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Eau Claire Leader Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 4

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Eau Claire Leader (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Eau Claire, Wisconsin La Ito in i als features Reagan embarrassed by recall petition Eagle s nest a Small Cliff Hanger has been developing in California without much National attention and on the eve of the Republican National convention it could be very embarrassing to gov. Ronald Reagan. A used car Salesman of Roseville claims to have 800,000 signatures on a petition to have the governor recalled. According to state Law a recall petition requires the signatures of 780,413 qualified voters. Washington calling rhetoric of escape form of Ostrich ism by Marquis Childs Washington a a personable vigorous highly photogenic ghost stalked the governors conference just ended in Cincinnati As indeed he stalks the National political scene. The name of this attractive dynamic ghost is John v. Lindsay who is mayor of new York. Again and again in private discussion and occasionally in Public comment Lindsay s name came up. The reason is not hard to discover. For republicans and perhaps even for democrats. Lindsay is a will of the Wisp of Hope that there is an escape from the oppressive inevitability of presidential candidates who Register so Low on the enthusiasm barometer. A just suppose a one Republican governor said a that there s a deadlock in the convention in Miami Beach with Nixon Rockefeller and Reagan unable to get a majority of the delegates. Lindsay is put in nomination and Rockefeller throws h i s strength to him. Why they a go wild. Head have the this is of course a Midsummer nights fantasy evoked out of the boredom and emptiness of the Cincinnati conf e rence. Even for vice president if either Richard Nixon or Nelson Rockefeller is the presidential candidate Lindsay can be ruled out. The provision in the Constitution that the electoral votes of a state May not be counted for a president and a vice president from the same St the disposes of that. For either Nixon or Lindsay to change his residence prior to the electoral count would be a piece of too obvious trickery. What Lindsay stands for in relation to t h e desperate needs of the cities has Little or nothing to do with his Appeal to the pros casting about for an attractive alternative to the old politics. He conveys vibrant youth. He televised like a movie Star not of the Ronald Reagan Era but out of the new and Radical film world. He seems to speak what he believes and not the rhetoric of the past. Shows great courage when the Nixon strategists cast covetous eyes at him ignoring the constitutional provision they Praise him for his ability to open a dialogue with the negro minority in the ghetto. They talk about How he walks the troubled streets of Harlem and Bedford Stuyvesant and meets face to face the militant Blacks and the restless Young angry at the cutbacks in summer programs. All this is Ture. Lindsay has shown great Cour age. His forthright confrontation with the ghetto May be the reason new York has thus far had no renewal of major rioting. But As he knows better than almost anyone the dialogue in the streets is Only a beginning a Campaign asset. Like a television presence it is a holding action that gains Confidence and a measure of Goodwill. If Steps Are not taken on the basis of this Goodwill to remedy the evils of the Core cities than it May be worse than nothing. It was an outsider who spoke that truth. John Gardner former Secretary of health education and welfare and now head of the Urban coalition. Told the governors what he has been telling each of the presidential candidates in private. The new president who takes office in january simply cannot go on doing More of the same. He must come Forward with and gain acceptance for a dynamic new plan to make Over not just the cities but America. Childs this represents 12 per cent of the 1966 vote for governor. In a state As Large As California with the inhabitants generally willing and even anxious to sign a petition for anything it is not difficult to bedevil an office Holder As soon As he has taken office. Secretary of state Frank m. Jordan like Reagan a Republican will have the duty of deciding the Validity of the signatures. Jordan has threatened leaders of the recall drive with criminal prosecution if signatures have been obtained under false pretences. Jordan on july 3 said this Campaign was a a the first time in 27 years in be had so Many questions about the propriety of a petitions misrepresentation of a petition in California is a felony punishable by a Fine of up to $5,000 and a prison term of up to two years. The same sentence can apply to anyone who knowingly files a petition with forged signatures. The recall is a special election to determine whether a Public official