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Dubois Courier Express Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 4

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DuBois Courier Express (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, DuBois, Pennsylvania Opinion Friday May 20,1983 Page four editorial that Long ballot that terribly Long ballot that faced the voters of both parties in tuesdays primary election was frustrating and time consuming. With Over 30 names of judge candidates for the three state courts it is no wonder that even the most knowledgeable voters had difficulty making choices. The candidates themselves have agreed the list was too Long and unfair to the voters. Eliminating Cross filing would at the very least reduce the number of names on the ballot. In future such elections a candidate would file under the party Label of the party in which he or she is registered. Let us recognize that judges have political ties and Are partisan when it comes to their politics. The impression one gets of state judgeship races is that some of the candidates Are hopeful lightning will strike if they gain a Good ballot position. If the electorate is not too Well acquainted with the candidates those with top ballot position could Well wind up the Winner. We done to know what the answer is to the electing of judges for our state courts but we do know that flinging three dozen names at the voters and asking them to make intelligent choices is a form of madness. Many voters overwhelmed by the ballot simply ignore the court contests. While on the subject we re undecided whether local school Board races should be conducted under party Label. There is much Cross filing by school director candidates in the Hopes that if they done to make it on one Side of the Coin they will hang on through support from the other Side. Maybe school Board candidates should automatically have their names appear on both Republican and democratic ballots within their designated District and then take a combined total vote for the final standing. This Way the school Board races would All be decided in the May primary without carrying some into november. Or eliminate school Board elections from the primary and just have the candidates be voted on in november. It seems like the election process for judges and school boards needs to be studied by the legislature and possibly revised. Have mercy on the voters when they go to the polls. Washington window crumbling Capitol by Don Phillips Washington up the Capitol is falling. The Capitol is falling. Well not really. But a big chunk fell off the West front of the c amp Pitol a couple of weeks ago. And the sound of the crash hardly had died before an old Battle was renewed whether to replace the West front with an Extension or to repair it. With the possible exceptions of War and peace and congressional pay raises few issues stir such emotion. There a a Good reason for that. The West front which faces the mall leading toward the Washington Monument is the last of the historic building s original faces. Over the years the rest of the Capitol was extended in three directions but not West. George Washington Laid the Cornerstone now missing by the Way for the Capitol in 1793, and the vast majority of americans who have Ever lived Likely have viewed the West front. The British came running up those Steps and apparently entered the Capitol during the War of 1812 through a West front door that is believed by rep. Joseph Moakley d mass., to now be a window in his Capitol office. Demonstrations a the unemployed in the 1930s, civil rights and Antiwar in the 1960s, Farmers and others in the 1970s a have been a Stock in Trade of the West front. President Reagan was inaugurated there. The list could be endless. For years the West front has been in disrepair awaiting a decision whether to repair or replace it. There was even talk a decade ago that it might collapse under something no greater than a sonic Boom and giant beams were used to bolster its columns. Talk of imminent collapse ended in the Early 1970s when a bomb blew apart an out of the Way rest room in the West front. The building did no to even groan much less fall. But a few weeks ago a 6 by-15-foot chunk of Sandstone worked Loose. And the debate that had died Down in recent years began again. Capitol architect George White wants to enclose the Wall behind a 38 foot Marble covered Extension which would provide 79,000 Square feet of usable space for offices and tourist facilities. White set the Cost of the project at about $73 million a $929 per Square foot. The proponents of expansion have a powerful ally a House speaker Thomas o Neill and a Bill to approve the Extension has been cleared by the legislative subcommittee of the House appropriations committee. But the opponents Are determined to preserve rather than add and the fight is far from Over. Among the demonstrations witnessed by the West front is one in its favor held in mid May. The Issue cuts across party and regional lines. Even staff members and reporters Divide on the Issue. I personally think it would be an affront to history to hide the old Walls that have seen so much of it. There a too much bureaucracy in this town now to encourage More of it by adding space for it. The Capitol is a Monument to Compromise but there can be no Compromise on this Issue. Unless of course someone wants to propose tearing out the floor and building downward. Well timely quotes a we will All want to reflect on the events surrounding this episode and what they Tell us about who we Are and what we have Jeane j. Kirkpatrick . Ambassador to the United nations on her rejection of awards from Barnard and Smith colleges. Students and faculty at both colleges had protested against honouring her. A we strive for Unity. I guarantee you a total outreach to every area of this Harold Washington after being elected the first Black mayor in the history of Chicago. Quot it was miserable. Try dying of cancer for seven months 14 hours a Kathleen Belier actress on her role in the film a a promises in the to Cable week Reader opinion the courier express welcomes Reader opinions but reserves the right to select for publication those opinions recognized As the Best expressions of a particular viewpoint concerning issues relative to general readership interest. Opinions for publication must conform to the standards of decency and be of a non libellous nature. Views published May or May not reflect the views of the publication a letters Are subject to condensation and preference will be Given to typewritten letters of 250 words or less. Names and addresses plus the writer s signature Are required but May be withheld upon request. Our ref Arnut �?