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Echuca Riverine Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 3

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Echuca Riverine Herald (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Echuca, Victoria National Library of Australia minded and largehearted. This Beautiful Ponturo of human nature woo to to Learnt Liko other of its fair characteristics from him who is author of every Good and perfect gift. It was Tho fruit of a Loving heart and must characterise ovary True Christian. Jesua warns a that sympathy into bring paid an to himself but pain is in Tho path to Bloss Odne in this world and sympathy must not to denied though it bring pain. In Byi apathy he Tho divine one became a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and for Man to seek to drive sympathy from his heart Boc Aube of Tho pain it brings is to Rob him of his divinity. " god is love and where there is love there is sympathy j and in Buoh a world As this consequent pain. Christianity has been the worship of sorrow but that really Means Tho worship of love of sympathy of the highest there comos with the pain of sympathy the Joy of Loving and helping. And Man does not escape from pain by refusing to and relieve for thereby comes another pain without Joy wherein lies torment. Jesus exalted sympathy far beyond its former Elevation when he extended it Evon to the sinner and his followers Are also called upon to carry it to that High level. Sympathy for the poor and affix noted the aged and the infirm even if brought to a state of poverty and infirmity through thir own sin wbb then asked for and a practical exhibition of it Besought. text was found in Matt. Xxv., 35 36"i was an hungered and be gave me meat a. Our Saviour was not Content with laying Down general principles for the guidance of Thom that Are his but knowing our frailty gave us also particular instances a illustrations of practical Chris Ann lift As in the text whore giving Broad to the hungry drink to Tho thirsty hospitality to the stranger clothes to the naked Relief to the sick Are represented As Testa on the great Day of the lord. Though such works do not make much noise in the world yet when considered in their True Light they Are worthy to form tests on that Day greatest of All to come. 1fhey Aro works Dono to Jesua himself though Dono Odly through unworthy representatives of him. 2 Uliey Aro godlike works for go d is aver supplying the wants of the Necess Itous and his Blessing descend upon Tho evil As Well As the Good. 3such works a so How the Batto of the heart. As a Man s heart is to is to. Wanting such works Tho professing Christian has not the right heart and is not what he ought to be. It is Good also for ourselves to be made to see our brother s necessity and to relieve it. The hardness of a life of poverty with sickness and infirmity in a world where affluence and health and strength abound was also touched upon and finally an Appeal was made to relieve those whose lives were so hard. At the evening Bervice held in the Rev. Or Johnstone spoke from Tho parable of dives and Lazarus pointing out Tho unworthiness not relieving the distressed when it was in the Power of a Man to do it and Tho distress was not hid from him. He Drew attention to Tho fact that it who not spiritual neglect of another Man s soul that worse bund but neglect of his bodily wants of his sores and helplessness. The dreadful punishment meted out to dives feeding not Tho hunger thirst the diseases the nakedness of one who Lay at his Gate. Tho hearers were then warned against doing As dives did and exhorted to heed Tho cry of the distressed to Day. Wesleyan Church. In the absence of the Rev. Or Saunders who was away at Elmore through previous engagement Tho pulpit of Tho Wesleyan Church was occupied by the Rev. J. R. Palamountain of Elmore who took for i Tomb in the morning John Xiii 34th verse. U a new commandment 1 give unto you that be love one Ano her As i have loved you lha tyo also love Ono ano1 having briefly lower red to the circumstances connected with the text tie preacher dwelt i acc up a die commandment spoken of remarking that the age which witnessed our Saviour s invent and sojourn upon Earth was an age of pleasure and Diss Pinion. sensual appetites was indulged in to an unwarrantable extent. In was an age of luxury and self indulgence hence the spirit of genuine Benevolence was religious Lovo of our Neighbour which it must be understood in beyond Ordinary pm Ila trophy was Nob among Tho