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Eagle Pass News Guide Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 1

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Eagle Pass News Guide (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Eagle Pass, Texas Weather maximum temperatures in Maverick county during the past week ranged from 99 to 82 degrees minimum temperatures ranged from 65 to 76 degrees there was a Trace of rainfall during the week but not enough to be recorded leaving the year to Date total to 2.22 inches. This newspaper it Loop Rcd it locally of nod and Opara Tad by poop i a dad i Ca Tad to Tho youth and program Al this Araa. The 100th year_18 pages in three sections Eagle pass Texas 78852_thursday. May is 1986 35 cents per copy number 20 Quot below average earns career ladder. School standards lowered by Board career ladder placement standards adopted thus week by a majority of school Board members seemed to be governed by the rationale at a the More the merrier rather than placement based on exceptional performance of teachers. However drop m standards should not come As a Complete Surprise As Hoard members seem afflicted with the practice. Moat recent example was Ben the present Board minus newcomer Luis Urbinas gave the instruction to teachers that they must record failing grades at 50 and no less this week s action concerned the evaluation rating of a exceeding expectations w hich is required for entry into the career ladder and receipt of 12,000 annual stipend which is meant for teachers whose performance exceeded expectations As opposed to a performance of unsatisfactory. Below expectations or merely satisfactory entry into Tho. Career ladder and Given to the teacher in the 1904-85 school year which was the past school year. One can imagine the uproar which ensued when teachers realized that in order to enter career ladder and receive $2,000 this year they must have exceeded expectations lost year to top it off and add Wood to the fire. Only two teachers in the school District received evaluation rating of exceeding expectations which Means that Only two teachers qualified to receive the stipend this year based on the school District s exceeding expectation rating score of 4 0 argument naturally arose that evaluation ratings Are relative in nature since principals think differently see things differently differ about what is a Good Job or satisfactory Job or one which exceeds expectation not to mention those evaluations based an a principal s feeling for the teacher strictly saw the writing on the Wall and tackled the impossible task of reducing differences in human perceptions to a mathematical for in Ilia which was to make up for these difference average of evaluations rating scoffs were obtained from each Cam pus score was obtained and up or Down adjustments would follow in individual evaluating ratings from the difference Between Campus and District averages Factor applied that Quot equalizes ratings staff told Board members resulted in recommendation that the a average Quot score of 3 44 and above be considered exceeding expectations in on f. On Page to receipt of the stipend this school year school District administrative staff is governed by the evaluation rating apparently judged the criteria too Brown Case significant for Impact on contracts the court of appeals ruling that Maverick county water cooing and improvement District s contract with former manager Jim Brown was bind my could have a tremendous Impact on Public officials perception at their administrators and contracts they enter into. Brown said. The decision vindicates me and upholds the right of Public and Mist raptors to tie protected equally under tin Law Brown slated. Appellate court justices last week reversed District judge Ben mar Tine 1984 judgment against Brown and in favor of the Mcwaid justices went a step further rendering judgment in favor of Brown and said he is entitled to recover from the mcwc1d $90,015 in damages $15,551 in attorney fees Pius prejudgment interest at the Legal rate from Browne a termination Date of february is. 1983 damage amount represents Brown s yearly salary and Benefit total few the amount of time that Maverick county jurors found re Mamed on Browne a contract at the Date of termination jurors awarded a lesser amount plus attorney fees but Issue which prevailed was their finding that Brown had a contract to the year 1985 questions presented to jurors by Martinez led to their finding that Brown was fired for Good cause and had not relied on his contract to perform his duties an ambitious question which not even the parties concerned understood at the time Martinez disregarded the jurors finding of damages and attorney fees for Brown and ruled that Brown was not entitled to recover anything Kai h off Ltha Muf. Of the Piwowa being quoted Al 520 to one my Gerdav by the i into National Hank where peo a were being taken both for dept Mii and a payment on loan. Frontier state Batik a not squirting an Exchange rate and a neither taking Petto for Deposit nor a payment on Loans. First National Hank a offering peso for Sale at 520 to one but Frontier state hunk had no Petit