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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 5

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Chronicle Telegram {Newspaper} - 1990-03-17,Elyria, Ohio C or Unicie Telegram Etc. A Eteter saturday March 17,1990 a-5 True Story that s Worth repeating hers is a Story Worth repeating. Not because of any particular heroism or Clever Story line. Worth repeating because it mirrors the struggle with chemical abuse Many individuals Are having today. The first thing one notices is this woman a Calm Serene exterior which gives no indication of the emotional and spiritual anguish she has been through. Nor do her Bright eyes winning smile and exuberance for life offer any hint of the intense personal struggle she has endured and so far won. Hers is a life and death drama whose outcome has been Hope. She said she was honoured to share her experience. A you really done to have something until you can give it away a she related. Quot what i live found i know Many suffering people Are looking for. Maybe what i say will encourage them and their a product of an upper Middle class family she explained that her life followed the course of an average 1970s teen. Good family excellent schools everything to look Forward to. Quot then i started to use pot a she continued. A it was innocuous. Everyone was doing it no big experimentation however was Jast a beginning. A soon i began using daily. Eventually i get enough to satisfy me. So i started to drink and use pot. True to form i needed a lot of alcohol to go along with the pot to get me As High As i wanted to be. In fact that became my daily a goal a get a in my More Lucid moments i saw my life and future slipping away like Sand through my fingers. Every time i tried to Stop using i failed. Each failure led to another denial of my problems. Another a was bad As things were they hit hopeless when i added cocaine to my menu. I became an alcoholic and an addict. Each Day was an emotional roller coaster. Self respect purpose a All values were Gerald Skutley pausing to Swallow hard and to wipe away a tear she went on with almost a reverence for her Story. Quot with Coke i was living in a self made hell. I Stop using i Stop drinking. One night i live with myself any longer. I decided to commit suicide by taking enough Grams of Coke to certainly kill me. However the dose did t kill me. I was scared silly spooked. Fouled up As i was i realized that something More powerful than Ray desire to die had taken Over my Fate. I was Flat out frightened. Numbed that something or someone was that close to me to be Able to a it took me awhile to turn that event into something positive. At first i attended a meetings just going through the motions. I figured alcohol drugs suicide attempt had not worked Why not try a. Meetings were great in helping me to find what i was missing a gratitude. I done to know Why it took me so Long to realize my Blessing of life but it did. Finally one Day i put Pride shame ego aside and said a thank you to whomever saved my life. Not too dense huh two years later i finally got it together enough to be with a big sue and air of Confidence she continued. A once my gratitude began the pieces started to fall in place. Slowly i started to accept myself for who i was. This was quite a change from years of being High and living with a distorted shaking drugs and alcohol Isnit so much my Story As the Story of a higher Power who let go of me. Every Day i Wake up i am thankful that my overdose did no to work. Its a mini Miracle i can to a i Hope my comments Haven to been too corny or Boring. Maybe they will help someone who is suffering through an anguish of drugs and alcohol. Possibly it will assist them in seeing the Grace and truth that is staring them right in the the far Side by Gary Larson Fodos tvs they her Date Book March 17, 1990 today is St. Patney s Day. It ii the 76th Day of 1990 and the 87th Day of Winter. T w t f s of today s birthdays Edmund Keon 1787-1833english actor Kate Greenaway 1646-1901english artist and Oul fior Bayard Ruskin 19121967american civil nights Lead for Frederick Brisson 1913-producer Mercedes Occam badge 1918-Octress Nat a King Quot Cole 1919-1965 today s Moon Between full Moon March 11 and last Quarter March 19. fifty years ago today mar. 17 1-9-4 Hitler leaves Berlin on an unexpected trip to meet with Dalys fascist Leader Mussoni in the United states he hebrew sheltering and immigrant Aid society begins a $1 million Lund drive to try to help jews leave the War zones of Europe source the associated press writing never gives aching feet the letter began with a question a do you recall an event from your childhood that first inspired you to write a the question was posed by a worthy organization called child a play Younng theatre. Its a professional theater company promo tag Fri tag literacy among children. To raise funds they re asking writers a will you please take a few minutes to help the cause of literacy by sharing your own memory with us a they plan to hold an auction and sell the writers responses. I d like to help their cause. But i have a conflict. On my Wall there is a quotation from Samuel Johnson that i try to live by. It says a no Man but a Blockhead Ever wrote except for so if i write something free for this worthy cause i will be a Blockhead. On the other hand id like to help them out. The solution is to answer their question in my column that Way they will have their answer and ill be paid. To answer their question yes i recall several events in my childhood and Young manhood that inspired me to become a writer. When i was a child my father was a Milkman those were the Days when most people had fresh milk Cream butter cheese and other Dairy products delivered to their doors each morning. Most of his customers lived in three Flats so he would grab a couple of Metal trays Load them with bottles and run up the Back Steps. During the summer when school was out i went along As his Helper cause i was Only 7, he had me handle Light first floor deliveries. Watching my father dashing up