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East Liverpool Evening Review Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 1

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East Liverpool Evening Review (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, East Liverpool, Ohio Weather mostly Cloudy tonight. Chance of rain Low near 55 showers thunderstorms Likely saturday High near 85. Vol. 104 no. 174 phone 385.4545the evening Revie Complete news coverage of East Liverpool Wellsville Midland Chester Newell Lisbon and Tri state in pm East Liverpool Ohio Friday May 20, 1983 25r single copy $1.25 weekly by Carrier Senate okays tax hike budget Washington up Republican moderates joined with democrats to Wear Down the Senate and win approval by one vote of a 1984 budget plan containing tax hikes and a limit on defense spending increases that president Reagan has threatened to veto Senate end. Republican plea Leal Der Howard Baker engineered the close but successful vote for the moderate gop plan late thursday night to ensure the Senate approved some kind of budget Resolution even if it was one opposed by himself and the president. A total of five budget plans including the one eventually passed All had been Defeated earlier in the Day. The 10th Day of debate Baker and budget committee chairman Pete Domenici. R n pleaded with their colleagues throughout the lengthy session to agree on a 1984 budget plan proposal billion in the $848 7 billion budget would raise $89 in Revenue perhaps by putting a $500 Cap on the to percent july i tax Cut Reagan so vigorously has sought to preserve hold the increase in military spending to 8 per cent less than Reagan had wanted and Lead to a 1984 deficit of $184 4 billion the first key vote on the proposal authored by sen Slade Gorton. R Wash. And supported by the so called a gang of five Quot Republican moderates came in the form of an amendment that was approved 53-47. Gorton and the five a Sens Mark Hatfield. A Ore Lowell Weicker r-conn., John Chafee or i., Charles Mathias r Myand Robert Stafford. R it got the support of 15 other republicans and 33 democrats but what should have been routine approval on the entire package nearly turned into defeat. It at first appeared the package had fallen a vote Short of winning when Domenici whose own proposal went Down to defeat two times switched his vote from no to yes Gorton later explained the switch saying Baker was determined to approve a budget but did not want the democrats and the moderate republicans to win by More than a Bare majority. A Howard Baker simply made the determination the budget process was not going to fail Quot Gorton said. President expects Andropov a Summit a Ami Lish Quot exercise. Sam Ferguson of Mccormick run re. Lisbon Bove his Wagon with mules Bailey and Beulah through Gavers. Lisbon and West Point wednesday. Ferguson who owns five mules was exercising this pair which he does regularly to keep them used to a hitch. Photo by Lucille Huston. Wagon train practice a a a a a a a a a Lisbon area Man exercises his mules by Lucille Huston Lisbon recollections of Pioneer Days were stirred in the Village and through the county this week As Sam Ferguson of 13324 Mccormick run re drove about the area on a covered Wagon pulled by two mules. The journey was taken by Ferguson in order to exercise the Long eared animals one of the two he has had for some time but the other he purchased in february at a Large Sale in Tennessee Ferguson has five mules the two he was driving wednesday were a Bailey Quot and a Beulah he says it is necessary to work with them on a steady basis for them to perform at their Best some need daily exercising. Others do Well if worked with once week he said Ferguson who retired from truck driving two years ago this month has a farm on which he previously raised news briefs Rocky s Job plan debated Charleston w a. Up the House and Senate finance committees have moved in diametrically opposite positions in their plans to fund gov. Jay Rockefeller s jobs program the Senate opting for borrow my and the House voting against it. The House was expected to accelerate to approval today legislation to return to the state Treasury $1 million in Money appropriated for in Terest payments that were not required to be made an in state bidder s preference measure and a Bill to Grant wider latitude to the workers compensation commissioner to negotiate debt payments with employers whose payments to the fund Are delinquent Ohio Era bid renewed Columbus up the equal rights amendment for women which cleared the Ohio general Assembly to years ago has started Down the tortuous Trail again in the Buckeye state dusting off old arguments pro and con rekindling memories of a decade ago. The state House of representatives asked Congress thursday to pass the amendment to the us. Constitution again and Send it to the state Legislatures for ratification passed. 