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Elyria Chronicle Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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Chronicle Telegram {Newspaper} - 1982-12-13,Elyria, Ohio Poland to rescind last of martial Law Lech Walesa speech on wednesday Warsaw Poland a the government today asked parliament to suspend most remaining martial Law restrictions imposed under the sweeping military crackdown exactly one year ago the move came one Day after martial Law chief Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski promised to ease most restrictions by years end. Today a proposal virtually guaranteed passage by the rubber stamp Sejm or parliament would lift most controls Jan. 1. The polish head of state Henryk Jablonski told the Sejm that restrictions to protect polish Security and the socialist Economy would remain in place but after Jan. 1, the government would Grant partial amnesty to poles who played minor roles in the nations 16-month social and economic crisis restrictions on Public gatherings would be lifted and the right to strike would be restored within the narrow guidelines set Forth in the Sejm a Trade Union Law passed oct. 8, Jablonski said. That Law banned the Independent Solidarity labor movement which was suspended with the martial Law decree dec 13, 1981. The ban on Public gatherings through december could preclude official approval of a speech Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa plans to give wednesday in Gdansk on the 12th anniversary of food riots there in which scores of polish workers were slain. Wednesday also is the first anniversary of the slaying of nine workers at Wujek Coal mine in Silesia. The victims were participating in an occupation strike to protest the imposition of martial Law. A the year which has passed was a great test. We have passed it a the polish Premier and defense minister said m a nationally televised speech sunday the eve of the first anniversary of the sweeping military crackdown that effectively crushed Solidarity suppressed 16 months of social upheaval and sharply increased East West tensions. A we have got the worst behind us a Jaruzelski said. The general a using the same clipped precise language with which he declared martial Law said the a Basic Rigours Quot of military Rule a will cease to function by the end of this year. A this will be a weighty step towards Complete lifting of martial Law a Jaruzelski said a it is simply impossible to jump into full a i do Promise one thing a Jaruzelski declared a anarchy will not be allowed into in a reference to the Solidarity underground organization Jaruzelski said a the enemy a actions have not stopped. So we cannot afford yet to renounce All the extraordinary a no one in Poland or abroad should labor under any illusion that the current decisions will allow a further round of social and labor unrest he said. Solidarity was suspended when Jaruzelski declared martial Law. Parliament enacted a new labor Law oct. 8 that outlawed the Independent Union replacing it with smaller labor organizations under stiff government control. The martial Law chief said some measures to protect state Security and the Economy would remain in effect but did not say what those measures were. He also said officers would remain i major factories to prevent sit Down strikes. Many of the harshest martial Law restrictions have been lifted including a curfew restrictions on Telephone communication bans on Domestic travel and censorship of foreign news dispatches. A ban on Public gatherings remains and other Long Range government controls have been implemented. Without giving a timetable Jaruzelski said amnesty for interned Solidarity activists and martial Law offenders will be considered and that a internment will cease to be refugee recalls Rise fall of Solidarity Chicago a one year ago today. Andrzej Jar Makowski stood in a Small crowded cell in a polish prison listening As a voice on a tiny Loudspeaker broadcast the obituary of the Independent Trade Union Solidarity. It was the first Day of a journey that eventually led him into exile 5,000 Miles from Home. Like hundreds of others who fled Poland following the martial Law crackdown Jar Makowski has watched his Peoples struggles from a foreign land. Today More than any other Day he will remember what happened in the Early morning darkness of dec. 13, 1981. A the Security men came to my apartment just after Midnight Quot Jarmakowski recalled speaking through an interpreter. Quot they told me to pack up and come with them that martial Law was imposed and i was going to jail. A they took me in a Van just me and a few Security guards a he said a through the window i could see lots of other vans almost a motorcade. It w As All the other people who were being rounded up and taken to Jarmakowski a 30-year-old history professor was arrested for his work with Solidarity. He had grown up in an atmosphere where opposition to the government was considered natural even for children. During student strikes in March 1968, Jarmakowski was a teen Ager. But he joined in. A i went out in the streets and threw stones at the militia. Everybody did As an undergraduate at Gdansk University he was involved with a dissident group record number face foreclosure dealings Jav Washington a a record number of american homeowners a about 167,000 individuals and families a were facing foreclosure proceedings As the recession continued in the third Quarter of this year a lenders group says. On the other hand the group also reported on sunday that the percentage of people who were late on their mortgage payments declined in the Quarter. Mark j. Riedy. Executive vice president of the mortgage Bankers association of America called the drop in payment delinquencies a Welcome news in View of the continued worsening employment situation across the he said delinquency rates usually Rise when the unemployment rate rises As it did in the third Quarter. The jobless rate estimated at 9.5 percent in june Rose to 9.s percent in july held steady in August then increased to 10.1 percent in september according to government figures. A my feeling is that there has been a shake out of people who Are going to be delinquent Quot Riedy said in the mba report. A in other words the most vulnerable borrowers have been recorded in the past As delinquencies and Are now somewhere in the foreclosure he noted new foreclosure proceedings were begun on 0.22 percent of Home Loans in the third Quarter up from 0.2 percent in the second a if unemployment continues to Rise or if unemployment Benefit programs Are exhausted we May yet see delinquencies Rise again Early in 1983,�?T he said. The chronicle Telegram 225 Eam Avenue p 0 Ros 401 1 Yliria ohio4- l 36 ii spa in Oso dec. 13,1982 no. 347 scrod Pic stage in Aid in ,0 daily do Cpl Chri Tea by the count it printing ii publishing Carh pan 22i Vapnik Foo b�x40l0 Elena 0 single a find daily 25-, to Home of liver by id Rich i Iii i sunday j1 is per week a adult motor Rotili r>e1i\ery daily i sunday 58 4li per month in a Abc in and and Midi within Uii Itcik states daily amp sunday Tiol 40 per year Paya hip in Advance postmaster Send address Cofia tics to the Cir Oracle Telegram. 