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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Dubuque, Iowa Weather Snow details on Page six Price to cents volume 122 sunday morning edition six sections Dubuque Iowa sunday january 26, 1958 sixty two pages number 21 Pentagon talk overhaul Kennedy to push minimum wage Extension of result Bill would extend Law to 6 million senator compromises recommendations of president and unions new drug May help mentality where there s a will. Washington apr sen. Kennedy a mass said saturday he will push for action this session on his proposal to extend the so an hour minimum wage Law to about six million additional persons. The senator said in an interview he would ask that the labor committee resume its work on the legislation at an Early Date. Vav i j01100 he said he would be ready to my proceed with the minimum wage a a Tia it Ott designed to make Normal people sharper says doctor j. D. Hoblitzell Bill As soon As a labor subcommittee which he Heads completes its report in a Bill to regulate welfare and pension plans. Kennedy a minimum wage pro new York tap a a brain stimulant to make Normal people sharper and help pull Many mentally ill Back to real pity was reported by a Georgia doctor saturday. It May be available by prescription in about three months. The stimulant is Kin to a Chemi Cal called choline found in fishy foods and fish egg preparations like caviar. It was reported by or. Carl c. Pfeiffer 49, a conference of the brain research foundation. Effective against schizophrenics the simulant May also help borderline mental or anxiety cases Charleston. W a. Apr such As disturbed or delinquent West Virginia postal was snarled in the full com John d. Hoblitzell jr., chair children he said Mittee when the 1957 con ression Man of the West Virginia or. Puffer believes the Stimus Al session ended. Stat Republican committee. Was Jiant it called he said at the time that his named by gov. Cecil h. Ender or dmae exists naturally in nor measure was a Compromise be Wood saturday to the is. brains but some mentally ill tween the recommendation of so Creed my att Bew. A Eflyn persons May Lack enough of this president Eisenhower to put an Democrat who died last Satur dmae. Additional 2mi million employees a withdrawn patient under minimum wage Protection appointment of Hoblitzell 45, a he told of one patient who had and an Afl-c10 proposal to sex Ravenswood banker and real is been in a catatonic state for about tend coverage to to million More Tate executive by the Young re three years withdrawn from workers. Publican governor Cut the demo reality. The president recommended cratic Edge in the Senate to 49-47. After four months of treatment Cwr-4 bringing under the minimum hobmzh1 Campaign Mana he patient a Quot Quot proved he suddenly v-ov6 to Cost Wlee Law about two million pm Campaign Mana broke into talk. Continuing from 6 wage my anon two minion pm for Underwood the first re nine a Iii i Neww c Oves of Large department Storesa a.0 clock one evening until 4 o clock . Ii publican to be elected governor of the no a a of inn ring West Virginia since 1932. Union probes to hear Story of brutality big Union leaders had rival beaten of confab president takes first step toward reorganization Washington apr Prest wit ii n in i in Days of old a Damsel faced with this problem could rely on some Gallant Knight for assistance but modern Day american girls must fend for themselves. These two Pittsburgh secretaries do quite Well by hiking their skirts and jumping across a Slushy Snow filled Gutter. The Snow storm which blanketed the East dumped about four inches on Pittsburgh. A photo fax heavy Snow Dent Eisenhower took a per Sonal hand saturday in moves to Quot zionist s to reorganize the defense de torture in an elevator slowly mov ing up and Down May feature the apartment. He paid an unusual Senate Racket committees invest visit to the Pentagon and con ligation of the operating inferred with top civilian and a Meers Union. Military leaders. Its the Story of Theodore Mccarty of Clementon n.j., who there a immediate bipartisan will Tell it to the special Senate App Ause from members of Cong roid investigating evils in the Kress for the president s dramatic labor management Field. Action to Speed a promised Over Robert f. Kennedy the commit Maui of the ions military set teens counsel said Mccarty has up 10 Meef Challenge of int i i told him he