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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Dubuque, Iowa Weather warmer detail on Page eight cleanup sunday morning edition Price to cents volume 121 eighty two pages Dubuque Iowa sunday May 12, 1957 six sections a number 113 Beck May face mail fraud charges baby saved from fire 7 children killed in Bogota mobs kill scores of House Blaze Roas backers Hayes talks. And laughs. In Dubuque trapped Mother threw infant from window Bogota Colombia up a colombian mobs beat choked kicked burned to death scores of supporters of president Gustavo Rojas Pinilla in the final hours i of violence accompanying his oust a i and flight toward exile in Spain Stratford Conn. Apr it was Learned saturday. Seven Small children perished rhe death to11 m four a it is of. Mounting revolt totalled More than in a blazing holocaust today oof including 70 a Rojas task killed As a fierce and fast spreading it a rioting Friday in the Southwest-1 pm provincial capital of Cali. Fire swept through a three elsewhere in the country 34 Story dwelling. Deaths were reported. I the five children of . And mobs in Cali also destroyed the mrs. Martin Davis died alone in p.1f&Quot 0 Quot Quot pro Rojas newspapers Tho second floor Flat. The Mother. Al. Pa.1 and Darla m Palf Lcy in Call two persons were doused with gasoline and Davis had gone flaming torches. Turned into studied seriousness on probes. Labor Leader smiles for the Milwaukee braves. Expects punitive unethical acts mrs. Martha shopping and returned As firemen the country remained divided i entered the burning House. I saturday Between jubilation at the two children of . And of Rojas and fury Al Claude Martin severely burned j 18 supporters. But no new met when fire overtook them As they Dot it Quot lot major a Lolff it napped in a third floor bedroom idled in a Hospital in nearby a Bridgeport. Vhf be a Quot m�?~111 a Runta. Which succeeded the president a their Mother grandmother and pealed t0 the United sales an j _. A brother and sister the other nations for diplomatic recon i Mia Only two weeks old escaped. Nation lows to Lulu mrs. Martin tossed the two government offices and the prop restart Poland cief a toted by Quot a of is. While making it a Point to mention that corruption does a an neighbor caught her. Celebrating the j exist in the Trade unions. Al Hayes chairman of the Al Cio. A Iai 11 the first floor Flat was Uno the sex president accompanied ethical practices committee in Dubuque saturday that Mohs will copied. By nine relatives. Left Bogota be it represented a Only a Small segment of organized labor. Tin. L�?onwm.0rt, bin am Force of thorny Sej a a. A urged reporters at a morning press conference. Recoup losses. Nun Davis 5. Jeanette Davis 3. A Strong guard to escort him to i expect punitive i George Davis 2. Evelenia Davis the Airport. Legislation probably at a state any Way but oui of 16>00� Ful time f in. Patricia Davis 8 months. Rojas landed in Bermuda at level to curb the unethical a a a Quot Al Abor off cals 1 know of Flocs jugs the Martins Are White the i25 . He told newsmen he actives of labor a Only 13 who May be corrupt. A i Davies negroes. Planned to stay there for three a i asked what labor is doing to Stop organized labor has lost ground fire chief Theodore lock Wood tour Days and then go on to Spain. Hayes committee is currently unethical activity from within but we re going to a recoup Oyrunn f the House was so a old and where he will stay indefinitely. Invest Gat Iii the activities of the Hayes cited two Points of a Cotie losses Al Hayes president of the Behen. Svery very dry that once the it was certain whether to foam is Jlon Baker which the Al Cio is drawing up. International association of Ma-1 Dallas Lex. Up a new Flash floods boiling up with fire got started it spread with Jas had been allowed to take with saturday be the com one involves a democratic proc cd insists told the state convention Bona i Hedlund a seat such suddenness from Rains of nearly seven inches that they awesome rapidity. Him any sizeable part of the for j?1�?T0 Quot uld inc so to one More dures and the other is a financial of the Iowa state Council of a Ort a. Hank5r� Styf pen washed motorists from highways. Struck Central Texas sat pain blk a cred a a do part Tui to cumulated during four a a Quot re a a a Quot Jobu w0uld Quot Quot recording Quot the finances of , saturday at the met. Afr0nf�?o to re the a. Ment ladder truck parked in the years in Power. In Caracas the Ibeck president Oft he teamsters trades building. Ai Lobo prom from investing to u0� smooth old boy a by Boa after they and two orb Tusl a a a a a a Quot re Quot a Ahe Zzz cause for he cd to Quot a a wept into cow Bayou three Miles stabbed onto