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East Liverpool Evening Review Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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East Liverpool Evening Review (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, East Liverpool, Ohio Weather Clear tonight Low around 27 mostly sunny and Windy tuesday High around 47.the evening review Complete Neirs coverage of East Liverpool. Wellsville. Midland Chester net veil. Lisbon and Tri state vol.104no.41 phone 385-4545 / uses \ v in 140 / East Liverpool Ohio monday december 13,1982 25 single copy # 1.25 weekly by carriers of military regime slates ailing program Washington up members of president the White House has polish prisoner release Reagan a social Security Reform commission say they now need help from Reagan and House speaker Thomas o Neill in deciding How to Rescue the financially troubled retirement program the National commission on social Security Reform created by r3agan last year to propose a course for social Security to get out of red Ink has narrowed options and now faces a dec 31 deadline for its report sen. Bob Dole r-kan., chairman of the Senate finance committee and a member of the social Security commission said sunday Quot we re getting to the Point now Shat if he Reagan wants this commission to make any solid recommendations he s going to have to say to the commission a this is my commission. I want you to make recommendations within certain limits i might Dole said with a a the same pledge from o Neill a a then we re going to be in steered Clear of the Issue in recent months and Reagan aides say there Are Quot no plans for a meeting Between the president and of Neill. Commission chairman Alan Greenspan who has been trying to broker an agreement Between the administration and congressional democrats. Said sunday Reagan and o Neill would not have to publicly announce an Accord. Sen William Armstrong a Coto. Also a member of the commission agreed but said the two leaders must Send us a signal Quot Greenspan and Armstrong were interviewed on Abc s a a this week with David Dole appeared on lbs a face the nation Quot the immediate problem for the pension fund is where to find the $15a billion to s200 billion it will need to pay Benefit checks up to 1990 in the years beyond the financial crunch could grow even More severe As the Rolls grow longer Warsaw. Poland it Upu Poland s military regime said today that All political prisoners would be released by Christmas and the major provisions of martial Law most Likely would be suspended dec 31. The announcement by government spokesman Jerry Urban came exactly one year after martial Law was imposed by the communist regime to crush the Independent Solidarity labor Union. The parliament or Sejm briefly debated government written measures suspending martial Law and then sent them to committee for further study because the wording on a number of key Points was too vague parliamentary sources said. The parliamentary sources said a Brief special Sejm session Likely would be called dec. 18 to vote on the package it was expected the rubber stamp body would pass the measures Urban said if the legislation was passed martial Law would be suspended dec 23 and that Quot everyone will be released from internment Quot he said about 200 internees still remained most of them Solidarity activists Quot the process of their release is going on and i Hope that it will he completed before Christmas Quot Urban said the measures suspending martial Law would allow the government to restore military Rule if unrest should erupt polish officials said the underground opposition was still too Strong and the Economy still to weak to lift martial Law fully Quot we cannot risk the future of the country by taking in cautious decisions Quot he said he criticized president Reagan who. He said. Quot does not nod the Sejm debates today but needs new Street noting Quot Reagan said fonday that u s sanctions against Poland would be lifted if martial was ended and other political reforms undertaken polish military chief Wojciech Jaruzelski an flounced sunday that martial Law would be suspended by year s end Jaruzelski said the military Council the supreme body set up when martial Law was imposed a is of the opinion that conditions have Arisen for suspending martial Law Quot the suspension of martial Law Means that its Basic nagors will cease to function before the end of this year a he said in debate today on measures to implement the gradual liberalization proposed by Jaruzelski the granting of pardons to the approximately 200 remaining political prisoners was discussed few details were made Clear. Poland s figurehead president Henryk Sabionski also presented to the parliament other features of a