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Read an issue on 2 Jan 1861 in Elyria, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Elyria Independent Democrat.

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Elyria Independent Democrat (Newspaper) - January 2, 1861, Elyria, Ohio1 Uriel proprietor up erty end Jird Abraham bc11rell, Lorain , Ohio wednesday january a Hullih Eiolf Terra of and in Niuro a Nitora i my of Aid Skiotis Inojo i Olio us r Squire for a i Sci Nous ims for Ujj if Ter of Mil to macs a Civo i f onto Smuc i j p. M. I b re 0 Ken re n g13. T a j and im-1 nil inn entrusted to Pic or uror 0 Roll Octlona. Foll l i in Iofi and in i court i Lii Omo. Sheldon. A Law Trio bios Siml Sci Jreilly Buckiso uie la Ticle Lii Luln Hotd us Iii Libi Bibl Avo unknown. A Ivy i acts upon mils Point will Povur a fully limn to Vinios of lir ivc isae Tum pull Ery. Tho slum i Uil. I Al for Liliu last your i d Uver a i Milf Neil Loii Bolt los nut Troni. Its Imus Fusi Muncey in i buoy is Ovule in. Ilium. During lilo Trio Thia in ii Iii so Coull the Nero. Miciu civil prop Quvus soul Flinoil in thu Prepura lion Mill life . . We co the a bet known Ivelio Quoon Niaud the to their Ruji Zionts but Aio in and Liliu tills is not a to Iii Vii by Iopu Larity put Irinod try ctr Noruzi Ivy olt oily in Vay of Ruiu up thug the of Iho Uirt Ura hut a solid of an ii Ivy Umb Louic i duo which is cat ipod to to its Cndia ing is Limo Fusul. H s stomach proved a Golli Ciul o regions Yovor and Agno nud Vili ious other bilious Boiu Plains Liuvao Lili Iuli us i Able to Stilto 1-Lial. The us Priora no a Civ twin Oure Cor nil like is to the u source of look to your insurance. Iii a s is Olllie null Owlick Woll in ii Rel Lohli jilt Niimd tin Elf i Harl Kojjo ii Altal Neil Amu la Home of new York Ivich Ichante of Wihs , big Ujj an d of clinical mul Jinni in s he Lolin ii Joynton Apont Al Isara 8 Kab what the people sat. It in v to it t ol1 Tiu Sii Poi list evident und Stintl Slob of tic Elyrn Union schools for the tip Iii aug. Imond intr Blu. Lilt 1800. _ j let Elbiro Juippi i renewed Viii Lily 10 Liliu Sci voids giving in for thu . It ipod cml fic Viji soon vol orcs Hijra 6f Trio Fianu Llovia of in Tuvic. Five Sigil and efficient to Roll entrusted to tic or office omit squirt Ely Rev. Ohio., at to i is co Iii is is i at . Yorlli b i niocv.1 prom with entrusted to ihdrcurc., i j pts a to total sey cd Unalp l for of . _ Oil business in run and Adlo info mum Lloa. R Iii j. M. Langston a attorney co un8ely.o.r.a.t re to floor Cunt of a Elinor Loi san o. To col ii a i mar k. I solicitor of patents. Of Public 4u-3n Elyria o. Jeremiah Dunn h dusk sign and Oxnam stat. Punter . Grain in ghz ilk inv Blons slip. Oni door Softli of let Init Iii fits Giorl la Licci. I. A. Brown bar Kii and ua1r Cutter shop in incr Thiol a Inklin Riouse Haj run. O. Higgins Potter artists. And oo1j pictures in ill Kyndi of Wiit list for it j5 cools.-. 3 Kop is in Dewilt s Block. s Roobina to Tyr o. We. , emt Sloor Tom Public Liloria lilo a a son r. L and machine 311 of on who old fur Nace ground Wool Imp of Trio Branch Cloore Enst of Tho Annh Al i Ord no executed w Ull desp Nicch. I a b. Gates Aleh. In lumber window Sas to scorched a furl Ashai or Mill West Brunch Ely in o. Arti Rulan Quill in it tier ind Tooms fated i. Topi evilly for to Iota Uko p one floor i Aldw-1n ant Orrion 1 tic., Mojo clothing a 202tf a . . A her. H. J. Nnooii3. J blinds. Shop soap i Ilc or b of notary North o the Aljin in ment cirs Gatio d Cei los in non Una pancjartlclcn.fco., nov Drutt store. Or r it quoth Zhc nor a lib Pliml shod Natl 4-.c-, no no. 2, cheap slip next floor Eibrt Efthi of of Gjalt Levin Lnch Dono on Ali Short put notice. All a ends pr.1 a flu Lucli Pinr a cars and i mob the c i Decicc of Oliou Sundh of Ngod Moi Ivond women have exp Anouce Chi Bon cult of Uhing this pro partition while Siil ering from Slun Moti do Nind go no i m i to oilily the of Ali Yuichi to