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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 1

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Elyria, Ohio Unlimited by Oes on unchecked shh Mabell May be listening first of three articles by Marion a. Ellis and Howard Covington Knight news wire c 1976, the Charlotte observer As part of their Job Bell system employees across the nation legally listen in on thousands of private Telephone conversations daily with out the knowledge of the people they overhear. And if Bell suspects you re making fraudulent Long distance Calls it will record your conversations without a court order or without even having to convince anyone outside the company that their suspicions Are reasonable. The listening and recording Are Legal under state and Federal Laws which give the Bell system almost unrestricted Power to eavesdrop and record Telephone conversations while checking the Quality of service the performance of Bell employees or investigating possible Long distance toll fraud. Except for the . Attorney general acting except for the . Attorney general no one in the nation has such unchecked authority to listen to your Telephone conversations. On a presidential order in National Security cases no one in the nation has such unchecked authority to listen to your Telephone conversations. And no one outside the Bell system regularly checks for abuses of that unprecedented authority. But a Bell spokesman explains that the company is supposed to report any abuses it discovers to state and Federal regulators and that congressional and state legislative officials also make inspections from time to time. Yet during the past year congressional and state investigations and a Federal lawsuit have revealed instances of questionable eavesdropping by Bell employees and question Able cooperation Between Bell and Law enforcement officials. Here Are the kinds of Legal eaves dropping done by the Bell system s 23 subsidiaries. 1 1. Linemen operators and other employees plug into an unknown number of private Tele phone conversations for at least Brief periods to Check the Quality of transmission on the lines. 1. Company Security agents tape record other private conversations without a court order if they suspect the caller is making a every person. Is subject to being monitored at any time. You people Are just seeing the tip of the fraudulent Long distance Call or misusing a Telephone credit card. 3. Bell supervisors listen to customer Calls to the company to Check employee perform Ance on the Telephone. Bell says employees know they May be listened to but customers in most states do not 4. By notifying Bell it is a matter of nation Al Security the Fri can. Without a court or Der get the company to run a Legal listening line from a customer s line to an Fri listening Post Bell officials insist All such eaves dropping is kept to a minimum but they also acknowledge it is virtually impossible to control All eavesdropping because so Many Bell employees of them have a Cess to Telephone lines in the 48 Continental states. All our Plant repairmen at anytime can overhear any Call in the United states in their area fully and every operator can to some turn to Page a-3, col. 1 Ely Rio Ohio chronicle Telegram september 26, 1976 Twenty five cents Law chiefs forfeit pay Ford offer due More info awaited from Mars Viking scientists waited in Pasadena yesterday for confirmation that the Lander had successfully scraped up some red Martian dust for an Experiment that would determine if Micro organic life Ever existed on the planet. A project spokesman said the data confirming the acquisition of soil was expected today in a relay link test covering the More than 233 million Miles from Mars to Earth. This is a newly released photo looking South from Viking n on sept. 6, the red Orange surface of the nearly level Plain upon which the spacecraft sits is seen strewn with rocks As Large As three feet across. Many of these rocks Are porous and sponge like Simi Lar to some of Earth s volcanic rocks. Other rocks Are coarse grained material. The cylindrical Mast with the Orange Cable is the Low Grain Antenna used to receive commands from the Earth. The return of these and other photos is a scientific Marvel in itself. Details on How this is being done Are on Page d-12. A photo from Nasa City police fire offer byte Chernitsky Elyria s safety forces will vote this week on an amended contract proposal bolstered yesterday by City negotiators Fol lowing a special executive session of Elyria City Council. The amended proposal offers a year More than the last offer for a uniform allowance but the City s last offer of wage increases of Over the next two years remained the same. They raised the value of the package and they found Middle said fireman Joseph Gaughn. President of local 474 of the International fire fighters association and a member of the fire department s negotiating team. To pretty confident our Guys will accept he said add ing. We re going to recommend they accept it they did t want to go any higher on the said police negotiator up. Larry Witt so they agreed to bring up the clothing allowance to a year which is a More appropriate figure. I think our membership will probably put it Witt said. The current uniform allowance is a year. Dale Kellogg Elyria finance director said the proposal was made following authorization by Council Council gave us a Little More string the pay out in the Nego he said. There is some other contract language to be polished up with the police and fire he said adding the City administration intends to meet with the safety forces negotiators this week to Iron out rough spots in the contract so it can be presented to Council on oct. 4. Firemen will vote on the new proposal on thursday according to Gaughn but Witt was Uncertain if he could Organ ize a vote that soon. Witt president of Lodge 30 of the fraternal order of police said the negotiations Over the past three months have been fair. The City administration acted respectfully and we appreciated he said. Detroit up the United Auto workers Union con firmed yesterday that its top officers have Given up their Sala Ries until the strike against the Ford motor co. Is settled at the same time top negotiators on both sides were hold ing a private meeting to find a Way around the impasse that has stalled the talks effecting workers. The meeting was regarded As the most encouraging since formal bargaining resumed monday. The participants included Law president Leonard Woodcock and Ford labor vice president Sidney Mckenna and their top aides. Sources indicated the Auto firm already has prepared a new contract proposal but has not Laid it on the bargaining table because of the Law s reluctance to allow it to be made Public. One Union source said that making the offer Public would be like bargaining in a fish the proposal described