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Eau Claire Leader Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Eau Claire Leader (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Eau Claire sunday Leader Northern Wisconsin s Only morning newspaper vol xxvi. No. 119 associated press eau Claire Wisconsin sunday morning May 19, 1957 United press Price cents. Boy in Well being treated for touch of pneumonia Manorville . A , 30 feet across the top Penny Hooper the a boy in and about 25 feet deep so a the Well a begged to go Home Tunnel would be built from the from the Hospital saturday Bottom to the boys position in Blit his doctor said a a Little the Well. Spot of pneumonia would the rescuers could not work from atop the Well for fear of knocking Down Sand and soil that would suffocate the boy. Even so in the latter stages the boy was covered by Sand apparently a very thin layer. Time after time landslides wiped out All Progress in the tunnelling efforts. Then late Friday after atomic workers arrived keep him there a while. The pneumonia report came after Blond Blue eyed Benny t. Had been pronounced in Good condition despite 24 gruelling hours trapped 24 feet Down a freshly dug Well. At Bayview general Hospital in nearby Mastic Beach. Long Island. Or. Joseph h. Kris told newsmen that a rays noon. Had shown a touch of pneumonia on the boys right Bing. Pneumonia had been feared Ever since the lad was Puller from the Sand Friday night stiff and cold but still alive. Or. Kris said the boy was being kept in an oxygen tent and needed quiet earlier the boy bad been Lively and ate his first Solidi food a bowl of Cereal and reminder his father truck Driver Beniamin si., that he Wisconsin s top Cio spokes wanted a Tov automobile for Man called upon organized la Shields which turned the trick. The Shields cylinders about four feet in diameter fitted one within another like rings on a collapsible Metal cup. One ring was driven horizontally through the Sand toward the Well. The Sand was scooped out. Then a smaller ring was pushed through the first and into the Sand each pushed by a horizontal Jack until the Tunnel reached the Well. Woodson a quiet religious Man working inside the Tunnel. Spotted the boys red Jack oklahoman leave Homes As floodwater hit state Tulsa warned to expect High Crest from the Brookhaven National it. Grabbed his hand and pulled Laboratory with Gamma Ray him to safety. Beck blasted in speech Here state Cio chief urges Community service his birthday in july. Or was suffering from a soreness in one shoulder hut or. Kris said b rays showed there were no broken hones. Kris kept a 24-hour Vigil during the Rescue efforts at the pit. Sam Woodson. 39, negro con Bor in eau Claire and through out the nation to focus attention on a a rendering real service to the Community a Here saturday night. Outspoken and often a fiery Charles Schultz. Milwaukee state Cio president denounced teamsters Boss Dave Beck struck Ion worker who reached in 8 speech before about <0 Louie boy first through a rescue08 8 or Laders and guests Tunnel had told the doctor he 801 the annual banquet heard something snap As he of. Me Chippewa Valley Indus recalled How tile Union had dealt with communist infiltrators in the West Allis Plant several years ago. A a labor will Clear House of the Dave Becky a too a he predicted a there is no room for gangsterism and hoodlum ism in the pulled the boy out. The shoulder May have been Hurt then. The doctor earlier said the boy was a hungry and that a always a Good sign in a a a he a a Good boy. He does no to complain. He does what we Tell him at the Hospital the boy told his father How he fell into the Well. A i was playing with Michael a Friend and we were running. I told him i wanted to see of i could jump Over the Hole. A i jumped and i fell. A i done to remember much about what happened then except it got dark and i got the exhausted parents spent the night at the Hospital. The Mother. Borghild 30, later told newsmen that during the tormented hours waiting to learn whether the boy could be saved she had tried to adjust herself to the possibility he might be dead. A i was trying to picture him As being dead and to build myself up to the fact that he was and How to Cope with it a she said. She slept under sedation in the boys Hospital room and awakened at about 9 30 . Then she tiptoed to the boys bed leaned Over smiled and said a this is a hello Mommy a the boy replied. A hello baby a she said. The father overjoyed and excited at the boys Rescue got Little sleep. He talked with Doc trial Union Council comprising 14 local unions in this area. A the is not our Breed of Man a Schultz declared of Beck a we do not condone his actions. Schultz who began in the labor ranks at Allis Chalmers in West Allis and Rose to head the state Cio five years ago Mollet seek s special tax for algerian fight Paris up a Premier Guy Mollet staked the life of his record a breaking government saturday on a Confidence vote on his demand for 420 million dollars in special taxes