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Dubuque Telegraph Herald And Times Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1932, Page 9

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald And Times Journal (Newspaper) - September 25, 1932, Dubuque, Iowa September 25. 1932telegraph-Herald and times journal Dubuque to nine Board of supervisors september session Dubuque Iowa sept brr 20, 1932. The Board met at 10 0 a. M a Par i a a Mem it. Present supervisor Dalsman my i u and haul. A a airman Dalsman presiding. Minutes of september 12, 1932, ref read and ordered approved. A fit Len of August w. Heslor asking let a exempt from the 1932 Road poll t on account of physical disability. Ordered granted As recommended the trustees of Iowa twp. Petition of mrs Kila Ive to having the 1931 taxes a. Fled on lands in sections i 2, la and f Taylor twp was ordered granted p. Ilion of p. J Keller relative t Vang the 19.11 taxes suspended on Vii. Of l of 23.1 and k. 26 it of lot 2a i f pm a Sivilie was ordered referred i City Council of the City of dyers for their action and report. A Pion of Annie Bauer relative to a to the 19.11 taxes cancelled on p in Section 21 of Mosa Quot to twp., to ordered not granted. The lot i Witt. Meyer 2nd half of j taxes ordered suspended on i Cornell s Dubuque. I petition of win. Miners relative to i having the 2nd half of the 1931 taxes i suspended on lots i 2 and 3 of Broadway add., was ordered not granted As per action of the City Council of the. City of Dubuque. Petition of mrs. To Auretta pro Nen a relative to having the 2nd half of the i 1931 tax cancelled on lot 4 of Krayer a i sub., was Ord red not granted As per i action of the City Council of the City j of Dubuque. Petition of Sydney a Aden i eld relative to having the 1931 valuation reduced on it i of a of i. I a unworthy add., on account of building not having been completed until june 15, 1931, a read. It was regularly moved and seconded that the county treasurer be instructed to accept the 1921 tax a on an actual valuation of $6,000,000 on lot 4 of 9 of l. H. Lang worthy a add., As recommended by the Deputy City assessor of the City of Dubuque. Motion carried. Original notice of i gets Moines joint Stock Ivind Hank of Des Moines Iowa. Against Joseph Mcallister it Al and do i Buque county was ordered referred to the county attorney for his action. Report of commissioner rho Bergon the vacation of the fort Atkinson Road beginning at the Quarter Section. Corner of Nocturn 8 and 17, thence East i to the Section Corner of or it ions 9. A 16 and it tile Nee South along the lint of sections 16 and 17, film a a in new w in i no of Hie following named per j township was read it was regular be Tulve to having their taxes cat. J y moved and seconded that the report be approved and that the Road be vacated As petitioned for and As recommended by a. A. R bom Berg commissioner. Motion carried. The following claims were allowed county Hospital. Line Hati amp Molo. Coal and repairs. $395.77 a a ss4.63 243.7 95.71 90.07 co Light and co co co i a suspended were ordered Recd to the City Council of the City Dubuque for their action and report irs. Mary Raab 2nd half of 1931s suspended on lot 73, and s. Soft f lot to of Woodlawn Park add. We. Graf 1931 taxes suspended on i i. Of Belmont add. Western grocer co., prov. Or Mary k. Graydon 2nd half of Bon itary milk co., prov. A taxes cancelled on lot inn of w neut