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Independent Democrat, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1853, Elyria, OhioOf t Liberty an d the end and Loraine county wednesday Bouttis town 1 75 f within Tho yom a. To uni 2 50 one Dou at Ijar i Sci Tiona Imd it v o Wihr Tilfor of he want insertion less Linn three months 00 like s Quni b six "00 months l s of comm 14 00 i be leu. Column our o do Hole column one Yvio till Oil Slin wild he Mariod Widi Tho if .1 not so my Lccy Tiu a v Psi Iliili a until ordered and Ulinor tree it Trio i atos Oil Cirtorn. L tto issues Ano is at Law and i x 3-hlc.icor in can Neerav Mill a of Kli Iii. Ohio. Feu o. K kick a k o w a l i and at l vow i of Iii. In Luo in uni Ite mint i dict by store. I f .1 Ttorp fit Axil at of i v. It of Hie Hoe Lio to ukr. Kivrin.1 i Louir. W. N. A h . H. New Yorlli Anil co i to Hiu Ris Anil n. Lir re . L at Law to court _ l it Imse. . To l a a 13 is and so Oitt is Kluj pm Ohlis. Will j-1, Attesi i prompt of tiny eur Trust Toh ii1 Twet ver co ii is Ore. 1 Juko. T. Smith. Oho. O. Co toted my Lirow is six nod o or and Trio tur Reva sly Foj m it Iii dim in hip or to non Lii Ilo Wor s of Ziy Pimillia o 114 a Iii mid the Ali Iris of nil mid lir Unpi. La tils link Roann Whert Nicoiu cd m y wit e. Tomt Low Luu lilo room seen in n of Tillit As with glory of Antu night Al orc i wus ii Mii iian i my n uni in. Woi a our Juliji Cis Ion ii Woi o Nieli Ana a Iii a should Loi a bus . Of i Imam South of tic ural q 11, . Liore i courted my i Gifu. Soui nod than that Talite Shiuli i Fiu Nul almost Buie j threw paper before her Pyos. it up As if it it was to it. Was the could "evinv.oybd, some kind of poll ii Eha cos of that Harrar and her j lion to Iho but Aho Wixs h strange girl acid von what it was. Then Hor Turo to question her. At length a tight fell god open and read it oar do you is o mean to Tho lot Tor Boino Addi Possoit a celebrated West end publisher and i Odin in conjunction with a Heap of manuscripts did not Leavo much to natural sagacity. I mentioned the con delusion i Drew therefrom. i , " what has become your old opinion is Tho motive when you do not want Nonoy. And have Al ways assorted that you did not euro about i a k ust such As. You Weru Likely to thu f be Iii Capri i Pear i am did Sod , Rny i Samc Ono afternoon to Spud with Sara Liliet orders at boitiotha.t1 tiny Lottra to should to brought by my Hor bar my was i or dinner when i edit of of pleasant warm bedroom and i n it Many moments Elseo Dreel that slip was taking Especial Inicis with her is any Ono coming i As cod. Add , with a sudden slow and a scornful laugh or. Godfrey Iva yet is 1 was complis Cly . 1 had never. But i had and Deal thu. Ijo Arloman. Porn fusion to was a ror a id of Ristino repute but lie Yuceus -if.ul. L it id Hoar. Sumo of my Toimi lady friends Rel Umlor plainness and Iii Iii of Bis sip Anco and even Sara had Nadu Tome was her answer and i am disposed , ungenerous but witty of to it 1 Trot Liat i Dis Sorvo. I Sli ail j so vat inns thei i Ori. I Bot or Auto Jority care about fume. Jit you think i shall be j .1. Had Beird uric a tiros i Iii i do Likely to find any Dilli culty ii getting my port Mont , Hij a coir Totri i have reputation of tin Roma up if i in rep tier oils , Ami fairy join lilo our our words a Oro but Low Icv Iverc Tiu a ii but swi it for Blini lilo my Cim lil a bloc 11.-.voril Tims Mim hours in Silfin Iii Wsul Kiili Lily , to the Linin Low room Man i 1 court oct Siruc o or my Trio i iwo Liiri Fielt ill. Ii Iii no us Onu Iiri Fly Suvo love still Siwl Ilkiv ii in in a Rock. The love is Clie Light 6111 our in lion. I it cd our in Jov a Atli Job Kwiw i i Leto Iii Trio lit i Low room Wiur Junru d inv 1 novel. Pii Bishu l quite ignorant of Sueh matters but presently he asked read it i. l r Sara with a self Possession no Ami Isuzu training would Over tillable to ,.Tho next question1-was inevitable. Do you Tiirik of it to asked. " More than i at in Momient s no Replic-1 Sai a burning away with her usual a. Low in Inuos after or. Itell Camo in with an in his