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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1976, Page 4

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Elyria, Ohio Opinion and comment As we see it the countywide levies vote yes on 8, to and ii there Are four county wide levies which Lorain count ians will be asked to vote on nov. 2. Each is for a five year period and one is a renewal. This newspaper has maintained that the taxpayers get More for their tax dollars when they approve levies to raise Money for specific purposes. Odds Are if these levies do not pass the commissioners will be tempted to use their defeat As an excuse to increase Revenue through sales or other forms of taxes. The levies Are Issue no. 8, for Golden acres .50 Mills Issue no. 9, for the juvenile Bureau and operations at the new county jail .75 Mills Issue no. 10, Lorain county anti drug abuse unit and the crime lab at Lorain county Community College .25 Mills and Issue no. 11, a renewal for the Lorain county to clinic .20 Mills. Golden acres provides a Home for approximately 100 persons who have no other place to go. These people Are generally aged unable to care for themselves and usually without relatives. We have received letters from friends of those living at the Home praising the staff for the considerate care and attention the residents receive. Those who Are Able pay what they can usually from social Security checks toward their support. There seems to be a spirit of working to Gether by both employees and residents to make life More pleasant and to create the feeling that they Are members of a family group. The employees of the Home Are dedicated and often Volunteer time for which they Are not paid. The Home needs your support. The anti drug abuse unit works with local police to keep drugs out of the county. It confiscated about million Worth of hard drugs this past year which might otherwise have been sold in Lorain county. The unit can operate throughout the county across jurisdictional lines and therefore has an advantage Over local police who Are hampered in drug investigations by the boundaries of their cities. The unit can concentrate on drug prob lems while our City police have Little time to devote exclusively to tracking Down the drug Pusher. They can operate under cover with More Success than the police. The crime lab first funded with fed eral monies which run out this year aids local police in analysis of drugs fingerprinting ballistics and other crime solving techniques. Crime in this county would increase without the Money provided by this Levy. The to rate in Lorain county has been Cut in half Over the last five years largely As a result of the detection and treatment through funds provided by the to Levy. The Lorain county to clinic depends on the re Newal of this Levy to continue its Chest a Ray skin testing and disease treatment. Except for a Small charge for Chest a Ray services Are provided free. We should continue the funding for this important health service. There is not enough information available at this time to make a judgment on the jail and juvenile Bureau Levy Issue no. 9. We recommend the voters approve the other three issues and 11. As others see it Ford fhe 4-Day week the new agreement Between the United Auto workers and the Ford motor co., now ratified by most but not All Union locals brings with it a momentous and historic a Long step toward a four Day work week in american Industry. With Auto Industry production and profits High the Union basically won its demands in the Ford negotiations higher pay. Automatic Cost of living adjustments unproved benefits for Laid off work ers and More paid time off. In the second year of the three year contract there will be five four Day weeks in the third year seven four Day weeks experts Are sure that this breakthrough to Ward a Shorter work week for Blue Collar workers will spread first throughout the automobile truck and farm machinery industries and later to steel aluminium electrical machinery chemical and other Basic industries. As new contracts Are signed the number of four Day weeks will increase. In about a decade authorities believe the 32-hour week spread Over four Days will be in general use. Wary of being blamed for an settlement Auto Union leaders said they demanded the Shorter week As a Way of sharing work and increasing jobs. Unfortunately things Are unlikely to work out that Way. As the Cost of labor goes up and the Ford con tract will add More than to the hourly wage rate by 1979 car makers traditionally turn to More automation. For example the big three now employ an average of Blue Collar workers As against in 1955, but turn out far More vehicles. Obviously the costly new settlement will Spur the Industry into substituting More machines for workers. So ironically a labor negotiation that had As its stated goal the creation of jobs probably will Lead to More unemployment in Detroit. However the coming four Day work week need not be feared if it is used creatively by management unions and employees. If no habits Are changed it will mean a one fifth increase in the Cost of labor undermining America s competitiveness in world markets. If on the other hand the Challenge is by boosting productivity getting rid of featherbed Ding and improving workmanship both Industry and labor will Prosper. And for better or worse depending on How they Are used most employed americans will have three Day weekends through out their working lives. The Cleveland press Mary Hartman is Mary Noble keeping up with the trends by Gerald Nachman new York news i finally caught up with my old chums. Elsie and Fenton trendy whom i had t seen much of lately and asked what they re into these Days since the trends Are my Best barometer of cur rent fads. We never go out at night now. Because we Don t dare miss Mary Hartman. Mary said Fenton who was wearing a to shirt Embla zoned with the name of the to show. Of. You mean that silly soap i smiled. Yeah. I heard about it it s not a silly soap opera at said Elsie. Who had her hair in pigtails and was dressed in a Mary Hartman Pinafore. It s a sober reflection of american values in the 1970s, at least according to the new York times. Not