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Elyria Independent Democrat (Newspaper) - January 9, 1861, Elyria, OhioRat. Lili erty and. The Gbo. Q. Washburn publisher end proprietor. Elyria Lorain wednesday january whole no 441. T Clur Bow , us Oak. I Davaun of not paid when the year by Carrier a l. Of 1 73 hat t heir term y Lubirl Etlou imn expired mid More will b o Stilt Tith Cut a Rule Ivel of it Lima _ per Square for 3 nil u Rontu for each Lutao Quot incr thou lest Tymn j Raon lib or Ctet Neyeli. For a done Square one Inch not Cocci Illing Throe. O o fetch. Twildi Loim b Imro Over Throe. O u for Niji Noulin 55 per tent Numil. Fop three Tuo lbs 60 cent to lit Tuli Loil. Atli Kulil to him Huil " Illi Tho Ber of ase Tlona Roi Iuli id. Not so no Rufil ten a Hlll to continued until Ori Oruil out Mill Hie Bovo spec lube. R v. Physicians. W. And Sickon. Public Rill Olno 4 f. Ii. Enit Sli Loof folic a Vicurn from 2 right Hostetter s stomach bitters. Tho proprietors and Cra of hos tet Tell s stomach jut Teks ctn App til w uh1 perfect con Lisenco to nil a gluons generally Tiu United sin Tea acc Suao lilo re Liolu Hua nil Nizoil n reputation ii Ore to Faro unknown. A i of i Nita upon Hia Point will up Alc More to woefully hindu up Liim Sof brio Basel Honor Blix oiling poll i a. Trio consumption of Milosl Altor s Slon Vicli hit Mcva i or Iho Init your Riuo until to Over u Lulf million bodes Anil from ils Ninni Fisl Slon by increase in limes jiul it is evident Liml during Ihu coming your lilo Consu Niolion Wim ranch neurons Nii uni bottles. Thlu in noun could never linvo1 Boon sold Bill i oi1 did Ruvo properties ill Ilia pro pave lion incl Sii Naclion of tie most prominent in a Liao cautions of lilo Komi try where lilo article a Best known who nol Only recommend lilo 13iltera up Ali div pal souls bul no ready atall times to give to il8 Coli Oncin nil oases of Stotri Mohiud Drunga Monib find inc diseases a Gulting flier Carroin. This a not a temporary popularity Oban incl Liy Oll Orta in thu Way of Iviam cling tic Qun lilies of a Lio ii Loti a bul a solid estimation of in mcdicinl1, we Vijh is Deylii incl to Bons enduring us Lime i Solf. Lios Leller b a Lomacki Dit luvs Ivo proved sex godsend to regions where Tover and Ngnow and Virions Oiler bilious Ivo counted ilicii1 Villinis by . To to Nolc to slate confide july i my uie Hillora arc a curium euro 1 or the dyspepsia and like diseases to lie Propri Enovs a Soiree Olun poetry. Btjkyct3 a Atto Ureys Anil col at Law promptly to my Jiw Hilm As to Clicie care in Larain coun Llos Nurt will also pro lick in Tho u. Diet raft. Mid Girndt you Raj in Ohio. Elf Ollie no. Dow ifs Ulik Al Jln Ohio. Ii. N. Onri Letoi. Sheldon Bott can. d co u Al a i wll Kivo nil of Clent ult Nilion to nil nisinc33 intr Duteil to to licit Ninn Nnnie it mul Williejr Lvii to in Ollice Slola Public i. A.s1ip.1.130n, w. W. Most of. Bless thou nays at Law. To. I we wits Rock. promo try their euro. . C1. W. w Boynton. A attorney Neil councilor no ii. 7 _ j 011-1 Ami my tajiks folic will promptly an. I Chul Mitlo to Nils it All Lill Lii i int Ratcil to to licit euro. mention to collections. Otillo West of Mil Public Square alloyed pleasure. It von Ovus nil inure jul Vniller sly run Ohio. R tilt slow Sincli per ilium the 1 look and Imp via renewed to Llic Sci giving it that Lono Puiul Energy for Llic res torn Lon of Halih. It of cantos upon Tho stomach liver Ami other digestive Orgony but powerfully and soon Rusl orcs them to Cai Lilion essential to Ihu Cal Lily discharge of inc functions of unt Urc. Til Lerly a croons use inc is daily per Dir Elious on Iho Ami ilium will Luil incl Misli Milnut peculiarly adapted to coins Oil Yurs is it is pc Isaul. To Lio Gillule invigorating to , As a , and Reju Tuuling we have die Evi Dence of thou Siimes of men Toul women Ivhon have experienced did Benefit of lining his preparation while suffering from Ilc nud general ill oilily a cling i lev the advice of they have Ali nil nil deleterious drugs and fairly lusted Llic merits of Liia ill tide. A few Covili to the gun blur sox. There Are Creinin periods when Toiv cures no a uru Snir dial Many them sink under Llie Trizil Tho relation of incl Sci full child to Ici plur Klinl Tjio . Especially if Bic Young ii Apt to forgot her own ii Ulah in her us Sicly for her in nil. Should Llie period of Mic Reily arrive during inc summer season lie Wcur of body and mind a generally aggravated Here thu is a