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Read an issue on 2 Apr 1856 in Elyria, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Elyria Independent Democrat.

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Independent Democrat, The (Newspaper) - April 2, 1856, Elyria, OhioIs if i j u i h s h to if in it x ii , Orbio. Apteck it i nitwit Lul lir cd Audi a nip ii i it Lull or i. Uru i be toxin in Hui is of Hanii to thu i Llou 1, flip Hui ii Wirlin. Put. In 11 pair and Comlat t Fin in Slit 1 la old Tim is nil Intro in of the ire invited to try us Tui i. M ringers ind innit Nilli i cull Tinnil a tent ii la Beu a to Hope i Gin. T h in Julius f it t Joel r iting Oliue Mic Ltd a in Jinni j is t r Vii Alicd of t com Rio i Luini ill i ill ton Toni Iship i Oren Torii thu on tie i fell Elnira f Mmllie a u Ull our i t i the a ruin Audi of Esylit Lottus Giitl Turov tin it cur i to it and Tor five Dollar sit we the snid have will he Tali in on Tbs fal of Lii it a 1s5e Allf ofic o i i it m 1 to Fui Enaut 14 Luu by j it told Liat i j a uhf Mill Tom Uit of Siu i lilo s a i. Fit r Ghafou "2 i i m to if 1 w or d or-1 g r til h i tit Ipoh u i i to Mun be nut c. If Zutl tin Dow i Ted april t Oliu Natl Iuliu bt., big Halo Volt. 1 i l c c l Ludm j r old nod m c Guh old a Djen h to blocs h d a Init i Otis Nooroo j it 1 Bryant o i h pals c o and Kwh Uttof m my lbs Jouk l 1 pm lord i ilk i mlis w Lusk la in i t ii Edwi omit it i ritzy and ii d inn pros is p u ii tutors in la m tent of a Tuntti und let Luinis i i i Timite ii c c u s 1 risk i m r Coul i k u 1 a Coj urn t in n5 nil re in Cut in 1 1 ill re 1 i him Unni 1 1. 1 i Cui i nil u 1 in Usu m n 111 of Tell non Una i Rel m tin n i s l m Mike i v in r n o t la hic j i Imio i it Iii t is on t in i i t i it i i tin hut i i Ihu Hitty Ltd us m i to uti 1, l t it r of land of tin n lit it t Rutht t wet 5 Uili i i e in i tin i in or b n j 1 i i t Mir inc i mull n Mur Imerti pitl h i to i it in e3ptethll Atieh of the us e it tried p i. Tie n Nute if Chou to i shut not i Ihu Niutta be Mai i Aluir i it 22d Duj of Mirt owls j pin Ahtl fill d he to Tiomi in thu a tit i common p l i i i in e i i that la it it Ihu dub insult i Tibet Cal Orts Tuii 1 in Iurii in Tho m of hindu a Dol 1 Irh Ami it tires t from theitis to april t Clit prot Morvi Oto of Haiti gun t n n to i it ii let Herod by stir on to Thi up m the hrs Elai of 1853 pc i coition Tui Lutr Khz rom Al u us Tutu Lteif Daniti r n in order to to t i of snid to tip on to t Host j Ivil f i i 1 e t Giitl in Thuei t stud film aft i a the Kevil 1 a trite sit unto in he t w no in. Of sin Lief i Tui to far Ute of 1 nip to u the nor ctr line1 of Fth Ith kicl0 i tid in Luul Here Tufte to jeered t 1 statly the Ruth line of the lot und hot thit t i j.ii.1 Niu tit in 1 that said Nio i 3 Rte i on to e net in Dot april.3353 m 1 Onu Cmunt it in Book 2 or pics j and 4 in hit nubs Quant to the d Ite r f Huml Inorg Jungt my gum Robinson Coin t in premise sin Ted Moi to to Ert Becu to sutly it n n and that Uitz a uti to Trust 211 said i Soiland a Jorrel Osun of said Niort psf f the i Jav i i l n 7 act Vitur t 1 uni re Moreh Smith on 1 l u p i in it j i l i i p i a t r f n oui us Mil 1 i w 1 ii 1 i or. R inti Mitt Hiel U4hm14m tit on the Contr i 1 no it i eth a Exon i in i l h my Hal pm 11 i i 11 i u c i us i m1 c u i lit i h a ii Tiute Conin u toe j 1 unit gins Pluti n t 1 i inv vital v c St in i t o a i3u is m h Santt Arthur m hut t Coo inert i v Rulh 1 the ten my b c Istatt cull Unn Tiu it l i t i Fol h in us. Hull sheriff s Sale. It eur Ivy film of m Only a of