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East Liverpool Review Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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East Liverpool Review (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, East Liverpool, Ohio F. A t h e r Clear Cool tonight sunday. Sunny a Litile warmer. Montgomery dam a Friday 7 p to 81, today la m 87. Today 7 am 62. Today noon 74 High Friday 82 at 4 p m. No Prenzi Lati Neast Liverpool review �0&Quot=Complete news coverage of Wellsville Midland Chester Newell edition vol. S7 .\0. 227 phone i85-4515 East Liverpool Ohio saturday july 1ft, 19ftfi i it pages 7r san can copy 42r or poly of Rrth in guards restore peace to Chicago area Ryl Mes k. Dwyer Chicano flying a a quads of impressively armed National Kia Resmen polier restored relative peace today to the scarred of a West Side area rip fied since tuesday by racial violence. Youthful gangs who had looted burned fired sniper Sale from Laded away Friday night As guardsmen told to shoot to kill if tired upon a went on patrol through the streets of a 14 1-"quare-Block area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers Niles at the ready bayonets fixed jeeps with machine guns mounted police cars with shotguns poked out windows knots of negroes lined curbs in some areas cat calling occasionally but there were Nily scattered one reported Snipie shooting with police returning tire but iding no one a fire bomb thrown into a i a. A Laius again Blasl gangs disappear Street outside a Home a few store windows broken several fires in stores by Midnight Joohee reported streets were virtually deserted the Calm contrasted dramatically wit i night when an were abroad then two negroes were killed by gains to .80 were injured amid widespread shooting looting burning that continued into the Day Friday Otto Kerner called up tie Cliuard. .8.000 Strong Friday at the request of mayor Richard a Daley. The mayor said he Felt police alone could not Cowie with the noting worst in the North since 84 were killed in massive noting in los Angeles last August a a a maj Len p Kane held troops in Reserve sent into action operating from a base in a parking lot they teamed with ,0 i police Quot if Anyox key Shook at my ,�?� Len Kane told newsmen a my orders Are to shot Back shoot to the word must have gotten 1 around newsmen interviewing negroes on the streets reported a. Attitude of fear among Many especially of the guardsmen Miere was much comment about weapons there were some who said the guard will leave smut be. Or later Brouhle will come anew Quot we can t Cope with the stuff i they got on those a guard a a a 7 done gel a tend n a tonal in stood on Alert Early today in a hic ago a West Side where racial violence has broken out on three is ices Ive nights. Lov Otto Kerner called ii More than ,8. Kim Iii Resmen to patrol the area to prevent further Trou Hie lid Fele Poloi Hiiri Jinan Aikin Aii Mig those issuing sulem rails Ong hit Oil i la lib 121 or Gahl in Wiir Sliozis Rylia ii How do Vou i a youth fold a , hut we can Cowie with the police As soon As gis Gobcio a. These cops Are Gonna make a mistake Quot Quot we All gotta die some time Well Light Quot said another the trouble began night when Violice turned off a fire hydrant spraying kids with water during a hot spell. A crowd gathered Hocks flew violence began there was More wednesday night. Then the night Friday during the Day. With police reporting at one Point they were unable to control the mobs mayor Daley said that be blames the outbreak Quot in Large measure Quot on aides of or Martin Luther King or. Chairman of i lie Southern leadership Golf Renee King his staff have been con turn to ii a ago Page 21 main Lum 111 8 Sla Wiigs warnings a re fired Al Hanoi Rule against Milreal Mienl of captives Washl it api a Rov guerillas in South \ Iet Nam Senate let Emo ratio ing vol Cassador w Averell vivid fallen through Viet orig like Mansfield who Hartman publicly warned a representatives in Algiers had the statement by the 18 agreed Noi today that mistreatment of at one Point indicated they j a Jpn really w Ith Aiken s appraisal is captives will change the Shild undertake such an exp of pros he Tive Public demands