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Dubuque Telegraph Herald And Times Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1934, Page 5

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald And Times Journal (Newspaper) - January 28, 1934, Dubuque, Iowa January 28, 1934 Telegraph Herald and times journal. Dubuque i a. Five Dillinger s father haunted by visions of doom for Midwest Bandit terror desperado blames Long sentence for fall by Nea service. Mooresville pictures Rise to haunt John Dillinger sr., As he goes about his daily tasks in this Little town beset by a dread that never allows him peace. One is the picture of a husky smiling lad left Motherless at three cheerfully running errands at an old fashioned grocery helping with farm chores Rushing away happily for a Days fishing. The other is that of a Bandit snarling his hatred for the Law the maniacal gleam in his eyes that betrays the killer recently captured in Tucson Arizona. They Are pictures of his son John Dillinger jr., most hunted desperado in the Middle West Bank robber jail breaker and murderer. Shock to Home town. Mooresville Folk who knew do linger when he was a boy find it difficult to believe he is a desperate criminal. A a steady Good hearted boy until they sent him to prison Quot they say and shake their Heads As they blame Quot bad company Quot for his fail. Dillinger now 30 years old was sentenced to Indiana state prison in oct. 15, 1924, on conviction of a charge of assault and Battery and robbery his first offence and was paroled in 1932. Quot my Home environment had nothing to do with my career of crime Quot he wrote to his father the Day before gangster friends freed him from Lima o., jail killing the sheriff in the Rescue. A if they Hadnot Given me such a Long prison term for my first offence this might not have happened. Knows he can twin. Quot i went in a Carefree boy and came out a hardened criminal. Leniency might have saved me. I know i can twin in this Back of prison Walls was born the hatred that Dillinger bears toward society flaming into an insanity that finds outlet Only in killing. Quot he holds a terrible hate for society Quot his father says. Quot he curses the Law and feels that everyone a hand is against after his parole from the Indiana state prison at Michigan City John jr., came Home. He helped with work on the farm but was restless and Moody. Frequently he made trips to Indianapolis and there Drift a father who lives in constant fear of word that his son has met a bandits doom is John Dillinger sr., Mooresville ind., shown at the right in a recent picture. Above John Dillinger jr., As a boy. Inset lower right the Bandit today. De into association with criminals. Hides from pursuers. Early in 1933, after a sensational robbery in Indianapolis police sought him As a suspect. But he hid in the barn at his fathers Home gun ready and eluded the officers. Quot put that gun away son Quot pleaded his father. Quot you were at Home at the time of this crime. Give yourself up to the police and prove that you Are but John jr., refused. Then he left Home and a few weeks later was captured As a suspect in several robberies and placed in the Allen county jail at Lima As he sat in his cell one night last october three men walked into the jail downtown in Lima and into the room where sheriff Jess Sarber his wife and a Deputy sat. Kill sheriff in Rescue. Quot we re Michigan officers Here to return John Dillinger a they said. As the sheriff asked for their credentials one of the gunmen stepped Forward shot the sheriff dead seized the jail keys and forced mrs. Sarber and the Deputy into a cell. Then the three freed Dillinger and All fled in an automobile parked outside the jail Entrance. A few Days later John stopped for a few minutes at his fathers Home. Quot that a the last time i saw him Quot says Dillinger or. Quot he came to the House cursed the Law and rent on his keeps Indiana in terror. Then began the reign of terror in Indiana when Banks were robbed policemen shot and police stations held up. National guardsmen paroled the state aided by state police and scores of american legionnaires. Dillinger was branded the Leader of the terror gang made up largely of the to convicts who had escaped from Indiana state prison in september. With Pursuit growing hot the gangsters turned to Chicago. There they were joined by remnants of gangs which had been shattered by the Law and again terror ruled with Dillinger accused As the master mind. An unerring shot he fought his Way out of trap after trap Laid for Chicago police. He is accused of slaying an officer in a mail robbery of shooting two Highway policemen in a suburban Holdup of killing an East Chicago ind., policeman in the $20,000 