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Chronicle Telegram (Newspaper) - March 4, 1924, Elyria, Ohio Koe four the chronicle Telegram or my my health officer or. G. E. French to cited the Board of Educa regarding the Duck Teet Tor pupils in the Public the Board had Given for cards to be sent to parents asking that they give to fear consent that the test should to made. Later the Board re a tided that action after Reading that a number of children in a Massachusetts City had been affected by the use of serum that had been Frozen. Or. French told the Board that the children in Massachusetts were not affected by the Schick were o March 3, at the w. K c rooms forty nine members were present the began at 5 30 Nith a pot Luck supper after the election of officers took mrs l lob Osier stood Hight St Lor president mrs a g irs f j Lehman mrs o e j Peabody tied for second place for j lire president each Rea on i for not accepting the office the matter referred Back to the non lating committee for further consider Arion with Power to tall j. New election or make an appointment mrs h Chan elected As mis c r co n nos As j c Havgar is to Garror m to Susan human As so Nimg Manon Metcalf. Mrs Henry bows Pareha alien and mrs l h Trufant As dire orb at urge the e Section was carried on by of lot and nominations were receded from the floor those Recer my tue two were noted on again and the highest winning mrs. A r comings an interesting and detailed Secretary s Leport mrs j c. Sanger gave the treasurers report is Yin was a balance of left last Vear and a membership of two Hundred and thirty irs ii a Miller the retiring pr3--i Dent talked on women b dul. In which was great in pure i Mit the Tan on t for for it wet 6c f a s f t run pain or p heal spot and any for 1 Abra Hea othe elem ence Ertz flame Betti that Teneil drug othe ment state briefs Glouster o mar 4 next time h h Caroon flame lends his Auto to to use he s gome to keep it Lum Seli in other words a vow hell not let am one use Nis car. The other a found tha new Auto with four Gallons of Moonshine m it stance communicated facing arrest and confiscation of the car under prohibition and proved however to the satisfaction of authorities it was in Possession of a Friend he permitted to use on a special occasion allegedly mis represented. Chau Accey o alar 4 j Gardner former Western Hunter of big game has thrown a panic into the count Side Here he re ports he heard the screens of a Panther in the h los near Nis Home several nights the store is Erven credence because of gamers with Sach animals. Columbus o mar 4 Notor cycles and autos asked for by Polce chief Frenca w Aen he appeared before Council with an annual report of his depart ment. The present equipment is worn out the chief there were 10 901 persons arrested his Force in 1923 of which were women nabbed 1331 of the total and the uni formed Ponce the american citizens arrested numbered Columbus a less than five percent of a foreign Popala Athens of Mir 4 officers a Teri e Field arid declared it the finest National ii ipod o it t in of o Ard tap third in the United Sta is. The Compani office red Arne to pined of o Tunnero to Stulen s and its personnel is students exhibit unique War prison Money March 4 Iaone a of the Central european Coant nes has just Baen received it the Library according to Libra Rian a s Root through the k and Ness of Rex Sidney Strong Ocse attle Washington. The collect on i on Tams German paper Money j ranging in values from one Ponig Marks and also j Lon Tama some Money of the Lous cites of Germany in different some of which Are As High jobs Marks i of special interest is a unique i collection of 3j varieties of 1 Money issued by each of the ims on Camps in Germany during the me this made pos the Pui Chase of supplies by Ruso nere and was valid Only in the specific Camp for hich it was printed for tins reason the Pris oii3rs escaping Coald use it no else and by the attempt to do so he could be caught lie collection includes paper Tioney trom Poland Czecho s Ovakian Roum Araa bul Garia Turkey and Russia in All there Are More than 200 or. Strong sent Alst a Ien. Selection of postage Tan is of the different counties through which he Tia Velea it is hoped in a Short time to make an exhibit of the Money is sued Foi the Puson Camps Saj or. Review. Fise Lii it tale i anc1 Small cakes. The proceeds of Friday ing for the Benuit of the High school amounted to dollars our Lin of Kylix to or and mrs Ben Seakin of mor Gan Street february 29, a. Girl the members of be Ceicle Francais will be the guests of i the French. Club faculty at an Tea at the Home of mrs Homer 191 Elu Street at 4 00 Atter Noor this will take the we of he regular 1 meeting of the club there we be Rames and a special program was the program