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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Dubuque, Iowa Weather continued Cool details on Pogo eight Prici to cents volume 121 seventy four pages Dubuque Iowa sunday May 19, 1957 six sections sunday morning edition a a number it thousands flee flood in Oklahoma Senate rackets probes set on mystery Man Japan indicts i insists he stand trial Tokyo up Japan indicted an i american Soldier for manslaughter a saturday and insisted that the Washington up a the Senate labor rackets com United states abide by its original Mittee planned saturday to investigate soon deals Between agreement to hand him Over for mystery Man Nathan Shefferman and a at least a couple Oft Nal other unions besides his Friend Dave Becky a teamsters. Justice minister Umekichi Naka senators differ on Ike s talk Sparkman predicts Success Bridges sees budget cuts woman killed in crumbling tenement committee counsel Robert f. Kennedy told reporters Mura re jelled 1 a defense score a. Nehb tort committee May be ready by about june 15 to dig deeper Lary Charle e w,1son s Orde saturday president i Senhor into the affairs of Shefferman. A 70-Vcar-old Chicago labor re superseding 1he agreement Anc. Suc is soul in forbidding Transfer of s3�, William or we de More successful in the business firms including some a onor Bay. ,. A. Tinned also. Of the nation s largest depart Merit stores. Lations consultant for 300-Odd i Kwh inning in in Ripon Aih i if. Would be ques s. Girard to japanese custody. A whipping up Loreign Aid sup Nakamura told the House of Pou than he apparently was the committee wound up the representatives in the diet Par in defending other parts of his present phase of the hearings i Ament that the decision of a budget. The testimony of Shefferman Friday after fruitlessly question japanese american commission to it in Brinsek r i said and other witnesses has linked my Norman Gessert a Cousin of turn Over the Ottawa. 111., Soldier. Him in at least four deals with mrs. Beck who has been linked a must be rigidly doubts Eisenhower s Schedu cd Beck president of the teamsters in testimony with Shefferman. The foreign office announced second to radio Appeal to the a Union and the committee s prime Gessert. Sought by the commit that concurred with Nakamura s Tion tuesday night will keep con target to Date. Tee for weeks before being served stand. Gress from whacking another half Back reportedly challenged with a subpoena this week proved . Retain control billion dollars off the $3,880,000,000 Beck also is reported farts an even Mort reluctant witness the District procurator s office Aid program ton Irhn t Jii ii a a Quot bark r fun quoted a a a Maebashi to Miles Northwest badges who Heads the Senate Union. John t. O Brick fourth answer committee questions and o Tokyo than dieted the 21-year Republican policy committee i Nook it d of a Hom Girard for causing the death 5a,d he will support a reduction of said he will run against Beek for to in half an hour refusing japanes. Oman a a a a firing half a billion More in the revised pro r w to the. Ai. v n m 10 a by to no at nearby Camp Weir. Figure set by Eisenhower after the of a some committee members old the Kar Wrast command was president scaled Down his original. J n. Irinod members of the Senate Hep dog Wilsons order to keep request of $4,400,000,000 0 brim called Beck a Damn labor committee in sponsoring Gerard under american control a i am confident Congress Foci to his face at a recent the first piece of legislation aimed ,. Dink Complete review of not sabotage the program and will . Tori the Case he careful to avoid any cuts that the Justice minister said that 11 endanger the Security of the teamsters executive Board meet at correcting abuses of Union my. The news said. He said he funds exposed by the hearings would accept the presidency a if the Hill would authorize Publica fog in morning a an Issue has been made of the Bridges said but. Case in Washington. Hank co gees is determined to a an official decision has been a Quot a Quot omy a a pm so lbs a Quot made by a joint commission and "31 reductions in Ade. This decision must be rigidly observed no matter what is said in the United states a he said. Shooting apparently accidental. D Girard is held by . Author-1 the executive Board can persuade Don 0f Union financial reports and Beck to resign or even if he has other