Treister prov a it Ella in Park add. Kichman a prov. Mrs. Mary Pink 1931 taxes cancelled it state Power or 1/d 14 of Reeder Langworthy a sub Power a a mans 1931 taxes cancelled on in of on sundry 2 f 34, i sit 2 of 33 of in even a add. ,.or i it map co Hou hold mrs Catherine Weber 2nd half or us. Ltd it. A a Viz Horn a Quot a 1 of bulk Quot a l Ubu Quot a i per a i Quot Supply or. I a r iou a a Murphy insurance co., insurance a my a Tae suspended i american Hospital Supply co.,a 11 of i of Mineral i t 68. Supplies red Ansel. 1931 taxes suspended on Wumkes Quot Quot Quot a a of w. 170 it. Of to 32ft and 8. .1 j Hartig drug Cox Ray Flims w of a 14 of w. 170 it of lot 32u of key City Gas co., Gas quote i vis farm add. I Torbert drug co., drugs. F. Tigges 1931 taxes suspended a on a get i of Home add. Peter Clinger. 1931 taxes suspended in w. Is it. Of w. 170 it. Of i Jot 289 of Davis farm add. Quot to Cecelia Barrett 2nd half of 1981 a cancelled on lots 9, 21 and 45 or i. Nehan Park add. B m a Waldbillig 931 taxes sus tided on e. 23 it. Of n. 70 it of lot 4 Kolefr. A Kiin Genberg a sublet 3s Belmont add. And lot 3 of o. Taylor a sub. Fred Cordes 1931 taxes suspended or a St of Mcdaniel s Park Hill add. Mrs. N. K. Wiil Erding 1931 taxes a Pended on w. 13.1 it. Of lot 14 and a of lot 815 of a. Mcdaniel Skutt. Frank Braes song 2nd half of 1931 a axe suspended on 1/ot# 74, 75 and 76 of Plasant View add. Mrs. Marie r. Haupert 1931 taxes a mended on it 17 of j. P Schroeder s add. Mrs nettle Lyons 1931 taxes sus d on lot i of is of Randall s Sun. Mary a. Hannig 2nd half of 1931 a axes cancelled on tit i of Hannigs a a us and lots 14 and 15 of Marsh s do Huque no. 2. F. D j. Feller. 1931 taxes suspended it a fad 2 of 773 of a. Mcdaniel s sub. John Kohler 2nd half of 1931 taxes an viled on in get 609 of Hamas add. Pm Titi on of Hazel Weston relative to having a he lf3i valuation reduced on b t left of Rantem nne a sub. Was ordered be granted out of jurisdiction of the Board. Petition of Chris Gratz relative to having the 1932 dog License taxes cancelled was ordered referred to the Cit assessor for a report. Petition of j. J. Nagle estate by John a. Nagie relative to having the a table valuation placed at $3.bdft.oo for who 1927 and 1928 taxes and to have the it laity and interest cancelled on the 1/27, 1928. 1929. 1930 and 1931 taxes on City lot i s3, n. 19 it. Of City fait i i Frank l Quad. Salary my f. 45.6 it. Of e. 37 it. Of City 1-ot j goo. J. Shoaff Lauser. Walara a a which real estate was sold to the j Tho. L. Byrne salary. Rps Anthal theatre to. In 1926, and j Road construction 65 a hich j. J. Nagle held a mortgage against which mortgage was forested in 1931 and a sheriffs deed was saved to j. J. Nagle Iii 1932. Was read. It was regularly moved and seconded hat the county treasurer be instruct d to accept $300 of As settlement in Mill for the 1927 taxes $500.00 As Settle nerd in full for the 1928 taxes provided a 1927 and 1928 taxes Are paid on or Lefore november to 1932, and the la Ai Nee of the petition was ordered Nii . Motion carried. Petition of Lyda Lyons relative to Laving the 1931 taxes cancelled on lot i and 13 of i of Randall a sub., 19s1 a axes were ordered suspended As pm r action of the City Council of the a if Dubuque. A petition of sirs. S. Hannig relative pc having the 1931 taxes cancelled or. Dot i of i of i of 25 of my pleasant im., was ordered not granted a per i Bon of the City Council