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Dubois Courier Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 5

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DuBois Courier Express (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, DuBois, Pennsylvania The courier express Dubois a. Friday May 20,1983 Page five senior citizen advice Heartline i Heartline my wife and i Are on social Security and have some savings. The Utility Bills Over the past few years Are really eating into the savings since our combined social Security would t even pay a one month Bill. I would like to make our Home More Energy efficient before the next Winter and have been considering a solar heat package. The Salesman mentioned that we could not get a Low Cost loan from the Federal government to pay for the solar package. I want to hear this from someone else other than a Salesman and get any other information that i can about it before i do anything else. Can you help c f answer Low Cost Loans to add Energy saving features to your House Are available from a new Federal program the solar Energy and Energy conservation Bank. For information on this program Contact your state Energy office or Call the conservation and renewable Energy inquiry and referral service toll free at 800 523 2929 in Pennsylvania. 800-462-4983 in Alaska write p o. Box 8900, Silver Spring my 20907. They can also provide you with free literature so be sure to request any that they May have. Heartline i am 83 years old and have no family. I want to be buried in a National cemetery. Can i Reserve a plot now so that i la know All is taken care of c r. Answer although the Law does not provide for grave site reservations a Veteran can make things easier for his survivors by expressing a desire to be buried in a National cemetery keeping military service records accessible and verifying eligibility at any a office. When a Veteran or dependent Dies the documents verifying eligibility should be presented to the funeral director handling the burial. The funeral director then contacts the National cemetery to determine eligibility and space availability. Once eligibility and space Are determined the a will open the grave handle the burial furnish a Headstone or Marker and provide perpetual care and maintenance. Questions regarding burial in a National cemetery can be answered by the nearest a cemetery or regional office. Toll free numbers to regional offices Are located in the White pages of your phone Book under "u.s. research investment shifting South think summer expressions Magazine summer �?T83 comes out june 9. It will highlight All the fun thugs people can do locally. A great place to advertise All your summer merchandise Contact us before deadline and Well include your advertising. Copy deadline May 26,1983 Etc 54 w. Long ave Dubois a. 15801 phone 814 371 4200 156 main St., Brookville a. 15825 phone 814 849 6737 Little Rock Ark. Up spending on research and develop ment facilities in the traditionally Industrial areas of the United states is expected to barely keep up with inflation but corporate planners say they will invest in the Southwest and South As never before. Increases on the order of 255 percent Are expected during the next three years for states such As Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma and Texas while some recession plagued states May see actual declines. Word of this shift in research investment comes from a study by Flad amp associates a Madison wis., architecture engineering firm. Taking the first major look since 1972 at capital spending plans for research facilities Flad asked 5,800 companies with research laboratories about their future plans for buildings and equipment. Flad received answers from about 12 percent a smaller response than some researchers consider meaningful. However Thomas Hogan a study director for the National science foundation said it probably is a Good indication of what is happening. Many laboratories Are reluctant to reveal anything about their operations he said and the Sample included a wide variety of labs from different parts of the country and doing different types of research. The results which do not include investment by government or universities show stagnant research budgets in areas Trad tonally considered the most highly industrialized said James w. Hornik director of administration for Flad and an adviser for the study in a Telephone interview. A the Pacific coast has been very attractive but its getting saturated. Its very difficult to attract research people to the area and the same is True of the mid Atlantic area a he said. The study showed an average increase of 60 percent in Plant investment and 31 percent for investment in equipment. The three most industrialized regions a mid Atlantic Pacific and Northeast a All fell below the Plant investment average. Only one Region indicated an actual decline in Plant spending. Firms with laboratories in the Plains states a Minnesota Iowa Missouri North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska and Kansas a plan a 46 percent drop in investment the study showed. Hornik said a people and resources Are the two driving forces behind the shift. You want to be somewhere close to your raw materials he said. Oil research for instance has moved toward the Oil. A the other has to do with the Market. For instance durable goods manufacturers tend to follow the shifts in the Popula Tion. As you get these companies moving. You re going to drag the lab right along with even with a massive shift toward them Southern states have a Long Way to go before they will compare to the Silicon Valley or even the Ohio Valley since the Large percentage increases Are from such a Low base. A Region with one of the largest percentage increases the Southeast a Mississippi Alabama Tennessee and Ken Tucky a still will be last in actual spending at $9.3 million. By comparison one of the no growth areas the mid Atlantic expects $704 million in new investments. The most meaningful increase Hornik said probably is for new England where a 241 percent Plant increase comes on top of an already healthy research budget. A shift to High technology industries there is expected to pump $307 million into research facilities and equipment. While much of the research in vestment is tied to