hands. Here s a he och Ihmud. Ruhl Iino his Laii to is if it. Was a Piir Sonal i at Ifica Tion. Hero unit Uji of thu new novel 1 ins which. Novice us in. Tin Field but Iho Ghetu Shtur Stre t was Timon scorned Tome very i i Bijj i Sara Niy girl you re a capital nine ont. I Reader lot is have it Ilavu All that . Bifid bit i must i read the Imi .b.bc. Staid i Chin the first Shinco was i made a Little a Duvid of Joy. Sara catching Trio re sult., f 1-6ni thin very expressive . Took die Lettier Froidl in e and Road it herself. Vide a i no twin Iles Irod by of to Aro Willii i to. Under . Inch Novice As . U us yoiii1 novel Toiv a Husi of these Emo As if to Eunsik Decd himself a upe Eia Lor of Tho St Lam. O i with an air of comp tent author if in had Tho of to Oil Liat do you to Oil or on Ennd Iti n tint i May Pul Ilish it Uil Dor a Mill tint Enlil ii 1 t i . G. At in to. Otic in wit i _ Ono As i had finished break 1 Asl i Roe lived a no o from my Ivind Sara aug to. If. To go o Vur a t Fiedt Howly kept hat is rho first and. Must important item. Secondly. That ill pecuniary risk is Iio by Trio As for in it ii iary profits 1 i Iro about Mosul s. easily Mako with me a rust mini air said 1 dryly they won t at tempt to take advantage of your in dial or i Rico to i unit if repute Cizin a Toxi about yen be pretty sure of to deserts or your am pretty said , turning of leaves. I to say i not up quietly. 1 Vout on. You Aro Ida Rinir the critic Point toi1 self. What Sara cynic. D severity As i Atnel . Titis Orpi dec cod i Tiroly 1, to play Tho i of wit bout r Aro you i oing to nor . Nihl 1 Nihil 4 me and is fat Tiou in the hid no particular f Usu. To i id with or. Knight. Plain indubitably id was. An 1. .va1 far Wor be Short bin he had in of would Irav i Relin de Noji i Sor t Rne. Do spoke but Little Bur a Alle Olivis to Tho c of lilo table and or. Hall s of prompted Liim in All to take the bunion of on liimsi4f _ Sara too. Talked Deal that or. . Said any Lii i ill Motly hear an i a i m i a. Or whenever her Fathor. Dii Tourso lie in Opportunity of some unheard o they Wirpi Dilich Thoi o was i Dpi Ossion. Of softened id fiction face and i nos dwelt on the newspaper. Von Aid i. I of line Over the letter to Mvusi of. Have no moans of i heir state ment. Only tip or for it that till so sire their usual t Tnie but 1 c Giro Lin Thino about Tho Money let Thorn publish my and Uhny can t cheat me of my o ii in n few Days Thil Whol a Mullet tied formal i in up and and thy Book was to appear Phi pillar during Tho pro Mobil is had i in pouring Forth Mimir favors on Lily Public and won.1, now rest Iii Vin i oars mid receipts. To to lion was it was the exact Point of time for a in Fri Orlo make her Appeal. No Ahjit Loii bad j been in . Udo Naino and in or i Diu Limo i to preserve her Scurcy. The Fri Fri Chiun proofs was Tak in o of her in w am of us it to nor mind from t iut a a uni ii of Tho Public. That f Liu y coi Kidun i Lime Jot a i Iid 1 i . One Day i this will Nii Ike you whom in if it Doii i , prudently of for an event hat m but Zuver suf i be Cali i a will Diclaro i i i. in i f do Wiio so far us Roii Das Iii lilt Erent to the i Iii As to so much Roii Irod now a Days in a nov i i sont Irenr Onset in i to. If to go Over a i Tori ulip Pumie on Tow Loul s 111 tile o Lui so of talc Daliy. Don t Al in to so formerly of Cui Ineil by k. W. J to Abd added lira pos Sci invt Noth Iii the drs. j we not but i was t it Tysina is. four i some Liat curious and m t hurried Over j l minors vhf of tin Hiob Milonni. Kivi a. O. In i my heart i am n what his . Make. From the ii Oulu he to my a justify his estimate. her As she -.poke, it j so s a be with Pride to Iho i Tho of Lier and the u litter of her eyes. I did not Imp to a ear. Afu a a she the i Subj not and when tin.1, two gentlemen Camo into Tea. Boy ii debate a snip topic. Ai Tea Hall a liked his Dau Erht a i or sum music she with i. dial Wiur. Or. She said to rho i in feel is not i i ice. Faking Sac to Vii to n Vil Yod for about Hall an hour Ira to Roui Zilai had Learned at Seho. By design for Miricic in tin1 j of