of the Cit a of Dubuque. Petitions of the following named per a is relative to having their 1931 taxer a celled or suspended were ordered granted As per action of the City court ii of the City of Mathilda Becker 1931 taxes ordered a tended on n. Of i got 2 of Fosse a Nan s sub. I>50 l. Hartmann 1931 taxes ordered key City Gas co., Torbert drug co of. W. Coates Bond payment. Iowa Oil co., gasoline. N. W. Bell Telephone co., service a. Y. Mcdonald mfg. Co., repairs Etc. Healey a supplies Etc. Mcfadden Coffee amp spice co. Prov. Mullen Bros. Co., repairs Etc. A. J. Umbreit Salt. E. P. Smith elec co., repairs Etc. Times hotel Register co., printing. Belteky motor co., supplies and repairs. G. D. Searle amp co., drugs. Mid continent Petroleum corp., supplies. Model Wall paper amp paint str plies. F. Cody co., supplies Parke Davis &co., supplies Al Keason Church ill drug Calcium Chloride. White House biscuit co., prov. Koshek Bros. Co., replacement. J. F. State per co., replacement. Or. Carl j. I a a Aln Ter salary. Jean Simpson salary. Freda Martens i Gary. Esther Sippa salary. Mollie Hird salary. I Aura Conley salary. Sarah Murphy salary. Martha Questa salary. Anna Buchanan salary. Frances l. So Stock salary. Frank Thor salary. Joseph Dunn salary. Clarence Beekman salary. Bertha Spielman salary. I Ore Tea Skaife salary. Marietta Hilvers salary. Emma Pfeiffer salary. Eileen May salary. Hilda Smith salary. Helen Meidaner salary. George Martens salary. Revolving fund incidentals. Soldiers Aid. Soldiers Relief commission Aid Pended on x. % of e. 170 feet of be of Davis farm add. Mrs. Anna Peter 2nd half of the 1931 a sex ordered suspended on lots 93, 9l and 98 of Finley add. Ralph Giellis. Salary Victor bits salary. Donald Duggan salary. Lora of Neill. Saj amp by. George Schwinn crushed Rock. Ralph Giellis salary. Victor Betis salary. Donald Duggan salary. Loras of Neill salary. We. Hohnecker labor. Arthur Al use. Labor. Glenn ill Adfield. Labor. Roy Brad Field. Labor. Tji Wienc Readfield labor. Earl Kidder labor. Henry Peters labor. Tarney Noethe labor. Albert Krapfl labor. Lawrence Honkomp labor. Francis Emden labor. John Kennedy labor. Vincent Daly labor. George Christ labor. Iowa state Bank of Calmar la. Assignee of Ryean amp Cremer const. Co., estimate. Illinois Central Railroad co., freight. J. P. Hurley est. For d schuster damages. J. Lout Walsh damages Frances Walsh damages and Bor Row. Too Oft Paul a to eat.2394.si Kenneth Meehan labor. 9.75 Thos. Flynn Coal co est.129 67 key City decorative Glass wk., a a neglected Strain uncorrected defects cause serious consequences an annual examination is Wise. We do not use drugs or drops $1.00 Down. $1.00 week or Oscar Larson Goodman 704 Mains to repairs Clinton Bridge works truss Ralph a fellas salary. Victor Betts salary. Donald Duggan salary. Loras of Neill salary. We. Huh Necker labor. Arthur Kruase labor. Glenn branded labor. Roy Readfield labor. Lawrence Bra afield labor. Earl Kidder labor. Henry Peters labor. Mike Kopchynsky. Labor. Elmer Lucas labor. Ray i Cranmer labor. A. J. Schermer labor. Ray Keller labor. De dare labor. Barney Noethe labor. Albert Krapfl labor. Lawrence Honkomp labor. Francis Ernzen labor. John Kennedy labor. Vincent Daly labor. Geo. Christ labor. Emmett Kennedy labor. Nich Becharn labor. Hilbert each labor. Road construction 35 Frank Augustine labor. Albert Keiff labor. Henry Luensman labor. Kew. Greenwood labor. Edw. Briard labor. Anton Soppe. Labor. Barney Noethe labor. Albert Krapfl labor. Lawrence Honkomp. Labor. John Klostermann labor. Vincent Daly labor. 