69-21, and sent to the state Senate was a Resolution sponsored by rep Michael p Stinziano 6-Coiumbus, and 55 others fatal blast cause probed Marietta. Ohio up investigators from the elem metals Plant and the Warren local fire department searched through rubble trying to find a cause for thursday afternoons explosion and fire that killed one employee and injured seven others the victims two of whom were burned severely and transported to a Pittsburgh Hospital s bum unit were working in the plants Fine sizing unit of the packaging area where they handle a volatile chemical Plant officials said beef cattle now he has his mules As a Hobby he owns seven wagons a bobsled a Sleigh and some buggies and has appeared in Johnny Appleseed festival Parade Ana Christmas parades each year he and his wife Katie participate in at least three covered Wagon Tram events for the past 13 years they have set aside the first nine Days in August to travel to Harrisburg. Ii 50 Miles North of Paducah by the mules and Wagon Are hauled to the site about 1,300 people some Riding and some driving wagons participate. There Are usually 1,100 horses involved he said an event is held in Pennsylvania and in Ohio each year but the Sites change last year the Pennsylvania train was at Uniontown and the Ohio train was at Gnadenhutten some 85 wagons with 600 people participated in the Uniontown train about 40 to 50 waging and 200 people were in the Ohio train both of these last a week. With 65 to 85 Miles travelled each week. Cooking is Dane outdoors Ferguson is a member of the National Wagon Tram association but says its trams Are held in Tennessee. And he has not attended any Ferguson s exercise wednesday began at his farm he travelled on route 518 to Gavers then to Lisbon on route 164. South on route 45 to West Point and Back Home on route 518. A i did t hurry the Ferguson said. Adding that he left Home about to 45 am. And returned Between 3 and 4 pm. The trip was about 17 Miles Ferguson also commented he has had a a few drives a Here in the county eight to to wagons travel around the area for two or three Days travelling 60 Miles he also has held Trail rides at the farm Washington Iti president Reagan sees a Likely Summit next year with soviet Leader Yuri Andropov and indicates he is feeling the pressure to make an announcement on whether he will run again in an exclusive interview thursday with United less International the president 72, said he has never Felt better in his life and his age and health would not be factors in his reelection decision a i know there s a time coming soon when i must in All fairness make a decision. He said aides have been saying for months Reagan would put off Traficant requested probe Aid Cleveland Ltd Youngstown attorney Henry Dibiasio has testified he gave advice on racketeering Law to Mahoning county sheriff James Traficant or about the time Traficant has insisted he was investigating organised crime Henry Dibiasio said thursday that Traficant. Whom be has known for several years asked him to gather information about criminal and racketeering Law in late november or Early december 1980 a a you re crazy a he said he told Traficant a to try to put people in jail who Are connected with the underworld a Traficant is being tried in u s District court on charges of accepting $163,000 in bribes from reputed mobsters and failing to report the income to the internal Revenue service he has insisted he took the Money As part of his own investigation of organised crime Dibiasio said he conferred with Traficant in december 1980 and again advised him he was a a crazy to talk about arrested reputed mobster James Prato he said he told the sheriff a Don t get me involved in that stuff a a the witness also said Traficant told him the same month about tape recorded conversations Between the sheriff and reputed mobsters Orland and Charles Carabbia the tapes offered a evidence by the prosecution included conversations about Traficant accepting Money from the Carabbia Prato and Joseph Naples. An announcement until about i a Bor Day but his i960 Campaign cohorts have been urging an earlier decision and seeking to Lay the groundwork for him to run again in the 30-minute interview in the Oval office Reagan said a a Summit is Likely Quot with Andropov next year and despite Strong anti american language from the Kremlin contacts Are continuing Quot at every level Quot he replied a no no no. None Quot when asked if there had been any confrontations with Moscow that threatened to escalate to a nuclear Exchange Reagan revealed that Early in his presidency attempts were Mark to negotiate with Huuha s Fidel Castro he has repeatedly accused of fomenting revolution in Central America Quot we actually tried to make Contact Quot and it a amounted to nothing Reagan said