duties proct Isid or enjoined by the religious Tea Sheib of the age. Tho world had apparently lust the original idea of goodness and hip Pines and sunk into a state of universals lishness. To perceive divine Wisdom in the Etite scheme of Man s redemption being constructed on the Priti cipro of restoring to Che Waild Echo Best principle of love. Thus it is evident that the whole Force of Tho redeemer s teaching and example adapted to restore i he element of love to recall Tho departed spirit of Benevi Leuce and to rectify the mistakes then i Ive Rolsy prevalent in regard to goodness and h Ipp iness. Thus in is pulled a " new commandment not because there was no command time enjoined or required love to our Fellows for love to god and love to our Fellows had been Laid Down from creation. What was meant by the expression however was that it was enforced with new motives Chris gave new and Unwar lolled examples of obedience to it und furthermore it was to be a a dug of discipleship by this Bijah All men know that be Are my disciples if be love one and so we find according to Hitto a that it was distinguished the Early christians and was the subject of remark a see said they " How these christians Lovo one another and Are ready to 1-iy Down their lies for each Tho preacher poke of pleasure one of Tho characteristics of our own , Lovo of Guin love of excitement Etc deriving evidence in support of his remarks from the numerous and Gigantic frauds that have been chronicled in Tho press of late Tho recent and employed Etc and while assenting to the plea re Tho response on behalf of our benevolent institutions and admitting that much is in Many respects being done in Tho present Day for Tho Relief of the distressed and suffering portion of our i Nummy pleasing As these were in must be remembered that it is but an insignificant fraction compared with that which is devoted to the vanities life of Tho funds Wutoh our benevolent institutions have annually to announce what a Olendorf portion of it Milt from thai self denial without which Cin Btian principles there can be preacher further remarked that u due and careful a Tention to their Junction of Tho text is Tho Only moans of a fleeting Tho longed for amelioration and improvement in every rank of society. Tie operation of the Orang Olickal Lovo to our follows Wou d annihilate frauds strikes and Revty other of Aelli Shmuss Tho great. of society. Obedience Tuthil 41 new con fund would Burmah All c and introduce nil that comforts Nii City. Want of Puco will not allow us to \ mention the other Point considered by. Tho f , viz., the example Given a i i Ilavu loved Yon and lastly Tho Obedi onco f a quire " that to also Lovo Ono another and concluded with an Appeal on Heli Ulf of Iho Chi i Kublo institution a which were in Omny respects most Vul Amo undid Boring j nil the support to can give but at Tho same 1 Ticino their existence Nuat not sex Ciao p in Orivl communication with Tho poor and distressed of our l incl. Baptist Church. Tho guv. G. A. Wellor of Molbo Urno y Voi Chad in Tho Baptist Church. To took Lor Hia text Tho word a there is a Friend Succoth closer than a brother prov. 18 the dealt with Tho i Vitiuk of True Friendship clout being set Forth us Tho Cifuo Friend of nun showing How right Down through the Agen when of Riaff opel been needed he had always Boon to the Rescue. A was the Friend of Tho Palm Iaross prophets and priests. In the Ful Noss of time he came and Fifo Ted Hia. Friendship giving himself a sacrifice for sin and greater love had no Man than this for to had Laid Down Hub life for his Friend. But this Friend is not a dead but a living Friend who had been raised again by the Power of god Ever living to a thu proving himself the living Loving Friend of in him. In the place he lives its a sym Athetis Friend. " to not a High Privat who cannot to touched with the feelings of our infirmities he is a faithful wealthy never failing when his help u bought fur. In the evening the text wbb ,2c. 8th and 9th a by Giase Aro be saved through Faith but not of yourself but in the gift of the following Aro the total results of the collections of Yeater Doy As compared with that of last year 1883 1890" paric services. �22 2 11 �13 13 3 roman Catholic of Huron �21 4 0 More to come in Episcopalian of Huron 13 10 3 13 11 4 presbyterian of Huron 16 7 5 _ 16 3 3 we Leynn of Huron -6 2 3 v 0 0 Baptist of Huron 3 12 18 3 �73 0 1 i our Sydney letter from Ovtia Ottn correspondent Rejno adv december 10. M. Jacques Abbot has had Abonit As cute an experience