whole teeing of the War Quot which i Diange he . The for retaliation he said up to now has not been official Gustav Herl president Hul it Eri h aimed again St the people of on other Points. Hartman Hump Brev in a speech Friday North \ it to Nam in the strongest word yet issued by a Washington official concerning red to ideals to try american prisoners War in meals. Hannian said a North Viet Nam still Puli Cates that they believe that the said the North have to give any into Malion of exit the num thu or names of the r s fliers . Believed to total .84 or More no it a have they allowed the International red i committee Access to the captives he added that Hanoi has re fired to accept the International red Ross committee head quartered in Geneva As a pro text my lower Hartman s voice of Amu Ica 1/cader worse in our to head off a nuclear War Mansfield told the Senate he has not lost Homie that the conflict will be settled at the con Sites Ferenee table through Neotia was tons. But he agreed with the 18. Headed by sen f rank Church by rarer i to com a , South Viet , Al wave after wave m i s. Planes Loun dts North View Nam Friday with a record 121 Uliey struck at three Oil Deji ois to keep up the intensified drive against the Hanoi government s fuel Reserve also attacked six mrs Silc Sites Navy planes from the aircraft Carnesl Ranger evaded 10 so Tel built surface to air missiles fired from a string of Sites seven to 4.> Miles Souli Ieav of a not in an attack on one it of a or a Navy ,\4 skyhawk Jet hot Down by Anima ii iraqi the Street Quot now figure Thal Quot a Quot it was t racial Quot said a White store manager across Llie Street who had Slegt to at his is to keep windows by m suns Orr Hollik Chicago api a i done to get said the negro cab Denver As he threaded Liis Hack among shards of Glass littering Tach Sliment streets in the West Side intact Lorn by nights of noting i a i be talked to a lot of the plat just about summed up Guys today i saw running pro unlit a imi of new leads the statements of Ipsden s around last night Uliey Don t Hurst of new Confidence to i detectives Deler med to Hunt i Osif Init a airy la Nuli killer by .11 i s Lam Chicago Al a artists sketch of tie killer who slaughtered eight student has no Pur the Man Down. There most seem by the Hale me Quot violence i Quot Hiey did t five tip Easbie speaking of mgt up Quot said a negro youths atm Stream headed the station attendant looting burning shirt my Rhrou glut thursday added a u pm mad at you 1 my violence going to gel you even if 1 have a nobody organi de to sleet i do a step to do group would go the Hiigli a Filice artist sketched the it but i m not going to do some smash windows not Lake Killor a face after it a closely gasoline Quot we Vel it eem inundated with to it resent Pih Mic Falls. In its leads since nights added the sketch to our de said Michael up Iloilo i it a Deputy chief of detectives thing body that will Louse up every anything other group would toning the Only survivor of the that a what these come along Huntt. One group Hgt in House massacre who Are doing started up on Roosevelt Hoad from heavy sedation pin then word spread another j Tfir the Long night of hot of interviews during group got started on 161 h Street. 1 Honlio Flonoi a lairs Afif t Itil Linen Hoisl Tokyo i a radio Hanoi today hinted it will broadcast an i up View was aired Rafiei it it get in Anith increment Mon Gein be Aiken r it Day morning aimed that if Hanoi earned on trip official North v tire at h execute c a air radio broadcast a note to american people will at fort Worth. Tex also warned that the staging of trials would Quot set to on emotions very hard to control in this country Quot i can t think of anything that would let a More dangerous than such a step Quot Humphrey told a news conference he lore making each at Texas Christian i University a if the a eople in Hanoi have any sense at All Quot the vice president said. �?