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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 4

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Elyria, Ohio Opinion and comment As we see it Mcgovern is out step although it seemed at times it would go forever the end the 1972 presidential Campaign is in sight. Two weeks from tues Day voters All Over the country will troop to the polls to Register their decision to live four More years under the Nixon administration to switch to Mcgovern. In spite the deep issues involved this has been a lacklustre Campaign. The presi Dent has refrained from making Many appearances for which he has been criticized by the democrats. It is Bis record however which voters will make their Basic judg ments rather than Campaign oratory by . Nixon. Sen. Mcgovern. Handicapped by a Lack Charisma to begin with has flailed away manfully but failed to strike Sparks with any the issues he has attacked. The watergate Case administration corruption the Vietnam War. The crime rate Urban prob lems alliances with big business none these has really set the senator s audiences afire. This is confirmed by . News world report whose staff has toured the country talking to voters. Here is the . News re port in part it s surprising How the mood in one state after another is basically the same people Are conservative minded they want stability not abrupt changes in America s Way doing things. They Are sick the permissive society. The Economy is in too Good a shape for people to be deeply dissatisfied with what they have. Generally. They want the Viet Nam War Over with but they appear to be patient with . Nixon s Way de escalating the War. Crime seems to be a secondary Issue at Best. There is grumbling about taxes but most it is directed at local burdens rather than the Federal government. " Here and there you hear some questions raised about the wheat Deal with Russia but certainly there is no great Hue and cry about it. In this pattern thinking you find sen. Mcgovern s greatest drawback. He comes through As a Man far out tune with the mood the country. You can pick out the detailed issues and see where he falters. But behind All them stands the fact that he just is not talking the same Wavelength As the average american in 1972. As a result nothing seems to be working for the democratic the political analysts . News suggest sen. Mcgovern himself May be the biggest single Issue in this year s elec Tion. One cannot help but think the senator is simply out step with the rest the coun try. He used a set rules devised by himself to get himself nominated now finds he and his hot eyed Crew cannot talk the same level with most americans. Four years ago. Or perhaps even two years ago. Sen. Mcgovern would have aroused much More response with the issues he is using today particularly the Vietnam War and the Economy. Today the same people listen but Don t get very excited. In desperation. Mcgovern and his run Ning mate Are turning More and More to irresponsible criticism the Nixon administration. The other Day in Cleveland for instance he accused the president playing games with the Vietnam peace negotiations. This is ridiculous. The Lack voter response also has driven the senator to shifting his position Many the issues to the Point where Many his former supporters Are now no longer sure where he stands. Some analysts Are saying Mcgovern will be Lucky if he carries the District Colum Bia nov. 7. We would t go that far. But if the democratic candidate expects to catch up to president Nixon he first has to realize this is and he has Only a few Days to convince americans he knows what the time is. Washington merry go round material mishandled by Jack Anderson Washington deadly radioactive material has been mishandled by some the nation s Lead ing institutions. These include famous hospitals huge corporations and even the Federal space Agency. Instead cracking Down accidents that cause death dangerous illness the atomic Energy commission has let the perpetrators off with a wrist slap. And when such agencies As the general accounting office do turn up evidence they sup press the names offenders. Now. However we can report in detail some the enterprises cited by dec for safety and other violations. They include the National aeronautics and space administration. Kerr Mcgee corp. The . Nuclear corp. Buckeye pipeline the Theda Clark memorial Hospital. Neenah. Wise., and the Louis a. Weiss memorial Hospital. Chicago. At Theda Clark memorial Hospital for instance. Dec licensed the use radioactive materials for medical diagnoses. But. Almost unbelievably a patient got 200 Mill curies instead 200 Micro curies a thousand times More than the intended dose. A practical nurse at the Hospital had ordered the radioactive material from a supplier and a student a Ray technician mixed up the dose. A doctor questioned the Large size the syr Inge containing the deadly overdose but a student aide assured him it was All right and he injected it to the patient. The patient died a few weeks later. A similar horror Story came literally within a breath happening at Nasa s Ames research Center. Moffett Field. Calif., when a High school student was doing outside work for school credit the youngster was sucking radioactive fluid into a Pipette a sort Glass so he could Transfer it from one Container to another. The government lab s rules forbid such pipe Ting but the student had never been warned. Byloff stake he swallowed some the poisonous fluid almost the maximum that his body could withstand without severe illness death. Ironically. Dec had complained to Nasa for six years about a Lack safety personnel but had done Little to make its complaints stick against its sister Agency. At Cambridge nuclear corp. Billerica. Mass. Letters think War peace the chronicle Telegram time is drawing near we will All have a Choice How to vote vote for peace War. Think War and you will have War think peace