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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Dubuque, Iowa 5 per cent an additional was making a test flight Sono f Iowa newspaper i Litisher one of the victims Adir the a at least to pro killed including two of dutch airlines when a rued 33-passenger air signed to operate through stratosphere plunged join Here saturday during test flight. Ain the victims were the As Kant general manager of the Roy putt i airlines and a half dozen american aviation experts. Broke in three parts huge Boeing Airliner broke parts and crashed with a t still fighting his Conand passengers in flight Poall aboard were killed in tie it and Peter Guilonard assistant manager of Royal dutch air planes and Leader of an air Mission to the United states. A g. Von Baumhauer Engineer for the Netherlands state a worthiness Board and second member of the Mission. Juius Barr Boeing test Pilot and former personal Pilot for Madame Chaing Kai Shek. Ean a. Ferguson Boeing test Pilot. Raph a. Cram. Boeing aerodynamics expert a native of Davenport la. John Kylstra Boeing chief Engineer. William Doyle Boeing test Pilot. Harry c. West jr., Boeing Foreman. Harlan Hull chief test Pilot for transcontinental and Western air. Ben Pearson Boeing sales representative. Presence of the dutch Mission a i the plane was not explain i by Boeing officials although a t it it it Aid themen wer consid a a Purchase of the a str Atolinery or a sister ship. First ship built the $500,000 liner was the first of a contemplated Fleet of four in planes under construction by tho p. My company in Seattle. It had been undergoing tests at Low alludes near Seattle for several Davs air Speed indicators were jammed a 200 Miles an hour when iks of this Little Mountain t in reached the wreckage. Aith cd the ship carried about 3,000 Gallons of gasoline there was no a Barr at the controls had off ignition switches before the plane hit. Outer left motor fell on a victim and son in Auto crash mrs. Dorans nazi imports injuries in face penalty crash fatal after . 22 injuries received in an automobile Accident Friday morning near North Liberty la., proved fatal Friday night to mrs. Hilda Blickman Doran 48. Fat right above wife of Walter g. Doran 922 Center place. Pictured with mrs. Doran is her 10-year-old son Arthur who escaped injury in the same Accident. Meanwhile condition of mrs. Ben j. Triller 1311 Atlantic Street sister of mrs. , remained critical. Injured in the same Accident she is now in the state University Hospital at Iowa City. I .p.,. A. A -a.-.------it-. . in minium Sisters condition is still critical in Iowa City nazis scorn British deputies give and French protests 0m�?zer y0t Call ambassador a lome q0f say denunciations 25 per cent Tariff to Lack le8al and Cut Commerce to minimum inquest galled Bryant Fulton in Auto death work to Start the h ump 1,000 Yards from where plane landed about 200 Yards the Tacoma mount Rainier Highway. Wing torn off the left Wing broke off about k from the fuselage and be tween to Wing motors be Section landed about 200 a and another about 500 Yards fro the plane. Bits of wreckage from the Tail were scattered Over 8 i a mile area and Many were e in <1 by souvenir Hunters to plane landed flatly and the ius were at flight stations a hmm ghost the ship with Pilot Barr body still at the controls. U n sos said the plane appear f a suddenly out of the Clouds and m the sound of its motors died Down momentarily. To motors then seemed to t h i a and Piane began a i -. Azy spin earthward. The to ohly apparently broke a during the fall. It struck in a no Ravine in logged off land woman sees crash rave led toward the Earth at dons said mrs. L. W of Lagrande. A there was optionally loud noise not explosion hut More like a mrs. Hilda Blickman Doran 48, wife of Walter g. Doran. 922 Center place died in the state University Hospital at Iowa City Friday night of injuries suffered Friday morning when an automobile driven by her sister mrs. Ben j. Triller 1311 Atlantic Street turned Over on a Highway near North Liberty la. Mrs. Triller was reported saturday in a critical condition at the same Hospital from injuries suffered in the Accident but her physician said there had been a slight improvement in her condition. Son not injured mrs. Doran s son Arthur to was also a passenger in the car but was not injured. Mrs. Thrillers physician said saturday afternoon that because of the Many painful injuries she had received it had not been possible to make a Complete a Ray examination to determine the exact extent of