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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1976, Page 5

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Elyria, Ohio Chronicle Telegram a-5 forthe hard Litho. Wiy the class of 65 met tragic Fate the authors of what really happened to the class of 65" stoutly deny that they have Over drawn the tragedy. Indeed David Wal Lechinsky and Michel Medved have said that for a time they wondered if there were any Normal Young life histories among those particular graduates of los Ange Les Palisades High school just Down Topanga Canyon from Urcla and Beverly Hills. In building their Book on 65 interviews they found 50 lives turned sour and the writers claim to have skipped Over some of the gloomiest cases. Yet if advantages made Happy men and women Here was the perfect Prospect. Money but not great Money. Generally Well educated doting parents. An average Good store of inherited intelligence. Freedom entertainment diversions and gizmos. And that was Why among All the High schools in America time Magazine 11 years ago selected the graduating class of Palisades High for a Spe Cial article. Its members said time were on the fringe of a Golden from the classmate voted most popu who killed himself six years later to the woman who fell into a heroin induced stupor even As she was being interviewed there emerges the picture of a rudderless confused unhappy and even self destructive generation. Growing up has always been a problem in America or any other land. But Here was one that grew up Blind. Their parents who had remembered the great depression As children and the privations of world War n. Were determined to give them everything but values. By Jen Kin Lloyd Jones it was a society in which religion where it existed at All was usually shallow and perfunctory where horsepower clothing labels Price tags and swimming pools were gods and where the beatles were the prophets and so it was the generation of the up Chuck ing of fierce revolt of a Wistful Effort to find to believe in. As such it was a sucker for hedonism for if there Are no other values what is More natural than to do what comes naturally to let it All hang out As the commandment went pot is a positive Good pills a Way around perplexities Ltd a Road to revelation and casual sex a healthy recreation. Because politicians were unwilling to risk hot Pursuit we were engaged in a no win War in Viet Nam featured by a privileged Sanctuary for the enemy along 400 Miles of our flank. The class of 65 was meat for the meat grinder and distress was natural. What was interesting was the rationale that soon had the campuses convinced that our Side was repressive and our enemies the bringers of human Justice. Most significant however was the lashing out against parents by the dirt the unkempt beards the communes and the Rock orgies. It was a search for something that had nothing to do with Home. Home was despised up to but not including the tearing up of checks from dad. Home had not Laid Down any Law. Home had bowed to demand and whim. Schools bad Long since ceased to impart moral homilies. Doing your own thing however useless trivial or self Damag ing was in. And so the class of 65 was largely Cut adrift. With Little real learning with almost no grasp of human experience it sprawled in rooms filled with Sweet Blue smoke and tried to rap its Way to understanding. Well of course it really was t that bad when you looked at the nation As a whole. A lot of parents never abdicated. A healthy percentage of the student rioters who Burnt the armoires and seized the presidents offices eventually concluded that colleges taught by student activists Are a Little Short of learning and that anarchy is a dead end Street. Most of the classes of 65 eventually found jobs and conventional satisfactions. The kiwanis club is not out of business but no doubt about it it was the most deprived generation we Ever had. It was deprived in spite of Loving care and Fine food and skillful Doc Toring. It was deprived in spite of surfboards and scuba gear and High school hot rods. What it was robbed of was the understanding that he who eats without earning lives upon that which another earns but does t eat. It was t told that Cardinal Virtues were not dreamed up by aged sterile preachers Bent on destroying fun but because without a Good Dollop of them a workable society has never been achieved. It was deprived of the knowledge that lib erties will never last for those who will risk no thing for them and that tyranny is unafraid of magic symbolism such As Flowers painted or Volkswagen. It was even robbed of love being untaught that casual orgasms Are not the stuff of which love is made. Let s Hope it will be a Long time before Ameri Ca matches the 65. Our schools two opposing views i almost hate to do this but the juxtaposition of two news stones on my desk makes the temptation irresistible. I shall accordingly contrast the two and let my readers draw their own conclusions. One is a front Page item from the Jackson. Miss. Daily news. It quotes and at length or. Thomas Taylor. Jack son s assistant superintendent of Public schools who is absolutely euphoric about the pre sent situation in american Edu cation. Here Are some of his More Rose coloured comments i just can t imagine that it in t More fun to go to school today than it was 10 years were getting away from the idea that a child must be Able to understand everything on Page 59 of his Reader during his first month in the 5th Grade. Students Are being encouraged to work at their own children Are not locked into a set group for Long periods. The teacher s goal is to provide individualized instruction. To meet each student s working Pace. Team teachers try to diagnose where each student is and so on one of the Good doctor s subordinates tosses in a bad word or two about older people thinking of classrooms with 30 chairs fac by or. Max Rafferty ing teacher s she chirps brightly not so the rooms it seems Are cheerfully divided by homemade partitions. And each child is Busy doing his own there s a lot More