robbery of the first National Bank there robbing a Bank of $8,000 in Nauvoo 111., in addition to numerous other robberies in the Chicago District. Father lives in fear. Quot i Hope he a not guilty of All the cases they Lay at his door a says his father shaking his head mournfully. Work a week. Orders to Stop work for the present on All projects came thursday afternoon. Only the select projects will be carried through to completion telegrams stated. William a. Loy president of the Grant county horse breeders association sent out a Call saturday for a meeting of the association to be held in Lancaster feb. To beginning at 1 30 of clock. A special meeting of the directors will take place at the same time. Elkader news Cresco news Cresco Riceville will celebrate president Roosevelt a birthday at the Rainbow Hall tuesday evening. The grand March will begin at 9 of clock. L. F. Larch of Des Moines District Cwa safety supervisor was in Cresco riday inspecting the projects and assisting in the prevention of injuries and accidents to Cwa employees. He also held a safety meeting. Elkader Bovine tuberculosis eradication work in Clayton county under the direction of or. C. J. Of Brien u. S. Veterinarian has progressed during the last six months despite the Lack of funds available in the county until at present a total of 48,780 head of cattle have been tested with Only 298 reactors showing up which is a fraction Over one half of one per cent it was announced saturday. Efforts Are being made to clean up the work in the county As soon As possible according to or. O Brien in order to get the county accredited As soon As possible. Six Hundred and eighty four herds remain to be tested of which there Are 161 infected herds to be gone Over. Paul g. Maher former Elkader resident has been made Industrial agent for the Missouri Pacific Railroad according to word received Here. Maher has been in the employment of the Railroad since 1919 and at present will be located at Harlingen Texas. Vincent Hyke employed As a farm hand on the William Owens farm North of Cresco Cut himself with an axe while cutting Wood Friday. The wound required four stitches. The re decorating of the farm Bureau office has been completed. The office Force moved in Friday. Miss Catherine Staebell entertained her Bridge club thursday evening. Miss sue Lusson won High honors and miss Nora Malek won the Low prize. Long classes and 12 for the afternoon classes. The work is to extend Over a period of eight weeks with instructions being Given in Clay modelling colouring play work and games. Members of the Christian mothers and daughters study club met wednesday afternoon at the Home of mrs. Michael Miller. The study of the mass was continued. A card party was held at the k. Of c. Hall thursday evening for the Benefit of St. Josephus athletic fund. Euchre "500&Quot and Bridge were played and prizes were won by miss Amy Joe Donlon Gertrude of Brien and Bernard Hurley. Delaware news the annual father son banquet. Sponsored by the local commercial club will be held monday evening feb. 5, according to present plans of the organization. Each member of the club is to invite a son or some other Young boy about town to take part in the event. Wheeling w. Va., is the Only City on route 40 National Highway Between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts which permits collection of Bridge tolls. A pre school for children Between the Ages of three and five years has been started Here with mrs. Donald Johnston in charge. The school is a Cwa project which has been approved locally. The school is conducted at mrs. Johnston a Home in East Elkader with classes being held both afternoon and morning. A total of 18 children has been enrolled for the morn Delaware mrs. C. C. Dickey entertained a company of eight guests and miss Wilhelmina Roll Delaware teacher Friday complimentary to the sixth birthday of mrs. Dickey a Niece Alice Dickey. Walter Ortberg will Kragenbrink and Walter Ortberg of Earlville conducted a Corn hog instruction meeting at the Delaware l. C. A. Hall Friday. The sign up Campaign will be held at the same Hall saturday feb. 3. Earlville news Earlville the Bart Ville congregational Church will observe its seventy fifth anniversary or Diamond Jubilee saturday and sunday feb. 3 and 4. A Fellowship meeting will be held on saturday afternoon while in the evening a play entitled Quot the old Peaboby Pew Quot will be presented. Or. P. A. Johnson of Grinnell superintendent of the Iowa congregational conference will give the anniversary address sunday. The Rev. Frank Moore pastor of the Community Church at Manchester and the Rev. I. C. Smith pastor of the local m. E. Church will be the principal speakers at the sunday evening service. Special