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Eau Claire Leader Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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Eau Claire Leader Telegram (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Leader Telegram monday december 13, 1982 serving eau Claire and West Central Wisconsin vol. 13 no. 159 6 sections 48 pages 25 cent polish regime to ease military Rule dec. 31 by w. Joseph Campbell associated press Warsaw Poland a the government today asked parliament to ratify its decision to suspend most of the martial Law restrictions imposed exactly one year ago and a press spokesman indicated the easing of military Rule would begin dec. 31. Solidarity a foreign Branch in Brussels charged the move was Only the . Reaction was Cool and indicated the Reagan administration was not ready to lift its economic sanctions against Poland. Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski the Premier communist party chief and head of the ruling military Council warned the regime would not tolerate any social unrest after martial Law is eased a and that the Council would retain some of its sweeping Powers to control workplaces and Public life. Officials also made it Clear Jaruzelski a Promise of a limited amnesty made in a speech sunday night would not apply to the most Radical opponents of martial Law. In Brussels Belgium the foreign office of the outlawed Solidarity Trade Union dismissed the promised easing of martial Law As an Effort to placate Western Public opinion and Bankers who have been reluctant to lend Poland any More Money. It said the move solved a none of the burning political social and economic problems in Poland. The 84-million-member inter National confederation of free Trade unions also issued a statement in Brussels saying a partial lifting of martial Law is insufficient. It demanded that Solidarity be reinstated As the Only Independent labor Union in the soviet bloc. In Washington White House spokesman Larry Speakes said Poland should lift martial Law entirely release All political prisoners and allow a resumption of the free Trade Union movement. President Reagan has said offered to lift economic sanctions against Poland if such Steps were taken. A a we la be watching and waiting to see what the polish government does a Speakes said. Asked if the White House was encouraged by developments in Poland he replied a i say on sunday Jaruzelski said the military Council had decided that martial Law could be eased by the end of the year. The parliament or Sejm was asked today to approve the necessary legislation a a move that was assured since the body acts As a rubber stamp to Council decisions. Jaruzelski a spokesman Wieslaw Gornicki said the Sejm a legislative work could be completed by dec. 23, and government press spokesman Jerzy Urban said the easing of military restrictions would then begin dec. 31. The nominal head of state Henryk Jablonski told the Sejm the government would retain Security Powers and restrictions to protect the socialist Economy. But he said that after Jan. I the government would Grant partial amnesty to poles who played minor roles in the nations 16-month social and economic crisis. Restrictions on Public gatherings would be lifted and the right to strike would be restored Jablonski said but Only within the extremely narrow guidelines set Forth in the Sejm a Trade Union Law passed oct. 8. That Law made it illegal to strike for political reasons banned the Independent Solidarity labor movement which was suspended with the martial Law decree dec. 13, 1981, and restored tight party control Over labor unions. The ban on Public gatherings through december could preclude official approval of a speech Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa has said he plans to give thursday in Gdansk. Walesa would be speaking on the 12th anniversary of food riots there in which scores of polish workers were slain. Wednesday is the first anniversary of the slaying of nine workers at Wujek Coal mine in Silesia during an occupation strike to protest the imposition of martial Law. Asked if Walesa would be allowed to speak Gornicki said a if he just goes out on the sidewalk and makes a speech he does that As a private citizen. He does no to need government permission for continued on next Page nuclear waste Board hears distrust in Energy department by Joe Knight Leader Telegram staff Phillips a growing distrust of the Federal department of Energy permeated a meeting of the policy Council to the states radioactive waste review Board held saturday in Price county. About 60 people attended. The state legislature created the review Board this summer mainly in reaction to a Doe sponsored study identifying 16 Northern Wisconsin counties As potential Sites for a nuclear waste repository. The policy Council was later formed to hold hearings in Northern