~1 would think they would be very hesitant to take a Quot Iii Ai Tnp \, blamed Quot a a .1"�?o Quot i Quot in a Quot a of 1&Quot"� Moscow Lor encouraging the a Idaho Thal f a prisoner exe Eulious would bring the War to a a Leril a tint of no Rei Pirn a Sens Foo Herl of a Kennedy Vand fid Ward m Kennedy. A mass Rose a no to endorse the statement by the 18. Winch was signed by. Among others or Vantlin says i it mrs. Iai Willii s Titi i India s rime mini ter ended a \1os said hours of walking the streets Fri another near i8th Stre it. Of Nicht As heavy v armed was both kids Ami Adu to i eave flak Meven Teil Rescue log. A i. I Radii a or if of ton , Pood i hot foor to. i.o., Quot i Quot prod Nood no to a or. Voro a Volvo .\1.in, foil 01 Iho ,b,�?z0 Hod Sioon Di-0lo-,.d it no a i. To 7 Quot a a Lod Snia Slnar a in Dove. Earlier i most agree that the Voung a Duero adults to join in sters Are angry Thev later Ottimis believe Ltd adults As to Why virtually All tee that goaded the youths into the s Iree the a m Aranco of the guard of violence a a prevented am let night of Vio in combast to the Hallern m other s. S me in grm s i like the i s Angeles racial laughed inked Edh Unlue As officers Quot ruined by. Live to a ear Niles jul she Guu a out my sky Ward out but they a move it a dec people demand the Ctm Pleie desirus Tion of Viet Aiken who has eritici/. acceleration of the War. Thus put into blunter words the carefully .noi1h vietnamese to step up their re is Aik e no h sons in the world to Estah he Ace More than president Johnson Iken said tie soviets could help phrased warning of 18 self bring this matter to the Confer Stylers democratic doves Quot Fri ence table but 1 fear they want Day Thal such action by Hanoi to Lxi a us to the fullest sex Quot would provoke the greatest tent in \ let Nam Pul them re rivals further Blacken selves in a i Simon to attack us the hot a for a or Ace Quot i he situation never looked a billion dollars win rth of set it View but a Kremlin refusal to follow her suggestions on trying to Start \ let Nam it each talks Indira Gandhi told a or ers before flying to new in ii that soviet leaders Tiad told her they could agree to peace proxy a Only if North \ in Nam accepts them Hanoi a not commen de on her it to Oasis. Which in elude soviet action m ailing a pack conference in Geneva com Raunisi China has rejected her ideas 2 i Vii Ajit is aim Friend held 111 Ohiser Sayig it a special to aria Nii Sion at 8 4.� a m Hanoi tune sunday 45 p m Edt saturday the v my Ial will he in addition to its regular broadcasts the note it h did not disclose the nature of tiie special , United Stales will give up. As f ranch did some years ago if they Lipold out a now. If Thev think there i anything in this at All one a it tie surest a vans for it Ltd a assure that the american i it Public will stick to this thing to the end no mat ter How Long it take would of then nil treatment of our an my a even though 1 can t give them any Eishi Wagemen that we will give a it the fees Ideal has made if very Plain that we will stick to it to Tite end it will change the Whon Terling of the War far there has been no on he it Art it it of the Amei ican government or the amen. ,. N ,. Can i Opic Gaird the a Louie of a Nientsu taken from All three said against their families As an North let Nam but this bar que toning after running a top Lawreie let tired on the Ponce my Merabie Art Crit rare to i a. C a Wien they top ted a car a a is of War. Contrary to All driven by Conahan because it practice m this War a one of Nihise slated at 4 .80 had passed through a Stop Light plunge into barbarism which a m. Today was 17-year- Pat go Den said Lawrence gave Souid serve the intercut of no Rick Conahan. Who according to rus for firing tha Nian no nation Vilice walked into on he feared the x4icemen would Edward Kennedy it he a police Headquarters Friday or the revolver he ban nigh accompanied by a Moth stuck m the Waist band of is slavic ii chairman .1 w of a us Hight of the Senate foreign relations committee Boi Ert Kennedy said Liat regardless of an Motif s o Inion about the c a bombing of areas or f lph1a a two was tra a ted on a r a Otto near Hanoi execution of amen teen age boys a 22 Vear old about two blocks Troni Gene prisoners would be an in companion were charged to Lay shot twice then Ude Rable actor barbarism with slaying Rotilie Patroi Ian leafed two stories to the Street Quot i have in seated at Manv George Jacob criticality was caught tying to Liob it its trom this War its wounding another