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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Dubuque, Iowa Weather Cloudy. Page 37. Index action line. 24 astrology. 36 classified .39-47 economy.48-50 editorial. 4 Home Garden. 51 horizons .13-17 news of record. 9 obituaries. 37 sports .27-31 or. Steincrohn. 22 digest Dubuque s a of yellow cab co. Requests a fare increase and permission to change its operational procedures to meet spiralling gasoline 9. The principal of Wahlert High school says that More than 800 Wahlert students would Benefit directly from passage of a private school busing Bill pending in the Iowa 35. An inmate at the Iowa reformatory at Anamosa is preoccupied with time in More ways than one he a become a clock maker during his eight months behind $2. Two Northeast Iowa families one from Maquoketa and the other from Decorah Are in the running to be named the a american music family of the Page 52. A Telegraph Herald Survey indicates that Many Northeast Iowa sheriffs Are cutting Down on the number of concealed weapon permits they 24. A retired minister living in Hanover us who was a student of Robert Frost reminisces about the late poet whose Centennial birthday Celebration was last 34. The new British government appears ready to write off the concorde supersonic Airliner As one of the costliest commercial flops in history. Page 12. Close up pictures of Mercury show the planet to be Moo like dry and rugged and so inhospitable that chances of it supporting life seem virtually 26. Wisconsin senators disappoint women a libbers and assemblymen walk out on gov. Patrick Luceyk a budget review As the legislature adjourns amidst much unfinished business Page 19. For the father of a Kent state student slain nearly four years ago during an anti War demonstration the indictment of eight National guardsman ordered to the Campus is a a mixture of sorrow and Page 38. The most damaging government witness at the Mitchell stans trial admits he lied under oath five times before the trial began. Page 7. Rain stops falling in Many of brazils nine flood stricken states but a dam Breaks and panic spreads in Boque Irao. An estimated 1,000 persons Are 3. The Illinois supreme court upholds the right of local governments to License and regulate 30 trades and professions ranging from real estate brokers to 36. Dead hero a Amos Brown 18, got involved in somebody else a trouble and for his Effort gave his life. Story Page 6. Ray Rcpt i pie in 4 a i h in a a j Dale Jacobsen 15, launches a Kite from Windmill on parents farm off Fremont Are., Dubuque. Telegraph Herald i St the year no. 67 8 sections 106 pages Dubuque Iowa and East Dubuque Illinois sunday March 31, 1974 30 cents . Energy push second guessed Washington apr a private two year study of Energy policy sharply criticizes the Nixon administration la current drive to develop Energy resources at top Speed in a preliminary report saturday the Ford foundation s Energy policy project said the h a late a l stories pages Roll government should consider seriously an alternative policy of slowing or halting the growth of Energy demand the report said most of the nation s remaining Fossil fuels Are in fact owned by the Public and their management by the Federal government can shape the nations Energy future but it said the existing system was designed to encourage resource development and works against considering other options a to our minds the report said a the most fundamental Choice is a sense of direction about growth in Energy it said the historic growth of Energy demand about 3.4 per cent a year could be continued through this Century with All out development of All of the nation s Energy resources including Oil natural Gas Coal Oil shale geothermal Energy and atomic Energy but it said this growth rate could instead. Be Cut in half by an All out Effort to save Energy through better use of it with no loss of advantages it said this policy would require full development of Only one major Energy resource. The growth rate could even be slowed and halted the report said leveling off slightly higher than at present a High enough to maintain present living standards and to increase those of the poor. Quot the Federal government is in a unique position to shape the future patterns of National Energy policy through control of publicly owned Energy resources a the report said dissenting with part of the report the Edison electric Institute said Quot Zero Energy growth does not appear to be a viable a prose a the association for the nation s investor owned electric Utility companies added that a in any responsible scenario on Energy the nuclear option must have an important place a the report raised the possibility of creating a government Energy corporation to develop Public resources itself instead of leasing them to private businesses. Such a proposal has already been made in Congress but is opposed by the administration and by the Energy industries Henry Kissinger marries new York socialite honeymoon in Acapulco Washington a Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger who cultivated a a swinger a reputation by dating Beautiful actresses was married saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy Maginnes a tall blonde foreign policy researcher and his most constant female companion. The marriage evidently had been tentatively set and called off several times since last december the judge Francis e. Thomas jr., told a reporter that he finally got a Telephone Call at 4 Friday and was told a it looks like a Green Light Quot but it was not until an hour before the wedding that he was told the couple he was to marry in his Law office were Kissinger and miss Maginnes Quot but i had surmised it a he said Kissinger spent the morning at the state department conferring with Moshe Dayan the israeli defense minister he had said he was going to Acapulco on vacation saturday afternoon but made no mention of the marriage when a reporter asked him saturday if he were seeing anyone else before taking off Kissinger simply smiled As the elevator door closed in front