shall be superseded before the expiration of his term. In recent times the device was introduced in the los Angeles charter of 1903. It subsequently found wide acceptance Robert c. Brooks observes a in municipal Charters chiefly of the Home Rule commission and City manager the recall has been used less extensively in the United states than had been anticipated by its proponents. For one thing the Mere threat of it operates to Check flagrant misfeasance in office. Woodrow Wilson called it a a gun behind the for another the machinery for using it is necessarily cumbersome. According to the Council of state governments 12 states provide for the recall of All elected state officials with the exception of the judiciary in some states. Hawaii is considering adding the recall provision to its Constitution. The attempt to recall Ronald Reagan comes at a time when he is making a tour of eight o More states As a a non candidate for the presidency. Reagan told newspapermen on july 2 that the drive could be a a embarrassing to him at the Republican convention which opens i n Miami Beach on aug. 5. If the petition stands up Reagan would be the first California governor to have to undergo a recall election. However according to Secretary of state Jordan recall petitions have been circulated in the the eau Claire la add a eau Claire Wise Niin sunday july 28, 1968 4a voice of the people editor s not letter to the Vole of the poop should to limit a to 400 words. Thoy must boor the Nom and address with a Tito a fictitious signature May be used for duplication except for totter criticism at Public officials or Polhert. In those costs names must m published with the letters. The editor reserves the right to edit and shorten looters when necessary. Editors note if a Gordon Wilkie will identify himself correctly and be willing to sign his letter it will be published is there shortage of doctors Here to the editor recently i moved to eau Claire five months ago with my husband and family. Several times in be tried to get an i called the Hospital one night and asked if i May talk to a doctor. The nurse said a by o u will have to leave your name and number and hell Call you backs. I said i can to wait my baby just ate a bottle of aspirin and the doctor that saw her was wonderful but he is a surgeon but even so he w a s willing to see me at any time. What in a concerned with is do you have to be dying to get in to see a doctor i feel in be been quite patient a five months appointment to see a doctor is Long Quot getting it is no problem but aft an a a Char no or you go in. Try and see the problem around with tine. Do we have a doctor shortage Here in eau Claire sincerely and neglect Washington merry go round negro actions harming own cause by Drew Pearson copyright 1968. By Bell Mcclure Syndicate Washington the two top negro mayors of the United states Carl Stokes of Cleveland and Walter Washington of Washington dc., were debating the problems of the big City with two top White mayors Keven White of Boston and Joseph Alioto of san Francisco. Jammed id have killed you a ton. Signed the statement. Doctor. In be had my appointments two and a half weeks in Advance and when i went in i was made to sit for three and four hours and still in be seen Noj doctor. I never liked going to a youth sees nation doctor in the first place a Only when my husband would Force rent by minorities me to see one. For some time now i be needed the attention of t0 the editor a doctor also my son needs his in this time of Wai revolt checkup but i have no Intel Tjon political elections Demon tons of sitting in line for sever stations mini skirts and Long a1 hours to see a doctor. Hair i feel compelled to report to the world what this sixteen traction of the state party appear year old american citizen sees Atu. I see americans fighting 10, democrats of Wisconsin who too Miles away from Home for a Don t go to conventions or have silly thing called Freedom. Tittle connection with the party i see oppressed nations rising except on election Day May won out of a living death known As Der what caused this strange re communism for that very same organization of the party Stop silly thing a Freedom. Side at such an awkward time i see a nation that in past a when a healthy and Well wars was t even Able to d a run party should be Well on the fond itself accuse America of Way toward executing its other police officers quoted these Are some of the Rea sigment for november As being a land of violence racism and lawlessness and then Black nationalist Fred sons Why there a been such dra the reasons Are Plain enough this same nation was rocked by a a Ahmed Evans As saying a Matic support for George Wal and they were unavoidable one of the most violent revolt cording to up. A i had you in lace of Alabama in the North. Committeeman David Carley Lions Ever. My sight when my Rifle what the negro militants done to whose