Neco Tsily for n Slinia Lynnl to re cup talc the energies of inc system and enable who Mother to Betir under her Culini inning Irilla and . Nursing mothers gear rally prefer the i Lycra to nil Oiler inv Gorn that i receive Iho of physicians because it is Ngn Engblo to inc Lasio As Foll a Curlain to give n Parmi Ineith incr Lisq of Bali y strength. All those persons to whom we have Parlick if irly referred above to wit sufi res from of Vui and Ngue. Ensured Liy , diary Homi dysentery indigestion loss of ii Pou in nud nil discuss or of the invalids Peron ii of ii Lutary occupation and miming i Nollier. Will consult their own physical welfare by giving to us Cylc brute Lii Leru u irial. Caution. Ivo caution the pubic Ngn inst using any of the Ninny imitations or counter feits but ask for h o stomach u lit and see unit Enuh bottle Linn the words j. Stomach hitters1 blown on inc Side of the Boll la. Mid slumped on Tho metallic cup covering Llie coi a Rind observe that our la Iio graph signature a on the Label. Tto drop nod and sold by Hostetter a Smith Pittsburgh i .i., nud sold by All druggists Gro oars and Doneis re orally Tiro urholt Tho United states South ame Rica and Germany pm min i k. To Soiu a Alyi in a. following "wuil1" with i baud on our Bonico floor 0110 5ny wok it Oon Titis so Nui Cli of Ito Mnucho of poorly unit we i Oci Iii i oni it in Typo an incident in Roll life. , haul Hoon Trio sir nuts Iii Tylij u by fou nth mull Alful Btu Glud us it for Lla tint it tilt Ila Post Bur i t Kli Odon Muno and wont nut Nown Liron Glit Flint a Mclory who Burn nil Hiro Ilell Tiu input Trio Riih Lintel in Hull by i Misti Holcli Rol Niit Sci o to Ani Liioi lir wilp Awn Liurni n nor or a Llin Snail imply Fri Ruth Toh a Slit Lizul inn lips Ilin , Anil i Ruvon i Julei lung Hie Hill Lynne Trout. Witti tvs Lorn Lih Uhli is l Limiti tip Nom who Pruvli in vol Scle Mill , Iii ill Llu it i vim or he Lii lend sir Ongiri turn Ulm n spill. The Burovi Imlej tul in Itlie Tho Ornul clans i in Dri. Pri soils in null la Shew Ipoh blow on Anil limit la Nikii tin nil Arnst that Lori Hli u shnnl.1 Hen in a i Tho it in a Lii ill it Nui Ili in i sir Ilion Lin Loii mirth Iuli lil up i or the a Luibil i . N a Wool b is he. Mill Hill in1 Sis i tool1 alls in in Alvrn in Iii n n Anil Noil Noimi Nuu Eliu her an shh Pilpil. Unit Hill a ill to we Aioli All men innate ii Mitin order to Avo rout nation. Trio capture of Pokini Ono of Trio Ovental of Lam ony 13 to Oapl Uro of of Chin by Trio no loud French nil i Angl thu or mice until Trio of Trio Lii Noah Kapci or id i lir Loiry. Tilt Infin Clinto which led to lilo attack upon pc tin and Ita capt no arc Elioso l to Allina Waro once Muil within n Ali Ort Ilis Lance of Trio on ital wore cry Init on with n brother of Liliu Jan purer. Liilo in huh position Trio Oli Noeo Journi i Row up in non in of Nitro Linn Twenty Ollious Anil men so As to commune thu proud on which lilo allies wore encamped. Almy Woro. Ulso by Lio Stilo on nary Doii party of the big Gisli who loud vol ural near Tho Ali inca hitch warn in Purcil Inonu Blini the of times. Tho lion Bra Heitli a spun Uii Liui de in nil Only Alvo Ifni Irvind men. But this Gie it Dinon Riby of forces Tho Al Iii so Wim of soon routed with u ions of Inoru than six Hundred killed and Sci Canty five captured. Two Days Flur wants i another Onset Una Miido upor Trio Clini be Ivlin j wore driven and Tii Ien of lilo hrs afro of ui1 lilo on Neil Millio Lin Pural a incl to i skin. In Liis hit i Rit Isle incl Len pc killed mini pro minded. The clip Icso lost a much Iii Liber of men und i Urty la Rico Trio Liinus funny Lliran in Vireil into the Eil Neil the in l i Yoi Kili in Sci ils Walls. Hii Ici. Lieuw Deluis i Cwm .1111 Leeti re cedi Cid it lie Lici Lifis Tyml i Okin slurp Iii Chi in to the a lairs of of lobcm1, twin the till Etc c was sucked mul lie Iii Lisull Pleil to tits Titov. Mx.1 Lioi o openly and Boully Dahl Rod himself i Ulton of to Ilu etl Anil Delloyd buy nun Lonison it it is Uluao Lylial he pinned tip Lone Star wet Meh Hod adorn Oil Tho Ling to Liin by Volt. Nil Dos do coiled paraded several Proni Cuenl a Trueth. I-3e Svith released on Sjoo Insil adjourned my Eton for of the Jouis Volle working men Thryn Hou Anigil pro. Sent wrong Union re Elul Ion. Trio Ivory Iii men of yield an in Lehi Sintie Mcclitis on Slitni play night in Viuf to ilium Lino from Ali or i Ovilus As Soin Bliff a Tho qua very ii boil tic Forout est and Trood mid