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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Dunkirk, New York Vol. . N. A. Monday april 6, 1891. N. A it. Highest of All in Leavening . Amp govt report aug. .7. To the victims of the riot. Baking powder absolutely pure thousands attend their funeral at Scottdale. J a a a Eirl Tang Tim looked for Bot not ing oat of the Ordinary tru�plr�4. The Ling prot Milon headed by Tho mount Flea want band sorer a1 speeches delivered by i Tubor he pre Eon Tat i re after the funeral. Hep Mesenta Tive business houses b of Dunkirk. Kuohn locomotive works re Ward Nichols i re Dent. M. L. Lii Union vice i re 1 ten surer. T. M Hequet Murg Keck a. H a Kil fit he la Ali a to. What Al ale Daviere in Michigan dressed lumber doors Sheehaw Blind. A j hah la a Richmond rite people Tor try Good cloak a. I2�> to Toom bind Khz Vij am he la Lnu. To i j Price to no. 1h in. Second a Truet. Near Luft amp to a Root Dunkirk n. Y. Megan new m Tike Paui pitied eur bound in ail Aly Lea. Order promptly attended to. All work guaranteed. a Chih a Kkt houke., Auh Central Avenue. Wholesale Ami retail dealer in la ported a of Noah it China g Lam Ware a. Tau Tachica hotel Kauh $1 per Day. And hoarding stable i connection Victor hider 336 337 lion j act. Tyty a hit Khz shop in Chaa. Nagle prop. Under i joke Shore National Bank Corner Center third aired. A Hue a lock of foreign Domestic t. Igar. Dun ii i he Eno in k Khi n to company. Formerly Hellew a Popple. Manufacturer of engines Botte Alleya a Hafting Hanger Etc. Pattern for Gogh coating machine work to order. Dun i ilk Center he i it co a hos. And 1, a tree i manufacturer of the a Cross Well a a Dunkirk a it effect Huung urea shirt. On Sale it All leading funnelling Uio Tiung try goods houses in Dunkirk. Or. Too ski. 434 Ami 4.vs lion Street. Healer in i Lour feed Alt. Baled Hay Phaffe Etc. tatted 1377. Pirn a it c. Ferby a cd co. Hewer pipe tile fire brisk plumbers fitting. Balk hotel depot. La Jacce to All trains unites House. Best accommodations for cont Aerial travellers. John j. Murphy prop. B i k Ksyk co., 4 17 a k to birth Street. Pine furniture Cabinet Ware anti up time ten n g. Picture Frame made to order. A Quot Matteson 4k co. Jill Central av., punier of fashion anti genuine ii our liver a Keli. Steam heating co. To Anu lecturer of steam heating apparatus. Unitary plumbing a a my steam laundry. Our specialities Fine shirts Loc collars in cuff. 4c, lace curtains. Free deity try. A it. Cumming 907 Center Street ii. K. Oehm. K. Third St., Cor. Of Buffalo manuf Atner Ami demur in Fine boots a shoes u1 third St. Books. Stationery musical w Eek in papers everything pertaining to a first class Book Tore. School books a specially. J j Bak Khz la lies Fin shod a specially. He Central Avenue. John staff 140 Central Avenue. Manufacturing jeweler. Everything in the line of watches clock Silver Etc., Etc. A Quot tin fainting of every description at lowest living rat by Dunkirk printing company 8 amt la k second St. Jyh. Van by Hen a Hon fire life Accident general i surant dealers in heal haute Loans. Particular attend on Paul to the a re of properly collect no rents a. 219 Center St., 2nd floor. On Hoe. M druggist am always Lead is in Wall paper curtains ankh Central in scholte17 East third Street fashionable tailor gentlemen will to to their advantage to Call on me Lictor purchasing elsewhere. To it in Cary a co.,838 lion Street. General hardware a bile Tupi idea Oil cloths Giatte w arc. A specially of Sherwin i Williams Monroe Range. Ii ul1ng, such a Blank Book Ledger kinds of Blanks done at Dunkirk printing company to la e. Second St. Kud Hil pm >101-1 Hen hair Elk Cor. Third Buffalo by. Dealer in Granite Marble f sagging building Stone. Gall on me before by Yin your Sam j. Gifford. 301 Central . Up stairs. General insurance heal estate a Kent. Fire Lite Accident Ami live Stock insurance. Frump attention Given to buying Selling real estate re own a Bishop attorneys Ami Counselor at Law i ten Ira i Avenue t. C. Jones. 