on the Mottle East. Reagan said in expects to notify Congress today or saturday he is lifting the ban on Sale of 75 f 16 warplanes to Israel in View of the israeli lebanese withdrawal agreement the Sale was blocked last june when Israel invaded Lebanon Reagan said he Hopes Syria which remix led the fwd Quot will not Wark to become isolated from its Arab neighbors Quot who support the Accord Syria has refused to allow presidential envoy Philip Labib to return to Damascus charging he is a a hostile a to arabs hut Reagan said Syria has indicated it would be receptive to another visit by Secretary of state George Shultz and i would Quot Send him in a minute Quot if he could persuade Syria to pull its troops nit of Lebanon on the possibility of a soviet Summit. Reagan called a Summit Quot Likely i can t give you a he said he said in would Quot not be optimistic about this year possible a More possibility of next year Quot seven killed As storms hit Houston areas Eland Anderson. I separated rom his Kotlier for three years in an alleged child abduction Rase was returned to brr thursday. Do Lynn t Ramie was awarded $5 9 Mill mid last week by a Federal jury in a suit filed against to talk show Host Phil Donahue on whose program the hoi father was interviewed. Pii boy reunited with Mother Arvada Colo Iti a a 6-year-old boy whose custody Battle was fought on National television and in a $5 9 million lawsuit is glad to be with his Mother after three yearn of hiding with hts father but was upset when Quot they handcuffed my daddy a Eland Anderson and hts Mother. Willow Lynn Cramlet were reunited thursday after the boy s father. Wayne Anderson was arrested in Tulsa okla is. Cramlet flew to Tulsa and picked up the child and they returned to Arvada late thursday the Mother and son had no seen each other since Anderson allegedly kid napped him after losing custody in his 1978 divorce from is Cramlet Anderson 39. Arrested on a fugitive warrant appeared in a Tulsa court thursday posted $5, Bond and or was ordered by special District judge Robert Farrisi to return to Colorado to face charges Eland a Blond quiet boy said he Quot did t recognize my Mother Quot after the three year separation a i thought of her a couple times and i wondered where she he said is Cramlet last week won a $5 9 million Federal court judgment against multimedia program productions inc producers of Phil Donahue s television show. Houston up a swarm of tornadoes raked the Houston area Early Batty killing Al least seven people injuring dozens More wrecking buildings dosing schools and temporarily knocking out Power in several areas four entire school districts is the North Side of Houston closed for the Day and damage on the Northwest Side of the City was reported heavy in the storm that crossed the City hat Ween 2 and 3 a in it a 4-year old girl died in a House crush so by a tree in Houston Kelly than through was sleeping in bed with her Mother. Frances when a 6 ton tree fell Ivi their be drown in Fie thing fell right on top of her the other kids said she Kelly was hollering at first hut was dead when they got to her a said neighbor Gene Malone who tried to help the Mother was hospitalized with punctures. A 14 year old girl identified As Glenda Mccoy was crushed when her family a trailer Home was overturned in Brandywine trailer Park at Spring in North Harris county a drowning not officially confirmed As storm related occurred at Cascade Apar taunts in Houston where apartment manager Teddy Jackson said a woman became frightened and wandered into a swimming Pool fully clothed a Man and woman died when Trees fell on their trailer Homes it new Caney. .1 Miles Northeast of Houston a 15-Yearold boy and an 8 year old girl were killed in Waller county 30 Miles Northwest of i delusion Quot Moth were from tornadoes both were found to him bet from their residences Quot said Waller county sheriffs spokesman Kandy Smith who had no identities a the Little girl was found in the Middle of a Road a a a 22 year old woman identified As Marsha mum Ford of Blue Springs to. Was killed when a Tornado k Stro isl an estimated to trailer Homes at Brenham about rat nubs Northwest of Houston Montgomery county sheriffs spokesman de i in Forest said damage was heavy around new Caney and Porter a in he what wet weekend the tenth consecutive Sampish weekend is moving upon the Tri state area mostly Cloudy skies Are forecast for tonight with a 50 percent Chance of showers germans Monitor waste plants closely what a inside exams passed local Man passes exams to become licensed funeral director Page 2 master elected Chester masons elect worshipful master pages scouts honoured Honor program held for scouts leaders Page 4 opening slated local Man readies new business for monday opening. Pages sex resident honoured former City resident honoured at Flint Mich. Pages deaths Charlet