for Sale. Oma Money fax change was buying pesos at 530 to one and was Selling pesos at 510 to one As of yesterday afternoon. Because he had been fired for Good cause and had not relied on hts contract appellate court justices ruled that Martinez erred in presenting ques Lions to jurors that he should not have presented since Brown s contract which was found to be valid had clearly stated that the m cd Cid would pay Brown s contract in full regardless of the reason few Brown s termination a was men bind themselves so shall they be justices said noting that this is a fundamental Rule of contracts Brown was terminated by former Mcwaid directors Jack Setser c w Dickerson and the late Harold Stewart the Mcwaid has already spent $173,079 of water users Money in fighting a clause which former Board members inserted in Browne a contract last week s court of appeals judgment would raise the sum spent by the Mcwaid on this Case to Over a Quarter of a million dollars a chunk of it can be attributed to Martinez ruling of 1984 and Legal fees and Post judgment interest on damages spent and accrued since his erroneous judgment Mcwaid directors met tuesday night and discussed the development in executive session results of the session led to the notice that Austin attorney skip Newsom would be asked to come and Brief Board members because he represents the Mcwaid on this Case a special meeting of the Board will be held at 3 00 p m today Newsom will give his briefing in executive ses Sion then the Board will reconvene in Public and take action if need be Board directors have not wanted to comment on the situation and mum will be the word until after the briefing Board chairman Tim Leonard said attorney Jeremiah i. Rhodes recommended the Newsom Brief because it would be Only fair Quot we would probably not be doing our sworn duty As directors if we did t listen to our attorney Quot Leonard said. It s apparent that the District has Learned something from All this Meas As manager Raymond Kenny s contract does not contain the termination pay up clause that was inserted in Brown s contract this portable Cement Plant is at work on Able irrigation contract with the Maverick county water control and improvement District whose reconstruction of lateral 2 in the Quemado area progresses. Phase i is Complete including cleaning Ond removal of structures. Phase la work is going on though refilling Ond compaction has been completed satisfactorily on 9,100 feet. Initial payment of s61,632 on the contract bos been issued to Able irrigation. Mcwaid general manager Raymond l. Kenny notes that work done to Date represents about 39.48 percent on phase i Ond 29 45 percent on phase la. Since the beginning of this month an additional 5,000 feet has been cleared fill work is done on another 2 500 feet and about 3.500 feet of Concrete ditch has been poured Kenny said. Awa reminds Mcwaid Board of matters not carried through t Bange in Maverick county water Awa entered the picture last year. Was to follow though it was never solution could be reached without fur control and improvement District when without publicity notice or held negotiations began Between ther Legal action Board members brought no change a Public input the prior braid re Awa and the Mcwaid with the county officials entered the picture a score apparently left unsettled and Quested that the slate commission ultimate goal of presenting a United around this time on behalf of Leon still pending with the agricultural amen the permit. The Mcwaid re front in Austin Miller and the Alta verde meat pack water association Awa Quested that the livestock allocation the Mcwaid sought temporary my Plant. Awa spokesman Des Jonas went be reduced by 600 acre feet of water and emergency Transfer permits and request was made for 360 acre feet before Mcwaid directors tuesday to be distributed and equally divided matters quieted a bit though the of water a year for the plants Oplt to night taking exception to Mcwaid toils municipal and Domestic Piloca amendment Issue before the state tons to be channelled through the request to the Texas water commis lion and Industrial allocation commission was left unresolved. County a water Plant at the radar Sion for a change in the manner water livestock would be left w Ith 330 focus on Board elections also Sun base is allocated to the Mcwaid acre feet Domestic would increase to mered and quieted matters but the new reporting changes brought the Mcwaid s annual allocation 736 acre feet and Industrial would be Issue continued unresolved coming about the revelation that water pass for uses other than irrigation is 2,049 upped to 963 acre feet into focus in Early february after de through a water Plant is to be acre feet of water of which 436 acre water users found out about the Austin attorney Frank Booth was in designated As municipal and feet Are for municipal and Domestic my acids intent formed Awa and a tinted to take no further action and Domestic use use 930 acre feet Are for livestock petitioned the commission for a incur no further expense regarding Mcwaid s permit Only allows 436 and 683 acre feet Are for Industrial hearing the amendment application it was acre feet of