of the classical club meeting helu monday night at 272 Oak Street Leora of 241 Elm Street is a Eno ulv ill Puli Pincu Sonia informal talks Anous Mcm constitute the program Toa meeting o. The Geurian t us thursday at 4 30 us Council 1 in a. B Chesbro of 4" Vine Street has recent j h s business Thane upon the of urls savings Bank company la Senorita Laburre is the title of a to be by the so dried club thursday at 4 so m Hal the cast is made in c Ltd Ely of first and second eur two Rommert picture Are being presented in this week fun i an a is How n tuesday and wednesday at the Apollo the atre this picture stars mrs to Al lace Reid in her tight against the urns traffic which killed her Nus band a comma Talmadge in ashes of is shown Yesda a and thursday in Finney Clipfel by the better Board this is a picture of the time of the French Resolution Anna Louise Strong an Oberlin graduate in 1905 who has spent some time in Russia and just returned is to sneak in Council Hall at 4 00 o clock miss Strong is the author of the Oberem Almima Tor end also Oeth latest i ook about the Nev russian govern ment entitled. For the first the in history she has also had a i in recent issues of the new Jal and the nation. She is to be on the Campus for two or three Days and efforts Are being made to i have her or wore than the j one speech thurs no after noon. I miss Ruth Abbot will give an organ1 recital in Finney Chapel wednesday afternoon at Vith the program including selections from the following compos ers Bath Frank Yon Jossi g. W. Andrews and Bonnet professor k. W. Re turned sunday night lec 1 Ture trip to Washington d. C and j Greenville s c. In Washington he poke to the City music teachers club and in ills he lectured on the subject music in the Home before the com i Unity club and on music As a civic asset before the boosters c us of the Greenville chamber of Bucyrus. O mar. Take rav hollow Nho broke from mrs Frankie Freese sheriff of Cawford count two Jears to out his Fine a t the Dayton workhouse. He fined on a charge i when caught after his escape and 8259 also for Resis Ting an Freese his Auto was sold and Money he Pps messed when arrested confiscated i to reduce the total fines and costs i colonial today theatres roads Lead to Reno which is the title of the picture now being shown at this theatre. It shorn s the follies of the divorce Laws and tells the experiences of a couple Are married divorced and what Fol Lowed m a peculiarly interest big manner it is a real inside Story of a Good Anil a Fine feature too Christie a picture taken from Eugene o Neill s Piaf the Story of a girl who through circumstances be came no Sre should have been and who concludes that she hates All the men. A Fine Young Man not knowing past in love her she tvs to a Oid him and Usu i a scr he am t Good enough for me it s me am t Good enough for him also a Good corned and the Pathe news. Veil an s if Jou like action Don t i this one it s a thrill i a and is the kind of a picture t1 at keeps of rendering what is to happen next. It is a great Ston full of thrills. Also Bil Maahs and his eight piece Bard from me land direct from Une. Fla tuesday. Of him w5th a he escapes funds nil sweetheart who has been kidnapped and a terrific fight takes place Ever thing is Sun Shine on finish. Glouster of. Mar 4__ weak school districts of Athens count go t Hecks i so s90 Duling the last for the state Treasur Athens i county schools have been helped to the extent of about this year by Tho state but As Imus More later in the Spring will be needed. Lucve Ami department formerly in eel Heie and the names of the two men became confused. Patrolman Jenkins of it Cleveland arrested on a charge of Reu iving stolen pro is not from this try a my in the chronicle stated in last night s paper pa-1 Telegram want columns. A Good thine m1s8 it. 9 o Send tout atom Tod to draw Phinij Kritun together with 5 cents and Ftp to Chamberlain Medicine co and receive m return a trial package containing Chat Atterlin i cough themed for coughs croup bronchial flu and whooping Coughi and tickling Throat Chamberlain i Stem Ach and Lirar tablets for stomach Trou ind ignition Gutty that crowd he Aud constipation. Salve needed every funnily for Burna to Alec piles ind affections these valued family Medici by for Yalj 5 Crota. Don t Jubb it do know you Aue Al i Jed by Youk stationery As Well As my 1oir clothes see the Xiv club Parchment in Olla m1mkw the Loomis company jus a Western Story depicting a fake Stock Selling schema under the guidance of the Bandit Queen. She a Young Engineer who to hone his influence Sells much Stock and she puts up a x l Lump a ton Cash the Murbach Coal Supply co. Phone 2224 ii Sicura soap and mini Orient promote hair health shampoo regularly with Cutic Urasoe and keep your