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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1976, Page 3

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Elyria, Ohio Assembly session to hear warnings of 77 Chr Onkle to Gram a-3 by Robert e. Miller Columbus a Ohio s legislature meets tomorrow to Deal with a one time prob Lem but some officials looking a bit further Down the Road see a weightier Issue a Possi ble tax increase next year. Republican gov. James a. Rhodes ordered this week s session so the full Senate would act on his request to oust Gregory j. Stebbins from the three member Industrial commis Sion. The governor claims the democratic appointee has been corrupt in office and the Senate judiciary committee agreed 6-3 in sep tember after Long hearings. Stebbins along with Rhodes charges of scandal in the commission s sister Agency the Bureau of workmen s compensation have dominated statehouse news recently. At least some of the activity is political with the elec Tion slightly More than two weeks away. However. William w. Wilkins director of the office of budget and management warned at a Friday news briefing of state financial Straits which will face the 112th Gen eral Assembly when it convenes in january no matter which political party controls it. Wilkins said As he had before that the state will run about billion Short next biennium just to continue its programs at current Levels and to fund new spending mandated by the legislature. A fiscal spokesman for democrats said he questions some of Wilkins Fig ures. The budget chief stressed that the Rhodes administration incidentally bound to a 1974 Campaign pledge is not proposing a tax in crease. And he said he plans to submit a balanced budget Early next year for the two year bookkeeping period that starts july 1. Cuts will be proposed in education and welfare mostly he indicated. Wilkins made it Clear he thinks the legis lature might want to think about higher taxes predicting the lawmakers will face some very difficult in response to questions he said an income tax increase could produce the needed billion Over two years. He had referred to that particular tax in testimony last month to the Ohio Republican platform committee he said to give the problem some Richard g. Sheridan director of the legislative budget office and chief fiscal adviser of the democratic legislative majorities said he thought some charts and summaries Wilkins handed newsmen contained some embellish ments As they usually Sheridan apparently was suggesting the axiom that an incumbent administration can be expected to overstate problems and under state Revenue estimates to make solutions when later found appear to Border on the miraculous. Wilkins projected total spending in the next biennium to maintain current program Levels and accommodate increases mandated by the legislature at 19.563 billion. That would compare to spending of 17.421 billion this biennium. He said. Revenues reflecting a 22 per cent growth Over the two years were placed at about 18.7 billion. However. Wilkins said the 22 per cent growth would fall Short of meeting even Cost of living increases. Rhodes budget will total billion he implied. Sheridan said that while he had not Stu died Wilkins projections he failed to under stand diem and that Wilkins apparently uses a different definition of current Levels of spending than those he has seen. As an example he cited an estimate for mental health and mental retardation in the next biennium of 1535 million compared to the present million this apparently As Sumes a continued increase in institutional populations at the same rate we have had i thought the trend was in the other Sheridan said. The legislative adviser also noted that the administration s estimates for primary and secondary education apparently Call for 100 per cent funding by 1979 of the new equal yield distribution formula implemented last year for the first time. Sheridan said the statute called for gradual funding of the formula to Start from 12 per cent upward Over six years not Wilkins estimate of needs to continue current spending Levels in primary and secondary education would boost total subsidies from billion this biennium to billion next. The legislative adviser also questioned Wilkins claim that a 30 per cent hike in higher education spending the past two years will be required in the next biennium. And pointed out that certain budget items can t be estimated in Dollar amounts in the latter Case one such item is the 10 per cent property tax reimbursements Roll Back the state pays to local governments whatever the total tax happens to be. Wilkins. Reported it Cost million this biennium and estimated it would be about million next. I Don t know How he Wilkins defines current Sheridan said explaining that the Way he understands them the new spend ing would be the same As allowed by present revenues plus the Revenue growth anticipated in the next budget in this Case 22 per cent. If i did it it would come out Sheri Dan said. Bahamas to hang american tuesday Nassau the Bahamas a shortly after Dawn tues Day in the Small Gallows room at her majesty s prison at Fox Hill