�1983 copier new. Semen a conservative View getting Back to the budget Washington its showdown time on Capitol Hill As the deadline nears on a budget Resolution for the fiscal year that begins in october. The dismal Prospect is that nothing of much significance will be done for 1983-84. But with courage and determination Congress could now Lay the foundations for real improvement in 1984-85. Let us begin with certain premises. Some of these Are arguable whue some Are generally accepted. First deficits of $175 billion to $200 billion a year Are intolerable. They provide kindling for renewed fires of inflation and they will have to come Down. This win demand an increase in revenues or a decrease in outlays or both. On the Revenue Side it would be a serious error to repeal the to percent reduction in the income tax that is promised for july and it would be equally mistaken to cancel the indexation of income taxes now scheduled for 1985 and beyond. Such measures would hit hardest at lower and Middle income families. Repeal would further impede the capital savings so urgently needed As we emerge from the recession. But Steps could be taken now toward future Revenue increases in the form of taxes on consumption. It is time for Congress to seriously consider a value added tax vat of the kind that has worked so successfully in Europe. The vat produces huge sums of Money in Small incremental amounts that would not go into savings in any event. Properly drafted such a tax does not have to be unbearably Wagman filenames j. Kilpatrick Congress ought also to be looking at substantial increases in such areas As the gasoline tax a tax on imported Oil and the tax on alcoholic beverages. The user fees advocated by the Reagan administration ought to be adopted. On the outlay Side much could be done now that would have a favourable effect on future deficits. In the process some sacred cows would have to be de horned. The defense budget is among them. Or. Reagan has projected defense spending of $285 billion in 1984-85. Without significant harm to our National Security this could judiciously be Cut by at least $15 billion. Various studies have demonstrated that As Many As 150 unnecessary military bases could be closed. We could survive with one new aircraft Carrier instead of two. Production schedules on the b l bomber could be safely extended. Opportunities abound at the Pentagon for Small economies that add up to Large reductions. Greater political courage will be required for other reductions that ought to be ordered. Our most serious fiscal Haemorrhage results from the entitlement programs of recent years. Some of these programs such As food Stamps student Loans medicaid subsidized housing and nutrition carry a needs test for eligibility. If we Are serious about reducing the deficits these needs tests will have to be further strengthened. More significant a and More difficult a savings must be achieved in programs that do not carry a needs test. Among these Are civilian and military retirement business and agricultural subsidies medicare and social Security. Our debt Ridden government no longer can afford the too percent indexing that makes Federal retirement unbearably generous. One of these Days our children and grandchildren will discover a trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities we will shamefully have bequeathed them. Courageous action now would avoid that brutal inheritance. The bipartisan budget Appeal headed by six former secretaries of the Treasury has estimated that such Steps taken in combination could lower the prospective �?T85 deficit from or. Reagan s $185 billion to perhaps $85 billion. As a percentage of our Gross National product this could be comfortably accommodated. It wont be easy. Congress would have to resist the formidable lobbying efforts of civilian and military retirees. Other special interest groups would bitterly oppose selective reductions in outlays and selective increases in taxes but the people generally would support the needed legislation. The Point is to Start 1983. The level of political courage on Capitol Hill rarely High will be lower still if they wait until the election year of 1984. Don t count out James Watt Washington Nea when Interior Secretary James Watt set off a firestorm by Banning the Beach boys from the mall s july 4 festivities critics predicted that this was the final Straw and that Watts Days were numbered. Done to believe those stories unless Ronald Reagan decides not to run again which is a highly unlikely decision Watt is As solidly entrenched As anyone in the administration can be. For All the controversy he Sparks Watt is the absolute Darling of conservatives. Moreover and perhaps most important he is one of the Gopas Best fundraising attractions and draws so crowds Robert Wagman when he goes on the stump which will happen More often As the election year draws closer. Watt seems to find himself in the headlines again each week and each time the White House is Quick to Issue statements of support. The most recent defense came from sen. Paul Laxalt r nev., chairman of the Republican party. After praising Watts loyalty to Reagan and his value to the administration Laxalt said that Reagan would have a Quot conservative revolution Quot on his hands if he asked Watt to resign. One of the Campaign promises of candidate Ronald Reagan was that if elected he would streamline the Federal government. President Ronald Reagan has tried but most of his efforts have failed. It appears that this latest attempt at reorganization the proposed department of Trade will go the Way of most previous Reagan reorganization proposals shot Down before it gets off the ground. The administration has proposed to break up the Commerce department spinning off All of its non International Trade functions such As the National weather service the Patent office and the census Bureau to other departments. At the same time All International Trade functions that Are now performed by other departments would be merged into the Quot an Independent newspaper courier established 1879 express established 1882 consolidation 1928 published daily except sunday by the courier express publishing Cuni Pany at 48-58 West i Ong Avenue