Wisconsin and provide Public input to the review Board. The study by consulting firm Dames and Moore was conducted without the states knowledge. Doe has since claimed that Dames and Moore went beyond the scope of the work requested. Relations Between the state and Doe were strained further in september when the Agency cancelled a briefing session in Wausau the Day before it was to take place. Doe was going to explain their activities in the state at the meeting. It has been tentatively rescheduled for late january. New evidence that Doe was not being totally honest with the state came out at saturdays meeting. Doe has withheld information on its activities in the state due to fed eral regulations requiring a apr proprietary protections for bidders according to Critz George a Doe official. George made the statement in a nov. 15 phone conversation with Pat Walsh executive director of the state review Board according to Walsh. In a later phone conversation another Doe official told Walsh that information on the Agency a activities in the state could not currently be located because their Granite site location program is currently being relocated according to Walsh. The program is moving from Washington to Chicago. The latest evidence of behind the scene Manu Evering by the Doe came from a Minnesota geologist or. . Kalliokoski who was approached by Doe in october to evaluate and rank about 30 Granite areas in Minnesota Wisconsin and Michigan for their potential As As nuclear waste repository Sites. Continued on next Page fearless gifts Catalon caters to the paranoid san Francisco a paranoids need not fear this Christmas season a firm has designed a Catalon of gifts just for them. Sharper image a san Francisco based mail order firm designed the compendium of fear resolving gifts using a the magic of High technology a says spokesman Joe Garrett. The Potpourri of offerings include devices that detect police Speed traps a radiation sensitive Geiger counter an escape mask for fires a video camera that transforms a television into a roving surveillance system and a $1,200 briefcase that zaps a would be thief with 2,000 volts of electricity. Among the other worry free gifts available through sharper image Are burglar alarms a paper shredder for secret documents a Bullet proof jacket and various items in the weapons category. How about a $399 commando crossbow which sports a Telescope viewer and shoots deadly Spears at a High Speed ifs a a big favorite a Garrett said. One of the More popular items is the $149 radiation Detector. The company has sold 400 of them Garrett said in an interview published Friday in the Van Guys based daily news. The Catalon also carries tiny cordless telephones and cameras hidden in cigarette lighters. Q c to n o q Quot of id a i a. A of it o co co Ltd to a Duco o too o a a to o Csc o o to cult a 0 to a u in c it it 0 b cd a in o o in Al i a o co to c o pc to he cd checking savings accounts to pay High interest rates big changes Are ahead in checking and savings accounts. Anyone with at least $2,500 can earn Money Market rates on government insured accounts at Banks and Thrift institutions starting tuesday. A three part series starting today can help you understand the new accounts. Today a look at Money Market savings accounts. Tuesday an explanation of new super now checking accounts. Wednesday banking deregulation and its implications for Consumers. In m the Bank first in a series by Louise Cook associated press a savings and checking revolution begins this week for anyone who has at least $2,500. New accounts will provide High interest a about double what you re getting now a and Low risk. And you will have easy Access to your Money. Starting tuesday Banks and savings and loan institutions will offer Money Market savings accounts which will pay interest comparable to Money Market Mutual funds. Beginning Jan. 5, be offering High interest super now Check ing accounts. Unlike the Money Market funds both new Bank accounts will be insured by the Federal government for up to $100,000 each. Federal officials have set certain regulations for the Money Market and super now accounts and individual institutions can within limits add their own rules. Some institutions for example May charge monthly service fees while others May not. Some May compound interest daily others May choose to do it less often. Here is How the new savings accounts will work you must Deposit at least $2,500 individual institutions can set higher minimums if they want. At least one new York City Bank requires an initial Deposit of $5,000. There is no ceiling on interest each institution is free to set its own rate. The rates Are expected to be about the same As those paid by Money Market funds and usually will be tied to what Are called a Market interest rates a the rates paid on things like government securities. James Kendall of the . League of