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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 4

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Dubuque, Iowa Women s liberation Zanzibar style those zealous females who have been trying to bully the Senate into approving a a a women a rights or a a women a liberation amendment to the Constitution might do Well to look toward Africa. In the glorious Peoples democracy of Zanzibar matters Are progressing in the opposite direction. Nominally Zanzibar is part of Tanzania actually the Island is controlled by a gang of cutthroats who Call themselves communists. This Zanzibar regime persecutes asiatics principally merchants resident in Zanzibar. A recent object of the regimes hatred has been a group of iranian families the Sayyid clan. Two hotels and a shop belonging to the sexy ids have been confiscated. But that a not enough the terrorists who Rule Zanzibar have taken away the iranians daughters too. This report incidentally comes from the official government newspaper of Tanzania the Standard of dares Salaam. On the Day that the real property of the sexy ids was seized All the women of that persian clan were lined against a Wall by inside Washington governmental officials who looked them Over and took their names within 36 hours several Zanzibar bureaucrat ruffians demanded to marry four of the Sayyid girls two of those Only 14 years old. The girls refused but they were carried off to a place where a a a marriage was performed even though the a a brides and their Kinfolk shouted in protest. Now these four girls and the fathers of three of them have been Flung into prison because the girls would not consent to consummate the forced marriages. Its rough when you say no to a commissar. The Zanzibar regime has ordered yet More Sayyid girls to marry Zanzibar officials. Happy Zanzibar emancipated Only a few years ago from wicked British colonial influence i am suggesting gentle ladies of the women a liberation front that your lot might be worse especially in a Peoples Republic. In 1789, Edmund Burke said that according to the new morality of the French revolutionaries a woman was Only an animal and not an animal of the highest order. Women always suffer most in revolutionary times. What a strange revolution the women a liberation front desires for american females the constitutional amendment which these Virago advocate would Confer upon women rights purely hypothetical and would take away privileges that Are real. Among the a a rights that american women would gain Are these the a a rights or obligation to be conscripted for the armed forces the a a rights or obligation to work As Long hours As men do and under conditions As exhausting even the a a rights or necessity of having to share lavatories in common with men what boons in a fit of lunacy the House of representatives passed this fantastic amendment to the Constitution. Senators however Are experiencing second thoughts and probably they will reject or table the amendment before this session of Congress adjourns. It May be dawning upon the Senate that the proportion of american women who desire any such a a rights is really quite Small not a powerful voting bloc at All. Next year i suppose a children a rights amendment will be proposed by certain Evangels of Progress and the year after that perhaps an animals rights amendment. For my part i am drafting an amendment to secure the rights of husbands and fathers with no duties attached. Art Buchwi 1,4 11 ors r a Salt How Tome they have died and some they have left me and some Are Token from me All Are deported All Are gone the old familiar faces. Charles Lamb 4 i i who signed the chit by Robert s. Allen John a. Goldsmith Washington defense department funds were used to pay for printing that controversial report of the presidents commission on Campus unrest. Reported Cost of the publication is $25,000. Who authorized the diversion of military Money for this unusual purpose and Why is not known a yet indignant members of the House education and labor committee Are trying to find out a with no help from former Pennsylvania governor William Scranton commission chairman or the other members. All have been highly secretive. While they have had much to say about Campus disturbances and who is at fault the commission and its High salaried staff have steadfastly refused to talk about the Agency a curious financial affairs. There May be Good reason for this tight lipped silence a on the basis of what has been ferreted out from other informed sources the details reveal not Only a 36 per cent budget overrun but startling pay and other expenditures that would indicate a Gross disregard for the taxpayers pocketbook. Following Are highlights of what had been in covered concerning How this censorious commission conducted its own affairs a when set in motion last june 30, the Agency was allocated $500,000 a from funds not appropriated for this purpose of the department of health education and welfare. Half of the Money came from the office of education the remainder from the health services and mental health