comprehensive Reform package designed to dismantle martial Law one year after it was adopted to crush the Independent Solidarity Union hut in Brussels. Belgium. An exiled Solidarity representative said he feared Jarusz Elskus speech was just a Quot cosmetic operation addressed mainly to the Western democratic society especially the Weirton steel tax value Cut Weirton. W a. I up a state tax reappraisal of the Weirton steel Plant has reduced the facility s property value from $290 million to $163 million gov Jay Rockefeller announced the $127 million reduction Means the facility will pay about 45 percent less in property taxes said Hancock county assessor Anthony Pirraglia Weirton steel paid a 4 in property Taes last year Tri stale due warmer trend temperatures Are on the Rise in the Tri state after a fling in the frostbite zone the Mercury is to sink Only to Between 25 and 30 tonight Sci a Miles Dean director of the state s economic and Community development office said the reappraisal will reduce operating casts and losses at the Plant owned by the Pittsburgh based National steel corp Quot its another Effort on the part of the governor to make sure every possible advantage is Given to Weirton steel. Dean said Quot the governor wants to make sure they have the Best situation in regards to All of the taxes a employees at the Plant Are negotiating to but the facility from National steel Congress faces missile tax immigration issues i chairman Wojciech Jaruzelski of Poland a state Council listens at today s Seym session concerning cessation of martial jaw in the country. Hee. 23 was announced As the Date i up need for concessions stressed under Clear skies. Mostly sunny and Windy Are forecast for tuesday when the High is to be Between 45 and 50 chances of precipitation Are near Zero tonight and 20 percent tomorrow there s a possibility of rain wednesday with Snow flumes later Wheeling. W a up a unless the rank and file approves a wage and Benefit Concession package by new year s eve. Says a United steel workers official. Wheeling Pittsburgh steel corp is headed for bankruptcy Paul Rusen director of the us s District 23, told the Wheeling intelligencer in a weekend interview that America s eighth largest steelmaker will be violation of loan covenants by Jan i and will be out of Cash by aug i without the Concession news briefs crash kills student Pilot agreement a there Are three things that can happen no i god can fix it. No 2. We can fix it. Or no 3. Bankruptcy court can fix Rusen said Quot of they Don t get something by Jan i. This is bankruptcy. Usa there Are no other choices Quot unless the Concession pact is approved. Rusen said that Dennis Carney. Chief executive officer for Wheeling Pittsburgh Quot will probably shrink the corporation a Quot the ultimate result would be that Wheeling Pittsburg h would still go bankrupt Quot he said contacted sunday the company spokesman said the firm would make no comments Quot but Only a week ago. Carney said in a letter to employees that the firm a cannot be sure of survival without wage moderation Quot should Carney elect to a shrink Quot the corporation. Rusen said. The Benwood. Martins ferry Beech Bot Tom. And Allenport plants would be shut Down and Quot Allenport would be the next one to this would translate into a loss of 3.000 More jobs. He said. Would also a Impact even Steubenville Quot operations. Where the raw materials for the other plants Are produced Rusen. The chief negotiator with Wheeling Pittsburgh was to continue talks today in Dawson. Hoping to reach a Quot wage moderation agreement Quot the us official confirmed that the firm is seeking a reduction in the wage Benefit package of $5 per hour the Union s seeking a lower figure but Rusen declined to reveal the Union s counter offer because a a that my bargaining number Quot Rusen said he was con Vinced of Wheeling Pittsburgh s loan convention and Cash problems Quot because these numbers Are verified by our International auditors and Price waterhouse land company accountants Washington up the lame Duck Congress today began its third and what congressional leaders had hoped would be its final week but a Bevy of matters and filibusters threatened to ice legislators in town through Christmas decisions ranging from defense to the Cost of living will be made in the Holiday crush including whether to build the my missile whether to increase gasoline taxes and whether to change immigration Laws a Hie House tuesday is to take up the most pressing legislation a Stopgap funding Bill or Quot continuing Resolution Quot to keep most of the government running after the current continuing Resolution expires Friday most of the 13 regular a pro nations Hills to fund agencies for the fiscal year that began oct i have not been passed and probably