78 k. Third St., Cor Deer. Excelsior meat Market. Frosh Salt smoked meats. Lard sati Sage oysters poultry Ami v r m. Mock he merchant tailor. Ii Central Arent Quot Chambers life Fraser. Tailors. Room no. 6,German ins. B log rtt Falo n. V. The finest their conspiracy unearthed. A Cobein to get Foo a Iun of property foil Ort int new York april it a for some time in a Pector Byrnes a Iteen in Leav Oring to get at the Bottom of a Eon Pircy con cocked several month ago to obtain Possession of the owl ate of t he i my he Tor millionaire luring a. Robertson who died at the hotel by. George on oct. To last. And yesterday lagged five the whole no tit Lier of persons party to the plot. Their names Are Cassie Helen Brooks Byron w. Cohen a lawyer of this City lunges disdain of Stamford Conn Edward i of lid Well mrs. West. The conspiracy a hatched in Stamford in which place All of the implicated parties originally lived. The scheme originated with Tinkum who shortly after Robertson a death asked stud Well to secure a woman to impersonate to Hermon a widow. Studwell pro cured mrs. West took her to Cohan a office to make the necessary. Of Darit. It was decided by disk am next Day however that mrs. West was too old an unattractive anti can Quot in Brooks who better answered the requirements was to Ilii muted for her. Cohen listed her appearance anti instructed her Iii Lier role. She a thereafter to Call herself Helen Kolier Tson was furnished with a photograph <4 Robertson drilled into recital of that gentleman conspicuous peculiarities. Cohen tiie a took miss Brooks is fore Max Moses a notary obtained her signature to affidavit alleging that she a Robertson s widow having lived with him As his wife at various places mentioned. Subsequently she petitioned for letters of administration on a estate. And was taken by it Knuti to Philadelphia to keep her out. Of the Way of Evarts Choate amp Beaman counsel for to Eri songs heirs. Receiving no Money fro a Ibe conspirators becoming Adarme i Ai the increased complications miss Bro a sought the adv in of a Friend upon Winch she Comuni Unican d Ute details of the plot to District attorney Nicoli resulting in the at rest of the plotters who were arraigned to Day. _ what detective of Malley says. Italians were he thinks the a a red innocent. New Orleans april 6. A detective of Malley a asked what he thought of tile Barish prison affair. In said a them Meti were innocent Ami the ample made a lug mistake for which i Hope they will properly apologize to the widows Ami orphans hereafter. Rich one o the Nineteen men made a statement to Iii. Which i investigated reported upon. I found a ital All of them told Lite truth with one except Ion. A Politz Maalii some one. Ami of Malley replied a i of have guess a it. I ii id such Confidence in their innocence thai i offers i Small lets that ail of the accused would be a fall this talk about my Sulu trying witnesses bribing jurors in untrue. You heard the witnesses arid to help me god i never approached any of them with reference to what testimony they were to give. The closest tile grand jury Lias got to ire is to indict me upon matters that implanted eight years it is said that the committee of fifty leaders held a conference wit ii re Fereuc to of Malleye a return Ami decided not to nudes Bim allowing the Law to take it course Ami the courts to try him upon the charges preferred. Lowell mass., scorched. The Edison Block hurtled to tile ground. I Jowell mass., april the Edison Block owned by the Kimait heirs of bal to More was burned yesterday afternoon. C. J. Maynard so co. Lose Iso la. C. Church so son the xxi. Other losses swell the aggregate to at out $50 of the fire spread to tile masonic Temple adjoining Ami this with its contents was badly damaged. C. A. Mitchell so co., who were located on the first floor lost their entire Stock of shoes valued at $20 000. The Public Library with 1,000 volumes located on the second floor was badly damaged. There is an insurance on the Library of $20,000. It the masons quarters fitted up at an expanse of $20,000, the damage was principally by water about 300 knights Templar regalia Worth about $22,000, were greatly damaged by water smoke. The Goodyear rubber company suffered a Small loss by water. The building was damaged about $7 >,000. Charged with attempted murder. Racine Vav is., april 6.�?richard Halstead a Stone Cutter Kress he Amatin a Tarber Are in j til on a serious charge. Them a entered the Saloon of John Voltie assaulted mrs. Kolbe in a brutal manner. John Ixia Patrick Harjien three Brothers went so the Rescue of the woman Halstead he Neumann afterwards attacked them but were knocked Down with a club by Louis be ii a pc. They armed themselves Ami going to the House of mrs. Scharpe fired into the House twice. A charge of attempted murder will be made against them. Arrested for St. Loma april who was manager store at Evansville Embt lament. 