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Elyria Independent Democrat (Newspaper) - February 20, 1861, Elyria, Ohio. Washburn publisher Anil i Opi Ictor g mount in s 5kw Ulock Usu Kutzly Tiik if Kelli vol us Hostetter s _ mall in Nih i nun is so of Niit pull within Tho year a Carrier 1.7.v i Ai Ajr Mph nit ii roil will a tame unit Hue Liula to Rin of has Utji Lrtil and papers will be Terii without it of hts _ my Saiia it 1 Frt 3 Siml conts for Denali Luxor lion lean thai . A no 10 i o o Fop imrn.4 t bi1 one 9qiitirn a Sutcli admit in my ii Iviria not oxi Toni nuff Chr Trucl a Naro o o Yor mom Fiji to in Ifor Ihyo cent to by udvlcr.1 Al would in Willi the a Iliili Wiki. Not o inn Lionil in out mul lilo an and lid col Qulille Elj Rolfi Ohio o diet Lio Urit t Roul 1 p m Wright 1, Nln trim no Sill Intro ilex to no ten Ion to cell Kinns. Otto cd avast silo of lie Peb Lii Squi. Olin. Cams. A. In input l. In p Luton at Law ill pruniptlj1 attend to Nus ii is i Nti a Liml in in from Natl Fin Tho u. A. District ?.ml Cli Rouk to. A w to l Wilt n Alyc Fourt i in Onlo i him a Tox. Is a. Att Smi i inc Pron it Anil Ort int nil Potuin to nil by. In to Ali per insert i Vincnt. Iis-1 will l in a Laluo Lilu l Ulii Fly Ultra 1. A. .1uii.lon. .-30ttf. W. . Be1ss Johnst attorn Lys. Of Blu . Promptly entrusted o their Cero. Sept. Oth 1ss5. W. W a. At Public . Ohio. 07-Ifl pop Luton a tto Kney and counssi.i.011 at Law nil by insurance will tend prompt r to Larnin Mut n Viuca so. a Slock Al urls o. A. M. Link Aston a counsellor l o co Ono door Oast Orpett Mpr Alouso of Colln a niacin of. Snoj Letl to 7 3t1 i Eccl 1 a n com s. La. Mab k. Hay Trust Ibi Viti i 0 any i h i sol Tito r or patents. Au3 of re o Ely Jila o. Dunn it o 3iox, and ornamental Painter. .ar.irljllnt. In. Shop or month of taper Ilono Reno Tow. J. F idiom Able Bali Oise acid hair Cutter Iov Uii Lap tin v Rifin Uii Iko Ely in. Potter Alibro Type artists and photographers. Good in kinds of what Lar for cd Lux. In you it a us oct. To Ivins Oor w Ooi Terv Kluj Riu o. We. F a Kahn a Bop limit Bli Loof the Public Squero Ohio i1. C. . To Laci Ilii Ali Roll fur Qiona ground Sci Dildo of la West Ora Nuli of Lukk _ a. Of Huff. Stltt tails leak till. Ipod Lori knit of tin Omli Jne on Huja . executed n Illi . C n. B. Gates tvs a leu in lum8kh. , Burc Luil vol Nuil Mill til Uranyl Elj la 0. S. J. Howard past Lyls aurb Babb Lin hair patit1culau Art Fialon Enlil to Cullins a idles i ones h try up exp sly fur Ali or use. Ono Dobr Ivovic or oho icly Riu o. I to t term a pro i nil iad . Cloth no. All kind of in for Uoo ils. Baldwin. N e l so n d balers in a Orolin Mill Dii Mintlo dry to Hooili Hart Aro u All it Bents Coph in . Made plot Hlaic. Oils palnt.1. Tutolo stc., lit Iho old Cash Lii to. 1y Stair Brothers co. Am Chican and i Oluic Gourn. Grocki ios mar Ditorro hoots 9hoes cwt lick la Val nov Ollo Iron stove nails . Stark . 202tf Amin " to Iipp pict urn Ami of lust Tilv s a Kluj Stom Jacii. Do l -. Tells Gnu Apponi pc l Cal to Plai Viima nil Educ Siilvy or who ijnhotl1 till girl Clu Lins Luia ined rep ii Lalio u Mcva Tofor Vinci Civ i Icib upon this Jio iut. To Peak Nnorom Thuu tilt Tonos of c Tion or the com unit you of a Sioui Uch Lii Lora Tor Jiuu Luud to Over u Hulf infill Iii i Otillua Ami. Of nor is Iii null i Al incr Csc in limes , Ilia evil lung Ilia div Iii uie oui up y us r Ilia will Vii chit Cut one in illicit Bill tics. Ali in Opi Ilii. U cvui1 ulivo been soul bin i ui1 Iho i Ira nit Dic Luul p l up i Lien canal ind i Trio prep uni Anil Trio uti cuu ii of Ilia most Ramiu unit in Ililau both Iowa of Usu of usury Liuro Llic Urli ulu in Bent Olio nol Only l Uconus incl Trio o la Liun Lull no re july no nil to give id Ilu Coli Lucy la nil of Suinn clinic Llam Uncini Ulli Liuti to Clis Custis Liuva Froni non oliliilnai.1 by Ull urls in Trio any of1 Irani cling of thu Bill of an inn Diablo Moil Sihu in Joplin of Lobo a 3 in ulving Irmo itself. So Limuli Iii Lora ulivo pro vet a oot Lyonil to regions Ulici u 1 cvcj1 nil Gnu find various Oiler Wiliona Ooink Liviu Iti. In to connect a Iligir by . J o to Ablo 1.0. Alu the Consul Only Luil lit arc a Cui Litin euro for the Yuapo Yiu Piui Liko discuss a o source Olun null Poil Plu thauro. U univ blur to Vatu lilo Ilio Tinpui to Viu Lily to Ilia no Voua , giving it Lonu Zintl on orgy for Trio re slow Awuou of upon Shoblo Nuuuli Livchi Una other Iliou Siivo org Tia mildly but pow itally Mill so ii re Loros ilium o coi Lilion is Sun and to Llic Hoo july disc Largo if Trio i Gnu pious of a Turc. Lilt Ray por Soua inny use Hie daily Pur on Liliu , find Lime will Fiul in Puii Lurly Uila plod to come pvt As it i plan Antrio Ilia palate to bowels Xci Llull tonic and Jjon Rully. We Liucc Llic Douce of Tiona abuts of Ngod men null Olio Linic