the phrase was Hor in to ular Iier primer. Person Biauce had no i it but. J father a dose at unil a Floc i la r by it from childhood i la Law Clook cd i , Glass so Del of cry Iise joint of season and 1 even y Poi cof View will input Over hav i so oat i lib Lintl l was pro if air orders Wii Tiit i paired to maintain in has out superiority atari i Over every Uli fico in 1 in rope. I if now o i. A it Rny proud All Hail 1 As 1 Turrio l past j j Cheapside there was nothing but j 1flivia l i it Jojin a Humi Xii to study and 1 was a Moi ii p be a in pics with them and in Takin ii my some of u g to a Piirto ulnar atm Sinicin to run to link. An 5 i Tiiu of mansion house1 rip a will Awbert to n l i his hue.--. Clone on slim kit to so if prep Farly cd to Obj sub ii oust. Hkf.oe.nipruietoii., can my i.v.01iip." i Iii jul Siiro of Tho individual from attire. Of pension and to Micro Point picture. Which i Al Vays Lial Tod and l did so . There was n us Rio painting prominently . Ami it deserved its position it represented a wild Soa Salmre. With Low b , tin peaks of which Woro Wou j Der Feliy with the As Rolio Loam Hig crests of Tho incoming a Waves. There not n of not a sump Toni of Lunian lit o. A Aai Rilo subject some would say but it captivated to. That setting sign poured its rays bound less it Moschero that sea strut child beyond the limits of the Pieti ire into fathomless ii non sity those rocks convoys a palpably a of Sil onco and Solitude. Amidst thu turmoil of . My Itutti n had very Loo Ali to Tiniou j it i beneath dits Clear Fri zen Sun twixt Soa is at tilts a 11-od on to my Dos tuition in a some what dreamy mood until my proximity to the House re called Rny thoughts to the mat Ter in or u. of co Flint and it was at Tho door of do Robes 1 door a. A a. Jacobs Back and leaned Ovia the Mantle Sieuw. I waited Tor her to resume Tho conversation which she did presently allow do Vou think Rny Book would appear to a Soblo a. cod mind i Heru was i vibration in the Lioio of her voice that made to look steadily at her she was into the lire with a d .ijo.tuv, softened of counter j . Lier j find then Sara r Moit attractive Saivii i wit i Fervour As show Iii a mind of moral pm . Such a would not St Tho Elevation of Ideal or yours Woro impossible principles but .tlinn1" barn such minds Are not very com and Aro not those Liko a to seizo upon Trio last new Garry have you taken out a judge s a skid Hara siniling. I shall up oils h my t can a a i is ii 1 no Marr and to immediately fell to u. Discussion of and Means. 1 was to take to Manu scripts Sara had of that All on the subject should to addressed to me. Laid so Well that Thero , to of Lier Ido mity Over being Dis i 1 certain i is it it must be in her lie Kivior to of piers before Lini extravagant and even ivivolou.-. I ried to hot Pic that or. Knight Ler real character the Sho Iho Nawlin l thought it was too Iii cd from his Riidu. For my own part i had a grow in admiration and Osi oem Cor him. I had Loa cd that his Public and priv no i be which indicated i character of no and purity of principle. A late political . In he had Livorno i d part. Hail raised his Repis Avion of. Beyond All dispute far than. We. . To Courte. 1 i Tiki Aii i la Uteri a. Toor. Nore than Oil in at or. Hail s i had heard him Drain principal Chi and Hud been Tiru Les sly or a manner that Hal a warm response in mall never is to near committing Niv Wulfin Sara to u sense of the Proschle lec Casity. Khz took the Pipor quietly her far her. Held out to her and his Quick enough to see i hat her i Iid trembled. Ii was Tho a nov sign of she Bat. Down. My care be sly glanced it Svor before Coin Oncina aloud. Or in by has rift read to she Jil Inri to up a Lii is is pc a Iii s. Hardly fair for Iho. Aoi Hor there vibe Alioti to her iliac i am sure the person must have Jolt. A d is a i Lainof criticism he often Dispi i id to favorabk1 the Book Conci Sara u to , and read the article through to i he mid with no interrupt Ion Law Pond Imp. I fall s keen Mijoy Merit of its coarse wit. Merciless rid Iwuh wits to Ltd sole to Pon pm do Yod