principal motivation has to this nation other nations jammed. You police have both realize is that there Are Poten always been an ambition to hold carrying the same views and in t i a 11 y More White militants High elective office abruptly de Divi duals i say this. A i want to same than negroes and that they cited that he did t want his see you shoot the Way you remark a a identifiable connection with a bout. Ered us too in Washington that night a Black United f r o n t Are setting Back the ise Day Hicks has been working 18 hours a Day to Patch up relations Between Irish and italian mayor White who Defeated state nine times including one earlier to fhe j0�1.p? a recall Reagan. The complaint alleges that the governor has a undermined and demoralized the entire California health program a and has a injured the University and state College system and endangered the educational standards of the state a and has a attempted to further his personal ambitions at the expense of the people of the state of win or lose it is indeed an embarrassing impeachment. Meeting called As open to the Able Progress of the negro race party politics to interfere with i see a stunning Paradox. I Public in the african methodist by playing into the hands of the his private business concerns see nearly every free world episcopal Church threw out All Wallace ites and the Kun flux after he had concluded that country shunning their response Whites and newsmen. Three Elan. Moderate negro leaders walked out in protest. After world War i the Elan for High had a phenomenal reveal in Mav contain a penalty this was not the year to run Billies to their fellow Man. Con office. The decision Deming America because we out of Are willing to fight for freedoms the meeting was to consider Maryland. New Jersey Indiana sight for two years he May cause. I see them hoisting Viet bostonian and the be neighbourhood jurisdiction Over an 3 Southern Ohio even ran never have the Opportunity to Cong flags and tearing Don the Gro population has kept City Washington police a system Sas there is latent Elan senti win the governors office which stars and stripes. In r a r r. Xvi it or it the Tri in in u. j it it 6 Wev a Intorf i e a i i t y open 24 hours a Day a and whereby negro neighbourhood a sment in the North today. This is was hts steady goal during his what they Are doing is tearing trailer offices to take would select and Boss their what geor8e Wallace is tapping half dozen years of Active Par Down Freedom and raising com 3 in the huge crowds that come to engagement. Monism. To see him Hall initiated City Hall to the people. Own police instead of having a mayor Stokes has been out in Central police chief for the in the streets of the Hough area tire City. Its a latent Ameri now think. How Many o f to i these very same nations could a Miner Converse , a in themselves much Wimmers Opportunity Harvey Vermilyea if any words could describe the main interests in life of Harvey c. Vermilyea they would probably be a army officer and death came to or. Vermilyea thursday while he was attending the musical memories band concert an event which he founded 14 years ago. For nearly 30 years or. Vermilyea had is none. William Allen White has this improving schools housing and Washington has one of the can fascism. Coupled with May Well see in die currently a a a a he a Quot int viewer Community relations. He t o i d Best police forces in the nation. Back nationalism which i n forbidding Job of state party answer his fellow mayors How the fed a eral government had doubled its educational contributions How improved techniques would soon make it possible to build a hours. When picked by civil service if r o in Spires it ifs the most danger chairman the Chance to win All Over the country. Recently Ous political trend in the unit the identification As a mature f a h he Prev a i Ibert in its negro mayor Walter Wash e j states if a in Rev Mon that a in in sat a amp out Liberty. Libert is in ton. Hired As no. 2 exec Woji wreak Tive Patrick Murphy an offi gig to majority of it gets started it party Man will need in no the a g in nge Anca on the the Likley event that h e in. $10,000 House in 4 8 cer skilled in race relations. Ones and in turn Murphy has tried to enlist majority of asked about welfare More negro policemen funds for illegitimate Black babies. Mayor Stokes said ruling White cops Whites. That s what the Black snipers party Law abiding a launches his own elective office Osery a my the career later. When candidates ,. A. Law abiding la Follette and Nelson t h e t h a going Verv few a key men in the fortunes of the .8 _ Black protests had resulted who shoot Cleveland police and Wimmer was their this fall agreed t h a preferred d i s there is his Finger on the pulse of the City As a por i3 business it s been proven there is from the shooting of a negro Black preachers of Wash candidate nobody was less baud in the