6.�?oliver Wiggins of Schmidt a music iud., miss Clar Ann Carnet Cut Luxom to Mari a a inv pieces All kinds of Plant for decoration removal. Also fruit ornamental Trees shrubs imported Rose Root bulbs a. Always on hand at lowest prices St Vandermeulen a greenhouse. Every tree bought from us will be planted fret by experienced men. Cor Eagle Sud 7th St. In Krill do his typewriter have Lawn arrested Here. The music Bouse failed Midi in Tenhs ago Wiggins nos arrested for Etnia Zzz Lemeul he left the place us King miss Orth Ali with him. She is the Young daughter of a Well known manufacturer Iron worker of Evansville. By mean of Decoy letters the couple were located Here. Miss Ert Hail consented to go Only to secure wigging release. Wiggins left a wife seven children at Tkv Ausvell. Tile c Hief Ila be Iune Ltd. Detroit. April a the eel the now famous Aldu Tiou of Joseph Berrien recently was heard when chef of police Martin v. Borgman tendered his resignation at the request it is sat i of the police commissioners. When Perriena a abduction first Leonine known the newspapers put their Best men at work with the result i hit they Laid Clews news before the department. Bergman laughed at Tbs Case belittled it. The newspapers openly accused him of inefficiency de Quot Hen it can he done it is better to water a horse half a hour before feeding. I Ai her than after. England eau 30 of a of our cattle ans dually n30ttdale, pa., april cd saturday afternoon the Standard band of i. Pleasant 1<#1 the procession from the Catholic Church in my pleasant to the Pennsylvania Railroad station escorting the bodies of the Morewood victims Iller wore five coaches in the train All were filled with sympathizers of the dead. They arrived at Scottdale at s 8ti o clock were met by the Everson baud Jefferson Assembly 245 about 5,000 people. Rev. Father Ija ubing had sent a request to All of the licensed Saloon keepers to Cloes their bars it 2.30 of clock in response to his request every Saloon in town was closed w Hen the strikers began to assemble together for the funeral train. Ninety out of every id were foreigners wore emblems of mourning to denote their sorrow Over the death of their fellow workers at the hands of the Deputy sheriffs. They were very quiet scarcely a word was spoken w heu they did address each other it a in subdued Awe stricken voices. It was a scene never to be forgotten. The falling Snow the depot the Muddy Street tilled with men pregnant w the tied excitement while too Yards away up the track toward it. Pleasant were pm patties of the eighteenth regiment under cot. M. N. Smith. They had pulled into Scottdale Early in the morning Ami were Given orders to my press All disturbances preserve the peace at any Cost. The whole formed a picture of the most intense interest proceeding from the depot the funeral procession marched Down the Valley to the Catholic cemetery where the remains of the dead were buried with the religious ceremonies of the Catholic Church. After the funeral the vast crowd assembled on the Everson Flats Peter Wise District master Workman of the knights of Jabor called the meeting to order. Rollert woe ii Ornex Secretary of the in listed mine workers was the first to address the crowd. He advised peace said the Law was the Only course for the strikers the operators. He deplored the tragedy at Morewood thursday morning said that the people who were so irresponsible As the deputies proved to be were not fit to go to heaven. The other speakers were Patrick Mcbryde of the executive committee vice president Penna of the United mins workers Parker Secretary treasurer Ami several others. They All coincided with or. Watchorn in their expressions of peace. A flurry of excitement. Several shot fired near the works at loud. It. Pleasant pa., april 6.