1981 i Elmer Fritsch labor. I of i John Kennedy labor. Francis Ernzen labor. Frank Osterhaus labor. I it it i Hanfeld labor. G. A. Sefzik labor. James Otto labor. John Tench labor. I to j. Hanoi Idt labor. We. Freihofer. Labor. Hail Ai Eyer labor. A Bier t Hies labor. Vern. Hohnecker labor. Arthur Kruse labor. Glenn ill Adfield to Lair. Roy brads Tell. Labon. Lawrence Bradfield. Labor. Earl Kidder Lalor. Henry Peters labor. Emmett Kennedy labor. Hillier each labor. Nick Becharn labor. Frank Augustine labor. Albert . Labor. Henry Luensman labor. Edw. Greenwood labor. Anton Hoppe labor. Kew. Prier labor. Cha. Hehr Bilgen Lala or. Ray Kramer labor. D. A. Walsh labor. John Thiltgen. Labor. Anselm Relnert labor. We. Freihofer. Labor. A. L. Kies labor. Donald Kies labor. Win. Linh seeker. Labor. Arthur Kruse labor. Glenn Readfield labor. Roy Bradfield labor. Lawrence Bradfield labor. Earl Kidder labor. Henry Peters labor. Nick Becharn labor. Barney Noethe labor. Albert Krapfl. Labor. Lawrence Jlon Komp Latar. Albert Kies Laten. Hart Meyers la Bor. Francis Murray labor. John Klosterman la Bor. Louis Hanfelt. Labor. Leo j. Hanfelt labor. Klostermann amp. Kass labor. Alike kor Honsky labor. Elmer Lucas labor. Frank Russell amp Hon estimate. James f. Of Vieara. R. O. W. And damages. Mary Mcdermott damages. Molo hand amp gravel co., gravel. Iowa Walls paper a. Paint co., paint. Klauer mfg. Co., culverts. Frank Augustine labor. Albert Reiff labor. Henry Luensman. Labor. Edw. Greenwood labor. John Thiltgen labor. Anselm Reinert labor. Win. Freihofer labor. A. L. Kies labor. Vav. Knockel labor. Chaa. Schrobilgen labor. Ray Kramer labor. Mike Kopchynsky labor. Elmer Lucas labor. A. J. Schermer labor. Francis Almurray labor. J. F. Lee paving co estimate. Drainage District no. 2 Barney Noethe labor. Job Stueve labor. John Klostermann labor. John Kramer labor. Court expense j. Mcdonald salary. John w. Kintzinger jr., salary. A. B. Wymer salary. Frank Hardie salary. Matt Parrott a sons co., supplies or. R. J. Theisen exam. Or. H. A. Stribley exam. Or. J. Kassmeyer psych sex. Airs. Isola i argan services. F. Vav. Coates Bond. Road maintenance a. J. Schermer labor. Raj Keller labor. De dare. La Bor. Frank Augustine labor. Albert Reiff labor. John Thiltgen labor. Chas. Schrobilgen labor. Ray Kramer labor. Alike Kopchynsky labor. Elmer Lucas labor. Edward of Meara labor. Herman Kluesner labor. George Christ labor. Barney Noethe labor. Albert Krapfl labor. Lawrence Honkomp labor. Bernard Chapman labor. Elmer Chapman labor. Lawrence Casey labor .i.1 Leo Sweeney labor Paul Lynch labor. Al Elvirt Casey labor. I Ami Mcdermott labor John Chapman labor. John , labor i. Jack o , labor. Matt Mcdermott labor. Joe Sadler labor. John Ca a a labor Emmett Kennedy labor. Nick Bechen labor. Hilbert Esch labor. Harold Stecklein labor Val Tigges. Labor. Kirkland Robie la ism 1.1 Harlan Kiester labor. Robert Witter labor. J Joe Reix Urt labor. Russell Conrad labor in i do knit is labor. I we. Smith labor a Iii i Carl Schueller jailor. T Harold Gruts. Labor. J Oliver Liers labor. A a Gilbert Hammerand labor. Geo. Schueller labor a Art Hochrein labor. A. J. Schermer labor a i Ray Keller labor. I de dare labor j Emmett Kennedy labor j Nick Keohen labor a 1 Hilbert Esch labor. Of. I n i 1 Tigge jailor. Ca Ai. I std Del labor. 