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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 5

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Elyria, Ohio Rood to a dead end 0., sun., oct. A 1977 a-5 Equality of Opportunity a sofas Page of dialogue Washington minority quotas Are coming under fire from almost every direction and that Good. Suddenly racial and ethnic quotas Are losing their advocates and the trend toward quota systems is coming to a halt it should. Here at last is one Issue which finds the two presidential nominees in total agreement. Sen. George Mcgovern. Who invented quotas for democratic convention delegates and who at one time promised to appoint a quota of Blacks to the Cabinet to the supreme court and to other government posts equal to their percentage of the population now says that quotas Are bad. President Nixon whose administration embraced the Philadelphia plan which Many con tractors Felt created quotas for Blacks in construction jobs now says that quotas were not intended. It is appropriate that one racial minority a minority in even country in the world except is Rael which has been grievously discriminated against for centuries should be the outspoken Force which is turning opinion around in the United states. The american jewish committee Well aware quotas Are a reactionary device which increase an editor s Outlook by Roscoe Drummond discrimination while appearing to alleviate it. Wrote to both sen. Mcgovern and or. Nixon re questing them to define their positions. They did and it is evident that the More they thought about it. The More firm was their opposition. Said sen Mcgovern i reject the quota sys tem As detrimental to american said or. Nixon dividing americans into quotas is totally alien to the american tradition " Why Are quotas Why Are they Detri they Are alien because they Are imported from european societies which used quotas to deny jews and other minorities equal Opportunity. They Are detrimental because discriminating in favor of some because of race or background Means discriminating against others who despite fitness Are denied equal Opportunity. In an interview with Robert j. Donovan of the los Angeles times. Prof. Seymour Martin Lipset of Harvard put it this Way assigning positions on the basis of ancestry rather than ability to handle the Job is demoralizing for the group receiving the advantage. If under qualified people Are admitted to jobs and institutions there is Little incentive for them to work for achievement. Advancement is linked to their background rather than to their there is a need to open employment in Indus try in the universities in government to qualified people in minority groups and to qualified people in the majority groups namely women. But Wal Ter Goodman a free Lance writer goes to the heart of the matter when he makes this statement in an article in the new York tunes Magazine the quota Road paved with Liberal intentions leads not to a More open society but to a dead end. It confuses Equality of Opportunity with Equality of accomplishment. These programs quotas taken together in Vite group animosities denigrate individual distinction and raise mediocrity to a National the number of negroes in most professional sports far exceeds their percentage of the Popula Tion. Fifty per cent of the starting players in the All Star baseball game this year were Blacks. Think How unfair it would be to put inferior Whites into positions filled by better qualified Blacks be cause the Blacks had exceeded their 11 per cent quota. The need is to promote Equality of Opportunity by ending All discrimination and giving those who need it better Access to education and training. Lunatic fringe assaulting communications Media in one of the zanies court decisions on record the District of Columbia court of appeals has ruled that television stations carrying ads for Large cars must upon request give equal time at no charge to complainants that big cars cause air pollution. This is in line with something parading under the salubrious title of the fairness what is going on under the Guise of fairness is the beginning of a massive assault not merely upon to but upon All communications including the press. We see Only the first 100 Yards of this Road. What s around the Bend i have no it Manoal interest in radio or to. Upon occasion i have tried to make myself obnoxious Over what i conceive to be their obvious dereliction and shortcomings. A commercial to franchise is almost As Good As a License to steal. Children s programs have been awful. There Are newscasts in which objectivity is a sometime thing. Some shows Are edging closer to Plain bad taste. In radio s Rush for ratings there has been a Gresham s Law in which Rotten music has driven out Melody and theme. The people s radio bands resound to screaming commercials acid Rock and Jug blowing. But whereas decapitation is both an effective and an unwise cure for Toothache so can limitless government encroachment be an unwise solution to what ails the electronic Media. Nor can an Effort to discredit advertising be. With any logic Long limited to television. If a to station must give equal time to those who claim that bricks or Chrysler pollute the atmosphere by what logic should a newspaper by Jenkin Lloyd Jones or Magazine be allowed to earn Buick or Chrysler advertising without giving equal free space to their denounces and if the ecologists get equal free space and time what is to prevent the motor companies from demanding equal free space and time to Point out that motor pollution controls Are increasing gasoline consumption about 10 per cent for the same mileage and