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Dubuque Telegraph Herald And Times Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1930, Page 1

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Dubuque Telegraph Herald And Times Journal (Newspaper) - August 10, 1930, Dubuque, Iowa The weather. Sunday fair and cooler. Sunday morning edition Dubuque Iowa sunday Augustio 1930 Intro journal Price 7 cents volume 86, number 5�?20 pages Tipton bandits make getaway slain vigilante officers and victim robbery spent several hours in Dubuque and East Dubuque a failure kidnapped Farmer to Tell officers aids escape Washington aug. 9.�? up a pre sift Hoover today summoned Secretary Hyde and James c. Stone farm Hoard member to his Virginia ramp for further conferences the drought situation. The agriculture Secretary and . G one left immediately for the Kaplan River Lodge. Stone has just returned from a Survey trip in the Modle West and South particularly in Kentucky and he will Lay the Rew information before the president. Secretary Hyde will supplement Frone s reports with any additional advices from the weather Bureau As to prospects Relief. The White House announced today the replies governors Reed Kansas and Parnell Arkansas saying they would be hand for the conference Between the president. Government officials and governors the states affected thursday additional replies were expected during the Day. Des Moines la., aug. 9 a a a it a an invitation from president Hoover asking governor John Hammill to attend the conference drought Relief at Washington thursday was reined at the governors office this morning. The governor however had not p Al time to consider the invitation isred it was Uncertain whether he round decide to attend the meeting. Washington. Aug. 9.�? up it Hoovert organizing talents rare concentrated today is the task if welding together an effective Cain sign for relieving the sufferings he drought stricken country. As a first step the chief executive has called the governors the nest seriously affected states to j acct with him Here next thursday0 determine a method bringing to play All available state and j Canty agencies for Relief with the operation various Federal j branches and the red Cross. Meanwhile at his Virginia fishing amp . Hoover was studying care ully the Field reports compiled by j he department agriculture Defin j be the ascertained damage maps j it the stricken area. Minong affected. Announcing his decision to Call the governors late yesterday the pre sift said preliminary reports indicted approximately 1,000,006 farm families were affected together with Bestock amounting to 12 per cent f the total annual population the country. In a lengthy statement surveying the situation . Hoover Aid the situation was one to cause 1 great Deal concern. At the same time the chief Edgecu Ive asked acting chairman Bicknell a he red Cross to have his Organ tation prepare to relieve any Burian suffering. I Emma big Bear and son John Winnebago indians Mcgregor Heights Selling Indian baskets to wild life students 12 . And mrs. Sam Shales Sumner la., who have attended the wild life school every year its 12 years existence <31 wild life school at pictured rocks 4 w. Merkens Des Moines gov. John Hammill and c. Fulton. Fairfield. La. 5 Ray c. Steele left Winona minn., superintendent upper Mississippi wild life Refuge and Paul g. Reddington Washington. D. C., chief 17. S. Biological Survey. Mcgregor la. Aug. 9.special faculty arrivals at the wild life school saturday were . Charas e. Keyes Cornell Coheva and . T. A Sawaf the department ecology Iowa stat it Utteg. Batwing Newt arrived students Are mrs. A. W. Stearns and Bryce Stearns Manchester ii., and mrs. Charles Bailey Cedar Falls. Or. Keyes gave the first talk to the shool saturday morning using the subject a late archaeological. Talks were Given by . Bohumil Shumek a the geology Iowa a . Vernon Bailey a predatory animals and their control and by i. T. Bade sex continued Page 2. On the basis the agricultural Ftp rement Survey conditions As f August i the president said the nost acute shortage animal feed tops was in Southeastern Missouri Northern Arkansas Southern Illinois Outha in Indiana Southern Ohio a but Lucky Northern West Virginia. L a Northern Virginia with smaller Orcas in Montana Kansas Iowa and Ohraska. However. A reduction de crops in the other states also a a noted and the president said ovo nors one two other states say be asked later to attend. Coolidge article draws Navy Wrath maybe a Cal will blame the Printer lovers not daunted by dying curse Newark. N. J., aug. 9.