those Steps at 5 a.m., sweat pouring Down his face i Learned two things 1. Being a Milkman was hard work. 2. I did no to want to be a Milkman a few years later when i was about 12, i became my grandfathers Helper. He was an Independent House Painter. So 1 spent another summer vacation going with my Grandfather on jobs helping him with the drop cloths ladders scaffolds putting on masking tape and doing some painting myself this was before the Days of rollers and paint that could be washed off brushes with water. Painters prize their brushes like the Fine tools they were. They had to be thoroughly cleaned with chemicals. Working with my Grandfather i Learned several things. Painting Walls Wasny to bad although it could get tedious. Doing Woodwork and floors was murder on the Knees. Ceilings got paint in your face and a Crick in your neck. 1 also discovered that House painters drank a lot. My Grandfather and his cronies said that was Mike Royko because fumes from the paint were hazardous but shots and Beers were an effective antidote however one Day my Grandfather had too much antidote and fell off a scaffold and broke his leg. So i decided that i did no to want to be a House Painter. Besides i was a sly scamp and knew that you did no to have to paint ceilings to drink antidotes. After that i had other jobs setting Bowling pins working on a landscaping Crew in a Greasy machine shop a lamp factory and pushing carts around a department store. I Learned one thing from these jobs. They made my Flat feet Hurt so i decided that if i was going to find my life a work it would have to be something that make me run up and Down Steps get paint in my face or give me aching feet. Then while still a Young Man. I read a Magazine article about Ernest Hemingway the great novelist. It described his typical workday. He would arise have a bit of breakfast and write until about noon then he and a pal or two would get in his Cabin Cruiser and spend the rest of the afternoon sipping tall Cool ones and fishing. Except on Days when he did no to feel like fishing. He would write until noon and go sit at an outdoor cafe with his pals and sip tall Cool ones. This impressed me As a sensible Way to earn a living and that was when i began thinking about becoming a writer. But i almost changed my mind. I later saw another article about Hemmaway and there was a picture of him in the act of writing. His typewriter was on the mantel and he typed while standing. According to the article he always stood while he wrote. While that Wasny tas grueling As running up three flights with six quarts of milk and two pounds of butter i knew that standing Over a typewriter All morning do my fallen Arches any Good. So i gave up thoughts of becoming a writer and set a new career goal. I would become a disc jockey. I knew that they sat while jockeying their discs. And one of my teachers told me i had a natural gift for that sort of work. Actually she did no to say i should become a disc jockey. But she mentioned that i often babbled like an idiot so it amounted to the same thing. Fortunately i read still another article about Hemingway. And that one said that he wrote while standing Only because he had haemorrhoids and they Hurt More when he sat. That clinched it and i set out to become a writer and while i Haven to achieved Hemingway s Success the Job has never Given me aching feet. On the other hand i can modestly say that in be been compared with Hemingway Well sort of. Readers sometimes Tell me that in a a real pain in the whatchamacallit Yogi mine drug can help impotence dear or Gott in the past you have written about the drug Yogi mine for the treatment of impotence. Has any new information on this drug been released since then my husband is concerned about bleeding with ejaculation. His urologist says there a nothing to be concerned about yet we want to know if we Are dealing with a serious problem. Deli Reader Remato Permia blood in the semen is always abnormal although it May be caused by nothing More than a simple Prostatic infection that can easily be cured. However Remato Permia May also reflect a tumor in the reproductive tract so it should be investigated by a urologist. I done to disagree with your husbands urologist but id feel More comfortable if the doctor had or. Got been More specific about the cause of the problem. I think your husband should question him More carefully and demand More than Mere reassurance. Yogi mine a drug that can Aid impotence by improving blood flow to the pet is continues to be regarded As a valid treatment for certain forms of sexual dysfunction. It is available by prescription As aph Rodyne Yocson or to Timex. To give you More information i am sending you a free copy of my health report a impotence. Other readers who would like a copy should Send 25 with their name and address to p o Box s1369, Cleveland of 44101-3369 be sure to mention the title shoe by Jeff Macnelly mat 0 Luat to of tall a Tome May amt. Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau �/575v, up i know All of this has bbb f�u6h on you 501 ju5ti�jan1w to Callanam you mom How much i still Camfora i a a p0nn�5-7 Jhaj Mono us. Liam or a Oththo voice a i h g web not a355tan7. 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Sports enthusiast 46 rings of Light 49 Hijii friction 53 a Gershwin 54 sinew 56 Husbard and 67 fish Hub 58 Nobleman 59 relating to time 60 fish 6�?T clears 62 actress Hayworth Down 1 obscene 2 part of tie Eye 3 fuel 4 shouter 5 emitted coherent Light 6 not new 7 wheel projection 8 chess piece 9 Decamp 10 poetic fool 11 faithful 19 California county 21 Price per unit 23 if eco 24 Over the a 25 wild sheep 26 docs t exist 27 Vule 28 Iii the same place abbr 29 forfeit 30 cheers 33 custard 36 architect a Saarinen 38 asian Cle series of names 43 reply 45 Birds �?~1g phonograph i machine 47 waterless 48 path 49 stupid persons 50 Singer a the Kanard &1--first you Don t. 52 Creme a a Creme a s Ball a 1 i to Quot Quot 4 12 is a r 10 11 a a 24 25 26 31 35 40 p p i is 57 to. S Quot i Wil High i coi

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