Trio Bici fit of lining shia Ali ill Surv i Ink i oui blog Nikuli de Natl Gri in nil of Billy to lug under lilo i Ulvick of play Sirius Thoy Ivo All de Clevious drugs and fairly Ilia Nio vils of Thia article. A four a oils to 111 13 Gualtier Box. Thu it Are Cunnin pc Vioda. A Jcu to licit cares no so unit Juniie of them sink under Boll Rel Trio of Mollier Nail Cli ild a so absorbing by Llanil Ilio Mother especially if Ahe Boyoung id Una to forget be own lil ally in her cite due acioly for Liei in foil. Sliu Uhl Ilia pc riot of nit arrive during Iho Sim Imor toil you the Kretiv of body Usu Niaud a gone Nylly Agni Watcil. Hero then is n ecu Ossilyn for a . To Recupe rate onor Gica of Lac Ayala a nud on Abl the Motbey to Bear up under Lier Coli Atili big i rials and i s. Nursing mothers Gene rally prefer Hie i ill is to nil Oiler inv Gora Lora Klinl race Ivy the of physicians because it. Is Nguc Cabot .0 the to Nat no Woll is certain to give n Pormie Ucol inc Renso of bodily orc Ngllie All Lionso Persona to tvs Hare Parlin Lavoy Rel cried above to Init but Crim b from juror and ague Oak and by no Lyviu diary hum dysentery indigo Simon loss. Of up Petilo null of lilo Alouch ii Valida Pora Onu of had Cury oct ipalion and nurse big Nio Hera will consult the ii Owtis phys Tel jul fro by giving to Lloa Lull Cir s celebrated a Lonich Dill Cra u Ivial. Caution. We Camion tie Public against using any of lie Luuy imitations of count or fila but ask for Hobeki Tiki a Stomal h liar Tetuo and wee shut enc i Boi Ilc Haa the words "pr.j. Hosteller s stomach hitlers blown on the Side of the bottle Ami Hinni cd on Ine Allio Cap covering the corp Aud observe thai our autograph Eig Unive a on Tho Labal As prop red and sold Smith Pittsburgh ph., find old by All Dru Giuta i Ocra Imd Deal Cra pen orally throughout Tho us ipod Tatos South Acio Roca and . In Annj a. Jim i Lre flin. Health of american women. Fit Urf a Dulicai in the trib Lilio dcr., 1 .1 Fidfl. Tali p. A Vornor of 1 in Lilii n mint hit Uii Larrt a Pipit. Luc of Kimii i i Tenn m Atli Lidl Kuo ill my a Molly Vilik i to buit int do civil and Yak Al tin Fink in to a arc. But which Yll Fod in a. Molt niiintlri1, Iii uviiioifib9. Llu or . U. Xvi Ucci a. _ r t y j ii civil Sproch of. Senator Torii son of Glt 18g1. Bijj Iii isl lilt in Bali inc no ii arid soc sign Liidi Lio. in to n a Nidini poll ii dist Iii Nisi of. So Milors lilo Senn Toi from Oregon Lime foil ii Bis duty to Ink o u reply. I i Trio president a nos Bingo was Takon i did not think tins wus pulled .-1 had or. Johnson of Teu Hosste Suid not said Niy Ledng Oll unit o to him or i did that in former up Eneli to had placed himself to i ill lost. I Tell he had Jimial a Gimli Tiitson with the to Iii out of n Cimpi sign in which i ind to s ibo Rcd. Niy Money in Pinili ill Tho Ehui go of heresy As far Buck is l83h, lie Luicle planted you Brough dust Hunt through himself on he Stuna believed and ruin .1 my Sulu meeting Liliu hit Doc i Ino of Croc Salon to be 1111 enemy which c i urges Taitl Mou Easiod no the Koltum of if would lend 10 Trio of of ii unit principles und int in dual Luj Natl lie opposed Una Delrine in loud und n decided Lnu in Brenoc up this gov to Duy cur same reasons. To believed it was charged Lylial it. Started would to Iho i slain Loii Ulso of Oliy Gnu und was. it. Eminent which inight worthy Ihlein a to looked upon this doctrine us u prolific-1 disunion und secession. Met nor Alioto Pirli a of us the Ehin gun 1.denied in and d in , Ali Cilmi next lip to Iloff holism. And tried to convince Liliu people Dot tin but he Inu Duft speech on1 Ihu Chi Ornu wins in Lam i did not see shul there i of january he Hud been Taitl Simoun was in my. Sput pm to extort tin Enswor from i Cecli but to was Insp ii us 1 lid Tibt c Unnic into a mint us with Riny thut be Uvrl struck treason u tiling lie or did and while he web Alrik who Engin Rietl in being irn tors Felt Ihu j ing ills blows without Eliise i fell in it blow. 1-1 is Obj cel now was to Mel Lunil not us Nelly Fiir. 1 Miry nut Liucc defend on a Sulci Divy we Laid Nilu it piece Eil him in his entire Siusis Fuchion. Ii. So turn gotten up to order Neil the Pircea Oul unit we were Una or Liilo but 1 wus will til Well Elixious mourners Weto prepared fur Liliu dec Ilion lie could not the senator from or. 13on Jii Niin Lizul ii round Bluit his Sligo find viol need no Obliga Liou she qua vol bought for a Prieu but ind Hor simply handed to sound or fall us we Shu Tild. The Yennior suit he web nol. Going to Muren Uii dorm bloody bin Iii 1 would Nolli it i Iii Northern Duni Amicy Reudy to sri to Down thu option be of a Gelli Iii Stoiu Conion Ling for their Rigits. Don t know a 1 a sri d Over in Trust. Johnson Ichii -read1 i nil culled fur a reply i Kullnig. Did anybody i tin1 Milrat