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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Elyria, Ohio The sunday chronicle Telegram Syria Ohio 1972 15 cents Auto repair Industry time for overhaul a Senate investigation four years ago disclosed what Many of the nation s car owners have fett for years there is enor Mous consumer fraud in fhe car repair business. Have any improvement Fereen made in the Industry since the investigation this is the first of a series of articles. By Richard Trubo United feature s abdicate inc. A California state senator recently drove into a los Ange Les garage where a Mechanic told him his car needed a new transmission because the old one had ceased to fun suspicious that his car troubles were not All that serious the legislator drove his car to another repair shop Down the Street. The second Mechanic found that the problem entered around a slipped vacuum tube within 30 seconds the problem had been a 50-cent charge most american motorists have had experiences similar to thai of the California senator. Deception by car repairmen is so commonplace that it has reached epidemic proportions in some parts of the country. Auto owners in the United states spend close to billion annually on car repairs. And by Best estimates at least one third of these repairs Are performed unsatisfactorily or fraudulently according to senator Philip Hart of Michigan. The loss to Consumers runs into the billions without giving a Dol Lar amount to the frustration and inconvenience the loss of human life due to faulty car repairs is also impossible to measure. But As senator Hart with such a Large percentage of repair work being done incorrectly it is reasonable to suspect some of the work ends up in a Heap fur ther Down the consumer dissatisfaction with car repairs is second Only to mail order fraud in volume of complaints att ornies general in some states have been flooded with complaints in a s Tenace scared but hell play despite threat Cincinnati api it scares me. But i la play Tomor said Oakland Catcher Gene Tenace after hearing his life had been threatened if he hit another Home run in the 1972 world series. I m not going to let it affect me tomorrow said Tenace after the had absorbed an 8-1 she lacking yesterday from the Cincinnati reds that Victory sent the series into the seventh and deciding game today it s something i can t shove admitted the Catcher whose four Home runs in this series tied the record of babe Ruth and three others i m a Little scared but what can i do. Tell the manager not to play me " police at riverfront stadium said a woman in line to buy a standing room ticket reported hearing a Man say if Gene Tenace hits a Home run today he won t walk out of this police later arrested Elwood King. 32. Of Louisville on an open charge officers said he had a loaded pistol and a bottle of whiskey on him it s a bad said the obviously stunned Tenace it s terrible something like that has to happen it s terrible people can t go to a Ball game and enjoy the game without that kind of thing there is something mentally wrong about anyone who would do a thing like that. There is nothing the Clab can do about it. Except not play me and i m not going to stay out of the lineup because of that Reggie Jackson the injured a s outfielder listened to Tenace being questioned about the threat and commented. If of got to go Gene at least be on National a s first baseman Mike Epstein who has t had a hit in 16 at bats in the series quipped one would even bother shooting me. Details of the game on Page do greek plane crashes 18 of 53 aboard survive from wire reports Athens an olympic airways plane slammed into the sea last night just Short of the runway of Athens Airport and at least 18 of the 53 persons aboard Are Safe. Some swam to Shore through a driving rain storm while others were res cued. The coast guard put ferry boats into the sardonic Gulf off the coast in an Effort to Rescue any other survivors the plane a japanese built two engine ys11. Was in route to Athens from the Island of Corfu 250 Miles to the North West off Greece s ionian sea coast a government communique said the plane was approaching for an emergency Landing. But the reason for the emergency was not known be cause radio Contact with the plane had been lost. An unidentified Man was the first to reach Shore after the crash about 100 Yards off Shore he staggered into a Seaside Camp for children at Gly Fada near the Airport. Theoni Athanassouli. A 20 the inside Story. These two Lorain com Mercial divers dig diving for ship wrecked hulls and Are shown with some of the Arti facts they have recovered from oae of the seven wrecks they explored last simmer. Dave Bohley left Aid Craig Hampton do their Hobby diving Between jobs. The How and Why is de scribed by Kramer in today s Sway scene. Photo