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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 2

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Dubuque, Iowa -briefs-59 of 60 fail new test Concord . Apr new Hampshire a licensing test for insurance agents was legendary in the insurance Industry. It had been around so Long that applicants knew the answers before they saw the questions. Insurance commissioner Frank Whaland said a new Tough test Given last monday caught so Many candidates off guard that Only one of 60 passed a and one of them had the nerve to come in and complain that the answers company had provided did no to match the questions on the new test a Whaland sure it s a boy London apr three scientists claim they have developed a sperm separation technique that one Day could allow couples to choose a baby boy before Conception. They said they had devised a Way of separating the male and female chromosomes in male sperm with 85 per cent accuracy. Chromosomes determine the sex of a child. The team a drs. R. J. Ericsson c. N. Langevin and m. Nishino a stressed in an article published in nature Magazine that the method could provide a Way through artificial insemination for couples to make sure they have a boy by implanting isolated male chromosomes into the womb. They said however that it was impossible at this stage of experimentation to use the technique to select a baby girl before birth with the same Success. Companions a gossip columnist Earl Wilson in new Book a show business Laid Bare a says actress Marilyn Monroe had a Clandestine companionship with the late president John f. Kennedy during the last year of her life. The Book is to be published Jan. 18. Nixon lights Yule Star Washington a president Nixon lit a single Star at the top of the National Christmas tree Friday and said the spirit of Christmas a is not measured by the number of lights on a a the spirit of Christmas is measured by the love that each of us has in heart a he told a crowd of thousands had gathered for the Christmas tree lighting at the capitals annual pageant of peace ceremony. A this year while we have a problem. I think that what we can All be thankful for is that it is a problem of peace and not a problem of War a Nixon said. In years past 74,500 Watts of electricity were required to Light the giant tree. White House Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said this year it will require Only 9,640 Watts a mostly for the eight spotlights that illuminate the decorations on the 40-foot tall Colorado Blue Spruce the tree is permanently planted on the Ellipse Between the White House and the Washington Monument. Sex scandal discipline Memphis Tenn. Apr an investigation into sexual misconduct in the police department has ended with 24 officers disciplined for involvement with a blonde teenager. Police director Jay w. Hubbard in a final report on the investigation issued Friday said another 15 officers were disciplined for a failure to exercise the judgment and control expected of supervisory the probe was ordered after Charlotte Tyler 19, of Paris ark., told authorities she had sexual relations with a number of policemen on the 1,106-Man Force. A the evidence supports a finding that 24 officers actually had relationships with the woman a Hubbard said. A of those two can be confirmed As having occurred on duty and in a police punishment ranged from reprimands to 45-Day suspensions without . Hie officers were not named. France accepts paintings Paris apr the French government has decided to accept the late Pablo Picasso a priceless collection of paintings by other artists the acceptance announced Friday by finance minister Valery Giscard d Estwing automatically freed Picasso a widow Jacqueline and son Paulo from payment of inheritance taxes on the value of the pictures. They included works by Renoir Van Gogh Gauguin Miro Rousseau Corot Lenain Cezanne Degas Matisse Braque and Modigliani. National International 2 sunday dec. Is 1973 Geneva talks delayed by tha associated press Egypt said saturday that the Mideast peace conference scheduled to begin on tuesday in Geneva has been delayed for three Days Cairo a official Middle East news Agency reported. The report came after United states Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger talked for six hours in Damascus with a grim faced president Hafez Assad of Syria. He then flew to Amman for a meeting with King Hussein of Jordan. Egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmy said the delay was due to contacts under Way among the United states the soviet Union. France and Lebanon soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko had planned to Fly to Geneva sunday to attend the conference cancelled flight a soviet diplomatic source in Geneva said. Kissinger had been scheduled to Dine with Gromyko on monday night in Geneva. In Tel Aviv Premier golds Meir said Over israeli state television saturday before any Public word on the conference delay that Israel May have to deny american requests at the conference. She did no to specify what the disagreements might be. A but whenever we do have arguments with America a she said a we know we Are arguing with a dear and great she said she expected the peace conference to be drawn out and a Replete with the Cairo news Agency said Fahmy had contacted syrian officials about the conference delay and said a there is Complete coordination Between Egypt and Syria on Egypt and Syria were the two principal combatants against Israel in the october Mideast War and Israel occupies territory of both those Arab nations. The six hour duration of the Kissinger Assad talks was a