or Liolu of lbs treaty of cession Heuring me of Inu Ching Down Inlo of Louis inn Clid Ming that in qua explicit thin by Ihu conveyance of Aba Olivito. Jurisdiction and control to Iarj United Sli Ilus of the property sovereignty Bomi were conveyed o the people of Ilia u Hiltl brutes. In was not us represent my by Trio Smilor from j Jour Sii Imi any Good will of the bin he uni Lud a might Lilia properly Rignly far so million tool hire. Then the sunnier i Uin Llic in Ornis by of the la , Lillebo or. I Motil the night a Kilt Antony come Back und expected to hour the Seoul or of Juli 1 f you ulivo Loirs to shed prepare to shed them now 1 Are Tiesu Drendul wrongs the us Clcil slates bin get her p did for her sixty millions in ribs Iuno then us milled her to the Union. Opp Ros Sion and in arc there any wrong when us the Bull be of is new Orleans who in Tuniks to god set mils Linn to Dikiy and Tennessee who he hoped Willis tend with Ken Tucky Cut Lollio help save d int City from Penok Ouboun flow much Protection 1ms she had for Tiger a is him Tui Olhorn wrong then where Are Ibe wrongs which justify Lou is Idun in to Dikiy Landing the government in violation if Llic rights of nil the Sivles of Tho Union out consulting even Kentucky und Tennessee who defended her she he s taken the forts or souls and mint of Theu i cd Sonles Liu Pidd ibis reminded him of the liable of uie 1 dogs and their King log who got Desmit tilled with Tho Tho wrongs re Soto Ali by Roli Iii n o. Wily Miheli Are it Lucks Ronda on positions 1 did not Why is this Livigi Iuga used toward rim unless intended to Utilio n i Usu in Ipri Sion sir .1 saw Iho in the i uces of sonic und j. Inti div Hud struck to blow us treason und it wus important hit Eom body from in uglier should Sitiko thu no lick on my speech. If thu. It lick Hud been Ninala on Litu Luald or on Uny position 1 1 should not live , indeed 1 do nol complain now. I Lieuw lived Down , Young us 1 Nin. 1 survived Many i Lions for j foul in my Luiis Giunco in Niy Bort shul i Mil doing my duly und i Nin Tuv tips Randy Lodo it. Jil Oudy a Nonorl 1 m i Mobil Vas Ibi ind Ilii Coria Littlon nil Ifird und Ihu Piso vision inside. What for the Lul Mission of new status. U Osprey Grant to ii Mil be Given 1 say Klinl the government can exorcise nil the inc dolls nor usury to Curry Liliu Ndini Iasin into cell bal. Then to come to of Chiba Iii As Hie senator Scoins to Bobo i us Iligir with things of an net to enable the people ref t o Linn ii Ami u Lalu Guoi Iii Kent und for the of Eliuh stale Inlo the Union on tin Seq nil ii owing Willi the of it find a silos j i let tie Bob Igei i Annke suitable i Ovis was approved March 2, and the people Ion for ibo Tho men Olieo under accept did it with ibis Pim suge the Ned Nuniss the Walls of similar and will in the breach a hereby dec lured irrevocable without the then he of life on he Side of broach will he but it Sonali part by in o Tisi Tiesi which Tho Bra tigers will a five Tikeri of themselves. The next thing will to to built Trio tort. In Dree. How will they Reiichi it it is Usu Rod that the foaling Butler Iea will Lake several Hundred Nen Whon the be Cuirn Clur of the str cipro till the Lime the will be. Calkum on to. Make an to convey nieu in open or other in Trio of is Sinler Sianii a would be mildness. Will Tipp Ose of the United there a the the Assn ilnits Wil con Ineneo. . Yel Ilia Clui Nied unit Alibi Una which Jirl Sunkler Hiipfl it right logo out usher own will hocus a she Enni Iol Jot her Elutil rights. When to no it c undid Ile for Llie Dien 1 suppose we Are till brother ii in ibis Yonl de Truoy. Bui i Flor to have Niom Torl and signally i filed of tin Lent Ion lion 1 sup pose Liliu enemies line comment of just where our Bulent . I or. J. La Iii Rel tinted to Tunisi Iii purchased i m1 the in Reposi of preserving the Ives of Titi Missia Silipi River yet in her Nardin Nncy Shi can Iniel u Neon live right Locontro Trio Nuvi Galion and Wil Hiil Coti jul a Tiu to d motion to , the Lilli squalor Johnson resumed his speech is follows or. Johnson dem. Resumed his i lurch. He Suid yesterday hint he tvs referring i 1 Llic so Scech of the is Imler fruit or con. A to Hud no wish to do Lintl senator or any other injustice bin in of did senator from from Orynn Hulo give n incl to the shut he Johnson a Mac during the t a Lealiou sgt inst the charges Luil he Lime atm u disunion St v incs Sirigu was received from the i fou so asking a conference on it Amend Miil to Iho limn Bill tint n Coin Milieu qua appointed. Or. Johnson resigned by i a Yin hint Ilie sen dior ass Nihil unit is ill Carolina could Elj Luin her Rig ills out of lin1. Union which she could not gel in it. Lint Whyl did South Carolinn Ever ask for in the Union but whal he got if me proceeded to argue Hal Sonly c Uro