To then traced the Samo Law in its relation to the achievements of in the primitive state every was a Jack at All trades. There was no differential by which labor or study was be Cariso there was no necessity for it. It was not until Tho wants of increased by the increase of the race that different parts of labor and different branches of study were to particular individuals who by nature or experience were bettor qualified to master their task than Tho common mass. This Law of Progress continued to be observed Down to to time of designated the father of science because he was the first who systematized study so As to secure the greatest Tiniou nto of knowledge. Tho speaker then referred to the Law of Progress in its relation to governments. In Early times governments were simple the Power cing exercised by one person Tho patriarch Over his family. Then followed the theocracy or government by direction of god. Saith Tho was the decision to. Which All submitted. Mankind increased in numbers there was a necessity for More definite Laws relating to their rights and other forms of government were adopted which have been improved by the Law of Progress until the present form is presented wherein there arc several departments each having its legitimate function and Power. Thus both scientific knowledge and governments in obeying the Law of Progress from the general to the differential character As Tho wants of required and this has Given us on great statesmen and our eminent scholars in science. To spoke of the latent beauties of a handful of mud picked up in the Street As described by Luskin which to the vulgar Eye is loathsome but which on being Analysed by Tho chemist is found resolvable into four gems of the Sapphire Tho Opal the Diamond and Tho drop of water or Snow Flake. The science of Progress lies in assigning to one a particular part that to May master All its intricate details. Tho speaker then referred to the study of religion and remarked that in this Branch of human thought no such Progress has icon made As in science because the Law of Progress has been ignored. It is owing to a want of differential organization the legislature having certain duties to perform organizes its own body into committees sufficient to embrace every question Likely to come before it and places the Wisest severally at the head of those committees. They Are. Thus enabled to. Examine and determine a great number of questions and perform a vast amount of labor. Not so with the churches. They follow the example of the primitive Church and thus ignore All Progress in religion. The result is Many charitable associations have of necessity sprung up outside of the churches altogether to do the work that ought to to done by and within the churches and this is Why Young who desire to unite themselves with a truly charitable body that they May be useful in con limiting to the wants of others and to certain of being tire recipient of Charity themselves in ease they should come to want apply to the masons or Odd Fellows instead of to Tho churches for admission he Zuffi Guiod Folia Fusonie of Trio greatest reformatory organization s of the ago wove outside of churches and instanced the Anli slavery and Temperance organizations. In further discussing this1 question the speaker defined fac perfection of religion to be Lave and the perfection of morals to instead of feeding Young sin Croly i up ent of their evil to eels on the Nilk of the they Are a theological formula a catechism incomprehensible to Tho and asked to Swallow of that. He spoke of the Gre at goo that would Renty if the churches Wolf to confort to the Law of Progress spirit of the e age and introduce a differential Sistini of Organiza Sofij by Yeti cd cacti would have a part to perform and they would perform a vast amount of labor in the Field of religion. He said that no is in Harmony win Flthe Law of g6d, a Lesb he is a. . He spoke of the of the lobster which until its Shell becomes so hard As to forbid Fui liar growth. It then retires and facts until by a1 Strong. Effort it is enabled to break its old Rotten Shell and Osca pos to eat for another is repeated each year until the Anira Al attain its he would by any Means compare to the lobster. Is no ground for Coin Jarlson fpi1 Sozio churchmen who have crack up their Shell forthe forty years. The speaker remarked in conclusion that he did not ask or expect the Gandionco to assent now to All to had said. He offered Tho suggestions for them consider carefully and to did not doubt Tho result. As he concluded he was greeted with lond applause and on motion of ii. Ely. Esq., a unanimous vote of thanks was passed for his instructive and entertaining address. Letter from miss m. Ujj. Toot. We take pleasure in publishing the following letter from miss m. L. I Root giving a Brief description of her Field of labor at Tho old pen in ahders Oriville. Andes Sonville a feb wih 180ft a Jav. It. L. Dear sir i have just received a letter front a cd 13. M. Cravath enclosing one from k. F. Markham an agent of Tho american miss. Association who it scorns 1ms been presenting the cause of Tho Freedmon to the Good people of Elyria and to far interesting them As to cause them to assume the support of a teacher at Andersen Villa and that i have been honoured by their Choice. I am deeply grateful for this proof of their Confidence and Desiro you to present to them my most sincere thanks and request for myself their