thus unduly diminishing a pre Cious natural resource Pandora s Box was opened when bureaucracy decided that cigarette packages must carry the warning the surgeon general has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your at the same time As Eugene Pulliam pointed out in the october 1, Arizona Gazette the government kept on subsidizing tobacco production to the tune of s400 million to s600 million a year. Why Aren t liquor bottles required to carry the message the surgeon general has discovered that booze makes drunks or on Candy wrappers the surgeon general warns that Candy causes recently renewal of its License was abruptly denied to the television station owned by the bos ton Herald traveler on the grounds of deficient Public the newspaper a losing proposition in itself promptly folded. There Are now. According to nation s business petitions that renewed licenses be denied to stations that Haven t pleased pressure groups claim ing to represent negroes. Chicano. Indians. Orientals homosexuals and women. If frightened to moguls succumb to such pressures in an Effort to keep in business heaven knows what the program fare will be free counter advertising would be guaranteed to bust not Only to and radio but any commercial advertising medium that could t make up the Dif Ference in subscription rates. What publication would dare accept the advertising of a prepared breakfast food if it would have to Grant equal and free space to a poor Peoples lobby pointing out that Oatmeal is just As healthy and cheaper or to a farm lobby proclaiming that there s More protein in Bacon and eggs and. Of course there would also have to be free space granted to any . Osteopath or chiropractor who would want to warn that Bacon and eggs Are hell for cholesterol. The pure food and drug acts and newer Laws relating to pollution de spoliation and unsafe mechanical devices Are the rational Way to protect the Public. Ant advertising advertising would de stroy All but government operated to and radio and it would eliminate the commercial press America is increasingly governed by an entrenched bureaucracy outside the disciplines of the election system but drawing salaries that Are now. In general higher than those paid for jobs of equal difficulty in private business. And within this bureaucracy is a Lunatic fringe that seems determined to make America Over by decree. It seems fantastic that it could get away with it. But what do you want to bet it in t trying a Good question knowing How they sell Why make porno movies this is an Earnest Call for help. I have a ques Tion that needs answering. I m not being cute and i m not pulling your leg. I m honestly puzzled Here s a big. Multimillion Dollar Industry fallen of late upon hard times. It turns out three kinds of products category no. 1 grosses 50 per cent less than does category no. 3 category no. 2. 20 per cent less than no 3. Yet. Confronted with the obvious and Dollar spangled Suc Cess of product 3. Our Lack witted and not at All hypothetical Industry continues year after year to concentrate on product no. 1. Now. Even those of us who Are neither business tycoons nor captains of finance can Chart the future of an outfit like this and it s not a Bright one. In fact it leads straight to the bankruptcy court. The business i m talking about is the Amer ican motion picture Industry once so affluent of late so ragged and rickety. Over the years it found out that family movies were the ones which lured the Public into the Cinema houses with the greatest frequency and the maximum regular Ity. The Andy Hardy films the or. Kildare series the Charley Chan movies even the Rin tin tin flicks of the roaring twenties these were the meat and potatoes which kept the great studios alive and healthy. By or. Max Rafferty during the sixties the three Box office smashes were sound of Mary Poppins and my fair not a Pervert or a pot Puffer in the lot. More recently there is the which bids fair to become the biggest cinematic moneymaker of them All. Whatever else May be said about it it s not a rated. And As everyone knows the Disney people extract annual fortunes from willing theater goers who flock with their families to clean motion Pic Tures. Why then knowing All this have the other studios opted for pornographic bankruptcy Here Are the facts As of a few months ago a rated movies Gross 50 per cent less than g and up movies while a rated films Gross 20 per cent less. In other words every time a studio launches a dirty movie onto the Stormy seas of customer acceptance it knows in Advance that it s going to sell Only half As Many tickets As a clean one would. My question Why make dirty movies at obviously i must be overlooking something important in my ignorance of things theatrical and matters financial. Of. I suppose the porno films Are cheap to produce and that May explain part of it. After All. How much do you have to pay a per former merely to let himself by photographed a Naturel. Or a scriptwriter to write lavatory Dia Logue but if our experience As the most highly industrialized nation in the world has taught us anything at All. It should be that you Don t get Rich merely by producing and Selling a cheap article of Mer Chandise. You have to constantly increase your Market and enlarge your Gross otherwise All you get Are a couple of fast and highly temporary Bucks. Yet out in Hollywood the film moguls Are feverishly contriving to produce a product calculated inevitably to diminish the Market and reduce the Gross. I m driven to three possible conclusions 1 the movie Industry is deliberately trying to get out of the business of making pictures just As the Railroad Industry is trying to get out of the business of carrying passengers. 