l. Issei s id out of Lii. Gout t of c oui in n pious John c in i and Foi i t i Siuty of 11 r in mid Hunt oof of i tiny duct cd nil i shall i x 1 Oku of Pii Lill unto Wittl f i or i the t Houm Nitha to duct Lily in in wild count on Bill Tuduy in la 18fc, hot own Lac Ouirt of ten of Locktu the Loi onion did font the i Tuci noon on fluid Day Hie Tolk Numi t Ninna Tull a Loti tract of Laud i Tutti in the i Hilo Man court nil state of Ohio i and a pair of Lotom Nahir to Trutt no Iucci nud hounded on tin want Ujj Tho Stanlo Ronal Oil Phenoi in inn 1 Omil a i Boiro acct lending trom lot to the san i Houd Asi Hel slur let shei n h of Fulci Fol Vigil Law set administrator s Sale. I rim of i or tact of holc t Itu Itric fed i 3 he ivol not it l Rulu i huh 1 flu Jiter a marvellous remedy for a marvellous age v r i i Jim in t to ii tilt a Lilia 1 1u l ilk k a m till it i o i to k 1 m of Sun l Mulli 1 i mile a Lull Ovillo list Alfh 1uic1 jul lilt Chol a Lull of i of v in hit mint tip of inf Tiki la Anlu unc Ami a tuft us Ohi Lei i s t i s la l n u to Iii d ins Ilon i 1 i Lytic t in inn tie i Mouths hit Lun l u the Hiscutt of Kail h 1 1 Multi 1 m in h i j h i l of pc Tui i Tii inh Imit. E Testa with Mihi my Imp hit l id in Lullu Mdunn Uniti in do t i f r1a Irett Nitso Loul Kip Utin Iship for t h Uduc uni St m j u i Puit nit. Lit s a i j t Mai a Lii Tiitma will i Iotus i i or an a t uni rut nut 1 by ii Troyo up in or i i m t on m a Titi Only ill Tup iut i i ice Tel Jui 5 of nmn Klup Tih Nuu 1 Jit of thu inn i Tutor is Tun Toul Pei Fitt Inci it c s Torr .jinriug1 in no t Riib it Aimer it Trio Kuon of tic not a Ifil t incl Ned in Tho counting1 rot in in d prism to j lie souk Dej arc out is in ctr the to soul . Till if tin Iii by Noih std Tut its and i t in it n that no col h go in thu l nit id Tor Init or ing it to . A Citrin its in and Holloway a ointment the grand external remedy e icon id of it Mici use Djojo it flt Miju ont. Ings on the a us duct of our Hodits through Tetso tins ointment when Rul bid on the i Fin is pm hid to and Organ or in Voird Stirt of Thi old Iuah i i divird i Trio 1 Hei tie heart int Tam nution us the Ltd Kab vet Lianas tend Colart arc by a Inch Cuico i it in House Wilfo Noua mint passes throw 11 ii or Nipa of Una thai Totsk i Liin Hulnik of tint it far Mic re uhly pit Trutt i out t r the Nln Purt of the living loth Causi to thu 111 or to Wurch Conill Lnla that i not. I Rva Clad of 11 dim Iii Erysln Njilas Ball Hii Lium an1 ii Moks Rae run kudu Koto of Tho Rob of of than in the court f in count t Orion t on nov 5 t common i of Ohio Alexander a j -.tou, j t l Onu inn bit a in t Hiil a it fat u ii l the Doston Fiji Anston a Raj to k g Iron fit t we Oeor e p guat Oit and Flara t in ult a d tier r j defendants in tins ital it tin t i 11 n a i station win died against Unni be Umidi of ins interest in said Pun it 4 is Sci i .h-jjn7 of Miu or Tutsi s by Iott Fumju in d i Lial ill Tu-.si0ikiut Siu 1 la a Cislon i i Lynian c Toimi Lavils 0-Vstov by h r it 2jr 18 d j Ratki 1 b Turin r in the court of common l pitas of Lorn Iii Toutjr Rico its 1 to 3 Ohio thl Botu ii Anil Iho Nins Stool it non re Sidmot of b us Komi Jcj n ill t us Nodi ctr it on tie of Athrur a d inn tie Piquitt Kikumi j emotion i i tit i Oil of tue o s id tiny i Ltd that it Thot Ober Terni a d the of until n j Diemont apus Tiht tin. Daft Kuhnt at of t one Luindia til and and tour Terii Ono htindredbh1 Dolthus in 1 costs taxed at Nineteen ind in one hand Cal the dollars Uit Uluth inert ise run out of Dollie s Hue to a Mac a mid that Laud original Case said fat Ott not Conan