�?several shots were iat night fired on tile Hill Back of the works at Morewood causing great Deal of excitement but at to of clock everything a quiet. Sun rms Eye a House is surrounded by sentinels eleven soldiers were sleeping in the Kitchen. There is some ill feeling him because men who Are not out on strike have been ordered to go to work. The strikers threaten violence to any one w to Goe to work. A Check for $10,Udo from the Headquarters of the United mine workers of America was received by the local officials in Scottdale. The troops in the Coke regions will probably lie recalled by the Middle of thin week unless the situation should become More serious than it now appears. Quiet at it. Pleasant. All men in t Harga of the strike think there will be no More disorder. It. Pleasant pa., april of a everything was quiet Here yesterday. The men in charge of the strike think there will be to More disorder. The idea is to have Large numbers of the strikers visit the plants now in operation persuade the Neu to come out. At different places in the Region notice was Given yesterday that the Flint for the eight hour Day against a to per cent. Reduction dates from sunday april 5. The number wounded in last the urn. Days trouble has been greatly exaggerated. The list will hardly exceed fifteen they Are All doing Well. The trouble not vat settled. It. Pleasant a april a a it in believed that a great Deal of Fricks property will be destroyed by the strikers lie fore Tuc Adav. And a the men have been urged by tilt or leaders to hold out it is not believed that the strike will lie settled during the next two weeks at least the men Are More sullen ugly than at Auy time blues the trouble commenced Ami unless some arrangements satisfactory to All parties Are soon made a loss of life property will take place in comparison to w hich the Loos that so far has been experienced will he a trifle. Two More head. Scottdale a april 6.�?two More men have died from injuries received at Redwood thursday morning. They Are Paul Salinsky of Donnelly Joseph Klasman of Mullina the report of their death sent a thrill of excitement through the Region gave Rise to rumours of bloodshed violence. There were reports from All Points of the Region announcing gatherings of strikers but no violence bos been reported. The Battle against sleep. Detroit april a a wonderland turnstiles clicked 10,000 times yesterday for As Many Pere is anxious to see the fight be two Een the god of sleep the two men Townsend Cunningham who have successfully battled with him for 150 hours. Townsend dares not rest a moment from his wild Pace up Down Cunningham seems like a mania a dream. A bag containing $500 in Gold was Hung in Plain sight of the men yesterday to give them courage. They robbed killed Lea Galen by no. Ills., april a the dead body of William be ilium a Farmer was found near Abingdon saturday night in a mud to e. There were wounds about Kellums head such As Braes Knuckles would produce. The face was driven into the mud in a shockingly brutal manner. A Large sum of Money was paid him it is thought he was murdered with the object of robbery. A pugilist a woes. By a Chicago Tho As a me a Alif shot Ca bus a. Cli Ica april a Thomas Mvauliffe s local pugilist a a kids Brady of Detroit were shot by Jame Mann sch a Cabman in Clarks resort at 251 Madison Street. Since thursday Mcauliff Brady have frequently bees in company with Mink rho a Oll god wife. The Cabman heard of this told several persons that be would shoot the men on sight. As Minnich the woman were leaving Clarks place lost night Mvauliffe Brady entered. Minnie immediately Drew a revolver shot Mvauliffe in the jaw the Bullet lodging in his neck causing a serious wound another Bullet struck Bim in the leg. Brady attempted to Tabe the revolver from Munich was shot in the leg. Minnich a arrested about an hour after the shooting occurred. Mvauliffe is a brother of Jack Mvauliffe the Well known Light weight pugilist. Joseph Fricks funeral. H a held la Pittsburg yesterday afternoon. Pitts org april in the undertaking rooms of h. S. Samson on sixth Avenue till City in the presence of nearly i us persons the of Bequie of anarchist Joseph prick took plow be Quot ten i a afternoon. Johann Moat delivered the Eulogy took advantage of the occasion to make an Appeal for anarchy. The dead Man a attired in Black. A blood red Scarf encircled the Throat a blood red Rose a pinned to the coat lapped around the foot of the Bier floated tilt folds of Carmine Anan Hist Flag. The rests beneath the casket were draped with Bunting of the same sanguine Hue. I to bouquets of fresh Field Flowers Lay on the coffin lid Over the coffin Hung two red garlands. Several by Ata a la Ore. Dennih Post. My As., april 6 