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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 2

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Dubuque, Iowa 2 Telegraph Harald Dubuque la., sunday oct. 4, 1970 new a in Brief a Assoc lated pro i marchers fill one Side of Pennsylvania Avo. Washington a win the War marchers thousands Strong paraded their Vietnam Victory tanners Down Pennsylvania Avenue saturday. The Rev. Carl Mcintire led the Way a Victory chant on Hon lips and a Bible under his Arm. . Park police estimated the crowd at Mcintire s Washington Monument Victory rally at 15,000 to 20,000 people. The fundamentalist radio preacher had hoped to present South. Vietnamese vice president Nguyen Cao Kyas the featured performer at a Washington Monument rally but he was absent. By did Send a statement declaring his people Quot determined to stand firm in face of communist Kyd a wife second Choice As a stand in did no to make it either the by message was read by Tran Khoa hoc second Secretary of the South vietnamese embassy. The crowd was Only a fraction of the 500.000 people Mcintire had estimated would rally in support of a win the War policy in Vietnam and a crusade against communism everywhere. Mcintire himself claimed there were 250.000 people on hand. Quot my words Here today Are the words of the vietnamese people who Are determined to fulfil their aspirations for peace in Freedom and who Hope to have the continued assistance of the american people and of other Peoples in the world who cherish peace and Freedom Quot the by message said. The South vietnamese vice president said he would have come himself but for indications that his appearance might stir unrest and violence. There was in fact Little trouble at the rally Only a few minor skirmishes Between marchers in hard hats and Youthful counter demonstrators. One group of men in plastic hard hats took a North vietnamese Flag away from a Long haired youth and burned it. Washington police said about 25 people were arrested for disorderly conduct As a result of incidents at the rally. Mcintire said president Nixon Quot is responsible himself for the strategy that is keeping or. By from speaking to he also said Secretary of state William p. Rogers tried to Block the by visit. American flags littered in the warm october sunlight. There were Confederate flags too and the banners of christianity and of nationalist Olina. A drum beat cadence for the procession to a speech aking rally at the Washington Monument. Horns sounded hymns and marches. One rank of marchers carried a curb to curb Banner Quot god bless America land that i love stand beside her and guide the March itself was apparently trouble free. About a dozen Young War protesters were escorted to the sidewalk when they tried to crowd in at the head of the procession. But there were scuffles at the Monument grounds when a group of More than too counter demonstrators turned up and encountered Victory marchers in hard hats. Police broke up two skirmishes each involving about a dozen people and led away three of the demonstrators. Mcintire thanked the police for stopping what he described As a band of hippies and told his supporters to leave them alone. More than a mile away on the Lawn at Rock Creek Park about 500 Young people some waving Viet Cong flags turned up for a Yippie Rock festival. Some smoked marijuana others sipped wine As they lolled on the Grassy Bank. Amp a it in v. Midis Moy be dangerous Chicago a Many people say the miniskirt is ugly. Now the National safety Council warns that the new longer skins May be dangerous. Sharon Bush Home economist for the Council said Friday that women new to the Midi should be careful on stairs and escalators. The Midi miss Bush said restricts leg and knee movement Quot enough to make a difference on a staircase or escalator where the Midi wearer could suffer a bad getting on and off buses poses another threat the Council said. Miss Bush also said longer lengths could create problems in the office women might trip Over them after bending Down to get at Low drawers or they might catch the skirt in a file drawer. Sentenced Simone Zizzo Quot Sam the plumbers decavalcante the reputed Racket Boss of Central new Jersey has been sentenced to a 15-year prison term for his conviction recently on extortion conspiracy charges. V. It a a a Jordans civil War curbs extremists by. A Amman Jordan apr Jordan a civil War has curbed the extremists of both sides a spokesman for Palestine guerrilla movement declared saturday. He gave an Assurance Arab guerrillas intend to keep the peace in Jordan and denied they sought to overthrow the regime of King Hussein. Quot those who speak of taking Power cannot do so because they do not have the Force Quot said the spokesman. His remark was an obvious reference to the popular front for the liberation of Palestine the marxist guerrilla group led by or. George Habash which has declared that it Aims to topple the monarchy in Jordan. The front hijacked three Western airlines last month. As a result of the War the front is More ready to cooperate with moderates among the guerrilla movement suggested the spokesman. Quot we Are not interested in forming a government in Amman not because we Are idealists or dreamers but because we Are realists Quot he said. Quot if we became the government of Jordan we should become part of Arab disagreements and disputes. It would mean that if we smiled at Syria Iraq would not Uke soviets egyptians Call for War s end a a Thi associated Prass thousands of egyptians mourning toe death of president Gams Abdal Nasser and denouncing Israel marched through the streets of Cairo saturday while a joint soviet egyptian communique called for further efforts to end the Middle East War. The communique published in Moscow after soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin returned from Cairo said the two countries would Quot continue pooling and coordinating efforts aimed at the settlement of the Middle eat it also Quot reaffirmed the need for the earliest elimination of the consequences of israeli aggression Quot apparently referring to territory occupied by israelis troops in the six Day 1957 War. Egypt a Only political party the Arab socialist Union summoned the 150-member Central committee to a meeting monday radio Cairo announced. It said the party Sall powerful executive committee meeting under acting president Anwar Sadat issued the Call. Observers said the Central committee meeting May be to