Mcd m Oiler of upon 1 own Tot Mirn Bei seventy one Anid Peti Ion will lie Faken Toi conf. Assert Aiulu dug Inonu Ijar to the 1 v s t at v mme Ling the Revfi t in go notice atot1ce is hereby Wen that a petition will he no the c of Lorn in Mountj Ohio it stun Iida tit to out a county Nurl t the i gunship line where the North und Touru Road dulled ice trosits the North inc of the township of Illet running on s us town Jim to the North erint Coiner it the Lowi Walup of Juit Atmik match 17. Fritz a cd minds to Ralph Caine a Jet 1 lit Collini itt Coin it w ill Tel a t the in and prac Tuil turns Loi kit up 1 books 1 dual k entry in tit irilous Dupar Tantius of 1 n it and Counci be n eluding of. N ral mid retail mcitttntlft1 it t Mim Mon Izui hotel bunking 1 Primi in Beni i Outing Iii Hudnul pin otitis hip und compound Nunn Serup s from Altu Tuo it to Pun written in it bold rapid lust Neil filth w ill Sei it us a Nita aim Taii in itt Iirma to him an Ivet Jimut Bovle of i i t Turt Miil k Ivorid us. On tie is Tunco of Ait Hunts Cuil Hurcial Law Polit Weitl Leot Ionn Coin tur my i jul irions ban i Marti Hutiu cell of mis com he r my a thees Kun loading Llu sints Curry a line. Com nerve coining t Lerin Islip 1 a total and Orynn until w ii 1 t it 10 tin sit t Tutt Tua Raa intr f month men aft let Litton Plush Man s Ai d rapid Penn in w to in tired t part Munim at to e Sture 1 it new i Oik Ohio and Mill Igan he Iff of Atni and pm take our stems Tonnini t to our p to t t n me re it Natrul than is done at i Sitofi Ilner a hum writing i i id ii Toby Seuss Pur suits Omett Niom find Indus ill Sini to him life Plum selves for t 11 Lime in in u i 1 and Init it t it ictus at to is Coll g the 3 uhis dont inn of is huh for mlle g at d ish Ltd up to a Newt and conv Euitt n niner 1 Hill to i Xuy n Iteni St Niqi Nuitt Iuo f int i Imi Puis nun ii of Thi on hit j hit Oil in lucrative St Luumi us 1 or fur r in r in Foi it Avion for cirt near in to Antn published which w ill 1 e pro Frlj forwarded free of charge 1k1 Cleveland and Toledo rail Road. I of e c of re Olei Liu anti Ulii not nun Noi Vulk Lii Leto Luh. I n m it Chi uni e a Tony Hideo Lonj Uton heat i olt do let it be known t 11 a t a St w Lii l ii lat a ii Xoi Iii Tel it carriages on Alik Kix to and it by Yinug to suit Tho it inti f f to e be pit Call und you will us Toimi Tyd Ali tit i a ill Utu work in but tit feta the und sell cheaper than any other firm t in Ohio it c Hull Mrtin Nin our ski Ulinoff As Fol Hist up Miuki Chinuge b Siule in the Popli and worn intall our Nurk s1ow Fop lil f it 11 f i h 4.1 filled h h Eier d no b Giuili t n the Cun of ii in s Nihi Satin n Imti r 1 it in a ii Shuich ii Ihly of inti it no Tiki i 1 Salt a ilium sure lift can ski Laulii in 1 Nii lung its in thu Niue 1 he Tito i trim i i m r mum Hiot Ali nmn us Titi tie Homp Iuli t is x dec to its Ipili edition and Imd thus ii in die Iii Unn in Reaboi ing countless Nuin Blia to Leidth sore legs sore breasts wounds ass d Hunt of Trio must be. Pm Tiff i 11011 on tote Gnu of this Noult Tui Oltaci Nunt to i of e the Cash Funn h Morin is in Dit in t an tutors i Ull Hinr Hull has i s e nine and of tin Ahlqui you pm Iii d h a Lilida to lit Hospi aloof be East Large of Piip Montot Liis of Inonu in to be used Ungui tit rib Tion of re t Midi Jib Enli in thu cast a of Lundn jf1 in t Urt him nit i Jan Lulu six Elhaj a tint her Otbo joint of to Yearb piles and fistulas. The cd an 1 Othi r Dimiti i Lii Tumiati he direct Nelly i tin d if hit ont i no in Nelly Libed Init the a tilt Alt clod Mil by Ollie nhe follow mlle tile i in Ted dec tuns to