was tortured for a top Sian sputnik and missiles. Posing the operation of local 542 it was the first time in his Ava of the Union in Philadelphia a As years in the presidency or. Eisen it was run by officials installed by Hower had gone to the huge de tit fms a president tense Headquarters across the to William e. Maloney. Tomic for a business conference. Kennedy said he expected my he had mad Ltd four other visit for Carty to testify monday when the soc a functions committee resumes its Public Eisenhower conferred for More hearings on the unions affairs than two hours with Secretary of with local 542 under the spot-1 defense Mcelroy and 14 other flight. Civilian and military officials. Union Mon. These included reorganization m Eye up Lon of four advisers whom Mcelroy named years 1.148-5.�?T when it had its own recently. There was no announce selected officers the local has been mint whether any decisions had a run since 1933 by men chosen by been reached. The unions Hierarchy. Among its appointed Bosses has been the con among those sitting in on the evicted labor extortionist and rack conference were Gen. Nathan f. Null Dami my we jct Eor. Joey Fay of new York. Fay Twining chairman of the. Joint Dubuque beating victims a Quot ukr is �?o1 \itwur7 As 500,000 workers in local transit seafaring Telephone hotel taxi cab and construction industries. P t 11rp> Quot Cix a retail stores covered under this plan would be those w Ith too or my. More employees having at least hectic a adv one million dollars of materials j and supplies coming in across state lines in a year. Kennedy said Many of these today the Mient tells doctors simply that he likes this new schedule better than his old one. From use of dmae Twenty inches fall in new York area reopen store this week wednesday. Radford and Gen. Omar Bradley. Kennedy said Mccarty a strap \ White House press Secretary Ping figure of a Man broke Down James c. Hagerty was asked Why and wept for shame when he had Eisenhower had gone to the pen Charles and Ephriam Bradley elderly Dubuque store to admit to committee i Vestiga Wagon instead of having Mcelroy keepers brutally beaten Dee. 29 by two unknown assailants tors that he had been beaten by come to the White House. In a test of Normal men medi Areatne Telof still 1302 Wash nst0fl St st0re sometimes Rcd by s0m<�?~0ne 10 the a a the president said he was Cal students at the University or. The Snow beat covered parts of c31 a a a f Kennedy said the Story is my m Quot his so8 he vent Over there a Pfeiffer reported these results West Virginia Maryland. Pennsyl Ephriam 84, was released from firteyjtosptu1 saturday Cartye a to Tell in full but that the Hagerty said a it was his Vania and new York state. Afternoon after having been Man was a trapped in an elevator Hagerty said this was just one Many said they needed less the Blanket reached a depth of hospitalized almost a a description of the robbers by overpowering numbers and Alf a series of conferences Eisen Pep. Borne said they slept sound 20 inches near Jamestown n. A a i brother Charles 8�?T was it Cha use they were slugged so the elevator kept going up and Hower will have with me Lor Nwoke earlier and More Clear the Snow ranged up to 13 inches 111s or intr paries �2, a quickly they Hdldn Thaye a Chancy desc ending was subjected to tor pri0r to the presidents deep Sion it was a Busy saturday afternoons a for the Dubuque police depart or Nerson already Are receiving $1 to it it it 3s a oved from of a<2�?~ minded. In Erie county at the Northwest released Jan. 9. Person i real it Aje be lunges Dent to another in the a to g she. O Murdes in Len tip o Pennsylvania. State to to see them. Or More an hour so that few would Benefit from the admin a Pery streets. Both Brothers h in Pennsylvania Turnpike a d additional bruises a a a a has move slightly h. Was slugged Phi a a rape of Mccall his face a Quot is a it put .10 not it a i. P Hillist f.r0ra,=rms and body and the Brothers a Sain. L Mas Quot of Cut and braise Ken pm Dent at. La 5 Quot me ? akan a a ? think the assailants a stomped who set said Cha h w he Man a personal interest in the rear Mcelroy decision Tures some of which he termed on defense reorganization. Full u1uu1u1 suffered brain1 Charles regained consciousness unspeakable. He declined to say proved. Lice said roads leading South from concussions Anci broken facial while the robbers were searching where the beating occurred. Mansfield