it had evidently been dictated i Iii ind thoroughly., Tii. The wifi i s or there was such in arty Cor in u invective. A Book Suc h As t have described Sara s. Presented Strong Tai ions Mode of attack womb r was hat in had not been had it is c a build Sara putting it Down Nerlia Jis oho writer is honest but it is i Ina Volli d at her self command but it. nut i Here Dick flush on her Choek i in her eyes she could not contrib. I observed that or. Knight sat her. so of Ali . to took leave he d to her i shall read thai Book and i of in my own judgment it is but an act of i could Fot Ilia Nio or. That Sara. by excited though she repressed tin As Well As she mid. I attrib ipod it to Ilie re View but on Stimo Lima in the Way of athletic i i found my were superfluous. Tiie next few a Sara was quiet. And self a ii to ined Ai under current of anxiety Ivsich always Arijs flux the Dicj near. In evident to lie that site was cd putting ill. Ett. Was Ter Ihn Lapso of a week he came one. Of i i Iii. If had been in Odud to confirm to i . Sara s hush of cover. Would sup lied it. To my Eufrem disappointment and annoy an co. Or. Ii ii at once him in a map. Political Assion. Sara went to her i aim. And pm Yed some of the sex Quinif airs in no one oho in my would have Lone .1 watched or. he with in erotic at my woman s i Iii Tenn Dir . If you Iko hut 1 Peltier Liin he Road Pai a s. Book and More than h no Divi Icid thut it was hers. J saw his Eye. Rest upon her with an expression Toi to More than that a Lieen listed rom Tho past that. By. The Aid d i Cali fish v sep Public foot a Metal Fer Ler Tenn naval . B r o d h Ead pish the o m Soily Indian or v v the is Orrt Ris Mason pc tit Toomb Post offices and Posci Rusk Brodhead Jialin Adams snit i. 1 roads and slip of Wright Dawson Chase James Eya is upward Clinso Thompson. Douglas Johnson Bell. Jones a aniline Smith. The House stain on Gajni ble. Ewing. Match i la. F Avans and. Jones Teo Hibbard t Phelps , , Din is Curtis Mitch muffin ready Boyce Wentworth. Mass. Aik inv Dunbar. Feiiton., _ Public i Siiney i5imnett, Henn Steyns Warrer Post Olds Powell ii Iii Jones k. A Harris. Miss Hacker Norton the District of Ham Ilton. Goode. I ftps Davis ind Dick Berry St Penn Kerr cutting a Raj to evolutionary Ham Dunn Corwin ers. , or Ocker i Jdc the Best part of my nature Lio was j of time cried but Noble production. He read and Ine ins a Rise Torikian his san Isiaih Lay my Friend s character . He Road in Iho c l Iai hirers mid Loco of his More this or. Hall was presently thu Peru Rel Iii ii his words bore to truth never received any Arii Miciul and in them Dorii Noar. Hamu it was her or knit it i v to and presented for in. Ull l Liliani i 1 been Road ii Liis Book very . . 1 Hen he was i Onni Biu he cd Sci it politely As the my Livit cd. And the Drew near to Tho . Sarale Aneil Over the omani he piece in the. Graceful careless att Ludo which Vas iia Birgid to esl. His strong1 Kelt Cocivi Tiou carried vie Tion to Tom candid tourer. My i Sara bad a fur morn emotional and passionate she lifted u a her before Bow called out some professional emergency. And then m Knight Drew Neir Sara s to 10. 1 Viivi read that he said won l you Cave to 1 Uve my opinion surely Ini Uresti Din the matter As i was i hid o. Riichi to his critical observations an instinct kept me in my spat which was at tre further end of the room. Sara softly hitched the keys while bespoke i read it to Little that your sup is Sara stopped hero von but i asked a on t mired him followed the lawsuit All is Ivy read . Father s House wife Verv a Many years ago _ a few Niobe found to in my Ito jul s pretty it Oil fit Tod lip As Faalii Nablo lady s b of doiraiurdc9orved to to so called Sara when we Haip exhaust Tod the topic of with the rejection to application. Acceptance find Public Rock Iliou of Hor work. I asked has induced Tho Resolution i -Hoar-1 nothing about publication on tues i my resolutions Are sudden the re sult of was her Atn Wor. "1 have no other explanation to. Vivo. 1 said no Viali was not Satis fied. Thero was list in ii r Erry of Hor Iii