water for this use last use a hearing was held and another noted that the Board now Felt that a year the Mcwaid used 49 acre feet water More for this purpose than it was supposed to or 9 m la i since the allocation is Only 436 acre vane actions t. 3 Roll 13\ i o c cd i the 360 acre feet of water would up Quot usage to 796 acre feet of water. Governmental ads. This week water the Mcwaid dido t have. Directors reviewed last years use patterns noting overages of use for business of interest to the Public release certify teachers for other assist them in relocation and other some uses and water balances for was at an a tune High this week with grades. A service. Other uses and losing balances to the Many decisions made by go Emmen Here we go again its Calculi a payment of delinquent taxes to state at the end of the year. About 400 Tai boards issuance of updates and tons have resulted in too Many kids May Rick county water c control acre feet of water left unused in the issues being raised by members of the at Ray Dan elementary school bus and improvement District jumped 34 livestock allocation were lost Public which Board members my of students to another Campus will percent from March to april due to Board members began to work on represent. Get underway again a total of 56 judgments rendered in favor of tax the Issue again deciding that one a actions taken updates Given and students will be bused to Robert e my agencies Mcwaid tax assessor proach would be to request of the concerns raised included Loe elementary school these collector Felipe Hernandez said most commission the consolidation of a sales tax revenues to the City for targeted students live on the West Side of these property owners have paid up water allocations this would give the the month of Panl were Down by five of Cedro Street in Loma Bonita since the judgments on March 25 Board the local flexibility of using the percent from the same period last a county commissioners Are con a criteria to be followed by the water As it is needed to eliminate year is Denny charging a fee to organza scho�1 District in Suffy shortages in one area overages in a City sponsorship of the july 4 tons which use their Antenna com memorial Junior High school will be another and the elimination of the fireworks display this year is in miss loners met monday and tuesday to Rye preference to volunteers Lack need to seek temporary permits to jeopardy a new Law requires that the bul have quickly gotten into the habit volunteers will mean that a need cont. On Page a City obtain liability insurance and of postponing action until the third teacher with least amount of minimum Premium costs $5,000. Meeting in a week they were Able to Bority will be allowed to accept the \ up. There s no Money in the Kitty and an declare the coming week As Small Transfer and certificate on in a alternative is being explored business administration week. Arf a c orbiter. A downtown merchants Are very however. Maverick county water control a concerned about the rash of criminal Sabi no Garza has proposed that and improvement District user mrs two lot for Tain a Elm Crk Bud break ins in the downtown area. The county a human services depart k Ndu Annis went before the 101 polio chief Salvedor Rio and City men be established As an ind Epen mcwc1d Board requesting deter 000 3 3 of p in manager Eddie Rodrigues will meet Dent non profit social service on the practice of trip in with them at 4 00 at the organization which would open the la ton which supposedly is being for Tai 2 27 Are in Rockaway country chamber of Commerce of merchants door for sources of funds not available clo6ely monitored data has not been 3 Mil from Yogi pos a Are not satisfied with results of the to a county department Analysed yet she it As told 120 000 co Quot 773 3925 of meeting probably approach a the City began reconstruction of reverend Jim Mcdowell went. R the City Council. Brazos Street monday from Laredo to school boart Mooday. It for �0i on a at cat $400 on a school District summer school Roosevelt streets appears that he might be leaving in Makr 400 too and on tuition rates will be the same As last a dog and cat reportedly were town and expressed his deep pc or cd a coh 757 ,u7 or year�?$40 for one semester and $80 for killed recently by their owners after pm a on t0 school District person. Ii s p two semesters they bit people pets should not be Nei who assist it greatly in the Adap acc Golden a triv a Puppy for Tai a Pupil teacher ratio at the first killed Call the City dog Pound pets Tat on of his daughters in the system $75 och Coll Oft a 5 of p m 757 1544 grades for students in the Lep pro should be placed in observation in when a a it aved a Community Bis p Gram has been increased from 15 Stead if rabies is suspected councilmen upheld a a a students to 22 students to each teacher a Kikapoo received a Grant of Tractive action to revoke the taxi $5 Sot. And aide the reason Given by school $25,000 this week from the Texas Iab business permit held by Santiago a District staff gave was that this is to department of Community affairs to pc on t. On Page 7 i on t. On Page ii

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