administration a both part of hew and both already operating on reduced budgets. Why this was done is unknown. No explanation has been obtainable from hew or the White House. By september 7 a two months after starting a the Scranton commission was broke it had run through the $500,000 that was deemed ample for its three months existence. Since then the commission has piled up a $185,000 debt. That is at the rate of $7,200 a Day. That was the rate of commission spending when it went broke. Whether this deficit includes the reputed $25,000 Cost for printing its embattled report is not known. Why the commission ran through its $500,000 budget so quickly also is unknown. But the following May provide a pretty Good idea the executive director was paid at the rate of $36,000 a year. A messenger received $1,787 two Xerox operators got a total of $2,267 for the two months a chauffeur netted $2,038 and More than $20,000 was dished out for so called overtime. In some instances secretaries got More in overtime than for Ordinary work. Other free Wheeling spending was $16,000 for air conditioning and More than $15,000 for rent. For All involved it was a Juicy Bonanza a while it lasted it was not a skimpy summer for the can you spare $100? Washington the Washington social season has never been More fraught with cocktail parties dinner parties autograph parties and testimonials All in the name of political fund raising. People in this town live in fear every time the mail arrives that among the Bills and junk letter will be hurried an invitation to someone a House for a Friendly drink. This drink can Cost the invitee anywhere from $25 to $500 As a political contribution to some poor senator or congressman a Campaign. Last week was typical of what is going on Here. On monday i arrived Home and my wife said a the Jessels have invited us for cocktails tomorrow night to meet sen. a who wants to meet him a i said. A i saw him last night at a fund raising party for congressman a Well we can to say no. I run into Ginny Jessel at the hairdressers every week and Shell think we afford $50 to come to her the next night As we were getting dressed for the Jessel Bash my wife said a a there san autograph party for sen. Finney at the quagmires a an autograph party a a yes. Sen. Finney is autographing his new Book a the sensuous if you contribute $100 hell sign it to you a one Hundred dollars i buy it if it was printed in a Well the quagmires reminded me that they gave us $100 for the Junior Village telethon and so i said wed a few nights later i was Home Reading my autographed copy of a the sensuous senator when a Telegram arrived. It read a you Are invited to a testimonial dinner celebrating congressman Alf Klot Znick a Soth anniversary As a member of the House District sewer committee. A table has been reserved in your name. Please make out a $150 Check in name of Slotznick for Congress a now they be gone too far a i said to my wife. A i be caught dead at a testimonial for a you can say that now a my wife said. A but the next time our sewer Breaks Slotznick will Block the Bill to fix it in his we had no Choice but to go to Klot Znick a testimonial. For two Days after that we no to get any invitations to go out and i was starting to worry that we had been crossed off everybody a list. But on the third evening when i came Home from the office my wife said a guess what a a a in a not going to any More cocktail parties autograph parties or testimonial dinners this year and that is final a i yelled. A you done to have to go to any a she said nervously. a Sally Fowler called and asked if we could come to a Brunch on sunday for Forest who is running against sen. Boots Kimberly. I told her How you hated to go out on sundays so she asked if we could hold it a you a i said. A Well now that we owe the Jessels and the quagmires it will be an easy Way to get at the september meeting of the american legion auxiliary Dubuque unit no. 6, it was suggested that this letter be written to the general Public in defense of our veterans administration hospitals. A featured article a your forgotten wounded in life Magazine May 22, 1970, depicts and describes deplorable conditions existing in an antiquated a Hospital in the Bronx. In controversy and defense the american legion Magazine september 1970, an article a the truth about the a hospitals by r. B. Pitkin editor is featured. The colourful cover Page pictures scores of magnificent newly constructed a hospitals several of which Are located in the Tri state area including Wood wis., Hines 111., Chicago 111., Marion di., and Des Moines. To inform readers who May have formed an Adverse opinion concerning a hospitals and who do not have Access to the september 1970 Issue of the american legion Magazine these excerpts pertinent timely informative and emphatic Are quoted to present an entirely different View of modern a hospitals a in a dozen pictures life Magazine May 22,1970, showed ten scenes in the spinal injury Center of the Bronx a Hospital in new York and two in Wadsworth a Hospital in los Angeles. They Are two of the oldest hospitals in the system both