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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 4

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Chronicle Telegram {Newspaper} - 1990-03-17,Elyria, Ohio Editorial Page chronicle Telegram Arnold Miller Mono Ging editor founded july 24, 1829 . Huc Nuh Publ her 1927-1950 Arthur d. Hudnutt publisher Ond editor Andrew v. Ruckman editorial Page editor saturday March 17,1990 a-4 rein in postal costs including benefits the United states postal service is the Best in the world. Yet if it is the Best and most efficient Why does the Cost of sending a letter keep going up faster than the inflation rate since 1960, the Cost of Stamps has increased 525 percent while the consumer Price Index has increased Only 325 percent. If the latest proposed 5-cent increase to 30 cents for a first class letter is implemented next year it would Cost More to Send a one Page letter across town through the mail than it would to fax the same letter Over the Telephone lines. According to the postmaster general the proposed increase is needed to offset the services biggest projected loss in history a roughly 1.5 billion. Keep in mind that the postal service had a $61 million surplus at the end of 1989 and during the first Quarter of this year they expect a s404 million surplus. What is going to happen to All that Money if the postal service does actually end the year with a ?1.5 billion deficit after having a surplus of $404 million that would mean the service would have to lose nearly 2 billion in roughly nine months. Something must be seriously wrong with the Way they Are doing business. Any company that goes from a $404 million profit to a $1.5 billion deficit that quickly is in serious trouble. If the postal service were a private company it would be Ripe for a hostile takeover or bankruptcy court. According to postal service representatives the projected losses Are due to bigger than expected operating expenses. Health Benefit costs for example have been going up at alarming rates Over the past two years and the service can to keep up with them under the present postal rates they say. The fact is several companies around this country Are faced with the very same problem of burgeoning health Benefit costs but they Are addressing the problem by adjusting their benefits packages not just by raising prices. It would appear that if the United states postal service while still the Best in the world were to be run More like private sector businesses it could control the out of control operating costs avoid raising postal rates and become even More efficient. Eugene w. Hubbard Eugene w. Hubbard helped hundreds of families attain Home ownership. He also was a financial officer who knew when to say no however kindly. His 60 years at Northern savings and loan ended with retirement As chairman of the Board. His career included Community service work both in Elyria and in his Home town of Avon where he was school Board clerk treasurer and Justice of the peace. Or. Hubbard died wednesday at the age of 82. Cuba uses kids As pawns Washington a 14-year-Oid cuban boy has come to symbolize the unrelenting Iron listed Rule of Fidel Castro. Alexander Menendez wants to leave Cuba to live with his parents in the United states but the cuban government won t let him. He can to even go to school. His Only offence is that his father Jose Alberto Menendez is a Well known defector. The elder Menendez is a former Trainer for the cuban National cycling team. He along with another Trainer and an Engineer defected in Panama in 1987. Alexanders Mother was allowed to leave Cuba in 1988, and she left her son in the care of his grandmother. Now he is the Pawn Castro to continue to punish the elder Menendez for defecting. Human rights watchdogs told our associate Scott sleek that Alexander and his grandmother attempted to go to the . Interest Section in Havana in december apparently on advice from a cuban immigration official. But the two were detained by cuban guards they were reportedly held in a state Security facility for several hours and now Alexander has been told that he cannot leave the country. Cuban officials tried to get the boy to sign a pledge to stay in Cuba but he ref used. So they expelled him from school and made him spend a week in Reform school. Alexander s ordeal reflects the typical tactics of a desperate Castro trying to hang on to repressive communist ideals while the world changes around him in 1983, Castro began letting political dissidents Leavi Cuba As Pari of a attempt to improve his human rights record but cuban authorities still make life miserable for their Reading opponents and when the authorities can t gel to those foes they go after the children last year we reported on the detention of a Young Man whose father and Uncle were leading dissidents. Sebastian Arcos Cazabon has been granted refugee status by the in s. Government and More than once he has to it Cen ready to Board a flight to Miami to join his Mother but each time he has been refused permission to leave Arcos the first cuban granted in s refugee status who has been to leave. His father. Sebastian Arcos and his Uncle Gustavo Arcos. Are leading human rights activists f us a and Arch in Estes of Castro Castro s unwillingness to let Young people leave f Uba to join their families has prompted an angry response on Cap thin column Wal Len by Ansir son and Dale Van Atti Jack Anderson Glt Milij amp fwd a so pts be Siew