the general shift of Industry toward the Sun Belt there a More to it said Hornik. Much of today or amp a invest ment is in industries already Strong in the South especially agriculture and Oil. Greatest facility increases Are occurring in livestock printing and publishing drugs paints rubber and plastics and Petroleum and Coal. Female hormones linked to male heart attacks honoured. Mel Johnson was honoured on stage for 42 years of . Music at the 8th kiwanis . Show held recently. His family and or. And mrs. Bill Delong did the presentation. Mel started at the age of 10 buying his first guitar with Money earned from being a c e newsboy. He won an Amateur contest at age 15 that earned him a 15 minute spot on wed in the 1940s. He worked on radio in Wheeling . And in the 1950s played with the Bud Moore band and variety four besides having a band of his own. Quot it was a big Surprise to me Quot Johnson standing Center said about the award Quot it s great to be an photo submitted Polly s pointers by Polly Fisher save bread save by Patricia Mccormack up health editor new York up a study linking High Levels of a female sex hormone to heart attacks in men May help doctors single out and possibly protect men who Are at risk of developing coronary problems researchers say. Scientists found elevated Levels of the oestrogen hormone oestradiol in a group of men 61 to 88 years old who have had heart attacks while comparing them to men of the same age who were free from heart attacks. The blood oestrogen Levels were the Only significant differences among the two groups. None of the established risk factors for Cor onary heart disease was different a cigarette smoking cholesterol hypertension and High density lipoproteins the report tuesday in the journal of the american medical association said. Or. Gerald b. Phillips of Colum Bia of Columbia University College of physicians and surgeons and coauthor of the report said it was significant the study of older heart attack sufferers duplicated Fin dings in a similar study several years ago involving men 34 to 43. Quot we conclude that hyper re Stroge Nemia High Levels of oestrogen is an important correlate of coronary heart disease in men Quot said the report also authored by or. Robert d. Abbot and researcher Patricia m. Mcnamara of the National heart lung and blood Institute in Bethesda my. Another participant in the report. Or. William p. Castelli medical director of the Era Mingham heart study in Fram Ingham mass., cautioned Convell tonal risk factors still must be respected and a Man with a Low level of oestradiol should not consider himself immune to the warnings against cigarette smoking High fat consumption and such. A finding of a High level of the sex hormone Castelli said should mean a Man should be More aggressive in trying to reduce the other risk factors. He said a finding of High oestradiol might also signal a Man should take aspirin on a regular basis one of the experimental methods of attempting to reduce heart attack risk. Aspirin makes blood platelets Slippery preventing the formation of clots. Phillips also on the staff of St. Luke a Roosevelt medical Center was asked Why High Levels of the female sex hormone circulating in a Many a blood appears to be a precursor for heart attack when High Levels of oestrogen in premenopausal women is supposed to protect them against heart attacks. No one knows the answer he said. Quot if i had a cholesterol count Over 150 and a High level of oestradiol i would work to bring Down the cholesterol count Quot Castelli said. A thought for the Day philosopher economist John Stuart Mill said a whatever crushes individuality is despotism by whatever name it May be dear Polly is there any Way to Salvage bread that has gone stale should bread be stored in the refrigerator or not Mary dear Mary stale not moldy bread can be sprinkled with a Little water and then warmed in a 200 degree oven for to minutes to make it taste fresh and moist again. I do this with bagels that have gone Rock hard after two or three Days and they taste great. Done to forget that you can also turn stale bread into crumbs or Croutons. Just let the bread dry thoroughly put it in a 140-to 150 degree oven until dry but not Browne then crush or grind for crumbs. Or for Croutons cube the bread and dry again in a 140 to 150 degree oven. To add flavor drizzle the cubes with butter or Margarine and Sprinkle with powdered garlic onion Salt seasoned Salt or herbs before drying. Making the most of items such As stale bread is one of the keys to saving Money at the checkout counter of your supermarket. For More ideas on saving Money on groceries in a sending you a copy of a a Polly a food budget other readers who would like this Booklet May Send $1 for each copy to Polly a pointers. . Box 489, radio City station new York n.y., 10101. Be sure to include the title. Polly dear Polly my husband has arthritis and wears a Back Brace that prohibits his bending. He came up with these two Little helpers that he uses each Day. I use them too. Put a piece of thick double sided tape on the tip of an old walking Cane or stick. Use this to pick up bits of trash paper Etc. From the floor pick up Small Metal objects from the ground or floor with a Magnet fastened to the end of twine string or a stick. . Dear . My thanks to you and your husband for a couple of Back saving pointers of the week. Hope you both enjoy your autographed copy of Polly a pointers 1081 helpful household hints for making everything last longer. Polly talk to us. A can help. We know that Many of our customers face difficult problems paying Bills. We re Here to help you. Normally special payment arrangements can be made to ease you Over the rough spot. Stop in or phone your local consumer assistance Center. There Are Many ways we can help. National fuel great team great news Why drive to Pittsburgh when it costs $0.00 nothing to Fly a. I. A in yes. Nothing thru june 15, 1983, you can Fly Allegheny commuter to Pittsburgh then us air to most All us air destinations and your total super Saver fare will be the same As from Pittsburgh to your destination Call your travel agent or Allegheny commuter at 8004284253 be77q fare basis restrictions apply Allegheny commuter and us air. The great team to go with

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