recs.1 thud wealth at $11,400,000 i Jajch me corf to cd Quot a Quot Quot do Hayes . Quot i think we be become Quot hcs and closc5t Friend a Promise pre Freedom i. Lff u. I. _ l Hayes that in his visits to soft we be got to decide How Long placed in evidence was a letter an unidentified Volunteer fireman carries a two week old baby that was saved when fire swept a House in Stratford Conn. Saturday and killed seven other children. The baby was saved when its Mother threw the baby from a third floor porch into the arms of a woman on the ground. Saven children in two families burned to death in the Blaze. A wire photo. New floods sweep cars of highways in Texas widow s Trust fund in question teamster Boss to be recalled late in week Washington apr sen. Mcclellan dark saturday that teamsters Union president Dave Beck May have run afoul of the Federal mail fraud Law in his handling of a widows Trust fund. A the treatment he accorded the widow of his Dearest Friend is typical it seems of i dominating characteristic of greed and avarice a Mcclellan told Newa Imen in reviewing the latest testimony about Beck. Mcclellan is chairman of the special Senate Racket investigating committee which will resume monday afternoon Public hearings in which Beck has been pictured As using Union funds for the enrichment of himself and members of his family. The 62-year-old teamster Bolt who already has invoked the fifth amendment Protection against possible self incrimination 150 times in refusing to answer committee questions will be recalled hater in the week a o h a b i y i wednesday Mcclellan . Friend of husband the widow Mcclellan referred to is mrs. Ray Leheney whose husband was an official of the old Al. Beck was trustee of an $80,-000 fund raised for her from unborn Golinda about 15 Miles South the department of Public Safe police mrs Cecelia Martin. Of Waco and drowned. His party at Waco at one tune eight 30. Told them this Story ends. . And mrs. Harry James persons were left hanging onto she was feeding the baby san chief of the government press of Green fort ww4ha_wei� As a mighty surge of water drat at 1 50 . When she heard Tice told newsmen the Junta gov rom of balt i and nearby Bull two a thuds a and went into the eminent urgently needs Fomon hide Creek swept Over . 17. Kitchen to investigate. I recognition to Holster its a de Factor the Flash floods in Central Texas smoke and flame were coming status followed new and continuing Cloud through the floor. In Washington colombian am bursts Over a wide area of Texas she ran to the bedroom where Bassadore Francisco Urrutia pre that sent at least six Rivers her Mother in Law mrs. Rita mar seated the Junta s request for charging to dangerous new to 61. Waterville. Maine a recognition to asst. Secretary of Heights washing out a Railroad sleeping with Russell Doreen and state Roy. Rubottom. Track Between two approaching John Martin 17 months old. The United states probably will trains. She awakened them then ran recognize the regime As soon As the newest Flash floods were in to the rear porch from which she it is satisfied that the Junta is in an occasional Trace of a drizzle the same general area that has dropped Sandra to safety. She at effective control of Colombia was All that remained of the rain been plagued by intermittent tempted to return to the bedroom maj. Clon Gabriel Paris design that brought 2.27 inches of Mots floods since a seige of heavy from which her Mother in Law had rated As president by the Junta Ture to Dubuque since thursday weather struck the state april 19 managed to escape with John but promised that one of its first acts night. The department of Public safety was driven Back by flames and would be to restore Freedom of it was the heaviest fall since sent out urgent Calls for boats and smoke. The press in Colombia. Aug. 30, when 2.51 inches pelted heavy motors for Rescue work near firemen found her collapsed on Down in a few hours. The towns of Golinda and Troy the rear porch when they arrived a a trawl because of the slow steady fall Vhey motorists were trapped and to Rescue the fatally burned rus Mil Rotch i pm Kut Over a period of time most of the residents were marooned by High sell and Doreen. Re a a ram soaked Inlo thirsty Earth. It a a l few Davit children on the floor Cpl does in azores was welcomed by the Farmers the death of the Green infant below All were dead when fire brought to two the number of men reached them Tion exists in business in industries from Beck to mrs. Leheney in heavy rainfall hits Dubuque More in store by injun b Cordoba and in Profe Smons than in to Hor .l0,u you Quot Der Rak we Quot cow to people opposed to a a thl a a. And file of labor much concerned our purposes. Winch no mention was made that mti0-�?