services and programs will be held throughout the Day with talks by former members. The Rev. A. W. Sinden is pastor of the local congregational Church. The adult Bible class of the congregational sunday school sponsored a program and pot Luck supper at the Church Parlours wednesday evening. Mrs. Lulu Hunt was hostess to Tbs Outlook club at a i o clock luncheon at her Home thursday. The past worthy matrons club held its january meeting at the Home of mrs. A. J. Faust Friday. Ooi trs Bot a disease Milwaukee i s it has been brought to Light a by scientific research that goitre is not a disease and a not to be treated As such. Rock dept 193, Box 737, Milwaukee wis a prominent goitre special 1st for Over 30 years has perfected a different Beth of of treatment which has proven highly successful he is opposed to needless hat pub lashed a copyrighted Book at his own expanse which tells about goitre and this treatment. It he will acad this Book free to anyone interested. Write him today Here a what a famous racing Driver humane society column the Blessing of St. Anthony Down in san Antonio a quaint custom dating Back three centuries before Christ has been revived and on january 17th, the feast of St. Anthony de Abad father Gerard Alsina pastor of St. Felipe de Jesue Church blesses the animals that Are brought to him in the Little Square in front of the Church. Eager owners with their pets and working animals Are there waiting anxiously for the Blessing and around them crowd hundreds of people who have come to witness the ceremony. And the horses and mules stand expectantly and the dogs and cats and Birds wait silently while the Good father descends the Steps of the Church to utter the words which include All the creatures of gods creation in the divine compassion. Quot Christ once said to those around not a Sparrow on the ground Falls but that our father sees and knows it too. So wherever you May find helpless creatures just be kind for the same god watches Over them and the old levee fire perhaps you do not remember it but some of us do. Many of us. Indeed recollect that night. You May look it up in the old files of the Telegraph Herald and find the following Story of bravery on the part of a female Irish setter who perched while seeking her master in the flames. Well let the newspaper Tell the Story. wrote the reporter Quot has the Devotion of a dog to its master been better exemplified than in the death of a Fine Irish setter in the levee fire thursday night. Fearful that her master Leonard Miller Engineer of the Iroquois Button company was still in the burning building the dog made three different attempts to find him in the flames and finally perished in agony. Twice the night watchman rescued her and As often she got away from in and ran Back into the building. The third time he could not get her because of the Progress of the fire. Miller himself was not around the factory after supper but the dog. Which appeared at the Plant about 9 of clock seemed to fancy he was. The watchman let her run around the building to satisfy her and she Sank to sleep quietly enough Down stairs. Save Money on your dental work Silver fillings .91.00 enamel fillings .92.00 Teeth cleaned .91.00 Platea at Low Ai $10 plates made in one Day All work guaranteed or. Horton dentist i years in Dubuque seventh and main Streeta i when the fire broke out however she became frantic and rushed to the third floor looking for Miller. I the watchman missed her and ran i up stairs after her. He carried her Down despite her struggles. At the door he let her Down close to it. The dog turned like a Flash and dashed Back into the building. By this time the flames were at hand. A second time he caught her and brought her Down and this time closed the door on her. A Little later he missed her saw the door open and guessed the truth. He rushed in but was too late. From the midst of the flames upstairs came a whine followed by a howl of pain. The Noble animal was shut off from egress. The dog which died so pitiable was a thoroughbred Irish setter Well marked and 14 years old. She had been raised from Puppy Hood by Many other stories could doubtless be told of Dubuque dogs who have distinguished themselves by acts of courage. And there Are the countless stories in which they have exhibited an understanding which saved a serious situation. The other Day we were told the Story of a dog which had found his mistress very ill in one of the rooms of the House and had insisted upon informing the rest of the family. He loudly barked his anxiety but no one would listen. In fact they became annoyed by his persistency and ordered him out of the room. He obeyed very much crestfallen but when he found his mistress lying unconscious As he