firm could gel no rights by going Najj snug stud no such thing. S our is cot a noun Al ulcer Nunt of out of ibo Union on Ibe contrary she loll n mine and i Suid in my speech unit my thoughts i Lier right ii und got inn achy Luxation and were turned of peace not War. For in the trouble. Thu Constitution has not infringed language of that pretty Sumer upon Lac. Rights of Soulli Carolina but on in Iho country 1 might suy a Linin j re Usu of lilo narc no bran Kinig up of the love peace. J belong to Iho peace Jit irly und j Ion is that bail mra North und bad men South thought when milking thin Type Eli 1 i both wish to destroy the Union to gratify their holding out Tho o Livo Branch by trying to j unhallowed Moil from Willior Brinig quiet Conci Liolion it a Disaru Clad Scalion in Bolh Brunch is of country. 1 would re Lucr went the Dingy Gar-1 Mito and Recti Mizulo until Thev become Metis covered Willi Iho dust of Ihu fold in but they will nol Light Mith e Uch other but the Pursuit of Pitico thu to have n Gaudy agree together to Light Iho Union epic Ulolo on my shoulder or n sword by Side in its glittering scabbard Usu insignia strife of blood of our and Cuni Uge 1 would Enthor see the people of Iho Unione states engaged in it War with every olhei1 part of the i lived to Mil look King Stork who begun to. Ludmil Nolc Globe iban to eng Gein our devour the Iii unit squib in Rollin Gol Euch iban to eng Gein our Willi h other. If blood must come let in. Come. Stork now null Loiuis Init will have him a boil Bui let it nol bushed by the Rico pc of Ulicee they a Zivko heavy for v in not us of lunge on the govern Cul or. J y. an Listii Nolc for lome Linin Cor. From of thit womb Ulilla nil with Trio Nitt Luli Rii Cli to t by Loai Kiln Al in your and h in had Chi Voi y Ullh Dic Al Slilla in this City until Lirot Nitro and her i Iliyayi Iun anally told mtr that ii liter Lili. Poa Wibly to i uld lipid a up Raj Ioctl a ill Tler ten uti Noat Uliuli Imus Tufa Triflet. .1 fir Tivo or cats no tip Tomt Shi c Only Lincile , Ishi u 1 Phinio into j Nur of a o a the in inuit in a mail a i it lit inn a us a Call d hni1 sym Loina. Jun with of Trio Craft on Orr in i lit Viilu Lur oho All Tho and to incl it it it i Udud Hui tort a Ioctl re l n tirely cured Luis. Shu o Thon Fine irly two Cui a there hits not bean any recur i Niue of Tho l Oinui Ait and at not leu Anil thur. N Jung b trim Ljusi co. O., Fiir. I Lio Rohy Abr Talfy that i by ii tic inline in hut on Loi of Merll Liuia Cor Tho Pnat Rind Fin lrui.1- Iny shul i l Pou Motl Guinea in Llic Inui Liu i my have met with thu Ilu Cleil Piil Tiki Liun of the people Jiho Lliso particularly who Pilu Ami Cali Allcon. Ulicy pc Lori nil Anil More than Prim Lackl of Thoni. I Bur Vil a Ftp Bouk c of h o Antho Lacon Tho j--ti3t Vui Ruidl lid i i Ivory Pino j is of lunge on the govern Cul there was a Large portion of people who think thai Ali Giro have been Tigg Lessious nud int Somo Bingo ugh to be done but there was Nolb or who Are afraid that something Muy be done for . Ref Rcd to n speech of the Sann Lov from Louisiana when be build Bince the ule Cliotis of Lincoln those who Pralo disunion no like silly Savugot who shoot no Llic Sun but the Shu still runs Whyl Chou cd Iho senator a mind so soon lie claimed Elliut Pic Sonntog from Ari Ginin or. Hunter wus forced to the conclusion Falc r careful unit secession was not n right Given by the. Coli Stillion Linit to would be Willii g to regulate it to that no slate shall go Oul of Iho Union without the sons can of the rest. But when or. Jeffer son under he confederation of Suid Sonies the right to compel Ihu obedience of it Stute he or would us noon Luke Tho opinions of the old Dominion s Earl for Ktal Finen. As the Kilter ones. He argued it Louie length i to question of coercion claim ing u Dault Cisco bal let no who Onfri uni omit or i he Laws und Whyl was culled coercion of Sonles. 1 be quoted Llic Richmond enquirer . to the Conven lion and saying that no tale Bud a right to withdraw from the Union nud Lylial be Lav wus treason calling on he gov Erin but to arrest to traitors for the in must be saved nil Lui Czurda. Or. J Obj son snid he fully to a hush opinions u in whal is the says treason consists in levying War gun isl Ihu United sulcs or adhering to us enemy and giving him Aid and does it need any search to find men levying War and giving in d and Comfort to enemies no Nina Ibe uni slates treason ought to be punished North Neil South and if there Are traitors _ j they should be Coli Ilerd to traitors Reward a applause lie said Carolina Early Hull u prejudice Ngu Wiist a Gove umut by the people and that secession was u o new lying in thai slide. Here Feronto to Early history of South Carolina who proclaimed it Tine Lime Lynal they were ready to go Back Uii vjt1 