most Earnest prayers that the Woi k that the Good father has Sot for my doing at and Souville May a Well and faithfully performed or. Ticar Khain desired to to write to Yon immediately giving such information concerning our school and work at ail Carsonville As might to interesting to you also somewhat of Andersonville in its present condition and furthermore that 1 should write monthly of our work and its results. I Hope it will be in my Power to write at often As you desire. I arrived it this place nov. 30th, one month after misses but try and Day on Tho and found the Day school in successful operation conducted by miss Day assisted by miss Battey. Tho night school was awaiting my arrival. Tho first two weeks of the session were consumed in making the school room comfortable i. C. Ceiling Antl whitewashing the sides and Over head putting in windows tightening floors and getting benches from m Acon. The Day school was then opened and our was taken in hand and through much trial and hard work has been quite comfortably fitted up two rooms sitting and. Bed room have Boon coiled and papered. Three windows Glass 1 live taken the place of Trio heavy wooden shutters of last year floors tightened miss Battey has among Many other desirable qui elites As a missionary a decided Genius in Cabinet work and to Havo from the packing boxes that have come to us from time to time manufactured two tables one lounge three Book Sasha one Light stand and writing desk one Linen closet clothes bars with these and furniture furnished by the am. Hiss. Association and by friends at Heinie we have a copy comfortable borne very comfortable compared with on Home of last year. Perhaps i should Havo said that our Home und school room Are parts of two Confederate hospitals situated on a Hill to. The. Southeast of the Little Village and about an i gab. Of a mile these buildings Are 100 feet Long by 20 wide and two stories High. We occupy one half of the lower Story of both one As a Home the other As a school room. School room 50 foot Long by 20 wide and our rooms at Homo nearly 20 feet Square. These buildings face Tho North and Are about 100 feet apart Are enclosed by rail Fence enclosure containing three acres. Quito a Little Grove of Oaks Havo sprang up about us and the buds Havo stolen almost to bursting and we soon shall be gladdened by Tho sight of the fresh Green foliage. Tic Hill crowned by the two Largo buildings which have been nicely whitewashed since our occupancy and the Grove of Young Oaks is quite an attractive feature in the landscape. It overlooks both tie main and Hospital stockade and also the cemetery and a sight of t lies sad spots of which i will Sriro another time greets on vision .whenoyoi1 we look to Tebei Roplh Aist East. A few words this Tine concerning the school must suffice. The present enrolment of scholars in Day school is one Hundred and forty ave rage attendance for Tho last month ninety of these it bin t 30 Are women one a f families the r Erna Inder Are. From six to fourteen years of. Age. Between the whole number ave Lavor Reading nicely in Sec Ond Spader writing Antl studying arithmetic. 4-s Many More Are Sti 11 in first ileadei1. All receive Oral instruction i geography arithmetic and useful knowledge. The night school taught by miss Battey Ana myself is composed of nearly ment Iii . Be me Tery. Q jul s of n Early Tiree employed and on Sciotia minered 1 uni yours Swabia l. Hoot. P. 8. It would be a source of strength arid Comfort to know that we at Andersonville were remembered in your prayers. Business notices. Notice in Herb pc lot the Iling arid walk in the South East Side of Block no. On Tho East Side of the East Branch of Lilack River in Elyria Viii age at Public title m the Lowert responsible bidder on the Steps of the court Llott Seln uld Village on saturday the list Day of March at ten o clock a. M. Said walk to be graded and Bollt As Reid Ulrch in an ordinance passed by the mayor and town councilor Laid incur Pompeil of Eli la Aprl 14th, a. D., All mater Ali to to furnished by Tho contractor l. A Bald of. Marshall of uld vol lag of Elyria. Elyria March a 1848. B14-8w a Jan nor a Friend who has travelled in Germany reports the following incident for a which he vouches during Tho summer or. J. C. Ayer spent some weeks at Dresden in conference wit ii Tho chemists of Central Europe where to was heralded As the inventor of the world renowned medicines that Bear his mime and considered one of Tho american celebrities. While Riding one Day his open Carriage fell in with the Cost co of the King of Saxony on a drive from the review. The or. Soon became Iho a bios attraction and received Iho marked attention of Tho who were even More demonstrative in their courtesies to him than to Tho King himself whom they Sec so constantly. King John observing this wrap cd his military clock around him and reclined upon his scat while our great american Medicine did the honors. For the Royal Tetino graciously bowing hat in hand on every Side wearied by his excessive Monde Cension to this old non Arch s people. Or. E. K. Thompson of tits Villa pit., says that or. Sage s Catarrh remedy speedily relieved him from the distressing symptoms of ii Tarrh after trying in airy of the nov cruised Catarrh remedies in vain. Ii. Is for Sale by g. W. Chirk Cleveland w. F. Wooster 3. Manville Elyria and druggists Mammoth bottles Only 75 cents. Ett Yunc hair a restorer the cheapest Anil fiet. The