225 East ave. Pobo 41t 0 Elyria. 0 440,16 phones elyria29-7dtto Lorain 24<-6295 cd Evelind 7i-3734 or 77 -5j45 classified Bol line 329-7170 Cire Lipior hot lint 3s.73 Loans with payments 30 Days or More past due declined to 5.48 percent in the third Quarter from 5.56 percent in the second the report said. It said Loans in the foreclosure process Rose from 0.58 percent in the second Quarter to 0.62 percent in the third. That translates into about 167,400 of the 27 million Home Loans outstanding nationwide. The fact that such proceedings have begun does not necessarily mean actual foreclosure will occur with a Lender taking position of a Home. A lower interest rates have helped and will help homeowners in distress by taking the pressure off those who Are forced to sell Riedy said. The report said its figures were based on a Survey of More than 8 million Home Loans on residential properties with one to four units. The Loans were being serviced by mortgage Bankers commercial Banks savings Banks savings and loan associations and life insurance companies it , a amp is cautious Over markets from Page a-1 Money Market accounts. As much As 80 percent of All deposits in the new accounts could come from existing accounts he said. Likewise Stanley Pijor chairman of Lorain National Bank predicted that half of the new accounts could come from established savings. Most Bankers agreed they Are approaching the new account cautiously for several reasons one being that Federal banking regulations Are still changing and another being that they re hoping to make the Money available As Loans to local residents and businesses. A ideally Well be Able to get this Money out in local Loans a said a1 Murphy vice president for marketing at Elyria savings amp Trust National Bank. Murphy cautioned however that the amounts of Money travelling into the newly created accounts May not be substantial Given Lorain county a Economy. Quot there will be lots and lots of advertising a he said. A but this is still tied to a limited portion of the Market people who have $2,500 to play with a that aided workers fired for striking. Later while an assistant professor he helped publish an underground Magazine but like better known Union Leader Lech Walesa Jarmakowski climbed into the spotlight when he scaled the Fence of the . Lenin shipyard in Gdansk in August 1980. In the Heady Days that followed what started As a symbolic protest against the firing of a dissident worker blossomed into a strike. The demands were the most Radical put Forward by workers in the soviet bloc free Trade unions and curbs on censorship and the Primacy of the communist party. A we started distributing leaflets at 5 a.m.,�?� Jarmakowski recalled. A we finished by nine and by 11 we were thinking of More demands. The response was enormous so we thought a lets try More.�?� the govern sent yielded aug. 31. In the euphoria that followed there no thought that Solidarity might have gone too far. A we were convinced that we weren tasking that much a Jarmakowski said a we realized the government might take some action but we had passed a Point of no return. We Back Down a though the government of Gen. Wojiech Jaruzelski gave hints of a crackdown its timing was a Surprise Jarmakowski said. Solidarity leaders expected it closer to Christmas when the Union would have trouble organizing new strikes. Jarmakowski an organizer of Solidarity s first a National Congress and later a director of its office in Gdansk was taken to a prison near the City. The prisoners subsisted on a meager diet a a we talked about How Nice it would be to have a Good cup of soup a he recalled a and found bitter humor in the governments pronouncements. A Jaruzelski said that from now on we would have peace and order a he recalled. A we laughed. We knew what that in the months before martial Law As Many As 150,000 people fled Poland according to David Wilke a spokesman for the polish american group Poost. Some resettled in Australia Canada and the United states while Many remain in refugee centers in Austria. But after the crackdown the torrent of refugees slowed to a trickle perhaps a few Hundred in the past year. Offered the Choice of exile or an indefinite prison term Jarmakowski with his wife and 4-year-old son left the country. Andrzej Jarmakowski a Solidarity worker now living in exile in the United states reads to his son Michal 4, in their Chicago Home. Jarmakowski brought his family to the . After being offered the Choice of exile or an indefinite prison term by polish authorities. A Ali boy Oliver cast in Eastern Seaboard snowed in by the associated press frigid weather moved into the Eastern Seaboard today where memories of last weeks record High temperatures were buried under As much As a foot of Snow from North Carolina to Maine. The seasons first major snowstorm moved out to sea sunday after clogging roads closing airports and causing scattered Power outages. The weekend storm spread a Broad Swath of rain sleet and Snow from Northern Mississippi to new England. At least seven deaths were blamed on icy roads including five people in Ohio on saturday and one each in Tennessee and Virginia on sunday. About 500 tourists were stranded sunday night on Nantucket Island 30 Miles off the Massachusetts a Inland where 12 inches of Snow closed the islands Airport and halted ferry service. High winds and Gale warnings also closed ferry service at three locations on North Carolinas outer members of a sunken Rockland Maine fishing vessel were rescued from their life raft sunday by another boat in seas driven by 40 mph winds 90 Miles off Chatham mass. Hamilton Ontario a Kevin Stolman had a Little Surprise for the rest of the Callboy chorus in the musical �?ooliver.kevin is really Karen and she had been passing herself off As a boy for two months of rehearsals. Karen 10, maintained the ruse among the 14 boys until Friday when her father. Or. Lewis Stolman finally told director Peter Mandia. Benson amp Hedges Only 6 my yet Rich enough to be called deluxe. Regular and menthol open a Box today warning. The surgeon Genera has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health 6 my Quot Law 0,6 my per cigarette by Etc method

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