Surprise. Kissinger had been scheduled to stay Only in hours in Damascus. Kissinger the first . Secretary of state to visit Syria in two decades told newsmen As he departed a but it wont be 20 years before a . Secretary of state comes Assad received Kissinger in Damascus on saturday without smiles. Analysts believe Kissinger a main task was to convince Assad to have Syria attend the Geneva peace conference and get to provide a list of the 102 israeli War prisoners believed in syrian hands. Israeli officials have said they will refuse to Deal with Syria unless they get the list. Speculation Faisal set to end Boycott Riyadh saudi Arabia a aides to Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger say the arabs May resume limited Oil shipments to the United states next month if the Geneva peace talks show some Progress. A the Odds of the Oil embargo being lifted next week Are less than 50-50, but if you put it in terms of next month the Odds Are better than 50-50,�?� an official with Kissinger said Friday after the Secretary met for i i hours with King Faisal of saudi Arabia. Saudi officials suggested privately Friday that a Strong . Call for big israeli troop pullbacks would help get the Oil flowing. Meanwhile the los Angeles times quoted informed sources As saying the easing of the Arab embargo on Oil shipments to the United states had been proposed to King Faisal late last week. The recommendation was made by the saudi arabian Oil minister Sheik Ahmad Zaki Yamani the newspaper said. Yamani left Washington d.c., thursday after More than a week of talks with senior . Officials. Los. Goes Back to St on. 6 Washington apr president Nixon signed a Bill saturday putting the nation on year around Daylight saving time starting Jan. 6 he also called for Congress to act before the Christmas recess next week on the More expansive Energy conservation Bill which cleared the House Early saturday. Nixon said the extra hour of evening Daylight will save a an estimated equivalent of 150,000 barrels of Oil a Day this Winter. The measure cleared Congress Friday and Nixon acted quickly so clocks can be moved ahead one hour beginning at 2 a m. Jan. 6. Had he waited another Day the Law could not have taken effect before Jan. 13. Under the Law Daylight time will be in effect All year for a two year period and for the first time since world War ii. As a companion to the Law Nixon also signed an executive order setting up machinery for considering appeals from parts of the country notably states falling into two time zones to seek exception from the Daylight time requirement. The House worked into the Early morning hours saturday to pass an emergency Energy Bill a the one Nixon is urging Quick action on. However it differs in Many respects from similar Senate passed legislation and requires compromises that would have to be worked out quickly if a final Bill is to reach Nixon a desk by the end of next week. The House version was passed by 265 to 112 following a 15-hour session that included 23 Roll Call votes and decisions on 50 proposed amendments. The measure gives Nixon Broad Powers to Deal with the Energy crisis but was amended by the House to prohibit allocation of fuels for busing children beyond neighbourhood schools and to Cut off All Petroleum exports for military use in Indochina. Another amendment would give either House of Congress 15 Days in which to veto by majority vote any administration plan to ration gasoline or other fuels. Senate House conferees Are expected to Start work monday on resolving the Many differences. Both versions would give the president such Powers As rationing gasoline and making a ban on sunday gasoline sales compulsory. Clean air standards could be waived to permit burning of dirtier fuel. Reductions in Speed limits thermostat restrictions in both Public and private offices and curtailment of hours in schools and other institutions would be authorized. The House Bill however would require congressional approval of these conservation actions. Other major differences Are the houses inclusion of anti using provisions and its restrictions on Oil company profits. The president had set aside saturday morning to go to the National naval medical Center in suburban Bethesda md., for annual physical checkup. He cancelled that plan however because aides said he wanted to devote most of the Day to the Energy crisis. Truckers debate whether to extend protest by the associated press dissident truck Drivers vowed saturday to continue their work stoppage through the weekend and authorities in Pennsylvania and Ohio said there were fewer of the Large rigs on the Road than Normal. A we will stay shut Down for sure through sunday a said Dave Townsend one of two truckers Manning a Clearing House in Denver colo., for Telephone Calls from Drivers throughout the nation. Mike Parkhurst editor of overdrive Magazine said however that most truckers were Back on the Road saturday except in the areas around Denver Lamar pa., and old Washington Ohio. There were new reports of sporadic trouble saturday. But no injuries were reported and leaders of the demonstration said they did not condone any violence the protesters a most of them independents own their own rigs and say they Are hardest by the higher diesel fuel prices and lower Speed limits a originally called for a two Day shutdown scheduled to end saturday morning Many of the demonstrating truckers said however they weren to satisfied with government promises and said they would continue their shutdown until they saw some action. It was difficult to Tell How Many Drivers were involved in the protests. Teamsters Union president Frank Fitzsimmons