a the storm of last thursday Anil for Ida played havoc with the shipping in this Vicinity. Nea faring men a it was the worst storm that has occurred in Twenty year. The schooners addle Little Fred Henry Moulin a turn Are of Small Craft Are Ashot. It is thought they will be gotten off wit Hout Are of damage. The Schooner Lydia which also went Ash Ore will prove a total loan. Numerous dwellings were damaged the wires were so badly affected that communication was interrupted for Many hours. Thomas hot Farr convicted. Devi r april 6�?i Honda to Heffner who has been on trial in the criminal court Here for the killing of chinaman Jion Lay in this City last fall a brought into court yesterday morning to hear the ver dict of the jury which h id bet a out since saturday evening. When the verdict a murder in the second degree was read Heffner was seen to raise a Small vial to his Mouth Swallow the Contenta physicians were called a stomach pump was applied which saved the life of the a Ouid be suicide. The vial contained arsenic. _ the divorce not needed. Chicago april 6 a two Days ago f. C. Betta who is a Salesman in a commission House at 5 West Lake Street begat proceedings for absolute divorce against his wife Hattie who Hail left him. A Constable went to the House 178 Ontario Street where she had a furnished room to serve the divorce papers. He a shown to her apartment found her sick in led. As he handed her the Walters she raised up gave a loud shriek fell Back dead. Rev. William Tole appointed. White Plaine x april a archbishop Corrigan has Al muted Rev. William Tole. One of the a i Quot Tant Ai Sll it to Catholic Church. New York to succeed to the Rector ship of St. John roman Catholic Church of this place. Left vacant by the death of Rev. Father William a. Dunphy. Father Tole is a native of new. Burg which a also the Birthplace of the late father Dunphy. The new pastor is a graduate of it. So Mary a Emmetsburg my. _ 8aye Bevino is dead. Wilkes Barre pa., april a a prominent italian merchant of this City said to a reporter yesterday that Bevino. One of the murderers of paymaster Mcclure was dead. In proof of this statement he showed a letter announcing that Bevino had died in prison while serving a Twenty years sentence. Vallila the other murderer is still alive believed to be at Lili erty. The general belief Bere is that his extradition will be demanded by Secretary Blaine. Get in special train. Denver colo., april 6�?As soon is it was Learned president Harrison intended i iting Denver on his to p we a the Denver Rio Grande tendered him the use of a special train from Ogden to Denver. A message was receive by general passenger agent Hooper that the Oiler was accepted. Every Effort will be made to make the trip a pleasant one. Will be fait by lie Hoar. Fall River. Mas., apr i fit beginning to Day certain of the help n the Mill of this City will lie Paul by tile hour inst Ead of by the Day a heretofore. This action of the Mills is the result of the movement to reduce the number of working hours Lier week lie Fig made in the legislature which bids fair to tie Sucre Ful. John Harper dead. Pittsburg. April a John Harper president of the Pittsburg Clearing House of the Bank of Pittsburg died at his residence in this City at an Early hour yesterday morning aged 80 years. At one time or. Harper was a member of the Ohio Senate was for years conspicuous in the politics of the Buckeye state. An american held in Italy. St. Joz efm mo., april a or. William s. Leach of St. Josepn la one of the american citizens held in Italy by the italian government. His family have received dispatches from him which was the Aret knowledge they had that he was in Italy. Was tired of life. Cleveland. April a Albert remix who a arrested at Canton a week ago for shooting at miss Carrie Schneider with intent to kill was taken from jail to hotel to a Bill he owed. At the hotel desk he swallowed Poison died soon afterwards _ scandinavian emigrants. New Yore april a the Steamer head which arrived Here saturday brought 706 scandinavian Emigrant these foreigners came to this Eon atry to col oui a different part of Illinois left for Chicago in charge of Load agents of the Northern Pacific Railroad. From i ill Khz cof nth is. Things that Are across the transpiring sea the Gap Era Anent action la a fuming to Are opt m in Tibel div let a Iri a a rare Eonta Lee