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Dubuque Telegraph Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Dubuque, Iowa Weather cooler. Page 32. Index <1 v i action line. 31 astrology. 3 classified .37-46 Economy .33-35 a a editorial. 4 Flome Garden. 47 horizons .13-17 new of record. 24 obituaries. 32 sports 25-30 or. Steincrohn. 5 a a v i digest Dies a Mohammad Ayub Khan 67, former president of Pakistan died saturday at his Home in Islamabad. Field marshal Ayub ruled Pakistan from october 1958 to March 1969, when he resigned in the face of nationwide opposition. A turkish appellate court is to Rule Friday on Kathryn Zenzo Appeal of a life sentence for smuggling drugs. Page 31. A psychiatrist s charge of conflict of interest causes a Dubuque paediatrician to resign the presidency of the Dubuque Jackson county mental health Center. Page 24. Clayton county officials Are holding a Rural Elkport la., Man for the death of his wife. Page 12. After is years $33 million and More than two million academic research and editorial Man hours Britannica 3 is ready to do for its users a what encyclopedias always should have done but what no encyclopedia has Ever done 8. Off track betting new York s Legal horse betting corporation wants some More of the action a spreading their Legal betting operation to cover the numbers and other sports Page 6. Striking Hortonville wis., teachers promised a statewide demonstration of support said they would return to the picket lines seven Days a week Page la. Five cities and Milwaukee county were unsuccessful Friday in another attempt to Rule Wisconsin a tax Revenue sharing formula inequitable. Page la. A Bill to rewrite Iowa credit Law and raise charge account interest rates will be ready within a week sen Ralph Mccartney Rcharles City predicts. Page 8. A Federal judge orders the watergate prosecutor to turn Over any evidence about whether Nixon knew of the Ellsberg break Page 1$. An indicted lawyer is prepared to testify against former Treasury Secretary John b. Connally in the milk fund Case an informed source says. Page i. . Secretary of state Henry Kissinger asks delegates to the Uganiza Ion of american states or cooperation and consultation. In offers no detailed specifics in handling current issues. Page 2. Economists agree that americans face a lot More inflation in the months ahead and the administration says it is powerless to do much about it. Page 2. Chard j. Daley takes a nos Gic look Back As he begins his h year As mayor of Chicago. I done to say in a a powerful in. In a a Ordinary mayor and diary citizen trying to do what Ery mayor tries to do. A a Page 32. Children who loved him bid Farewell to officer Friendly Chicago a Quot he a our very own policeman Quot first grader rim Delaney said of the Man children at Oriole Park school came to know As officer Friendly. Quot he told us about his own children a Little rim said. Quot he used funny words he was a Nice the Flag was flown at half Mast Friday at Oriole Park school where officer Carl Greco visited As officer Friendly. He died earlier in the week of heart seizure at 41. Greco the father of six children was a member of the police departments officer Friendly program for 3mi years and often visited the school. His Job was to establish rapport with the children teach them right from wrong listen to their problems. Greco who was buried Friday was outstanding at his Job the department said. Teachers parents and older children by the hundreds attended the Wake. Greco was a rare Man said Meyer Maslin Oriole Park principal. Quot he had a natural Luster a Charisma. He was the Ideal father Greco was an outgoing Man an Amateur cartoonist whose classroom talks on Good citizenship were underscored by his blackboard drawings and anecdotes. Maslin said Greco was very close to the children. Quot they wrote him letters. He told me he received 3,000 last year and answered every one a Maslin said Quot we Learned Many lessons from him Quot said Nichola Baethke a fourth grader. A the could Tell funny stories and draw Lisa Gottfried a 9-year-old daughter of a policeman said her class was signing a letter written by her teacher to be sent to Greco a widow. Quot it just says How much we miss him and How much we Learned to be Good from him a she said. Hes Ranh Herald 138th year no. 95 8 sections 118 pages Dubuque Iowa and East Dubuque Illinois sunday april 21, 1974 30 cents Man mistaken for Hearst kidnapped san Francisco it apr the Roommate of a Cousin of Patricia Hearst says he was kidnapped and held for three hours by three Black men who mistook him for William r Hearst ii police said