Ibe Dpi Inion of King Geog. To read an address of ibo people of can rfcs Lou to a Xiii George in 7so, buying thai d to dissolve unit onion Ilynn cling Llic Alan Gale Cor. Messing Fajr Llie gov i ii moist lilo King 1-Le then Rel cred to Allee it 16 break i stalls one contending Uga Riihl another. Hut Tho Senn Lor from Oregon went still i Uither Ivl luding to the social or Isom to ones dec us to the action of mine on certain res Lulious in introduced by Tho soil or i rom Mississippi ill. Is of j. Wish to say Here Llinat Linin that Soulor Ivo Rcd such 11 do Vino Priol to lilo 1 resident jul election As he did in his reply to me expressing disunion and secession sentiments i give it us my Opin Ion he would not have received votes in the Lule of Tennessee. Or. J. Theu i Dud from the record of Voles showing unit Liliu senator from South Curn line As ii us Limo sunlit air Isom others v oled against the declaring that ii livery needed Protection. 1 want to know what has Brunch such a change Over the senator s Nind since Iho last session of cough ass when the Sun Utor sail Undi .i1 the Sanction of his ouch in voting Iiga Insl or. Brown s Resolution shul in was not Necciai Simiry to pass Laws Novin pro Eul slavery Kow to is ready to they have the right to go Cut of the1 Union Lim not Poss ii Laws to protect shivery which to then swore were not . Then Oiler rest were introduced and or. Lir own offered an und made tin Iii to he Behoved that there wus n spirit of Union among the muss of the people and if lion could be Luke ii from politicians and Given to lilo people be thought int the country would to Safe me Suid nil Appeal was made to the Border slave soil in to join n Gulf confederacy. This i simply u question of Intel us and nol real Friendship for the Border slave Stales. Wick Over n line no division is drawn in Ihil Eon n try it will to n line of civil War and the work of Extension of shivery will Bol Hal Day commenced Ireri holed from the speech of or. Runyce of South Carolina in when to snid i Bill secession would be mildness for Soulli if committed be Bli Ouid consider slavery doomed lie then referred to speech of the senator from Mississippi who sought by innuendo and cull Iii in him in e idly of the senator of Obio Uncle to injure Liim. Jul when Ibe Union was in Dunger to did not Stop Lonsk questions of , if the Sci Nior from Ohio or any Olbort Mill was Wil Ling to come up to Iho or civil work of invite the Union then huns Bis ally and wus Wil Ling to Willi him. Trio n Allinei s and Ali Sim South and the of the a Orch Are both King for the some end. And they arc Nellick. Head he remarked die Resolution passed by Liliu Aioli self very Jjo Cit to of a . In favor of u dissolution o f Union Neil Ihu a Pouilh of Phiilips where he vivid that the of Ibe North were Ibe Best allies. If ii Cine to a question. Would much rail her to n Linck i Public tin la non a ked . Til out tallies Irlin he an assault of to i kind Are. Vory great and Lii thu not., i am to undid been Siili Cinelly taken in 10 no Cuvir by. Die rebels., tie Ort is supplied with Mil other grenade in the. Of which. The Garrison can make n a timid us inst Timus. La Muir number. Peculiar elmruclf1 of these grenades Struc Iive and . Do Feuss n l of finite u nov n to Hie rebels. They Are indeed a new i Tutic being tin invention of the officers Gurison. The fort a liberally supplied m in them. The Largo explosive shot with we. Ich the fort is also provided juts the Kama i Crul it therefore by no m in Iii follow vow to mrs a lion a breach shall a nor. Been Ell Etc a a Eucce Essal though bloody a Sault Noces Siirila ensues., so i m1 from in that will prove the hardest part of Tho business. It is where the will fail if at nil ii is when the greatest loss of life will a inflicted Liml Mic culo Pribe liable to Roco Ive i Igloo try clock. It is use also thai in Wil. Be it third Point that the Garrison will be nest. Cd Josed to loss. Few in number u loss May prove fatal to them. Trio son of dust orilion which will Lead to the , and will become fully a roused in 11. Engagement will not Slop no Llic loss of my however great. Number will in Lime Ali and 1 lift to in in Dill cd to see How the severity men in Sunkler even with i hair car i lilies i for indicting i hair foes can Saccs fully maintain always ibis species of Hud to hand contest. 1 he Ion Ling Vallury at mesh s Dock be gins to tiesuiut1. A Hope. T is 15 feet Long by 30 feet wide on lie but Lorn the contractor Hopes to get it ready to receive Goa in about one week jut i t is doubtful whether he the revolutionists say that ing sub san Utikal Aid and Comfort Iorii Xor turn cars who it. T Only espouse tha rebellion but any Money in carry it of. To major am Cajou they held out the most indu menu to allure him from i duly to the t tars stripes. 