Happy traction plan Between noon and 6 p. In. To they were better Able to con the City of Erie toward Pitts bom its from the beating in the but dared not move for fear he coloured photo san Mansfield of Montana the his own Bill would cover retail ice investigated 13 accidents Only ice nitrate. Burg were in bad shape. Back room of their store. Ephriam Quot of d be killed. When he did Ken nov i played a ,. Assistant , said stores which do at least a million one of which resulted in an injury. The rest was continued with the Pennsylvania Lurn pick was move slight . He was slut , ,. a re he dollars Worth of business in a and that of a minor nature. These results year a definition he said would several of the accidents occurred a 0 a sult n s no 1 think the assailants a stomped Siuw 3aju u1u, 111ivv Lac Nan. _ bring in Many More employees when motorists lost control on the 01 0 Tojin s a to Mph 3 Ephriam As he Lay unconscious. A i thought id better keep quiet looked when he got away from his a Aniz Atlon the Pentagon As he reported greater daytime Energy . J in. N j y indicated he would do in his attentiveness at lectures but some sections in the mountains Only $16 was taken by the Rob or Bey a. Me Barles said. Torturers and made his Way to the state 0f be Union to Tina tar also injured was mrs Donald Gehl greater intolerance of poor Lee of Western Maryland has to inches hers who frantically ransacked uhen or store reopens the Union Hall to denounce those who i. Avaloi a Down Deere Road who re Tures less apprehension. Of Snow on the ground. The store in searching for a sum Brothers will be aided by a sister did it to him before going to a in Mhz re Quot a a int in a Hendre ent . Cei Ved a minor forehead Cut but tw0 Sald hey w re Able to quit five inches of Snow fell at of Money kept by the Bradley to Fri Quot be a a Bra of y of Eph a or he Hosp Tal Kennedy said one of the Al tit secretaries of Desensi it 24 Mill on will a Are Quot to Diffin Quot a a re Quot to. V it t a a a Kayrou checks Charlese Cost Oitim life 5t�?o a Quot Dlo the. A i Una it Man claimed they were More of Sou Hward o he suburbs a neither butter could give to store but Ephriam will require Kennedy us Rcpt text the to we Are Elut Terin no the pent. More care until his recovery is Quiry into local 542 is just a step gon a ians eid said Complete their sister explained toward the committees i Vestiga is a Knowland of California the than the mentation. Eisenhower recon Jice and Slid into parked cars. Covered by the Law and 20 million Are exempt. Train tycoon kills himself Robert Young Dies from Shotgun blast Arl j. Breitbach 1132 Locust st., Fabie and outgoing than before. New York City. Which collided with a car driven. Okay needed i heavy Rains hit a stretch of the by Matthias j. Minter .>33 Lowell or. Pfeiffer said dmae will be Atlantic coast from South Carolina Ranf inn o 11 to st., in the 1700 Block on Central Maje by Riker laboratories los northward into new Jersey. Us Williy a will Avenue. Angeles under the Trade name of Gale warnings were displayed # Breitbach was charged with drive Deaner. It still requires food and along the Shore from Cape hat Nti tocts a Juilfs ing the wrong Way on a one Way drug administration approval. Teras n. C., to Eastport Maine. J Street. The front of both autos re but or. Pfeiffer said this would Snow rain mixture also pelted _ a a a a Cei Ved heavy damage. Be applied for soon. Parts of the Northern Plains and of Urf Hiram Pes Hong it. I Zwingli a working with inmates at the at Mississippi Valley while showers i received a bump on the head and to Federal Penitentiary Doc developed Over the Western Ria was charged with starting a Park j0i s tested the drug. Or. Pfeiffer Cau an As Nib on. Fla. Iffy Hail cd vehicle into traffic As a result said he would like to see a Large a a a Palm Beach. ,. Road tycoon Robert r. Young com of a Dubuque county Auto Accident scale meld trial of the drug netted suicide Here saturday in his saturday. Said dmae also shows Palm Beach Home by shooting him Job sheriff offices said be pro dec Ira other areas naming 2? do Chon had pulled his southbound j will continue expect snowfall Home As crisis thickens Robert Young Ankara Turkey apr Premier Adrian Menderes. Hastened Home saturday from a sudden and secret Mission to firing3 Urta it a a jul lab across the Bridge and slugged him Iraq. His trip thickened an air of crisis surrounding the opening monday