information. To he forced out a it said. An informed Union source said. However that a a of Brien is not the Choice of the executive d a. A. A the source said a sooner or later Dux vv6 Wight d66 Beck has got to go but that of Briens reported decision to run Softie sufi Sun Clov a. For the presidency is his own a a it to my Weir on suspicion of buds it la sued l0 make ideas not the executive boards Cloudy skies with some fog Are Ai sin of o. Is. A a much impression on Congress. A a of Brien could not win even if forecast for Dubuque and Vicinity jj1 Canp g ring a but i believe he is going to he tried the source said sunday morning and generally Cool according to Kennedy said the committee has 1 ,u,h1 doubt Tho Appeal Sparkman a member of the foreign relations committee said in a separate interview he thin shave better Success arguing for according to a preliminary foreign and Progno the in he no Quot present a a plans of recall Quot Beck temperatures will prevail through. American report Girard fired an for Budko Sparkman who has invoked the fifth Amend out the Day the Dubuque weather expended Cartridge Case propelled sad a be in m a much stronger ment More than 200 times. But Bureau predicted. To said the inquiry into Shaffer \ Little warmer readings Are by a Blank Cartridge from a Rifle grenade launcher As a warning to warn Tulsa of worst in history death toll at 9 no major Highway without washout by the associated press Oklahoma a Rivers and streams reached record Levels saturday As powerful flood Waters forced thousands of Farmers and City dwellers to seek higher ground. Flash floods hit communities in Texas there was minor flooding in Kansas and Missouri and heavy Rains also battered the West coast. Oklahoma s fatalities for the three Days of storms climbed to nine saturday with the recovery of the body of Roland Bullock 39, a Farmer near Lindsay. He and his wife were Riding in a pickup truck when a Bridge Over a Creek collapsed. The couple was thrown into the surging Waters. Bullock was attempting to help ibis wife but he was carried away. She later was saved after clinging i to debris. Bridge washouts were reported on every major Oklahoma High Way and some railroads. Thro major Bridges were washed away and dozens of smaller ones were a a a. J j j a a. Qua swept into the flood. Thirty nine on woman or. Ann , we found dead in the new York tenement saturday an High was Warp f. P i damage in hour and a half after the the tory Brick Structure collapsed with a terrific Roar. The five per rulers i i t h at ton living there had been sent registered letters Friday by the new York City fir department and it. Mib Nti Ltd Chr 1,1 rising them that the building was dangerous to live in. A wire photo a a a a a i rain predominates rain was the predominant feature in the nations weather picture with the heaviest amount reported in Oklahoma. As much As nine inches fell overnight in South Central Oklahoma. The Cimarron River which in dry seasons runs in trickle crested at Perkins okla., Friday night at 19.8 feet. 18 feet above the Sharp debate shapes up get a boats on disarmament action to Jom search Washington apr a Tough debate is shaping up in position on Mutual assistance be the Eisenhower administration Over the kind of disarmament Hope to find body of drowned youth cause he himself was one of the proposal which the United states should next make to the. ,. A a a a a a a Mayo nu., maw a my Harold Honnig Surro tire of Tho record stage of 17 feet of october Many affairs a will probably in ,. Cut Mia afternoon with 3 ik1 japans it Quot to of first to suggest it could be reduced soviet Union Nowin t ii \ a a 1926 flood stage at Perkins is solve Jon my for sunday afternoon a a a on the Range to pick up Sheik for by a substantial amount. A a ,. Quot a Lorsan led Hak be 0u,Hoard la Fri. A Alimkay. The re he would not men Tofy the Oiler the he a t0 a the a a s. Trap. A the has already taken some of Issue appears to be How far this country should Ruhr said members of the club cried to 17.8 feet at Perkins. Unions that might be involved. Some Sunshine is predicted. C l Carv Quot task Lui i los be of re out of opposition by go in introducing into negotiations at London a plan which will conduct an organized search other Oklahoma Rivers the asunder questioning however he Cloudy and Cool weather with Sakai Back and k"11f&Quot her that action. He set a trap for him could promote the chances for a a a a sunday for the body of Jack Kansas and the Verdigris among said efforts of the retail clerks some showers is on t poor Mon-dcntcoccurr0d american6 a did by Al i Sayi Jig the Over Al a limited agreement with rus 00s no Alrh Par rarity next Schneider. 