every patriotic Eltiti Sicul was join Jim no proud cil one Cun Liiro was n Prou Eai com from lilo Sci glitch Van re eve Rel Hii udi i Dpi which Mare lied to the oui l a Luhe with Inu Limo it nil preceded by the Nikiti Oruil Ling in the Hall Usu band played Vii Kun Noodle tend Nirh Cecli of which was with and enthusiasm. Trio following re solutions were us lopped with int n voice . That mechanics Anil work men of Louisville Eikill upon Tho Lepie Wal live from Tilix Dit trial in to Alinne Liy the Union mul id give his Best of of girls of us Ion. Fli Aali de that we1 Tho men throughout the a to to Forin and lie enquirer and the examiner of Richmond Virgin Koonst Idolly and who he will no doubt place himself at the Liend Trio Millikin of the District who Are All Ilo voted to the Union. Senator Doolittle s speech. Or. Doolittle of win main made n forcible speech in Trio so talc cd Thor Sdiey Agni not the right of secession in d in defense of the Republican party. We quote Llic closing portion which shows the Tenor Ohio on to secession question Whit is All our grail. Boasted nation Unity in it farce and n i lesion enl Lemon sometimes complain that Iho party Are disposed to do Ioji slice to the citizen a of the South and to tln-n1 social ehpccially., but what has lion the history i of government since it was formed Nandor the c we ulivo acquired Liori do Louisian Texas and Tho territory from my Vico. We Rittvo sunken cleared n part of Maizio and Given up our claim to n great pure of Oregon. Florida Cost forty million , h Tokib been Given up to the social institutions of Hie South. We Purul used Louisiana territory and two thirds to this on i i Lorii Iii line talus any even info. Juil Lig lit a Noigh to be Mil incl. He a Onfro Nied s. With what lie Bilicki a to 1-u in i vice Dino to Mac Nir in Riei which of Fri Villi Inen incl no in Llic Clio Sung the util it i of w Lickli Ilie i fms of Tlell this c Oiivia Julion e to wanly or Mil Ikumi in Force in Tui on Mil of hint Mouth Pun 1 Liu Oliv nor. Yon nud your tribe of nor Lliran Minimi cans in in Dinuc-i1 dist Ninn i of which Hie event of in Atu met i in lieu to on Iii Suir and thu rest he i Iii de local oct Iho in irom i la. It when to was inter lipid n Deris Ivi Lui Ejli in Tim his nili1, who health of american women. La tall in the Pic. 1 d n. A Gates in . s Ash. Neil surer Cicil Salta Tot Neil to nil Mill Wisl Brantli Elyvon o. Liar inert and hair not Pelion Piil to i a tint hair and room i fitted up fur tit air use. Onu Loor West of the a Cebu House Klurin o. By Siet. ii Asirla. Cu3sey Haft us in try Hooili to oof i Shock Llor Donre nil Ali any Miille cent link. All Kirli o f or Diluco Tel can in of Chungo for Cootie. N. Amli Crit Ohio. 51. By a.lt5win. No Lvov Iri f or tin Niiori Dom ammo of oils. Dry goods Vlnar Dwain of will paper Tooti slings Cirn Cripi car pets. S Rin Rev Tomle Oill Fol Ali any old store blk ten nolo. T. L. s w. T. Pc co. 11 in Amatuc Anixt vow Eion goods. Oro Corieri Tiv Shvaro. Hoots made Tot Lillif Puonti Murou. Shii on nulls n. I. .n.a-Raiin-. . H. J. Brooks son builders Fenil Ilc Nicra into Jigli Neil i Ciscil Lum bar. Shop on main Haroot Ely to o. A. J. In obits. U. Z . Buck Tofson Johnson co. And di1ai.eiis in 9ash, doors nllium.ii--. Slio no in Parl or a Victory norther tuft Lerond Etc run of j. In i duos a and Minnici arcs oils gloss Dve tuft a. Algol Iho Gold mortar it Tho How f Albert Northrop . Ait Tirton u Una Connor Plain in i tin Mot air Ifni Nncy , in., it no. 2, clip no Sec Ilon n or k. Kmmr-nt1 cd Tenily Rait Norlo Pul Ilu Dunn or , Ohio. To Libens Ilono with non Nonn Neil Iirth Jinto t. C to a to tilt. Stoves and tin it wnltol1 Kri to Iliin Ilono on Trio Short nil Notino. Co n i Lii Jim o. Nirm Lic i of Sim la Liunila i i. A incl Tii Limi a i " lid in n Sills uni Liti a Iii Iii i in Mil i Cunk l . 1 Coria cd Vilii Ilkiv 1.1-Llii in 1i41-. Uni. D. . Enlik rih. 1mo or. J. Antn ref in Ortr sir sonic firt in mum Ute a indic l i ii Rul incl Sull print renin of Llu mul , with iln1 it i ii Dii ii nym Tonii a ii Nily Ilicin in your find Pniny Lillus. Shu hint Llen by Csc nil Ilion a Ahu i l ally until Neil la i Lii ill to in Hir Tyml in lip p Tiu la in 11 Cri y i lilo in ilor tin Tri i Lnu ii. L of Xvi. I i let no tar hint Olio to sink u in i i Nino into Riou Hern chivalry can no longer to i ulfred and the breaking up of his old no to Ottil Elili Lei Loy Ninsi of course lie no land cd Wilh n Suh Ilion til Union Helwin you mul he Yon May disdainfully a opined Llic indy hut unit Ivill by of i Doubr get Oji Ilion null a awhile in the Mont a i Lui i Mon int i it to uric 1, Dis Lunini Olvce not Lodi Ion Init Lindy in Vur Lacni Birdi mid everything of Northern maunfucluri.