found Inch i t in Thi i Robac t of Luzain county Ohio d Wulls my i of Wolls Dou a tuition to it a Iii n Wells mail Twolla Anna l Wulla Junirs a a clan and Alice r Wolls it Fly rtmjl., i Boie Nanitz Defon lion Tel we div and i club of Al said Dunkel lire lie Reba Noii hed Ilmet mud pc to inner Lii Lloid in Coli t Pill Iii nov Sinif that of the id any of Junt 184 i mild Dii Nicl a oui dont not de with Adeline k part Foti in ii Liik o convey to her tic Liole of Lonu Iliof none Tai a ind part of lots num Burn two and Ting Theun in thu township of Toul tool Ity to Ron tiny land. The american statesman a Fulu Itu Histon cvlijhiting1 Trio nature Engin and Pinch Kat Opo Rution of constitutional Gen eminent in tin Tiu try oct tills work i memo Cal Thuv Lioja period of of our go morn inc null hit Ttorp with Tho Brief com i net to limn up it the Buforo the or 1 hiding at d in anti Atung Willi the legislation of 1b51 it Tontina u Ali Aci i tinn of of the Rcv trial Luio Loh a title Subj to to Ore it Uri Nhi of the Rin Nunt of tin. Old conf it Intini ii hot to during Mir and of tin. Fun ruination and adopt it n of the tit i to in n nah Jill tin. Jarot Nhatt of Hilj poll a n under thu und which i Al hit d the pump it into Pri Ticu an Tho 1 Hulk debt Nii tonal or filth infill Al Intel Mil improve Nuriu thu i us h i i mis Pushu with for a Tunis the fun us ask Buind 4i Ditl in Tutti hit in und Kentucky of the to Ettl Silton of t Oujini tint i Onteri and us her foreign Torri torn Trio mias ourt and Flior i repro Niche h War Quirit Loith Indianu Rev geor frit and South Carolina nullification thu in at Hank notice j1c. A Al ii w of t be o a form Raj of the. Fixin Keflon Llott Jufat poll ctr u i1c1v in Tho new Bollt on the Tornor of Tapir Jor Street mid Public Square where maybe found an on Tiro and Silver watches. In gosh French Yankee clocks Ware of kinds War ranted pure As Coin new and fashionable jewelry All kinds of plat d and Brit Annia wares cutlery fancy goods and pair fumlr1es in Short Oor thing Thor a new and Ilmi Ruble int Hortado my Boft und Chi apr than can be b night close when Stria font in Gnu id not full to cell it thin elegant if they wish Topur Glintle in thin Lino cloak and Del 1854 ni12i Hoik the onto Mittit and should be used in Che to i ton ing Caset Muniot s Kurnit of Dpi cd Len nov cd ill Luinis cd i i Istell in font i unit Giro Mart in ital i1 i up Lions 1 lie Al Baum Kitisin i Ninn nails Ali d Dlf Indi shul Juinta. Us turn Sci Cal nut in it nil Continental of 1 lib of Tel u a o i i w a l l s t r u a t Capitti huf a million of dollars i All pud in Chibli Sii Foly inv Stod to Xci in Nii n 7 Oai Mil. And in it Lei red and i Aid by 0 olm Sild l Tim Thurston a tvs Sash Blind and Down factory tub Sohst Filer s in now or Quirt a in Itin Khz thu no of. Tirol lots of Bill first a Imam r tin mar Kilpi Iirth m e m r Ulso Pupul toil i 1 inning in 1 Sci Oil set tiny in Ihnut not 1 Himi blur Tho phut n Rud in rth Ifil m Sci h Hotoi i n i tit Only attain Panui r on to t f inst Brunt. H n Iii Unstot o n let hollow ats pills. Avj1y Are Slyk 81. In o i Lff sore ill tests minis Soi o 1 lir a Urt of id it thu nit nah s to nowt Somis Idini Liuyu new York and Simil t Endon and nil Roibu table und thu it i h in mod icing the our out tit United Mill Ihu Imp Refl world in path at i s 02 j7 tuts i s1 Ems thru is a topside Ribik my by linking the in it a n b directions f tin. Of in tune to it dior Der Uri Nufi d to in h it n 18 it farm for Al my t urm in in Enrietty i in it ii of tort snip it n two m its North of the 1 o in smrt ten in a and it tit Rig from