Scalp clean and healthy. Before Sham Pooing touch spots of Dan drug Sanditch. Ing if any with our Cuba out meet. Andrws Hoji 353 Milan 41 Xii sold til come our s Baring Stock. Call 2962 on the phone for expert dry cleaning and pressing by Grade tailors 311 Broad Street Pur Benio deling ladies work a specially soft Cloried Walls that Wash Oberlin Llarch i of Anis will open the debating sea son Tor Oberlin thursday night Western Reserve in Verbit a .11 be met both in Oberlin and a Cici Eland m a debate Over the question of America s joining the league of nations. The negative v 11 at Home and meet the i in first Church at 7 50 this team will be composed i or a m r. Mcgill Leon c Lew Anc o i and Ralph m. Andrews the affirm acne team for Ober Lin Mads lip of Normaa . I Rob is on ice comb and Clapton in will debate in the or Mats of Columbus Hall m on Euclid Venus at grand today tomorrow Only Rupert Dene Lew Cody Carroll George walk of Retro to a Goldwyn picture the greatest american drama in years Yeager 4-l Type Concrete mixer new by proved spark plug no More every second. Specifications inches diameter. Cubic feet per Batch. By gears freely operated. Steel made of angles and channels. Steel 24" i beam supports. Loader of room for Batch unloads quickly. H. Hopper cooled. Or. Will pay Jou to inspect these machines. We carry be eral sizes in Stock at our warehouse. The Elyria belting machinery co. Phone East of Williams Street p. 16" oscillating elec. Each soft tints that so perfectly with the room s can be washed with Plain and water. You can keep Velum not tinted Walls is spotless As if they non porous Flat Oil Wall it forms a Hardy coat on the Wall that dust dirt or grime cannot penetrate and that even grease does not a few minutes with a Damp cloth Jfe Osithe place of Many a the Flat soft the Vogue. White and sixteen Beautiful Studard hardware co. To 10opybiqht 1923 Pitt Bunah plate treatment for Throat raw sore inflamed throats can be greatly relieved by Lse of vaporizing s Here is a simple yet cite the of to treat a Tore Throat. Gagle with warm Salt water three tics a. Abo Swallow slowly every few Houn teaspoonful of Vicks. At night apply Over the Throat upper Chest rubbing Well n. Spread on thickly and cover with a flannel cloth. Body heat releases the inter menthol camphor Euca Lyp tar the form of my Tapon inhaled All directly to the affected aft at mom time Vicks is to barbed i my Tow skin hit a Liri dry wac out h my Clust Coldi my foe r acid by audiences of Man Reserve has to torn t debating of i i 1 first defeat in is on the r own floor. This i v it first debate for the of f ii. And probably their will Meef m a similar debate this j time the if irmamae arguing at Home who e the negatives journey to Delaware third debate is scheduled this l in the form t t Oberlin. Obe Tuv t i it holds its Glrst might Oberlin March 4 of women s club Luid to non an Nual guest night saturday t ening at the High school the program began with a Plaj Iuvone by of the Jub entitled the diabolical after this a grand March took place in the gym Namm in Nurith one Hundred and fifty took part the in gala reel the old fashioned Square dance called off by r. C. Graham Ana tha old Waltz were enjoyed 10 30 when party broke up. Over three Hundred and were Norrod to ice Cream i Ore those men love pm i hate pm. I Tell hated pm. Hated pm. Had pm and Jou re just like the rest. You can to a both of Jou. Ain t i Tol i a million times i hate All men Rosa Ponselle s first Victor record Aida Mitoma inc Tor Reti irn victorious Verdi in italian Aida-0 Patriot my native land Verdi in italian 1u4 Smi Lucid no. Good news for All Vic Tor record buyers. Distinguished Soprano of the metropolitan opera joins ranks of great Vic Tor artists. Watch for her new records. Hear this one sop Viso Good comedy and Pathe Newt conic not thursday boy of mine show coming Tiik court ship of m1lb8 stand id Ray Victor Towb try better store lighting at our expense we know there is profit for every Mer chant in really Good lighting. Not just enough Light to see by but enough to sell by. Not More than three merchants in ten have that kind of lighting. Our trial installation plan gives every merchant full Opportunity to find out for himself whether he really has Good lighting or not gives you a first hand idea of the appearance convenience and Benefit of the kind of lighting provide with the modern Delta Stor elites. All at our expense this offer is thinking about. It is open Only until March 13th. Phone for a demonstration today. Prompt action is the easiest Way to avoid Chance of disappointment. The Ohio Public service company this free trial installation offer to merchants will be open Only until March 13th twelve months to pay. O

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