approved by both far ties is Ragland Germany want to know la her Kulp Antt Ara to be protect i american other fire in new. London april a the refusal of Tbs government to be ept Michael Denvitt a Irish representative on the Lawior commission i generally approve by Lith parties in England. The London trades unionist do not conceal their satisfaction their Leader Tom maim we i proposes to a tie a labor Oiler is said to its gratified at the repudiation of Davitt whom Many in fellow unionist seem to regard As a foreigner with to right to interfere with the Lal or interests of great Britain. It is stated that no was Davitts name mentioned than urgent or Wisest Pur d upon Hon. It. H. Smith not from cont rial Ive alone but from liberals of every rank claiming that a Man convicted connection with dynamite was not a proper person to if on a Royal commission dealing with the to t in a or tent in wrest of the Empire. The amnesty association. Thee held a meet log amnesty Thuu Iii Bullier licit log in Dublin. Dublin at re a the Irish association held a meeting in Parkva Ter Day to pro eat against the Cou t in my of Irish Irish american prisoners. A a a oui 2, per ton attended Ami or. Parnell was one of the eakers. Or. Parnell a ice i the littoral of alway making political prisoners Whie Ilie tories released them. It might occur again he , the it John Daly others convicted of Phi tical crime Dur ing the tenure of the liberals would be liberated try the conservative. Or. G adat one did not hesitate in 1s86 to ase tatti the opinion of Dynia Gittere in America a to whether they would accept the Home Rule Bill he a i even race veil these persons at Hawarden. Why he not released these prison Era who were certainly no worse than those with whom he Hail bargained a voice a a who Dill you not make their release a condition of accepting the Liberal Alliance a some Healy ites Here raised a cry a kill him Lynch Din a or. Parnell stood unmoved replied without a quiver a the Irish party Biti never conditions Ami the prisoner would rather to than that it the meeting moved resolutions calling on irishmen at Home abroad to work to secure the re ease of the Pri oilers demanded their speedy unconditional migration. The knights of St. George. They attend a grand Keu Laii at a Altalo the knights of 8t. George left for Buffalo this afternoon at half past four of clock to attend the grand reunion of the c by formed Catholic knights of Buffalo. The following members of commander no. 90 forme 1 the party. Messes. John t Kornprobst. Henry Klein san. J. C. Oll Ensuk. John Weirig. Peter ruffing. John Dengler. Adolph Ortlieb. Joseph Frey. Nicholas Buncher Peter Schneider Peter Bohol Tel Peter Schwartz Henry Schwartz. Daniel Dichter Nicholas Boho. Jacob p. Groetch. John Dean Fred Koch. They were in full Al form made a handsome appearance. The Dunkirk Knight will he met at the station escorted to the Genesee. Where they the Field mad staff Odic or of Buffalo will stay. From there they will go to music 1111 this evening where the u. R. C. Will have their reunion. Each of the Buffalo companies will give an exhibition Drill. A Ball will follow. Tuesday morning at 6 46 o clock the party will assemble at the Genesee House where the knights will it Euder an informal reception to their guests. Carriages will then be taken the party will proceed to the City county Ball where will be welcomed by his Honor mayor Bishop. After viewing the City county building the party will be conveyed to the Penitentiary where keeper Neal has promised to show them through that institution. I be get than roman Catholic orphan Asylum will then be i it de. The programme will conclude with a grand Hau Quei at 3 p. M in the Gen Esee. Kuhn orc lie Ira will play tonight. The Dunkirk c to Mandery Are guests of the Buffalo knights. In sue overcoats i arc Row in Riff d of one anti clo you want to have about one half on the Price of it if to come Hoci Nee the assortment at the Star clothing mfg. Co. All styles anti shapes in the Short met Iii in anti full lengths All sizes. Four new shades opened this week. We invite inspection anti comparison. Prices Range from $5.00 to $ i 8.00 for the finest. Something new we have placed on Sale a Long Felt want in Dunkirk that is a line of suits Cut specially for Short Stout men. Anyone can be fitted i try it be convinced. It Nimi if want to know. In Inion. April 