savings institutions said he expected initial rates of about to percent. Continued to Page 13a Earl warms to increase in sales tax Madison wis. A Anthony s. Earl says lawmakers have urged him to keep an open mind on a sales tax increase and have suggested using it along with an income tax surcharge to attack an impending budget deficit. A Many of the legislators were surprised by the general acceptance of the 4 cents to 5 cents sales tax increase a Earl told the Milwaukee journal in an interview last week. A they think that it May be easier to sell some income tax surcharge and some sales tax increase rather than to try and do it All with an income tax the journal in a copyright Story sunday noted that Earl had changed his stance on a sales tax increase which he had said earlier would be a one of the very last a i done to like the sales tax but i done to like $2.5 billion deficits either a Earl said in fridays interview. A and i think it would be foolish of me in a stubborn Way to say that under no circumstances would i consider any increase in the sales tax. A a in a not going to get myself in a position to say never at this stage of the game or to be non negotiable at this stage of the the sales tax was raised from 4 percent to 5 percent last Spring. Dreyfus administration officials reported in mid november that the state was facing a $265.6 million deficit in the current fiscal year and that nearly a $1.5 billion Gap existed Between Revenue and state spending requests for 1983-85. Earl who takes office Jan. 3, did however continue to profess a preference for an income tax surcharge which he said could be disposed of easier than a sales tax increase after the deficit was taken care of. A i have spent some time going Back and looking at this states history with income tax surcharges and in almost every instance the surcharge was rolled off a he said. A a there a no other tax in this states history that we be had that kind of experience on the other hand Earl said a sales tax increase tended to get a built into the pricing Structure of merchandise and a is not easily pried continued on next Page hesitant child Santa Claus stretches to give an Apple to a shy child at saturday s Christmas party for hmong children. The event was attended by More than 200 children and was sponsored by a Volunteer group headed by Dona staff photo by Jason Tetzloff Krienke of Osseo. The party was held at the lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in eau Claire and businesses and churches donated presents and food. Clyde Fenner played Santa. Chrysler Canada Back to work by Charles Campbell associated press Toronto Chrysler a 10,000 Canadian workers began returning to work today with a new Richer contract won by a five week strike that company chairman Lee Iacocca says Cost the beleaguered automaker $100 million. A a it a sure Good to have it behind us and get Back to work a Chrysler Canada spokesman Walter Mccall said. Mccall said some maintenance workers were called in late sunday night to get Assembly lines ready for the morning shift at All six Canadian plants. The new pact was ratified sunday by an overwhelming vote margin of 7.753 to 787. Each of three categories of workers voted a a yes by at least 85 percent United Auto workers Union spokeswoman Wendy Cuthbertson reported. . Chrysler workers Are scheduled to vote thursday and Friday on their new contract negotiated along with the Canadian agreement. The 42,300 american workers did not strike. Chrysler Canadas two biggest plants a both in Windsor Ontario just across the Detroit River from Detroit a produce 688 cars and 432 trucks a Day Mccall said. The Auto Plant is the Only source of such Large cars As the Chrysler new yorker and Dodge Diplomat. Mccall said he did not have a figure for Chrysler a losses from the strike. Some Industry analysts have estimated the loss at about $15 million a week for the no. 3 automaker and Iacocca was quoted Over the weekend As saying the shutdown Cost about $100 million. Chrysler officials said All 4,600 . Workers Laid off because of the strike in Canada would be recalled within a few Days. The new contract raises a Chrysler assemblers pay immediately from 9.07 Canadian dollars or to 10.21. Because the Canadian Dollar is Worth about 81 cents at current Exchange rates the new wage is equivalent to about $8.27 in . Currency. Skilled workers get a slightly higher raise so the average increase for All Chrysler Canada workers is $1.15. In addition they will get four Cost of living adjustments next year expected to yield 64 cents. The new . Contract would raise an assemblers pay from $9.07 to $9.81. Until now Canadian and . Workers have been on the same scale but the new contracts recognize differences in the inflation rates currency values and general economic conditions in the two countries. F

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