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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1976, Page 1

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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Elyria, Ohio 4 v Carter leads Ford by 5% in Lorain county Lorain Cou orians who have made a Deci Sion in the 1976 presidential race favor Jimmy Carter by about 5% Over president Gerald Ford a Survey by the chronicle Telegram shows. But an unusually High percentage of people have yet to decide whom they will vote for nov. 2 and among both who Are firm in their Choice and those who have not selected their favorite candidate there is a tone of dissatisfaction with both Carter and Ford. Taken last monday tuesday and wednesday and involving More than 400 Tele phone conversations Many lengthy Wanh persons in Aff sections of the county the re sults of the it poll show Carter 37.7% Ford b.2% others .5% undecided 29.8% if the undecided group were to follow the pattern established by those who have firm opinions the election Day count in Lorain county would be Carter 53.5% Ford 45.8% others .7% with More than two weeks of toe Campaign it vote poll ten such a projection though it agrees with a prediction nude by a major Chicago newspaper is not necessarily realistic however. The it Survey also is known to be in agreement essentially with private polls made by both the democratic and Republican Par ties the strength of both men followed known party lines geographically in Lorain where registered democrats outnumber republicans by about 5 to 1, Carter was favored by about 3 to 1. In Elyria where the parties Are nearly even in strength about one third Democrat one third Republican and one third Independent Ford and Carter were even in Oberlin those who had decided seem to follow party lines also offset by Oberlin col lege students who were strongly pro Carter the students interviewed were registered voters in Lorain county. The return to party affiliation in the presidential race is in marked contrast to the 1972 election when Richard Nixon swept the com to to Over Democrat George Mcgovern. In their conversations with it report ers Many of the once errant democrats acknowledged their return with Carter to the party fold. Often they apologized for their 1972 vote for Nixon the Large number of undecided voters is of concern to leaders in both parties. The Lorain county voter is impossible to predict they often swing All Over the place. And there Are a helluva lot of undecided people who May swing god knows what Way by election a High level Republican Leader told the it. A democratic official added we re getting Down to the wire now and those undecided people bold the key the overriding pattern among both these who have decided and those yet to make their decision was of negativism towards both major candidates. Many expressed dissatisfaction with both Ford and Carter and admitted making their decision by choosing the lesser of two evils some suggested other men Ronald re the it s election Survey team included Mike Benbow Blue he Wack Tony de flow Shannon Jewell Andy Young Tom Chernitzky John Fuller Monica wll Llumi Scott scr Don Linda Dipietro Gary Clark Glen Miller Frank Guegold Carey Turton George Verban Don Miller Bill Klucas and Mikie Sher Man. The data was complied and stories written by assistant City editor Earel Neikirk. Agan Hubert Humphrey and Jerry Brown As More attractive candidates additionally Many viewed the Campaign to Date As dominated by personal attacks and lacking in clearly defined issues from comments received in the 422 conversations through out the county about the political scene the following emerged Ford has been harmed by pardoning i turn to Page a-3, col j the sunday chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio sunday october 17, 1976 Twenty five cents Carter Ford misleading voters Ford takes off gloves hits ering waffling7 Carter by Chris Connell associated press writer with his political fists bared president Ford Rode a whistle Stop train yesterday through Illinois telling crowds that Jimmy Carter will say anything to get elected and attacking his democratic rival on issues that Carter claims f0ra has distorted he Wanks he wavers he waffles and he Ford said of his democratic Chal Lenger. He in t the Man you want for presi Dent Carter told a news conference in Kansas City that he had wired Ford on Friday asking him to Stop misrepresenting the Democrat s position on four issues the Telegram asked the president to refrain from making misleading and erroneous statements to the american Ford replied with a Telegram of his own. He said it told Carter in effect that we re just telling be officials waiting to see How Many will take flu shots hailed press be Natieal health authorities in big cities and tiny villages will be watching this week to see if americans will be frightened away from taking free of charge Swine flu shots because of the deaths of elderly persons who were inoculated against an expected outbreak this Winter or David j Sencer director of the