by Carl Skalak All about horses.c-16 easiness Industry. Career corner.e-3 cobs Raer Contact.b-3 c-tdatebook.a-8 crossword pnzzle.b-7 entertainment.f-7 finance stocks.f-3tof-3 Garden cell lflteitis.e-2 sports a Ltd la the doctor says .b-3 birthday.c-14 sunday scene books.4 people etc.2 stamp facts.3 year old nurse at Pika Camp said that about . A Man in his 40s banged at the nurses Home and asked for help he was wearing his under pants and a Black sweater he was dripping wet miss Athan Asoula said. Run. Run for help. Our plane fell into the sea miss Athan Asoula quoted the Man As say ing. We covered him with blankets and i rushed to inform the staff nurse the staff nurse. Lamboni is Roulo. Said she called police and alerted them to the crash i told the girls to Rush to the Shore and try to miss is Roulo said in a few min utes a second survivor straggled in and then later another 16 the survivors who reached the Carnap were taken on to a Hospital while police and coast guard organized Rescue efforts thousands of persons rushed to the sea near the Acci Dent scene to View Rescue operations Rescue was carried out with three Large ferry boats and a dozen or so smaller boats two Wakeman girl 4, Dies after fall from moving car a 4-year-old girl from Wakeman was pronounced dead on arrival at St Joseph Hospital after falling from a moving car on g Street in Lorain at about 4 30 a Hospital spokesman said Debbie Gargac. Daughter of or. And mrs Timothy Gar Gasc. Of Florence Wakeman re was reportedly with her grandmother at the time of the Accident Lorain police officers investigating the Accident have ref used to release any details. The past 12 months. In Arizona for example the situation became so severe recently that officials went on state wide radio to warn the Public about the most common fraudulent practices. The president of an Auto diagnostic Center in Denver agrees that Only a minuscule amount of car repairs Are done correctly. In a special study. Glenn f. Kriegel rechecked 5. 090 cars at his Center after they had been worked on at various garages in Denver. Less than one per cent of the cars had been repaired to manufacturers specifications or As specified on the repair invoice. Kriegel knows of one Man who had just bought a Brand new car and took it to the Auto diagnostic Center to be routinely checked. Although the car was new. It was found to already be in need of repairs. After three visits to the dealer and three subsequent rec Becks at the diagnostic Center the repairs still had t been done. Robert a Mechanic for nearly 20 years in South Ern California recently testified before a state Senate sub committee hearing that "80 per cent of the people Are being he recalled one Driver whose car had Only a faulty gasoline gauge but who ended up paying for unnecessary engine work. Derosier said that while he was supervisor of a Large repair Chain. I was probably one of their Best con men in the Field i trained men to oversell and i got paid Well for performing unneeded repairs is probably the most common of All fraudulent practices in the Auto Industry. A car May Only need a Small part like new spark plugs but an unscrupulous Mechanic Mav convince the owner that it should in fact have a Complete tuneup. Or maybe even an engine Over Ziaul. One Auto repairman says that once a car has been raised on the rack there Are several ways to convince a Motorist that certain unnecessary work should be done. One tech Nique i use All the time is to show the owner the play in the front he explains up on the rack All cars have that play but most motorists Don t know it s a Normal thing. I can usually convince them that the problem can be corrected Only if they buy new Ball joints the same Mechanic says that another regular prac Tief is turn to Page a-3, col. 1 helicopters with Strong lights combed the Shore for More survivors and a Small plane overflow the sea dropping flares the plane made an Emer gency Landing on the sea 100 meters from the Shore the government com Munique said. The reason for the emergency Landing is not known because the Pilot had not been m Contact with the flight control Tower since Takeoff from Corfu this could have been due to bad weather Condi the communique added a spokesman at the ministry of merchant Marine said it was possible the plane had been struck by lightning of the 53 persons on Board four were Crew members and seven were foreigners. A com Pany spokesman said it was not known if the foreigners were among the survivors. Their nationalities were not available olympic airways is owned by Aristotle Onassis. The greek shipping magnate married to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 11 Yea by car by Tom Chernitsky a old girl killed on Griswold re a routine walk to meet a Girlfriend by an 11-year-old Elyria township girl ended in tragedy at about 1pm Ester Day when she was struck and killed by a car near 41524 gris Wold re Joann schuster daughter of or and mrs John schuster of 41345 Griswold re was pronounced dead on arrival at Ely Ria memorial Hospital. The Accident occurred As Joann walked to meet a Friend of her s who lived on Lake Avenue. She was walking West on Griswold Road when she was struck from behind by a West bound Auto driven by Mark k Noster. 