of an important Bagdad pact conference Here j reds Don t dig pact a on and the Borders. Other members Are Brit d-.1, j d r u United states will discuss the de Lin and the most a states o tur. Kock Ancl Kou i in the anti communist Alliance of nations along russians Southern tense of the Middle East against k Iran and Pakistan threats and thrusts of soviet com old read report Clither i g h i i Iii e 10 n by Terrence Paul Adams. Chi-1 area. As the toes fingers ear. J Young s head was shot away Cage who was driving South. gone Ellis Are investigating. Turkish Premier hurries body of the 60-year-old Young was found about i p.m., the officers said. They reported no suicide note was immediately discovered nor any motive immediately uncovered. Young loomed As a spectacular figure in the Railroad business in 1954 when he became chair Man of the Board of the new York Central Railroad after the biggest business fight in a generation. He entered the Railroad business in 1937 when he gained control of the Chesapeake and Ohio railway and used his position As chairman of that line s Board of directors to goad the Industry. Only a few Days ago Young at tended a meeting of the nyc Board of directors Here. It was reported after the meeting the Board had decided not to declare i dividend at this time mrs. Young the former Anita ten Eyck of Keefe and Young came Here the Day after Christ no for their regular Winter visit. A As a close Friend of the Duchess of Windsor. The Brothers will a absolutely Tion of the conduct of International Senate a Republican said not keep Cash on hand for Cash officials of the Union. The unions Eisenhower s action confirms ear ing checks any More their sister president Maloney has sent word her statements that the president said. A he is too ill to testify in the com is giving his attention to changes a it almost Cost them their lives my week but chairman Mcclellan and will have Concrete recon this last time a miss Bradley dark said his group is pre my nations to make to Congress. A a we re not going to run that risk pared to wait and that Maloney Voic opposition Joseph d. Clark 23. 448 Bluff st., any a of we if without reference to Eisenhowe pleaded guilty Friday afternoon in pol a ,9�t, Kennedy said that the Story ors Pentagon visit Knowland and Dubuque police court to a charge Dubuque police chief Hugh b. Of local 542 closely ties up with sen. Bridges a no voiced Vig of disturbing the peace by fighting Calahan visited the Bradley sat Maloney and it tics to Orous opposition to placing a sin filed by Melvin Fewel 40 Center urday seeking further leads for Maloney he said because it was Gle commander Over the armed prove a a investigation. Maloney who left Fay in com forces in the forthcoming re Organ Clark admitted last week that he police Are continuing their in Mand of the Union in the Days Iza Tion. Chased Fewell across the Julien on he said and will Keetay to apr no Vul. Know land said in. An interview idea r als0 Les t0he is a not convinced that a single a once was its chief of staff is the answer to the mandate from a inter a problem of speeding up the de Headquarters and ran a a elopement of missiles and Satel by chief Callahan con swim an Ron hand. J Lites tribute on by the Telegraph her a when where and How the Story Bridges chairman of the Senate and private of Mccarty fits into the picture a up policy committee said in a citizens boosted the total to its is for Mccarty himself to Tell statement he is a opposed to con present Kennedy insisted. Centring the military strength i of our country in the hands of one Eisenhower years ago advocated the single command idea in testimony before Congress but i later dropped it in favor of com. Promise. Strong support has developed in new York a the right of an airline to schedule Congress for reshaping the duties a a a ,., a a two or three before the latest snowfall Hadj. A diminished Dubuque would have but he to a w0, the re Ald radio stations Between two and four inches com. A a. A pared to almost six inches which011 y hit me in the Arm. Accumulated in the City Early last police judge Romulo n. Russo week Over a three Day period. Deferred sentencing until 8 a m. Little change in temperature was tuesday expected sunday with a High of Clark has indicated he will file a about 30. Mondays Outlook is for counter charge against Fewell if Light Snow. Convicted. Snow was general throughout Clark claims lie followed Fewell