had left her upon the floor where she had fallen he just had to go Back and do his Best to Tell the family again. Once More he was scolded and went out. But by this time someone had become curious and followed him. They found him sitting forlornly at his mistresses Side whining his distress. And it might have been much More serious than even he could imagine if he had not succeeded in telling them that something was wrong who Are the dog prisoners that is what everyone is talking about that is everyone who likes dogs. That does not mean dog owners necessarily. For dog owners include All sorts of persons not Only dog lovers but dog haters even perhaps dog prisoners. That is the tragic part of the dog business you will find it out if you have much to Dew 1th a humane society. Dodge often find among dog owners their worst enemies. This is so True that in England a Law has recently been passed Quot under which a person guilty of Gross cruelty to a dog May be deprived of the right to keep some persons should never own a dog. This English Law recognizes that fact. But there is another fact that enters into the situation of the dog owner and the dog. The dog owner May like his own dog Well enough not to treat it brutally at least but he May dislike other dogs. We have had some disagreeable cases like this in Dubuque. Dog owners who do not want other dogs on their premises or in their proximity resort too often to the most cruel measures to Quot get ride of them. Therefore of you Are interested As we Hope you Are in discovering the identity of the dog prisoners who Are now working in West Dubuque and in the Vicinity of Ambrose Street and who May soon appear again in other parts of town notably lower Bluff and Southern Avenue where they have worked in the past do not think you May necessarily find them to be persons who do not own dogs of their own. This does not mean that he she or All of them do own dogs. It Means that you May look for them everywhere. The Breeding season right now it is the Breeding season. If there Are any disturbances in your part of town because of this. Notify the society whose officer will babe Ruth most photographed Man in world but president Roosevelt is gaining rapidly Fred Frame a famous racing Driver. Tamer of Indianapolis Speedway classic 1932. Winner of Elgin Stock car Roca 1933. Holder of Twenty one National and interaction Al worlds Straightaway records. Says about by a. L. Murphy news editor associated press photo service. New York a5 a who is the most photographed person in the world everyone has had his picture taken once or twice but what Man or woman has faced the camera More times than anyone else the Correct answer is babe Ruth. Colonel and mrs. Lindbergh would be first of they did not shun the Public Eye. Calvin Coolidge had front rank until his death a year ago. Roosevelt gaining. There Are Many runners up but none except the president really rivals Ruth. Roosevelt is gaining ground rapidly and indications Are that he will pass the babe in a year or so. The Prince of Wales is photographed whenever he makes a Public appearance. Jimmie Walker was Quot shot Quot almost Dally until he resigned As mayor of new York and Douglas Fairbanks Jack Dempsey mrs. Roosevelt Mary Pickford Al Smith Hitler Mussolini and Herbert Hoover were among those who had to be considered in making this selection. Babe a in detail. Although Ruth broke into the major leagues in 1914, it Wasny to until about 1920 that the news photographers began to pay him particular attention and that attention has continued and increased to this Day. The actual playing season of baseball is Short but in recent years the picture taking of babe has continued throughout the year. To illustrate this Point the files of the associated press contain among numerous others these off be glad to advise the dog owner who is often ignorant or negligent As to the Best method of taking care of his Mother dog. It would seem As a though with a society who is willing to be the go Between in the matter i of Quot dog nuisance a there should be j no excuse for the existence of such i despicable brutality As dog Poison i Long. We Call your attention to the standing offer of $100 Reward to any person who will give evidence that will bring about the conviction of a person charged with the poisoning of dogs. In the meanwhile we urge All dog owners who Are also dog lovers to protect their pets by keeping them at Home and by taking them out on a Leash. Do not even let them out in j the Yard for dog prisoners throw their poisoned bait everywhere. At the shelter the Little White Spizie Pup the Collie youngster the smiling Shepherd the Fox terrier and the neat Black and White nameless dog Are still there hoping to get owners. There is also a pretty Little thing called Dolores and a Brown and White Fox terrier lady with the new name of Judy. The pups Are enjoying three new watertight barrels for daytime j houses. This week the Yards have been a sight on account of the melting. There were some Fine donations of food and they were needed membership did you know that you could become a member by donating one Dollar a year and speaking of dog owners there Arentt Twenty five dog owners in Dubuque who Are mein hers address miss Frances Couch president. 