Iii. They Abiusi Dovidi All Del Clorious drugs und 1 girly tested the Merit a of this ii Ticle. A few in Ord to die gun ilor Box. Tami e Ciro us ruin Pui gods their Corea uru so Lnu Ninny of Ihen yink.undev1 who rial. Tim Ruli Tioli of Mother null child Jih so absorbing by louder Llma Llic she be nil to. Forgot Sci Koivu lieu Lih in her extreme Tumey Tor her inti in. Show Tel the period of him own pity. 1 nov Lac summer sense a us Wear of Boily Hhd Ini Iid is Chilly then is a necessity or re cup Tuc lilo enc Vyiona of Tho Hyslin until uni Ible ihe1 Mother to Bear up under Ehui Shiing Tri iils and responsibilities. Nursing in Thui a Gunc inc Lii lers to Ull Oiler inv Gora tors Tomt receive t2ic p Kywi Agull lilo o the i talc is is curtain to give Wjk Prii in enl Iii Reuys Klrin Gilr. Ally Homo Persona to we Linic Pur Lickli Early referred above to win sufi urus from fever and a tic caused by Mii Lyrin Dinar Lioci dysentery Lulli Gostion Losa of and All Diso Naoa or of who ulu Macli , per South Cou Aull Lhoir own Ali Waicul welfare by giving to bios thu cd a Colola rated Slomich 13ittcvh in ring. The Public against using tiny of to Ltd Many Imit Lions or counter f toils but i uhte Rrt Iii s Sto Macil Liitt Tafi t an d Liat e Rith to Lluc lius or. J. Hilicus Blairn on the Side of in j aug skimped who metallic cup covering Llic Cork und observe unit our Pui graph signature is us the Label. Prepared and sold by hos Tetteh Pitta Burgi. Pa., and a old by Ull Draggist Florceta and dealers Lirou ghost Tho. United. Tatos South ame Rica and a Ermi Itzy. W. A Ujj Rren am a. 3 Jii in Ury Mich ii. Health of. Read of Utica in the Tine since 1 15cs, Krom Hie Excel Lewicy Jnice Goya nor 01 i Lorlyn and inem Bor of hit1 Diu d Talts Sunn to. Irrol hrs i inn a Folk u i.1 Wotli duh Cuhl la my thu Lieh ii talk no. Mul sur Pii it Cnoc Dalil Trio i to Zurc. But Vulk h. Clod in n Nin Unev to lit1 can icel ii Crk remedies i coi Iselt Mui Ible Llu in use. Jus. Huv no Rietl Trof Cybor item rnukyh1 Aih Pojl to loom Friol Almo ills Moika in our Wotli Dili i an la and lieu Lafr full consult Noe in Uliuli Jour Fly and Ettl Novi cheerfully Coo minced Thoin to nil iiui1 aunt Ivl rth to Liciu info Rel Leblo and Olallo Cloua Treuil jibes id Linioul fur air Vatu or Talonn s to thu. The Mii Hinnir a Dollop of " j off Northern a Liurni a y. Thu Illuv to ii. . A Colour of by. I Flor a our Chi y. Thu Rcv. 11. 1. Ivea of Tiu Auburn Bluit m. Hilloc Llu Clor new lied Foill the Ilav. Allan Binole new York con forc Nul thu Nohola Don Forch Fiu in. A Trio Llev. P. S. Arntt Oreel it Uia toy Joii n w . N. V. Lilo Idun. A Cal Dow Pur Laud. Jio. Llic Hon. I. . I Taco Hun. Ueo Filc n. V. Henry in i Al Tor of. Ohio thu . 0161 to Isip ues1edie3. No. Povur you Calion and . No. Worm Over worm Ito 7.fi7. I Sci Allty to lat i line Saboi ii doa Hij i unborn air italic i imvl1 nov to the Philo Chi. Smyc it it id Virld c Al flip projik1 in Ltd pint la Ului by ten pm Fly myl Cju if Lief to by maa of no. nun 811111 1u--t . Do bin try of dip lady .1 no oho Lura Clio Lurn Morbi vol Lodr. No. You lib cold Luu Ulica Gnu Horo Jirout. No. Tool i Nohe l Etc Furcho unil in ural la. No. U. La Ciolache v Erl go Lucia ind Ful Lucu to. Mid Dert Mechtl Ivul liver complaint to. F Small Sci Iii Pinju Ful or i Trooda 1 or leu Ourahim. Profumo and no. Group Maranc urn Thlik Hilum l Lulb fur Kryci Pulun eruptions in the Kocg. In. Pm , 01 Sorcio in in Iho Ali Ink Tail a or Llinus. I Jolt mid Pituc Hlll purer dumb. Apia of Lakucs. L Lka Judd or internal or Kex Ivr Nill. For sort Wink or unil Hycl Hla v Lull ski or ulnar Fml Cipiti Irvlie. Of Lonn or Rucell with obstruction or porn hire . W. M Liuzi Liik Couch ii Bunny vol ecu unit Niort Enlik your a. In nil to Ilid Hattub Euch us Rcv Ltd dlr Liol it croup und Nuch erupt let 11.1 Sci irent. Fever Mug Ltd und Ery thu of of Luik Llic or opus i Iii Collob la us Valoua mid in nil such Cuba ii the Cut la Nek like n Clunn. Tho Cal pro duh Liisu la