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Dubuque Daily Herald (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Dubuque, IowaBoard of supervisors. January session. A. D. Chairman. P. T. Brown Clork. Friday Jau 14, 1870. Akki noon session. Lionel met at 2 o clock p. M. Roll culled. F Mill Bridge was read and approved. Report of Ali t Viper Mill Bridge re pairs waa Stih Inui by or. Anderson aug . Or. Sin Lili moved that a. D. Ainger son to to Havo All further necessary repairs made i Suid Bridge. Question submitted by thy unit declared carried. The chair announced tin. Appraisers in the Montgomory Road Case follows bombard Glaus win. H. Kendall and John Boh Maho to appear on Tho ground of the third thursday of april next Anil Rcpt re at Juno session. Or. Aug Mui Linn n Milieu on location of City Hospital be appointed which prevailed. Tho chairman appointed the follow ing As said committee messes Rugamer finn and Liui Ison. On motion of or. O Brien Tho vacancy on the 7th Street Bridge committee was lulled by the appointment of or. Kilz Patrick. On motion of or. Menu Mani tie committee on fees find compensation of was Lojac during vacation of any Bills which May not be reached during Tho present term said committee to have Oiver to allow All claims which they find Correct. Or. O Brien offered Trio following Resolution which was on motion adopted that Tho communication of t. S. Wilson acting county referred to the committee on i mince to report to Tho session of Liis Board in Ofori nce to Tho propriety of adopting Tho suggestions in relation to the Leav ing of the c. Therein contained and if in urainus should by adopted to report such Rule Saml regulation As shall be necessary to carry out the principle of said suggestions. Or. Bounsou uttered the following r. S solution which was adopted a Ievoli Cal that our senators and representatives in the general Assembly be requested to use their i Loristo have the present Law in reference to Tho assess in lit of real estate so amended As to authorize Tho assessors on Tho Lars Mon Day in january alter Tho first assess ment is made a now assessment upon any real Stato which has been increased in by placing thereon valuable improvements. Or. O Brien offered Tho following pre Amble and Resolution which on motion Wero adopted whereas there is a Largo number of. Lots in Tho City and county of Dubuque upon which Tho taxes have not been paid for several years and whereas Tho said lots Aro not Worth the Tinio unt of taxes and penalty due thereon Aud will bid of the Anu for Tho amount of taxes and penalty duo thereon Aud the state county and City Are losing All Revenue upon Tho same therefore Jucs olred that our members of the general Assembly be requested to so Amend the Law of the state As to author ize lots which have Boon unsold for delinquent taxes for years for tie Rea son that said lots Are not Worth thu taxes Aud penalties to be sold to the highest bidder in order that hereafter the same May yield their portion of Rev Enue. On motion of or. To Nair the clerk was instructed to transmit copies of those resolutions to Tho i ambors of lilo legislature from this county. Or. Duggan Flored the following Resolution which was 011 motion adopted Etc solved that Tho judges of District and circuit court to requested to reduce Tho number of bailiffs attending said courts to a reasonable number As it would be 11 great saving to the county. Or. Holds hollered Tho following pre Amble Aud Resolution which Wero on i Oulu adopted. Whereat the Bridge across the tur key Clayton county Public injury there by stopping the mails Aud preventing in torn Tirso Between Dubuque and Mcgregor of Testa to route and on motion the Board adjourned. Saturday Jan. 15, 1870. Roll culled. Quorum present. Minutes of yesterday s proceedings read Ami confirmed. Elilion of h. Remmels Al., for Bridge in Pelterson township was read and of motion referred. Remonstrance of p. C. A Aidelman Brocht it Al against the Justice Grummo h Road was read and referred to committee on roads and Bridges committee of roads and Bridges presented report recommending that in Tho by Jie tie Road change o. H. Cru Slumbo appointed commissioner to appear on Tho ground the first tuesday in March and report Al next session. Adopted. The same committee presented thu following report your