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El Paso Herald Post Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1964, Page 34

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El Paso Herald Post (Newspaper) - September 4, 1964, El Paso, Texas Section b Friday Sapt. 4,1964 Inez Robb Pagan Lel paso Herald Post editorials sports comics markets classified Willow Tea could cure adolescent beat Litis by Inez Robb new York a from time to time i read nostalgic articles mourning the Panage of the old fashioned american Home with both basement and attic the Friendly front porch the Carriage House the by window the Porte cohere the Nouveau Art Den and the Furnace room where the Winters Supply of Coal was delivered Ines Robb just about this time of year. As a child i lived in a House with a Good Many of these appurtenances. However our Home also had another common appendage of the time. That was a woodshed used to store logs and kindling and restore order in the Young. It was an honoured disciplinary enclave where in extremist Willow team was administered to children who were so lost to reason that Only Stern parental measures could bring them to their senses. The modern House or Home 11 push Button efficiency cold angularity and Antiseptic detachment is increasingly blamed for a Good Many of the family s and of society a current ills. However this indictment of the split level House scarcely seems fair when the american family managed to remain Loyal upright and Law abiding through such trying architectural periods As american gothic and California Bungalow. The Crux of the problem is that with the Rise of the ranch Type House and the Oil Burner the woodshed disappeared and so did civilized behaviour in the Young. Since the return of the beatles to these shores i have been thinking wistfully of launching a Campaign for the return of the woodshed to every american Home. It ought to be As mandatory As the mortgage. When the beatles were Here earlier this year i could find nothing wrong with them that a Crew Cut cure. Same today. In Demeanour and deportment they still seem Light Miles Superior to their squalling syn drome fans. There is something terribly wrong with the split level american Home when for instance 100 new York City police. Badly needed elsewhere in regular police work must be assigned to maintain order among hysterical squealing adolescents fighting to get near the beatles at Airport their hotel and the scene of their Public engagements. Once More i watched a beatle performance via television. Once More it was obvious that the four were playing musical instruments Ami that they must be singing since their lips moved. But once again it was impossible to hear a sound they made because the kneeling squealing syndromes drowned out whatever it was the beatles were playing or singing. Since the passing of the woodshed adolescence is no longer As defined in websters new collegiate dictionary a the state of growing up from childhood to manhood or womanhood youth or the period of life Between puberty and adolescence today is both a profession and a disease cultivated and prolonged by the Young whose elders have thrown in the sponge of discipline and responsibility. Hundreds of the squalling Little monsters i saw on to were in the 12-to-15 year Oil bracket a far ter too Young to be permitted to roam City streets a chaperoned and far far too old to be permitted to behave like squalling infants. Perhaps even More than the modern Home needs a woodshed it needs parents in it who Are willing to maintain Familian Law and order and rear their Young in a civilized Mold. If they can House break Mem they can surely beatle break Mem. Revolting As these hysterical adolescents Are they Arentt a Patch on their parents. If the woodshed is Ever revived its the parents who should be taken there first and Only then a lick and a Promise of better behave or for the kids i Coin machines gobble up change snakebite victim improved a 12-year-old boy bitten on the leg by a Rattlesnake last tuesday. Remained in critical but slightly improved condition at Thomason general Hospital today. He is Jose Granada of the Neely farm in the lower Valley. He was bitten at the farm. By Loretta Overton a Tot with a Piggy Bank can get Rich Quick these Days. Why because doting relatives Are Apt to feed dollars rather than Nickles to Porky. Nickles Are too precious. Anyone who has Ever stood in front of a parking meter with nothing but paper Cash knows that dollars Are practically useless. As vending machines gobble up coins by the pocketful Small change shortages Are occurring throughout the country. Federal Reserve Bank cashier t. C. Arnold said that in Elpaso a the Coin situation is pretty there is rarely a shortage of dimes or pennies but Nickels and quarters Are sometimes hard to come by. Elpaso a traffic and transportation department estimates that there Are 1400 parking meters in the City. If each were used Only eight hours each Day. They would gulp up 11,200 Nickels. State comptrollers office records 3060 vending machines in the area which Swallow a veritable Franklin Mountain of coins each month. Treasury officials in Washington Hope to eventually set up a Coin backlog to meet further deficiencies. They plan to build up a full years Supply of pennies Nickels dimes quarters and halves a As Many As $5 billion a to be stored in key locations around the country. When a shortage Call comes coins can be rushed to the scene in armoured trucks. Officials also expect that dating All coins 1964 for an other year will discourage speculation in coins and bring some that have been hoarded by collectors Back into circulation in an average Day an office worker might need 14 dimes three quarters two Nickels and 10 pennies to make it through a Day lined with vending machines. The three ounces of coins would buy Coffee doughnuts Cigar ets soft drinks sandwiches potato chips Candy bars a visit to the lounge a Telephone Call a visit to the Launderette soap pennies for hungry meter voracious parking meters like dimes Fackles and peonies. Lunchtime a Tadhg a Maas Are fed by min. Sales tax Stamps for a letter parking and a couple of jawbreakers. Fourteen years ago the nations mints issued Only 497 million coins. Last year 3 Bil lion 627 million coins were minted and that figure is expected to Rise to 8 trillion in 1965 a still not enough a Stead of dollars As Piggy bask patently. Fodder. They re easier to m even tots prefer dimes i out of the Slot England has beatles but Elpaso has Bobby by Jane Pemberton England has the beatles but Elpaso has its own teenage idol in the form of a slender Blond youth named Bobby Fuller. His latest record Quot i fought the Law a was the Only Platter written by an al Kasoan to Ever hit the number two spot on a local radio stations top 40 Survey. He hastens to say a a it a named a i fought the Law but it also Points out that i Bobby who is Only 21 himself feels his influence with teenagers should be used to direct them in the paths of righteousness instead of the other direction. His Appeal to Young people is potent a As any Parent with a teenager in the family can testify. _ recently a Welcome party for Elpaso High school foreign Exchange students was staged at Bassett shopping Center and 6000 screaming cheering boys and girls turned out for the event. One excited miss fainted and was carried out a others caused such a scramble that the party was called to a halt and everybody told to go Home. However fullers teenage fans termed it a roaring Success. All in All the Young Singer has made six recordings. He also plays the guitar Drums saxophone and piano. Bobby a family moved to Elpaso about seven years ago from Salt Lake City Utah. He attended and was graduated from Ysleta High school. After graduation he studied music at North Texas state College in Denton and then returned to Elpaso to form his own combo generally known As a Bobby Fuller and his the group played at sky lanes Bowling Alley. From there they travelled to California and played in teenage nightspots. It was there that Bobby got interested in establishing a teen Center in Elpaso. He look Over a teen club in Northeast Elpaso and operated it for seven months. The dub offered Rock and Roll music and soft drinks. However Young Fuller closed it Down after a rent controversy with his landlords. He decided to find a better location. He is now planning to open a new teen Center sometime in september in the 10,000 Block of Dyer Street he said the band will play on Wedo Eads during the school year. He also Rune his own recording business Exeter records from his Home. The company is associated with a Hollywood firm named Vee Jay record. Bobby is not tiie Only musician in the family. His brother a Andy 20, plays Bass and sing with the band. The Young men Are sons of or. And mrs. L. S. Fuller of 9500 album Avenue. Or. Fuller is employed with Elpaso natural Gas co. If Young fullers popularity continues to grow Elpaso May Hawk another Elvis pres Ley on i Kaarti. 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