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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 3

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Elyria, Ohio John d. Mccrea chief juvenile probation officer of Lorain county says juvenile assault offences Are on the Rise. Here Busy in his office he takes time to explain what is behind the increasing trend. It photo by Carl Skalak teen age violence rising Here from Page 1 almost anything gets the idea that the Only Way to solve any thing is by violence. He used the example of a juvenile who hit a teacher. It was the Ivay he planned to solve problems even though it is unacceptable in society. Mccrea listed drugs and alcohol As popular among the youth of Lorain county. Because of depressed inhibitions it makes them act irrationally and they do not think of the con sequences. The easily attainable marijuana is the most popular among area teens. Amphetamines and barbiturates Are the next most popular according to Mccrea. He used an example of two youths who severely victimized another person. They were using drugs and really did not re Alize what they were doing. An increase in the use of drugs and alcohol was apparent in the annual report of the Lorain county court of common pleas. Domestic relations. In 1970. 42 cases of acts by juveniles injurious to their health and morals were reported. This includes both the use of drugs and alcohol. In the 1971 report the figure was nearly doubled with 83 reported cases. Although there was no indication of an increase of assault crimes in the 1970 and 1971 statistics. Mccrea believes the use of drugs and alcohol is a great contributing Factor. But again the actions of Young people Are reflections of their parents. A child s Mother May be taking pills for even thing. His father May be an alcoholic. The youth sees his parents actions and follows their example. Parents in Lorain county Are concerned about their child Ren s welfare when they attend sports activities at their schools. Mccrea made some suggestions that might help parents keep their children from being victims of circumstance. Mccrea said it is very important for parents to know the friends of their children. He is very optimistic about the Young in the county and believes a great majority of them can be trusted. But when a teen Ager goes to a sports activity especially at night the parents should know with whom they Are going and what time they will return. There Are a handful of juveniles attending school activities just looking for trouble. The sad part is when innocent people Are involved. Mccrea said a rivalry May exist and that it is legitimate but it is alarming to see weapons being used by juveniles. The offenders in the cases of juvenile assault Are treated according to the seriousness of the offence. The Zudse. Orose Tutor. And probation officials decide if the charges Are Seri Ous enough for the youth to go to court. If they Are not. The juvenile is referred to probation. The probation officers make a Complete investigation into the Case putting More emphasis on the offender than the offence. Some of the restrictions of probation Are a curfew investigations on the youth s performance at school a Driver s License suspension and restrictions preventing the youth from attending athletic activities. I would say that probation works in 90 per cent of the Mccrea said. Probation officer in t going to do anything for a youth. He does it for he added. The probation officer attempts to establish rapport with the juvenile but it is up to the youth to decide if he is going to straighten himself out. Mccrea is satisfied with the probation department but sees More need for cultural and recreational programs for juveniles and believes juvenile crime will be reduced by putting More Effort time and Money into programs for the youth of Lorain county. Delta Queen excursion to be spectacle of jazz new Orleans api it could be shades of Gaylord Ravenal. With a Little bit of new Orleans Mardi gras mixed in. When the Delta Queen the last of the great overnight Stern wheelers chugs up the Mississippi in Early december. The trip will take the Delta Queen saved from extinction by special legislation earlier this year to Cairo. 111., where the Mississippi meets the Ohio and the Delta Queen will then move East to Louisville. By. Last Stop on the tour. The Queen is All but sold out for the trip with jazz buffs forking Over s772 each for first class aaa accommodations for the entire trip. New clues Spur Bogg plane search Anchorage. Alaska up the search for demo cratic House majority Leader Hale Boggs was concentrated yesterday around a group of offshore islands after the air Force said it re evaluated re ports by California citizens band radio operators who placed a plane in trouble in the area. The air Force said a voice heard by the radio operators could have come from the plane carrying Boggs and three others that has been missing in Alaska for six Days. Other indications surfaced that the twin engine Cessna 310 might have been in the area of Sitka. A City located on one of three islands South of Juneau. The plane was carrying Boggs from Anchorage to Juneau for a fund raising dinner when it disappeared monday. Pilot Don e. Jonz had asked about the weather at Sitka be fore he took off. An air Force spokesman said. Jonz frequently used Sitka As an alternate Landing strip when Juneau was closed because of bad weather the spokesman said which was the Case on monday. When the plane went Down monday five californians re ported having heard Many de tails from a Pilot in distress in Alaska. However the conversations were eight hours after the Boggs plane would have run out of fuel. For this reason plus doubts about the plane s having citizens band equipment aboard an air Force spokes Man said earlier this week that the reported conversations just did t jell with what we but the californians. Who make occasional Distant contacts because of Freak weather conditions were flown to an chorale for interrogation. Col. Earl Ray. An air Force spokesman said yesterday it is Clear that if we assume cer Tain things the distress signals could have come