elect a new head of the party and executive committee posts held by Nasser until his death monday. It could bring to the surface a Power struggle Between leftists and moderates in the party. Kosygin flew out of Cairo after admonishing egyptian leaders to maintain the peace plan and the 90-Day, cease fire the authoritative newspaper Al ashram reported. Sadat a 60-Day, provisional president escorted Kosygin to the Airport. The Cairo demonstrations followed prominent display in egyptian newspapers of the . Senate passage of a Bill authorizing unlimited arms sales to Israel Cairo a largest demonstration was a March by thousands along Ramses Street to the mosque where Nasser was buried. The procession was noisy with slogans calling for a hard line against Israel but orderly. Many of the marchers were school children. At the same time extremists in the Jordan army also have become More reasonable said the spokesman. Quot they now accept that liquidation of the revolution is impossible he added. The spokesman reported strict orders have gone out to the guerrillas to avoid differences with the army pointing out that Quot both sides Are interested in the spokesman is a member of Al Fatah the guerrilla organization led by Yasir Arafat who signed the truce agreement with Hussein last sunday. He expressed the belief that there would be no repetition of the violence that rocked Jordan. He emphasized however that the guerrillas would permit no interference in their affairs nor any restriction on their operations against Israel. The first stage of the cease fire agreement withdrawal from the Center of Amman by both the army and the guerrillas had been carried out without serious difficulty the spokesman said. A senior military member of a five nation Arab cease fire commission reported peace has been restored in Northern Jordan. He said the guerrillas remain in Irbid Jordan a second City and in nearby Ramatha but no longer Are carrying arms. They Are being stored in their bases. The army surrounds the Irbid he added. Travellers from the North report however that while some guerrillas have withdrawn from Irbid others remain with their arms and Are vowing to stay. Charged in threats on Nixon Miami apr secret service agents and Miami police have arrested and charged a Miami Man described As a Quot revolutionary Type Quot with threatening to blow up president Nixon and his key Biscayne residence. Miami police said Jesse Lee Marshall 20, also plotted to blow up police Headquarters the Miami Airport and the of big a Miami office. He was arrested Friday night As he left Coconut Grove Bayfront Park. Officers said Marshall claimed to be a member of the youth International party hippies and a Follower of Huey Newton founder of the Black Panther party. . Atty. Robert rust said Marshall was charged with violating the Federal Law prohibiting threats against the president. I i Dias protecting grocery store a Louisville. By. A Robert f. Emmett a 55-year-old grocer who wounded two would be bandits in a shootout in 1969 and thwarted several other robbery attempts since he opened his store Here la years ago was killed in an Exchange of gunfire Friday. A 16-year-old girl who was in the store said Emmett ordered a masked gunman to drop his weapon and reached beneath the counter for his own gun. Two shots were fired and the grocer fell with a Bullet wound in his Chest. 424 Kennedy mall maternity shops pm. 556-9387 at the mosques he demonstrators formed a quiet line and filed past Ness Era a grave. Police blocked till Side streets leading to Ramses Street with barriers closing it to traffic. Look of Page 36 for a message of enemy forces massing Quot greater interest for phenom penh attack phenom penh Cambodia apr a cambodian military spokesman said saturday enemy forces apparently Are massing for new attacks on the outer defense ring of phenom penh. As be spoke cambodian fighter bombers were striking at an enemy concentration Only 14 Miles North of this capital on the East Bank of the Mekong River. Simultaneously a third battalion of government troops was Salt to break a Roadblock on Highway 4 Between phenom penh and the nation s Only deep water port at Kampong som communist command troops had Cut the vital Highway 40 Miles Southwest it phenom penh As part of their week old coordinated drive to control cambodians main land routes. Cambodian officers said they hoped to open route 4 this weekend. Adm. John s. Mccain commander of All . Forces in the Pacific flew in to phenom penh for unannounced High level talks with cambodian leaders he is scheduled to meet sunday with cambodians Premier Gen. Lon no and others of the High command. The cambodians Are expected to press for increased military help from the United states Mccain declined to talk to newsmen on his arrival but a . Embassy source said the Pacific commander brought no new commitment. On the military front communist command troops harassed government units dug in at a dam at Kin rom Mountain 59 Miles Southwest of phenom penh near Highway 4. The Mountain top has Beer occupied by North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces since last summer and Tome units have now moved Down into the lowlands for attacks on route 4. Southeast of phenom penh enemy troops mined the main Mekong River ferry Point on route i linking the capital with Saigon. A military spokesman was unable to say How much damage was done to the ferry Point at Neak Leung 32 Miles Southeast of phenom penh. In South Vietnam ground action continued Light and scattered. Persian or Arab Gulf United nations n y. Apr Iran and Iraq argued in the United nations general Assembly recently Over whether the Gulf they share should be called the persian Gulf or the Arab Gulf. Iraqi foreign minister Abdul Karim Al sheikhly called it the a Arab Gulf during a speech and added that it Quot suffers from the domination of foreign iranian ambassador Mehdi cd cd0rapb Al Rali it few Moor term Jbv que of duty Ogu Iowa and eat n., daily to it Carrier it per wee sunday Robu or a syres uni Arn areas not serviced Fey Carrier. Daily and sunday t year sit of All states i year is of Vakil replied Quot it is was and remains the persian Iran was formerly known As Persia. He said Iran extends from one end of the Gulf to the other and should have the right to name it while Iraq has a Gulf frontage of Only a few Miles. Dear free Radiometer hearing Aid test by the specialist St Harugo a Audi Vox a. T. Amp t. 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