saturday. The Roommate Van r Bush 31, said he was kidnapped thursday morning As he left his apartment and was released after he convinced his abductors he was not Hearst. He was gagged and blindfolded but not harmed he told officers. Police inspector Ralph Brown said Bush was hazy on key details including his abductors description and would be asked to take a lie Detector test. William r. Hearst ii is the son of the late John Randolph Hearst a brother of Randolph a Hearst Randolph a daughter Patricia was dragged from her apartment feb 4, and the terrorist sym ionese liberation army has claimed it kidnapped her Bush said he convinced his abductors that he was not Hearst by showing them his Drivers License. Randolph Hearst asked whether he knew anything about the kidnapping said Quot no i done to really. As i understand it a Roommate of my nephews was grabbed for two or three hours. A when they found out he Wasny to Billy they turned him Loose Quot added Hearst editor and president of the san Francisco examiner Hearst was asked if he had talked to his Nephew a yes but he wont Tell me where he is at the moment a Brown said Bush told police he was too scared to remember details of the kidnapping he described his abductors Only As Black men Quot it did no to ring too True a Brown said a if you re assaulted no matter what your status May be you re going to remember something about the Man who assaulted you a Brown said police Hadnot talked to Bush since thursday when they questioned him at his apartment for about an hour he said police had been trying to reach Bush saturday to question him further but they did not know where he was. Bush said he was leaving his apartment on Buena Vista Avenue East about 10 30 thursday when a Man showed him a 45-caliber army automatic pistol and ordered him into a car at the curb Brown said one Man got behind the wheel the other two flanked him in the Back seat Brown said Bush related Bush said the abductors repeatedly called him a Billy a the nickname of William r Hearst ii As he was driven around with the Blindfold. He said he finally got them to look at his Drivers License and convinced them he Wasny to Hearst. Police said. California Drivers licenses include photographs. Asked about Young Hearst a profession Randolph Hearst said Only that his Nephew had land interests in Honolulu. Randolph Hearst a who has five daughters including Patricia a also was asked whether his other children were receiving special Protection. A we have people with them Quot he said a a they re just not running around Loose we know where they Are when they go when they come Back so we have Normal Security on warning on Vanilla recipe fridays action line column by mistake listed a a denatured alcohol As an ingredient in a recipe for making liquid Vanilla from fresh Vanilla Beans. The Correct ingredient is a a deodorized denatured alcohol by definition is unfit for human consumption and should never be used in food preparation. For further explanation see action line on Page 31. Adjournment fever raises legislators temperatures by Steve Walters the legislative writer Des Moines a maybe they should put up a sign that says a please done to feed the lawmakers during the last weeks of a session. During the closing Days of their annual lessons in democracy Iowa a 150 legislators Are like caged tigers they know there s an outside world but they done to know when see it. It s frequently sunny and warm outside but they can to enjoy it a except during lunch hour a because they re often kept in session until 6 p m. Or later and they sometimes feel some of the issues that keep them at their cramped desks Arentt Worth debating and voting on As the Sun sets. The higher temperatures Only make their padded chairs stick to their suits and dresses to find Relief they roam around the chamber seeking someone to talk to. They play the a when Are we going to get out of Here a guessing game which does t award prizes. Seldom does the question turn up any new or informed information and nobody can yet Tell a right answer from a wrong one. Most of them must Content themselves with sitting Back and watching certain of their Peers Cut the deals that will end this legislature a the second session of Iowa s 65th general Assembly. They snarl because they re on the outside of such deals forced either to accept them or run afoul of friends. They daydream about How they could a indeed should a be earning Money at their regular jobs instead of sitting in Des Moines some chafe to be on the Campaign Trail full time seeking higher office. Pure partisan debate is much louder now than in january the governor