her injuries. The physician said that her condition indicated the possibility that she had suffered a Skull fracture a fracture of her Collarbone and Chest injuries hut that these could not be definitely determined until Xiv examinations could be made. It was reported that a preliminary x Ray examination had revealed the absence of abdominal injuries. She was said to be still a suffering greatly trop Hork. Funeral monday afternoon the body of mr3. Doran was returned to Dubuque saturday morning and taken to the Egelhof Home for funerals where funeral services will be held monday afternoon at 2 of clock. Christian science services will be conducted and i burial will be in Linwood Ceme Mathias Zehentner killed contracts Okeed Lincoln to the Accident occurred Friday morning while the two women and the Doran boy were in route to Iowa City to visit mrs. Thrillers daughter miss Margaret Triller a student at the University. As they were driving near North Liberty mrs. Triller found it necessary to suddenly swerve the car to avoid a head on collision with a car approaching from the other direction and according to reports from the sheriffs office at Iowa City she lost control of the car which left the Highway rolled Over several times and plunged through a Fence into a Field. The two women and the boy were thrown out of the car As it rolled Over. Died at 10 20 of clock they were taken to the state University Hospital where met. Doran was found to be suffering from a Skull fracture and other injuries. She died at 10 20 of clock Friday night. The husbands of the two women Walter Doran traffic manager of the Carr Collier and Adams company and Ben Triller head of the contract department of the Farley and Loetscher manufacturing company were notified shortly after the Accident and left for Iowa City immediately. Mrs. Doran a daughter of the late John a. And Louise Blickman was born in Dubuque oct. 15, 1890, and had lived of her life Here. She was a member of the Christian science Church. Surviving with her husband Are her sons Charles and Arthur her sister mrs. Triller and her brother j. A. Blickman jr., of Dubuque. Moral basis Washington a the United states saturday imposed severe restrictions on German Trade by proclaiming a conditional 25 per cent penalty Tariff on imports of nazi goods after april 22. The action followed swiftly after announcement by acting Secretary of state Sumner Welles that the United states will Send a note to Germany which is expected to reiterate official Abhorrence of nazi absorption of Czechoslovakia and refusal by the United states to Grant diplomatic recognition of the change. Drastic reduction the new duties Are expected to curtail the flow of German products to the United states to a thin trickle. They were imposed on top of the High a Black list duties to which German products already Are subject. Treasury announcement of the action attributed it to subsidies employed by the German government to Aid importers in a a dumping commodities abroad. However the timing of the action left no doubt that in part at least it was a direct result of official indignation at Reich fuehrer Adolf hitlers seizure of Czechoslovakia. The Treasury said it would apply the 25 per cent penalty duty to German goods entering this country. It will then investigate each shipment to determine whether it berlins a a Germany saturday night promptly rejected British and French denunciations of her Conquest of Czechoslovakia declaring they a lacked every split ical Legal and moral at the same time Chancellor Hitler called Home his ambassador to London Herbert von Dirksen a to make a report a reciprocating action taken by Britain Friday in calling her Berlin envoy Back to London. France following Britain s Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home a to the government announced that its rejection of the British and French denunciations had been delivered to the British and French ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes charging that Germany a course in Czechoslovakia was illegal and a violation of the Munich agreement. These developments occurred As reports of consternation came from european states within Arm s reach of the expanding nazi Empire. The foreign office watched the gathering Cloud of criticism emergency measures to be taken by both nations Herbert von Dirksen 9 German ambassador at London called Home by Hitler. Paris a Premier Daladier determined to match Chancellor Hitler and Premier Mussolini at their own game of fast secret action seemed sure saturday night of becoming Over the