Federal Center for Dis ease control in Atlanta was optimistic yesterday. He said he would know with the next several Days if president Ford s s13s minion nationwide program suffered a setback. I Mink the program is going remarkably Well in spite of All the Ops and Downs we be said Sencer. President Ford and members of the first family Connecticut gov Ella Grasso and scores of other Public officials across the country were pub Cally last week to boost Confidence in the shots. Sencer said the cd s routine surveillance program will take a measurement to see if persons Are receiving shots m expected numbers. Inoculations fell off sharply in Many places following re ports that three elderly persons All heart in Pittsburgh monday hours after getting flu shots at the same place and the unofficial reports of at least 43 More deaths that poured m afterwards. Ten states that halted inoculations have started them again. The cd has officially confirmed that at least 35 per sons Dud mostly after Ordinary heart two Days of getting shots. The Center said the fatalities were Sim ply representative of the Normal death rate among the one Mil lion aged persons who have been vaccinated since the Swine flu probe in of Jap oct i statistically according to cd 161 of these elderly persons could be expected to die following their flu shots. It would have been Nice if we had gone to file Public and annoy died that figure said j. Donald Millar chief of cd s Swine Milne a task Force. Perhaps we underestimated the Public Impact of the awareness of that pm none immunizations resume sunday in Allegheny county a. The inoculation program for High risk individuals starts again monday with modifications to stress for elderly recipients with heart conditions and other ailments. Weather panty and with a bar Ries. Today in the at Bubi the ssh to after 4fc. The 31 per cent today and 9 per cent at Lake Erie Nam Bertoly winds 15 to o knots May. Five feet. Scattered Saadi Owwen. Details onpagea4 Thailand rulers Hunt spoof Sec Bangkok Thailand Thailand s unitary raters already holing about 300 politicians students journalists and others suspected of communist subversion hunted for socialist leaders yesterday and warned of possible sabotage against military installations. Several thousand persons Many of them students Bare been picked of in nationwide sweeps since a military Junta took Power today ago Bat Albori lies said to Ebnit have been freed or released on bail we Are very concerned about problems in army depots around the country. Intelligence reports say groans of men working against flip Repine plan to destroy Nti itary supplies and form rail arson in a spokesman for flip ruling National told reporters. Reliable diplomatic sources said the Council was More a Turoni Abrat mores against Flie roofing Girup by dissatisfied army officers Sun about violence from the left the Backbone of which has been broken for she tone being i sent gov Carter a Telegram indicating to delighted to help him clarify his position on such important issues As income taxes the deductibility of mortgage interest payments Federal spending programs and the defense the president said at his stops along his whistle Stop trip Ford attacked Carter on three of the four is sues income taxes Federal spending and defense cuts and the president Riding a Campaign train called honest told reporters we re just getting Wanned Ford also repeated a charge he made in thursday night s press conference when be accused Carter of slandering the nation by Daft nah g it was weak militarily and had lost the respect of other countries Ford s a tour by Nile whistle Stop tour takes him from Northern to Southern Illinois with seven speeches scheduled along the Way View from Everest Everest exy Edithw panes u the waifs Tab est mama m the expedite Chad or went to the Peak at feet oct. 8. The rest the expedite fend to Cmunt tits Udics with Reading Varia Antt Dkl Wmk m them have sail Tat taken a Fanti a member the a i Waist is Nuis me App Mcfern id at feet to t Are already making plans to a Carter said his Telegram asked the president to Stop misleading voters into think ing the democratic candidate would raise taxes for everyone earning Over f slash billion from the defense budget push for social programs costing at least billion and try to end tax deductions for homeowners mortgage interest. Carter told his news conference before making Campaign stops throughout Ohio that those who work for a living and report All their income for tax purposes would not have an increase in their taxes under a cart or presidency. He noted that his economic advisers have estimated that taxes could be Cut at All income Levels if the tax code was reformed to tighten tax shelters and other provisions that Carter considers loopholes Carter said he did not recall Ever endorsing a billion reduction in the defense budget As Ford charged in their foreign policy debate oct. 6 and in his White House news con Ference thursday. The los Angeles times and the Savannah morning news have said he did. The democratic candidate declared