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Eau Claire Leader (Newspaper) - April 14, 1967, Eau Claire, Wisconsin The eau Claire Leader vol. Xxxvi. No. 88 32 pages Northern Wisconsin s Only morning newspaper United press International eau Claire Wisconsin Friday morning april 14, 1967 associated press 3 sections Price ten cents Johnson tells latins curb differences Hun University students Enro Ute to Schofield Hall sign carrying marchers protest new University housing regulations Here thursday. Punta Del Este Uruguay up a president Johnson thursday called on latin american leaders to put aside differences and unite to cure grave economic and social ills which have plagued the continent for years. Ecuador however bitterly accused the United states publicly of Short changing the hemisphere in Aid and Trade and announced it will refuse to sign the a declaration of american presidents because of what it termed the documents Only hours after the Exchange Between Johnson and ecuadorian president Otto Arosemena. The United states and 18 other presidents in private session approved the declaration an eight Point program for Progress including creation of a latin american common Market by 1985, promotion of foreign Trade betterment of living conditions and elimination of unnecessary arms expenditures. The document is to be signed today in the formal closing of the three Day Summit conferences of american chief executives. Authoritative sources said the declaration contained headings which spelled out a new future for the hemisphere by stating �?1"latin America will create a common a a we will Lay the physical foundations for i Atin american economic integration through Multi National a a we will modernize the living conditions of our Rural populations raise agricultural productivity in general and increase food production for the Benefit of both latin America and the rest of the a a we will vigorously promote a a we will harness science and technology for the service of our a a we will expand programs for improving the health of the american a a latin America will eliminate unnecessary military tracks three supporters the Section on the common Market which latin americans would a create progressively beginning in 1970�?� and have in substantial operation by 1985 was greed to by the latin american government leaders alone. Johnson while vigorously supporting it left the decision up to them. The same applied to the provision on military expenditures. The document had the approval of All the nations of the hemisphere except Ecuador Bolivia and Cuba. Bolivia die 200 students protest University housing Here about 200 eau Claire state University students gathered in front of Schofield Hall thurs Day afternoon to protest t h e proposed student housing code for the next school year. The new code would require All students with the exception of seniors or those Over 21 years of age to live in University dormitories. It excludes mar tied students and those living at Home. The University administration cooperated with the group by providing a Public address system and offering the use of the Field House in Case of rain. Despite the Light rain the rat by was held outside. G. Willard King director of Public relations held an umbrella Over the speakers both for the administration speakers and for protesting students. Representing the administration at the rally were or. Leonard Haas president and h. Donald Pope director of housing. Liberalized rules or. Haas explained that the housing rules were liberalized in the past few years because of a shortage of dormitory space we were criticized then for not having enough housing he added. He noted that it is the first time in eight years that there will be enough housing on Campus for students through t h e Junior class. A last year we turned away 200 persons seeking admission because there was no housing either on Campus or in town a he he added that next fall will be the first time the University will have an oversupply of the simple fact is that the dormitories were built with crease the number of Beds available. The rally was opened after approximately 30 students marched from the a Council Oak behind the student Center to Schofield Hall. The March and rally were organized by Lynn Delong eau Claire Bruce Thompson Fontana and Arvin Kasparaitis Waukegan. Iii. Kasparaitis reported it w a s held to inform students of the proposed housing code. About to students carried signs protesting the code. Pope told the g r o u p the present housing policy is not new. It has been in effect for a number of years. He added it was liberalized to allow s t u dents to live of Campus in approved housing because of the Robert Smith president of the Junior class and representing the student Senate spoke briefly and reported the Senate was also opposed to the proposed code. Kasparaitis said it would cause financial difficulty to those per sons renting private facilities to students. He cited from letter from several members of t h e state Assembly stating that overbuilding causes the s t u dents to Bear the Burden o someone else error. Tom Dahlman representing the students for a democratic society urged students to boy Cott of the housing code is not revised. He said the administration broke Faith with the students. Fraternity and sorority spokesmen also spoke against shortage of dormitory space.1 the housing code. Defense challenges time in speck trial Peoria 111. Up the defense thursday