Henri Hill and f or Fri m Oberlin 1 Runn the Drums la to Pood a tells ii tin on ird if hire Tai Imd full buildings his most v Elinn i t not Dimind Loah inn out into ii list to i in i info Iii a in to m rid t Opi Ort in t is i Tsurif no to further in format it t int Iii f 18 of Ibibs St Sam att in Iii in to t l t Tif the i Man n co to by w in m own by Riis use Aid Shuril Hull i it i s Ait in my Pitt i to tic Iluf o Thi la k i the no that i Tea id or d to l Impi a of nil to unos it xe1-, no 1 t on unit ions i of Tom r h in per Sony 1u tip i tit Jones the Nunnzi Etui t no he me Heji to t t Leniu d s Natl them to n. It c Ami nod p pie us t i 1 round thu Oil then to Little onis facts for the citizens of Lorain or. Christie s is Thi Hlf re for tie pin Miu t u it f 1 if und Ouinn and nil ii Suim s no Ukel to to than t or. Christie s ague Balsam i ids it i 1 tit kit ii to Lull a bit Thi in Clito in Tivi. I i l Yuwu or a Guc a Javiun in 1 n h i t i i Fitl in out i l Nti uni in Iki in i is n Dunn strut brio or invt Lingot n j. Or it k c 1 101 n n if n t i Chris ties Agne k Albi i Ihu in 1 f i 1 1 Lett i u lbt ii 4t k of an r n t t tic of Vrej t m l Pul lit Chi is tic 9 ague bal Yum ii in u in St no m Nisil s 1 c no who inned Oik it Indrid t has sold under Elise i editions of t in Ink of in la m i i Nostell i i ing tit mud Mai f h i and i m int tit d i nun i tit t Irr Lute Utlang the i to Trail of to e deposits the Yoeu Flat i of r of Ilc Motel and the i link be Foch the Hub Tii thur thu it tue Merit ten und Oregon Wiita Loim iffy 1 it he t on tins m is of inc thou Nurl Pongos is it 11 printed on Rood Piiper and hound u hither and sold Lur u j in to Etu tits i ii it i Euli Itin nud Iii Oitt a jct Fulu Tih t is h id our 1 3 n in h u to Iii i it every ton n Lor thin pin none tue Boot i pm i no it 2 atthe hit Berlt to m 111 tilt tenth Iship in i ram Loutitt and Thule who will in tip Poji Lunitz to Subiti inc g w Wal Kim Dee 10th 18 %5 17 Dentiste. Johs. H. F. A j. A. In Riff taken dig 0nlt of splendid rooms in Hobo s blog on my Corner of Superior strict and Ihu Sun off dlr Tolj Over hit it Poliy store of i Al Alicr Noii no 1101% pre Piui d to Jur form nil Opoku ions in the line of tin in wit i promptitude ind in Tho hug Hist i a for Tiu ii of Uio Urt Wotli pm j l icily to it tin in of Ini ind with h Crit not and with u it termination to it Jim and if posh Ilo to the most of in Clr competitors Thoj pics int Thi in can inn to an Intilli Gamt Public Ali y Buff inure to to lift one Tho firm qua tin first t in test in Northern Ohio to Mic Reed in trip in of former Tion and hint durable Lite and or fiction in the reithm Jumi to to Mauro Tatj an. Unequalled by any in tin United particular attention Mil lie Miu to plugging and the Jeet i und by n newly Duj covered Giro ecu Cit Linn lie Prthu Rcd and end Rcd useful for Jears Jinn of str Thev biome painful from Decani Nyrl thanni in Hun Wenj Rhi Manili of May or Aracil ind the pm of cd trim Ion Moi did Spicer Tinhof our artificial work an be seen at our room whore All arc incl Ltd to cull and Diamine for rat much to n v no Misok inns j n Noi Niazov pub if y the blood. Moffat b life pill1und. Phosniib1ttim Irujo from nil 1 Alkonis. Which Moffat s lit f Al pm lbs and 1 , jh1tjsrs nut Lnch in of the Loti Normary Curre equate a to licit Roii Cru it Lor the proprietor o in str Inlo a Puri Sulur Annj Sis of to Cir medicinal i Irta Oruro percs him i been More Tuliau a Nils pro the Public und Lull Netho United us Timonoff More than three Mill offset who him c restored to tie Onjo mint of perfect Haltli by them it is