committee to whom was Reler Rod petitions for the erection of Bridges in table Mound Prairie Creek Iowa Cascade new wine and Liberty town ships have had the sumo under consideration and beg leave to report that to Are not aware of the Public necessity for Tho Bridges without a personal Xumin Tiou As your committee have found fro ii civilly when visiting Bridges have Boon asked to be erected where there was no necessity for it. We would therefore recommend that when thu Coram Situu on and brides cannot obtain Tho necessary information by in Quiring that they or Munu other Emu Mitten by authorized to make a personal examination. G. Spottswood. Chairman. On motion of or. O Brien the words he Iii other committee Weru stricken out of Tho report and report As annexed was on motion adopted. Committee on poor report., 1 in favor of allowing certain All of which was adopted. Also that Bills of a. Chandler and Hanson. , pm Darbin j. S. Rundell Aud mrs. Mary Dobler be not allowed. On motion of or. O Brien thu com Mittee of u Nance in connection with the county attorney was authorized o draft a petition to Tho legislature for Iho employment of criminals. Committee tin reports of of Lucurs presented a report recommending the approval of Ito report of George schol lain township clerk in ton town ship. Aud on communication of county auditor asking for an additional clerk in his Ofhie Tho committee report it Back without any action on their part. On motion report of committee was adopted. Committee on delinquent taxes Aud erroneous assessments submitted report petition of x. C. Ryan that the the latest news by Teledu an. Our special dispatches. Proceedings of state legislature Ukoh to trotted out Allison for Congress years ago gave him Money to buy Tho Nomi nation carried him on his shoulders Tho representatives Hall and made to Washington in his Stead Allison counted noses am Iii a and bought alack Graves la n so Graves is on the War path. So is Cooley. They came Here last night like braves with whetted knives but no Escaip. They Are after Allison s. When they raise his bar and Divide it Tuey will to Homo sated and meantime a. I they Are vigilant. They he in ambush strike id the East tit Savery and strike Down Allison s Best friends. They storm bin outposts Aud demoralize his rear. Whiskey and Money Are plenty Aud personal bitter the War in Paraguay. Lant. Cooley was called a candidate for i Short Lerm. But everybody knew get suiters Aurre a r themselves it ills i Ulii idol a we Only the Dagger i for stabbing Alliaud. It contrib item to that result. Graves professed to to Here on business when Liu arrived thu other Day and to have tie Mutert St in this flt by. But he suddenly acquired a get in interest whim the result waa an Telk Hupfl the French press Law. Infallibility of tin Pope. From Des Montes. Prayer of tin Petitioner granted by remitting penalty accruing since the tune Tho demand was mud up Tho year Isu to and the Samo to he within thirty Days. On motion the Bourd adjourned sine i con Procor Tiliti a or tie Ami Loii. Iii. Jan. 15. Iho report of the auditor to the constitutional convention on Tho Resolution to give Tho amount of his salary per annul shows that to receives Tho following salary is 000 clerk hire reporting Bond s for Avalo report tug county the it Roll locate of organization of car Conn to Cupl Tal Stock was filed in the Secretary of Utate yes we incas Tho county of Dubuque has caused every Stream in Dubuque Clun by on said onto to be Well bridged therefore Ria Olucci that the attention of the of supervisors of Clayton county be called by this Board to thu propriety of making an appropriation to the build ing of said Bridge and that a copy of this preamble and Resolution to for warded by the clerk to Tho Clayton county Board. On motion of or. Bahl a Mimi tee if two to appointed to compare Bookst delinquent taxes ordered to to made out by treasurer Stewart and have Tho proper amounts charged up to the treasurer. Messes. Bahl and o Burlou Wero appointed us said committee. On motion of or. Bodiou tin acting county attorney judge Wilson was authorized to Settle Tho ease of the suit of school fond is. James Mclean As the amount Baa been paid. _., Boston Jau. The 1 Ost nays there has been a clerical error of in Tho Deal cation in Tho City Treasury. Tho crime a charged on we