policeman Hie away he is in a hos ital conduit Quot he said but i am at the three were slated jut 2. Reportedly in fair Conri Ilion one with All americans in re after they allegedly capt Joseph Golden of the Garding reprisals against gunned Down the two Pouch homicide squad said tha it s ate these Young men indirect South vietnamese head Viiar reported heavy losses to a Dkl Mao comfy my of govern ment troops Wien they were Lei he a Quot Maneu vening Quot of Fivi times As Many \ let Cong main Force so die s a vietnamese said the company was hit Fraia on Highway 1.8 a fax on \ let Ai a i it oin 18 Norton Vest of Saig in the i it my Tiad been a signed to provide Security Lor a military Supply Woinov after the last truck passed the com a any s area the up said a \ let coi g Torce est Nial de at a reinforced battalion struck from no the Side of the Road 1 Noi Ike Ial said in a t of the Ltd of any was killed of wounded in nou Viet num. Both the i a Aetna ii c a a oin mands rep or de Only mail scale fighting Friday however two a let Fong his run attacks were Chi within eight of said for in one. The Viet Cong hot a Ufa a Bridge with Minc High Mii it South of the capital. In Hie a a a Viet Cong Force it it i in riots of i65 tics of Quot get who Ley Quot �1 bum Hab Liurni were scarce during the thursday Friday Peak outburst Here there was no indication that any one alleged Filice Hru Tarity. Hate of White my t chants for instance was the spark Quot you can t Tell me it was a Ciai said Frank Banton an aging White Mer Cliant who kept plate Glass windows in two guardsman stores intact Des it Ile Shalk full of Violes for Guai Inman Marcia Irig by. at the Rea v Quot Wilhe c Nio 1 Hack Here Quot shouted a Enol it trom Hei Ond floor window Quot Adu Don t want to gel sect a a Tater quit tha Man said a negro tem Ager to a Inid who walk toward a a Tolang Artiev ii 111 Vou Glass m All around him Quot in Lus negro Guy i know Kiel mid me hit a ply Waxel to protect my windows he said a i Ridin ask him he Volun leered Hien later i saw him running Down the Street Hustin Llinat window the one Over there of to plow k a Ards covering Sli altered plans two Kors away across in a crowded cafe two or g a my in got to an argument Quot the kids Are doing it Lor thi hell of said one n a a sintered a Nottier Titi whole thing was organi de h. People tio want t seek Flack Man go under sodium a Ittig was funny at iut the whole thing he said hut lie did t a what it was Quot this is awful said one turn to of in is. Page 2i turn to vif71. Page 2t fim k on la find 0n�?~tir<l 17 in rested Iii Drill i inn Banc act would heighten the temporal Iee Hng can Only react again to the interests of the North \ Hartman speaking m a voice of Amei Ica radio enter View noted in c pre Iden John son had offered Ltd let Hanoi participate n Sou cast Ian economic devel a afe. Peace comes i Viet Nam prom ised the United states would font Nhuy a m Billon or More but o u s owners he said would Nave a great Tiec again to any relation is he Ween a tries or the kind Quot i Iive Ann in a live basis or hoax a Orp a it ted that oif Orts to a captured Viet Cong or a i "4 civilian Pri Oner acid by the up to ining after running a Light in Philadelphia. Lice sad or a 1 was Liu olved in Tho Ltd a Den in Chilade have a aah morning i want to turn my to a users All Fiche a p charged homicide aggravated assault Battery. A to kill re Elf in i was driving the car Issing Arren conspiracy when the a Ohleman was is in the policeman a f7arlier Friday night. An Chari Robin on. A under Wen future 17-year-Oid. Paul on Hack emergency surgery f Radii coun on i Job of h is ung Haggagi was up a a red still in Crenca for a Enget a a in it it it i v cond Nion at s Agne to i Ian pick. up by la Coos married father of three Maii children graduated the third Man amt Tny Fumii the Rudice Academy Las Awrence was apr chanced Anelay 81 he did on Ine ree a Haf after be 8 80 his a ionian riddled with Edi. Friday shoo Ungs wr�j come bus Termina a a iceman hot it a horror he said Secretary of stale Dean had voiced assurances that Viet Jong North vietnamese Ori owners in the hand of tie Saigon govenis ment Are getting jul l treatment under Inte Natona red Rose supervision communist Lisp tache Hanoi have indicated that the trials May tart a in a 20 or aug i there has been no o Licia word however trom the Nivea bul state of from the government of North \ let Narn Ity in Reni Les thirteen South four teen aged girls were apprehended to a Beaver xxi he in an a ride tage drinking party in cars Adia Ceni to the Beaver sewage disposal Plant along like Ohio River f a Day six Young Man changed with liquor Law violations were in Beaver it Ounla a today two of tie Juv Niit Quot wer in Allene Rei detention Horne trim which Thev were in probation. Trip Voung fun cited w e r James Foj gang. 18 a hails a Mckeel. 