13ut that Gallant or eur a pumped them All declaring that Tfir Only Flag be1 would fight for wifi Shalof unit for the last ively four Livours Iho item Oil lion Isis have bin ii. The Neighb Cir o of of the afer Cuiry was at different times Crow ded Multi Vitlo for there were rumours int for1 had been reinforced by the Intro Ducki in of 2. 50 men during sever d previous Niglis. They were in agony Over but his want owe begun to. Think ibis exercises of we Fiat the fines to Lianjie d Tom us to wonder a whether remniniug1, it on time of by. Dwell in sold studs Vii at Ubbie Lar. Din a John Reo s Trinco it. And tit was fir inc to rec How the of the Lla Volute were dashed i lists Jib their against Al the Prospect of fort Sun show Ibe necessity of Laws to protect j Davis was engaged in Alliance Willi abolish very then. But Ihu Senate voted Dalo u that there waa to danger and slavery did nol Recd Protection or Johnson read the list Voles or. Benjamin or. Or. Lane of Oregon swire ii the Ostli of last May that slave property did not need Protection in tie ived now i want him to gut up Here Anil Lucil icon Isle in n work to break up this i Eul and glorious onion. Thomik and to Johnson was not hib Nelly of Phillips Gidlings Iino of Noih. Lie def ruled i from tha i Inge of being born of secession lie refer red to the be cession of the tale from Franklin from North Carolina but an Iii Tine diabolical Hill Bori and hell bound the semite und the american people if he is i Ull Iii and the do Lorins of secession carried Llic i Rook a i son builders Natl to Flora in Hough Murld Rosbud Bor. Shop . "u.j. A Kooima. A u is co. In Sash Ijo oks shop of a. Factory Norli of ,1 n cell. .jullroqil.klyrin, o in drugs and medicines gho gems so Geol lilo Gold , it Trio Storo. Winners. To stoves. Stove Tite. Sll Keinon. Al no Coop or i loan plan Lichod. And Japan nov tin to. A floor in h. Olulo of Ali Kllc, Ohio. Jobbing Ilono a lilt and Cipuch a i d the old doors Vul of Baldwin Lertol Job i Banff Talonn on Trio shortest not Loo. S. Tin Loori of jobbing done i .7 s. A t Makke jewelry vends Voltl Ontl Ai top , Ettar j a lat or. Kuehnl Snyr of lilo or. Ii. Is to Phyrl clan Wuu Uhlry proc Luu incl non of lip most in Llic county Trunbull in Lif i Liard Lluc 1 Bijj incl Liolu by ii a unlit Man in my or Nilica to run auction. Tioy Urt Good pm Ude Fui to tnirr.uirico., of i Emlo Torii a Wukol o Jonhn by Mourod by Tjia Mars Quill e Torino Clit Helicon in this conc Floii Otlia acc Clit. Sister of Tho Kov. Ii ii by a Ford Uduc Char in ii Polo. Buys Ilmic Slater Al Fiul find Bur Louii of Einno nil. Ricl Muntu find ailing amid the immense Cir o of my j a Nonoi Vei will ten indies Horn in tile Century Anunti a per factly Lien thy Laon san Lowi Var where who in Thollie Dii has been used to Nuht Sivy that a Onlah i 3. V thu ii Honvo Baccomo robust and Hon thy null vigorous mrs. Is Trio trusting in Tiro h nu1 Immi Doire it Nicod cold a Oto Otid by will in jul hot to a median and Valuer of by Ion life purity o f Uhern Toj. Thia May by Penny. _. _ _ to Corlley to. Tho of Tho uterine. C Lisp of Ajmal cd Nanao lie skill and he Fth of Trio Tho y. Four Gore Carfl Pymn. rav Horb Hub i d to Irh Nef Alvo rav Olodny circuit Proiti Olini Tyllo Goa pc i Liow Way to tie b Marshall s Lias been Ujick. 1 Hoy. Mich. 1 412-11. A blot c Oal Oil. Oil Liibs of Aro to be Nad a Hole Rio Sriri. Up in 1833, by a. Then Lluy were Rostrum Iniel and their Pride Limnio Nulod and men who up enc in i Weir con Ven lion now suy i Lucy and us Inte Iliou to Dis solve the Union for forty years., tie question now is ure the other slates a oing to to for the right slide to break up lilo Union to Curuso she cannot gel that Protection for slave property which Hullion swore it did nol need. Laugh Lei t the Hon Alor from his reply to me i poke of the res cry Lions and conditions made by the old do minion and new York in big rendering Ribeir delegated Powers. He spoke with great a Iii Laurily of the subject and uie rights of the and he read a few Linos and then Wau led to know if Llie time Hud not arrived when these should resume their itch Titus Afler declaring under the solemn Sanction of an path that no furl her pre Lection was needed he Walius to know if to time bus a Stavri vet Whon Obeso slates will be ans lifted in breaking no the confederacy perhaps it might be Well to examine of it. I do not Sny ibis id a he Case will the senator but j Abell proceed of the idea tent be he knew it nil. This is n common misapprehension. Sometimes in risks i Roni n want of Eunmi Ilion and some a inn to allow i times h 1vonl u Willut Lod ruin by Nandur stand. On to find Lylial h ouch Cau lieu docs Sonlin Carolinn i commit Leo of Ibe Virginia convention re ported Clio Suliotis previous to the Ratiu Enion of