Michiah Shombek 22, an american will be hanged. Shombek who said he killed three american visitors Here because they were the Angels of has exhausted All avenues of Appeal. Authorities say he will be executed tuesday morning. But his Mother a Milwaukee cleaning woman still is searching for a Way out for her son my boy needs Juanita Spencer said in a Tele phone interview. He in t right in his head. It started before he left mrs. Spencer believes her son is mentally ill in part from a viral infection he suffered As a child. She also contends he suffered a nervous breakdown and was beaten while in the bahamian prison. Shombek was sentenced to die by hanging on sept. After his conviction for murder in the january 1974 stabbing death of Irwin Borstein a new York City accountant during his anal Bobek also confessed to killing two other Ameri cans. Shombek was originally scheduled to be hanged ocl 7, 1975, but mrs. Spencer s Appeal to . Authorities won her son a reprieve. The execution was later rescheduled for this ocl 19. However Shombek appeared not to comprehend the meaning of a reprieve. He had trouble understanding the said . Consul a. Stephen Vitale at the time. He looked stunned and a Little groggy. I had to repeat what i said. mrs. Spencer has tried for another delay. Letters to wis Consin congressmen and the White House have brought vague replies she said. They All say they la look into it but nobody s doing she said. She attended his trial and has visited him since his sentencing. I d like to get another stay because be was never represented right the first she said they got the confession the attorney was telling him How to act because All they would do would be to Send him Back to the United states. He believed bahamian government spokesman Cyril Stevenson says All Legal procedures in the Case have been exhausted. We Are not like the . You would have said Shombek was a Lunatic and put him in an Asylum and let him out in six months to kill some other people Shombek spent time in various Reform schools for Petty crimes As a youngster and was an aggressive and Street Wise teen Ager his Mother says. At age 17. He left Home. In november 1973, Shombek went to the Bahamas. He was just bumming she said. During his trial Bobek confessed to killing Paul How Ell. 50. A Massillon. Ohio attorney attending a convention Here. Howell was stabbed in the neck and Chest dec. Shombek also admitted strangling 17-year-old Katie Smith of Detroit on Jan. 26.1974. Her body was found in a ditch. I was told to do it by my father Shombek told the court. Shombek was tried Only for the murder of Borstein. Whose body was found on a Remote Beach. Death was attributed to multiple wounds. Mrs. Spencer was still undecided whether to go to Nas Sau for her son s hanging. The execution is not Public and not even the Hangman will be in the Small Gallows room with so Bek. The Grap door switch is operated from an adjoining room. After the banging a doctor and a Small Coroner s jury enter the room examine the prisoner and pronounce him dead. Shombek will be he first american hanged in the Bahamas in 15 years. Two americans were exec Ted Here in 1961 after being convicted of killing a charter boat Captain. The last hanging Here was feb. 3 of this year when a bahamian was put to death for shooting a Freeport grand Baha Mas police inspector. The chronicle Telegram october 17, iks Oirich us to mini nil was stain ditto the world May love lovers Bat it is a lot tougher on Martha keys and Andrew Jacobs the first husband and wife to serve in Congress when it comes to winning a Campaign. Both face Strong challenges for re election and the fact of their marriage is being used against them. The two Are shown outside the Capitol in Washington after their wedding last year. Up his and hers campaigns Indianapolis up As one half of the first married couple to serve in Congress rep. Andrew Jacobs jr., d-ind., worries More about Bis wife s Campaign than his own. Jacobs said in an interview that his marriage to rep. Mar tha e. Keys d-Kan., earlier this year apparently has not affected his own re election chances. But he is concerned that it is an Issue in his wife s Campaign. No one has said to me that because my wife lives in Kan Sas i can t represent my be said. But there is an energetic Campaign against Martha on this basis. If it is a Dou ble Standard which is what i suspect. I think it is rough Jacobs 44, an attorney a former state lawmaker a for Mer policeman said he has gone to Kansas to help his wife Campaign in addition to campaigning in his Home District in Indianapolis. To hear some people you d think she is supposed to be darning my socks Here in be is All right for me to go out on weekends and help my wife Campaign but if Martha flew Over Indianapolis at feet people in Kan Sas would say she was not representing her at one Campaign event in Kansas Jacobs was Given the Opportunity to speak just after his wife had faced a questioner on the Point of whether she could represent her District and be married to a Man whose Legal address is Indianapolis. I said that i supposed if i were in Korea

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