60.at i Kirkland Roble labor. Harlan Ringier labor. Otto Bernhard labor i. Russell Conrad labor Robert Witter labor Joe Baal labor John Kohnen labor Pat Moore labor re. J Andrew Behnke la la or ill Quot to-5 Geo. Schueller. Labor. 4a.0 j Pau Olve Foell labor. A a Gai i erne get Bummer and labor i Herman Heirman labor. 1 Schueller Idlor. J we. Smith labor. I Harold Grutz labor .11�?T Art Kieffer. Labor Henry Hafkemeyer labor John stalker labor. Oliver Alerz labor Joe Relnert. Labo Rjohn Thiltgen labor i. Ii. Anselm Reinert. Labor. 88.58 87.05 85.26 67.60 48.69 40.32 38.63 25.94 25 28 24.12 23.75 22.97 20.00 19.70 19.40 18.84 16.55 16 49 16.21 16.00 14.71 9.76 8.88 6 27 3.30 3.19 8.00 3.00 2 83 2.66 2.63 1.54 260.f 0 67.50 67.50 54. 0 63.00 67.50 65.00 65.00 67.50 121.50 43.00 40.00 33.00 72.00 36.00 33.60 35.co 30.00 30.00 6.07 93.55 i 4 5. L z 4.28 76.79 19 26 a u 24 be 22> a 4.20 7425 67. Am 28.j 45.00 37. By 37.5- j 171.1?. I 67 so 45�.to j 37. Al 37 so 14.00 i 8.4 it i 8 0 i j 8.cd 8 $ 07 6.30 10.1,1 to. Of 6. Co 21. Of to. It l0.f>u 687 45 47.16 3146. Aft 5. Ort 9.5. 1345.00 91.0�?T 43.40 51.40 44.40 48.40 48.4-1 36. A a 27.00 18.5 5.o a ii i Quot a a re Hofer. Labor 4 3 1 it John Brockman labor Joe Reinert labor Albert Nanian labor a has Schrobilgen. Labor Ray Kramer labor Nick Brecht labor. Al Ungs. Labor. We. Hohnecker labor Arthur Kruse labor Glenn Bradfield labor. Roy Bradfield labor. Jw7 a Cradle a Earl Kidder labor Hury Peters labor a4 50 is Kopchynsky labor. 72 00 i pm a t or. 1 1 36. .0i or. 23 26.33 16.13 12.90 5.04 3.ik 3.0 3. Oft 12. Eft 2.63 5.25 15.00 12. Us 14.00 30.00 2.�3 12. A 65.25 36. 36.90 76.9. 3.00 r co., motor,co4cli$iicmcc new schedule effective september 25, 1932 leave Dubuque for Cedar rapids and de Moines 9 00 a. M. 3 30 p. M. Leave Dubuque for Davenport Muscatine and Burlington 6 40 a. M. Leave Davenport for Maquoketa and Dubuque 8 35 p. M. Local coach station Union by station Page Canfield hotel merchants. Julien hotel 2 &6 227.7 a a 93.6.1 62.50 67.50 i it 47.50 16.50 39.3c Elmer Lucas labor. Paul Hohmann labor Bruno Thul labor Stephan Green labor a. Ai., St. P. St p ii freight. George Schwinn crushed Rock a. J. Schermer Laid it a. Raj Keller labor. De dare labor. A Quot a a in has. Schroble Leila or Ray Kramer. Arbor. J Nick Brecht labor. I a Joe re such labor. I John Thiltgen Labo Anselm Reinert we. Hohnecker labor. Arthur Urpse labor Quot Quot Glenn Bradfield labor. Roy Bradfield. Labor. Quot Lawrence Bradfield labor ear Kidder labor Henry Peters labor. Kamey Noethe Labo. Albert Krapfl labs ii wrench Honkomp labor. 8.17 John Klosterman. Labor. Louis Hanolt labor. 2 a i of j. Hanfelt Labo. 2.10 John Chapman labor. 2.10 Ben Chapman labor. 2.10 Fred Sroka. Labor. 8.4�?~ Louis Sefzik labor. 4.73 alike Kopchynsky labor. 54�?T0 Elmer Lucas labor. 27.00 Emmett Kennedy labor. 121� Hilbert Esch labor. Nick Beckon labor. 52. Of 8.55 i Harold Stecklein labor. 50."3 24.21 j Val Tigges. Labor. 42. 0 to. J j Kirkland Roble labor. 34.0� 7.16 j Harlan Riegler labor. 31.65 27.50 i Russell Conrad labor. 29. »3 24.5 Joe Reinert labor. 31.55 2. <3 s Art Kieffer labor. 1l25 14.1 Paul Oberfoell labor. 25.85 17.am Vern. Smith labor. 30.6c 7.57 i Carl Schueller. Labor. 31.05 9.9j a Harold Brulz. Labor. 73. 7 5.j5 i Robert Witter labor. 84.cl i Herman Heltzman. Labor. 1.50 48.0 g. Hanm Ernnt labor. 23. >5 18.0 4 j Geo. Schueller labor. 48.00 Andrew rebuke labor. 