by one company source As being a modification of earlier offers rather than a Complete change was believed to contain a new company stand on a key Union demand for less time on the Job with no loss in pay. The Law. Claims this would help create More jobs. The Union said Woodcock and vice president Ken Bannon received their last paychecks the Day after the strike began at Midnight sept. 14. Woodcock currently earns a year and in the first two weeks of the strike will Loose salary. Bannon head of the Law s Ford department is paid a year and has lost in salary. It s a Standard procedure in our Union that the top officers Stop receiving pay during a a Union spokes Man said. A strike against Ford nine years ago lasted 66 Days and la weather periods of rain or thude Bowers Likely today and Tomor Row. Highs today and tomorrow upper is to Low the. Lows at night Low to mid 51s. Chance of rain m per cent today and 78 percent at night. Lake Erie variable winds becoming Southeast to South 21 to 38 knots today. Showers or thude showers Likely. Waves . Details 0n Page today s Index special Parade of Homes Section is included in today s it. Easiness Industry. G-2tog-4 contract crossword deaths.d-2 editorials. A-4.a-5 , Del Muce stocks g-ld-8, do Garden is helpmate.a-12 like it let s talk abort dogs.a-13 single sports .b-Ltob-7 television.g-5 women .c-Lloc-5 your birthday.d-19 on Channel with Charlied la sunday scene books.1 camera.8 people etc.2 stamp facts.8 Bor observers said this year s dispute would last at least into mid october even if there was a settlement in the next few Days primarily because of the time needed to gain ratification. Striking Ford workers picked up their last paychecks on Friday for the two or three Days they worked before the strike began. Instead of weekly checks averaging better than they la begin receiving strike benefits of a week. Industry observers said it would be unprecedented to make an offer Public once a strike was under Way Ford s first three proposals made before the strike began were publicized and quickly rejected by the Union. In a Short printed statement handed out by a Ford spokes Man Mckenna made his first comment in a week saying the negotiations continue to Progress on both economic and non economic a great Many Tough issues remain to be resolved and we Are working diligently toward that Mckenna said. Americans in poverty at highest Washington a More americans Slid into poverty Las year than any time in the 17 years the government has been keeping track the census Bureau said yesterday. The Bureau blamed the 2.5-million increase in poverty stricken people on the whip saw effect of High inflation in the midst of recession together with widespread exhaustion of unemployment benefits Las year. Despite an increase in median family income last year to a year inflation dragged the buying Power of that income Down to the lowest level in five years in 1975. The census Bureau said. The drop worked out to 2.6 per cent and followed a 3.5 per cent drop in 1974. Buying Power by that measure has now shrunk four of the last six years. For the number of people in poverty it was the second in crease in a Row and Only the third since the Bureau began keep ing such statistics in 1959. The increases in 1974 and in 1970 were both about 1.3 million. The census Bureau said 253 million persons lived in families that were below the government defined poverty level of for a nonfarm family of four. The poverty level was up. Due to inflation. From in 1974. The number of people in poverty was the largest since the 27.8 million in 1967. When the poverty level was s3 410. The 1975 figure represented 12 per cent or nearly one out of every eight persons. That was up from 11.6 per cent year be fore and was the highest since the 12.6 per cent in 1970. Area women their goal is survival Point in stride by Linda d1peetro being in the first class of female cadets at one of America s traditionally All male ser vice academies could be pretty Heady staff. If you had time to Muse on the historical precedent that is. But three area women who aspire to be among the first of a professionally trained female officer corps graduated from one of the nation s military academies Are thinking Only of survival. West Point plebe Pamela Snead of 3180 w. 2mwi st., Nooft Olmsted is the product of a totally civilian upbringing As Are two air Force Academy Betsy Joviak of w4j7 Indian hollow rd., graft Al and Diane mover of 10 Milan drive Milan but the three along with their col leagues in this first Ever distaff Branch of the Cadet ranks marched step for Laboured step this summer with Mieir straight backed male classmates and with each Gritty performance made Clear that the physically fittest of a new generation of women could hold their own Dur ing thai most demanding test of physical and menial endurance Academy Boot Camp. It was a distinction hard won. If i bad known at toe beginning of tie summer what i would be going through Weil. Frankly i never won have believed i Ronld make it11 acknowledges 20-year-old Pam Snead an articulate unequivocal Cadet whose det idely Roic tary pronouncements Are in tone with her personal professional goals. The same frankness is echoed by her counterparts at the air Force Academy in Colora do Springs a fortress roughly 1900 Miles in land from the older Alma mater of Eisenhower a Carlborn and Bradley which rests on the Hudson River. Its awfully Bard to describe what it was like Bolcoa were Busy All the time during but Cadet training dubbed beast Barracks at West Betsy recalls. "1 think everybody started crying once. 1 know i did. It was right after i did me assault til clearly this was no whimpering Fem ale cry of desperation. It was one of Triumph. The assault coarse was kind of unnatural for women but we made h Yon can make i i through Boot Camp Diane said of the summer session you can probably make it through it is difficult Pam once told her parents or and mrs. Harry Snead to relay precisely what the women went through daring Boot Camp especially to one unfamiliar gift the turn to Page a-3, col. 1 v Diane mover kit worried ant tie Graell no first year academic schedule awaiting her the air Force Academy and Hopes that women will soon be Al Lowed to take flight training. Bat til stick around even if they Don t let women Fly she says. Pam Snead who after Success fully completing a str Noou s weeks of beast Barracks at the United states military Academy does t believe women Are physically fit a Longfe to Lead men into combat. That sails her Fine since she does t really want to go into combat Cadet fourth class Betsy j. Jovial lines no in formation at the . Air Force Academy where she May a Trine a career in computer science. Thot go she is one of the first 157 women Ever admit Ted to the Academy she does t think abort the fact that to making

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