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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 4

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Dubuque, Iowa Nixon a financial disclosure the rest of us pay far More proportionately on smaller incomes than president Nixon and Many a senator or congressman Ever did. And that s what makes people downright mad. By Nick Thimmesch Washington a president Nixon May have opened Pandora a Box or stirred up a hornets nest or something equally problematic when he provided an encyclopedic disclosure of his personal finances last weekend. His disclosure not Only raises questions about his own financial deals but makes me wonder about the rest of Washington a officialdom and then some. Or. Nixon paid no income taxes to the District of Columbia in his years As president Here. Nor did he pay income taxes to his Home state California in the same period. No matter what the accountants and lawyers say this makes people mad. When or. Nixon sold his new York City apartment for a Good profit he did no to have to pay capital gains tax because he applied the profit to his new residence at san Clemente. Fine. You ask. Does no to that make him a resident fall kinds of Energy by Paul Harvey a British editor Bart Collins says the fuel shortage will be Good for us he says the United states has the ingenuity to find other kinds of kindling for the fire All kinds of untapped sources of Energy leaving us better off and Independent of anybody. The fuel crisis says this observer is a the Best thing that a happened to what exciting years these next to will be Well see the second coming of age for nuclear Energy but that la be just part of it. Off Florida they May sink turbines in the Gulf Stream and harness a movement of water greater than 10,000 Niagara. In the far West states generate electricity with increased development of geothermal steam. Off the a Rock bound coast of Maine a the surging tides will produce commercial quantities of mechanical and electrical Power from an inexhaustible and no polluting source a the natural ebb and flow of the Ocean. California and the Southwest with their plentiful Sunshine will crash research new applications of solar Energy More than adequate for the Energy needs of those areas. Our wide Range lands will revert to an ancient source wind Power harnessing it with sophisticated streamlined windmills. And in areas dependent upon Sun or win Power electricity will be conserved in super storage batteries for those periods when the Sun does no to Shine and the wind does no to blow. There will also be sources of Energy i can to name now because they Arentt even in the dictionary yet Paul Harvey if All these alternative Energy sources Are within reach Why have they not been developed already two reasons first plentiful Oil and Gas Tranquili Zed us. A second obstructionists paralysed us. Some of us who were ecology conscious a Quarter Century ago have backed off in recent years As there emerged a legion of instant experts on everything. Hollywood play actors self appointed themselves scientific guardians of our natural resources. Organizations of do Good Erst some of them genuinely meaning to do Good cropped up collected dues filed lawsuits. They paralysed at least six Power dam projects that i know of. They arrested the development of nuclear Energy calling it a hazardous a though there has not been one mishap of consequence during the 20 years development of nuclear Energy. They shut Down whole industries which were allegedly a raising the temperature of River water a a fraction a of a degree. A what of the fish a they cried. But now we re running out of Gas. We re shivering just a Little but just enough to sober up those self educated ecologists who have been overrunning their headlights. But americans do their Best when there a incentive. I have heard from two lady schoolteachers in Lufkin Texas who Are running their car on whisky. Wasny to that rather expensive i asked. They explained that they have a special formula fuel which requires Only potato peelings and water and sugar. They say their a a recipes a just has a fall kinds of California and thus subject to that states heavy income tax no declares or. Nixon a super accountant Arthur Blech who said he consulted with the Law firm of Kalbach Demarco Knapp amp Chillingworth sounds like the new York Yankees 1935 infield and the California state fran Chise tax Board for expert opinion. That August Board meets this week to discuss or. Nixon a California tax situation. In not paying any . Taxes or. Nixon is Only taking advantage of 1939 and 1947 Laws which Congress passed mostly for its own Benefit As usual. Simply the Law says that any elected official and certain personal staffers of these officials who Are a a domiciled in the officials Home states shall not be considered a a a residents of . And therefore become exempt from . Income tax even though living and working Here. President Nixon lives and works in . So do hundreds of . Senators congressmen and their staffers and some of or. Nixon a staffers As Well. The . Department of finance and Revenue is especially generous in granting such exemptions. Lets assume that three Young women room together in . And also work Here. Lets say Joan is from Connecticut and works for sen. Abraham Ribicoff a Conn. Lets say Mary also works for sen. Ribicoff but is from new York state. Lets say Nancy is from Connecticut but works for a . Lawyer. Which of these roommates must pay . Income taxes Joan does no to because she is exempt under the Law and since Connecticut does no to have a state income tax she pays no tax there either. Mary must pay new York state income tax if she claims that state As her domicile or . Tax if she claims . As her domicile. Nancy must pay . Income tax period. All three girls live and work in ., but Joan is exempt from paying . Taxes where she uses streets sewers and so Forth and has police and fire Protection. Obviously this is an inequitable situation. There is a whole Batch of senators congressmen and legislative and executive staffers living in the District of Columbia who pay no tax Here and