week end virtual dictator of France. His policy to Cope with Germany s sudden absorption of Czechoslovakia won decisive victories in three test votes in the chamber of deputies. This apparently assured him of final Victory in the chamber saturday night and the Senate sunday. These Swift developments came during the Day with Britain Daladier in a Denun Chatory note to Berlin declared the Reich had violated the Munich agreement by absorption of Bohemia and Moravia. Emergency session Daladier prepared members of parliament said to ask an Erner gency Cabinet session which he called for sunday to approve de Grees calling specialists from a when hit by car reopening is delayed an inquest will be held within the next few Days into the death of Mathias Zehetner 67, Peru Road fatally injured late Friday Light when while walking across the Highway in front of his Home next few Days it was announced a it and i Terri some that four Anc. Is terrible to stand there tech it fall. The noise was even though we were stance Stra Toliner was the first lined transport designed slipped with Cabins and Factor High Altitude operation 11 feet or higher above storms re Earth a surface. Commodare 33 persons As to carry 33 passengers 0 or 25 in luxurious night a him nations with a Crew or four i and had a capacity of two f mail and air express. To plane was the first of to built. It had a Wing Span to of actual construction work on the Bryant and Fulton schools contracts for which were let recently by the Board of education is expected to be started within the of be feet a length of 74 feet and 3n Overall height of 17 feet three inches. Of its innovations was a a charged Cabin a to provide fingers and Crew with a sea air pressure while flying Book for seven on pall he was struck by an automobile driven by miss Ruth Cushing 30, also living on the Peru Road. Or. C. C. Coady county Coroner announced that an inquest Tould be held hut said the exact Day and time had not yet been determined. This announcement we As made after an autopsy had been conducted on the body of or. Zehentner. Died in ambulance or. Zehetner father of Joseph Zehentner proprietor of the Zehentner fruit company died in the City ambulance while being taken to a Hospital following the Accident. Or. Coady announced that the autopsy had revealed that or. Zehentner a death had been caused by a ruptured liver and internal Haemorrhages. The victim of the Accident employed As a watchman at the Brunswick Industrial Block and operator of a Small truck Garden was Enro Ute to his Home from the City and had been walking on the South Side of the Road officials were told. It was reported to them that he had started across the Road to his Home on the North Side when he was struck. Statement verified sheriff l. J. Eisbach said that miss Cushing made a futile Effort to swerve out of the Way of the Man. She told the sheriff that she had not seen or. Zehentner until he walked directly into the path of her car the sheriff said that tests made of miss Cushing s car saturday verified her statement that she was driving about 30 Miles an hour. The sheriff said she had applied her brakes and that the car had stopped within 22 after halting her car miss Cushing went to or. Zehentner s assistance. He was taken to Mel by Hospital and physicians there pronounced him dead upon arrival. Born in Munich he was Horn feb. 24, 18 it 2, in Munich Germany and had lived in Dubuque since coming to this country 35 years ago. He married miss Louise Haas May 14, 1907, in the holy ghost Church. His wife died nine months ago. He was a member of the holy ghost Parish and of the Catholic order of foresters. Surviving Are his daughters. Mrs. Harold York and mrs. Earl Bisanz Dubuque and his sons. Joseph Dubuque and George Robert and Mathias jr., at Home. The body May be viewed at the Lippert and Behr funeral Home from where the funeral will be held monday morning to the holy saturday following receipt of a Telegram by a. A. Kaufmann. Secretary to the Board from a offices in Omaha approving the contracts involved. At the same time it was announced by superintendent of schools Earl d. Cline that the reopening of the Lincoln school closed for two weeks on account of preliminary work would be delayed from monday until wednesday morning. Lincoln contract not let the Lincoln school is the Only one in the Board s four building program for which a contract has not been let but plans and specifications for this building Are expected to be submitted to the school directors shortly. Closing of the Lincoln school was decided upon two