rested its Case in the Richard speck murder trial after less than two Days of testimony attempting to prove he is innocent of massacring eight c i h c a g o nurses. The conclusion of the de Fensel Scase came with dramatic suddenness shortly before . Cost after two witnesses said they saw speck in a bar at the time he has been accused of being in the nurses apartment. Defense attorney Gerald w. Getty Rose and said to judge Herbert c. Paschen a your Honor the defense the Case was expected to go to the jury of five women and borrowed funds and we have to fill the dormitories to pay for seven men saturday morning them a he reported. The verdict the defense has he said the alternative was asked one 0f innocent or death to raise the rent to pay for the could come this week. However court convened immediately after the search and defense counsel Gerald Getty called his 10th witness. He was Merle Farmer a Short order Cook who testified he saw speck at a restaurant and bar at the time a prosecution witness had placed speck in the apartment where the eight nurses were killed. Farmer said he first saw speck then attired in a red weather Wisconsin a showers and thundershowers today. Saturday partly Cloudy and mild. High today in the 50s. Minnesota considerable cloudiness with showers taper ing off today. Thursday s weather Faa weather observations ., mediators Confer More labor woes brew Max. Temp. 52 min. Temp. 40 wind Dir. Southeast wind Vel. Temperatures 6 . 41 noon. 48 3 pm. 51 6 pm. 49 precipitation .07 reports claim China ousts president Hong Kong up the Hong Kong tabloid Star reported thursday communist Chi Nese president Liu Shao Chi hat been ousted from the party and replaced As chief of state by Premier Chou in Lai. The righting paper quote travellers from the Southern City of Canton As saying Canton was mastered with Wall posters maiming Liu had been ousted led guards in the City were reported to have staged a rally to celebrate the news. But analysts Here said thursday Liu had solid support among the army leadership despite the massive propaganda Campaign being waged against Lim by party chairman Amao tse Tung. They said it was not Clear shirt at Kay s Pilot House a How far lius military support bar and restaurant on Avenue n ers would go in backing him. However. The test could come if an attempt is made to expel Liu from the communist party and formally remove him As president. Empty Beds. He noted the borrowed Money was from Federal funds and said the requirement is that the University cannot have empty Beds unless it has a requirement for students to live on Campus. He reported the University has no plans for new resident Type housing to be built on the Campus in the future. The president noted that More and More students prefer the apartment Type housing. A in the future we plan to provide this Type housing for both married and single students a he added he said they Are now attempt ing to acquire 40 acres in put Nam Heights for construction of housing for married students March from Council Oak the University this year has an enrolment of 5,300 students with 1,800 living on Campus. The completion of the new High Rise dormitories by next fall will in today s Index women. 5a editorial. A a obituaries 10a women a. 14-15-16-17a sports i so the defense began its presentation late wednesday and called Only la witnesses in specks defense. The prosecution called 42 witnesses Over a week and a half period. The key witness was Corazon Amurao the philippine nurse who survived the massacre and last week pointed out speck in the courtroom and said Quot this is the assassination scare there had been speculation until the last minute that the 25-year-old merchant Seaman an sex convict and hard drinking wanderer would testify in his own defense. Speck did not. There was a mild uproar on the last Day of testimony when police reported an Anonymous Telephone caller had threatened specks life. The courtroom was immediately cleared for a search. The six police searchers found nothing in the courtroom and 90 newsmen and Spectator were readmitted. Police said the Call came from Chicago and the caller announced that someone was a going to get speck the caller did not say How the threatened assassination was to be accomplished but the courtroom was ordered cleared. In Chicago about two Miles from the dormitory apartment where the nurses were slain. Provides Alibi he said speck was in the Pilot House where Farmer is i. _ employed about 8 . July 13 Getty then asked did you myst her of Tolx see Richard speck at any other la cur i i a time on july i3?�?� delinquents up Farmer replied a yes i did. R Getty asked. A and what time Washington apr More was that a Tyfian one million individuals and Farmer said a a in a fix the time employers failed to pay More very close to than $1.4 billion Federal taxes Harmer said he s a w speck due last Vear. The Senate was then wearing a Short sleeved told thursday Black knit shirt and eating a sen. John j. Williams a hamburger in the restaurant i del., filed his 13th annual re about Midnight. Farmer testified that speck remained at the restaurant until about 12 15 or 12 30 a in. Washington up pres ident Johnson a three Specia mediators conferred with the administration thursday on the May 3 Railroad strike threat As Federal officials braced for major new troubles on the labor front in coming months. Meeting at the White House and the labor department were Charles Fahy former Genera counsel of the