16, of 2727 Washington major once overflowed. The Union to organize a department it it no occur Ca on american min budget could be Cut and Hen say week. A. ,. Arkansas a River with a record store might involve Shefferman. Day a a. Tary property and that Girard was Sia on a cutback in military inspection concern St a who Drou nod Panl 14 a a of flood destruction also was out businessmen also target a hah Inch rain in Tho in said he a budget forces and a test zone for s. Military Lea it in s Are re Mississippi River boating Acci of its Banks in Kansas. The ver Kennedy said some business Gregor la., area saturday continued on Page eight Cenaj inspection. Ported especially concerned to i Dent. Digris downstream from Tulsa Harold e. Stassen. Chief u. sure Hal any offer 10 the the is member boat club decide threatened to Crest at Levels sex m la i i 3 jul a y m la 15 evidently in for some Sharp and disarmament plan is coupled with q 0 la \ / ajl la it i fms i Yah i la ill i i a i i in skip tical questioning As the task requirements for inspection proce negotiator in the London sesaion., . Even on a first step cd on a led h a ceding by two or three feet a a h june 1923 record of 19 Fet. Pm use 10 appeals from the Schnei i forecasters warned Tulsa s 240,-of hammering out new decisions Durics which will give the most Der family to Boatmen to be on the too residents they could expect the foolproof Assurance possible Lookout for the body Hennig said. Worst flood in the City a history Manorville. N y. Of Ben or. Kris said the boy was being the doctor earlier said the Boythe had tried to. Adjust herself to a against soviet violations. Originally Hennig said the club when he Arkansas crests at 25 by Hooper the a boy in the Well Quot kept in an oxygen tent and needed was a hungry and that a always a the possibility he might be dead. A Al plus Outt adm Arthur w Radford chair had a plot in cruise arranged for ,0 28 fort sunday. In june 1923. Begged to go Home from the hos sign in a i was trying to picture him a Man of the joint chiefs of staff Sun Jav but changed plans in an the Arkansas reached a record pit a saturday but his doctor earlier the boy had been Lively i a a he a a Good boy. He does no to being dead and to build myself a la has Een reported a ur2>ng an c,.�r to a a a a. level of said a a Little spot of pneumonia and ate his first solid food a complain. He does what we Tell up t0 the fact hat Huas an lol l/upuqu0 would keep him there a while bowl of Cereal and reminded his him How to Cope with it she said. I the pneumonia report came aft father truck Driver Benjamin sr., at the Hospital the boy told his she sell under sedation in he Public rally called for tuesday night i to Sites for a Dubuque Muse or Blond Blue eyed Benny 7, had that he wanted a toy automobile father How he fell into the Well. Boat s Hospital room and awakened been pronounced in Good Condi for his birthday in july. A i was playing with Michael a at a 9 a j11. Lion despite 24 gruelling hours he was suffering from a sore Friend and we were running. I when she tiptoed to inc Ooyd trapped 24 feet Down a freshly Ness in one shoulder but or. Kris told him i wanted to see if i could bed leaned Over smiled an i said dug Well. Said a Ravs showed there were no jump Over the Hole. Has is a Mommy. At Bayview general Hospital in broken Bones. Kris kept a 24 hour a i jumped and i fell. A hello Mommy a the boy re nearby Mastic Beach Long is Vigil during the Rescue efforts at a i Don t remember much about plied land or. Joseph h. Kris told the pit. What happened then except it got a hello baby a she said new Smen that x rays had shown Sam Woodson 39, negro can dark and i got the father overjoyed and excl a a touch of pneumonia on the boys Striction worker who reached the the exhausted parents spent the cited at the Hoys Rescue got Little they Are the Ham House boy first through a Rescue Tunnel night at the Hospital reported As urging answer l0 the need for add Tlona level of 22.8 feet. Flood stage is attitude of extreme caution on the searchers 19 feet. Ground that in any agreement a a a flooding made. Vital Security interests of. Du3p h h up l major flooding also was report the United states and its allies. Boats will Allen to Tho cd alone the Washita River when Are at stake. Radford is due Hack r a a11 go to the v pm i t bus Ness this weekend from a tour of lat 5en< of the drowning after Fiat. A a cts and ? a cd. The boats will spread out and n. And work by Var a a Ruhs a 0rcs a Quot doku St South As the a j by in America and is expected to play an important part in and residential Section land Chickasha no will he considered tuesday Alj,0im�?