colliu9. Clerk entrusted with the duty of paying Tho interest on Tho City debt. He confesses to Havi Nir converted coupons into Gold of which to lost in gambling. To had in his pose Eaton More with which he was about to Start for a euro eau tour. Taropa Rosa last night received a Dis Patch announcing Tho death of her Mother Luj London. Jul Coorg la. Atlanta Jau. 15. Hon. J. H. Caldwell chairman of Tho Southern division s National Republican committee Haa written n letter to con Gressman Bini Rham in which he says that Tho questions dividing Tho Roppo ii can party in Georgia Are not political and Don t involve Tho right of any class of but does involve the con science of All honest men who work for the interests of Tho state against a cur rust faction. The letter Deyoun Pengov Bullock As Hie prime cause of All the trouble. From Max Flancisco. Tie distr boil by Vita. San franc Taco Jan. 10. It has been raining for several Days Tho Pacific coast. The pros. It Are for Good crops. Ihu town of Laporte California was nearly destroyed by lire of Tho 11th of january i to Tinnie by Korni. , Jan. 15. Ibo heavy rain last night caused a Wall one Hundred feet Long and thirty feet High situated near a Row of build Ings on third Street to fall crushing r Sree o a crushing the Kitch Odb of six dwellings. A woman in one of them Lind her leg broken by the Fulling stones and a Little boy in a bed in another House waa killed. Nult . St. Louis Jan. 15. No brought u suit for damages against George h. Roo and Jones for detention and loss of goods supposed to belong to Perry Fuller seized Here last september at the instance of the first National Bank. Ended. Boston Jan. Is. The Triko of the Telegraph operators is ended in now England. The repealing Tho liquor Law was tabled la Tho House. Nib ii "7 Jan. 15. Rev. Or. Ames Blanchard of Kirk Street congregational Church a settled minister of this place for 40 years died last night of heart disease. Killed. Rock Este Jan. 15. Walter Graham killed Samuel Otis in Tho Woods yesterday with an axe Wood choppers. I of lilo Ncnutt Al Lixun Frlix urls for Homo to Glennl from Toronto Nril Happy Tim it nil mail pc civil Dlf Ipatov to Tho Dubuque Hershl. Dos Moin is Jan. 15. Ill tin a Iii Iti or. Mini it of crud n Bill Tor tin repeal of the registry Law. Referred. Or. Wright Ufa rid a for to committee to visit tin. Slatt . Adopted. Or. Menull Ulk Rud a Resolution in favor of furnishing with a set of do Pilju annl general s which wits postponed. No other bus Leniu was the Imus la is not in session having my Junr Ned till monday. Allison Ulm Liis Dubuque lobby a it for Home last Nicht. The Nooi Nallon of Wright la charged to have been pro cured by trading on every other ques Tion commencing with the election of Cotton for speaker. Allison s friends to Defeated but not Destroyt-1. I will by heard from again. Wilson Quilge and Allison were in close consultation during the Twenty four hours before leaving for Home and have arranged a pro Grummt. Wright to Iovu Mur Siul Clark Ulm supervisor Dri Nimond re moved. Gun. Dodge says it Liall not tie done. Orwig is Happy Over thu defeat of Mills for state Printer. Tin re is a scramble among the Mem Bers of tin House to get on the Railroad committee. A Niibu Juu Man will prob ably be appointed on that committee. Senatorial in Nullo of tight Al lion every Anil Krcil Mann Noil special correspondence of Tho Dubuque Kerala Des monks Jun. 13. Tho great Battle has been fought and flip main wait burial. The Republican Gnu cilia was held this evening and Tho result As telegraphed to the Herald reached. Everybody is disappointed not the least so Tho Wright men. Not that Wright has been nominated be cause it has All along been believed to be probable of Well As possible but that to waa nominated so easily. The in formal Baudot showed that he Bud w 1th in one vote of Tho required inn Jozity sixty four three members being absent. At once Wright s moods jumped from their seats exclaiming we have got Allison s friends were demoralized. Trio formal ballot proceeded the Call Ofa death Roll when Tho tally showed sixty four votes for Wright the wildest confusion prevailed. Hats went up and two thirds of the men crowding Tho Hall 01 representatives broke Forth in deafening shouts. Wrights friends did not expect the result. They Havo been frightened