6, is stated that the Germau government a sent instruction to its minister to ascertain we it if any Guarani a of Protection the american government Given to German subjects resident in the United states. I lie present Cou Trover v Between America Italy is viewed with no Little satisfaction at Lier in Ami tile worst possible form is Given it by the German pres generally. The motive is not so much unfriendliness to it the United states As to pm Aslop to German emigre Ion which is already making itself severely Felt in the Lack of Laski Here for agriculture tile Couse or a live party the Large landholders generally Are in favor of in Ohio Ting pm Gra Tion for All except jews a a is done in rits a. The government is not prepared to go this far int none Lite less appreciates he effect of the Drain upon the industries of Germany. The impression is therefore song it to lie in ated that America is a la ivies Colin by Ami that scenes like the new Orleans massacre Are of Ordinary occurrence. Liberal term for the tenants. Do Blix apr Ian it is stated that Smith Barry has notified his tipperary agent , to make Liia Rai terms with Hie tenant returning to their farms. Tenants have been gradually coming Back for tile p St four months hut the Large body have held out until now when lha a make a Complete surrender practically throw them elves on Hie generosity of die landlord. This to the end of new tipperary which has wot Many thousand of pounds to the dish National league its supporter Quot Iii America Australia. One reason for the surrender of the tenants at this time is their anxiety to take advantage of the Iriah Laud Purchase Bill Winch comes up this address week will become a Law virtually opposition except on tile part of Lilion Chere Ami a few Oiler English radicals. Should tile tenants not he to Possession of their farms they Ciu Al not otherwise take advantage of tile Bill. It is said i hat both Irish factions of parliament favor the measure. Election of Pioneer la. It . The Pioneer Hook ladder company held its annual e Section on saturday night. The following were elected Foren a. Thomas b. Donovan find assistant Frank r Mack second As mutant. Frank Coleman president Dan Iel ii. Kane vice president Edward Dempsey Secretary Charles Kean treasurer John b o Connor St Ware John b o Connor. Delegates were also elected to the firemen s association. Or. Jacob link retired this year from the presidency which he had held for a Long time the company adopted resolutions thanking him for the Long service is has done them or. Link is one of the oldest members of the fire department. Death of John Schilling. John Schelling died at eight of clock on 8undzv evening at his Home 033 Deer Street of bronchitis aged 49 year 2 Mouths 2 Days. Or. Scheming was a a ilk now to citizen. Los Bas been in the employ of the Railroad for no by years. He sat a member of Point Gratiot Lodge no 181, i . F of Lake Erie Lodge no. 33, of the a. O u. W of the grand army of Dunkirk Hose company i f. D he leaves a wife four children. John ii. Schel Ling. Henry St Belling. Hattie St Belling Carrie rebelling. The funeral will be held on a wednesday at 2 p in from the residence 2 30 from the German m. E. Church burial at Dunkirk cemetery. Jersey suits for children. The grandest styles in Jersey suits for the Spring Ever seen in the City. All the latest shades also extra Jersey pants. The suits Range in Price from $2.25 to to $6.00. The Peoples popular priced clothiers Star in Ilion Ethel it n. B. We shall continue the Sale of boys children a suits this week. The cd la lira thou of the grand army. William o. Stevens Post. No. 393. G a in will bold a Celebration at the City Hall this evening of the Twenty fifth anniversary of the organization of the grand army. The exercises Are free in every respect the Public Are invite. The following will be the Progi am me Martin song. A Star spangled banners Reading of orderer. Cronyn the Young it an i thematic Circle. The Young menus dramatic Circle made their first Public appearance on sunday evening in a dramatic entertainment at St. Georges Hall under the management of Anthony l Eslein. They gave four Short play. They gave an excellent performance All the circumstances taken into consideration Quot i Dink so was perhaps their finest play. Although the last one. A the Garden was also deserving of Especial mention. The