to meet the mounting Cost of the algerian War. Mollet called for a Confidence vote at 3 30 ., ending an All night National Assembly debate on the tax proposal. The vote was scheduled for 3 . Tuesday. The government has weathered 33 previous Confidence votes during its unprecedented 16 months in office. Its chances of a 34th Victory appeared to be fairly Good. During Friday nights debate a rightist attempt to kill the special tax program was Defeated by a vote of 287-145. However opposition to the policies of Molletz a minority tors nurses and newsmen and re Refl As. A Feni finally was sent Home after every front during the weeks Daybreak to get some rest. The Mother stayed on at the Hospital. The Rescue Effort was one of exasperating frustrations until shortly before it succeeded. First the father had lowered a rope hoping the boy would grasp it and then be pulled out of the Shaft scarcely a foot in diameter. Then firemen lowered a grappling Hook but it Tore through the boys red poplin jacket. Next came the Gigantic Job of digging a parallel vertical since March 29, when it won its most recent Confidence test by a 33-vote margin. Political observers speculated that the turn taken monday and tuesday by the French requested United nations Security Council debate on Suez May decide Molletz a Fate. Schultz also hit at delays in effecting a merger of Wisconsin Cio and Al unions. Declaring. A the Cio is not holding up the merger in this then turning to organized labors future in an Era of atomic Energy and automation Schultz noted that organized labor had come of age and must consider More than wage demands and other benefits for members. He said labor should ask a do we Hurt the Economy have we made enough of contribution to the Community a the Job of the matured Trade Union movement is to adjust thinking to bring it out of the horse and buggy stage and put it on a Par with the Jet air plane. He said. A automation it Isnit bad its Good if we can adjust the goods we make to the economic needs of the people a he noted. Increasing Leisure time should be applied by Union members to study and adapt ing themselves to changing times and changing jobs and to Render Community service he said a not to take another Union treasuries should be used to promote youth centers build programs for the physically handicapped and improve Public institutions he suggested. A the Treasury is not Given to Hoard for selfish motives. The Cio grew out of. Was bom out of. A need for real service to the people a he declared adding that the in such Community services should be. A not to take Over but to help. A a that a what merger Means. Not that we re going to take Over society. We re Here to deliver the goods a he concluded. Guest speakers addressing the group briefly were the Rev. Roy Schmeichel. The Rev. Daniel j. O Reilly City Oklahoma City apr Jer s Bank Utility company of. Oklahoman by the thousands facials said the Plant was Well from the metropolitan City of protected Tulsa in the Northeast to far j upstream Many of the armers along the Washita River Kansas tributary streams in the South evacuated their were beginning to subside. But Homes saturday night River experts said Points Jor flooding was reported in downstream from Tulsa would virtually All sections. Get flooding two or three tent Tulsa Oklahoma second above the 1923 record. Largest Rita was warned it ran Dover which was flooded expect the worst flood in his thursday and its 350 citizens tory As the rain a swollen a forced to higher ground was Kansas rolled downstream suffering from a shortage of Tulsa has a population of 240,- drinking water saturday. It too. Had to be trucked in. A few already brimful and rising families were returning to steadily the River is expected their Homes in that Northwest to Crest at Tulsa today after Oklahoma town but everyone Happy smiles for reunion a a Joyful father. Benjamin Hooper. Sr., smiles at the son for whom he had Little Hope for survival As Benny jr., 7, weakened by his Daylong ordeal at the Bottom of a Well smiles Back from beneath his oxygen tent. A spot of pneumonia on his right lung was the Only major difficulty to be overcome. Uni fax decision on successor needed to replace ,9iven Cardinal s hat Washington apr Fel to convince other teamsters Low teamster Bosses have so i chiefs to let him be re elected far avoided ousting scandal As a sort of vindication with scarred Dave Beck As Union the understanding he then president Only because they would resign immediately and can to decide among themselves let someone else succeed him. On a successor. I but Beck is not Likely t o the inside Story is told by achieve his Hope. One of the some of those involved in the unions la vice presidents John turmoil stirred up within the truck Driver Union by the sensational Senate rackets committee disclosures about Beck. The situation is that Many of Becky a colleagues have aban to Becky a successor wont Clar done All loyalty to him. But Jay until after the coming crib they want to arrange to fill the Ery trial