21, of 6976 Manor or sheriff s reports said Noster told Senff s deputies he did not see the girl until he struck her. A witness to the Accident was unable to estimate the Speed of Noster s Auto. Noster said he was travelling about 35 Mph. According to one of the investigating deputies Joann. A fifth Grade student at Maplewood elementary school was walking on the Edge of the Roadway when she was hit. A Deputy said a member of the schuster family said Joann walked on Giswold Road to her Friend s House often and that the two girls used to meet each other half Way the Accident is still under investigation by the Lorain county sheriff s dept no charges have been filed against Noster. Kissinger flies to phenom penh Saigon a u s presidential adviser Henry a Kissin Ger left Saigon on sunday after four Days of intensive talks with president Nguyen Van Thieu on a peace formula for indo China informants said Kissinger left Saigon s Tan son Nhut air base on a t39 Light Jet. Bound for phenom penh Cambodia after meeting with Thieu for two hours m their fourth session in the four Days. Kissinger s unannounced trip to phenom penh and earlier unannounced visits to the capitals of Laos and Thailand by William h Sullivan Deputy assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs indicated that the talks in Saigon included discussion of a peace plan for All of Indochina Thieu has insisted that any cease fire must be Indochina wide u s embassy spokesmen could not be reached for com ment they had reported that Kissinger was still in the embassy building in Saigon when two informants disclosed he was in route to phom penh sources said Kissinger four engine vc137 transport had remained in Bangkok during the four Days he was in Saigon Joann schuster weather showers Cloudy today and tonight with showers or Light rain Likely and slowly moderating temperatures. High today upper 30s North and 60s South. Low to night in the 56s. High tomorrow in the 60s and lower 70s. Teen age violence rising Here by Tom Chernitsky a Young boy goes into the restroom of his school and is shaken Down by older students demanding Money a juvenile punches out one of his teachers injuries Are fhe result of after the game excite ment and attacks with weapons by teen agers it sounds like something out of a television script but it happened m Lorain county. John d. Mccrea. Chief probation officer of the Lorain county juvenile department says teen age violence in our Community is increasing. All of it is a symptom of something else going he said. He attributes much of the increase to the realm of viol ence in society today. Not just the mass Media but permissiveness and the breakdown of the Mccrea said other factors Are pressure from Peers alcohol. And drugs. Mccrea believes All the contributing factors create one impulsive behaviour the kids just Don t think of the consequences he said the consequences can be probation or possible conviction on an assault charge in instances of serious assault juvenile court judge Henry t. Webber intends to be harsh Mccrea explained judge Webber has attempted to make it Well known among youths in the county that he in t at All sympathetic with serious according to Mccrea but harsh penalties do not seem to be enough of a deter rent to prevent assault by juveniles Mccrea sees changes m society As a major part of the cause the family As a social unit has changed so much that we re seeing a lot of the effects of it with kids today he explained with the breakdown of the family. Kids want to experience Independence at an earlier age the chief probation officer sees this breakdown As one of the biggest contributing factors of All juvenile crime the youth of today wants to handle his problems in his own Way. Which May not always be the Best was but the methods a juvenile uses to solve his problems Are usually a reflection of the parents the whole question of juvenile delinquency is a reflection of Mccrea stated juveniles often commit acts unacceptable in society be cause of what they have Learned from their parents severely delinquent youths with inadequate personalities Are often the result of inept parents. Mccrea said. Often times they Are unwanted children in other cases. Mccrea explained a child picks up hostilities from the parents. A boy who is beaten by his father for turn to Page a-3, col. 1 newspaper newspaper

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