from the missing Cessna 310." what has to be assumed is that the Pilot. Don e. Jonz. Landed the plane somewhere on his 550-mile flight from Anchor age to Fairbanks and then took off again. About 50 abandoned air stripes without communications exist along the route. It also must be assumed that Jonz had aboard citizens band equipment which is not com Mon for planes in Alaska and perhaps that his Normal equip ment was not functioning. The californians said the voice they heard indicated that he had landed and then took to the air presumably because of some technical difficulties. Maj. Ken Shelley another air Force spokesman said to the Best of his knowledge this had not been mentioned in Ini tial reports received by the Alaska air command Victor Parker of Nevada City. Calif., said he heard a Pilot report that he As 100 Miles Over the water with an hours Supply of fuel left. Later the Pilot said. Of. My god. Pm going to hit the after an interval the Pilot spoke of slipping possibly toward water. The last trans Mission was too garbled to understand. The Pilot had out his location at 12 Miles Southwest of Juneau. But an intensive search of this area proved fruitless. Par Ker speculated that the Pilot was lost. Of a o recordings of the conversations exist because it is against Federal communications commission rules for Citi Zens band operators to make recordings. A-3 something fancy tis the season for pumpkins and Yaney Speciale sits atop her tractor As she brings in a Load of pumpkins from the Harvest at the pumping farm on Lake pleasant re. Near Erie a. Up photo Mcgovern angers avid football fan Kutztown. A. An angry football fan was halted by secret service agents yesterday when he leaped from the stands and charged at sen. George Mcgovern. Mcgovern. Who came to the game unannounced said he did t see the Man. The Man. Identified by state police As William e. Smith. 27. Of Fleetwood. A. Apparently was angered by a disruption of the game caused when Mcgovern appeared. Smith was questioned for 30 minutes by secret service agents and released. State police also said they filed no charges. They were satisfied he was t trying to do bodily said state police sgt. David Ruff. He was merely expressing his objections. He was quite involved in a close game and Felt the senator was disrupting things. Of course f guess he was t much of a Mcgovern Ruff said. While Smith was in a car out Side of the stadium being questioned by agents. Cheyney state Defeated Smith s favorite. 14-6. Mcgovern. Campaigning across Pennsylvania in Pursuit of the hardhat vote made an unexpected decision to visit the game Between Kutztown and Cheyney state. He arrived shortly before halftime and waited in his car until the inter the chronicle Telegram 225 East Avenue oct. 22.1972 no. 295 second class mail privileges authorized at Elyria. Ohio 44035 rates daily 10c sunday 15c published daily by the Lorain county printing publishing co Carrier delivered 75c a week. By mail per year in Advance. Lorain adjoining counties elsewhere in unit s39 phones Elvria 323-3321 Lorain 2444295 Lei Eland 777-3734 Mission. Mcgovern then was driven around the track sur rounding the Field. The South Dakota senator got out of his car and began addressing the crowd. While he was speaking. Smith rushed at Mcgovern. Knocking Down an other fan. Reacting quickly. Secret sen ice agents posted themselves in front of Mcgovern. Seized the Man. Then leaned him against a car. He was handcuffed and escorted from the Field. At the Reading. Penna. Air port before a flight to Johns town. Mcgovern told report ers of did t see anyone lunge atme. 1 was t aware of Mcgovern made Light of the incident saying had he been in danger he would have Send Burly rep. Gus Yatron. A a. After the Man. Yatron is a for Mer College football player and looks like one. Smith Well dressed in a suede jacket was described As heavy set. I guess i just got ticked Smith said yesterday explaining Why he jumped from his seat and made a dash for sen. George Mcgovern. According to Smith he did t want to Hurt Mcgovern. But just voice my opinion about the senator interrupting the game. Smith later admitted he was embarrassed by the incident. Nixon promises unpopular actions Thurmont. My. A president Nixon said yesterday if re elected hell not hesitate to take unpopular actions when he thinks he s right. And an aide indicated Nixon s ready now for a step that will be unpopular with Congress veto of a major appropriations Bill. John Ehrlichman. Head of the president s Domestic coun cil said futher i would by no Means Rule out the possibility of being Able to avoid higher taxes next Nimori said in a paid political broadcast from his Camp David Retreat near Here of will not begin at this stage of my life to shy away from making hard decisions which i believe Are the 15-minute talk was one of a series of vote appeals he has been making on radio in recent weeks. Hell make another broadcast on the subject of veterans Day at . Edt today Over the Abc. Lbs and Mutual nets. Veterans Day is tomorrow. Ehrlichman briefed reporters yesterday on legislative prospects and said of the s30.5-billion appropriations measure for the health. Education and welfare and labor depart ments i would be very pessimistic Over the possibility of the Bill he said it exceeded Nixon s recommendations by about half a billion dollars. Nixon earlier successfully vetoed the hew labor Money Bill. In re passing it. Congress Cut Only about 59 million from the figure in the vetoed Bill but did include discretionary authority for the president to Cut expenditures to s29.3 billion. Lung cancer increasing and it s least curable new York up cancer of the lung the variety that holds the least possibility of survival is increasing so rapidly that the lungs Are now the spot where cancer is found most of ten the american cancer society acs said yesterday. Lung cancer kills up to 91 per cent of its victims and its incidence in the United states has been steadily growing. Acs reported the rate this year among men. Who Are most often affected is 18 times greater than it was 40 years ago. Despite the grim figures the society said lung cancer is a largely preventable disease since most lung cancer is caused by unfortunately it is difficult to diagnose in time for acs said in its publication "73 cancer facts and there will be 79.000 new cases of lung cancer during 1973. The society estimated. 