18. Of Monai a. A thur Wheeler. L of new Brigid on. Fau 1. Summers. 18. Ltd to West . David sch x i Quot a. 20. Ltd of new Brighton r i 1, James a feet or �0, of i . And Gairc s f. A Tisl. 21. Of Ihk fic be. Fight of the juveniles w to i turn to arrests Polit spin Iii for \ Otilli Iii Wallsa ill jail by a a area Lolice today continued the search of a a year of fat Liv t Ooi South who apparently was aided in an is Cap a Friday evening from tie Wellsville c Liy Hall deter Lka no Ltd a where he had been placed follow no an Auto Accident Man was gone Accord no to police chief Jotin Hephner Hephner said someone had released Leman because u is in a Syible if Leah tie link from the detention Tom the kor i secured from the outside with a Leavy Latch Welville a Lolice said David Padl Fyk oilman of 810broad was was arrested for driving Wolnie under the i licence of a of Alco Liol Joi lowing the Accident at o 15 p m or Broadway. Wellsville Coleman was taken to the de Tention Rio pm. On the second ii kor of City Hall to pm held while patrolman Robert there i one Mark on the lock indicating it May have fax a end a Riedo ten or picked the chief said Coleman driving a car owned Jim h w Nelson of fast Liv Erx a it i. Hii the rear of a parked ear owned by Joann Crawford of 610 Broadway tie raw Wellington completed the invest Ford Ai was Knox 18 feet by ligation Fiad the wrecker re the Impact police Saip Coleman is .5-i h 7 inches Jho a Black Wavy hair. He was wearing dark trousers construct ii in worker foots he did not have a move Coleman s car firn the scene when the officer returned to cite Hall Aix it i an hour later the if k had been re noved Frfd a Page 2 the outside of the Dot a r Cole shut police said. So notion Sai f the two hour in i l View was Emrik Tilly fruitful in Lin her one. We re confident we re going to get he said two we know the girl can idea Italy him a the girl Corazon Amurao 28. Ii list in Delais mis sing from h a i Fust acc null blurted out to police when save finally fled the by skis battered of death in thursday at Lawn Al least a tie mystery re , however a a ice shill no in w Light on it after the interview with miss Ami Irao Why were there no loud screams no outcries tor help during Itie time tiie killer hound gagged the nine girls herded them into a Back Nim. And led eight of them out one at a time to Iligir Dealis a Quot Niere were s a me Light nut cries Hottie girls who came m turn to sayings Page 2t Ferrese dels 12 \ ears for Sloe i fronds James Ferse 88 of new Casulli Tias Lieen sentenced in j2 years in a rain on my counts of using Slock securities to defraud six area Hanks including three in Columbiana county of $225 a i in Loans Iasi Vear the Ireci i Ltd a was handed Down f afternoon at eve land t v or fact court a Lidge f link i Batlis i Battis cute iced of a error a to two years on Sacii a a uni Ferrese who Haft strip mine pc rata is m the Guilford Lake area a a leaded guilty to each count info Ehr uary after he was Arre ted Early last year he Al i has guilty to two additional counts of Countis flail Stock securities to obtain l a taling .$80.i>hd from Bank in the Sharon new Castle Ai Ca i err rese also is under indictment for defrauding a Merritt i land Fla Hank of $7.5. Mai by using the same Metal Kris tiie Hanks m the area included the Wes Side Branch of the Dollar savings Trust co. Al Youngstown. Farmers National Hank in Canfield a Ohranen of the i Nion National Hank in p it land the Union banking co in Columbiana the firms logic Hank in Lisbon the f first National Bank m East j Alej Tine

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