will not be in this lame Duck session making the can tinting Resolution necessary both House speaker Thomas of Neill and Senate Republican Leader Howard Baker had hoped to reach final adjournment by Friday but a series of Senate filibusters is threatening delays As is insistence by democrats that a 15 4 billion Job creating Bill tie added to the new continuing Resolution Here Are the major issues facing the outgoing ingress a defense the House de feted funds for the my missile from the defense appropriations Hill now pending before the Senate flow Ever. At the end of last week the White House was trying to negotiate a com Summersville. W a up a student Pilot William a Baranich was warned not to Fly at night especially with a snowstorm brewing but the ohioan ignored his instructor s advice sa5urday. His plane crashed on a Snow covered Mountain in Northern West Virginia Quot he get a clearance from his instructor and Airport authorities a one state trooper said Quot blk i guess he wanted to get Back Home Quot Baranich. 30, of Jacob Surg. Ohio was found dead inside his two passenger Grumman Yankee which crashed saturday night near a pistol Range about a mile West of the state police Barracks in Summersville. Glenn maps plan for �?T83 Campaign leaders resign in Peru Lima Peru up peruvian prime Munster Manuel Ulloa and his entire Cabinet have resigned in the first major government shakeup since democracy replaced 12 years of military Rule 24 years ago president Fern do Bela unde Terry announced sunday that he had accepted a letter of resignation from Ulloa. 60, a former Wall Street financier who advocated a return to the free Market system but failed in his Battle against crippling inflation Washington up sen John Glenn. A Ohio. Has done everything necessary to make a bid for democratic nomination in january except schedule a formal announcement a something that his top aide says will come later a Glenn has rented offices. Hired a staff and assembled advisers who will help him raise the millions of dollars necessary for a full blown Campaign William Whit Glenns administrative assistant said sunday the fund raising activity will Start in january and the former astronaut will probably announce his candidacy for the 1964 democratic presidential nomination in the Spring Glenn. 61. Said in an interview with the sunday Sim of Baltimore that he will Likely run in All the democratic primaries a i would doubt that i d want to skip anything Quot he said Glenn also told the newspaper. Quot for anyone to have a real candidacy you have to have had your mind made up and your fund raising and things like that under Way by Early 1983.&Quot political future in doubt contract for Chrysler Canada Ltd workers was approved sunday Al Windsor raceway. The five week strike for workers ended with the first pay raise in three years. Up Lisbon Portugal up a opposition socialists made solid gains against prime minister Francisco Pinto bal Semaon Scenter right coalition in nationwide municipal elections leaving his the i with 3.694 of 4,050 precincts reporting in sunday s vote political future hanging a balance today. A unofficial results gave the ruling democratic Alliance 43 4 percent 3.8 percent less than in 1979, and the socialists 31 i percent 3.4 percent More the communist electoral front got 20 4 percent. 0.1 percent less than three years ago Coroner ruling due today Canton Ohio up the Stark county Coroner was to Rule today on the cause of death of Edward d a Tappy Quot Boykin 37, whose body was found by a Duck Hunter saturday. Sheriff Robert Berens said the Hunter discovered the body in a Field in nearby Nim Shellen township concealed under two wooden pallets and a fresh cover of Snow Chrysler pact approved Days a til Christmas Detroit up the overwhelming approval by striking Canadian workers of a new contract with Chrysler corp cleared the Way for the first of some 4,600 us. Workers to return to their jobs today. The contract ratified sunday will give the Chrysler Canada Ltd workers their first pay raise in three years and compensates for Canadian inflation. Six Chrysler Canadian plants closed by the walkout were to reopen today. The u a a off s. Workers were Laid a result of parts Shor tages caused by the five week strike by 9.600 Canadian workers us. Chrysler employees will vote Friday on their contract which was approved by Union leaders saturday. They Are expected to approve it by a Quot comfortable margin Many were secretly pleased they did not have to strike to get a pay hike. A it books like Over 90 percent in favor Quot United Auto workers Canadian director Robert White said after the last of three ratification votes in Windsor Ontario. Law spokeswoman Wendy Cuthbertson said final results show the Contr set was approved by 91 percent of