singing of miss Minna Bangs was highly admired. The attendance was Large spacial announcement i or Salk a a machine fur i it a it drink ran tie bought at a Harpa n. It Ost $70n on amt will lie Anni fir it 80 Itta in to a hot their Reft irl to cd word to fret order but t i guat tie Auld at an Early a. Term Era enable. Apply to kit an a Mons,337 lion Street Dunkirk n. Y. Stoddart St Patent attorney a Bia 7th St aah Norton. D cd Opp u 8. Patent on flee. Patent caveat re a area Are ii red. Trade . All Patent Hainea conducted for moderate i Era. Information. Advice special reference Cut on re Iuey to. K a. Barbre wishes to announce to the Public in general Patron in particular. That be Haa Purchase a Uteri occupied by it. Third Street Haa titled it u the socialists protest. La Jim april i. A the it Ici Alimus at dread in Are de Ermine to put. A at up to the Olce persecution to which they have been for aurite time subjected h Ive Given notice that any Polios Piffier infringing to Ion their Legal Richt w la lie Prem Cuttito Lite extent of their ability. Money is ileitis ruined for the purpose. Will proceed to chill. Berlin april Nany i a ordered the a nor re Man Squadron in chinese Waters to process to Chili. Thi i due to Protea from Hamburg merchants to the Chancellor that germ in expo to from Chili Are Cesarin owing to germ a vessel a eing unprotected. Severe storms in Kentland. Ithe Don april a a terrific grits is sweeping Over Cut numerous wreck a Are reporte i along the Northern const. At Peterhead Aberdeen the w Hole population i on the bore watching tile struggles of the fishing vessels to make safety for land. Zither Solo. Address. Solo. Address. Music. Remarks. Song. Or. Huber the Rev or. Keyes or Carl Ahrens the Rev. Or. Adams band a a american to i a markets. Heart Ted a to. K. Turner s Stock open. W heat May i 02�?Tg own Mav. �6i oat May. Pork a .12.37 of .73 ans. High. Low. Closed i ass i 02 Law �?�ms1 re a i r As cd. I 7 it 12 122 a 73 to "3 58 More real estate transfers the following transfers of real estate were recorded with the county clerk in Mayville n. A Hugh Neill to Wra. Burns. Westfield. $750. Moses Stetson to Ripley cemetery association. Ripley $450. Edwin w Marble to Caroline Moore Van est Field. $175 Sidney b Holt to we i too Norman r Covil to Fred w Burnam Clymer $850. Jennie Stiles to George w stiles.stockton.$1. William j Christy to Harrison b Christy. Hanover $2000. At he is purchased the building Torii. My Lett 35 last up in first cos in order Fernt Clas barbering. And is prepared to do _ thanking for past patronage i solicit a Shart of the future. Respectfully o. A. Buru Eia Idle Money invested so As to yield ten pro cent. Per annul. Capital cad he withdrawn at any time Send for prospectus. New York Stock Trust a Wali a skeet sew York. Rod kick of. Smith manager lnrrf�.8. It is very important in this age of vast material Progress that a remedy be pleasing to the taste to the Eye easily taken acceptable to the stomach healthy in its nature effect. Possessing these qualities Hyrup of figs is the one perfect laxative most gentle diuretic known. New a piano factory burned. Berlin april i a Hauge Mau a piano fact by has by Chi destroyed by fire 400 workingmen Are out of employment. A started for Washington. San Francisco april 6. A Secretary Proctor a telegraphed for left for Washington to Day. The Secretary i sudden d p virture had nothing to do with the Ila Dan controversy Refu de to Dia Cuas tile question. It is believed Here t hat Gen. Ruger of the department of Dakota will succeed Gen. Gibbon a commander of this division on the letter s retirement. Biscuit can be made with each Pound of Cleveland s Superior baking powder than with the same Quantity of any oth tar pure Cream of tartar powder. Cleveland baking powder Ca 81 fit 83 Euston by new York. Dressings at Salyers latest shades. Do you want $100? if 80, to v the order of the annual Friend receive Sam of it the end of one year Oral death i mix per week in Hack ii or Are Dent. Both from ital wrote Elve. In in at one Ami thai the Benefit f 9r p it ten Lur a in ire of the offic to a of Lutgen prelude to a. L. J Becher tit a or a it p. Gardner scr rotary a Complete link of Soli Iii Silver Ware Holio Platko diamonds. Watches jewelry Chous. Clocks Ltd. Likaixijaktjkr8 Abs at c. C. Penfold a 34 main St Buffalo a. New styles Wall paper at Monroe a ;