weeks ago when the Hoard contracted for the razing of the old building and the Transfer of the heating Plant from this Structure to a temporary shelter on the school grounds. Weather blamed weather conditions it was explained has delayed the work of moving the heating Plant and for this reason the reopening was delayed. It was explained however that the Annex building at Lin number of military service classes and declared that erasure of the into it Frances armed forces. The returning British envoy. Sir j ,.l0tak Republic was co fond Home of a Libr a Neville Henderson took a train legally. A to get a personal confidential saturday to London to report on i persons close to the German for j report on w hat the next Berlin developments in Central Europe. Eign office said conditions in Che Rome Axil move might be. Part in London it was said von j Cho Slovakia which led to the Dis j to Saatch Britain a action of Dirksen ambassador to Britain j appearance of the Republic could 0f Friday in calling her Berlin since last april i was expected i not be represented by France and j envoy Home. To leave sunday. In addition to re a Britain As illegal interference on informs other nations porting on Britain a reaction to the part of Germany. J he ordered foreign minister was subsidized and. If so thee Ian 8 in Aston of Czecho so these commentators added that i Bonnet and foreign office experts amount of subsidy. The duty then a a Sala the it non it Pool British a a interference in the affairs to inform Rumania. Soviet rus wiil be corrected to conform to the 1 a y. Phi. As i on pages Tine where Britain rules Sia. Yugoslavia and Poland of the subsidy. It the subsidy is greater i Hep n the House of commons under a mandate would be watched Freud by note to Berlin Aud of his thursday i with greatest interest by Germany new plan to move As fast As the meanwhile Hitler put Germany a j stator both at Home and abroad. Sources close to Daladier said charge will be assessed. If less than 25 per cent or if no subsidy was paid a refund will be made. One third subsidy the action was based on an opinion by attorney general Frank Murphy w hich had been requested by the Treasury last nov. 28. The opinion As Given out by the Treasury was dated saturday. Murphy said he had found that this incident was the de scrip. Lion of Hitler by Alfred Duff Coop i authority Over her new Bohemian or former first lord of Quot he . Moravian protectorate in the dip a a emergency Cabinet sea a �?�5. 7 5j Loma tir hands of Baron Konstan-1 so b called for sunday would de von Neurath the officials a Quot France and Britain Circle Iii Bondon resented diesel heated they attached primary in dry that the speaker of the House penance to United states and Brit Honnef received Georze tata. Made no objection to the remark Teh condemnation of toe seizure of co the a Unanian ambassador. They expected toe nazi govern j Czechoslovakia. Who was reported to have brought men to protest against it von Neurath. President of the a request from King Carol for in with Adolf Hitler on his ways nazi secret Cabinet Council and i formation As to what Britain and in the Case of barter arrangements Home from Vienna and the Pace of former foreign minister was named France planned to do th��0tw��?zuf,ht.,h=l. 7, is Drang Nach Osten March to the Reichs protector of the 7.iwio,Doti in at Home Daladier put experts in re was a net subsidy of 33 1-3 East quickening at the threshold habitats of Bohemia Moravia be of ministries to work on Meu per cent on the goods sent to the j of rumanian Oil and wheat Fields fore Hitler left Vienna for Home aures which he had planned for look for in Keb my Pas two nazis press Rumania to close Trade Deal Bucharest a Rumania con Coln in which the pupils of the school will he housed pending completion of the new building will have heat monday but that it will take at least two Days in which to heat the building properly. The work of razing the old building at Lincoln progressed rapidly during the last week and is expected to be completed within a comparatively Short time. Only a portion of the Walls the first floor and the smoke stack remain in place. Incidentally a feature of this particular part of the work is sex look for six on Page 21. Life Saver respiration machine aids stricken child morn. It has Rich vineyards orca fronted with Germany a new eastward thrust is giving urgent consideration to her dangerous Posi cards and Forest lands Tion. In 1937, Rumania was the King Carol meeting with the worlds sixth largest producer of Crown Council and general staff in i