of the horrors of starvation As it is possible for mortal Man to suffer. To finished his Belf appointed fast of 40 Days last week and now lies in a Watato of extreme prostration not very far from dentine door. The excitement of interviewing visitors must to very detrimental to him but he is a Man of vigorous physique and it is hoped that his Strong Constitution will enable him to pull through although in All probability to will feel the effects of his foolish abstinence for the term of his natural life. Some people appear to doubt whether his fast was a real one and say he. Must have been surreptitiously supplied with food. But this suspicion seems to be satisfactorily disposed of by the testimony of the doctors who attended him and who Stato that his internal organs Are s � wasted that his Bank Bone can be Felt where his stomach ought to be. M. Abbot s attenuated condition ought specially to recommend him to the Good graces of the trades and labour Council whose aversion to the u pot bellies and " while waistcoats of the " bloated capitalists appears to be the most prominent proposition of their Creed. The m new unionism seems to be badly in need of an object of worship. Surely in Abbot they will find what they require. I May mention by the Way that this Champion striker against food is in his Normal condition a vegetarian and that the Phenomena endurance which he attributed in part to the Virtues of abstinence from meat. Unfortunately it is also demonstrated that vegetarianism in no Wise save its votaries from the danger of making experiments which Are Alrabat criminal in their rashness. The alleged Virtues of the Kold nut or the Powers of endurance of the human Frame do not stand in need of any such heroic demonstrations. The indirect dangers of inoculation have been brought under the notice of by or w. Tubb the indefatigable president of the London society f r the abolition of compulsory vaccination. He Hab shown that questions As to whether disease was induced addressed by medical authority to a Hugu number of duly qualified operators. Notwithstanding their natural desire to Savo a time honoured and lucrative practice from reproach hundreds of these gentlemen testified that in their practice they had known dangerous and 1 ath some diseases � o be caused by the scratch which wus Only intended to con enunciate cowpox. The list of diseases thus noted is a very formidable one. Syphilis Erysipelas Hycenia scr Fula and tie rest Are not pleasant companions in a household. But in scores of Caseb they Are admitted to have been caused by vaccination and Worso than nil there is reason to believe that they have occurred in thousands of other instances from Tho operation but have been carefully hushed up. Like Many another cruel and Revo Thia one which compels fathers to inflict a be Fitial disease on their children and incur the risk at the a me time of contaminating them by diseases More deadly is nearly exploded. If has been o hourly shown by Tho experience of Towi s like Leicester which have refused to submit to vaccination that Small pox is As amenable As other diseases to sanitation and hygienic measures and i wish or Tebb All Success in his crusade. Or Crick who a Little while ago was put out of the legislative at Sembly by the sergeant at Armand his assistants and who was afterwards expelled from the House for his Misbehaviour has been again returned by his former con Stillen s of West Macquarie and took his seat in the chamber last night without a word to express r. for the violence and Insil no of hit conduct. Neither did he attempt any retraction of Tho Bald and Gross charges of bribery and corruption which he made against committees and Tho a alter to was being removed. It had been supposed that attention would have been called to the Mattor As soon As Tho offender resumed his seat and that Tho Houpo would Havo taken some definite a a to vindicate its honour. Judging by last night s proceedings however Thuro was a general disposition to ,4 let sleeping dogs lie and Tho Supin eness of the House in Tho matter is very generally censured. It is however difficult to see How anything could by done without sacrificing Tho More Impo stunt business now before the House. It is quite possible to elevate or Crick and Hia graceless sayings and doings into an altogether a course no doubt would to very Welcome to the chief motor but it is hard to see How Tho interests of Tho country could be by red by it. V1 r Crick s return for West Macquarie is about As full Flavoured a that of or a. O. Taylor