Ihu providing int certain Bughi to be required to the. Other Sinics. Tin s was voted Down. Then the committee reported the ordinance Tull Jolln g Tho Roosli Lulion of Flo Sonles and in that Ordi Nance they go on make a Proa Utulo and of their understanding but no Cov Dit Ous or r Osterv Netious. Or. Rolinson Iben Louler of Limo to prison in Irons dig Rico Tennessee come into the Union w no Andrew Jackson and he believed that if that Man had been president to Day Inci c would Honvo been no secession and no Tennessee hug always been willing to treasure and blood for the Union he hoped thai she would Sloy in Ibe Union As she always Hud done. He spoke in High terms of ibo conduct of Iho Gallant Anderson who defended the Ting obis Cou ulry against insult. Tennessee Sloo re for that hug which Washington carried und Sho was not now prepared to make War on that Flag. To contended that a reign of or Cir jul to in Cloine i Beni Ull to hospitable Graves around its massive Walls. Tho work 01, the Battery at Point is now. Neji by Cuni peeled and hat for Tress is without a doubt of u o Iliean character. It in the Point rom a Biel font Sumler will be branched if 1 nil. Tho buttery1 on Sulli Van s Island _ Short Dihl Nncy. By love port Moultrie has in Lviv rendered 1 have disc Colnith d thai the idea of anchoring to Aluig Bivi Lerk s so near Sumpter i to be out of live of her gnus on account of As it has but a urged inability to deflect the guns enough to bring them to boar o ii of a car to Liliu Walls is a Mitlon Ken one. In is impossible to got o no. Of Llic her in Elliis inn incr. Nor do 1 believe hat maj. Anderson -i-ill1 siiltim1 Usu rebels no their Leisure to Une hoi their engines right under the Walls is they in be been permit etl pursue their operation almost within pistol shot of the fort. Then is a Point when even that business must tue. Civil win will be so jays the ten Leigh paper which has done Cood service in1 North Una o Lina in Liebling thedis unionists. J he stand Ard assumes Ai the Aniis of its argument hint if the disk Illies Between Lilii Koril Rind South should ii t be sell led within the next six months our will be the result that three or i will be formed and to Iii will be sible for the Northwestern and Gulf Slatto avoid lion of the Mississippi will Lead to after this prophecy of a conflict Ibe fall consequences a slavery Are pictured As Fol lows if War once Breaks out it will rage in Hie jul prior of our Leuco Nihls of. Tho High seas and on our . One Section will Lei Loose the indians on another acc lion Twenty millions of lorb crib people will at once become our inc Nius. Tucy will our upon us along a line of i Roe thousand Miles from the Atlantic to till . One Section will ror existed in thu seceded styles und to did j Callia foreign doors against another Section believe that Tenne so was going to be i one Konfed Tiit in Elf before the lashed to Iho car of South Carolina he i Powers of King to i get better commercial thought even if the convention of hint stale terms than Ihu other confederacy is. Menn propose to give to be ? All Touth. C a Rolita wants of ice Lucky and Tennessee other states of Tho North Ern portion of the 10 furnish Nien and Money. We find her prosecuting u you list for Rife Xico or elsewhere Tennessee inns nud Kualii quinns will to very desirable to help in. Inc Bat Les. What Protection can Sotich Tennessee if Ier Niagro needs Protection got Hie men Natl will have to pay Lor. An discord in this Coupe Derrick from my. Earliest recollection f o tins t Mie complaining of everything and Sutis kill with nothing. 1 to incl to Ordin Nncy. Big wife adopted annc25, and South Carolina was already in to Union so Virginia i Ike made Reser ratio ii Soiu 0ui Liim could not prob t by had a Roady Udo led the cons Shiuk some times it would almost be n god it Lioa Send and soul oar Olina could i Ftp Julio Sines c twins sind to parted from of Crnic it and into a Pius excluded a tort of fans True d there d washed he Rind Codle Cliby Vil tar Thoy had been there Longob of time Imp Mcinni Dulc i b Fri he of Tho United a proposition for Taki 11 so. Them. Banji. Tail Tai in they bib i to Bovo Beau a so Tion was and Atio ii of Honvo ii ficut effect on them. Bit to non St try the beat be cup with so Micieli l or. Spunk Olina acid la Nismann. I dub t think they Are sett Iii the Little speech i invade of the Ponth seemed to Jiroud Csomo Svir nod Limo tue . Rocc ived to letter from mi1. Hamilton who Knitl that to Hud doubt As to lie ratification in new York . One condition was that Uliey might have permits Poirto recede wis top work Livo or Soveun Ubais vice train bin e nine Nib were not ratified or Miv Alison that if Trio cons Titus of is must be ado plod Ivlo to Julio pm reservation or cond Iliou. I to understood Tui