flight for men Only challenged by female Moscow l.?a amens diploma Sicul Urc said saturday Ruck speculation and military men assembled Here and then slowed Down to a near ranged from the Dossi Bilitz that n to 1s Locking pure Sovy it Stop. Rather than slow Down also. She has registered protests with a Kuuva 1�?o-11 Kraai in a 2oui,0, he Sjo a a a a a it of a by had passed on the the a one and with the Civ Aero cd. Firemen put out vation for the a a next flight up to monism. The strains and stresses of the pm a d a v Polica Maze May quitting the Alliance,.,. Formed the background both to or the Sake Arab Quot limit t0 the. A Menderes unexplained miss on Sugaff stun hat Iraq plans do what is worst it said in a four n u a a Quot if conf cry be a of Mand British american support column a Csc some off Cal so Baghdad Alliance which u s. Sec Forh new h towards. Rotary of state John Foster oui Rael a Varlet a of ot1ler . Ii is attending As an observer sons a it a ai50 advanced but none there is every medication hat found o facial backing either in the meet mss is de the Flag from the turkish government or bedecked Dos Ely guarded Turk he delegation headed b us grand National ass cab Nuri said. Building Here Dulles will have to play the delicate key Lole of or be development worried a Mer Quot re plug moslem states firmly Al Icay a British and other pro West blurs., c. Lied to the West i o Jda one Momb re of the the newspaper declared so Vit hurried talk. Baghdad fact secretariat report it a Quot Quot Hou 1 Menderes flew to Baghdad v. S. Delegation on hear her responsibilities to the soviet Cay for a hurried conference re people a particularly in this Era Portelly at a he urgent request of Baghdad of cold War and Western ant so Iraq the Only Arab country with continued on Page six Viet because Fewell passed him on the i right on the narrow curving sin r c. A a. Sinawa Street Entrance at the East a men Only flights is being challenged by a Young new York of the join ulies. Watt Dubuque end of the Bridge. I businesswoman. Individual service. At Wei who i a the darn near wrecked us in it All started said Edythe rein when United airlines Over All military planning. They Clark said. Refused to sell her a ticket about six weeks ago for one of Are presided Over by a fourth member As chairman who serves a Hief military adviser to the the newspaper fklttill�?Tversl0h�i the sl0iy Vas its a executive flights from int newspaper that Clark s car had passed him Chicago to new York. The next she Learned a. Executive flight. The As it Secretary of defense. Air right. Viet critics Are actually encouraging the infiltration of these Bourgeois influences into the soviet Way of life. Soviet culture spoke of a Boogie Boogie Rock a no Roll of half nude singers performing banal sense one thing was sure the sur less songs a the accompaniment of syncopated musical Sensem where to find it comics is crossword 15editorials. .20 deaths. 31 Ohi. 16-7 markets. .30 i movie news. 27 news of record. 6 i radio programs a 4 society .21-27-23-21-27 sports. 11-1 -1.3 14 i sunday in the churches 8 to tabloid 25-26 weather ii 6 Nautis Bureau. The executive flights one each the Point where she gave her county jail Blaze i stricter to men hut have special then she was told it was the expire burned a Small portion of attire intended to enable them ecu Tive flight and reserved for the Dubuque county jail before it relax. Men. She noted that she was til being extinguished by the Dubuque Cigar and pipe smoking is a1 executive and said she was in Pire department at 6 45 p. In. A wed unlike on other flights titled to passage. But the line was saturday night Lippers Are provided. The men Adamant. She had to wait for a and ties for Comfort. Drinks and in. Heavy meals Are on the menu. Once in new York she rods i mss rein a vice president of tired her protests. She said the National telefilm associates inc., cab still has the. Matt r under had finished some business in Chi consideration Cago and wanted a flight Back to a a in a new York on the first available women plane. Dup. Sparks from rubbish being burned in an Alley behind the jail flew up and ignited a Corner of the Wood exterior of the jail attic. A engine company of the fire department extinguished the fire. Against discrimination of in about two minutes with a single is the Way she turns it Hose i r attics exterior we -1 d

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