of thu arrested no once and in nil Ohhi a the vol Knic it Uio i tuck in Modi Ruti a Tiu a Neams Luid run Lii Rud Lena Dunc croup. Punk id nun Oolda a Haluli no of i Qiu Tinl of Currence unil a Lilli to Oflund Iny Liliu Founti Pitlon of Dario Tilhod lungs Bruno Hillh Anil consumption unit Oil be at Emu cured by the fun Var uni coup Ali in Lul cd ironic Lacu Hafl. Ii nya pupal Vunk Siom Nch liver coir Philota i Mua i e of Billy. And irregularities old or Leyua i Furrh malt Hli uni and Oiler old Liliu ainu him bal clock whose proper up plication will Retford u euro in almost every Lusti inc. Ortun the cure of u chronic Dill Lucky Nuich u Yupu Milu Pilot h or Lle Duclie or vein tile Moro Liisu paid for Case id Over. Price. of 20 vials Complete in Morocco Anil Book Ciutac of 20 via la Aud Book Aird marched ncros.5 the flour like a boy. Shu j my name is Andrew Judy soil. Tell Sargent to have Iii company step on their Arm j every night i told him the should be ready. At moment s warning. 1 wish you would Jeet Eire Coasin n p to Augusta a jog to knew Why he Don t write to me and let me know Bow the. Inter in gelling along. I remain Youric ving Friend. Major Jack Downing. Sea exec China. To seven per cent of lunch ulily for die Wellington school and ninety four per cent of attendance and inc to a Ine and u half Par cent of 1 Uncle Lily for our school a com Mcnan big record for Boih schools. The result in it Gard 10 attendance surprised me for High us our percent of Allan dance it ought to be still higher und would if our pupils pome of them had vol. Such a wonderful faculty of hollering themselves Chut they Are sick too sic. For school during the any but abundantly Able to Ruu about in lie evening. Our strict Rule in regard to tardiness doubt caused rhe difference in our favor in Rich oct our Best pupils m this dour then t an non residents Aud i should regrut much 10 hopi them or deny them the privilege of alien Din be upon our schools but 1 am persuaded that a half term is of Little profit to them and detrimental to the school by the breaking up of classes when they leave. 1-n.gain recommend that they be Only admitted for full the a Xci once of More than a year in the practical application of to course of study in thin department shows that it will require four years instead of three for completing it. Respectfully submitted we c. Major in Csc downing1 on secession. He i sea his opinion and illustrates it with a Lucid example. Reproduce for like Benefit of the present do and Ren Calion the following from the celeb ruled pen of Malor Jack Downing. Washington City 17, 1833. To the editor of the Portlance the Lita Rinei s Church building second Story i its Tern end fore Street Nway Down East in the stale of Kinh san pkg and the presi Dei t s Massage to Congress makes cracking Usoro stage i or. Calhoun shows Iii Teeth like u lion. Or. My indic is Cool us n town umber though they Eay lie s gota be Triblo temper in sick a of Liviu that lie la let out before the Wolf "protecting1 Ibe sheep fold. Impeach Mevit. Fourth Section of the second ariota of the Federal is As the president vice president and All officers of the United states shall be from of Fate 60 Imp cacti Lent Forrand Cedric Tod of treason bribery or other High Misdemeanour a. The same the great charter of our dist ugly defines Crarae of treason Art 3, treason against the Ahl consist Only in levying War against them or in adhering to their enemies giving them Aid and u Comfort. That either or. Baba non or his treacle or Ous secretan Escau be proved Glifty of act to be Pren med. They have How ver aided and abetted a conspiracy to break up the government which will become actionable treason advances n single sic p father that sir " Floyd deserves impeachment for the manner in which he has a Liv ired the government arms into the of the and that or. Buchanan who Coutue cached Tbone acts of his subordinate and has otherwise favored the Reb Cllia is clearly liable to