�? Ward Keller and his sister in Law mrs. Florence Keller have decided to disregard the curse a dying called Down them As he took his life. Unmindful Henry Keller s ill do you More harm dead the brother and widow Florence two blown to pieces in Bank Marion ind., aug. 9�?uns a two companies the Indiana National guard detained Here shortly after Dawn today and were immediately placed duty patrolling the negro quarters the City. The troops were rushed to Marion to prevent a possible recurrence tile violence which thursday night resulted in the Lynching two negroes accused attacking a White girl and murdering her escort. The arrival the guardsmen gave the town a warlike aspect As the Khaki Clad columns marched from their special train to quarters assigned to them in the civic Hail. Details were immediately posted in the More dangerous areas. The soldiers., members company i South Bend commanded by Captain Robert f. Durbin and company a. Of fort Wayne under the command Captain John f. Houck had been at Camp Knox. By. For their summer Encampment. They were taken in trucks to Louisville and there boarded a train for Marion. Negroes leave. The companies were from the fifteenth infantry. The 150 joined col. George Healy who flew Here i from Camp Knox late yesterday to Tak charge the menacing situation. I during the night 260 negro and women left Marlon for the Small settlement Deaver ind. About seven Miles Distant evidently tearing further outbreaks violence. 4 the National guardsmen were requested by major Jack Edwards the i town s Youthful is Only 2?,�? when negro leaders advised him that trouble might be expected. O. O. Chaser Secretary to governor Harry g. Lei tie. At first refused to Send the troops but later complied with mayor Edwards request. The governor who is said to be in can. Ada. Could not be reached. Prosecuting attorney h. F. Hardin declared that he would place Evi i Dence before the september grand jury regarding the actions a numbering about 2.666 persons j which stormed the Grant county jail overpowered the keepers. And lynched Thomas Shipp 19, and Abraham Smith 18, negroes who had if Robert Moore Tipton Farmer had not heeded the order to drive for at least an hour before saying i anything to anyone the chances Are that the three Bahnita who shot and killed r. G. Sproat a Cedar county vigilante while fleeing after robbing a drug store at Davenport Friday morning would have been captured Friday night in either East Dubuque Galena. Moore who was kidnapped by the bandits was released by them in East Dubuque shortly after 9 clock Friday night. He then drove his car Back across the Dubuque East Dubuque High Bridge and kept quiet until he reached Maquoketa. There he inquired the Way to Stanwood. Several persons recognized his car As the one being sought and he was taken to the sheriffs office where he told his Story. Word received Here. The sheriff at Maquoketa then Tele phoned to sheriff Kennedy a office in Dubuque and the sheriffs office in turn notified the police. Captain George Stoltz and officers Deluhery and Horsfall sped across the Bridge to East Dubuque in a police car. There they Learned that the three bandits had been driven to Galena by Clem Franzen East Dubuque who had no knowledge the fact that they were a _ a i bandits. The officers Learned that the i bandits had alighted from the car above left. R. G. Sproat. Killed by driven by Franzen in front the Bandit Trio right. Sheriff c. H. Al j merchants cafe. Galena and that Wood Cedar county below left they had gone into the cafe for a Hugo Lait. Davenport druggist lunch. Robbed by bandits and right Constable John Carey Cedar county. A photo by fro kidnapped Farmer describes ride with 3 bandits who murdered Tipton vigilante stranger drops bomb confessed attacking miss Mary r Ball a White girl after murdering after asking loan ties Moises. La., aug. 9.�? up a seckary agriculture Mark g. Thorning today took a reassuring attitude Barding the drought damage in although saying that some coun-r5t have been affected by the pro gang a dry weather he believes a a a As this week however slight have rpt the situation from becoming continued Page z. Aged arrested in connection with death brother Marietta o., aug. 9 a Wrath 76-year-old rancher was argued today in connection with the i Dor his brother John 77, who a beaten to death last night Supply by three bandits and robbed Between $15,606 and $26,000 in a Ney and government Bonds. Con Rath was taken into custody f he made his Way two Railes pm his Home to a neighbor and told in three masked invaded their inc. Trussed him and threw him a closet and then attacked and led his brother. Sheriff Herley Way dissatisfied the Conrath a Story ordered the pm locked up for questioning. He Conrath Home is in an isolated Fotion the cat Creek Hills District a Lowell. John Conrath owned the Combina a farm and sheep ranch the Broth operated. He was considered Althy and according to Henry had Feen $15,066 and $26,000 in Money dieted about Iii Washington aug. 9.�? up a the Navy department which not so Long ago took . Calvin Coolidge a slight threat est word As Law today was rec than alive Ord with an objection to a pronounce he married sunday ment the former president. Keller thus will wed the she in a recent syndicated article by loved and seek to forget an Hunsuc . Coolidge dealing with aircraft Cess Ful marriage contracted in pity. There occurred the sentence j Henry 22, and Edward 23, had j five a n. After Cia aaa a Navy office reports that the been inseparable Ever since youth. J w Marshall assistant rasher a Noh a i Thuv in Inoh Tho Marine my Teeth. I a Marana i assistant cashier As seriously injured. He was taken to the operating room at har Ria Hospital. Clifton Magers. 