and you will have peace. Picture this Young Man turning 18. Completing High school in time to be drafted to serve his try. He is now 22. Having spent 16 seasons in a Pris years when will he be Home his girl will be married now he May Start Over again if the War ends in the near future. Who owes him a living i see another Pilot regret to inform this continue for four More years . Groh _149 Preston ave. The chronicle Telegram the family newspaper founded july . Hudnutt publisher 1927-Ttso editor and publisher and Ned Hudnutt Arnold Miller editorial editor Charles director mfr. Herbert m. Guild . Richard a. Camp v the the dec has held at least 23 inspections since 1960 and found violations 18 them. Yet the company went operating. Not Only was Cambridge nuclear caught with unshielded radioactive materials but an occupied apartment building next door had been radiated at a level 22 times More than permitted by dec regulations. The children living in the building were getting an annual dose radiation 10 times the recommended limit. Examinations numerous workers at the Plant also revealed Many incidents mild to substantial Over radiation. At Kerr Mcgee the company founded by the late sen. Robert Kerr. A okla. Sometimes called the King the Senate because his Power. Dec found violations but did Little to Cor rect them. The giant corporation s Oklahoma facility leaked radioactive material into the air exposing 24 employees in less than two years. Some work ers were even leaving their jobs with radioactive contamination their shoes and clothing. For months the violations continued but in the end Kerr Mcgee began to comply and recent dec inspections have found them doing a Good Job safety. In another instance the . Nuclear corp. Bur Faank. Calif., failed to Tell the dec about a Seri Ous Accident As is required by Law. Mishandling plutonium contaminated an area and a worker breathed in 10 to 14 times the Safe limit the radioactive material. Three work ers tracked Home the unseen but lethal leakage their shoes. The dec Only Learned the incident from an Anonymous Call. Dec did in this Case denying the company a License renewal. In lesser violations nuclear fuel ser vices in West Valley. . Had 98 employees exposed to radiation Between 1967 and 1971. Accord ing to the dec documents. New England nuclear Boston was cited for 30 violations and Buckeye pipeline. Allentown. Pa., failed to report Overes posture Stopec. Most such enterprises have answered dec s findings with promises to clean up. Some follow through. Others stoutly deny the dec allegations. Only rarely in any the cases has dec moved to revoke licenses to demand civil penalties As it is permitted to do by Law. Footnote in defending itself. Dec Points out that it has licensed 8.200 facilities to possess and use radioactive materials and that a similar num Ber Are licensed by the states. Dec says it cannot inspect More than 600 to 700 a year because manpower problems. Significantly about a third the inspections turn up violations. These Days a political example jews show Blacks the Way by Roy Wilkins everyone is talking politics in this presidential election year and. Since negro americans have declared for intensive Effort the local and state Levels perhaps the Blacks who have survived and prospered since 1619 can learn a thing two from the hasidic jews new York City. Strong feelings coupled with equally Strong religious Leader ship and closely knit Community and religious organization have brought hasidic jewish communities into the political Are a. The hasidim plural for the hasidic Dynas Ultra orthodox Bejjan flexing their political Muscles the Community level. The satmar hasidim live in the Williamsburg Section Brooklyn and Are known for their opposition to zionism. The Lubavitcher hasidim live in the Crown Heights Section Brooklyn along with a Black population from which they refused to sell out and run. Naturally their political action since it is pro Nixon has rallied partisan opponents but the hasidim have worked through their Superb religious and Community organization. In Williams Burg they opposed former representative Allard Lowenstein in the special primary election where his opponent was the Veteran representative John j. Rooney. There May have been a bit anti negro Bias in the anti Lowenstein activity. The reference to Lowenstein living among his friends the area is predominantly Black could be. And probably was. An anti negro crack. Rooney. God knows is no John Brown but Lowenstein. Although a Liber Al. Was the dump Johnson organizer. And John son As everyone knows except republicans did More for negroes than any american president since Abraham Lincoln. So the satmar hasidim supported a win Ning irishman against a member their Faith. In Crown Heights the Lubavitcher hasidim threw their votes to a Black candidate. Assemblyman Vander l. Beatty. In a special election against an incumbent Black state senator. Aldaba Stewart. The hasidim accused sen. Stewart being a Spon Sor the anti Israel Resolution the Black Politi Cal convention in Gary. Ind. Sen. Stewart has emphatically denied the charge against him. In his denial he confirms that the Gary resolutions were passed by a few Dele Gates. Says he the Resolution was passed after a majority the delegates myself included had left the Allard Lowenstein called the Campaign in which he was Defeated the most Dishon est and vitriolic political Campaign Ever put dishonest and vitriolic not. The hasidim got together the votes. In june. Or. Beatty lost by 93 votes september 19. He won by 200 votes. The june Rooney vote was challenged by Lowenstein. But september 19 it was 2.000. More than double his june total. If there is a Man who is concerned with the needs the jewish said a spokesman we will support him. It does not mean a thing if he is Black. Jewish Long As he is sensitive to our needs. We want subsidized housing Aid to our schools and better police Protection. These Are