a a mss Lymm letters Lithuania a Captivity the chronicle Telegram Gorbachev has said that Lithuania is tied to the destiny of the soviet Union and that because so Many nationalities co exist there Independence is not practical. The truth is that the soviets forcibly occupied Lithuania id 1940, attempted to destroy the language and culture there in the years that followed and in a further move toward that aim introduced other nationalities into the country. Cattle trains took lithuanians to die in forced labor Camps. The country has been in the grip of an illegal government and an occupying Power for longer than Many people can remember a or appreciate. Perhaps that is Why lately in the West some commentators have toyed with the idea that it might be too a a later for Lithuania to be Independent because such Independence might a a destabilize Europe and Lithuania a captors a the soviets. A should Lithuania be free a they asked. Other ethnic groups evidently enjoy such popularity and favouritism that questioning Freedom for them would be unthinkable to the same commentators. The idea that there might be a valid argument for the soviets remaining As leeches on Lithuania taking food for themselves and whatever else they want is the sort of idea that one might expect from educated fools. Being a Small forgotten country for 50 years Lithuania now has that sudden Media attention that is often Long on intellectual arrogance and Short on common sense. But further arguments for keeping Lithuania Down have been replaced by attention on the russians a a destabilizing themselves in Moscow. After 50 years the lithuanians still speak lithuanian. They still sing the old National Anthem by the hundreds of thousands. And they still have Good reason to want the soviets out of their country. Cleve Canham Oberlin Bush a school goals a starting Point Itol Hili Sens. Robert Dole r-kan., Nancy Kassebaum r-kan., and Edward Kennedy d-mass., wrote Castro to demand that Alexander and the families of the men who defected with his father be allowed to join their loved ones catch the chemicals the United states spends billions of dollars each year on drug interdiction. Clearly intercepting deadly drugs before they hit the streets is important. But it would be More effective to intercept the chemicals that Are used in drug manufacturing. Most of them Are purchased on the open Market. Ethyl Ether used to process cocaine. It is legally produced by . Companies and exported to several South american countries. During a four year Span . Chi Iii Cal companies exported More than metric tons of Ether to Colombia. That was four times the total amount shipped to other a atm american nations then mysteriously exportation of Ether to Colombia virtually stopped overnight curiously dramatic increases were noted in exports to venez Uela and Panama at the same time that Points to diversionary tactics by the cocaine cartels. Necessary a slew of Federal programs face the budget a on Capitol Hill but at least one program will get More in this Era of less the House t ethics Coni Milter is asking for il.5 million in operating for 1990 four limes the amount of last year the Eosin ire swelling because of a new offic of advice ind kid cation. Which Inu Fprd House rules for Mern lers o of a ingress the ethics panel issued More than 100 advisory opinions in fat Ltd Cen text alone. Up of Tjo Calls a Day it Orne into the office in addition to 1 1 or 20 letters mini eni Toual the soviet a Nion recently Srnel four helicopters to Nicaragua Hult Don t worry the soviets say the ire stoutly for civilian Isif and trial mos Chiw is not the runs buildup in Nicaragua now about Thise six fighter planes that the soviets Rry a Ort edly sent to Cuba recently whal possible a civilian use will the cubans find for them now that the fold War is supposed to lie Over Quot in his state of the Union message president Bush announced six National educational goals for the country. They were dismissed by some As rhetoric by the a education but he backed them with a proposal to spend $500 million More on head Start. And goals set needed standards. On feb. 25, All governors formally agreed to them making them True american goals for education which they rightly said will require a sweeping fundamental As governor John Mckernan or. Of Maine put it a we will be looking at year round schools and a lot longer school Day if we Are Why is it important to set educational goals almost every state in recent years has passed a comprehensive educational reforms which increased teacher salaries and created Quot career ladders for teachers required More courses for High school graduation and some states allowed parents to choose the schools to Send their kids. But few states set specific goals for their educational reforms. Not surprisingly there a no change in International competitiveness in math in dropout rates or an increased readiness of some to enter first Grade. Therefore the goals set standards a reorienting schools so they focus on results not procedures a said the governors. What Are the goals 1 Quot by the year 2000, All children in America will Start school ready to two decades after head Start was authorized to help 3 and 4-year-Olds who Are at risk Only 30 percent of the eligible Are served. Winston Churchill said that putting milk into babies is the finest investment a Community can make. Yet millions come to school hungry. Others speak More Spanish than English. If these handicaps Are