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Eau Claire Leader Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Eau Claire Leader (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Eau Claire sunday Leader vol. Xxxvii no. 177 20 pages Northern Wisconsin s Only morning newspaper eau Claire Wisconsin sunday morning july 28, 1968 United press International associated Prest 2 sections Price ten cents. . Expects More attacks on thai bases Saigon a -. Officials expect More guerrilla attacks on the seven american bases in Thailand following fridays raid on the adorn air base. Informants said saturdays attack on the adorn base had been expected for months. They added that the thai guerrillas undoubtedly got their orders from Hanoi. Waiting some time a these were not local Hillbillies operating on their said one senior official. A a we be been waiting a Long time for the shoe to about 20 guerrillas hurling explosives battled the base defenders for an hour Friday wrecking two planes killing a thai guard and wounding four Amer cans. Two guerrillas were killed and two were captured. Chinese automatic assault rifles and russian made grenades were found after the Battle. Czech chief raps soviet intervention from Leader wire reports Moval of the in charities which Prague a cz3choslo have shown in our Mutual rela Saki a a communist party chief Alexander Dubcek a knowl it was accompanied by an a edged saturday night that there Parent new gesture of Good will Are a anti socialist tendencies and some anti soviet invectives and moods in his country but Prchlik for suggested they did not give the communist toward the soviet Union formal censure of it. Gen. Vaclav urging that other nations have an a wire photo More attacks on thai bases expected. Main u. S. Air Force bases underlined on map attend mass for fallen police comrades in Cleveland. Ohio Highway patrolmen attend services for slain police officers a wire photo last guardsmen leave Cleveland weather Wisconsin monday with Little temperature. Minnesota fair Cool through monday. Cleveland up a the some of whom came from weather saturday last National guardsmen were Boston new York. St. Louis Faa weather observations withdrawn from Cleveland s and Birmingham Ala. Max. Temp.75 began 10 reach intelligence offic East Side negro Section Satur the service was preceded by min. Temp. 61 ers ear. Is year adorn Day while downtown City a Parade led by nine mounted wind Nw-8 on Miles from the laotian officials and 400 policemen paid police and two drummers. Other temperatures Border was pinpointed As the their respects to three police expect More attacks officials expect future attacks on the Thailand bases to be Low level harassment raids posing no genuine military threat. This would preserve the appearance that such attacks Are in Farn through spare Ltd solely by the red Gerril nge in la movement in Thailand. . Intelligence officers believe the opposite is True. American sources said information about impending attacks a a want easier Way out Russ May need red tanks to halt czech reformers Moscow apr time is German and polish Borders Renow running against the soviet j serves called up just across the Union in its confrontation with soviet Borders the More con Czechoslovakia but the clock corned but also the More calmly May still be turned Back by red i defiant have become the people army tanks. Of Prague. Soviet delay in forcing a while the services were in victims of the past weeks Progress the Man accused Byi racial disorders in which to police of firing the first shot in persons died. Tuesday night s incident a mayor Carl b. Stokes said geared at a hearing on three 1,200 National guard troops charges of Murer. Called to Active duty wednesday the suspect. Fred Ahmed i were ordered to remain in the Evans pleaded innocent. His City on a standby basis but Cash was continued to aug. 7.1 would be pulled out of Cleveland entirely sunday if the City problem for Hubert 2 . 68 likeliest target. 6 62 Ebi base which houses Sam 66 6 500 airmen and too warplanes noon 72 is one of the most vulnerable of 3 p a. 74 the american airfields. It is in 6 p a. 71 the Center of the Northeast prov 10 65 inces where about 2,000 thai humidity. 54% guerrillas Are said to be operate precipitation .06 ing. Thai building forces the communist Effort to harass the thai government comes at a time when Thailand is building its forces in South Viet Nam toward division strength of about 12,000 men. The Security of the american bases is a jealously guarded re , ted s exit creates Tai service for the policemen 1 Stokes toured the East Side. He came upon a group of 13 youths lined against a Wall by police who were questioning them for Washington apr a stir up sentiment for a hum violation of the curfew. Month before he even knows prey southerner ticket. The mayor talked to the whether he will be the demo Connally said he and five oth a possibility of the thai govern youths and then ordered police cratic presidential nominee or Southern governors told ment. There is no indication to take them Home. Nice president Hubert h. Hum Humphrey at a conference