believed that their reputation u tic Bent a rectal Medicine now before the Agni is of no Duante in almost Erory Cluj Iid in Lac in the United the arc Miliny n to arc ready to testify to their of ency in r o Movi Tiff Diso iian nudge Vinju tothe whole d by Altai in cases of scr Fula. Ulcers Scurry in eruptions of the skin the operation of tie lit e med is truly astonishing often Rimov Ivrin Lew Oay severe vast Ign of loathsome discuss it Theli Ott Cotson the blood r e be r to ague dyspepsia jjkop1.y, piles a a Short most Ull diseases soon yield to their curative or. Pc tics no family should be without Vliem u by the tar timely use much suffering and expense May be saved wjjl.1.iaiw b. Most that i. D., Kew Yoke and for Bale by 1171 in or a tin. Elii Ini m Atli Hixom of h n i t unit it hint ii id storm and u Tut 1 3 blast lotion hop Lio income f to Miler tin Dehu a Toul x of the it i f Tjit in i Nylon it in unit i or nov to r t it inn1 of its Virtues h i 1 in it t i to that u Vullen muh rein it All Trou has Kumitis Chi Ltd Linnon Niti be and will t under ttti1 Sld Illi vhf full heft i Lute in 1 Benet ii to those of no Tuit of id Onul tails us sin it a y inc. I sold in bottling at to Turci or four shilling a i t Bagg Jii Vilss it the it map if i Rin Druff distort n b e those who might do sire to Obi in the i Olion in cd Elaml it Tun Belm Dola v loud co for Sale Divllhtij-1 h and lots also n Het r Estiu a Liam int built be k ild Elieud fur part Cash Down inc it Bove sold together or Reparato o j Dee i Atli _ t1 of in Jimi c Mic Public that lit Al i Iii Encil n oui i in Llyia in co inn i i 1 t Niue i.oii4iilti d it ill Tuni i Fri Bush no 1liii Oil or la Loti he 111 Ihsle i Cluj lev it lit. Oilily in a Inlet nil Oil Drift torn p v s Vii or i a d Ian 31 w5 ill Al of i Obi Ifie s ague a o i x g Kasi Ltd m Loielo clan jul petion Sttne kid0t, a i Uio re we Ahni it tic Mout be Norwalk Cam Den Oberlin c nth Toni itt uhf c net Tinati get Rittin i Fath puss car attach d of m 10 17 10 43 11 02 x 11 21 11 i l 12 us 12 12 12 1 10 1 s 2 5u 11 Iii a y 11 i u i. 1 10 or 2 4-. Mail 4 r 4 21 a 4 j8 4 of 5 or x 526 5 19 b do t 18 7 7 21 4 7 h 7 18 h h j in Anil i Ess ill atop at Tat inns bet w i n Oil i Fremont Nurl Totoiu to let Oil to and Gritl Fon going it Side a Joe Ner m a fit Calcii. I nil inc port Dei c i Olmsted i ills i Vrin or can Lilly n b rain Union print i lint Onice s punt pm Stei did Road Piirto Clint n Una Lafoia i v. W l s h m rf1s 8 us a m i these Pill s pm ii Lilio Fiona pills Art expo Salt combined to opt Etc out t to Inch the inn the h the tin Slit it mid 11 bowels i Iron to g Annj Rici it in their functions purifying the blurt Tho m by Mountain of lift Tail thud curing disease in nil its forms dyspepsia and liver complaint. Psi nah in of to Bunin it up Hnie tul tin a pills it has i i Prev my in nil Pitit of the world to it not in b is h r i f ii url to them 111 t list. Re i s of Thi Lutr lab pepsin und Stoni a of Mali hits ton to tins i my h ii Rungi Dnn 1 he i i u Otho i in i 1 e it kids i by Cash. 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On the 4th Daj of Moreh 1856, to said plaintiff filed his petition in said court setting Forth the marriage contract with thu said Hub s Guariu solution of Hviid in nine contract at d for cause assigns that it Ned a Obj s Gari Ibey has been Gullon of adultery with one Horace inf at different to us and places unknown to said Petit m will lie for hear ing it Tho in Tun of said court Jos Ltd v Merbs 18% 6w at y for pot loner Aitu Climont notice. 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