for Wist Sydney. However Little harm has come of Tho latter who in Seldom seen in t o House being apparently Content to to represented by his employer or Willis. Tho l Itter i3 the proprietor of truth a weekly Broadsheet of which or Taylor is Tho editor and to which apparently so devoted that he Hua Little time to attend to i parliamentary duties. A we tvs has been removed from Tho commission of the pece in const quince of certain contained in his Piper which were deemed to Hwe a Sadi Inoue to no a to t to pm Uhi Stanci b Aro to Well 1 known int i need not allude to them Uither Ihan to Ento that in this instance n n y opinion sir Henry acted a Iid Hon Uunila to part which out o l u above Sci Roach even of Emit Torch of Pond up. Commercially a fair business is doing for Imit Diato requirements though oven this is no Bonc Ivo a at this time ,however, ure Only carrying Light 8tooks, and Aro ullo to obtain for Diodat of the Teaplo Linua in which they a. No. Credit however probably on account to in to extent of this cur Tail Montc of to Pcraig no is unmanly sound and it is Mcmurp healthy to to doing a Miriam business the Tia Cru s s n assured pm flt than a Largo one which 1ob. Stil thare is an Abson cuff those Large Outor Pris. S and wide reaching por Tiona which ought to by Rifo in a Young and progressive Community. The inst Hopo Foi sign in this connection is Tho Mulgo irrigation prot to noes Ary legislation for which a now Yausing through parliament sew South Wales 18 mj10 behind hand in Tho mutter of Tirrit of on. There is a Groat future before it provided matters Are so Mma fed that do in be monopoly can to established. Tho most disquieting feature in the to " tary and financial position does not sprig. 3 from commercial considerations. It is to iks found in the immense sums of Money which have been sunk in Barrier Silver shares. At Presont the mines Havo now been at work j for some years Tho total annual return in the Way of dividends is Only about one million fully Nino tenth of which come from one mine. Five per cont in a for so hazardous a Pursuit As mining and it is Only a question of time when there will to a general move to get out and invest in bomb Moro remunerative undo taking. This will not1 be effected without great financial disturbance which May have wider reaching results than Are generally dreamed of. Caution look out for fraud owing to the Success of or. Solo s a Encan hop bitters in curing All diseases of the liver i stomach bowels blood kidneys and urinary organs nervousness sleeplessness and female complaints so that it has become a Standard household remedy All Over Tho world and the immense demand for the original and genuine article certain persons Are offering for Sale various cheap Ana spurious preparations under Tho name of " lop bitters " which do found Only in Roulo american hop bitters take none of Tho cheap bogus stuff simply cause it a called " hop truths or. Soule s american hop bitters Are the Best hop bitters Ever made. They Are compounded from hops Bohu Mandrake Ana dandelion the oldest Best and most valuable medicines in the world and can Tail All the Best and most All other bitters being Tho greatest blood purifier liver Eli dilator and life and health restoring agent on Earth. No disease or ill health can possibly Long exist whore these bit Tessaro used so varied and perfect Are these operations. They give new life and vigor to the aged and firm. To All whose employments Tho bowels or urinary organs or who require an appetizer tonic or mid stimulant these bitters Are invaluable being highly curative tonic and stimulating with it intoxicating. Remember. �500 five Hundred pounds will to paid for any Case that or. Soule s american Hep bitters Wil not cure or help. See that each Bottlo bears genuine Label Bunch of Green hops on White paper with Black letters no other genuine. Take no other. Tho telegraphic authorities have arranged that on new your s Day special facilities will be afforded for the despatch of Telegram giving racing Routs. On that Day telegrams May be lodged at the flailing ton racecourse office each containing Only the name and address the nun of the race and signature of the sender. These will boat the receiving offices and there written out ready for delivery with Blanks for Tho names of the first second and third horses which will be telegraphed is soon As known and filled in after which the messages will to delivered. By this Means a great Deal of time will be saved. There Aro More cures made with or. Soule s american hop bitters than All other medicines wanted. Wanted. Boundry rider married no family. Apply by letter enclosing references to " manager Moulmein wanted Man to work winnowed. Apply to the Murray River Stock station and commission Agency co., ltd., Echuca. Wanted respectable youth for office must to a Good writer and Quick at figures. Applications in own undersigned to saturday 20th dec., 1890. The Murray River Stock station and commission Agency . M Cenzie manager. 