in that the thais have asked for memorial service prey is being pressured from Cincinnati earlier last week that i extra help beyond the Contin to a pc two directions on the Choice of a they think the vice president using american advisory Effort Jota Cathedral was attended running mate out to choose a a Meone More k u a a the self propelled exit of sen moderate than you for second by City officials and policemen. Edwar j j Kennedy o Pace 0 he Al a i party leaders think at a a Lofv Tel Massachusetts from consider few Tion for the no. 2 spot seems to thus Point that Humphrey could d i i a have foreclosed one Choice it afford to Gamble on any such Zygg Crigg 111 House Senate might have been relatively easy govern strategy. Others be _ go for the vice president to make. Lieve the election is going to been a Kennedy represented a num Avon in the ten largest Industrial a Eccl 1 i Ivd Ber of political assets that some states. Influential men in the party they see Connally or any make Clear they think hum other Southern running mate prey May need to defeat the As a sea Anchor which would a House Senate committee has Republican nominee in novem Calm the vice president in the sided with vice Hyman g Ber in particular the Kennedy turbulent Waters where the Bat-1 they still had not found the key Rickover in his Battle with the Nam it has its own Nia Gic with tie with the Republican nominee to a settlement in the Basic steel unit backing new sub plan Washington a Pittsburgh a top labor negotiators fighting a wednesday Midnight strike deadline reported saturday Pentagon to build a new super he. Nesr0 a a of and a is to Quot Quot ill be decided. Armer income Whites As Well As with i the tint commit of on Liberal intellectuals. The joint committee on ii in atomic Energy said saturday needs big City votes . Diron Kate Ulps no valid reason has been offered Humphreys obvious accept Quirind last to years for a Pentagon halt in spending Ance of Kennedy a withdrawal 3 for the sub two months ago and As final leaves the vice presi new York up a the birth urged that All barriers to its Dent searching for a viable sub rate of the United states has construction be removed. Statute who can help awaken the declined 28 per cent during the j apparently uninterested voters past to years statisticians of still under study in big City slums and Indus Secretary of defense Clark states. There seems no name Candi Al Ifford announced july i that the Pentagon would proceed with plans to build a new High this front although some demo Speed submarine. But he said cratic governors and other offi the quiet sub still is under vials who have been involved in study. The Antipoverty Battle reported Clifford rebuked Rickover by Are eager to Volunteer without naming him for critic on the other Side of the Coin sizing top civilian officials in Humphrey is under pressure to the metropolitan life insurance co. Said saturday. A a. The insurance company said Date immediately available on birth rate in the United states last year was 17.9 per 1,000 population compared to 25 per 1,000 in 1957. Further last years birth rate was the lowest on record in the United states and Canada where the rate has the Pentagon in his testimony team with a conservative who a in per cent during the 10 before congressional tees. The atomic Energy committee comments accompanied release of a censored transcript of testimony at a closed session june 21 in which Rickover lashed out again at repeated Pentagon studies and said a the depart commit would be calculated to weaken the Appeal of former gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama a third party candidate who Hopes to deny an electoral College majority to the major party nominees. Connally interested gov. John Connally of Texas ment of defense has become a who obviously would like to Fol huge Thicket which stops Deci Low the footsteps of John Nance Garner and Lyndon b. Johnson As a vice presidential nominee from Texas has been seeking to wants Quick action the House Senate panel asserted a your department of defense has grossly underestimated the rate at which the soviets Are improving their nuclear it called for immediate development of the quiet sub As Well As the High Senate Senate votes panel to study spending Washington after year period. Industry. A neither Side has been inflexible in its position so far a said United steelworkers president i. W. Abel and r. Conrad Cooper head of the Industry bar gainers in their first joint statement of the negotiations. Seek basis a we have been attempting to solve our problems and reconcile our divergent views. In Short we have been searching for common ground the basis for settlement. To Date we have not found that basis. A we continue the Abel and Cooper denied reports that a 90-cent wage Bene fits package was on the table. How much had been offered was left unsaid. Showdown with Prague leaders Over their Defiance of Kremlin orders had an original purpose. The russians were willing to go slow in Hope that their mounting pressure against Prague a liberalization course would split the leaders there and win acceptance