Only that it s the newest Chic trend so we re duty bound to embrace it added Fenton. I find Mary Hartman two As we in the know term the most innovative series since of. 90." if not " gee. I watched it a few times and thought it was just i said but Don t go by me. I m not As hip As you Mary Hartman is were it s at today culture said Elsie. It perfectly captures the Neu roses insecurities and frustrations of Modem life. A critic in the nation said it chronicles the dec line of our capitalist society and it s been com pared to the works of Ingmar Bergman and Jean Paul Izzat i said. Ill be a Monkey s Uncle and Here i thought it of. Not at frowned Fenlon. But i guess you missed most of us big moments. Like grandpa s arrest for flashing. Mary s kidnapping Fry z mass Man Jerez. Her husband s impotency and her nervous breakdown on the David Susskind yep. Do sound entertaining All tight 3 agreed. Nothing like having a Wiltie fan with human and what could be More asked it Sawany but Brilliant the hallmark Cut the bureaucracy Don t bet on it Washington Jimmy Carter began Nisi presidential Campaign with a Promise to Cut the Federal government Down to size. Gerald Ford has agreed that the bureaucracy must be reduced to manageable j proportions. Whoever occupies the White i House for the next four years indeed will try to fulfil this Promise. He will Barge around his Oval Sanctuary with an air of great authority. He will scribble terse commands on staff Pap-1 ers. He will bark orders into the zones pushing buttons to direct his voice to the right assistant. He will Issue Stem directives to All the faceless bureaucrats from sea to shining sea. But the bureaucracy propelled by a Force stronger than Gravity will go on expanding. It is contrary to the nature of government to contract. The process is much the same in government offices everywhere. An official complains that the work Load is too heavy for him to carry alone. Since he has no intention of dividing the work with a rival who might replace him he starts accumulating subordinates. His subordinates in time gather up More subordinates for themselves. After a decent pause these last subordinates will also claim the right to be moved up the pole and be re placed at the Bottom. The result is what is known in the bureaucracy As a staff All this might be reasonable if the amount of useful work increased by the same ratio. It Seldom does. The process of expanding a staff Means extra paperwork to administer the extra employees in addition a great Deal of work is now duplicated. By Jack Anderson when the 12th Man takes a document from the ill Basket he will read it and pass it on to the Lith official for his consideration. And so on until it finally reaches the director who rewrites the whole thing and sends it Back Down the ladder for further revisions. In the old Days before the director acquired underlings he would have handled the document himself. But now he is head of a Section adequately cushioned by a staff against shocks from higher up. Each new president resolves to eliminate the fat. Streamline the bureaucracy and get More of Frency out of the Federal government. Richard Nixon s plan was to distribute the Power of the Central government to the 50 states. However before he retreated to san Clemente. He had created 53 new executive agencies and commissions a bureaucratic expansion greater than during any previous five year period. Gerald Ford proudly announced in a memorandum to the Heads of All executive agencies that he had Cut by 12.5 per cent the number of government forms that businessmen had to fill out. But the president was obliged to admit that the number of hours required to finish the forms had increased from -134.9 million to 138.5 million per year. The Federal machinery is also hopelessly clogged with superfluous committees and com missions which operate like wheels within wheels. Nobody knows for sure exactly How Many committees and commissions there Are. Last year. Ford proposed still another Federal commis Sion to study the work of the existing commis this proposed commission has yet to be heard from. Both Ford and Carter echoing one another have complained about the time wasting paper consuming government Candi dates simply Don t understand. The real objective of these committees is not to reach decisions but to avoid them. Veteran bureaucrats Are skilled at evading is sues shifting responsibility and diverting the work to someone else. The More committees and subcommittees there Are to share the Burden of decision the less Chance there is that any single bureaucrat will be blamed. All too often the True Veteran in government service is the one who has proved his ability to Man Euver problems safely through channels without making any decisions of his own. One senior official advises newcomers look important. Act Busy. Call conferences lots of them. But Don t make any decisions. If you Are forced to do so. Make sure they Are in someone else s a highly placed Interior dept. Official has admitted he has a special reason for always calling in others for consultations on policy matters. If he figures his ultimate decisions stir up unfavourable criticism he can disclaim responsibility by saying he acted on the advice of others. The Best confesses another decision dodger is the staff conference. Any thing produced by a staff conference is bound to be innocuous because so Many people these civil servants Aren t being deliberately facetious. They Are seriously expounding the refinements of Buck passing so necessary if controversy is to be avoided and Job survival assured. Inflation will guilty party please Washington if it s Tough to teach an old dog new tricks it s a lot tougher to teach an old politician new economics. Dogs and politicians Don t ordinarily pay their own Bills of course if they did hey would learn something about the new economics of inflation. They d learn with the Best of us that food prices and fertilizer prices heating costs and Hospital costs Are All going up again. The new economics of inflation defy the Law of Gravity. What goes up never comes Down. If you ask president Ford what causes inflation the Republican presidential candidate will Tell you that democrats cause