1029 wanted known. R. C a r t w r i g h to _ working watchmaker an jeweller from to gaunt Melbourne Hare Street Echuca next t mrs. Sutton. Baker 1? Cash versus credit. Why pay beef,3j-d to 4dper la. J boiling beef 2jd i o re quarters 2d Hind quarters 3d ,3jd sides do 2�d prime Lamb from is go per Quarter at Pollard s Cash butchery High Street. I 3 amusements. Hall. This evening december 15th. Sole proprietor and Lessee or e. B. Russell. Stage manager or George Leopold. Under the patronage and presence of Tho victorian rangers and Echuca Riffe grand opening night of the " Little lord Fauntleroy company by special arrangement with or g. , miss Mabel rus Elas the " Litt e lord supported by Tho full strength of Tho Fauntleroy company to Morrow evening tuesday dec. 16th, Tho Fauntleroy company in that laughable comedy mixed. M1xkd. A. X d. 1 e. Three hats " i be called about a hat " what a Roma Kab o family they re All lunatics. Or George Leopold As Bosco slithers. Box plan of reserved seats at Trebilco s. I prices3s., 2s., and is. Fred. Dawson agent. 1042 g. S. Wastallo try auror. Tenders _ spenders received till 3 p in. Monday 15thjl iuet., for additions to school of arts door Liquin. Plans and specifications May be seen at Tho office of this paper and at my office Deniliquin. Fraud. Harrison f.r.v.i.a., 1905 architect t e n d e r s. Tender received till 3 . Tuesday 9thiiistaut, for Extension to r. C. School Donilio Cihir. Also Tor dormitory and Tho Convent. I Hub and specifications May to Peon sit the office of this Puper and at my office Donilio Quiri. Freix Harki on f.r.via., 100g architect. To let f no let. Shop Comer of Annesley Andjel ans Truttier streets. Apply mrs e Noble. 1039 notices. Toe Iii ice constant Supply of ice throughout thesua.met", it the Suluoo hotel Echuca. 1985 w Ocks undertaken Hiou Sti Jet next to commercial hotel. Carpenter b and Joiner s work executed. Agent for thu National Firo insurance co. Notto to clothing Palace / j y at the r " j be v � i a a \ f Tempe Range Hall i Harb Street Echuca. Jet everybody " at kid Trifi Christmas fair of clothing and gents Mercery. and Mercer y to be sold at prices specially intended 3tor the great festival the Christmas of 1890 suits of clothes. Good Tweed suits at prices hitherto unknown in clothing marts Trout. A and vests will be retail fid at wholesale prices which will astonish every purchaser. I hats. Of the different fashionable shapes. Win by 80jj it 1 � Christmas Moss shirts of every description will be a regular treat in Thia minature festival air. To atone shall be left unturned to make it a memento that Shal inst Drifting into 1 lie Ages to come a one of the brightest pages in Ibe development of a town that must have a great future awaiting in the dim distance c. Dowczek. 1027 notices. Great Christmas a Matvai at Melbourne House Echuca. A & j. Robinson i Are now making a gorgeous display for the Sld Las i Lovely exhibition of Lii strike Delaine very cheap. Costuna is in All shades and materials. Hat bonnets mantles. In a endless. Variety. Extraordinary lines in men a boys and youths suits. \ 1 mens suits 55s Fon 45s. These goods have just been made and Are a genuine bargain the grandest lot often s scarves silk handkerchiefs collars a. Ever shown in or out of Toboggan railway on View. Choice assortment of fancy goods dolls a for the Xmas Trade. Rocking horses to Delight the Young and Youthful. Boots and shoes in the latest and newest styles. The " ooze calf boots and shoes in All styles. Resurrection of Fine weather. The Market ransacked to secure the latest novelties. T a. & j. Dobison Echuca. And Kyneton. Bank notice commission Kos savings Banks in j Victoria. Accumulated funds Tasota june i89o, �3,457,525 is 9d. Reserved fund �175,000. Commissioners incorporated by act of parliament in 1853. Appointed by governor in Council. William Mclean Esq., ., chairman. Alfred Shaw Esq. Jamesg Ricc Esq., . Archibald Currie . Frederic race Godfrey . Comptroller and Secretary James More general inspector William Robinson. Accountant George Rand Reeves. Savings Banks Are nov