8, was Cut by flying Glass. The blast occurred shortly before murdering her escort Claude Deeter 23. Deputy attorneys general Stroup and Wall conferred with Hardin and it is understood they discussed the fort Worth tex., aug. 9.�? up a advisability calling a court in pred l. Pelton vice president and Quiry a Legal procedure rarely re cashier the stockyards National sorted to. Such a court could Bank and an unidentified bomber were killed several others were injured and the Bank was badly wrecked today when the bomber dropped a bag containing num Best engine is made abroad. The Navy has Long prided itself that it has the Best air plane engines Ever made and two its High officials acting Secretary Jahncke and rear Admiral William a. Moffett chief the Bureau aeronautics they joined the Marine corps together and fell in love with the same girl. Moved by pity. When Florence told Henry she preferred Edward. Henry attempted suicide and was ill for months. Pity ing him. Florence agreed to marry were Quick to say so after Reading the younger brother the Coolidge article. But their married life was Unap a typographical error however. J by and after four months Florence May be responsible for the conflict. I and Edward realized they still loved . Coolidge intended to say a each other. It was when Edward Fleer instead a a office there would told his brother that the situation be Little cause for complaint the j could not be endured and asked Hen part the Navy for one its by to divorce his wife that the latter leers lieutenant t. W. G. Settle brought his curse upon them noted balloonist recently observed death letter in an article that a German engine j one Day he sat near a Gas Jet and was the Only dirigible Power Plant began writing notes. So far fully tried and developed j Quot i used to love he wrote to the Coolidge article started with a his wife a but i die hating you and reference to the flight the r-166, though it discussed aviation in general. The air cooled engines which the Navy helped develop said . Jahncke a Are without superiors anywhere in the world and Are produced in quantities by several american aircraft manufacturing con my brother too he turned the Gas and continued writing. A this would be a real Opportunity for an essay a How it feels to sentence oneself to die but who cares it won t matter a bit 160 years from now. A and then so Many damned Sui Moffet said there were Only two irides have an idea that the rest exceptions to american aircraft in j the world is going to be interested in Gine superiority the German May their theories a the uselessness Bach lighter than aircraft engine and j living the a fascination death some air plane motors More than 1,600 horsepower developed abroad As a result Schneider cup Competition. Noon. The carrying the Satchel came to the desk w. L pier president the Bank and demanded $10,006. He was desperate a i m desperate a he said. A i want the Money Quick. There is a Price my head and i done to care what happens to me. There is nitroglycerine in this he warned pier not to notify police. While Pelton whose desk Quot adjoined piers engaged the in conversation the Bank president went behind the cages and told the tellers to count out $10,660 in currency. Then he telephoned chief police Lee. The latter was out the City and pier called the North Side police station informing officers what was happening. He warned them to remain outside the Bank and Walt for the stranger to go out with the Money. Pier said that while he was calling the explosion occurred. Both Pelton and the stranger continued Page 2. Death toll in mine disaster is seven horse feathers. They Are interest j a i in the prohibition question and Vav Oman Ana i Briner in crime sentenced to electric chaired the Price eggs in then his handwriting showing the effects the Gas a a in la bet Florence and de Are having uneasy dreams now. It is hard to die when one is Young. Now i wish oblivion would new Castle. Pa., aug. 9.�? a a mrs. Irene Schroeder and w. Glenn Dague both Wheeling. W. Va., today were Pottsville aug. 9 a a n sentenced to die in the electric chair caught in a Fah timbers and de slippers a jetty in Lucr for the killing Highway patrol Bris in the Gilberton Colliery the Taffs will corp ral Brady Paul near Here last Philadelphia and Reading Coal and 1 Radii lev Iii Flop dec. 27. Iron company last night seven i judge r. L. Hildebrand sentenced ers were killed and is others injured. Quincy 111., aug. 9.