Dubois. Pennsylvania 15801 entered As second class matter May i. 1948 Al the Post office at Dubois. A under act of March. In uses 135 520 subscription Kates one month 85 60 three months $16 15 six months $31 75 one year $62 40 tube motor route monthly $5 60 single copy 25 cents All subscriptions paid in Advance Jason s Gray. Or chairman of the Board Jason s Gray or president Athol v Shields vice president George w Williams Secretary treasurer Herbert Martin senior editor Thomas Schott managing editor Shelly Snoyer City editor Bantley Myers sports editor William h Reay sales promotion manager Van Shindledecker Brookville manager w Dock Luas advertising manager James m Norwood circulation manager Charles Richer production manager Jake Caylor assistant production manager Bridget harrier office manager London associates inc 757 third ave new York by 10017, National advertising representatives the courier express is a member of the United press International and the United press International is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news published it this newspaper As Well As All up news dispatches a of the counter express printers belong to the International typographic Union Faical 374 new department of Trade. The International Trade pie currently is shared by 25 Federal agencies with the largest slices going to state agriculture and Treasury. Then theres the office of Trade representative the Post now held by former sen. Bill Brock which carries the rank of ambassador and is considered to be a Cabinet level position. Under the proposed merger the new Secretary of Trade also would be the Trade representative and that office would be abolished. The administration Isnit saying who would fill the new office and both Brock and Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige say they want to remain in the administration. Congressional observers doubt that a Choice Between Brock and Baldrige will be necessary since they predict that the new department will never gain congressional approval. The departments that now have International Trade responsibilities and the special interests that support them will fight furiously to retain those duties. This is especially True of the agriculture department overseas markets have become critical to Farmers who fear that their interests would become lost in the new Agency or receive top priority and there Are enough farm votes in Congress to Block anything that Farmers oppose. It s also reported that Brock who Hasni to said much about the plan publicly is privately not All that keen on it. His staff reportedly is working behind the scenes to shoot Down the plan even before the first congressional hearing. Earlier this year both the California and Massachusetts state democratic parties held Straw polls As part of their state conventions. Alan Cranston won in California and Walter Mondale won in Massachusetts. The polls were not binding on the Delegate selection process Buchwald in kind Quot hello Farmer Jones How a business a Quot just Fine son. Got a Good crop of Grain this Quot i done to see any Grain on your Quot its right Here on this piece of paper. The government is giving me this Grain if i Promise not to raise Quot Why would the government do that Quot a they got too much Grain. So in order to use up what they got stored away they re giving us this a payment in its called Pik. We get 95 percent of what we ordinarily raise free from Uncle Sam s Quot what Are you going to do with the Grain that you get from the government Quot Quot sell it As fast As i can. Lots of Farmers out there Are walking around with Pik paper so i got to unload mine before the Price Quot what do you do All Day now that you re not farming a Quot ride around and make sure no one is planting anything on my land. Got to keep it Clear if i want my Pik paper. Then i go Down to the Coffee shop and sit around with the other boys talking about what great crops we did no to raise this Quot you deserve a rest Farmer Jones. I Hope the government does t get rid of its Grain for Quot that s their of Quot hello dealer Smith. How a the feed and fertilizer business Quot Quot just awful. Ever since the government started giving away free Grain nobody wants to buy any seed or fertilizer from me. I m about to go Buchwald a sorry to hear it. Can to you get some of that Pik Money going around Quot Quot that a Only for Farmers who Don t raise any crops. We should get some too because if it was t for us there be any surplus Grain in the government a How would the government do that Quot Quot pay us for the Grain and fertilizer the Farmers Don t use to Plant a that could get a Well if they done to do something soon there wont be seed or fertilizer stores left when the Farmers have to go Back to planting again. There wont be any tractor dealers Quot what do you do All Day Long without customers Quot Quot hang around the Coffee shop hoping some Farmer does no to want a handout from the _0_ Quot hello banker Reedy. What a going on with you Quot Quot i got Good news and bad news. The Good news is that All the far mers in these Here parts Are paying Back their Quot what a the bad news Quot Quot the Farmers done to want to borrow any Money from me this year. They say they done to need it because they re not strapped for Cash to tide them Over until they Harvest a crop. How can a Bank stay in business if nobody wants to borrow any Money from it a a what about loaning Money to the seed and fertilizer merchants and the tractor dealers they seem to be hard Quot i can to loan Money to them. They re All going belly up because the government does no to want the Farmers to Plant of Quot hello Secretary of agriculture Block. When do you think the american Farmers will go Back to work Quot a beats me. It All depends on How much Grain the russian Farmers Don t Plant this however the conventions received a great Deal of attention from the Media and from the potential democratic presidential candidates. This fact Hasni to been lost on parties in other states that will hold conventions within the next few months and several of them now plan to conduct their own Straw polls. This Prospect does t Delight the candidates it Means that they will have to spend considerably More time and Money on what is essentially a meaningless exercise aside from the news coverage it generates. However no candidate can afford to opt out since that would imply that his Campaign was faltering

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