-. I la drink to Lipi uni Prelc iiidpiicnilonci1 and sovereignly of lilo j la Lii Iii to Uiki ii lilt be of do Moisiu from i la. It when to was inter lipid i inquired and you Uro ulious to drink to the ii inn i in univ Fui p Oliwa unit is Siil lie put i Back i in boltli1. Hut yet my find and pack Ihm up so hint 1 May nil de it irn a and join inc Noble Nanny a Ilmi pulritilri.1 i jail on Inive Iii Ouaceil till your Iii Rah and jars. Fur j to know they uru url is if no Elliern mini us Vonu of your Irac no Roth my .-lifrl.-, except ilii1 Coli is und Are guide of puk1 Colin but time vol uni win Woven ii Iii mus Lin at the Lowe l Mill. Und Miido into shirt by u Yankee saw Iii replied met. This is Ilie Wuy lir Voigli ddn to in Iii i x in med mi1. S., much i Ali Ink Villi o of. in of Foch Diniz from the Union unit Ulics he i Crit Plim is to drive Lluc noabcvror.-, out of in and to. Of a of the Lioi Tso i Peif. I in Ili Jot with these words he seized thu is longish de lady by Lam and shoved her into lilo entry. Here stood a i urge tub of in tar which was about to be is de and mis. The Nien Olinik Usu Senle militia wus j for Calivo sc-rvin1, mid in inns work Rife that tic Natii mul i Uriel Nealions in Len would be . Ii was to meet third can Dilious of alviiit1-. By at once a Illuv mid taking Moil Matins of i Culli Ion Liml Jack on Linn nanpu d the which now it i in. On Iho Alili of october Oil Nio Ulli in coie tin no the is in i m1 Olinn Iii invention major 1 was u Edlo Apa isl Surprise to Nikko person Al Visil to the command ii i Licurs o All the forts and to tin Ullin k it every on inc Gill of is ovembe.1 he was by u. Of Ilu a utile Arlin by in -c1, twelve any. Flor , but still by j of i the Midi mice of Iii Lili Calion was passed i i Imi. Tirril Oril Urc d o a Iun be Lon. To Chi Inonu Liliu Pofi d state loan id Lituri lid con by Ilia wealthy men of hut tit nov that is Ilir sur Lisco ii Kwh it d t-hon1 hero not Only Money there but hat Tho men Sliu have it lira willing to Buck up Hie Ces Fridun Inove Munim Willi their fortunes. Una l Iei-0 is us Jill Fry i lie Tyml Uli Anyes Luu Piconi of the alb Tony Jilin Iii ays of is Bol Imi Iii Lon ii nut nun1 through Pil Valu uni reliable iliac Nierli i a it i and men of prop itly Rorr compel led if Ojei t it Tutti rivet nor Tatj Cunti to of Elf d tilt Tun in. Sotillo hour. I a Lisiec and d of Licitr Iii gentle i l up Liere nud of lilo in Iii tick do in to this in Lili lion of the i Liura is Fovini Lilion im1 it in our none we Lei or sir. J3n Yon claim not Only More thin your Slinke Elikim unit Tiu you i i Juht to go into Llic tar Tiloi a acini tired Iron nil carry a intr slaves Liore. I hint Ibe Constitution docs no Sueb u ing but that Ilie Law do Mexico existing we acquired Liml lure Story and i hero inti Ulion does not repeal it and when you Duim .1 to tale your shr is Lii re you claim i Rij Fht that lie can Sli tuition does not there is no i of inn lion cil Hui for the Cun plaint unit we find la i a that we deny tin Equality of s Alt in Iho what do we deny to you Gnu we do not deny to ourselves. What re Jilin 1 in is. Mexico unit Youhao nut say delude your social in Slit Loii. Soil Exi Lud s our banking ins Titi Lions and our log jail inst Tulic ii is u kind of Eloe corporation existing i under the hns of your not i the Cunion Law tin i of ulry. Ecu Yon no right which v o do not deny ours Cli to f Sana ii Isom Oregon paid with a to jail Donl if the Hcan Lilian j any were denying in of Ilie Tel pics in Llie Lei punch cd with the idol and truasuri1. A w Island hen1 if the Joii million s Hoof Echo Dur lit Energy and perseverance. While the disciple Leo Mill the Acquini i of old Iii id Elu be medical Llie ories were follow s from Mexico May the track of routine he fit Ruck o a n new Mil founded n new system of what been Tho Issue Asl Trio world for nearly half Haviv endorsed his Romedi Oti. Be sighs the Nam his pills and ointment it May he that Tho Broad Seal of Public approval is i fixed to them Nijol int the certificate of their bears upon Itsuto find a will in in existence Pimpl i tales Are Llie Only admissible testimony which involves health mud Llic labels that go to slab wish tic eur Ratic to