rated inadequate by the a and slated for eventual remodelling or replacement. A this Story Over generalized and misshapen a real situation that is neither Good nor typical of a hospitals. As a generality it better fitted the pre we ii hospitals then run As a civil service bureaucracy that was scrapped in 1946. The administrator of the a Donald e. Johnson of Iowa advised life a editors that the photos were staged. Life denied it and a a staged might suggest actors and false settings. The patients were real and the hospitals were real. But nurses aides and patients in the spinal injury Center of the old Bronx Hospital have described some posing arranging and mis captioning if not a a staging. A on these pages and on our cover Are shown pictures of 41 a hospitals and there Are 125 More with new ones going up. No View either accurate or distorted of just one Section of one Hospital can Well serve readers As either a Good or a bad portrait of the whole system. The spinal injury Center in the Bronx is about i 1250th of the whole. A the a Hospital system today is made up of i the dwindling remains of an old pre-1946 system and 2 a growing new system of some of the finest hospitals in the world. A starting in 1946, the new system began to replace the old. In 25 years 82 Brand new hospitals have been added either As additions or to replace older hospitals. These Are without exception magnificent. During the same period 31 of the older hospitals have undergone modern additions and renovations a total of 106 of the new and the improved hospitals Are rated a a adequate by the a. It can match them in either their facilities or the Quality of medical care they give. They Are on a Par with or Superior to the hospitals of the great medical centers Here and abroad. Sixty hospitals in the system Are rated a a inadequate by a. Of them eight Are rated As a a obsolete and Are in line with six More of the a inadequate so for the speediest replacement possible under the ponderous legislative and budgeting Pace of the Congress. Replacing these 14 is a project that will stretch Well in the 1980s at the present Pace a much closer situated to the time life building in new York than the Bronx Hospital is he magnificent Manhattan a Hospital opened in 1954. It was not represented in life a Story but it is one of the finest general hospitals on Earth. Its Competition for that ranking includes Many of the other newer a hospitals. A the Manhattan Hospital has to be seen to be believed. We accost a patient in one of its sparkling Halls who was just up and about after Eye surgery. A do you have any complaints about this place a he was asked. He exploded Quot anyone who complains about this place ought to be kicked out a we then identified ourselves As the editor of this american legion Magazine and gave him a Chance to voice any Gripe to four and a half million readers. He identified himself As Lawrence Mcshay of towage n.j., a 71st infantry regiment Veteran of we h european theater. A i mean it a he said. A everything about this Hospital is fantastic. Its my second time in. I was Here three years ago on my deathbed with pneumonia and complications and these people saved my it says something when an infantryman of any War passes up a Chance to Gripe. A even the gloom of the old Bronx building and the burdens caused by its under Manning Are pierced by the tenderness and Devotion of the overtaxed staff the Good humor of Many of the patients and their appreciation of the excellence of their medical care and training in the face of handicaps. One of the quadriplegics there who was featured in life is Back at his own request after having been transferred to another Hospital in a Betta building. A the a hospitals have Many of the most advanced treatment centers a coronary intensive care units Cobalt cancer radiation units and even three linear accelerator High voltage radiation units that Are a step beyond the older Cobalt units Organ transplant centers pulmonary emphysema units and artificial kidney units which keep patients with failed kidneys alive by a a cleaning their entire blood Supply twice a week. Many of these units have Long been in operation. Quot the future construction on which the a is actively working or specifically planning today has a present estimated Price tag of $250 million spread out from now into the 1980s. Its anybody a guess that with the Way costs Are going that could double before work is finished. During 1969 alone seven new hospitals were under construction and six not started were several members of the american legion auxiliary have experienced favourable and satisfactory a hospitalization of their loved ones during the years. They encourage interested constituents to write our congressmen both on the state and National level for their support in promoting speedy legislation which win provide our veterans with the kind of a hospitalization they deserve. A the Best is none too Good a for those who have served our country Doris m. Slattery corresponding Secretary american legion auxiliary Dubuque unit no. 4

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