of James r. Hoffa vice t. Sandy of Brien of Chicago already has come out As a a clean up candidate against Beck. Its Likely the situation As polish Catholic vacuum before they give him the axe. For his part Beck is fighting Back. He says he Isnit thinking of resigning and intends to run for a new five year term As Union president at the convention in Miami in late september. But according to reliable re reports Beck privately realizes he can to stay on. His fondest Hope what he really wants is woman killed As tenement House Falls masked men beat manager to store Cleveland apr four masked men held up Fame inc., in suburban Maple Heights a discount store for Public employees and escaped with an estimated $50, to $60,000 saturday. The four men had chopped through the roof of the one Story building and hid in the store until it was opened at 8 . By manager Irving Mills and four maintenance employees. Armed with shotguns taken from the stores sports department they tied up the maintenance men and forced the manager to open a Safe. British to build new Kenya military bases London apr Britain has decided to build up a big new air land and sea base system in Kenya As part of her revamped global strategy government officials reported saturday. Manager Douglas Vve Iford Ray Theisen manager of the eau Claire consumer a Coop assn., and Don l. Johnson state editor of the eau Claire Leader. Orley d. Larson. Cio Council president presided at the meeting. Other Council officers Are Berton Watts Vic president Florence Tarvar recording Secretary and Clinton Best treasurer. The Council auxiliary served the banquet. Traffic in Suez canal Back to Normal level Bee sting cure hoped for boy Clearwater Fla. A a 14-year old boy is getting stung by bees in wholesale lots and he in t complaining. Or. Vernon l. Hagan pre scribed the Bee stings for Jackie Mcallister in the Hope of curing or checking Haemophilia. A disease which makes bleeding a once started a difficult to Stop. Hagan says it is too Early to make any positive statements about the treatment but bleeding of the kidneys stopped within 48 hour after the first treat. Mint Cairo up a Suez canal traffic reached its Normal level saturday under egyptian terms that All nations except France and Israel accepted. Informed sources said that Egypt considered the canal controversy a closed chapter of history. They said Egypt would reject any attempt by France to reopen the question before the United nations Security Council. In this the egyptian regime had the backing of the soviet Union. New York apr an elderly woman was crushed to death saturday when a three Story Brick tenement building collapsed with a Roar on the lower East Side. Two men escaped death. One Rode the debris Down from his third floor apartment a and emerged on top. The second took time to Duck into his room for a suitcase even As the building shuddered a and still got away. Killed was mrs. Anna Levkulic 78, who occupied a second the 44-year-old Detroit president of the Union. Before the teamsters scandals broke Hoffa easily was the most powerful Man in the i 1-2 million member Union. Chairman Mcclellan dark of the Senate committee said Hoffa controls All trucking transportation East of the Rocky mountains. Hoffa is due to go to trial Here june 17 on a Federal indictment charging he bribed a staff investigator of Mcclellan a committee to feed him committee secrets. More recently he was indicted on wiretapping charges. Conviction undoubtedly would vastly diminish Hoffa a Union influence. Two other vice presidents Frank in. Brewster the unions West coast Kingpin and Einar o. Mohn its administrative chief Are indicted on contempt of Congress charges. Beck is due to appear monday before the 26-Man Al Cio executive Council a most powerful group in organized labor a to answer charges of bringing All labor into disrepute. The Council suspended Beck March 29 As an Al Cio vice atom test postponed again for fourth time president and Council member. Atomic test site Nev. Mondays hearing is to deter Jap a saturday for the fourth mine whether he has any sex Timp in As Many Days the first floor apartment. She had re Plantation to give his labor col-1 blast of the summer atomic turned Only a few hours before leagues behind closed doors on blast series was postponed 24 from mass at our lady of Sor ithe charges he has publicly re hours because of turbulence in Vatican City apr Pope Pius Xii gave a cardinals red hat saturday to Poland a roman Catholic primate and then in pointed reaffirmation of the churches opposition to communism hailed a polish Martyr killed 300 years ago by cossacks. The pontiffs related double action was considered significant by Vatican sources. He first completed a procedure delayed More than four years by Poland a communist regime which confined Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski until a few months ago. The second in the form of a dramatically timed Encyl Chical to Bishops of the Church called upon All catholics especially those in Poland to follow the