Oil behind Only the United states Council meets next thursday electric rate ordinance May be adopted ghost Church where a mass of requiem will be read at 9 of clock. Burial will be in mount Calvary cemetery. City manager a. A. Rhom bergs electric rate ordinance which would reduce Dubuque a annual Bill for electricity by approximately $275,000, May come before the City Council for final adoption at a special meeting scheduled for thursday night. The ordinance passed first and second readings at a Council meeting wednesday night. Under the state Law it is required that the ordinance remain on file with the City clerk for one week for Public inspection before it can be finally adopted. Des Moines la.�?a the Quick action of a neighbor and the prompt use of a new City fire department respiration machine was credited saturday Wilh saving the life of a 15-months-old child seized w Ith convulsions. The baby Helen Darlene daughter of or. And mrs. J. G. Cooper was kept alive by mrs. Leland Atkinson a neighbor who administered artificial respiration until the fire department arrived. The new machine was one of two recently purchased by the City. U. S. In Exchange. The bartering Berlin officialdom stood its ground was carried out through complicated transactions which he said were under control of the German government. Therefore he recommended that the Treasury put into effect the countervailing duties provided for in the Tariff Law in cases when it is found that a foreign country is subsidizing shipments to this country. Note to Germany other developments saturday on the u. front 1. Welles announcement that a note would be sent Germany probably to be made Public next week. It was believed this note w Ould set Forth in Plain terms the United states attitude toward hitlers latest coup following the lines of yesterdays Public statement denouncing Germany so Wanton 2. Statement by sen. Elbert d. Thomas. A. Utah member of the Senate foreign relations committee that he will introduce legislation monday to repatriate former american citizens now resident in Czechoslovakia in an Effort Quot to Stem in a measure suicides resulting from German Trade Falls off the value of exports to Germany last year was $107,000,000 compared with $125,000,000 the year before and $364,000,000 in 1926. I buyer of United stated Acolon South african officials Copper and lard but in recent years has slashed drastically its imports of most such major purchases in the United states in an Effort to bring its Trade with this country nearer a Balanc emt has turned to South America re or More of its needs. The United states has objected to Germany a Trade methods in the past and some years ago enforced countervailing duties against Many kinds of Reich goods. Later they were lifted. Months although he lacked the Power to put them into Force. Busiest were the defense ministers army Navy and air. To buy War stocks they whipped together plans for buying War stocks a production schedule for War industries and military orders calling Addi _ i tonal specialists into the army.,. To control such measures. Nation is tilled soil producing Pri there we resistance inside Manly wheat Rye. Barley Oats and j France to Daladier a Strong Many a lengthy session during the night discussed rumanian a relations with Germany from both Trade and military angles. Germany is negotiating for More of rumanian a Trade. In London a spokesman of the rumanian legation said his government had received and rejected sweeping demands by Germany for Complete economic cooperation As the Price of guarantees of rumanian a territorial integrity. The demands were described As being virtually of ultimatum character Rumania Rich in Oil and wheat would be a Rich addition to Germany a economic sphere of influence. Almost half of the surface of the program but it was the resistance of a minority. The general confederation of labor called an extraordinary meeting of its administrative Coan soviet Russia Venezuela loan cil to fight Premier Daladier a die and the Netherlands. J tutorship demands but the pre Fer mines also yield Salt Lig-1 Mier had stripped organized la Nite Iron Copper Pyrites and Zinc Bor of much of its former Power and an important by product of i by breaking its big general strike her Oil Wells in natural Gas. Of last november. Principal rumanian industries Daladier won his first chamber Are flour milling brewing and Dis j vote 334 to 258, on a rightist to tilling. 