during the past three Days. The bold and confident front of. Allison s friends made them tremble. Joined by a run Noll Tuny forced a caucus this evening. In Tho caucus they had the Victory. Aiumu h friends charge treachery. They had their men pledged and they counted a majority of pledges. On Tho other hand Trio Wright men claim to Havo achoo void a Victory Over corruption Tho Power of Money in the lobby and Tho Railroad interest. Wright s Nomi nation in declared to to n rebuke of these influences and a pledge of honesty in the Assembly. I. Give the current the caucus. The contest for Tho Short term was More Sharp. Grinnell did not fear Howell so much As a Northern Man. He too charges treachery. The North Ern men losing Allison and Merrill la their desperation double Tho dose to Tho Southern part of Tho state by giving it both Long Aud Short terms. This is Grinnell s explanation of Tho cause of his defeat. It May to partly Correct but it cannot to denied that Howell Hus been steadily gaining ground from the first. And then Grin Noil has i discreetly played into Wright s hands and thu Allison men have punished him. The statesman this evening came out in a Flushing article of Tho sonata dial quo Alion giving hard blows All around. H was read and commented on before the caucus met of Allison it said Allison seems to Lead. He friends Sellu compact Melv and look Wise. To moves among thu Savory lobbyists with Graceful Meiu and accepts the situation an his. Thai to will by chosen for the Long term to never doubts Aud already figures the Effirot of his Entrance into senatorial life. But to May Havo a Back set. Last night judge Cooley of Dubuque came ghost and with him j. K. Graves. Everybody knows Graves nou cod. Went uni us is avenged. The Graves delegation waa kicked out there but hold High seats Here. There is n follow Reul lug Between Graves and Al Lison which should Miako them kind. They us Quale of with grief Aud Ivo each Bud a measure of Joy. Tho s cup of the latter seems to be Tho Nearo to full however. Allison had ordered supper for three Hundred to be Given alter the caucus in Honor of Bis nomination. It a need Leas to say but Tho supper for that Pur pose did not Oil but As it had to Capald for it was take Aud turned into a huge As i Wrilon grief is being strangled and drowned with cold meats and rot gut. The result of the caucus to night is thought to unfavourable to Mills for state primer. But will to Sebu How Over to Morrow evening which time the caucus adjourned. The Akkam. Has been informed of the democratic nominations. The compliments have been Well bestowed the inauguration passed Oil to Kiuly to Day. Nov. Merrill has somewhat improved in his Stylo of Reading the ast inauguration mud the a to of his address shows that he improved his selection of Grasa Nopporn Falls Kansas Sill Ela Ferris Fisher Golf Gllnn. Hamilton Elded tuesday last. He has a wife in Hawley Hill Hoar Hong Judd Kelly Licking county Ohio and i rec cell Knapp Ensor Lawrence Nihi Maynard Mccrary me both houses of the Kansas legislature Green Mercer Moore of Ohio Moore have passed resolutions instructing their of new Jersey Merrill of Penis Vav delegations to Congress to vote against i Merrill of Maine in further appropriations for Public build i o Neill Packard pucker pal to Ings in Washington. Also asking con-1 Mer Phelphs Pomeroy. Prom a Gross to secure titles to settlers ill what Sargent Schenck sub old he is known As Tho Black Bob Indian Laws. Sheldon of new York. Smith of Ohio later resolutions Are Bald to reflect somewhat on congressman Kluk. I to banking instituted to inquiry into the late new York Gold panic heard the testimony of Hodgkin Bonnell Bankers of now York. Or. Benedict late president of Gold sex o Bank and clout late cashier of Ati Oual York James Jay Gould Aud or. Corban been summoned to appear before of Flor n largely increased Slock of 221 Yankee if Lions in. The committee of monday. F in i Smith of Tennessee Smyth of Jown i Starkweather Stevens Sti Vonson , St Owighton tapped j Ruu Tehell Tyner Upson Van Horn i Ward Washburn of Massachusetts Welker Wheeler i j Tho question was next taken on Hie preamble to the substitute and it inns i agreed to by a count of 76 to w. Tho Bill As amended then i hosiery gloves Wall paper window paper books school 3ooks, Etc by Okaw unroll Moldt