heroic example of St. Andrew Bohola a Jesuit priest who was tortured to death. Vatican sources saw in the Popes encyclical a Clear answer to speculation that the Church might Case its attitude of opposition to communist talk of a a coexistence a intensified since Cardinal Wyszynski a visit to Rome. The Brief ceremony at which the Cardinal was Given his red hat and ring in a roman Basilica was austere. No other Cardinal was present. It lasted Only about 15 minutes. Later. In the polish National Church of St. Stanislas Rome a polish Colony and cardinals in Rome quietly congratulated the polish primate. Receiving a Heava Load of water from the overflowing Cimarron River where the two converge at Keystone 30 Miles West of Tulsa. Oklahoma a fatalities for the three Days of storms climbed to nine saturday with the recovery of the Hody of Roland Bullock. 39, a Farmer near Lindsay. He and his wife were Riding in a pickup truck when a Bridge Over a Creek collapsed. The couple was thrown into the surging Waters. Bullock was attempting to help his wife hut he was carried away. She later was saved after clinging to debris. There Wasny to a major Highway in the state that could be travelled without washouts. Three major Bridges and dozens of smaller ones were washed away. Train service was disrupted by washed out rails. Buses also were slowed Down or halted. As much As nine inches of rain fell in the South Central Section of the state overnight. The Washita River was out of its Banks in the South Central sections from Lindsay where the nine inches fell to Lake Texoma in the Southeast. The Highway patrol said it was warning property owners and residents along the Washita to be on the Alert for momentary evacuation. Dozens of persons already had abandoned their Homes. Some lowlands in the Tulsa area were flooded. The River experts warned residents on both sides of the Arkansas they can expect a severe flood when the Crest hits today. Hundreds of persons moved out household goods and evacuated their Homes in the populous Brookside area on the River East Bank and from Garden City a smaller Community on the City a Industrial West Side. Sandbagging was under Way in Many places including a Large Oil refinery and the Public service co. Power producing Plant both on the Riv was eating at the High school. Solon reports plan to Check on food prices Washington up a rep. Victor l. Anfuso d-. Has served notice that his new agriculture subcommittee to investigate food prices will he a a permanent watchdog a this is no Fly by night operation a he emphasized at a conference with members of the newspaper farm editors / in. A if we do nothing else we will let the food Industry know there is a permanent watchdog committee to help keep living costs a in the subcommittee organized in mid March began operations Early this month with a preliminary hearing on recent trends in retail food prices and food marketing profits the hearing produced no headline sensations. It was intended primarily to Lay a foundation for later studies of marketing costs and profits in specific foods like meat and milk. A preliminary look at the effect of trading Stamps on retail food prices also produced no definite conclusions. Opened the canal the number equalled the daily average prior to last july when the waterway was nationalized. Mith the canal Issue settled according to egyptian thinking the country turned to internal matters. President Gamal Abdel Nasser a government decreed a National parliamentary july 3 candidates May applications sunday. A National Union under Nasser will b e formed to screen out any candidates including both com-h8f munits and rightist moslem served notice that it intends to brotherhood members who continue its 9-year-old blockade have been named ineligible for of israeli shipping in the canal j Public office and will Stop any israeli ship Syria closely Allied with sent to the waterway to Tesij Gyp saturday led the Arab the ban. Campaign against Israel. At the United nations in new foreign minister Salah Bitar York the israeli delegation re called in the u. S. And soviet j merits was sealed and placed affirmed israelis intention t of ambassadors to Damascus to into a 400-Pound Stone Block As Egypt already rows Catholic Church where she made an offering in Honor of St. Anthony that she be enabled to find a new apartment. Allan Thompson about. 