2 the movie makers during the late sixties All had their smart tanks run dry at the same time. Mass softening of the brain May be a More clinical Way of putting it. 3 the producers and directors have simply decided that wallowing in the muck is More fun and less work than making Good films even if mass occupational starvation turns out to be the end result of such carrying on. Of the three. I prefer explanation no. 1. Based on what i know of the Hollywood smut salesmen however. I d have to bet on 3. Voters favouring Nixon but May hedge on party Hubert Horatio Humphrey has come out of his tent and into the american political fray with All the fire and gusto of the Veteran campaigner which he is. And this coupled with one other Politi Cal fact cabs attention to something not apparent until recent Days. The other fact is that Richard Nixon is Miles ahead of George Mcgovern in the political polls but the Republican party is As Well As its Leader. Polls on leading contenders for Congress governorships. And other lesser prizes in the Amer ican election show the democratic party still extremely vigorous and enjoying an excellent Chance of retaining control of the Federal Congress and of a fair share of stat Bouses. State Legisla Tures and City governments. By Joseph Char sch in other the american voters Are not voting just for a president and a vice presi Dent. They Are also voting for scores and hundreds of other political prizes. In essence there Are two for the White House and the other a contest Between the two political parties which is influenced by the contest for the White House but not dominated by it. If one believes the substance of the polls and i for one see no valid reason to doubt them. Or. Mcgovern is not yet repeating his remarkable performance in the primaries. And if this holds through to election Day it will mean that he is a net liability to his party not an asset the party will run better than he will which is. Of course precisely Why the democratic professional politicians opposed his selection for the nomination. They expected him to be a liability and Are reap ing their expectations. Another Way of putting it is that or. Nixon is cashing in on the stockholder syndrome in cur rent american attitudes. Like stockholders at the annual meeting of a corporation they like the manager who improves the balance Sheet. Or. Nixon has managed an improvement in the bal Ance Sheet. War casualties and War costs Are Down Gross National product corporation earn Ings and business profits Are up. Why turn out a manager who has improved earnings presumably they won t. But it is one thing to get an immediate improvement in the balance Sheet and another to solve the problems which lie ahead. The Nixon administration has reduced the Cost of the War to americans but not ended the War. It has Damp ened civil strife by applying benign neglect to the racial Issue but not solved it it has improved business profits but added billion to the National debt and thus to inflationary pressures without reducing unemployment it preaches the work ethic but has yet to pass welfare Reform. Or. Nixon seems to be immune to the implications of problems evaded but unsolved. He seems to be untouched by the watergate affair. The polls evidence no Public distress Over Large party contributions from people who enjoy tax loopholes protected markets Oil. Butter or immunity from antitrust prosecution the Campaign contributions Roll in nearly million from just three dinners. But will the party enjoy similar immunity from the omissions the problems deferred the obvious connection Between favors from govern ment and Campaign generosity or will the voters hedge their bets by returning the successful manager but being evasive about his party the polls indicate an inclination to hedge. As our readers see it the fiasco7 of second and East the chronicle Telegram this letter is to inform the world of the fiasco engineered by the City at the intersection of East Avenue and second Street namely the traffic Light and the six walk lights. Not Only is this situation aggravating to Drivers but probably More so to pedestrians most of whom Are senior citizens from the Golden age it s bad enough when a Driver just misses the Green Light he then must wait 81 seconds for completion of the Cycle but unbearable when he sees someone press the walk Button a delay of another 20 a common sight looking East on Sec Ond Street is a line of cars blocking the Entrance to Kroger s and extending beyond the curve worse yet is the plight of the pedestrian if he uses this intersection. Most think the buttons Are not operating but this is not True. It s just that the installers cleverly wired the system to read walk when and Only when the Button is pushed at least five seconds before the Green Light changes to red on the South Side of the Street. Few people realize that the walk signal May take the full minute and 21 seconds to Register that is. If they re Lucky enough to catch it during the first Complete Cycle. This situation prompts most pedestrians to Cross during a Don t Light after waiting Only 60-some seconds after pressing the Button. This is Why Many Drivers lose their Cool while waiting for the Cycle to favor them they see the walk signs Light with nobody crossing. I am sure this letter expresses the thoughts of All Drivers and pedestrians who have had the mis Fortune of using this intersection. It s just that i had the time to write this letter. I use Broad Street. I enter one More thought this one to help out the truck Drivers northbound on East Avenue. Obey that Stop Here on red