inflation. If you ask Jimmy Carter what causes inflation the demo cratic presidential candidate will Tell you that republicans cause inflation. The politics of inflation quite obviously Are a bit More complicated. If the democrats did t invent inflation they did invent the old economics. Back in the 1930s, the new Deal promised to wipe out the plague of unemployment and in 1946 Congress completed the Promise of Good times forevermore. The 1946 employment act promised not Only full employ ment but full purchasing Power As Well. Both re cession and inflation were to be banished forever More Washington assumed it could manipulate the nation s Economy Well enough to make the promises Good. The theory was simple enough. When by Louis m. Kohlmeier unemployment threatened Washington would heat up the Economy by increasing government spending cutting Federal taxes and printing More Money. When inflation threatened Washington would Cool off the Economy by cutting spending increasing taxes and printing fess Money. The old economics seemed to work. Until the Early 1970s, both unemployment and inflation generally were held below 5 per cent in Republican and democratic administrations. The old economics worked Well enough anyway that even republicans accepted the political gospel of Good times forevermore. Since the old economics have gone mad. Inflation soared to 12 per cent in 1974. Consumers bought less bringing on the worse recession since the new Deal. Unemployment soared but prices never fell. For a time they Rose less rapidly. Now. However the inflation rate is above 6 per cent and still climbing. And now. Once More unemployment is increasing. Under the new economics inflation is a cancer that is destroying economic stability. Between 1974 and 1975. Median . Family income in creased by 6 per cent to in dollars and dec lined by 3 per cent in purchasing Power. The num Ber of persons below the poverty level increased to 26 million from 23 million. Inflation is a huge surge of working women who must gel jobs to make ends meet inflation is denial of educational opportunities to Young peo ple. Inflation is denial of health care to older peo ple. The old economics have Given Way to the new economics because politicians Learned Bow to beat up the Economy but never really Learned to Cool off the Economy. It s politically easy to increase government spending Cut Federal taxes and print More Money. It s politically difficult to Cut spend ing increase taxes and print less Money. Consequently the new economics is a culmination of the old economics. The total Feder Al budget deficit for the past decade adds up to nearly billion. The size of the government bureaucracy has grown commensurately. The bureaucracy itself helps to perpetuate spending and inflation. And. To add insult to injury con Gress gives bureaucrats and even retired bureaucrats Cost of living increases. Given the political difficulty of curbing inflation neither Ford nor Carter has educated himself to the new economics. Ford brags that by vetoing dozens of Bills Pas sed by the democratic Congress he has reduced Federal spending billion in the past two years. But Federal spending deficits under Ford still mount to billion annually. Carter promises More not less government spending. Ford abhors wage and Price controls but so did president Nixon and Nixon was the first president in peacetime history to invoke controls. Being the bigger spender wants standby wage and Price controls. If old politicians Don t learn new tricks inflation in this country could be a prelude to disaster it was in Germany of the 1930s. Another Young democracy bites the dust or Tob so Wipfle Arthur d no null a-4 Bart chairman now be to top connwl., use the to the Washington except for the dramatic and uncommonly brutal news photographs of violence that accompanied the military coup in Thailand last week Little notice was paid around the world to the snuffing out of another democracy in favor of dictatorship. Toe fragile Young democracy that was established in thai land three years ago probably never bad much of a Chance anyway certainly most thais will not miss Oie passing of the great Experiment in self govern ment. The new military Junta abrogated be Constitution disbanded ail jso3itica3 panties and prom ised to continue be monarchy forever. U justified tie seizure of Power As an Effort to Bead off a Munif Lundst takeover presumably bed by students. It was an o3d familiar Story on that has been employed to justify military Rale across Asia. Latin America Africa and lie Middle East for years. That does t mean the communist threat in t real enough. It is just that increasingly the Only options in most of the world appear to be totalitarian dictatorships of either the left or right. 3n North Korea the despotic comm nest re Gime of Kim Al Sung Ocif Wirts the military dictatorship of sooth Korea s Park Chung Bee. Tola in tarian communist regimes Rale Mainland China. Vietnam Cambodia and Laos in South Asia. Uie Lone Beacon of democracy has been switched off in India try Indira Ghandi offshore the two major Island nation chains the Philippines and Indonesia have moved sharply toward one Man role i response to inter Nal threats. By James Wieghart across the Pacific military regimes control Brazil. Argentina. Chile. Bolivia. Paraguay Pero. Ecuador. Panama and Al Salvador and the Mili tary strongly influence government in Uruguay. Guatemala. Honduras. Nicaragua and the Domini can Republic. The degree of personal Freedom is Only marginally higher there than in Castro s nor can anyone claim that democracy is on an upswing in Africa North sooth or Central or in most of the midnite East and despite presidents apparent confusion on she Siatras of Eastern Europe the Warsaw pact nations Are dearly still to fact via few exceptions democratic role in lie world today Bas virtually disappeared out Side North America. Japan and Western Europe. Were growing communist party strength at the Polk in Italy and prance could tempt rightists into preemptive action. Is no simple explanation for the Retreat democracy despite glib assertions from some on the Rigort that it is a product of Moscow s Export

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