701 Bluff Street season pictures of Ruth Riding horseback fishing playing Golf and billiards Spectator at boxing bouts Polo matches Cricket refer eng boxing bouts in a dentist chair working out at a gym banquets benefits and Beefsteak and Quot at baseball pictures. The gym workout and some of the others Are annual Winter features. And baseball Well to give just a Little idea during regular season games in new York the camera will be clicked on the Home run King 20 to 30 times during each game. During a world series of five games he has his picture taken at least 350 times and Ruth has played in to world series. It would be difficult to compute the number of feet of film the newsreels have made of Ruth since 1914. The same is True of the Amateur still photographers whose output of Quot Ruth Quot pictures is too prolific to be ignored. Ruth has head Start. While Ruth a pictures have been accumulating for 20 years it is interesting to note his closest rival the president started to have his picture taken As a big leaguer Only a year and a half ago. The explanation of this sudden Rise is the personality of the president plus the fact that news photographers become the constant companions of a Man the moment he is nominated for the presidency. He does no to go anywhere without them camera Are vigilant. Roosevelt and Hoover were each accompanied by seven photographers on the Long Campaign tips and that number was augmented at every Stop. This vigilance on the part of the photographers continues until the president has retired to private life. Then and Only then does it taper off. While the babe May Wear the Quot most photographed Quot Crown Only a Little while longer he always will be a favorite of the news photographers he never says Quot not to their a just one the new Ford v-8 Quot i picked a Ford v-8 for the 1933 Stock car race at Elgin and i thought it was a great car when it brought me Home in front. It takes a lot of automobile to average 80.22 Miles an hour for 200 Miles Over in course like that Quot when i heard that the 1934 Ford v-8 was even better than the 1933 Job i was just a Little doubtful it just did no to seem possible but i thought id find out. Quot i could see it was better looking but i Wasny to much interested in that. The thing a racing Driver looks at is the engine. How does it sound How is it built How fast will it go How does it stack up on Gas and Oil Quot so i took it out on the Road and opened it up. It held the Road like a Veteran and the Way that speedometer touched the top numbers was something to talk about. If id had that car in the Elgin race id have averaged closer to 90 than 80 Quot you can put me Down As saying this new Ford v-8 is going to go places in 1934. Its a Sweet Job All the Way through and that new dual carburetion system is going to save you a lot of Money on Fred Frame winning 1933 Elgin Road Roca in Ford v-8 the outstanding value for 1934 eleven body types 515. F. O. B. Detroit pins freight delivery my Tex. Bumpers my spore tire extra. Convenient terms through a it Borts so Ford finance films of Universal credit comp my Platteville new Platteville the Platteville High school band mothers association is sponsoring a dance at the High school next saturday night proceeds will be used in providing additional uniforms and instruments. A new eight room two Story Frame dwelling is being built on the John Steffen farm to replace the Home burned Down late last november. The new Home will be ready for occupancy about March i. Albert e. Austin tavern keeper of Fennimore has been adjudicated bankrupt in Federal court for the Western Wisconsin District listing liabilities amounting to $1,956 and assets of $1,173. A meeting of creditors has been called to be held before referee in bankruptcy Milo f. Riley. Cwa authorities for Grant county j received a Telegram Friday morning j ordering 54 men be put to work monday morning checking traffic in Grant county regardless of the confusion prevailing on account of reducing Grant county a quota to 796 men As against 1,590 doing two Days drive the new Ford and be convinced Universal car amp tractor co. 930-990 Central Avenue phone 560 1

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