welfare svs burglar b White police As he in ton who condone the shoot posed to argue with them. The tem than fled the scene of a burglary. Eng 0f White cons done to seem to whole affair of the chairman reporter for the daily Telegram and eau Claire Leader. He was keenly interested in his work and often served As an unofficial advisor to Public officials. A tribute to his intellect was that h i s advice was usually accepted. His interest in military life dated Back to the time the american troops were sent to the mexican Border in 1916 to quell the trouble there. He gave Many life serving his country years of his he put it bluntly to the governors. This can 1.th? a biter Force Sand attained the not be done without new taxes to provide the rank. Major in the army of i g very Large sums required. The governors d i d service in France As a Captain during the not like it. Most of the governors preferred however to talk about self help the efforts of private capital in the ghettos the errors of the past in Public housing. They were simply unwilling to face the reality Gardner put before them. Yet it is first world War. Long after his retirement As an officer he retained an Active interest in military affairs. Injustice stirred angry indignation in or. Vermilyea and wherever he found it he did what he could to Correct it increasingly Clear that the next president will proving himself a True Newspaperman confront the plight of the cities with Patching and mending wholly inadequate to Stem the Swift tide of decay in physical and human resources. The cynics will say that election campaigns Are not meant As Gardner advocated to bring the electorate to a commitment for future action. The voters will run from the candidate who tells them Home truths about the needs of the future. They prefer to believe that. If Only the wicked ins Are turned out in favor of the virtuous outs All will be for the Best once More in the Best possible of worlds. After All Franklin Roosevelt at nearly the Bottom of the depression in 1931 campaigned As a conservative calling for a balanced budget. But today More than perhaps Ever before in our history the rhetoric of escape would seem to be a perilous form of Ostrich ism. The Lindsay of the television image the summer dream of the Wistful ticket makers is not the Lindsay wrestling with urbanism run to the riotous Point of breakdown. From our files to years ago miss Nancy Mcmullen 202 n. Lith st., is a Junior therapist on the 43 member staff of the Rockford College summer speech Center. The foursome of Bill Huff Keith Reiter Frank Beck and Delos Walker netted a 53 to win the masters tournament saturday at the Hillcrest Golf club. 15 years ago Grant Anderson son e v Black who is there three people Are mayor w a Shin ton Pearson kidded mayor Stokes about coming to Washington to v i s get Wisconsin resurrection City. A up until recently a he said a i was mayor of two cities Washington d. C. And resurrection City Usa. The mayor of Cleveland came to visit us and i discovered he was making them comfortable the emphasis was on the word race relations improve mayor Alioto of san Francisco recalled a it was not too Long ago that a san Francisco candidate for mayor ran on the platform of a the chinese must today the chinese Are an important integral part of our Community. In the Theodore Roosevelt administration h e sent an inquiry to san Francisco As to Why japanese c h 11-Dren were not admitted to caucasian schools. A today one half the member m ,. My of wite cops two weeks earlier a White Porea Joe lineman was shot and killed by a negro family when he tried to arrest one of its members. Afterwards leaders of thei Black United front issued an amazing statement justifying97 million vehicles on our roads i was chosen unanimously. The killing of a a White Honky and most of them want to turn ship. Which ordinarily would have caused some commotion was handled so casually that Wimmer was not even called to the platform to make the nor today there Are More than Mal acceptance speech after he j tons Are doing either i see a majority of americans acing attacked and vilified by a minority of americans. I see a Lack of patriotism in continued on Page a barbs notes on news tile unseating of mrs. Jean blocks Ette swed involved a Combina a a y Tion of circumstances. To some of the Young militants in the Hall knowing of her allegiance to vice president Humphrey she personified the a old there Are plenty of precedents for the dumping of female leaders in the party As mrs. Swed i remembers from her experience in defeating another four i years ago. Mrs. Burg is Young by John Wyngaard a real and is Likely to persist. This or spoke the language of Mili Madison a the principal reporter has probably attended Tanty uth 311 3 perhaps most jobs of the new chairman and Many democratic state Dele important of All is an attract Rev. Channing Phillips left at the