�? up a shippers the pair after refusing to Grant them three those who escaped with Here discredited reports yesterday new trials. The Date for the exec their lives were injured so severely that River traffic Between St. Louis Hon will be set by the governor they May not recover Hospital Phy mo., and Keokuk la., might be Sui with the passing sentence the so cans said today. Pended because Low water. Fates the woman Bandit and the Twenty three were working the Only bad spot Between the two who deserted his wife and Chil in the third level about 1966 feet shipping Points was said by c. Below the surface when the Accident Cordsiemon Quincy agent the occurred due investigators believed Eagle packet company to be a Sand to a sudden collapse timbering bar at Alton. He said that the Sand the dead and severely injured were bar which was struck by a boat buried under tons site Coal and his company a line several weeks ago. Dirt while the others shaped the is now being removed by govern Luu Force Tbs Ava Iaac Cag dredge Dren to accompany her a career crime passed from the bands Tbs Lawrence county courts. The two were convicted last Spring after prolonged trials following their capture in Arizona in a gun Battle in which a Deputy sheriff was wounded Halljr. Tain immediate testimony for use later before the grand jury. Rope makes souvenirs. The bodies the two Lynching victims remained suspended until Early Friday. Throngs curious viewed them and when they had been Cut Down and sent to Muncie ind., bits the rope were eagerly sought As souvenirs. A third negro. Robert Sullivan was taken from the jail and badly beaten but was spared by the upon the urging miss bail s Uncle. It is understood he was mistaken for Herbert Cameron a negro arrested with Shipp and Smith. Warnings that further trouble was possible were Given mayor Edwards by the Rev. William Oglesby and . W. T. Bailey outstanding coloured citizens Marion and members the National association for the advancement coloured people. Sheriff Jacob Campbell who was in charge defending the jail and its prisoners yesterday assumed full responsibility for not using firearms streams water to disperse the . A i did not want to harm the women and children whom there were plenty in the and i thought it better that they do what they did than Hurt innocent people Quot he said. The three Dubuque officers then sped to Galena and carried a search there together with to Daviess county and Galena officers but no tract the mrs was found. Illinois state Highway police also joined in the search and no. 26 was blocked by officers West to Freeport. It is believed the bandits hopped a train at Galena and went to Chicago. To Daviess county Bank guards searched throughout the county almost ail Friday night for the three . But Only Learned that and mrs. Mcelroy prepared a meal they had eaten at a Galena restau for him. And he talked while he ate. Rant. No cars were reported solider talking to the police at do no. To h the have left this i Tuque and to his people at Home Vin try. They May have taken a train who came for him at i clock. A West bound passenger train leaves the had not threatened him. Atje clock p. Inland they could he declared. They had first planned have taken one a number to put him out the car and leave freights. Him. But changed their minds and Franzen Tell his Story. Clem Franzen whose father is a describes bandits. J East Dubuque was Seaton was about 19. He said and this j front t tem lasts garage lad declared that he had been in the East Dubuque at 9 36 clock Fri when they told him to drive for at business hold ups since he was Day a tent when three Young least an hour before saying anything i3f an it i Gaid be had been in a nuni Cara along. The tallest one the to anyone. He did t know they had Ber reformatories. The others Trio told that they wanted ranges up to 25, he thought. One t0 to Galena. The oldest wore glasses. One had Franzen told them there would not two cuts his left hand not severe. A train for Galena until Early though they bled badly. Saturday morning. Goose Lake and Green Island and pm done to know what we re going to Bellevue were included in their do and How we re going to get itinerary Friday Moore said. At do the fellow said. According to Buque the came upon the toll Franzen. A a in be got a sister waiting Bridge 61 unexpectedly and being me there and we be got to get unable to turn around decided to run there tonight some the risk getting stopped. The toll a he then asked Franzen if there paid no attention to the car. And j a car Handy and offered to pay Maquoketa to. Aug. 9�?special shaken and dazed. Robert Moore Farmer near Tipton drove his Marquette car. Bearing an Iowa License number 16�?3810. Into Maquoketa Friday evening at la clock and inquired the Way to Stanwood. A few minutes later he was his Way to the sheriff s office where he told Riding a1 Day with the ban kept him with them. Tilts who killed r. G. Sproal Tipton and leaving them in East Dubuque about 9 30 Friday night killed Sproat. Though till he Learned it in the office the county sheriff Dell Mcelroy. Up and Down the highways and the Side roads they had driven All Day and Only once had they seen anyone that seemed to be looking for them and that was in Lowden Early in the morning. They bought gasoline at the Edge Clinton they had the car repaired at a Small country garage North Sabula they crossed the toll Bridge Highway no. 61 at him Franzen if he would drive them to Galena. Franzen said. That in order to be Jack Pickford will take third wife Salinas cal., aug. 9.