Perisic of Rocse prep Brutious Are overwhelm the from liver complaint debility scr Fula and almost species of febrile cutaneous and glandular multitude that to Man Ca i number 1 lava cordially approved Yuri by those who have recovered under Opura lion of the medicines no the most coir potent judges of their Virtues and to Achi. Esic without in their -1 Leda wore Enlil ill , icy i a Lis then houses would he Lorn Down Over ii to nem Sily Linn he has ii re in Timve no i j a. Heads in pc paid it nil limn mud for thu ii own safety and Liml of Iligir 1 Iii lilies to Cilk s i null our Nui Lii. It is or Jingle in und is no reason to dui Ilii the it Tali of the report that a Lii cd levied on slave holders of Pir i Iid i m slave Osvard by in one Mii that in Komi is Ihu Shn e will con Lisanti ii and old ill in to Ini i l it of Demirsu All this Ihui no inc Lomi i l it of Demirsu All this is kept Dipirri suite id Liis in his i out of he Publ Iscil news and Lii instruct Iii is Dlf lilo him Loiry llil11 to list sessions1 of i is inn Ruiell him thai i l Tolu is daily Alul lie Iri Ltd h i to Livi final h i Ivhon n so. Ii. 110mk test Moxy. I , True Eliutt ila., i crib la Kluit t inv Horii in tin Tilli Lars i m1 the yen ii in inn i Lily buy nip lit uni i i tin Pun into lilt Hill Len in Miloc Lippl lil Illi Iii of in liar hit pills Tinct comit inn we. I nil nil i Iii a Lirui in us Ilii a. 1 i ave Solil Alii us Bntth-1 to i cell in can Tho pint. Veil mull Ciu the beat result a if Viry a Iohp. . Johnson vol it of. Ii sonic la Haj Sci Lila or. Ii u no Iuno of til Sulu jul no in i i Mountj. Uni Bill Weikh in 1-Ciililcn Ivlo Lent Minic us Rel tin. Ii Mac till ill Coril a Malili t co., of 7 Urc Volo Zirri Ili Ritli he i Cunt ill Torino i ital nil Roii Troilo o Clit Irrl cum by onion a Nui re Oll Coli in this mlis ilm Lair. I t Roi Iho up. Lion to sob Rotl or. Still incr i Cut up stairs Uhan fro his clothes whip wins Forth wily i Only wanted Losco in i could Frig Humi Yon. I m not such a i daubed fool As to try Sei Russion Iii Ernest. Only scud me up u k Luss hot toddy und i la not for any f Utin Oiler cd 11 Aud so or. Still Inge Dill not Gaz. Was hint m be made by to Lake tin Lin r.4 in the Hathor . A mul Lif of it Hin Tfirn furnished n in Sii Tili was the up icon of Iceni i Al in mid Lam null Carpl by in err a at in Iii Fulton Loma be it Appiar Tyml Pri s omit can so is Dishi int from what it wns-1 Ihnn is. Of course a Holh jul Rico. On of act Linbi i just ill Convent Iii and Nul Lini ii Ihu liw nil placed in slate of South Carolina in a Stenti of quasi to the Lonceal addition no Compa ios of a Lilli by in Melni third and a Iirth i Joriu iils were on Erc Illo Loi t three day1 nuclei lids Ilir 7th of Croin , nnoliilm1 company of artillery Arnm Llie ii Al jul Pimont sent to re in Circo Iho Jurai Rishi of Ihn same i Oil 1 Roin Liis it will be seen that in addition in usual Force in Chni fac of to u i i it six full com panic of artillery worn , Wii ii Ihm and filly pounds of for Penuli run. Such wus like Stylo in which to i of i lint Day a Nnoli in his soldiers to obey his orders to defend in Olio Jiro party. On lie 12tb of december Iho Alp of War lox Pori intent mul wit i com i Iok him a ordered to c liar lesson. Is Tako i . Of whom nil Smilar mat lers. K y to what i mils the Sce Cumon Isle love Nuru indy cent a Liviem salvos und they i e sowing the not a of Discon Lom Uii Anig their own Lii Thiu Enik is confirmed in , by the of Lin j imm who writes "1 Luvirn irom irk Lon Klinl. Llie proposed slab.1 limn of ii acc july out Trio Trun Lohli St men of die slide mainly in Ami Ilia each one is of pull de to his Ahoi a under inc penal v of being it will l n n j of red limn As is was Ever buy loan during he French Kevn lotion of mexi co. The Len Iii is lilo a occasion in Ovcin it is in Chi Lii ind of Iho mob and the planic i Mere giants irid Oiher men of Snulli inc Are Duwor Lesa u inst honks Pon k. I. Willis of the Home journal in Ono of his re deut Idle wild letters says you will Impi discovered of course that Yon can not have uninterrupted Winter Riding with a to if shod in the Ordinary Way. The Sharp Points of frown mud will wound the Frog of Llic font and with Snow on Llie ground to e hollow Hoof soon collects a hard Ball which makes the footing very insecure. But the 10 evils Are remedied by u piece of sole leather United on under the Protection to Tho Hoof which makes a surprising difference the collide no and sure