�, As tar South As the Frfd to do a a special meeting called by t h e nations for decision by president if necessary. Hours Dubuque county historical so Eisenhower. Hennig said there would be at in flood weary Texas Flash least eight boats in the group right lung. Pneumonia had been Ever since the lad from the Sand Friday and cold but still alive. Sleep. He talked with each one probably having people. Floods hit communities in the Hill two country West of san Antonio a been Hurt then. Whether the boy could be saved closer to agreement Stassen said on his return Fri doctors presently the Eagle Point Park Day from London that there is no j _ i thunderstorms dumped up to 2 a a inches of rain in the Southern and Outh Central part of the state. There was minor flooding in Hennig added. Kansas and Missouri. In Kansas Secretary treas the Marais Descygne and the the Rescue Effort was one of sex locations were sought out easter recess in the negotiation. User of the Dubuque boat club Neosho Rivers overflowed in aspirating frustrations in by a Specia Junior chamber of month ago. The present recess said his group has not planned Northern and East Central cities til shortly before it succeeded Commerce committee which re my May 27. On his return an it organized search. But flooding was reported to he first the father had lowered a can let a took a Var the museum pro to London Stassen almost Ertain a however he said the subject rope hoping the boy could grasp . Y c a an american was discussed several week the Ham House is already City reply to a soviet disarmament and an members in feared had told the doctor he heard the Mother Borghild 30, later nurses and newsmen and finally dome of the Dubuque Park Board doubt that Russia and the West r Tim Hawkeye club does not ii was pulled something snap As he pulled the told newsmen that during the tor was sent Home after Daybreak to a and the a victorian mansion a can Powers air closer to agree a my in finding the body s night stiff boy out. The shoulder May have rented hours waiting to learn get some test. The residence of or. And mrs. Ment now on a a first step Dis members will try again the the Mother stayed on at the Delbert j. Hayford at 1049 univer armament plan than they were following sunday a Juja a a a Hospital sity ave. When he came Home during an Harry Gantert ago agreed to keep a Sharp Lookout for the body 3 boys red poplin jacket. Next came the Gigantic Job of Gantert said he expects there Mon it Fly normals it and then be pulled out of the ,., ,. Shaft scarcely a foot in diameter. A a cd property but the victorian proposal made april 30then firemen lowered a Grap Canslor ill selected would be a that proposal called among whenever on the River pling Hook but it Tore through the a i Abl on a lease basis. Private collections o n s e a digging a parallel vertical Shaft. Oud belong to the City 30 feet across the top and about Bucu bul a of old be operated by american officials have called it 25 feet deep so a Tunnel could to Lac Dubu iut co Uny historical so Unavee Tabie As it stands but have a Over Quot Niit of pm piety. The society now has a con indicated that the United Stales old Rte Verea dui ii trom the Bottom to the boy s a. ,. ,., ,. .a1 weeks Aeo he drowned Sid Erable amount of historical it would make a counter proposal k uru Nea other things for an International Aerial inspection system covering acquired the museum Eastern Siberia. Alaska and most club members Quot aiding to thtsear7h in to the City of do of the w Estern United states. Sunday 1 moderate. Heavy Rains also battered the West coast. In the san Francisco and Sacramento areas rainfall amounts already had exceeded will be quite a few Dubuque boat body of Donald Daniel 16, sever Ems and the offer of several Valu designating a different area for fan were widespread from the Ohio. Testing Aerial inspection