that he has said consistently through his Campaign that he favors defense cuts of five per cent or is billion to 17 billion. Asked about two news paper reports Carter replied i can t deny mat i Ever said that. 1 Don t Carter said that As president be would con tune mortgage interest and property tax de unctions. He acknowledged that he said during the Massachusetts primary that be might con Sider Niimi Patiag hum but be insisted that the following Day he made Clear that be opposed eliminating the deductions. Carter has not estimated How ranch new social programs would Cost. But he con tends economic recovery and elimination of waste could generate fat billion for social spending in Bis first term. He also has said he would balance the fed eral budget by 1s80 and would defer those pro Grams he could t finance with Revenue to avoid any general tax increase. On the inside. Andrew Aron of masted Falls laughs when he say he is not Blacksmith a Farrier. Usog a Combina Tow of wrestling grins administered with conviction i no join allows Ann to concentrate on polished and Cor rect match of foot and shoe. Ann s wife Cinderella look on. The Story and photos by Robert Hull Are in the us Day scene. Cincinnati wins 1 St series game today s Index All amt hones.b4 by Jess Mutry g-2 to g-4 omtractbrufe.b-7 cnuwwdpanie.e-7 a-4.a-5 .g1.e4.e3 Garth .g4 Uke u if.e-7 let s of Chanel will Charliee a siagtemmed.b-3 spans d-ltod4 Ofoma Yow birthday.b4 sunday scene camera.4 Petite etc.2 facts.4 prisoners hold 6 Canadian hostages Thunder Bay Canada a prisoners seized a Nan. A jail Matron and at least foot other hostages in an uprising last night at the Thunder Bay District jail near the North Shore of Lake Superior authorities reported. They said rioting inmates threatened to kill the hostages unless their were met reports from the maximal Security Ontario provincial prison were incomplete. One accent said More than 100 in mates were involved and they were aimed Wiidik jives. It was the third Canadian prison disturbance in recent weeks. Convicts late last month rioted and seized Bostater at the British Columbia part aviary on me Pacific coast and set Ere to a be Ostock at the Laval prison in Montreal Shanghai mobs urge rebel punishment from wire reports Belgrade Yugoslavia Kanji hundreds of of thousands of workers steamed into Shanghai s main Boulevard yesterday demanding punishment for Mao use Tang s widow and flow of Ber political allies the yugoslav news Agency Tan eng said Chiang Qirong and Ber three Radical Coue Agnes reportedly have been arrested for plotting a coup against Hua Kostag China s new com Ronsil party Dian Raoji and successor to Mao. The anti Cam Munsil Hong Kong a spa per Fai Potsaid yesterday bad received reports of dashes in four locations i clod Frog Shanghai Between regular army troops air supporting of radicals Fai report room nol be con firmed. Taug in a peking dated dispatch quoting Anion tired eyewitnesses n Shang Hai said the Dennis tractors clogged Sun Yal sen boatyard displaying caricatures of the four radicals red rags and portrait Sid Mao and pledging support to the Una regime. Thousands of others watched from rooftops and windows than eng reported. Dong was quiet yesterday but word of mass demonstrations elsewhere in China was filtering in to Che capital the yugoslav Agency reported. The Shanghai demons ration May Hare had added significance because the City China s most populous has been a Center for party radicals who demand ideological purify and denounce the pragmatic moderates As Folk emf the in Tokyo the Kyodo news service said some diplomats in peking a Thieve the fast moving political developments in the chinese capital con Clear the Way for a political comeback by Teng Hsiao Pink the pie Luiei busted by Mao earlier 8ns year. This speculation grows from the Surpris ing revival of a television film about the Henries of Annh tary commander beb eved to have been modelled on Teng As a Young nun Kyodo said. The television film first broadcast a january 1975, tells Ibe Story of a decisive Conn Monist Victory Over the nationalists Taring Ibe chinese civil War Kyodo said. Teng was among the commanders resp Psi ble for be Victory and one of the stars her Oes bears a sinking resemblance to ban the Agency said. A Western visitor who spent several cays in Shanghai said went on Faro Ngoot the Day Friday and resumed Early yester Day. He said the demonstrators plastered posters on bowl dogs along banking Road lie City s main thoroughfare and other streets. Staey put up caricatures of Mao s widow Chang Ching and Che three Shanghai leaders who composed the Radical group in the communist party s Central leadership. The Shanghai Leaden Are Chang qom Ciao Vang a tag we and Yao Wen Yuan. A Beu broke Loose the visitor told up in a Telephone conversation. "1 have never seen anything like it parking Road was impassable. Fere were at least people in those areas when i left yesterday afternoon and the crowd was Jettone bigger they plastered posters everywhere

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