National labor relations Board and professors John t. Dunlop of Harvard University and George w. Taylor of the University o Pennsylvania. They Are charged with trying to arrange a negotiated settlement of a contract dispute Between most of the nations railroads and six shop Craft unions whose wednesday Midnight deadline for a walkout Over wage demands was extended 20 Days by Congress at the presidents request. The mediators were expected to Call both sides Back to the bargaining table Early next week. But everyone close to the situation believes there wont be rail tie up because Congress would not tolerate it. More immediately the government May be forced to invoke the Taft Hartley act this weekend to prevent a United Auto workers strike at the Avo Lycoming Plant at Strat Ord conn., scheduled for 12 01 . Sunday. The Plant is one of the big producers of helicopter engines or Vietnam. A the situation there looks very bad a a government source said of the contract dispute. Uniroyal in group next week on april 20. The United rubber workers unions contracts with the a big four of the Industry expire. They Are Firestone Goodrich Goodyear and uniroyal. Quot we re going to have to strike to get what we want a said one Union source. The Union not Only is determined to win substantial wage increases but is angered by a management pact under which any of the four idled by a strike would receive financial help from others still operating. Great Impact the labor dispute with the greatest potential Impact on defense As Well As the Economy is in the Copper Industry. A strike which the administration would consider intolerable could come june i and would affect the flow of arms and ammunition to Vietnam. The United steelworkers and the International Union of mine Mill and smelter workers have combined to demand major wage and work Rule changes on the Industry. Although manage ment privately would Welcome a Brief strike to help unload Copper inventories the government fears any walkout would Force a fantastic increases in Copper prices the most dramatic labor showdown this year a As far As the Public is concerned a will come sept. 6, Date of threatened strike against Auto manufacturers by the United Auto workers. Although it is too Early to predict a strike at this Point appears to be a very real threat. At a time when car sales Are slumping Law president Walter p. Reuther has committed himself to major gains for his members including a guaranteed annual income. Adenauer condition reported weakening port on delinquent taxes showing a 12 per cent Rise in the Dollar value of unpaid accounts in 1966 Over 1965. Naturally Fox Point we. Up a the Fox Point Village Board has Rome out four Square for love and against higher illegal parking fines. It turned Down a proposal to raise the Fine for illegal parking from $3 to $8 if the car had been parked for the purposes of necking. Village president Evan c. Schwemer scorned the forces seeking the higher fines. A these people must be against love a he said. Bonn up a former West German Chancellor k o n r a t Adenauer gravely ill with i Grippe like infection and bronchitis was reported weakening thursday night. An aide of the 91-year-o i c Adenauer said he was spending part of the time under an Roxy Ijen tent. A doctor has been in constant attendance since wednesday morning. Pope Paul i thursday sent Blessing to Adenauer who is being treated at his Home in the Rhine Side Village of Rhoen Dorf. One of Adenauer a sons is a roman Catholic priest. It was now known whether Adenauer received the last rites of the Church but doctors reported his heart and circulatory functions were weakening Adenauer retired in 1963 after 14 years As Chancellor during which time he led Germany Back to Prosperity from t h e wreckage of world War ii defeat. Among messages wishing him a Quick recovery were telegrams from French president Charles de Gaulle and Spanish chief of state generalising Francisco Franco. Crowds of reporters and townspeople gathered outside the Gates of Adenauer a Villa four Miles outside of Bonn police had to restrain one elderly 92 amendments fail to delay vote woman who said she was a Faith healer from trying to enter Adenauer a Home doctors said Adenauer had been susceptible to bronchitis. The fog which shrouds the Bonn area much of the Spring aggravates his condition. Adenauer was born Jan. 5. 1876, in Cologne and spent All of his life in or near that City. During world War i he became the City a mayor a position he held until he was removed by the nazis in 1933 he spent the next 12 years in involuntarily retirement interrupted Only by occasional Gestapo harassment. When the War ended in 1945, he was again briefly mayor of Cologne before he set out to create a new party the Christian democratic Union which for the first time merged German catholics and protestants into one political Force at a time when most of his contemporaries were retired. Adenauer embarked on what was to be his most important career he was president of the constituent Assembly which prepared the ground for the creation of a West German state and was chosen in 1949 to head its first government. He was then 73. During the next 12 years he led West Germany out of t h e ashes of total defeat to a seat in the councils of the powerful. Not attend and Cuba was not invited. Summit participants were agreed however that the door was left open for Ecuador and Bolivia to join if they changed their minds later. Arosemena