not faced before kindergarten a it is almost impossible to compensate fully for the failure later on a Ernest Boyer president of the Carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching told the governors at their conference. More Federal Aid is crucial if a fall disadvantaged and disabled children Are in preschool and get the a nutrition and health car 2 a by the year 2000, the High school graduation rate will increase to at least 90 percent a is a major goal. A third to a Quarter drop out in most states. But loses Only 10 percent of High school kids. Boyer visited Urban schools across America and said �?o1 was struck by the Way most students moved face Lessly from class to class unconnected to adults a climate of anonymity. Many of today s teenagers drop out simply because no one noticed that they had in fact dropped what can be done to achieve the goal last year 1 put a spotlight on Minnesota a a a choices program which enables High schooners to attend any High school they wish and special it Ichum is aimed at dropouts have opened. This proves the love Minnesota has for kids what about your schools Michael Mcmanus 3 a by the year 2000, american students will leave grades 4, 8 and 12 having demonstrated competency Over challenging subject matter including English mathematics science history and geography and every school in America will ensure that All students learn to use their minds Well so they May be prepared for citizenship and productive that a a great goal but the president and the governors utterly failed to come to grips with the key Issue a measurement of the National assessment of educational Progress is a Good yardstick to use but Congress passed a Law prohibiting use locally. Why did t the president or the governors Call for repeal 4 Quot by the year 2000, . Students will be first in the world in mathematics and science toward that goal the governors set an objective of a 50 percent increase in math and science teachers. How full College scholarships should be Given to those who return As math or science teachers. Boyer suggested a corporations have a delayed entry program to permit math and science grads they recruit to teach 2-3 years before starting their careers with special bonuses when they come. 5 Quot by the year 2000, every adult american will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills to compete in a global Economy a another grand goal but the governors had few ideas about How to achieve it. An honest answer is that it will require big new Federal state and local funding. Work on adult literacy is done by volunteers now. 6 a by the year 2000 every school in America will be free of drugs and violence and offer a disciplined environment conducive to How the Best answer was not suggested character education that actually teaches honesty courage punctuality. Winter zeros bottle farm dear edit has been a Long time since Winter Zero Swartzel has crossed my mind and i am not sure just Why he now moved into the motion picture of my memory. I think 1 wrote about. Winter Zero some time Back but 1 cannot find the Story in my file that is another of those things that i have always intended to do but hav not accomplished Index the coir tons by topics. Maybe tomorrow i assume a Winter Zero was a non de plume simply it is so ridiculous. I never Learned his real name a Hough i visited his incredible farm any ii met r of times we were living in Fairborn Ohio at the tune and someone in or Circle of friends had told about a visit to the bottle farm i was in the newspaper business writing a Oli inn among other duties and on the Lookout for the unusual a bottle farm a i asked a what m the world is bottle farm a a rambling description followed with directions to find the place location is of no particular importance now even if it still exists which i doubt tins being nearly f>0 years ago in All probability it is a subdivision by this time. We drove there int wiped into line with a Host of automobiles travelling to the same destination and were waved into a Farmer s Field doubling 3s a parking lot and continued on foot to the bottle farm a was flabbergasted. There were possibly 10 acres in the farm with a crumbling 19th Century farmhouse As the Point of Central focus. The acreage was a Forest of posts dead Trees Iron pipes driven into the ground at Odd angles. And hanging from tied to and upside Down on All of this assortment were bottles bottles. Blue bottles Green bottles Clear Glass bottles. Milk bottles wine bottles whiskey bottles. Any Glass Container you can imagine. Jallon jugs five gallon flasks Medicine bottles not much larger than your thumb. Some swayed in the wind As it gushed Over the land and those that Hung upright produced an orchestration of sound beyond description As the wind crossed the open Mouths. Weird was not the word for in. You were free to walk around the place at your , with the ending up at the farmhouse. We Ltd entered the Only door that was open <0 be greeted by Winter Zero in person. A full length coffin was leaning against the facing Wall and Winter Zero in a Complete dress suit half stood half leaned inside the coffin beside him was a Small Fern stand on which there was a brass Container with half a dozen Dollar Bills giving you a silent invitation. I recall Winter Zero with affection. Has anyone else figured out How to make a living with a smaller investment and less Effort As Ever Bob Choate

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