sign on second Street if you Don t want your car wiped out by a truck turning East onto second Street. An agitated citizen feb Council against tax repeal the chronicle Telegram Issue 2 the repeal of the state graduated in come appears to be headed for the nov. 7 ballot. To Many tax repeal will be taken to mean less taxes. We Are fully convinced such is not the Case. Ohio per capita spending Levels Are Well below Oberlin liquor vote the chronicle Telegram i want the citizenry of Oberlin to know that on nov. 71 shall vote no regarding the Sale of liquor in Oberlin. And to urge others to do likewise in the Best interest of our Community. Perhaps As a Counselor i am in the unique Posi Tion of sharing the broken lives of Manv which come directly or indirectly As the result of chronic alcoholism. A yes vote on this Issue would Only add to our already increasing social problems in Oberlin. I have observed at close hand the cruel mockery which alcohol can bring into human life. It is therefore my Earnest conviction that we should vote Oberlin dry As an obligation to our children and youth and to our weaker citizens who Are victims or potential victims of alcoholism. Perhaps when we consider Only the economics involved in this Issue the Price of keeping Oberlin dry is too High. But if persons Are our first priority then the Price is Fred l. Steen 94 Hamilton St. Oberlin thanks for interest the chronicle Telegram dear mrs. Rush in regards to your letter to the editor in the sunday. Oct. 15 edition of the chronicle Telegram concerning the optional lunch program at Spring Valley school. I would like to thank you for the interest you Are showing in my children. Yes. Mrs. Rush my children have been using the school lunch program. Your letter however served to enlighten me to what a terrible Mother i have been. I now realize that it is Good for my fifth Grade child to walk .5 of a mile and my first Grade child who is housed outside Spring Valley school at a Church to walk 1.1 Miles Home for lunch everyday. We do not have sidewalks in front of the school but this is Good experience for our children to learn How to Dodge cars. Also once my children Cross abbe Road and turn East onto Howard Street there not Only Are not sidewalks for my children to use All the Way but parking is allowed on both sides of Howard Street. This Way. My children not Only have the experience of walking on the Street but in the Middle of the Street As they have to walk around the parked cars. It was not until i read your letter. Mrs Rush that i realized How badly i have been pampering and Over protecting my children. I want to thank you for enlightening me As i am sure you have the same situation in your school As we have Here at Spring Valley. If your children can walk a mile and More Home for lunch and not have sidewalks to use and Dodge cars on the Way Home. I am sure the children at Spring Valley school can do the same thing. Respectfully yours. Mrs. Shirley Dombrosky 634 Georgetown Avenue those of most other Industrial states. Our Legisla Ture has indicated the present budget provides Only a minimum of services. There is no Hope for Long term cuts in spending. Faced with repeal of the graduated income tax. Our legislature would most Likely sharply raise the regressive sales tax. Regressive taxes put an excessive portion of the tax Burden on Middle and Low income families while High income businesses and individuals Are almost completely missed. It is estimated families with less than income will pay 43 per cent of the present personal income tax. But 76 per cent of an equal yield in crease i the sales tax. Put another 2-cent higher sales tax would Cost a family of four with a s10.000 income a total of with the income tax. The same family would pay Only with Ohio s average income per family just Over s10.300. We see half of our families would be paying about twice As much with the sales tax in crease. Further a 2-cent sales tax increase would not provide the state with As Many dollars As the income tax. This would surely mean 1 higher property taxes due to loss of last year s property tax Roll Back and 2 no Homestead exemptions. There fore property owners could be saddled with three four or More times As much in taxes with a 2-cent sales tax increase in place of the present tax. It seems very significant to us that Sens Bob Corts and Paul Matia and reps. Don Pease and Leonard camera Are in full agreement As to How to vote on this Issue. Elected to help determine Ohio s needs and to find the Best Way to meet them they All strongly recommend a no vote on Issue 2. Let s keep the one tax that provides Relief for a majority of no on Issue 2. Farm Bureau Council 2-e Chester Carpenter chairman vote no on Issue 2 the chronicle Telegram the league of women voters of Elyria recommends that All citizens vote no on state Issue no 2. The defeat of this Issue will protect Ohio s new income tax which is benefiting Many Ohio groups particularly our schools. Elyria s schools would lose thousands of dollars if this Issue passes Dol Lars much needed to maintain their Fine programs. Members of the league also fear the possibility of a less fair tax such As a higher sales tax. If the income tax is repealed. We urge you to vote no on Issue 2 on novem mrs. Ralph Ely president league of women voters of Elyria a mini Page fan the chronicle Telegram dear mini Page writers my name i Sharon Kaplan age ii. I really like the mini paper. But i think Yoji should have it two times a week not once a we kor make it More pages. P s. I really like the mini pages. Sharon Kaplan 155 Overbrook re. Spa Perl

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