hourly paid workers 85 percent of skilled Trade workers and 97 percent of salaried workers White said about 7,000 of the 7 400 workers at local 444 jammed the Windsor raceway for the morning vote. Hie turnout showed Quot tremendous Solidarity they were extremely satisfied they wanted to go Back to work before Christmas Quot he said Promise that would permit production Money for the my missile to be restored to the1 $230 6 billion Bill gasoline tax a House passed plan to raise the Federal gasoline tax by a Nickel per gallon to repair roads and transit systems is hogged Down in a series of filibusters but is considered must legislation by democratic and Republican leaders and the White House and is sex pts Ted to pass immigration the House will consider a Hill to give permanent residence to illegal aliens who came to the United Stales prior to Jan i 1977, and temporary residence to those who came after that Date but before Jan i. I960 it also would provide for civil and criminal penalties against employers who repeatedly and knowingly hum illegal aliens approval due Midland pact Midland a tentative contract agreement has been Rea bed Between the Midland police department and Borough negotiator late sunday night negotiators said Hie tentative not year pact would include a to percent across the Board pay rut for All officers the department also gave up 20 Days of guaranteed overtime per Man police negotiator Kim Kaiser said the new contract would mean a reduction of about 20 percent in the Over All salary councilman William Shu vim said the pact is sex pitted to tie ratified by Council at its monthly meeting tonight at 7 he said the contract also give the Borough the right to hire Par time patrolmen when additional officers Are need this would allow the Borough to save Money by Only paying Workman s compensation for the officers instead of full tas Uranie and retirement benefits Kaiser Are Shovlin said the new contract will be Good for both sides tax Ause it will allow officers to maintain the same level a police prot Hon for the. Borough while cutting expense a Kaiser said the number one concern of the police negotiators was to maintain a High level of Protection for Borough residents the new pact will keen Al eight police officer on duty and will keep two men assigned to a patrol car Shovlin said the to percent pay Cut will be reinstated to All remaining officers if it is necessary to Lay off patrolmen during the year he said Council can t predict the future to guarantee that the full Force will be Able to work through 196.3 Quot it All depends on How the Mill goes Quot lie said representative of foil industries inc and Ltd corp announced a tentative agreement had been reached thanksgiving eve on the Sale of Colt s Crucible stainless and Alloy division Here the Borough s million Dollar budget was radically affected by the oct 15 eluding of the specially steel Plant. Which Supin ated the Borough through i its wage tax. Occupational privilege and real estate tax Contr dilutions Council is expected to tentatively adopt it 1963 Budge at its meeting tonight the new budget is to be somewhere Between $750.uuu and $650.imm prices open higher with heavy Trade new York it up prices opened higher today in heavy trading of new York Stock Exchange issues the i Low Jones Industrial average which fell 9 2o Points Friday and 38 18 Over the past three pcs Mons was ah4ad i 65 Points to 1.020 41 shortly after the Market livened it fell 12 fib Overall last week advances led declines 432-411 among the 1,224 Issue crossing the new York Stock Exchange tape Early turnover amounted to about 4.317.000shares some investors believe the Market is in a major adjustment from its summer autumn rally but others think prices Are poised to surge again in a Yea rend rally the already wide swinging Market has become even More volatile with pension funds scrambling in various directions to dress up their portfolios the trend could continue right through the end of the year what a inside Man saved East Palestine Man saved from icy Creek after car mishap Page 2 Royalty picked King and Queen named at Wellsville military Hall. Page 4 Market re opens new Manchester supermarket re opens after four months page7 potters prevail East Liverpool wrestlers sweep triangular match Page 13 deaths Francis Pasco of Hanoverton William Baker of East Palestine Mabel cobble of East Palestine Lawrence Hart of new Waterford Dorothy Evans of k3i at Liverpool Edith Peterson of Lisbon Helen Homan of Lisbon Edward Cranston of East uie Pool Irene Zehnder of East Liverpool Index Astrograph it classified 26.21 comics 22 crossword Puzzle 22 editorial a Here and there 4 society m sports 13.14.15 Stock Market 2 to matings 18 Heaters 18 weather 18

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