�? a it a Jack Pickford. Screen actor was today making preparations for his third trip to the altar this time with miss Mary Mulhern. New York stage actress with whom he filed notice intention to marry at the Monterey county court House yesterday. Three Days must elapse in accordance with California Law. Between the time notice intention is filed and a License issued. The couple announced no definite plans but it was Learned they would be married a a somewhere Monterey Peninsula a presumably at Del Monte Lodge As soon As they obtain the License. Whether this would be sunday monday could not be ascertained. The Groom to be a brother Mary Pickford gave his age As 33, and miss Mulhern said she was 22. Pickford a first wife Olive Thomas actress died in Paris several years ago. And a was divorced from his second. Marilyn Miller also an Lac resp they went across safely. Or. Moore Dubuque and they Rode around in i was not molested when he came Dubuque and East Dubuque for some it Back Over the East Dubuque Bridge. Hours. They found a car in East later though his License numbers a Good fellow and the fact that the Dubuque and then turned . Moore were clean and easily visible. Men appeared to be eager to get to Loose to go Home. He went. J sheriff Mcelroy communicated Galena and offered to pay him he taken to sheriff. With state officers and Moore and consented to take them there. He reached Maquoketa and his friends who came for him. In j a the other two Fellows did no to say lowing instructions kept still. He eluding his brother Louis Moore. Anything while we were driving to stopped at the Hurst hotel to ask the returned to Tipton leaving about Galena a Franzen said a the Tail 1 30. To Aid the officers in their one talked to me a Little bit and search for the bandits. Kept inquiring about where to find another Angle the bus station at Galena and about a few moments before Moore a car the time the Dubuque Chicago bus came into town. A Young from ses were running. I let them out North Maquoketa. Walter Witt-1 the car in front the merchants Koff. Came into town and told the cafe in Galena and drove Back to police that he had just been accosted East Dubuque. Believe me i did t by some in a big new , know that i wa8 hauling bandits just North Maquoketa who want continued Page 2 de to know the Way to Dubuque. Way to Stanwood and John Garrett called the sheriff to notify him the matter. Meanwhile his Way into town Moore had passed s. B. Wila and Lawrence Romer the Street and they recognized the car number. And jumped into their own car and started after him. And then bundled him in and took him to to sheriffs residence. He said they had doubled Back roads Over and Over and had been in the Lowden Community at least three times a statement corroborated by vigilantes who had seen his Miller tire tracks the roads he said they had covered. He had had nothing to eat All Day Norris blames House for new Tariff Bill Road they came in off the Iron Hill j will re in he i a t do be said a and were beside me a 111 a Jurci Layw continued Page 2. Aunt hot by Robert Quillen. Shenandoah. La. Aug. 9.�? a a devoting most his talk to an attack changes effected by the Hawley j Smoot Tariff Bill. Senator George nor-1 Ris Nebraska said in a radio address Here yesterday afternoon that special interests that control the i House representatives had Over Ridden him in his fight for a Tariff that would Aid the Farmer. Senator Norris asserted that Lum Ber should be the free list to permit the saving american Trees while foreign lumber is used. He also said that the High Tariff Cement will increase the Cost Road building thousands dollars per mile. He took Issue with arguments that he is not a Good Republican by saying he did not believe it necessary to surrender his views conscience. A these $8.95 silk dresses keeps poor folks looking dressed up. But when you see a fresh Gingham dress you know it ainu to been wore three weeks without copyright 1930, publishers Syndicate judge. Who will hear Bill i n g s testimony san Francisco aug 9.�? precautions were taken today to safeguard the lives seven members the California supreme court when that body meets in Folsom prison next week to hear the Story Warren k. Billings convicted complicity in the san Francisco preparedness Day bombing july 22,-1916. It is believed that the prison session will be the first affair its kind in the United states and it is generally admitted that there is a element risk the prison hearing is necessary because the supreme court in reviewing the convictions Thomas j. Mooney and Billings who were convicted the dynamite no which killed 16 persons ruled that Billings should testify personally. The attorney general a office decided that Billings could not be taken from prison where he is serving a life sentence so the court is taking the hearing to prison. It is probable that the prison hearing will get under Way next wednesday. Hoover at Rapidan planning Aid drought victims Calls conference governors Hammill is invited scenes at Mcgregor wild life school troops guarding negro quarters from sullen mobs leading coloured citizens Marion fear new violence

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