of re salinization without the use of Force. Pressure May do Job the pressure May yet do that despite apparently solid popular support for the czechoslovak party chief Alexander Dubcek and denial of rumours that his party High command had outvoted him. But for the moment the drag of this crisis has allowed the development of a unified Public opposition in Czechoslovakia to soviet domination. Nationalism grows nationalism that powerful Force which Joseph Stalin tried to eradicate from his East european satellites Bas been fostered in Czechoslovakia by the soviet press Campaign. The More intense the attack has grown the More openly determined the Public opinion makers of Czechoslovakia have become to resist. The greater the soviet Milit a r y preparations a troops camped just across the East news analysis the situation suggests hesitancy in the Kremlin to Deal with the situation in the Way that soviet statements make Clear will be done if necessary Send the tanks. Hesitancy about the big Tough soviet Union the right to threat equal voice with the soviet Unn intervention. Ion in running the Warsaw pact. Dib Ceko a mild and Low key Prchlik was removed from his statement perhaps an attempt Post As the top czechoslovak to set the tone for meetings next communist party Security offi week Between soviet comm cer thursday nist leaders and Prague a re Prchlik. A Liberal had come formers predicted the talks under severe soviet attack. An a will contribute to a gradual re official statement distributed by the news Agency ctr said i Prchlik a views a a do not express the official Dubcek talking about the coming showdown talks with the soviets told a nationwide broadcast audience a i believe that the idea of internationalism on which we have based our relations with the soviet people will come out cleaned and strengthened in the decisions is characteristic of the Dubcek broke into a smile soviet a collective leadership when he was handed before toe t h a t Nikita s television camera a pile of Pap Khrushchev a a personal Rule four ers 20,000 signatures Back years ago. Indecision has be ing his Liberal course come almost paralysing in some sign new treaty Fields handicapping economic informed sources reported planning in particular. In this Case it might be caused by disagreement among members of the a collective leadership Over using Force to crush czechoslovak liberalization. There have been Many indications that Premier Alexei n. Kosygin would like to find an easier Way out. Several . Coastal states Are sinking Algeria frees to israeli travellers Geneva up a Algeria saturday freed to israeli women and children who were ,. A mnki5�.l Moi aboard the Al Al jetliner Fedl Ngsi it s3ld�?T Estall a that Daoara me Ai Ai jetliner it Fol _ not it Terr for May. Washington up done to panic but California is sinking rapidly. Even Texas is subsiding. So Are a lot of other places including Louisiana Alaska Washington state and Arizona. This downward movement of the Earth a surface Here and there is due the coast and geodetic Survey reported saturday to a variety of causes among them the activities of Man. Measure and Downs the Survey has been measuring up and Down movements of the Earth for half a Century. Natural forces causing slumps include earthquakes Frost action and changes in the moisture Content of soil. Some changes in the Earth a contour May occur slowly a Over the those for which Man is responsible can be measured in a matter of decades or even Shorter periods. In either Case the surveys subsidence discovered by the Survey in the past few decades Range from two fifths of an Inch after the 1965 puget sound earthquake in Washington to 24 feet near Mendota Calif. The Mendota slump took place Over a 23-year period starting in 1943. Geologically speaking this was rapid. Other sizable subsidence include More than seven feet near Eloy ariz., since 1948, nearly five feet near Houston since 1943 5.6 feet at Portage Alaska after the 1964 earthquake and 20 inches at new Orleans in the past half Century. Hijacked last tuesday and forced to land in Algiers. They flew into Geneva saturday night and said they had been giver. A very Good treatment by the algerians. The four women three children and three hostesses arrived in Geneva aboard a Swiss air Carvene Jet. They were among 24 israeli passengers and Crew members held since their israeli Airliner was hijacked on a flight to Tel Aviv from Rome. The Earth is not a Terra Firmat it Only looks that today s Index obituaries. 2a editorial .4a women a �?�8-9-10a comics. 11a sports. 