impossible without political hasidim volunteers did All the lowly but Neces sary tasks through election Day when they acted As poll watchers. Black americans studiously ignored in Many phases the National election Are Active in local state and congressional elections. Not As thoroughly As the Macon county. Alabama Black voters were a few years Back but with in creasing Effort. And perhaps they need to know when to Stop Yelling and concentrate a candidate sensitive to their needs. Like the Black Green Burgh. . School Board elector who after one term a Black Board member said. We made a Deal with the italians and their candidate will see to our the key word is which a minority must use at times to penetrate the majority. . Lags in going metric by John Chamberlain we Are about to be subverted. Our familiar world measurement deals in such units As inches feet Yards and Miles Gallons bushels and fahrenheit degrees. But the outer world even including the eccentric British is either the metric system which deals in multiples ten. Or is committed to going there. You could say so but the infiltrators Are already within our Gates. The Millie Ter is creeping up the Inch. Photographic film As the Gap corporation which got started in re minds us comes in metric measurements. The pharmaceutical Industry has abandoned old fashioned drains and grains in favor milligrams and Grams. Swimming pools Are now being built to International metric distance specifications. Automobile mechanics Are being forced to add metric tools to their toolboxes for imported cars have metric parts. Whether it comes in years decades we Are our Way to a momentous change. I am sure i won t like it. But then. 1 had a predominantly literary education. I like to savor Robert Frost s lines about having promises to keep and Miles to go before i and would hate to have my poetry footnoted to include kilo meter readings. A lot flavoursome antiquarian history is bound up in definitions the Inch As being the length three Barleycorn round and and f know horse lovers who still treasure the measuring the height their steeds in hands. Seriously though the opponents the metric system will have to recognize they Are fighting a rearguard action. Once upon a time the Island and the Peninsula Peoples the world the British with their dominions and colonies the . As an offshoot Britain the greeks the Boers the malays and the japanese disdained counting everything in units ten. The metric system was the child the Continental masses. Where englishmen lovers the idiosyncratic stuck to Gal Lons stones ounces and pounds. Talleyrand put the full authority the French revolution behind a logical system that related even thing to even thing else by Decimal ratios. The system took hold from the English Channel to the China sea. The Triumph the metric system has been coincidental with the disappearance the British Empire. With Britain and Canada signify ing their intention going Over to metric stand Ards. Britain s old african colonies have taken the same course. So has India. The nations the european common Market who will soon be Wel coming the British have been ironing out their remaining National differences in engineering standards agreeing for example electronic standards based metric units. Naturally As the . Department Commerce says it follows that nations not party to electronic unification must find markets closed to them. As the West european common Market grows. . Exporters who stick to non metric measurements will find themselves losing More and More their Busi Ness. Our big multinational corporations which assemble computers automobiles and complicated factory machinery from components made in several countries have All been going metric. This Means that smaller companies which Hope to sell to big companies must go metric too. In Britain. . Subsidiaries account for 14 per cent the total Economy. Thus As Britain goes metric. . Multinational companies in the United kingdom must conform die. It so happens that . Subsidiaries account for 25 per cent Britain s manufactured exports. With a metric bound Britain in the common Market the . Subsidiaries will be compelled to manufacture for dutch. Danish and italian customers which Means Millimetres not inches. It took a decade for Sens. Claiborne Pell and Robert Griffin and congressman George p. Miller to get Congress to pass a metric study . The study has now been completed. Meanwhile the British have passed the midpoint their metric changeover and the australians and the canadians Are beginning theirs. The for handed Japa Nese finished their conversion 10 years ago. The . Alone remains the freight train. It is one More example the isolation we have permitted to creep up us unawares. Nixon plans Tor Cabinet changes still shadowy by Victor Riesel Washington this is the political season when regularly some our elders veterans old campaigns revive stories the late Tom Dewey s brain trustees who. Giving Harry Truman no Chance put Down deposits new Homes into which to move after presi Dent Dewey s inauguration. So. Even the most articulate president Nixon s confidants develop instant laryngitis whenever discussions turn to after the nonetheless there is inside talk a Cabinet shakeup after the election. And bits a Shadow Cabinet take substance. There Are those who Are eager to leave Active men such As transportation Secretary John Volpe. And there Are those whom the president is eager to have leave such As housing chief George Romney. And there Are those such As genial labor Secretary Jim Hodgson who. Through no fault their own. Have angered such giants As labor presi Dent George Meany. And so will leave for Calmer climes. It is unfortunately not generally realized what a vital and powerful Post the Secretary labor is. Two the toughest almost cataclysmic years in labor management collective bargaining Are up coming. And some five million the nation s Kev work ers could strike next year. And with pay