be impeached cannot admit of reasonable doubt pm Gaa. b and at in cud be cured is a question that Boa Long agitated the medical answer 13 of importance to the com Nii nity at Large the numerous cases of invention resulting from the timely Holway s Pilla and ointment Togo her with Thi actual cures of Many. In an a danced age seen to indicate positive reply to the above i very. Known act that the Ointa Odt Wilf arrest i Liim Matious in its most i paid thet if Well rub Bee in to the Chest Aud. Buck it wid Peel rate to Tho very lungs and prevent to spreading of the while the pills by their Auti spic action vill restore the the a sound Henlly condition. Delays Are dry ticking cough is symptom of the disease. For my part i think the president s my Ringo is Urbont right. 1 was Selling with the presi de t in the a Scarcioni last Naglit a lilting about Oik thing mid another und Tho president. Says he major Liotti Iii have Yon read my tries Snga thut i cent to Congress to Day ? i told him i Harint. Well says should Lilio to have you give Opinio ii upon it. So he Laii edit to Nie Sot Down and Rosiu it and when i got Brou Gunow says i Gen Tell you jest i of this Ere . When i wus n youngster some of us own Ilij Ville boys used logo Down to Senigo Pond every Spring Ond hire out a month or two rafting logs across the and one time i Aud Cousin up brim and Joel ate Bill John san and two or three lie had each a whopping Grent log to carry across the Pond. It was u Windy Day nil like Waves kept the up and Down pretty considerable bad so we agreed to Bri in along Side und Side mud Lush pm and drive some Thole pins in the outermost logs and Over together. A o went along two or three Miles pretty but by and by Bill Johnson begun to com Plain he always in uneasy sort of a Chap always thought everybody had in Easi entime Thau to when be was a used to be complaining hint the other boys had More butter of their bread Linn be Bill on Thel Conrd Side and he begun to fret and Sai l his Side went tie hardest Aud be would t give us any peace till Oue of us changed sides wiil Rhu. Well. Bill had to i owed but a lilo on the wid Durd Side before to begun. To fret a Giro and declared Hatai Deneut harder than Tibor and1 he would t touch to on Thot Aid any longer. We told him his he should t by t he Only fretted the Moro and begun to got mad. At lust he declared if. Did t with him in five minutes he a take Bis log Aad Padillo off alone a before we i hid bardic. Lime to . He or the lashing Rand to it Bill on by own of Bobbing and rolling itt r Ket p. Timely every Mother would be prepared to in the capacity of both Nii Rae am physician to her children she if she will discharge these duties Roach bet r than any Oue the can employ. If lie does not she ought to know that there is a Medicine prepared by on old nurse and females physician which has stood the test 0f Nuy Many and is the Rajott on Earth for children also cures wind Colic dysentery and a sure to regulate the Bowles. i to every Mother 3o not let your own or the prejudices of stand in the of the Relief thut will by by sure to i follow the lie of mr., Wili Loifer i soothing syrup. It. A sold. 25 a Bottie. Office 13 Kow tort set of Freedom has a boy ten years old by Namo in Tail Jennings who weighs o of Hundred and the tit. Five pounds. He has forty Vonnda. It weight the past i Active and healthy. Jar glorify a lie legalize a .Arbadd 1- equip h lie consecrate in lie with solemn Tomb and awful Anil a Lerall it is Nothof but a lie. It rots and peo pie Lihe any other Li-3, by White Light of god s. Thro it Andis dub it to be n new Jernej the Bridge top notices an men in that town Gay eur Ronaye who have banded to Gelker for the Pur Parol Yuwing and split tips lies the ensuing Winter Boon As by had Eihan at id Maggot crawls out of a Fri lieu when w your old Hen stack Daffy tinier Hallidy who Kep i sir Abs replied i t Al Al f Pilgrim he it i

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