footed ass of tin animal s a i m Presont generation know nothing1 about flip the fashionable bar i nge of the of ecu Limos when Tho prof to loved America Aud cheered ils Ling. At Iho. Lime we Lalk or some sixty years ago there lived in this state an old sold a who could not fall asleep unless there was a Mirn of hip on n Lablant his bedside. It so happened thai in a. Visit to in come storm bound and was obliged to Stop the e is no such i House which was kept of c me Lamoiue landlord capt. Stevens. Tho House was thronged with visitors and Ihn Tucei Lierl traveller hair to accept As a chem his properly prot red d inc in. 1 will not deny the Ril he and at Tho in Lime Ili by Llic Edy b it 1 deny t i lit under Tho co Isle Lilion. I mind by it. Island by what 1 Lou Victal ill a letter re Fui red to ilium Iannici from m or. . Tyml the i ree a Iri Lork s or to i to Slio idd renin free. I inn Wilnin that in is but just. 1 to acquire territory Yon Are is Liing Limuli when Yon us to Ronve tit to slave crr mry. It is Impo ii Ilc int. In pc Pocuc Jjon any i Doc Trine us thai. Von not allow tin free Loi ii s to remain free. We will not Inion fur Muiir where it exists. Sir. Linn is i Nice. 1 that nou inc fur a i i by Lovurn enl or by inc file stale men s in Llie Stales Aud non Inkerl France by e u Endrai Onver Mancul. Or by Iho slaveholder against Freedom in the ii or glories is peace. A sell on to la Rev Anil Erbon s Zimov Nii ii win be Coit a in turmoil in Llie Cabinet us t Olllie to Rob. Wardiii Nutow dec. 27. To event which Lias Tran Jii de within my recon Clelion Ever in nod to much in this cily is Ihu dec ipalion of h Ort sump Tor by major Anderson. The intelligence ol1 Tho prcsn1 spec Iii despatch says dec. 30. Tho uis unionists having taken Possession Ollio Icli porn Ali h Rick it und it Tim Len , i nine to t. Inc follow ing has appealed in the indignant columns of i it Loo Rich to pass unnoticed the of Risili Thomas is a Vil a is the Woi . Ami Low mounted Alin Nii men Are prob ulily the. Ina los of the Latler p Iti Folio Iii dilution Anzio ii Low Mol non Minito. J v , ky., d pm nor is 1sgo. Re to be in Clarl Oslynn on the Slot. On Iho of Doi m wore issued Conry Olli Cocrof cling Liston lilo Fri Zelca of Wiir and to take oath to support the null Grilii s of Hie i nit cd soul of. Clenci1 no gasp on the same Day Sci unwed his instruct Lions o general of Volt into lilo plan of proceeding Snur sled by Iho Hitler in Canso of an attack general Scoll Lind at fort a Oid tric mint if any Purly of men should warn Vliem to to. Stu Tvr in stoves aug tin , 2 floors i Waslof Seholt oust. Jobling Dono not co. Wolcott of Khi Pirn Dan wilful Pinili do h lilo of Nitriding Truit Iliff a Tui q Lizul in Puli itt Icv Naiu ilm i Uco toil lib unit will Miciul Nicart Loisil not Vispi of solent Luc Ivor Ali Neil liar Ltd of Olinn ctr. Al 1. This my boat Ourel Liy Trio go Norful Llort Hooili it Clefs to to Ooi Lofy to till of Irneli l notion of Trio c Norimi Boris mini shall a Etc Lnu Ontl Allcon in nil i Hsc of t to Hiob kill Neil Zilfi a inn Rel Lonu in apr of lilo jul ill Cal us pin to int of j. V. . A ally no i que Ooi Noi or finn. I Mil . i cart Edo Tiu t of Lilu lion Ltd of women nil i Lingo inv oui lev Urr Uit he j god Liiv pour Liat i Corn nil to inc ills disc Fulvi my to Ilie b Utomi no cull Lollon it Llull idol la Ubell. Roi Niqi la of Moil Lii cn., 0. I m Alp by w. V. Monster und a Jinn Lluc . Norton Noi Ali am Bent r. Uil Diu Blizil a blvd i ii. C Norri Klavon Fin Ali ill in j.b1 dlr Elton . Smithp Shohl by Dou Srb Gnu Oral ii. , Olove and. Nasont fool ill coat Olli. Mia nil Lilii Timof tile Bonn Allty to to Irhn Lilg Oziri Tell try Vilior it i of Rij being Nice Tiff to Send any Des polches i any who wus in Sooim Nentl Oiler Southern sention riving a Lirie ecu orint of the condition of things in that Section i Honvo been Enn Blud to Plenn i Counci Inion with visitors itt Ioly Urr Yod in this oily from cling Liston Jav Lobito new Orleans Liiv Ninnah and Memphis from rending Creinin priv to Lii Lars Iho Bllou ing Iho is that Tii ration is impending in Imi Naparla of South Cir Olin Al Binno Georgia und Louis inn. Tyml Trio to is Lilllie or no Money in circular Tio n in Tho ool Loii sluts und notwithstanding of nearly nil Iho Souther ii Benulis their Pipor has Grelly Dupre chided Tom oven Virginia Solcs Are i m below Par in this City. That Tho necessity of raising1 Money to sup port win in the Clin event oot