�ndon Bor a a about rooting out corrupt on and untold the machines that Beck and Quot a dlr and t a the recent had publicity. Any injury to organist labor it a a Quot a it is difficult to predict the Long an injury to your a is which he recommended to Range effect this publicity will have speaking about the ethics of la Quot. A Quot vestment. On labor Quot he taut. Bor and recent corrupt on a solos. J Lue ,.re,"rm, a the Quot suspicions Quot that All was ores Hayes sad that Union Lead cd Buck 5 breach of Trust right with the teamsters Union ers Are judged differently than transaction there is led to the investigation by his com leaders in other Fields ? possibility the letter he wrote Mittee Hayes . Ali right for a for Wou a come wll Hin the Fader to if i j a 8 business Iai statute Banning use of the the Union officials under in executive to own a Cadillac but if mails t0 defraud a Raymond tossed Vest Galion arc now in recess Tea labor official has one. Its Pri his school Satchel on the Kitchen answer the Bill of particulars is a Facie evidence of guilt a income tax charge table and ran out to play with sued by the ethical practices com Saul there a a a inia 1 of in a so he re ought the in Soma of his Fly Brothers and Mittee last week. They will face on Mifton in Fth no mfr truth a the. 1k eternal Revenue service and the Hayes committee again May 25. Against he e Tei would be in 30 hour week verse arbitration decisions an listed in of 0whether speaking of the policy of labor courts have been influenced reported and paid income haves too a tax on Quot a pro it in is Deal As Mother s Day card last one for 1st grader Detroit Ipp Little 6-yer-old Sisters and neighbourhood pal that was thursday and As Many a first grader before him Raymond forgot to take something a real important Quot from a Well As other financial transact a i feel Industry should reduce to he jabbed hard at news Nan is m.n9 assorted and Book a 30 hour work to combat Unco and other tired a that Havo a Sag us Quot -.br0a.8-ht Quot the test Man Little damage resulting from the rain was reported. A Dubuque blamed poor visibility caused by the rain for his planets cracking up As it landed Lages. Azores pm a a s police mrs. Davis told them kc97 Tanker plane exploded at thing. Raymond had been saving its findings arid conclusions and deaths in Flash floods for the Day. Earlier mrs. Monroe Miller 66 she left one Burner lighted on an the Airfield Here saturday while it for sunday. It was a Sheet of possible recommendations to the Elmer Oil stove when she left the House taking off. The Crew of jumped out safely. One suffered in the school b,9. Employment. I believe that Day Gera cd and a Mead the Quot Amre Mertva he of Quot Wadiha in Friday raymonds Mother will come. Ican Public into believing that. A Nate Oie suing mrs. Bertha pod Czervinski he noted that the ethical Brae Trade unions Are corrupt a that cd my Page a ments for the year found that a real important Quot tires committee makes a report of hoodlums typify Trade unions. Sister in Law of maj. Gen Adler re of san Antonio was briefly to go to a nearby . Union officials Are corrupt seven drawing paper decorated with a Al Cio Council but those people he Hajj f a Mcclellan testimony now the v sealed and further testimony a Well Over 90 per cent of Trade in he record has Clear a re v. Pm s a. Drowned when she was swept she was aware that if was a broken leg. Fri la it at Vernoon at the Nin Cipal Highway along with five her children who had died until Halfway along the runway one sunday forecast women in an automobile near Del police took her to Bridgeport engine stopped the undercarriage the Weatherman calmly pre Rio on the Rio Grande. Hospital to View the children who collapsed and the Crew jumped dieted warmer temperature read hailstones measuring up to five had been taken out of the third out Only a minute before the logs for sunday with the. High in it s in diameter bounced on floor. Plane explode Between 60 and 65 and cloudiness Langtry Tex., about 60 Miles when her husband Martin a another kl9t plane lost three for most of the Day there is Northwest of Del Rio. The window Rived at the scene and Learned engines on a flight thursday and out to play there was a screech a a chances of showers again smashing stones were whisked that his children were dead he had to ditch in the Atlantic off of brakes in front of his Home sunday night and monday about by 50 m p h winds. Torna became so hysterical he had to the azores. The seven Crew mein then a sickening thud. A car had. A a does were spotted near Bronte be admitted to the Hospital As a hers were picked up by a Tanker hit him. He was dead on arrival 455 Tex. Patient. And Are being taken to Gibraltar. At a Hospital. Cray Ned Flower and crudely