3. 2 48.1j i Oliver Alerz. Labor. 19.25 48.j John Staiger labor. 31.35 5i. >0 i in o knifes labor. I 5ft 2.50 i Arthur Hochrein Laboi. 18. 7 2 Oft Illinois Central it. R. Co., freight 14.15 i Joseph g. Rausch labor. 21 77.0 j Arnold Rausch labor 70j� t j urn electric co repairs. 1.30 42.aft i John Otting labor. 55.13 i Arthur Mcginnis labor. 92.ut 9.7ft Frank a Liphy labor. 19.5 1 Vincent i firkin labor. I 0.5 i j. E. Be Herrmn. Repairs. 4.4-1 j a in to Oil co., Kero. 31.82a. A. Rhomberg toll. 11.15 Ralph Linden labor. I of a i i a St or Lyons labor. 104. 5 Wilson Slattery labor. 13.mi 32.03 i John g. Suhm repairs. 0 Ftp Standard Oil co., Oil. 93.�5 s3 a j in Versul c. A t. Co., repairs 3.69 30.90 Morrison Bros., repairs. To 30.00 j Midwest Timmerman co., repairs 42.4> 30.10 Midwest lumber co., Cement. 46.it i us j mid continent Petroleum corp Oil. Andrew Hartman labor. I Geo. Vav. Healey sons. Repairs. Austin Western Road Mach. Co., i repairs. J. D. Aftina co., repairs. A Gelsler Bros., repairs. I Joe Grimes labor. Louis a throne labor. Carr bro., in Hor. Jake Gaiman Lal it or. In uis Cummer labor. Nick Gansemer labor. Peter j. Pfoh i la sir. J. N. Seifker. Labor. Henry Goetzinger repairs. Ingersoll Rand inc., repairs. International Harv. Co., repairs. De Burger labor. John 8. Jaeger labor. Nick Krauer. Labor. Joe gravel labor. Tony Osterhaus labor. Nick Quint labor. Belsky Altor co., tires. Crawford tractor co., repairs. Vav. Daly labor. Leander Hoefer labor. Fred beater Man labor. Robert Atmore labor. Contractors Supply co., repairs. Central Battery amp elec. Co., repairs. H. Channon co., Chain. Xiv. Decker t co., repairs. Dukehart Ala Chinery co., repairs. Dubuque Auto Supply co., repairs Dubuque boat a boiler co. Inc. Repairs. Davenport locomotive a alg corp., Blades. Firestone service stores inc., tired. Ray Hogan garage repairs. Kretschmer Tredway co., repairs b. A g. Battery amp Blee. Co., repairs. F. M. Jaeger Howe. Co., repairs e. J. Voggenthaler co., repairs. Spahn amp Rose in it a. Co., lumber. P. J. Seippel lbs. C>., lumber. Dubuque powder co., dynamite. Gregor Hansen labor. Molo Oil co., Gas 1093.83 Molo ii co., a 1053 35 refund Earl g. Cook erroneous tax. State insane or. J. Of. Walker fees. John Duffy fees. County insane St. Joseph s sanitarium care. 543.35 poor fund j. H. Prier services. Frank d. Maters services. Joseph Lansing services. Frank Vii Tenbusch services. Frank Theisen salary. Pearl Wagner salary. John bitterly salary. Al Kalenberg salary. John Ernster salary. Peter Bartonick salary. Harry r. Smith Blind pension. William Hein Blind pension. Joseph Brake Blind pension. Mary Jordon Blind pension. Helen Brake Blind pension. Clara Ehrlich Blind pension Chaa. S. Heeren. Blind pension. Arthur Green Blind pension. George f. Gantert Blind pension. I oui Greenwood Blind pension. Earl Scharry Blind pension. A. I Hammel Blind pension. Mary Broseh Blind pension. Joseph Jochum Blind pension. Fannie Mcclain Blind pension. Joseph Hitchcock Blind pension. Joseph b. Kelly Blind pension. Beulah Rockwell Blind pension. Charles Nick Blind pension Alary Sullivan salary. Mrs. Lucille furry rent. Or. D. Schultz prov. Fred wis self grocery prov. Jungles grocery prov. Bus station Tram. I non bus station traits. Illinois Central r. Iran. Eastern Iowa flee. Co., co. Home Ray Keller labor. Or. H. A. Stribley need. Aid. 