no tax in their Home states because those states have no income tax. Among these Are sen. Henry Jackson of Washington a Man who went up and Down the 1972 primary circuit bragging How he was a resident of . And sent his daughter to an integrated Public school Here Sens. Howard Bakerr Tenn and Lowell Weicker a con the watergate probes sen. Lawton Chiles a Fla who lives in Virginia which also exempts him sen. George Mcgovern . And rep. James Abourezk . These men Are not alone nor have they done anything illegal. They Benefit from Congress Large inclination to do itself favors like exempting itself from being liable for subpoena or prosecution for violation of the equal Opportunity employment act. Congress proclaims the government can have Only 14 limousines but flaunts that Law unashamedly itself. Congressmen done to pay parking tickets usually get sent Home when they Are found drunk even while driving and vote themselves medical and retirement benefits that would cause j. Paul Getty a eyebrows to Rise in envy. Or. Nixon is either Gutsy or foolish in Baring his financial breasts this Way. Ill bet my last Dollar after the taxes i must pay that the vast majority of . Senators and congressmen will not publicly declare what they paid in recent years in Federal and state income taxes. Many have extraordinary tax shelters and probably pay Little or no income tax. The rest of us pay far More proportionately on smaller incomes than president Nixon and Many a senator or congressman Ever did. And that a what makes people downright i would like to write about Daylight saving time so called if there is such a thing that some Are so excited about and done to seem to understand it at All. Daylight time but i done to think its saving time. Can to anyone realize that there is just the same amount of Daylight or darkness in a Day 24 hours no matter where or which Way you put the clock try setting the clock Back an hour or two and see what happens. You la be no farther behind or ahead either. All they talk about is the extra Daylight at night. Done to they know now since the clock was set Back again there is one More hour of Daylight in the morning according to the clock and not by the Sun or done to they get up Early enough to notice it if you lived on a farm and had to work from sunup to Sundown you a know there is More Daylight from May 1st to september without monkeying with the clock if you think that makes More Daylight. You just Cut it off one one end and put it on the other end. Its not Good for working people Only for those that want fun and games. The Railroad men years ago never set time by the clock they set it by the Sun. It was said on a sound off some time ago that if the clock was the same All Over the . And the Sun set in new York at 5 ., it would be naturally 2 In the West California and the Sun would be setting at 2 In California. It . The Sun get there that fast. The Sun set until 8 In California if it would set at 5 In new York and we had the same time All Over the . Which Way is the world going around anyway no one can change the Sun. Someone with More Power than us rules the Sun. Mrs. Leon Dittmar Scales Mound Iii. Face of America o the Snow the Beautiful Snow filling the sky and Earth below Over the House tops Over the Street Over the Heads of the people you meet dancing flirting skimming along. A James Vav. Watson a hum Dinger by Art Buchwald Washington it seems the mystery of the 18-minute hum on one of the key presidential tapes May never be resolved. Rose Mary Woods president Nixon a lawyers and even judge Sirica have no idea How it happened every possible theory has been advanced and rejected a except one. The one explanation that no one has mentioned is that the president was humming by himself for the entire 18 minutes. I was put on to this theory by a former White House aide who says that one of president Nixon a biggest secrets is that he likes to hum when he a struggling with the major problems of the world. A you mean the entire 18 minutes of hum on the tape could have been made by the president a i asked. A easily. In be seen the president hum for hours at a time. It relaxes him and helps him Tough it out. He hummed All during the vietnamese War and i be surprised if he a been humming Ever since a but if the 18 minutes of humming was made by the president Why did no the just say so and save us All from thinking the worst a a because the president does no to want anyone to know he hums. Hell do anything to keep people from finding a but Why a i asked. A the is afraid if the american people know he hums they May think he a not Cool. He does no to want to go Down in history As the first american president who was known As a nervous a a there a nothing wrong with humming. Lots of people do a yes but the president does no to hum very Well. If you listen to the disputed tape you la realize his voice is a terrible Monotone. Can you imagine what the Media would do to him if they discovered the 18-minute hum on the tape was actually made by the president of the United states a a then you think Rose Mary Woods was aware that the hum she heard was made by her Boss a a a in a certain of it. She a been trying to break him of the humming habit for 25 years. A what about the presidents lawyers did they know a a a in a not certain of that. The president Only hums around people he really trusts. When he goes out boating with Bebe Rebozo he hums and when he screens a Patton with his family he hums and when he watches the redskins he hums. A but he never hums around people he does no to Trust such As his a wait a minute. On the tape there were two distinctive hums. One went for five minutes and was very loud and the rest of the time the hum was much lower. How do you explain that a a the president was probably doing two different things. He May have hummed loudly when he was Reading the Washington Post and he could have hummed softly while he was working on his income a of course a i said a that explains it. And to think Rose Mary Woods is taking the rap for the a that a said the White House aide a is what secretaries Are

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