formed letters that a my dear Darling Mother god mad All mothers As Good and As kind As can be. But when god chose mothers god gave the sweetest Mother to shortly after Raymond went Airport. Harold e Rucks main st., the Pilot his vision was blocked by rain and fog just As the wheels touched the runway. He he was unable to keep the plane a Piper lined up along the runway and it flipped Over on its Back just off the runway. He was unhurt but his plane received More than 32,000 Worth of damage in the Wing Section nose gear and propeller it was a practically new plane and was to be Worth $8,000. The soaking rain also loosened rocks and Earth at a Quarry off Valeria Street Friday night. Officials barricaded the thoroughfare but workmen cleared the mess Early saturday. A few cases of damage to Macadam Street on the outskirts of the City were reported by the Street department. Damage was considered serious. Small rivulets were washed into the grounds of some housing developments. The weather Bureau because of the rain soaking into the Earth it will have no appreciable effect on the Mississippi River. Total Dubuque rainfall for 1957 up to saturday is 7.54 inches 1.46 inches above Normal. The Mercury dipped to the near freezing Mark in some areas of Iowa Early saturday. Spencer recorded the state Low of 33 de degrees while Sioux City reported 51 Mcgregor had one Inch of moisture Friday night. Apple blossoms signal arrival of Spring he is from Milwaukee originally a ii and he hoped Tho Milwaukee c c build i Fici braves would win the Pennant this Hope that a the Onty prejudice damaged by Fife i have a he concluded with a smile Dors assistant Secretary of chamber. The ingredients tor a spin it it me picture an Apple Orchard in toe first few weeks in May a Bright be Low Sun and of course a pretty girl humming a will be with you in Appl Blossom stir with a warm Spring Breeze at 72 de Grees picture will be be dont when the perfume Laden air renders the photographer unconscious of his deadline. The girl is Judy Hageman of Strawberry Point at the True fruit farm. Telegraph Herald photo charged with have a also will reveal that Beck has Opportunity to Apo por be torn the �?oi1lf?.k�?~ i wholly breached hts Trust in the. Council before any action is taken. I a .r,1p.,. R u. Ica position he holds As president of in Dubuque to speak at the state l i1�,? s the Ltd Quot a a Lional teamsters i n convention of Iowa Council of May a Quot non a a Quot a j Man Al in and As trustee of its u ii j together wrongdoing and unethical cd insists Hayes answered every sad showed that Beck question reporters asked. Had used a a the position and the tremendous Power reposed in him to further the financial gain and profit of himself and his family and certain friends he desired to accumulation of Oil from t h e Robert f. Kennedy the corned line of a water Heater Init Imi Ltee counsel that when Nau hearings Are resumed monday de by a spark from the machine s a a. Afternoon the witnesses will be starter mechanism was blamed r0y Fruehauf president of the for a fire saturday afternoon at Fruehauf trailer co., Detroit the Dubuque chamber of com and a. M. Burke who has charge Merce according to Frank Saun of the ni�rt8asc loan department of the Occidental insurance Colos Angeles. ,. I the committee is going to in the fire spread through the quire into whether Beck attempt area near the Burner. However de to gain a financial favors from the Only fire damage reported was both companies Kennedy . The destruction of part of the referring to the insurance firm i flooring. Smoke and soot filled the a Cannody the testimony would six doors of Tho building. Deal who a Quot per a Quot it a ,. Tio ship with it after the Western fire Headquarters received the conference of teamsters placed Call at 3 09 . Engine 1-3 and jts insurance and welfare and pen truck i answered the s10n funds with to we Are interested in certain requests that Beck made on the insurance company a Kennedy . Insurance fund the committee has received testimony that Occidental agreed to Purchase $50,000 Worth of mortgages a month in Seattle through a firm in which Becky a Niece s husband had a one third interest a an interest acquired with Money obtained from Beck. The committee also has received testimony that Beck loaned 11 a million dollars in teamsters funds to Fruehauf when the trailer company president faced loss of control of his firm unless he got More capital. Where to find it pages comics. 27 crossword. 27 deaths 40 editorials. Ohi. 29-30 31-32 markets. 9 movie news. 7 news of record 40 out on route one. 39 radio programs. 29 society. 15 to 20 sports 23 to 27 Story. 32 sunday in the churches 33 to tabloid 37-38 weather 8

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