Corner two Leader of the late sen. Robert from our House on the Kennedy a forces in washing Home. Report democrats face task of Patching up party wounds new National committee Mem Tive lady which when All other Cir tar a before the pure water Cam Bers of the Wisconsin Democrat Fnu a any.? things Are equal is As Persua be the conduct. Ugh dam crat of Pasive in party politics As in oth pain started there was t even titans who regularly attender human enterprises. Such affairs. Rarely has there to. Jur it i ship of the highest paid labor of or. And mrs. Bennett i. Force on the West coast the Anderson of Whitehall was named the Grande International longshoremen Champion senior Dairy showman at the trem Hajung Between $18,000 and Praleau county fair at Galesville Friday six-$20 000 _ is negro a said May teen years old he is a member of the Whitehall or Alioto Fra and the Brookside boosters 4-h club tic party wont of the organizations s urn Mer and f All c a Paig n against the Republic a is important and demanding As that will be. Events a re Likely to show that j a Mes Wimmer the new head of a sardine been such a cancerous rally As that at Milwaukee to Days ago which assemblyman nor Man Anderson of Madison As presiding officer bravely but barely managed to keep un-1 Der control. Wyngaard Mccarthy influence some of the goings on at the rally which obviously astonished and angered some of the older regulars were the result copyright 1968, by United feature Syndicate inc the eau Claire Leader member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Member associated press and United press member audit Bureau of circulations advertising representatives Shannon amp Cullen inc., Brunswick building 69 West Washington Street Chicago Illinois 60602 Shannon amp Cullen inc., 757 to third ave., new York City. July 31 will Mark the retirement of Wesley e. Peck As Rural Carrier on it. 2 Elmwood after 34 years of service. 25 years ago or. And mrs. S. K. Andreassen accompanied by or. And mrs. Will g. Ballerine drove to Camp naw Akwa saturday to visit their sons George Andreassen and Bill Ballerine who spent the past week at the boy scout Camp. William Mcdermid has been elected commander of the Rice Lake Post of the american legion. 40 years ago a the plumbers of san Francisco have just signed a pact that 25 per cent of their apprentices shall be negro or Spanish a the White mayor of san Francisco told the negro mayor of Cleveland. A so have the the interchange took place at the panel discussion of the International platform association presided Over by John Gardner former Secretary of hew who has just written a or. And mrs. P. V. Nicklow mrs. Elizabeth new Book a no easy to Nyrl Axer Ami 1/tmm to % t i Nill f Iii a i 7___ji _ a. Be Nicklow and mrs. P. V. Nicklow a father w. S. Foster and wife All of Dallas a toed to Cornell and Chippewa Falls sunday. Dan Devine of Augusta member of the county Board from the fourth Ward of that City yesterday announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Assembly from eau Claire county. J undoing negro Progress when mayor Stokes got Buck to Cleveland that night a Small group of Black nationalists were trying to undo this work. Firing from ambush they killed three police. A if my carbine Hadnot the democratic state commit of the involvement in the Par tee and assemblyman Robert to for the first time of num Huber and Mary Lou Burg hers of younger persons who the new Wisconsin delegates to have flocked to the Mccarty a the democratic National c o in presidential Banner Mittee will be to bind the but the Outlook for a Mccar wounds within the organization thy nomination becomes More and reconcile the divisions dim with each passing week As among working democrats aft the old timers realize in spite of or the ballots Are counted in the w h a t the polls May show. Fall it when this reporter was sitting this forecast is based on the at press conferences at the a Assumption that the party a tonal governors conference in chances of winning significant Cincinnati last week some of elections in Wisconsin this fall the big name republicans were Are slender a with the except evidently so sure that Hubert tons of sen. Gaylord Nelson Humphreys nomination by the who has the advantage of in-1 democrats is already in the bag cum Bency a reasonably non that Mccarthy a name was controversial first term record not even mentioned 1 and a familiarity on the vote what will those anxious a courting trails that is the envy Ger and determined Mccarthy of his ticket mates. Lites of Wisconsin do if their the wounds Are Likely to be Man fails to get the prize Many and hurtful. The Animo these Are the things on the sity Between the Humphrey my minds of Wimmer Huber and earthy backers in Wisconsin is miss Burg the new adminis a 1961 by Nea inc. A a he a hoping hell be bought out by Howard Hughes a i

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