Loti slates intended for Hie Donzlo purpose of resisting the Federal government mud of pitting Dowtin local Iro Blu a Laniis inc prop erty holders Many of whom would retire to Iho North bul Hoy no forced pay these taxes in order to Pruvot suspicion and Are compelled to remain lest n portion of then families might to retained is bosliiges., _ that sons tint fears no enter lamed Oliv rising Oft Lio san pcs in most of Tho Southern Stales. These whether real or try Aro product Iii univ i finl alarm. Looters to Voivod i is morning by u Orn incl represent Liliu fool aug on this Subj out us intense. That bitter divisions Are growing up among Tho Poi Licius in Ilia produced by disputes on the question of secession some by the horrors of forced taxation nil _ still More by Ibe act that South Carolina is in Tho Noti Ludo of cd forcing o reign of terror approached to fort i retire and it visa Vliem of the consequences if they did not. If to party still persisted in . To was then to resist which moans to and he would to justified. These inn slow Lynnd comprehensive measures of defence not Only pin cod the officers in com Mand of lilo for Rossei at Charleston in u Posi Tion to repel any attack on them they were such is to repel nil purpose to ii Lack Exbell Cmunt in in. Tho swing Down on Stin Duy Wui a at Powersburg of a so cession pole and Flap which Hud been erected inc previous Day a creat ing much feeling in that cily. Trio Polo and its Ripper Tonnices Cost upwards of s 200, and the parties by whom it was eroded expressed a determination of renting a new one and of defending it if necessary against Multack but the mayor of the City Feu Riiff some Dis Tui Bince ordered n Union Polo a Randy Croc Tad to be taboo Down and interdicted by proclamation lilo erection of poles in lilo Public streets. The pin lies owning the demolished Pale Liao published a card in which Lucy denounce Llie proceedings As our Geo jul Aud Intima la that it wus accomplished with Tho Connivance of the polio wednes Day n Man named Owen Rily a Baltin Sorcan Iho ngh for Tho last nine years a resident of Richmond wag Arr Slud upon lilo Charpe of sawing Down Tho Polo and i Irving 00 Trio Flag which adorned it. So proud was be of his comp icily in Tho affair that on tuesday to mounted Trio Etc rep of the Polo and Thiv sons Couric was to Ikon on ins own Roscor Ity for Tho. Purpose of his pos lion and thus preserving the Livos of inc men placed Uinci Ivy Charny. Thu was entirely Unjiro paired for such decisive action on the part of u Niibo Linale and it once Mit for the Secretary of Wrand enc and Scott to know what Iii mint. At his an clips Etc Roso tin my scr Clary of ural donor Neiner major son s coi Luel and decl hiring thai iks had Vio lated orders by forsaking i Ort my Ullric no Tiki Igol a Ort Sumpter Whit Gino uni Scott defended his conduct und pretty plainly intimated Bis conc nip i oi1 those who not Only scorned willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent men but also exhibited a disposition to see important defences Call into Tiu hands of the enemies of Tho country in Bis opinion major Anderson had done exactly i Ighland could not have no cd otherwise i sworn As he web to protect thu live1 of the officers and men Nucifor his comi Natul strict. Order to defend his position. The principle of sell Presori Vii lion required the occupation of Ort bumper which entirely comm Mided fort Mindl Rie and if major Ander Jii had not Laken Possession of in he would in pc been placed at Ihu mercy of the South no. Liua Dishikii Onisto whose Iii Eulion it was to Lingo thrown n Santti Eimont Force in it to Force his surrender or i Siiro Liis Destri Ilion Jin Ionedi suely Al k r this meeting a Cabinet coun cil was convey and but nothing was done sir. I Btu Huiyun .1 adv islam a each other i from nil blame for Fin lilo Conser Iichi of which might follow Puiul nailed in the Eon Clusin thai Mii Jot Anderson and on Oral Scott lius Doler Iii red to act Lor Tho Union and not for to president under whose orders the Laws of Ibe country placed them. The Trurlu int of this in tic present stats of the country is a delicate matter and is Rea son to bops that or. By Owaiian will not Duro to punish it by recalling major if this should be done i Leanru that on Oral Scott will immediately resign his official Posi Tion offer his services to Bis country. Should an attempt to made to take c. Joe air sir no knowing we Uijun log if Liiro will select