of Llop Tutor London mint Tor Freuck from Iain lobe for the i Ohio m . Paris Jun. Ufi. Garibaldi passed through Paris to Day on his Way to London. Ledru to Lulu will soon return to France and Institute proceedings before the High court of Justice Toreco Verdam Ages for the family of Victor noir. Tell Al not Nix a new York Jan. 15 an Arra Kement has been Linnley concluded which places Tho great Western Railroad by direction of he courts of three states new York 1 i Nus Varia and Ohio under the control of the Trie thus giving Tho Tho government authorities announce their intention to Brug action against Tho proprietors of the Reform revolutionary Organ violation of the press Law. Two journals la the provinces will also be proceeded against immediately for the same cause. The City is tranquil. Li3hon, Jan. 15. The regular mail Steamer from Rio rings later intelligence from Paraguay which fully confirms Tho dispatches Al ready received announcing Tho flight of and the termination of the War Liverpool Jan. 15. Heavy gales along Tho coast continue. Disasters to shipping constantly come to hand. Vienna Jan. 15. Baron on Inch minister of finance la dead. New York Jan. 15. A special Cable dispatch from London curtains the following Tho London Tablet states that the majority in the ecumenical Council favouring infallibility is 783. The purls correspondence of the times of this says Tho government will not Avail itself of Tho permission of the Chambers to prosecute Rochefort. Vron yeas h2 nays 49. The announcement of Trio Vole was greeted by applause in the Gallarini a Tho following is the Bill passed a joint Resolution declaring Virginia entitled to rep representation in con Gress who bras Tho people of Virginia have adopted a government Ron Hcan in form and Havo in All respects con formed to the requirements of in act of Cou Grens entail i Dan authorizing the submission of tint Virginia Anil Texas to vote of the people authorizing tin. Election of the state of ulcers provided for by said Constitution and members of Congress approved april 10, 1809 therefore lie it it-c., that the said state of Virginia iseult i a to representation in the Congress of the United adjourned till monday. Tontle Niiori of country merchants is especially invited and satisfaction in All i de. Give us a Call Thompson Jones May 20-dr. A Faix Street tanners and carriers of Hottie. Good rooms and Board by the a v or n v House Corner St Anil . Inham inc Joum o. , lice. Company pays As rent 30 per cent of the Gross earnings. A committee of Tureo from the sus que Una Jersey City and Buffalo shops waited upon Jay Gould yester Day and asked to to reinstated in the service of Tho company at Tho Samo a adjustment of the difficulties. Gould replied that Tho Dos Allec Ted men had been paid of and new men employed in their place and that no concessions could to undo a storm of now and rain set in last no kit Aud still continues. Hopi. A. M. Tepp congressional Privi i. A in a private letter to a gentle Man of this City denies the truth of the statement that an investigation of his Pullee shows Large sum of Money to have been recklessly used on Tho contrary there has been no charge made to Congress of any character whatever hence no investigation has taken place the says Charles a lord dry goods has been compelled to suspend through endorsing paper for other parties. B Mcdonald Mccalley Woolen Job Bers Are also reported suspended. Tho sergeant at arms of the House of represent times is Horo to sub witnesses for Tho committee on banking relative to the Gold invest la Copeland the alleged principal in the conspiracy to defraud Tho fourth nation Al Bank bos surrendered himself and Given Ball. Oakey cashier of the merchants Exchange Bank has also Given himself up and was bailed at v new York Jan. 15. A special dispatch from Atlanta Days Tho Senate Tho Senate met this morning Colier who took Tho oath on Tho 10th having made application to withdraw his oath setting Forth that it was made under misapprehension and party pres sure was allowed to withdraw by a veto of the Senate and his name was dropped from the Roll. To Board of officers appointed to enquire into eligibility of members allowed the name of Coli or to pass. Colier was judge of the inferior court before the War and participated la Tho rebel seventeen democratic