a. Boyles of new Cumberland Francis Watkins of East Liverpool. Bertha Young of Collun fat Ana Hayden Davis of Canfield Douglas Lagan of Sunbury Warren line of Harlem Springs Harry thrasher of Wellsville Rosamond Stanley of East Palestine Index Ana Landers 7 Astrograph classified 12 18,11 comics 12 crossword Paz tie 12 editorial a Here and there 4 society i sports 8.9 Stock Market 4 to listings 9 Heaters la weather 3 editors note county commissioner David Halverstadt who recently returned from a 16-Day tour of three waste incinerator operations by Europe today gives his impressions of the Biebes Belm. Germany Plant operated by him corp the Plant is the one to which workers of waste technologies industries will be sent for training of the Plant is constructed. Gunter Erbach president at him corp., a company which manages a rotary Kiln waste incinerator in Biebe Aheim. Germany two landfills and an inorganic facility spent a wierd i tim rented two furnished apartments a a aft remodeler. $175 195 phone xxx xxx Quot trying to rent that vacant apartment use the review classifieds and get results can 385 4545 to Ria yourself of Mot empty property today. Considerable time with county commissioner David Halverstadt and attorney Nils Johnson on their recent tour Halverstadt said As president Erbach a major Job seems to be that of Public relations he welcomes visitors from throughout the world who want to see the operation which has been on line for at least two years the Plant is about a 40-Mmute drive from Frankfort. Halverstadt met with Erbach and the mayor of the Community of some 6,000 Halverstadt said the Plant is located on a site which held a liquid treatment facility prior to construction of the rotary Kiln incinerator Halverstadt said the Community of Biebe Aheim to involved in design of the operation contingency planning. A lot of time is spent in keeping them informed. Halverstadt said a i port wit and perhaps where wit officials have not done As Well. Although wit officials have shown Slicks and spoken at meetings to give information to the Public Germany also has a waste management act which states that All industries must bring wastes to a facility to be treated the government sets the coot of treatment by the industries such As h in the Community is located in a a which is similar to a state Here the state governor issued the permit to install at the German Plant and Federal and local clean air and clean water acts had to be followed. After All Steps had been completed the matter was brought Back again to the Community where Industrial and environmental Protection Leader heard comment at Public hearings before the License was granted waste materials Are brought to the site by licensed operators or truckers each must follow the Manifest system since the Plant has been in operation with the scrubbers a on line a emissions from the Plant have been below Standard according to the Laws when the Plant was first started during testing and calibration there were some problems but none have occurred since Halverstadt said he was told. Further emission checks Are scheduled in september 1983 and March 1984 to determine if the Plant is continuing to abide by air Quality standards. Halverstadt was told that an inorganic facility had been operating in Frankfort for six years with no problems one problem seen Al the him Plant was that of storage space storage is needed for a four week Supply of wastes on site to have enough materials to get a Good blend of substances with a High Btu Quality Halverstadt said the wit facility if constructed it to have a four week storage. Officials Here have Learned from the German Plant he added vacuum pumps Are provided at the unloading area fumes Are run through the rotary Kiln and this Halverstadt said helps combat any odor problem a strict control la the key to a Good operation a halves Stadt said adding that control along with Good Community relations Are the two very important factors the Low is to lie near 55 there s a 70 percent possibility of showers or thunderstorms saturday when the Mercury will Peak around 65 chanced of rain or thunderstorm extend through sunday and monday with highs in the 60s, lows in the 54jm City woman starts reformatory term Lisbon Judith Wilson. 23, of East Liverpool sentenced to prison in the death in december of Terry Weaver 41, of Wellsville was taken to the Ohio state reformatory at Marysville thursday. Wilson had pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter. A lesser included offence to aggravated murder for which she was indicted. Judge Richard d Kennedy sentenced her to five to 25 years at the reformatory a co defendant Charles Junior Mercer of East Liverpool was sentenced to five to 25 years after he also pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter

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