established at the following places under the manage meet of local trustees Viz Melbourne Sandhurst with branches at with Fitzroy Branch at eaglehawk Prahran gel oks Richmond Portland South Melbourna port fairy Carlton Castlemaine North Melbourne Ballarat St. Kilda Maryborough East Collingwood Warrnambool Brunswick Kyneton port Melbourne Hamilton Williamstown Stawell Footscray Sale Hawthorn Dayles gho Victoria Market Bairnsdale Clifton Hill St. Aunald North Fitzroy and and no Markot eci Iuka trustee the Echuca savings Bank Judson Dobinson j a Kelly Esq., . W. W. Moore Esq David Stratton Esq., j A. W. H. I tub Esq j Actuary George f. France offices High Street. Open daily 10 till 3 wednesdays 10 till 12. Saturday evenings 7 till 0 for deposits Only. At 31sfc october Thuro were 073 depositors in Tho Echuca savings Hank having �6,558 6s 8d to their credit. Interest4 per cent allowed on Tho monthly balance on sums from �1 to �250. Cheques drafts Money orders and postal notes received residents in the country unable to attend personally and wishing to become depositors can obtain full instructions on application to the actuary. Full information sent Post free. Accounts Opo nod by depositing Onesti idling and upwards. Money boxes Given to children. Protection Tumis free Trade a great dil Forence of of Nion exists As to which is Best for a country free Trade or Protection. No doubt that circumstances alter cues and what Amy he Tho right thing for the old country May to opposed to the Progress of a new one Protection at any Rale prevails for the Presont in Chis Colony Aud it would appear that Tho argument sin favor of it Are Here continued by facts Home manufacturers increase by " leaps and giving employment to thousands who on free Trade principles might have Tho work do we Hugo never had Moro than one opinion however about the merits of mrs Johnson s american soot ing syrup which for awards of eighty Yeats has held its own in England As the Best remedy fur the pain and rouble of teething it has a must delicious caste and Only requires Rubbin on an infants Gums to allay the irritation Iuno throbbing and securing Comfort to the Little us Llorca who can to nothing for himself a Cei to try to Swallow his list and what is equally important a quiet right to p i ends Many soothers contain opium in Ono form or not Lur a highly dangerous drug tolling children. Mrs Johni in s How fever contains no narcotic whatever. Ask for mrs. Johnson s american soothing syrup agent Hock Tompsett and co. Molbo Urno the " Little wonder High Street Echuca wedding and mourning orders carefully by cute. Choice assortment Spring stuffs to hand. Also. Millinery ribbons lakes hats. Eto. Suta to order. Speorl Otto t on guaranteed. E. H. H Aines family Draper. Echuca swimming Baths. R Ules and regulations hours for ladies7 to 10 a.m1 to 5 . 7 to 8 . A flog will to always hoisted Dar ing ladies hours. Flours for neutlemon5 to 7 am 10 to 1 ., 5 to 7 . Sundays for gentlemen Only. Prices for admission 3d. Gown and Towel or trunks and tool provided 3d extra. Monthly charges 53 gown mid Towel or trunks and tool provided 10s. Rule no 1iso persons allowed to swim with out bathing costume. Rule no 2all persons unable to swim or beginning to learn must keep inside of the huts and inform the caretaker that they cannot swim. Rule no 3any per sons misbehaving themselves shall to turned away. Swimming taught 30s per Quarter. Rulo no 4 persons Are not allowed to run around i he outside of Tho Batlis. 1 1836 w. Glew proprietor William b. Pollard begs to announce to the inhabitants ofe Claca Aud surrounding districts that to has opened a Cash butchery business in tin premises formerly occupied by or More lion and by strict attention to business and keeping none but a first ass article Hopes to Recovo a Sharo of Public patronage and sup port 1625 the fruit-growers1 Coy. Wish i known that boy Are again prepared to Supply the Public with fresh fruit direct from the growers at Coy., High Street opposite savings rank. 1006 f.10,000 Given away to buyers of a bottle of Breadel Bane whisky. Shipped by Alex Ferguson Aud co Glasgow articular from All wine merchants store keepers Hotulke Ecra and spirit Leoleis whole ate agents John Ferguson & co. Mel Bourne. Public , new cricketing material. Sports do pub prices. Ladies Aucul gentle Man s Nickel watches newest Makoa. Verandah Alvurs hammocks fishing material books stationery jewellery c. Ery Glass and Hiya Ware. Tobacconists got. Is and All eort3 of . Doa ers supplied. Weigel s Pat terns general now