becomes a whipping boy for members of both parties when a lawmaker is angry with someone in May he names that person publicly he Only hinted at the identity in january each legislator now knows the mannerisms of his or her neighbor Only a few inches away and their bad habits rub raw late in a session. Last thursday night House majority Leader de Holden a it. Joy who is supposed to have enough votes in his pocket to carry most issues had to sit Down after he could t Muster enough support to pass a motion. That set off the chief House conservative rep Harold Fischer a Wellsburg who moved that the House adjourn for the Day. However Holden and other leaders wanted to finish action on a particularly controversial Btl. Fischer and another of his antagonists among House leaders speaker Andrew Varley a Adair both asked that the vote to go Home for the Day be made a permanent record in the House journal a so that it be forever noted who sided with whom Fischer was joined by democrats and some republicans and the House adjourned for the night. It was a typical display of end of session emotions so when will this session end there s a Chance for the end of this week but the end of the next is More realistic. Siam photo lame woman repaints Mona Lisa Power struggle a a Timber City a Label inspired by Maquoketa a Elm Trees might now refer to Maquoketa a Power poles no other City in the nation has two electric utilities that Blanket most of the Community with door to door Competition Story and another picture Page 48. Tokyo of a a lame woman sprayed red paint on the Case protecting the Mona Usa saturday apparently to protest a policy barring disabled persons from the showing on grounds they would slow up the crowd. About 20 or 30 spots of paint hit the bulletproof Glass Case from a distance of about six feet but officials said there was no damage to Leonardo a Vinci a priceless masterpiece. The 21-by 30-Inch painting is on loan to the japanese from the louvre and went on Public exhibition saturday. It is said to have been insured for More than $40 million and the policy reportedly is costing the japanese $214,000 plainclothes Security guards immediately seized the woman and held her on trespassing charges she refused to give her name. Navy fails to diagnose Sailor s terminal cancer Jacksonville Fla a Timothy Nunley a 19-year-old Sailor is fighting for his life against cancer that Navy doctors failed to diagnose despite his repeated pleas for help Quot he has suffered living hell a said his Mother mrs. Robert Nunley of Jacksonville a and it would t have been necessary if the Navy doctors had listened to him when he told them he was a Navy spokesman issued a statement saying Navy doctors failed to diagnose the disease and that a appropriate disciplinary and corrective action has been taken ill. Cmdr Harold Torrance a Navy Public information officer said a the illness which he has can be difficult to diagnose a he said Nunley has received the Best possible medical care since the diagnosis and his Progress was most encouraging mrs Nunley said Navy doctors described the cancer As a variety occurring Only in men starting in infancy and not recognizable until maturity. She said a nonmalignant tumor was removed from her son s breast at age 13. Another appeared on the other breast a few years later but a private doctor advised against removing it. Nunley passed a Navy induction physical last september and was sent to Boot Camp in Orlando. Nunley reported on sick Call while there his Mother said. Quot other lumps began to appear a she said he went to other doctors at Mayport naval station near Jacksonville when Home on leave and to doctors at great lakes naval station near Chicago after being assigned there Quot he had lost 40 pounds had a three Inch mass sticking out from his Abdomen his vision was blurred and he eat mrs Nunley said. Quot but the doctor at great lakes told him there was nothing wrong with him except in his head and warned done to come Back mrs Nunley said she then complained in a letter to the Navy. On Jan. La the Navy ordered a thorough examination for Seaman apprent Nunley at great lakes. A doctors then told us he had terminal cancer but if they had caught it in time he could have had a Long healthy life a mrs. Nunley said Quot they gave him two weeks to live a but she said treatments at Jacksonville kept him alive for the last 31/ months and x rays show the cancer getting smaller. A in a going to fool them All Quot Nunley a Aid Friday. Quot in a going to beat y officer Friendly teaching right from wrong a of died Prev

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