Diu an be Nti d hoi e is big loiter written in a Miv Hanilton hint the p Idun of n Reserve eco night As b non it. . I Tai us j Mosi Andison under blood this and i and us rely a Bis opinion a on that of the Dislis Iii bed Sedi Tor i Fon Vore Jjon us Vam inclined to think by Obaer Stipd the Ivy olb Subjek to is Well with nil familiarity with the subject but the gov Bitch nil of Minnuce it would Linic to take Ilia people out of the Union at Llie Point of the Bayonet. The Union was not it is still in but if the Union was to to Disu Oyid und the old Ling us pick to dust to wanted no More Niiori Riib winding Sheet than that Kama incl no belter grave a Nili to Liu Willi Liliu to noun. He closed by poliing in Infin Tif the opposite parly to Susanin the Union ricin fighting for the Union and do something for the Sulu by of the country or no least let the question go to the people of the country in Whoso patriotism and integrity to Bud no Progress 61 it lilo trill Una s. 0., the rebel butteries it Jii Ming s j Point fort Johnson und us a Point boar directly on lilo Woytik site of fort Suni Leiv l hey hnve1 been constructed with considerable skill it Tho Cost of n of labor Tho Battery nearest to i Ort be Umlor that at not less Lleini twelve Hundred Yards Distant. Directed upon Point of Sumter s Walls Bete bin Terico Bould to l be expo cd to accomplish n but us the Walls wore with no expectation of eve being re Juii Iid to from the land Side it is highly pro Butylo Ali Rit a Bretice will lie effected. The Trio fullness. Of Twenty four May be. Doug without the loss of life to , Blitz it without the by Sci ors while the. Mon will Ben Leibst perfectly protected to Balteria Caiu. Be much exposed to be the explosive bunter will no air while War will Range. Ugro will Teaso to be Enli because the. Products of slave labor and of All other labor will be in u fire n1. Degree cd of from the markets of the world. The no Rocs will Loo he War is waged on their account. They will acc Ohio restless and . Heavy lures will result from Obeso. Wars. To Icse. must paid mainly out of slave labor s Rong governments will be established nud will Bear heavily on the masses. Tho Masse it length Rise up and de stroy every bin in their Way. Bonds will to Reudi Loci. A Ahks will break widows null oin Lviv will be reduced to b leg Gary. J h o so crts will wave everywhere Par amount to All thu whole a Bild outside the ".h slight exceptions to slavery and the whole i h slave i labor thus cure and Farmer n citizen ork1, bus n t his own expense Ning room in new tha Ine Aisig of . circuit lion which read 03 follows we. N i e j 1 n i n to is a l c o a Lindlow Street. C Omo and pm be poor cud Bun Fry Money and without Price. From 6iiu the Tribune makes the Folly Wing ii Ontoh of Oue of Llic scenes it in v Leru v Little in fied and 1. Are foot Olio e in for Ball hour Sho bungs Back a speak to or. Campbell. He is both it her Side und she whispers Plase or is sick to night and can t Plonte let her n Little Niy replies l nil right Down you a till your Mother shall a tooi1. Seat in a few Moi Nants a bowl of hot Ali for e Besid a it is a Little tin Jill f jul of tie same food1 for Hor Bufi Bitcol she walk jews hers in liasto1 Uncle turning to Gir o the Buiji you bpm. A Hijji As site a i. Hem is the . I ish to to Ilic Niveo be be rib comes Iii id the room from adjoin Kiel Leo Wurn cd her Shanku form she lingers to ski talc tie image tip bus Laii glider at Ebe do i a not Briner . In the. Wet and to know it Iho can Lake her Ninoth Iii soup. She say s. Its no Olen Suro for Mai to eat. A Hearty sup per Iii less boo. Can Honvo sir i could t he a Swirs a sit Down 1111, Anil Khali take a Pai full to Little while she Niu rhivers her her soup is placed Bel Ore Lier Aud the Little tin pail is has finished. The articles of food or. Farmer arc of the Moalc a acct Fleck or a Flash and fish Aud meats just rpm Ibe Markela All cooked in Llic cleanest Aud nicest soup . Pc a Large in Kidron and is kept on to fire Cousin Nelly. The number of people far of an evening has Yuri to from Iii Iliyof Vliem being res blur customers to lip Mcnol Slipy pet there being the regular one i hey have. In 1657. We Are informed that two thirds of those led1 or a incr we c Ual ivc of Ireland i l Liis year thirds of Iho been germans Aud Here Are More a Ufa i Irish Naniong them the ii mount of i do d consumed and the expense attending -111 a form or Enterprise for Ibe Short Timo it Las been bus kept no acc Init of in. His Vlious in Lull of provisions and he . from to same qualities Elliut he prits upon own Lsible e. Ipoh Drav. not to win thy in our City pois secs of prep enables him to live coir , an Cylc help those who no less Forl Miu Ihmi himself. Jle Isi n bin

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