3.000 More than during 1972. The predicted incidence for lung cancer matches that for cancer of the Colon and rectum a disease that has stabilized in recent years in its incidence and mortality. Lung cancer will result in the highest number of can cer deaths this year 72.000 with Colon rectum next at 47.000." the acs publication said. Lung cancer has relatively Low incidence among women although it is increasing steadily. Breast cancer with 72.000 new cases and 32.400 deaths expected in 1973. Is the most common variety among women. Cancer in All its varieties is the second most common cause of death in the United states after heart disease the society said with a toll of More than 318.000 people or 16.5 per cent of All deaths according to the most recent Federal statistics the american cancer society estimates 350.000 persons will die of cancer in 1973. While 222.000 people will be saved from cancer. But. The acs summary said. About 111.000 can cer patients will probably die in 1973 who might have been saved by earlier and better a cancer cure is counted when a person has been free of All signs of the disease for five years after last treatment. There Are now 1.5 million americans who formerly had cancer but have been otherwise healthy for More than five years and another 700.000 persons treated recently who will live to enter the ranks of those we Call about 53 million americans now jiving will eventually have acs said one in four persons according to present the hopeful Side of the cancer the society said lies in the startling contrast Between five year survival rates for cancer detected and treated Early compared to survival rates Affer it has invaded other parts of the body Auto repairs time for an overhaul from Page i to drastically raise the repair estimate after it has originally been made. A Driver might leave his car with me after i Tell him it will Cost to make the repairs he wants. Then the next Day. I la Call him and explain that in the process of making the repairs we be found additional problems that will raise the Bill another of course the owner can refuse to have those extra repairs made but he usually agrees to them once we Tell him that we d have to charge him anyway just to put the engine Back together again. Sometimes after he agrees to the escalated figure we can talk him into approving still another Worth of unnecessary repairs by convincing him that if certain work in t done now hell need even More expensive repairs later another deceitful technique is to charge custom ers for parts that Are not actually put in. In Chicago recently a Man took his car to a Mechanic to have a leak in the Brake fluid master Cylinder fixed. When he saw for himself that the Cylinder was cracked he asked that a new one be installed. Several weeks later when the car was on the lift for other repairs he noticed that the original master Cylinder was still there despite the fact he had paid for a new one. The identifiable crack was still visible although it had been sealed and repainted. There Are also frequent reports of used parts sold As new ones. One car owner recently paid to have a new Genera Tor installed. Later when he checked with a competing garage he found that the so called new Generator was in fact a used one that had been repainted and installed. Widespread fraudulent practices among car repairmen Are making it More and More difficult for the honest repair Man to earn the Trust of his customers. Consumers Are be coming increasingly conscious that they May leave a repair shop having paid for a lot More than they receive. Elizabeth Hanford. Deputy director of the White House office of consumer affairs says that the reputation of the entire Auto repair Industry is being Hurt by the deceptive and fraudulent practices of the unscrupulous. Consumers Are being defrauded of millions of dollars a tomorrow who is to blame ease fax Law for jewish emigrants Moscow protestant extremist Leader William Craig claimed growing support Day for his pledge to shoot to kill to keep Northern Ireland British. Incidents of violence meanwhile continued unabated especially in Rural areas. We have been getting a steady Stream of support Mes the Leader of the extremist Vanguard movement told newsmen. They come not Only from loyalists but from oth ers outside their ranks including despite his claim of support for the Call to arms which he initially made thursday in a speech to a conservative club in London. Craig was denounced Fay a number of prominent protestant politicians. But a spokesman at Vanguard s Belfast Headquarters said telegrams and Telephone Calls of support have been pouring percent behind or. Craig and his statement that he and his followers Are prepared to come out and shoot to kill to keep Northern Ireland from being United with the roman Catholic Irish Republic. Thousands killed in Uganda Nairobi. Kenya a ugandan sources including exiles in several East african countries estimate that 3.000 Mil itary personnel and 1.000 civilians have been killed since president Idi took Power in a coup 21 months ago. They say thousands More have been beaten detained or intimidated. The sources say Amin is steady la purging the country of african intellectuals As Well As religious and tribal opponents considered potential threats to the Kampala military regime Amin s is to eliminate any possible nucleus of future opposition and he May be near that goal the sources say on the surface life n Kampala is close to Normal following the defeat of anti Amin guerrillas who invaded from Tanzania a month ago. Military guards have been withdrawn from government offices and Road blocks have been dismantled but the ugandans drawing on reports received from Uganda picture the country As deeply dislocated by a Campaign to consolidate a dictatorship Rhino Rita is dominant. Controls end not in sight hot Springs. A

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