despite his denunciation of Economic policies toward latin America said after meeting with Johnson a i believe that our viewpoints can be easily Johnson said he thought Arosemena approved of Tho Summit in general. . Government officials said that for Johnson the Summit meeting was a huge Success. They said that after the declaration is signed today at 9 . Eau Claire time Johnson will Fly to exas for an overnight stay at his ranch. The travelling White House said he will go on to Washington saturday. Johnson a qualified pledge of los. Money and material to Back latin America in Bootstrap projects ranging from a common Market to the snipping of red tape climaxed a second Day of speech making by principals in the 20-nation Summit session. Three hours before Johnson a speech Ecuador a president Otto Arosemena a who had threatened beforehand to Boycott the conference a said . Aid was inadequate for curing the social woes that Breed communism in the hemisphere. He said the Had elected to defend democracy in far off Vietnam while neglecting its neighbors to the South. A must we await a dreadful revolution. In which death will be our daily diet a Arosemena asked. Plum City Bill clears Assembly Madison apr Plum City a Bill to allow Branch banking in hankies communities overwhelmingly passed the Assembly thursday. The 86-9 vote was accompanied by rumours that pressure on lawmakers is growing to adopt a Branch Bank Bill similar to one which led to charges of improper lobbying last session. The second measure had been scheduled for a Public hearing next week but that was cancelled thursday. An attempt was made to de a action on the Plum City Branch Bank Bill but supporters overrode the Effort and quickly pushed it through to a Pinal vote. The proposal sponsored by assemblyman Stanley York a River Falls was aimed specifically at permitting the establishment of a Branch in Plum City the provisions also would apply to about 50 other backless communities however. It would allow a Hank to set up a Branch within 25 Miles of its Home office As Long As the new facility was not within three Miles of a competing Bank. Somoza former president of Nicaragua Dies Oleo Bill survives changes Madison wis. Up a sen. Tax until it reached 4u cents. Gordon Roseleip a Darlington. Others would gradually re thursday introduced 92 Amend Duce the color from dark yellow ments to a Bill that would end to White. He said More amended debate in the Senate and i sep a n Zer it Brownsville colleges voted against his to Ilene Rich a successor As hair Tion to delay action on the Bill Man of the Senate agriculture until next tuesday 18-15. It is committee. Wisconsin a historic ban of col ments would Force Sale of the scheduled As a special order of a a it a crazy not to let the peo ored Ole Margarine in a last product in round and Odd business Friday morning but it pies representatives vote on ditch Effort to delay a Senate vote. Roseleip said he brought in the amendments shortly after consulting with former sen Earl i Everich a Sparta Oleo a shaped packages. Roseleip who represents predominantly Rural District said he spoke by phone to i a Erich and Leverich a was Digap Wasny to known if the senators Jit a said Panzer who discarded a would begin debate because of i his Long time Oleo opposition the Kellett reorganization Bill this year. A Why should people which has devoured most of this have to sneak around like a weeks session. I thief in the night to buy it in pointed in the action by some a i introduced the amendments surrounding s t a t est take a Arch foe in the Senate for 30 farm groups in ending their because i represent a Rural look at the amount of Oleo be years until his defeat last fall Long time opposition to Oleo. Area and i think Oleo is a ing inserted into the state ii House approves ethics committee Washington up tile House voted unanimously thursday to create an ethics committee that members hoped would restore Public Confidence in the sagging image of Congress. By a vote of 400 to 0, it Managua. Nicaragua up sex president Luis a. Somoza stricken by a heart attack last saturday died thursday it was announced Somoza 44, was a member of the family which ruled Nicaragua for most of the past 34 years his father was president and his brother is per Kent elect. He succumbed despite the efforts of a team of experts including american doctors one of whom was sent Here at the express orders of president Johnson. The doctor was identified a Arthur Gosslin of Miami. The adopted a Resolution creating a permanent House committee on team of six american and three Roseleip s amendments Start Wisconsin is the Only state in i fraud Roseleip said. A i feel with a 20 cent tax on the prod the nation that bans the Sale or i Oleo is harmful to Rural act with following amendments manufacture of coloured Oleo. I Roseleip a delaying tactics each Chipping is cent off the Rose Leips a amendments spark Drew a blast from sen. Frank legally a Panzer said. Sen. William Draheim a Nee Riah called the 92 amendments standards of official conduct the committee will have no enforcement Powers and will be limited to drawing up a proposed code of ethics to present to the House for approval before the end of the year. Nicaraguan doctors were under the direction of or. William Phillips of Miami. Earlier thursday doctors disclosed s o in o z a a heart stopped monday but was started up again with violent Chest Massage

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