1 Tion that the chamber refuse to Rumania which already Sells j discuss Daladier a decree demands most of its exports to Germany a second vote on an opposition and buys Moat of its imports from motion he be fuss he a do cry a a a Germany steadily has been loom Power he won 316 to 2�2. And the my larger As an objective of Ger third on a motion t0 umut la Ltd mail foreign policy. Powers. 228 to 254. Besides its resources. Rumania , decree l.a.s_.9 a 5c importance to Ger wow a Jap he govern pal Many As a geographic outpost of the soviet russian Ukraine which Adolf Hitler has said would be a took for two on Page two to Rule France eliminating its responsibility to parliament until nor. 30 of this year. Warmer sunday Here promised by Bureau warmer weather has been promised Dubuqu ers for sunday weather observers said that the Low Reading sunday morning would be considerable higher than that of Friday and predicted a Low of close to 18 degrees. Rising temperatures w Ere promised throughout the Day. They also said that there would be increasing cloudiness during the Day. Reject German immigrants Pretoria South Africa a key Points throughout South Africa were heavily guarded saturday after the government had refused to allow a shipload of Gere Man immigrants to disembark. Urgent orders were issued mobilizing South african police reserves including europeans. Asi experts said that the unofficial antics and africans Boycott of German goods particu-1 units of the South african air Early among jewish buyers also i Force were held in readiness to has affected the Trade of the two proceed to Southwest Africa. Ger nations. Weather Outlook Chicago a a w Eather Outlook for the period March 20 to 25 upper Mississippi and lower Missouri valleys and the Northern and Central great Plains not much precipitation indicated temperatures mostly near or above Normal. Many a former Colony where it was feared a state of emergency might arise. Coy. I. P. De Villiers police commissioner told the press that a your purpose is to Deal with any local repercussions from the International the government apparently acted chiefly because of a German protest against restrictions on the immigration of germans into the mandated territory. Gen. J. B. M. Herzog prime minister of South Africa disclosed before the Assembly at Cape town j special Cabinet session London put a the British Cabinet saturday night considered a j new a stand firm policy in the j Light of Germany s absorption of i Czechoslovakia with the danger of a nazi thrust at Rumania be Friday that the German govern j eved t0 be tech a subject of ment had made representations i 8slon asking a More a a sympathetic Adt a emergency session for ministration of administration Laws prime minister Chamberlain under the alien act. Germany a i astr Nefi Back from Birmingham legend that the act was being a �?~a8tpd hours and 25 minutes. Plied to Southwest Africa in Detri it was the first saturday ses ment to German nationals. Sion of the Cabinet since the sep Herzog said that he would not tember crisis which led to the first reply to the representations until rl8memberment of details which be had re Quested were provided. No statement j. F. Hofmayr. Who resigned As 1 immediate statement was is minister of education in septem i r was understood the Ber said in a luncheon speech Fri Cabinet studied the organization Day that the dictator states of a a european balance of Power Europe regarded South Africa As against Adolf Hillerts new Imperi within the orbit of their activities ails. A recently there have been pen i both Britain and France already pie in South Africa who flirted with had directed their ambassadors in nazism a he said. A i Hope that the i Berlin to deliver formal notes to fact that leaders of Che Cboski it the German government de3cxfb-Vakia, who sought Friendship with lug a a Germany a military action in nazi Germany fared As badly As Czechoslovakia As a without Legal did those who opposed Germany basis and a a Complete repudiation will now Lessen the number of flirt of the Munich agreement Quot ers in South Africa. The special Cabinet meeting Fol a South Africa Jiust play her part Lowed an unusual session of the in resisting the onslaught of the defense ministers and tomorrow authoritarian states look Tor four on Page two. V the weather sunday increasing cloudiness and warmer becoming unsettled. A so sunday morning edition Price 7 cents volume 102 Dubuque Iowa sunday March 19, 1939 number 12�?22 pages Britain France to oppose Hitler 000000 �T�00000k> �0000�00 �T�o00000 �T�000000 Oak Kumh Hook Kwh �T�000000 to persons killed in a str Atolinery plane crash

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