Eugene hair restorer eclipses All know i discoveries for the rapidity withal Rich it restores Gray and faded hair to its natural color promotes its rapid and healthy a owl prevents Mill stops it when ii Llin if off and a most luxuriant dressing for the hair ing it soft Silky and Lus Lions. Moth Iso tics Only 75 cents. Paid by j. Manville sole agent. So july j 1 Rof. Philo hour pcs writes try and Medicine have been Tiu to subservient to nil which fish i i heir to yet How Little hns science done j toward improving on personal appearance. Acc Kintly 1 have inc slighted a scientific preparation which has come before the Public but which has been in use Many years culled Hall s vegetable sicilian Ifon cwt. It cures All diseases of the Scalp and alloys All that heat and irritation and furnishes nutritive principle by which the hair is nourished and supported and by its remedial Virtues it causes Iho hair to grow whore it has fallen out and restores it to its natural color when Gray. Tho old in appearance arc made Young again. Gift jewelry Kitoi Prisch Nve to Long monopolized fac Public mind that it is not at All improbable some have overlooked the important fact or. J. W. A Olaul s White Pine compound is tire Only reliable Anil never cough Medicine in the world. Whore All others fail it finds its greatest Success. Sold by All druggists at one Dollar per bottle. Probate notice the following accounts have Beon wed in the court of county Ohio and will to for limit ring on exceptions in Law court on the Soth Day of Farch a. V., 1868, at 10 a. Of to Wolti final accounts Ai Jill Trator of Allin suck nay i coat a. John g. Wii he Nii Rolft so Bly Authol Taft. Dit lol of inline. John Blacker cell guardian Franklin m. Burns Alex Obitts Potor Stendor 1 Winlker. Wll Liun own Llott. Also partial settlement of guardian Dun Jim near Howard e. Tone Chat a w. 8tj5em-, judge. I Knopf court of i Kly Rhi Larch pm 8h-3w Choice farm Fob Sale. Ii veil fur my farm of r i in of via Fin South of Cranon Whitlon on lir and West a Iuler rond. It 2s . if under . It la Wal Franl it . in ii it. Kit it Clui fat i . Tunit Given if a cult in ii. Tut Knat Lujo Coort House key in or of the on or Mimi. Tazioli Vincent i to. 1808. Legal notice. Sell t or. I a or Minu Noil of tin of de Casc in is Ergo w. Lefi till nut Georjik , the slate of Vermont mkt Noil Elm Mil 0 Chr Lelh v con vilest j i Liurni a a ii. Urt of com Mott will Dar Irwin t. In Ucol f in loing Chi i a. Oui cat k. Ami of Mill it jul fur ill lilt Iii ant will Lii r rii.i.1 Ninfi in Only inf of tilt Iii it Bun ieiu., in under vol ill Trio ninth pan Iio to ii ii in Vici in Cir i my d at in cd Lul Atria it pm 1 of Wil parcel it lain in Lei to Lilla Touti fillip in county. Pinili. I i in Flecien. To undid North Tat id l i u co Thi no farm. Liy a Cit of Lorain Rovniy. Rukhli Liy Lund slim cd Brown Anil i y Lund owned Jull mid Lovell no. Pari Elutil innit contain Wiuff tin Ain i i re or irm in Xii Tew Naomi Lou Ltd lint lib a pull a , Nouttin Nam known Furni and Lund owned by Phil Ion Shepard nut land i in Cinon Slieper Dally land owned a John a Lulka jr., and on the Nair Ali by land or John hiirlinjr., Knoll for parcel of unit in uld bound i noun by Lau lol Jolin Llowell not ill und a Cathy Landof Nicholai Wilber Ami Rait by the Highway. Said ill Ginn uus Ivi a Naid petition on or Lefoi a april i Fath 1868. Joseph Swift it. m . 813 w. W Boynton Huitt Torney. Phy Aii to the i la none of it. To Ninky ass Tiniou e doubly sure i la Plantation Hitte is. They never fail. This great Stomachin healer is just what Trio people need. It is a remedy they can rely on. For dyspepsia heartburn headache dizziness ague liver complaints pains in the Side and Buck it. Has no equal not Trio least among ils Virtues is its extreme pleasantness to the taste and immediate beneficial Cal Cut. Try it suffering dyspeptic and to cured. Such Are the assertions of those situated to know. From the. Vast amount of this article sold it must have great Merit. Magnolia water. A delightful toilet article Superior to Cologne and it half the Price. 8u-2w Clarissa pin Milf Villa mall. Ii. Smith Neil. William . Smith of tent wat tin of Miehl Gaa will like notice that to r Yalu Carlin Skull i of Thi county of liar Alln the state of Ohio Iii on the i Ilir uary a. Isc8. File it of common Plara tit Monand for Aid county m him. Tina Alil William i Sel tinier Forelli Bluit on the 3d. Day earlier a 1sc7, Hie will William ii. Ii. Smith or a valuable consideration Lulic execute and Deli ice n her Itla a a talk in Melsi Ary note ill writing Anil Lieut by did p rom .m10 pay lit r the bum of on or Efure lat Ila of january 1808 the Aalst plaintiff s jul Jim Cut or wild nun of wild in i e in from january together v Lih her Haalil willium it ii , la a fiery in Titi it enl a is to appear Anil Ati savr Naid Jim to ton on or Eforo lilo third after the lat Tiluy of Alarupi clahi88a . 188s. By k. A Jolindon is Jonaton estate of John Jam notice hereby Itlen that the bal been duly appointed and qualified u of fac of John own late of am Herat deccan. Thoma own. February Lith 1868. 812-3w saw amp Gist Mills Atlas Ortetie announce Toth Numic Hiattt y the Haw and grist Lap Fri Volch Thi y Hue put in conic i or Ordi Rulli Cul Liely tip machinery und Nee Parr arts u do custom work lithic Bli Orti fit to Orlup Antl in the. Aatu factory Laimer. Or vhf in Jour and it last. 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