nuer unit Eon Vinod to Sonios Tuond or rather or Max re motive i irked Heji Mil. The next Day i lot Tho manuscript in Bishor s. A had rather dreaded this exploit but found Forni Diablo in it a Irr ave looking Iuan Mot the very dire shold of Trio o Liob tonic Trio packet timidly presented gave it in fila Rico Ami to in s of it Down in a Dusky Corner of Tho dusk v Rovou. Hud an uneasy dread it would and Moulder in that Abodi pity. Or. Kniight Sui ipod. Perhaps at the font Way in which i proposed my a notion. And san added i should Lilio to know you Conci Doi it below your attention have never Cimon Witlen Tiomi to in of Tinio and Opportunity and can scarce in answer the question. Among Tho Tal o its Corii Mitton to my Leisure on 11." Strong natural love1 of poetry Sara would have Enn blod you to make Luis Uro to Indusi o then. Say i Havo not added deficiency very croat in your eyes it in Taat spec Eidos Viti a i Wiwi unit do to nil As no doubt they were had Beard Lier once 01 of hour was spoilt when 1 card Miolla la s ii patient k Noik at the House i Loor. And a1. A i Tor i heard Sara s coming loot Ops. i exclaimed try ice skirts As Clio r in i must Sav one said i you arc not a refill of Hooks at All Lor my female e of my Friend i could not quite recon Ilc her con. Duct with her Pia various Only in valved the mat. Tor .o and More. At Loii ill i interest called to from . Fara n novel was announced i or publication in a to , but that strongly Di-3 ple Uii d Tho a Thor. Such tricks of the she said Hope they their own end1." but but the of it in in i secured line at Tho am 1 Thon to. Emder asked i in Niy. In tiring Effort to comprehend i a Natter to then o l i Iii Piir chief in pub Lis Hin if this Vel was vow Chance of or Knight s rent, and Trio Meas ure of actor Tia Toby. Blavo you loved Hin of Kuiv six id Sara with it a s i i Onia inti Keiit Urc a a i to Call it could think of of Whit i real lot her Fatom Osol Nitoly a inst All a Nucos san Galli isms and never would flu Fiji the la f 1 i fore took Limo into , asking if to my to j v _ i i Eroh Vnti Allons at. No t. By Olio Block Ohio. Watches and t Carioty for Salu Ltd. Welkin up a her temper. I 1 Cohl l Oil. I saw that scattered she to examuie1 he manuscript and had received a Civi l then Good pleasure bogging Hor to i Foi Vaird it. A period in Wiiilie to waited when l iad topic h aids tos on Ilion our dire Isno Rancont Tinioso. Matters pressed we had Rio would to to Nii Esti to to step Haus hey soon Havo Takon had i Hor my secret anxiety was of or Iii Tilhod to. That to q to by a found its Way to Tho soit h , did not sympathy with our Espo Naomiy Public Bro is Ion. By i see Stuart Mic Ide Witt. Private land Hillyer Lane. Id Smith Hunt v. Mcnair i Frankyn. Wai Bridge. Macau Burn. Mcm i Willis Allier Indian Orr , Wood p ring re o. Latham military affairs a a messes t Axil knew Howe Smith Doi Iaal Etc Ordo e. Vansant v r Peck Eye Hart Kidwell Sapp a c y Wado Iczek Mcdon Ald Chase Coli Pitt sol.ers-1 and i ago of Olke to Pham Berlin. Fori Iio non a Siarris. Ai Chandler True Roll Ham messes. Ii k evolutionary Gli urch Weli Edmunson u. Wash Burn. Idol Oswath Lindley invalid Strab Mundor Tweed. Roads and Riddle a Rau Walker Ritchie. Cox. Be revise ii acid tin finish Al to , Jinn air , Fol Vio Sai Riu. Re cart is Bai Lcy a 1 Farley j r or Hall Rousi . Sara tin her Hii Havior but Tho p i vant. Or night to omit Telvi inv own incur Cocos. The next moriiiiifj., Moa of Enki Ous said excl Mica. Sara a i mesh of Kjuder his Gui . L nine do better _ sni 1 i inn Liinar. Pure Fanio is nov it Loai returned Sara with a Woll Toman n list to Rui Row indeed which Pitio uld bit Isth pm i Long to see Jou As h hippy As i am non gland Iii in Congress. The Fol j on ing Are the principal Senate committees on Romeijn. Mason fail knew. V. Coti Smittee de expenditures in Stato. Crockery Smith Tonu. Tro Aspry department i t t i m tt1111 of ,1 Ohnson Kidd Sim cup Itoi wis Bruni 111 a pliant Dow doll Poi Annaton it f Noi mos in Otist Tail Moloi on Publ Bui Wigi

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