but you get the picture. Without comment a simultaneous Story from the Wall Street journal. Its title the great classroom debacle its Gist schools have been deteriorating everywhere. A Hudson Institute team headed by Frank e. Armbruster painstakingly assembled available Pupil achievement test scores from throughout the nation and found an almost unrelieved picture of decline in Scholastic performance quite unrelated to economic background race of geographic Loca Tion educators typically attribute poor achieve ment to bad environmental factors today. But the slums of the past were terrible and the parents poor ignorant and unmotivated. Millions of students entered the schools without a glimmering of English. According to modern theory those unwashed immigrant children were unreachable. Yet they were taught the blame for Scholastic failure lies directly on the educators. Many teachers Are Laxy. For example they no longer require Homework because it s too much work to Correct it. And rap sessions Are much easier than prepared lessons Annb Nister s study concludes with this Block Buster As paraphrased in the journal Educa tors complain that evaluating schools by tests is inadequate. They Are educating the whole child including immeasurable talents and qualities. But if they Are doing so badly at what can be measured Why do they think they Are doing better at what cannot be the Hudson Institute report recommends things like teaching Basic skills and respect for Law and order stricter school discipline paying teachers on the basis of performance and mini Mizing student privileges " not a word in favor of nothing about students working at their own even less about team and utter silence about the need for the pupils to do their own As for the importance of cheerful homemade partitions forget it maybe the Jackson achievement scores Are flying in the Teeth of the prevailing trends and Are going up. If so. Well and Good. But if i were a Par ent there. I d want to see the comparative scores of those tests for the past five years before i got too excited about All the fun and self pacing and the cheerful dividers. The Day the Black race was reborn from front of the bus thank you Rosa thank the lord for sister Rosa. Bank the lord that Rosa l. Parks was born in our Century that she chose to Art and change our world at a strategic moment in our history that she still lives to remind As of thai Power within us. That great unchanged Power that Loo Many Nave forgotten or ignored. Rosa l. Parks lives. Toal Bumble firm comely. Soft spoken seamstress who set off an unprecedented social Resolution dearly 21 years age in Montgomery. Ala. Eves works and stun crusades for Ramaa causes in Detroit sister Rosa is 63 years old and what she did on that their Day evening of dec. J. Is55. May Debary of never really appreciated on flip minds of Many americans but there was and slim is a woman named Rosa l. Parks who did refuse to give up her seat Toa while Man an move to the Backof Cleveland Avenue bus that historic moment m Montgomery. And that one act her imely Choice did ignite the epochal Montgomery tons Boycott that toted 381 Days and did Otto Dice to the scrap of or. Martin our tier Vang or flip Poten tial collective Power of Ordinary people who choose do work together America Jias nol been the same since sister monumental decision but for a belter description of her significance read i toe words of e d Nown. Filje Flett Refl Pottan Porter who of by Vernon Jarrett Gani Zed the first big Public meeting on dec 5 that led to the Boycott the Black race in America was reborn in Montgomery. Ala., on dec. 5.1355. And Ibe mid wife was a patient determined durable Little Black woman named Rosa l. Parks. Don t form Bat Dixon made that statement to Roe last Decem Ber in Mong onery on Ibe Ere of the 20th anniversary Celebration of Libe Boycott. Nixon was tie Man who called z lawyer the late Clifford Dorr. And arranged for mrs. Parks bail on flip evening offer ants. Nixon who became 77 on Joly 12, was sad when we reminisced Lor the anniversary. He fell that mrs. Parks and most of Flie Ordinary people who made the Boycott successful had been forgotten and dumped into the waste Bas Ketoff historical insignificance. Brother Edgar Daniel Mxon can Start smiling again. There has been organized m Detroit National committee for 3 Rosa Paris Windh is dedicated to giving our heroine file respect she deserves to keep alive the Ess ence of represents. Ujj Toji Wall be Happy to hear thai on sunday. Oct. 10, js76. At Cobo Hall several Hundred Citi Zens of All races kicked off a National Tod rising drive to Bald and maintain a Home for mrs. Parks on a Street that bears her name. Recently Detroit cite Council voted to change the name of 12th Street which Rons from the Detroit River to. The Tity limits to Rosa Parks. Boulevard mrs. Parks lives in a very modest Small rented apartment with her husband. Raymond. 74. And on Detroit s West Side. She and her husband moved to Detroit 18 months after the original Boycott ended. The feelings of the shrine committee Are summed up by mrs. Louise taps National chair person of the committee Rosa Parks is one of the great women of this Century and we re going to give her at least a lit the of the respect she deserves. We owe it to her and we owe it to our Owa sense of self respect and. this is a timely move. The symbolism i Rosa Parks is sorely needed during this Peri w3 when minions of americans of a races seem to be Ashy rated by the Sroog of powerlessness there is a withdrawal syndrome reflected most pronounce Day in the growing millions who ignore Fleit own Power at the Polk. Probably 701 million will not Vole in the nov. 2 presidential election. Bart we of today m the City of Detroit the having Sample of sister Rosa a woman who was born on Juanama sarm. Never attended col lege Oever in a strident voice and does 301 have if lie personality a revolt tonary. Yet. She did set Ott a revolution thank you sister Rosa for she example of your life. We Medl it kept before us but the National

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