of him when a reporter asked him on the flight Home from Moscow if he was getting married this weekend Kissinger grinned and said the 12 newsmen did t believe him. The ceremony was performed at about 2 30 . And Kissinger and his wife left directly afterwards for National Airport where they boarded a private air plane for a 10-Day honeymoon in a rented House in Acapulco Mexico the first vacation the Globe trotting Kissinger has taken in a year Kissinger 50, and miss Maginnes 39, met about eight years ago when they were brith working for former gov Nelson a Rockefeller of new York she currently supervises International studies with Rockefeller s commission on critical choices five relatives and friends As Well As Kissinger s two children Elizabeth 15, and David 12, were present Kissinger is a jew and his wife an Episcopalian his first marriage ended in a divorce miss Maginnes a new York socialite was in Washington Over the Christmas holidays giving Rise to rumours that she and Kissinger were about to be married but he said frequently that he was too Busy in his Job to consider marriage she says she met Howard Hughes by Jack Brimeyer the staff writer Decorah la. A if a Luther College senior named Valerie Nudd Ever came face to face with a billionaire Recluse named Howard Hughes few would believe it. Even Valerie found it hard to believe Quot my heart was going pretty fast. I was so nervous i was just shaking Quot it was All Over in about three minutes Quot Valerie said of her stroll with a Man she knows was Hughes in the Garden of his super posh new hotel the Xanadu Princess on the grand Bahama Island the 13-Story hotel billed As the most luxurious place in the Bahamas is reputed to be Hughes latest personal residence. The top two floors Are reserved for Hughes whose presence attracts a Fleet of Security men a condoning of the Penthouse and a wave of rumours All those conditions existed during Valerie a recent visit to Xanadu she said in an interview last week. But a hotel official said in a Telephone interview that Valerie is mistaken. A Howard Hughes Here of no no no. Of my god no Quot he said. He said the last time word got exit that Hughes was at the Xanadu Princess the place was swarmed by reporters Ami photographers. Quot that a baloney sir Don t worry about it. That a big baloney a said the manager of Hughes hotel Valene however understands what the Hughes people will do to protect their Bossy privacy and she respects it. It was semester break at Luther and she Hughes 57 photo Valerie Nudd she thought he might be lonely was spending six Days at the hotel with her parents or and mrs. David e Nudd of la Crosse wis. Her dad is a vice president of Gateway foods inc., which was having a retail sales convention there on tuesday March 19, she took a piece of yellow hotel stationery and wrote to Howard Hughes a everybody seemed to know he was there and never came out. I thought he might be lonely a she said. As she remembers the invitation went like this Quot dear or. Hughes in a part of the Gateway group Here from la Crosse wis. We re having such an enjoyable time Here that i wanted to express my gratitude by inviting you to a cocktail party at my parents suite room 610 i do Hope you can make it. Sincerely Valene Nudd student of Luther College Decorah. Iowa a she said she added that parenthetical phrase to give Hughes an idea of her age. 22 Valerie gave the invitation to the Gateway group guide who turned it Over to the hotel manager who sent it to the Penthouse. Hughes did not respond to the invitation he did not come to the wednesday cocktail party then on thursday evening she was dancing with her father on the hotel Patio. Quot. And this big Security Man came up and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if i w As miss Valene he said will you please come with me there s a gentleman who wishes to speak with you a a she followed him off the Patio Ami into a Garden. A and behind this hedge was this elderly Man he looked like in his 70s. And he had in his hands my invitation. Quot and a he said a you re miss Valerie no .,.?�?T he pronounce my name. I said in a Valerie Nudd a Quot he said i just wanted to thank you for inviting me to your cocktail party and wanted to let you know that i done to usually come out and do this sort of thing a Quot and i said a or. Hughes i understand. I respect your a a Valerie who stands 5-feet, 34-inches, had to look up to the tall Many a face. Quot he seemed like a very Nice Man. He was soft spoken and had a gentle face a she said. They paced the Garden and talked Quot a i thought you might be a Little lonely up there so i thought i d invite you a i said and he had a smile on his face then a the said. A i understand you go to Luther College. In a Well acquainted with the i said it s just a Little College in Iowa a and he goes yes Well it s a ver it Fine school a a a they exchanged some More w ords and then parted. A the walked away rather slowly and stood off to the Corner Quot Valerie said. Quot he stood there and watched me As everybody came around they had stopped dancing because they figured it was or Hughes a the just sort of watched and then i waved to him and he walked it was after Sunset but the Man was wearing sunglasses. He wore a White captains hat Maroon shirt and White pants his hair was full some hotel workers later told members of Valenec a party that Hughes commonly meets with guests like that. But the hotels official version remains that Hughes was not there and that her invitation could not have been delivered since All mail addressed to Hughes including a recent birthday greeting from j Paul Getty a Are thrown out or returned unopened if they Are saying that to protect his privacy then they need not worry about Valerie because she has her own misgivings Quot i am really feeling guilty about this because he wants his privacy and i want to respect that too a she said. Sim will always believe that she talked with Howard Hughes a Quot and my Elbow brushed against him a and the rest can believe what they want

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