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A was a similar background for 1932 we have the Smoot Hawley Tariff Bill a Daniels said. A progressive republicans refused to support it. After its passage 1,084 of the country leading economists representing 46 states urged or. Hoover not to sign it. A senator Watson and other advised or. Hoover that unprecedented Prosperity would follow within 30 838.81 Days after the Smoot Hawley Bill went into effect. The inept or. Hoover listened to such advice he invited for himself the same Fate which befell or. Taft and he is going to get the full measure of it at the polls nor 8. Daniels called the Republica party a an enemy of Equality and an Agency of privilege a and said the voters will punish the leaders of that party. Daniels la returning to Bis Home at Raleigh. N. C., from Portland ore., where he addressed the National american legion convention. His speech Here was delivered before the Young Democrat club 162.7ft 3. 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Mrs. Ada Butler of grand rapids mich., made a voyage if 125 Miles by Rowboat Over Waters of her Home county. Cic Sibeo was a name Given in Italy to the professed Gallant or constant attendant upon a married lady. A have on elegant 4-room apart melt and on 5-room apartment furnished. White till Baths Hardwood floors a team heat furnished hot water Day and night every Day in the year. Kretzchmer in. Agency dance at the Imperial Garden Worthington Iowa tuesday sept. 27 Jimmie Raschel and his new Orleans Ramblers-�?13 pieces featuring miss Estelle Galloway direct from the Cotton club a v. Featured Over stations womb. Kaka Tam admission gentlemen 50c, including tax. Ladies 25� 7.50 7.50 7. A i 50 a Wodrick. Provisions. Lrich provisions. W in. Mentz provisions. Leter we to provision. Quot a Quot Els provisions. Well Iii provisions. P a. Walsh provision. Leo. Westercamp provisions a Drlich provisions. K Henry meals. 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J77 choose now from our 19 3 3 line of Mayflower Wall paper Willging 1585 Central Avenue phone 141s dancing Tonitte Crystal ballroom Crusoe Cotton pickers ladies�?15c free tax service from car line gents�?s5c we give popularity votes old time dance Center Grove Park wednesday sept. Z8 Little German band broadcasting Over wet taxi service from car line expert Auto electricians at your service generators tires batteries starters distributors speedometers fuel pumps Windshield wipers. Radiators repaired Pedrick Piston rings you need us we need you lets get acquainted Central Battery amp electric co. Fourth and main Ste. Phone 654 Clyde i taif to aites Totite Woodland a a Iowa a finest ballroom gentlemen�?35c la0les-2�� interstate Power bus service from 7th end main Street Royal palais monday sept. 26 music corporation of America through special arrangements made with the Rianon ballroom presents for one night Only Bernie Cummins ms0 new yorkers orchestra Pei sn0n americans most sensational orchestra. Famous for their National broadcasts and Victor records and for their Long engagements in americans greatest hotels and ballrooms. Leaving the Rianon ballroom and station win for this one night Only at a tremendous expense. Here is your one Chance to hear the fast word in wonderful music and entertainment a new thrill awaits you. These Are the unbelievable admission prices at Gate. 40c a person at door 40c a person the worlds greatest bargain

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