possibly a $10� Valley to Texas and East to Flor. Able private collections. The meeting at 7.30 p m. Tues in the Arctic Region position in the Well. The rescuers could not work from atop the Well for fear of knocking Down Sand and soil that. A a a n v a. Day in the Cham Yec of Commerce would suffocate the boy. Even so l. A i a re a in the Lofton in. Is open to the Public Elsie dates Lucic die us Incillo 111 Uruu i in the latter stages the Bov was _. A a. S100 Reward not Nind a rn30 society Secretary said Bat View on disarmament issues Bendy. Tween the state and defense de the museum project has been apartments but insist that these Light rain replaced heavier Rains in the North Pacific coast area and to the East in Montana skies were Clear. Small amounts of rain were re ported Over the Cloud covered a Northeast but thunderstorm Reward to the person or persons officials privately concede that fading Schneider a body. The Tele it therr were covered by Sand apparently a very thin layer time after time landslides Rehng Effort. Pro a Russ in a Al tuesday meeting jul be the hrs is open to the Public Elsie dabs there Are differences in Point of offered an additional and thunderstorms in the Centra and Southern Rocky Mountain area. Temperatures were Cool in the great lakes Region where Light Rains hit scattered areas. Then. Late Friday afternoon. It established. Atomic workers arrived from the Brookhaven National Laboratory brewing for Many years but simply reflect toe Normal differ weather causes once of interest Between the two recent Concrete attempt at getting agencies. Stassen has said that he thinks Russia As Well As the United financial support another item to be decided states Britain. France and can 4th cancellation of nuclear tests Ruh Sld Elds Uhlich tuesday will be the method of Fin Ada is really trying to negotiate Las vegas Nev. All smiles now Are the Par turned the trick. The Ancial support. Under consider a successful agreement As a first unfavourable weather up conditions Shields cylinders about Tjon 1s a Smau admission fee for step toward a worldwide arms re saturday caused the atomic t in marm get r fit Tori non cents of Little Benjamin Cooper 7, four feet in diameter fitted one visitors. After he survived the ordeal of a1 within another like rings on a col n was Learned saturday that most 24 hour trapped at the Bot la sible Metal cup. Members of the Dubuque Park Tom of a will Shaft in Patchogue i one ring was driven horizontally Board Are split on the advisability n. Y. Top left Benny father through the Sand toward the Well. 0f turning their administrative and Benjamin or. Tell newsmen a i the Sand was scooped out. Then caretaker quarters a the Ham can smile now a and left his a smaller ring was pushed through House a into a City museum Mother Borghild tries on a base the first and into the Sand each their opinions will be aired at the Ball Glove brought saturday to pushed by a horizontal Jack until special meeting. The Hospital As a gift for her son. The Tunnel reached the Well. The Dubuque county historical Benjamin jr., above a smiling Woodson a quiet religious Man society is making a Survey of i working inside the Tunnel spotted ties in Dubuque s population class the boys red jacket grabbed his which now have such museums to hand and pulled no to safety determine How they Are supported. J auction and control program. Too As he welcomed visitors at his Bayview bed after a Good night s sleep. The Golden years. Do people enjoy retirement you la find the answer in a series of sunday articles starting today in the Telegraph Herald. Prepared by the Telegraph her Ald women s Section staff the first in the Golden year series appears on Page 17. Energy commission to postpone for the fourth consecutive Day firing of an atomic device on the Southern Nevada nuclear proving grounds. 75 Miles Northwest of Here. The test was to have opened the 20-shot 1957 Spang summer series,1 longest in . History and was to have been fired atop a 500-foot steel Tower at 5 a m. Sunday.1 dec scientists now Hope to fire the device at the same time Mon Jay morning. Where to find it pages comics. 39 crossword. .39 deaths. 40 editorials. Ohi. Markets. News of record. 40 out on route one 32 radio programs. 33 society. 17 to 22 sports. 35 to 39 Story. 9 sunday in the churches. To to tabloid 15-16 weather Al. I

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