to occupy the honorable position of thu Clove in int of your glorious old slate i adopt method ijl1 Oil ring to your stale the mount a Mizulo men of Louisville. We number sevello men rank and tile and it our . Ii voting it was unanimously resolved that i Hen South Carolina or any Oiler South turn s ale called our Aid in Dol i ice of their Rit his hint we would re Spond though in Carris d us even Viilo death. Fred is at Raseni Oon Lueil to his stately residence Cuvo Silhi incur this oily Benc lilo Honor of penning mils "offer1 i Pun me. Our isl per Man excited even from the journal and dam Ocrant miserably Union papers i Dougli they an. Will a that Sunh Carolina will i her Noble Strug Gle for her Rig if Ami ulloii1 the god of but Les to i Ovide for Tai consequences 1 Runnin yours truly c. O. Not sikh 2d Lieut. Com minding l. M. M. Drawer to. Office. The fun of the thing is thu soling Earnest Ness with which Mercury prints the offer. Those of sortable Urio i papers blinded to approve of the to. And have no doubt thu lev mounted minute men would Mike excellent food for Lincoln o Emo. Cincil. visitors. Is Iii 31. Senator Cameron and or. Sanderson of . Arrived Here on sunday on a visit to or Lincoln thu president t Lect tins abandoned his Public reception room tit Ilia state House companion an Irish gentleman who Huil visited Llinat j prion upon in agricultural in other words to find employ Meul among the banners in due time Iho Serai Ifwers retired to their respective couches but the traveler saw to it that Iho needful of hip was within reach. To soon or Dpi Iulo a sound Loep but his com Panion had no Sulci , so lie i Ose and Swal Lowed Llic hip about three o clock the the jeer yield gentleman invoke Yariv tick and his hand for the flip the Limp empty he exclaimed you Pesky Iris Nuin what you Ben a dour a Didu l. 1 Tell you c could t sleep unless f had a flip Wischm . De the Speculator lint my weakness i could t go to Shloser wiil c it was Furnest me the Dee fiem Man to jail. Stevens in the morning. To put him in n room Willi n. Dry Fri ionian courier Sonelli Carolina seed. She May Sec seed then pro seed lint can 1, suck seed must in need or to pc grape seed. Odd Fellowship in new Jersey. There Are now in the stale of lodges initiations during the 496 re instated 55 suspended 333 deaths 34 r res ent number of members d864 expended for Rolof of Mem hrs widows orphans 301 til income Columbus papers report the Lor Rible dentil of n Drunken in cily by accidentally burning herself when in , lived for n number of limits in Iho most terrible agony Firth nil manner of horrid and receives Deuce. Few i sailors it bit own Resi Feizir of inner Section. The Washington Phil Ade phia press Snyth a Southern indy told me on u Oji Wodny Tomt every letter Fri in Ihu sooth i her family mid i Riondet is filled with upper Chen bios of u Servile in Irr action und Ibal having been neck Slomp to Vuu Cuington society for years she dreaded going Back to her own Jess Tho thus expresses its own views and Hoso of every person nud paper out of Trio secession ranks the new Orleans very explicit. Itsy six soil Librn sales in All have c lied conventions , which directs january 3ilj Mississippi and of Whu h meet january 7th a which meets january llah Svilich Meta january 27th, and South Gnu Olin which is now in session. Sta Trio Exa mind says have heard of n project among some Union men to Froin or. , and id As n special favor that lie never re turn to Linion scr county fsr on n Mango tree under which Oca. Lavelock is buried a rudely Cut piece of tin is pulled bearing the following words cd upon it on this spot lies the Remai is of general Havelock. May he rest in l his is that Marks the grave of the hero of inc know. A gone Rel decrease of crime in., Gnu from the year 1856 to 859, i attributed to the establishment of reformatory loners in All parts of the county juvenile pc inlay 1ms thus decks Eccl juvenile con Init meets by in fifty six per Cut. Fewer. i859 than in 1356, Sarah Johnson is under Rrt at in Del Roit under charge of stenlibe1 five Dollare from one Lover to pay the minister for Sibr by Iii Bor to no Thor. Ssh a. Man. By tiie Ami of Johnson Vinn killed a on the 24tji of Ifo Vei j near Leipsic on the line of Tho Dayton s Michigan Bailor id weighing general climate of a Glim a Hwi been during the year i860, very much i Bitt which tie High Peak pfc Derby Al ire

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