has not endorsed the protest and said Early last week that he doubted whether any shutdown would occur. Former teamsters president James r. Hoffa said however that he supported the independents and said that if he still headed the Union the protesting Drivers would have teamster support. A ultimately they the independents will get what they want a Hoffa said. British confronting crisis Start buying spree London apr britons went on a buying spree saturday in an All out splurge before facing up to the labor unrest and Energy crisis that threaten to make this Christmas the gloomiest since world War ii. Quot people Are buying the expensive things a a a spokesman at the Swanky Liberty a store said. A a it a quite amazing they say they re afraid that the Pound will not be Worth much next year so they re shedding Sterling like from monday the big stores a like most other commercial premises a will be allowed to operate Only five Days in the last two weeks of the year in an Effort to save Energy. In the new year the British also face a three Day week enforced through electricity cuts declared by the state run Power Industry. Industrial plants working round the clock will have More room for mane vering with 65 per cent of their Normal Power Supply that they can use As desired. Through it All Many britons were chuckling Over a planned two hour television program on the Energy crisis that was Cut to one hour a because of the Energy crisis. And Over the sign in a pub near some it Arab embassies. A Taraba please note read. A no Oil no some in Britain particularly the government blamed the crisis less on the Arab Oil squeeze than on slowdowns by British workers in the Coal mines the railroads and the electricity generating Industry. All Are campaigning for raises above the 7 per cent level decreed by prime minister Edward Heath. Indians of Paraguay Progress Price one hour dry cleaners Asuncion Paraguay apr the ache indians roamed free in their forests for centuries after other South american tribes were colonized Are finally giving in to the settlers shotguns and missionaries bibles. About 200 aches a pronounced a Chays a now live at the a Colony a a reservation started in 1968 by a retired sergeant named Manuel de Jesus Pereira whom Many accused of slaving and Gross neglect of the Indiana but whom the indians Call experts say 300 to 700 aches still roam free far from the reservation while another too to 200 Drift in and out of the Colony. For decades the aches have been wary of White frontiersmen shot them for sport or were in search of children to be used As servants. Recently a Road was Cut through their land and thousands of families from neighbouring Brazil moved into their forests with bulldozers and plans to stay. A these people Are primitives and do not know the difference Between a wild Plant or animal and something that belongs to a Plantation a said col. Tristan Infanzon head of the government s two Man Indian Bureau. A and there Are no saints out there among the settlers when they find indians they think have been stealing they shoot them like Paraguay and Brazil Are building the worlds largest hydroelectric project along the Parana River at the Edge of the aches Eastern Paraguay Hunting grounds so the future looks even bleaker. The Colony is hardly the aches idea of Home anthropologists say but it appears to be their last resort government troops Are now patrolling to make sure squatters Don t kill the indians on their own land. Fall specials mon.-tue.-wed., dec. 17-18-19 any 4 garments new arrival thrills skylab space Center Houston apr three excited skylab astronauts announced that five Gypsy Moth eggs hatched saturday in an Experiment aboard the space station and said the newcomers were a alive moving and somewhat hairy a astronauts Gerald p. Carr William r. Pogue and Edward g. Gibson reported that the first of 1,000 eggs in the Experiment hatched during the afternoon about a month before the expected time. The Moth egg Experiment is an attempt to learn if space weightlessness will cause Gypsy Moth caterpillars to Hatch More quickly than the six months it takes on Earth scientists Hope the Experiment will Lead to control of the Gypsy Moth a pest which has destroyed thousands of acres of Timber. A the Early hatching May mean that Gypsy Moths could be raised in Large numbers aboard orbiting rockets and allow the agricultural department to use sterilization of male Moths As a Means of preventing their reproduction in nature a a space official said. Sterilization has been used successfully on screw Worms but it has not been effective for Gypsy Moths because it takes so Long to raise them in laboratories. _ Telegraph Herald i Bien tract Dubuque i. Simi edition published daily drop saturday official paper of City and county second Clat parlay paid at of a aaa Iowa Simi. Tor in of tuts a Tiena Dubuque. Iowa and a att Dubuque ill., Dally by Carrier 7sc per week sunday Only by Carrier my per week. Mail rates Iowa hi., wh., a rapt City zones and areas not serviced by carriers. Daily and sunday. I year Sis m All Athar states Ste m or $1.19 each 2 pc suits cd dresses count Cis i garment1 3 pc. Suits and dresses formals suedes vinyls fur trims movies and pleats extra no limit1 drapes discount Ali Wiek Opo Plaza 20 do Only steam rental machines carpet-m5 a Day at Plaza 20 and 1990 Elm 1990 Elm-1108 Jow a grand vie w amp Delhi k Mart shopping Center All stores open daily 7 a m. To 6 furniture 4 Miles North of Dubuque on Hwy. 3 amp 52 solid Walnut Nick Nack shelves for Walls amp floors will reopen today noon til 5 . Amp next sunday dec. 23 it

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