members of the House and three democratic senators Yeni la Tho organization and at that time took an oath declaring themselves eligible have made written App icat Lou to to relieved of their poli tical disabilities and refuse to a left to party pressure and take the oath. From Washington. convention convention or font Niten Isth Amend. Ment la Otto Bovenzo my Washington Jan. 16. Iho supervising inspectors of the Steamboat District of the United states convened to Day. Alfred Guthier of Chicago was chosen president. Commissioner Wells Haa prepared an answer to Tho charge that to entirely misrepresented Tho Wool clip of the United states for 1808. La his recent report he shows his statements Wero copied from Tho bulletin of the Woolen manufacturers association. A convention of Post masters of Tho principal cities will submit their views n writ no during the coming Wycoki to the postmaster general upon the reduction of postage upon newspaper matter when mailed by publishers provided the same to prepared by weight in bulk at the office of mailing. The ratification of the 15th Amend moist by Ohio is Tho subject of much congratulation among republicans. To to objection of the democracy that it is illegal they simply reply that if now York can repeal Why Ohio can off Sot t by her repeal another Way and that the Case i virtually stand sons it did before attempt Eli to its the official investigation into their regularities alleged to have been Duscov de m the Revenue returns of several distillers and whisky dealers in the 32d collection District is still being con ducted at collector Bailey s office but no result is Likely to to arrived at for some time. Rev. Body. J. Rowell Baptist minis affray the abortion Tyllo Ivriy Xor Clio world in . Chicago Jan. A probably fatal stabbing affray occurred in a Low Well Street Saloon lat night a Man named Corbat Ono of the worst scoundrels in Tho City having received several severe wounds from some assailant As yet unknown As Tho wounded Man refuses to Tell. It is however supposed that his wife equally notorious is tie guilty party. In the circuit court yesterday or Duncan trial for causing the death of a Young woman named Jennie Btu chel by procuring an abortion upon her was discharged for want of Evi Dence necessary to convict him. Hon. Charles Durkee. Into and on of Ian used yesterday morning at Omaha at which Placebo was taken sick while on his return to Bis Home at Kenosha wis. Robt. Scho Leld a respectable Farmer living near Morris was arrested last night Aud confined in jail in that place on charge of having outraged Aud at tempted to murder a Young norwegian girl the daughter of a Farmer living near Schofield. A dispatch from Peoria says that the City is overrun with burglars and thieves burglaries being of nightly occurrence and a citizens meeting is to be held to night to devise some remedy for this state of a flairs. Congressional. Washington Jan. 15. The following is a Parton yesterday s Edmund s amendment to Tho Virginia Bill was finally modified to require any member of Tho Legisla Ture or any officer of said state before entering upon the duties of Hasou Scoto take the oath prescribed in said Amend ment. Or. Edmund s amendment was then adopted by 46 to 13, or. Wilson offered an amendment imposing conditions similar to those of the Bill reported by Tho House reconstruction committee. Rejected by 23 to or. Drake proposed an amendment making the admission of Tho state conditional upon the legislature not Here after attempting to rescind its action on any constitutional amendment. Rejected by 11 to 44. The Sanate then took a recess until evening. At the evening session a message was received from Tho House with a joint Resolution for Tho admission of Vir Ginia. Or. Trumbull said he would propose to substitute it for the Bill now before Tho Senate. Or. Drake proposed another Amend ment a Smilar to the one last voted upon which was discussed by Morton Cole and Schurz. It was finally agreed to take a vote on the Bill at 4 o clock monday. Tho Senate adjourned till monday the following is a part of yesterday s proceedings Farnsworth closed the discussion on Tho Virginia Bill and Tho House proceeded to vote upon Tho Bill and amendments. The amendment of Lorod by or. What Tomore providing a penalty for taking the oath falsely was first voted