60, who had been on the third floor. Was found atop the rubble. His and a leg were broken and he suffered possible internal injuries. The Only other tenant in the building at the time was John Sabryga 68. He was unhurt. He said he was standing in the Entrance of the building election when he Felt a dirt Start to fall Down on my face. Then i heard begin filing 8 noise like something rolling. And i ran into my room and took out a looking Back As he fled he saw his Home tumbling Down. Fused to answer for inquiring the upper air. The new target senators. Time is monday morning. Neighbors find poor woman is millionaire Fresno Calif. Apr neighbors of mrs. Cora Nidever had taken it for granted she was poor. She lived for years in a $1,500 Frame House. Her household furniture at most was Worth Only $50. Saturday More than a year after she died at the age of 85 without leaving a will there Are eight claimants to her estate. Papers on file in Superior court reveal she inherited valuable Oil property from her Mother and left property Val nod at $3,126,488. After Congress recesses this summer Anfuso plans to take his subcommittee on the Road to let Consumers and Farmers a speak for themselves about Price and Cost trends. A a we re going if we can. Into big cities to hear the Consumers perhaps in televised hearings a he said. A and perhaps we can do the same for Alcorn charges fund report false Cornerstone Laid for us Center Madison up a a Copper Box containing historical University of Wisconsin d o c u fair employment practice Bill on legislature s Agenda Madison up a wisc on Mittee on legislative procedure Stith tonal amendment All Over legislative hearings next i Calls for an investigation of again. The third is a Bill to week will feature debate on a possible Union dishonesty and provide uniform jurisdiction compulsory state fair employ Jother Union matters in a pro by legislative action in All in ment practices plan and a pro Josal to be heard wednesday Perior courts outside milw7au Cincinnati Ohio up a cop National chairman Meade Alcorn saturday denied reports that the Wisconsin and Indiana Republican organizations have threatened to Cut off Campaign funds to the National committee. Alcorn said none of the seven states attending a regional cop conference Here had Given an a a ultimatum they will withhold Money. He said some state gop organizations told him they were having difficulty raising funds. A was a result a he said a they can to give Money which they Haven to Send a test ship through the Ca rial and charged that the waterway is being operated a under a regime of deliberate a total of 37 ships sailed in ask their government s support for a syrian complaint against is p&0i the complaint filed with the United nations accuses Israel of violating the armistice by to the canal saturday in North building a Bridge at Lake Hiland southbound convoys. Gorjieh in the Israel syrian Demili the first Tim Sines Egypt is i tamed Lone. The Cornerstone of the new Wisconsin Center building Here saturday. Contributors and members of the University of Wisconsin foundation witnessed the ceremonies which preceded the first alumni varsity football game posed investigation of state la Bor unions. The Assembly judiciary committee will hear pros and cons thursday on a Bill to give the Industrial commission Power to order unions employ ers or employment agencies to Stop racial or other discrimination. The commission now has no Legal Powers. Ifs inability to Force compliance with t h e states anti discrimination code was emphasized in a recent state supreme court decision. The court ruled that a Milwaukee bricklayers Union did not have to admit two negroes to membership. The measure was introduced by the Assembly cation committee. By the Senate labor commit Kee county. Tee. The joint finance commit the investigation would be tee wednesday considers its undertaken by a legislative own Bill to Cut state workers Council committee of re holidays by an average of publicans and two democratic 3 12 Days each year and re legislators plus four citizens. The same committee will study a Bill to allow towns Cit Duce vacations for All with less than to years service. Thu first hearing on a ies and villages to Levy a to i Bill to restore cuts in the i Eal tax on cars and trucks Nance committees 309 million passenger cars would pay $10 Dollar budget will he held a year trucks Over 8,000 wednesday in the Senate con pounds up to $25. Ser vation committee. Tile Bill. Automatic Bookstore makes debut in Vienna Vienna up a Europe a first automatic a a Bookstore has been put into operation. A Large vending machine offering a Choice of 20 works a been installed at one of Vienna a busiest intersections. By three republicans would restore a $103, appropriation for recreational advertising. The conservation commission w Ould be investigated in Edu Al amendment Ider a Resolution to be heard i two of the measures would wednesday in the Assembly the Senate judiciary c o a Mittee wednesday will air three proposals to accomplish court reorganization despite the defeat this session of the judicial Council s Constitution the Republican so Nat com i begin the Long process of con i conservation committee weather Wisconsin partly Cloudy foggy South in morning with somewhat higher temperatures in afternoon. High in the 50s North and East and the Low 60s elsewhere. Weather saturday Caa weather observations Max. Temp. 51 min. Temp. 40 wind wind velocity. To temperatures 2 . 4 6 . 42 8 . 44 12 noon. 49 3 . 49 6 p a. 50 9 . 50 10 . 49 humidity .68 per cent precipitation. None other temperatures Minneapolis. 49 Duluth. 39 la crosse.47 Wausau. 47

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