Shapur Agency i the Stroot pvt _ a mar auctions Friday 19th december 1890. At sub Treasury Hare Street at 1 . Unreserved Sale of furniture by order of John Ware Esq., who jul leaving Tho District. Shackell White and company limited favored with instructions from John waresq., who a leaving the District will sell by auction at the sul Treasury Hare Street on Friday 19f.li dec Mcbrat i ., All his valuable household furniture and Eue Cis comprising Mason and Hamlin Cabinet Organ Cedar dining room suite in Morocco dressed Cano occasional chairs silk tapestry and Plush occasional chairs Cedar bedroom suite including Marblo topped washstand and wore Chest of drawers toilet table and Towel rail Walnut Oval table Small Loo Tabic fenders and Irons japanese screen Lickel tubular double bedsteads Singie bedsteads child s cot brass mounted double und sing o proved wire mattresses Cedar aide Board Cedar toilet table and Chest of drawers combined Art curtains Mats Bath and fittings Kitchen r table Coj per new wringer Towel horse tub meat Safe cooking utensils and sundries. Without Reserve. Remember the Date Friday 19th december. 1077 saturday 20th december 1890. To River hawkers. Speculators and others for silo by auction Tho paddle Steamer � Shackell White and company limited Wili sell by auction at their Jech Tica Yards on saturday 20th december at 12.30 . The paddle Steamer Dora 5 tons Register fitted with engines by Turner of Ipswich. Tho above Handy Little Steamer would suit a Hawker or Moke a Firat class pleasure boat. She will to moored at Tho old punt Gangway on and after tuesday a filth december when intending but ers May inspect. Saturday 20th december 1890, " threshing Machin e by Public auction at Echuca a Yards at 12,30 . Shackell White undo. Will sell m above 1 threshing machine by Wheeler Mellic Kand co new York state. The machine May be worked either by hone Power or by steam and can to inspected near or Mclaren n shop at Mooma. Without Reserve. 1041 Shackell White and company limited Money to lend we have Money to lend in Large or Small sums on victorian or new South Wales securities at current rates. Kyabram monthly Sale tuesday 9th december Tongala monthly sa1 e thursday Isth december gun Bower monthly Sale monday 5th january. Barm an monthly Sale thursday. 8th january. Toiv ship properties in Echuca and Moama. Farms Largo and Small in All districts. Scorn to choose from. He Murras River 8tock, 8ta Tion and general commission Agency company limited with which is incorporated Brown and Seward and Chaster and Mckenzie auctioneers Echuca and Moama capital. 450,000 subscribed. �30,000 head office High Street Echuca. Correspondents n All the principal towns in to colonies. Directors the Hon. Geo. Simmie m.l.c., chairman. I. A. Chanter j to Murphy . J. T. Brown j. P. Ii. M Kei Uio. Manager Hugh m Kenzie. Tho company carries on the business of Stock station financial Mercan tile and general agents. Lil eral advances made on Wool Stock and other produce. Auction salf3 conducted in both colonics of Vickjr Ruand now South Wales. Loans made and arranged on land Potat and pastoral i Oportia. Geo. W. Rogers Secretary l""and7estate, finance insurance general commission Agency 4, High Street Echuca j b. Kelly auctioneer finance agent for the mercantile Bank Australia limited capital �1,000,000, and lambs Oddie and co s Freehold loan rank Ballarat. District agent Tor the Imperial y of London. Melbourne directors t. J. Nankivell Esq., chairman. George Fairbairn junr., Esq., and j Alt on icsq., Molbo Urno office 410 Collins Street. Manager . Wright Esq. Total invested funds Over �1,000,000. Bosses paid Over ten million Sterling. Rates Modora Teand Security undoubted losses bottled with Promp. Tit udi. District agent for the Mutual life association of Australasia. Personally conducts Clearing sales a town and country. His Money to lend on Freehold and leasehold farms Tor Tori. Of years at Lowava rates of interest. Has a property list of Toiven suburban and Oon try properties for private Fale Worth Tho inspection of every in. Tending purchaser in the District whether in be a building site a cottage a farm or a to Tonthat is wanted. J. S. Kelly land estate finance insurance and general commission Agency Hijii Sybert econ of. Coaches / a 03 ice. Reduction of fares Echuca to Koo Drook line of coaches. 1 on and after november 1st, 1890 the Faro on above coaches will to reduced m follows ,. Echuca to Torr Ubarry single fare 5s. To Hula to guubovrer7s 6d
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