1-2-3b classified a. 5-6-7b informed sources meanwhile that romanian president and party chairman Nico lae Ceausescu is expected in Prague thursday for signing of a new Friendship treaty. Another staunch supporter of the czechoslovak president Tito of Yugoslavia is Likely to follow him into Prague a few Days later. In Moscow diplomatic sources said saturday Czechoslovakia a liberalizing communist leaders will have to make serious concessions to the Kremlin a rulers to Avert soviet military intervention. The forecast came As the soviet air Force dominated giant War games with simulated Jet interceptions Over Leningrad to the North and 1,000 Miles to the South and East Over Baku on the Caspian sea near Iran. Reliable sources said the forthcoming confrontation Between the full collective soviet ruling politburo and the czech party presidium had been s scheduled tentatively last thursday but was put off while the Kremlin carried out secret preparatory negotiations with the czechs. The bickering took longer than expected but it was believed most of the groundwork for the Parley on czechoslovak soil was Laid. It is now expected to begin monday or tuesday. Diplomatic experts said the 11-Man soviet politburo would insist on major concessions to allay their fears that an Independent Liberal communist Czechoslovakia would leave a crucial Gap in the soviet defense perimeter. Ohio munitions truck flames under control Cincinnati Ohio a police lifted an evacuation order for the Sharonville area late saturday afternoon after f i r a men blanketed a burning munitions truck with foam. J the All Clear signal came at Oil c _ _ i a 4 45 . Cd about an hour Joo la tic to after the tractor trailer Rig burst into flames at the intersection of interstate 275 and Amherst Junction wis Ohio 42 in heavily populated up damage was expected Sharonville. To Totaj hundreds of thousands Hamilton county police made of do ars in a derail men sat. Urgent appeals by radio and Lei Urda f 34 f Adi pics ave in mrs Anin Larnin r Horta a derailed in state Evision to residents within three mile of the fire to leave their Homes because of the risk of soc line freight train near Here. Officials said the derailment explosion a police dispatcher ,. A about the midd a said the truck was reported of the train and cars were loaded with napalm bombs. Surveys study attitudes most negroes Don t recommend riots strewn along the Way. Some of the cargo which included Oil wheat flour lumber and canned goods was damaged and a half mile of track was torn up. No one was injured. Speed super sub i backtracking on its Economy Rickover a quiet sub would be demands voted saturday to powered by electric Turbine in create an Independent commis Gines. After four years of work Sion to explore ways of keeping the Pentagon stopped spending government spending from on it May 28. I growing out of control. Washington apr riots Are justified by most negroes but they Are not this was one of the statements in three surveys released saturday toy the National advisory commission on civil disorders. Independent surveys up a the i the surveys were made by i week of dependent groups and published without comment by the commission. Two explored negro arid White attitudes in 16 american cities. The third set out a profile of participants in the 1967 disorders. Among heir statements a the negro mass is far less revolutionary in its Outlook than its More militant spokesmen. The great majority do no propose to withdraw from America they want equal status in it. Only 8 per cent a about 8 per cent of the negro residents in the 1967 riot areas on the average participated in the disorders. Of the rioters i per cent were from out of state 4 per cent from outside the City and 95 per cent from the City. A roughly a third of the White population in the 15 viewed riots As protests against real grievances one third emphasized what they called their criminal or conspiratorial character and the rest viewed them in combinations of those two Points. Shows separate societies the commission headed by then gov. Otto Kerner of Illi cities i but unequal societies one Black one White. The commission appointed for a year goes out of existence next monday. The surveys made earlier this year included cities that had riots in 1967 and some that had none. They were Baltimore Boston Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Detroit Gary Mil Nois was appointed by presi Waukee Newark Brooklyn Dent Johnson to study the riots which hit american cities last year. In a report last March i the commission said the nation was moving toward two separate Philadelphia Pittsburgh san Francisco St. Louis and Washington . Based on the sampling method surveying More than 5,000 negroes and Whites in the 15 cities one report said that 58 per cent of the negroes regarded the riots As mainly a protest and another 28 per cent characterized them As partly a protest. Ten per cent saw the riots As mainly a matter of looting and similar offences. The Survey of riot participants said while most negroes disapprove of the violence they nevertheless a feel that the riots Hape beneficial consequences by increasing White society a concern to improve the negroes British transplant patient serious London up a informed medical sources said saturday Gordon Forde Britain a second heart transplant patient May have suffered brain damage too severe for his new heart to combat. Medical bulletins from the National heart Hospital said forded a condition was a a serious More than 24 hours after he received the heart of David Birkbeck a 34-year-old paint sprayer killed in an Auto Accident Friday

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