upon and carried by 122 to 71. The next question was upon or. Bingham s amendment As a substitute. When Roll Call was completed Thoro was Groat excitement on the floor As it was a Tost question Between Tho opposition Camps and it was known that the vote was very close. Finally a Voto was announced As standing yeas of nays Adams Bailey Barber a Ruiu Beck Biggs Bingham Baird Blair Brooks Brooks of. Now York Buckley Bur hard Burr Calkins Cleveland Cox Crew Cullom Dawes Dewees Dickinson docket Dox i Drudge Farnsworth ferry Fin blebs re Fitch Fox Garfield Getz Galloway Greene Griswold Haight Halzman Hall Haru Bleton Ham ill Hawkins Hay Heaton Holman Hoopdar Ingersoll jocks Johnson Kelly Knott Laflin Logan Marshall Mayton Mccarthy Mccormick Mcnally Moore Morgan Wuagon Nib Lack Oeth Peters Patten Randall readings Reeves Rico Rogers san Ford Chur Bokor Slocum Smith of Oregon Stiles Stone stroller Strong Swain Sweeney tailor Tillina Trumbull Van Allen Vau Trump Voorhies Wells Wilson of Minnesota w Laon of Ohio Winans Winchester Wither Wood Amber Armstrong Arnem Asper Bowan Betty Benja Baptist re Union Lorimier House the ladles of the Baptist clan i in Vito their friends Aud the Public to n social a party Kip and calf skins wholesale dealers in red sole leather French 1 Nidor ii a ilex. I i a 44 main St., Union hide leather co harness Collar upper. Kip and rough leather. Oyster supper on tuesday Evo. Tan. 18th. Attlio entertainment of Ken j music Din tin. Solus t Abs e Aux 1. Oot Leys of a Karhu. 3. Moral no prayer. Momory of 5. Modern Mcdon glory of Gnu i. Gripe or Gips Cyk. . B Marla Lowart Neil Kli Zaboth 8. Donolli or Prenni. Time. L. Lleni. Metal f. R. Bissell. Pater Kiene. 1810 to 1870. Sixty years of honest Success 119th Semi annual of the Hartford fire ins. Co. Is assbt8. Cash la hand in Bank and Cash bomb. Ron and interest issi6 to Loans on Bondu and mortraceh.s39im9 79 stocks Bonnand . Securities lit j Market r5s.sio 81 real w 5 j dub dds. I j. K. Pics. "tlllms.trcbli. I. Supt. Plak3mg x.iabzkitix1s. Losso Alu proc of of adjustment. Cash surplus stable Well tried indemnity la indicated by Ono of Tho necessities or too ill Ken id our Enoy of the present time. After a Tost involving the chances Anil pc. Vul Lons of sixty Yoars Tenil to payment of losses exceeding the Hartford Kut Ralsto with str Ruth. Anil in in Ogeil Lacell Tieh for protecting to ave Mercano business Comyn Czetl upon principles or commercial Honor. Prompt attention guaranteed to inter ests of claimants. Age Neleh in All prominent localities. A to 33 Days in Rome Rev. L b. Fairfield d will lecture a visit to the eternal a 7ee3q on monday even y. Jan. 31th. For Tho Bonelly of Tho congregational Church Steo Plo fund. Admission Tlok oth 60 Keao Veu scats to scouts can to received Al or Ohonor a Llor Cor Hou and after 0 o clock a Bradny oven ing. Trio 20mi lum._____________jan.15.d7t tj1steay heifers. Taken up by John hums Al in Dubu no Tho Day of december 18co, Oei tray boaters do nor Bod is Fol Lotch Ono yellow Wilto a Pound old appraised Nusio Ono Jack and Chlio spotted Holford 1 year old. Appal and Rod Whito spot on Ricu Tatoul Dor wet Umlor belly Short tall Ono your old apr quod it 810 our Cherry Rod. 1 year old. Porn Ltd it s10 Ono Rod Wilto Bolly while on tall spot on cacti foot a prayed i Iii us also wan i5etly, Junja i . ruin Bennett Benton betes Bowon i pea Iod at no. Supposed to to Ono your Boyd Buck but Antou Burdzil Butler a of Tennessee cake Cessna Churchill . . Clarke Cobb of Wisconsin Cobb of n. York Coburn Cooke Conger. Cowles Dicker a Lou Donally Dyer to h will Ilvo univ isl Kutlus fact inn Primixl is Lor St Vorill yarns. In Ijo. Ami in Many Ollie run Hii nil. Liny Mill Cha push Havu Ulven h Ali c Pru now la on in Oila is is in Mil Elk i., or Len is Annuli .1 blk Tolian nun Slin Alfh Iii can Priit. A Ait a much or. Pri in Reid to Laxo ii Korup of rends nil of Orr tar Licul is Airt Suhner Calla Lour Placo of lint lira rho Corneroli Buist. M. to books bound or re bound in the Moat Subal Antral Manuer the hot by angry. I dec at Jck. Steak to aws Kok layer food. a. Mall Ivory Eatn Rda Alto Ripato us. Rules by Carryl Nulli Soltel u inc land. Knitl find , Sweden Norway Den Mark Aud jo11k a. Rajtik. Art 15 Kirori Lwft y j. O Yuca agent. Bill is Attis
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