Price controls with us in some democratic party like humpty dumpty in pieces Lora Ift county Mcco. Ave. Syria. Ocio adm re. In Wal Bawd chairman president o., swn., oct. 22, 1 972 Washington come the Day Aiter election and there Are going to be More Job openings for the pickers up pieces than Ever before seen in this Century. The presidential Campaign George Mcgovern and the democratic convention that preceded it have divided the country politically. Socially and racially As it has not been divided before in our time beginning in the primary season As the Candi Date a tiny minority within his own party. Mcgovern was Able to obtain the nomination at Miami Beach Only through two unexampled Means which broke apart the whole fabric that Parry. The first was his use. In the local caucuses and the primaries new rules tailored by George Mcgovern for George Mcgovern under which George Mcgovern really could not lose. The Sec Ond technique was the deliberate exclusion and humiliation by Young Mcgovey activists at Miami Beach itself respected men who had Given a lifetime to the democratic party and in Many cases held High elected free. Never before had an aspirant at a convention so consciously sought not Unity but rather divisiveness though it might be said that some the More extreme backers Barry Goldwater in 1964 had approached that state affairs. A conscious design setting Democrat against demo crat was paradoxically a necessity for me by William s. White govern. For the nature his constituency was such As to make the destruction the influence the party elders an absolute prerequisite to his Success at the convention. In Short it was a Clas sic Case winning a Battle by such a Means As almost to guarantee a defeat in the coming War with the republicans. It was not. However solely the democratic party As such that was left in bitter shambles. The largest and traditionally the most reliable Power bloc within that party that organized labor was imperiously cast aside along with the pros and for the same reasons. The Veteran head the Al Cio. George Meany. Was literally spectacle three huge and indispensable group Ings within the american political society the democratic party the labor movement and the minority groups All deeply torn internally and each fighting Savage internecine Battles within itself. The bulk the Ablest and the most influential democratic party workers and leaders Are openly tacitly pro Nixon and not even so unlikely an event As a Mcgovern Victory in november could put this humpty dumpty together again. This is no transitory party rupture it is for keeps. Form for a Long while according to the White House inner Sanctum president Nixon reportedly wants a new face a technician who can handle the department s mechanisms which Are As intricate As a supersonic dashboard. One whom the teamsters will approve and who won t draw More than George Meany s traditional ration grunts and Cigar smoke. It is significant though unreported. That at a recent private gathering labor chiefs. Or. Nixon said i see the teamsters Here and they can Tell Vou they will be in and out my office and in the Early Days this current administration they first were brought in out Jimmy Hoffa s political exile by the then labor Secretary George Shultz. Jim Hodgson and a Young trigger Bright Harvard lawyer from Hawaii now under Secretary labor Laurence Silberman. It is Chuck Colson who has done the broken Field running for the president the labor front. Starting with nothing but a lonely Union business agent two. Colson reversed 40 years political history by swinging powerful labor support All the Way from the United paper workers chief. Joe Tonelli and the Marine engineers Jesse Calhoon the first to endorse i to legions influential labor leaders. Colson is one the few who has Ever stood up to Meany and survived the infighting. If he goes now. It will be because the president is significantly changing his Basic priorities and thrusts and modes operation. For it is Colson who has most often been at the president s Side domestically. A sort Home front Kissinger. As to the labor movement it is an Interi clamor with some secessionist state councils defying Meany s decision to come out against Mcgovern which is what his neutrality really forced to retort by causing its governing body for Means. But again the great majority the the first time in history to deny endorsement to a Ablest and most influential labor leaders have democratic presidential candid ate. Parted for Good from Mcgovern. And. Finally there Are the like the and at the same time the Mcgover Nite labor vote the ethnic vote heretofore has been policies laying Down More less fixed quotas pretty Well Money in the Bank for any democratic at the convention so Many Blacks so Many president not Only is the Bank Deposit going under women 2nd so broke 3noth6r i ii leg the old democratic Stool. This was that the so called ethnics . Nixon s name this time More importantly in the Long run the minority groups Are parting com Pany with each other. So it is that this election does not merely seem who can put All these Many pieces together unique in simple truth it is unique. For Here is the again and How Long will it take in Cabinet Shadow which is taking form is lost living Council director the trampoline Champ the White House former Jet Pilot for Mer head the office economic Opportunity former three term congressman. 40-year-old Don Rumsfeld. Having struggled with the alienation the inner cities. Rumsfeld whom Many see As a vice presidential contender in four eight years now is believed heading for the Post Secretary housing and Urban development. Thus the Cabinet grows younger As the shadows grow stronger. But this still is a Shadow Cabi net. Still what the insiders who listen to the presi Dent s words in shorthand and who interpret in elections and insinuations Are saving in their tight inner Circle. 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