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Dubois Courier Express Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 4

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DuBois Courier Express (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, DuBois, Pennsylvania Opinion thursday May 15, 1986 pay flu it editorial prefers More Subtle retaliation against terrorism Dubois Campus Day tomorrow Friday is Penn state Dubois Campus Day throughout the area As proclaimed officially by the mayor and City Council of Dubois. Spring commencement exercises in conjunction with the 50th anniversary year of the local Campus will be held appropriately on Campus Day. The proclamation urges All places of business that have exterior signs often used for messages to the general Public to place on those signs tomorrow words that recognize the Campus and its role with the communities it serves. Residents Are reminded to consider the benefits and the positive Impact of having the Campus located in our area. A direct relationship exists Between the Quality of programs at the Campus and input from the communities that Send Young men and women As students. The ties also include involvement of Community leaders in organizations such As the Dubois education foundation the Penn state Dubois Campus alumni society and the Penn state club of North Central Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania state University Dubois Cam pus is recognized for its Long years of providing a Quality education to area residents. Local students Are Able to Complete a College degree while living at Home or begin their College work in that same Home environment. The faculty and staff of the Campus have a reputation of caring for their students As individuals and work with each of them to develop and utilize their full potential. These students after graduation often return to their Hometown communities to contribute their new professional skills and talents to the area to live and work and become valuable citizens who contribute their time and efforts to local government and Volunteer agencies and contribute As both employers and employees. Some of these individuals become the leaders of tomorrow whose capabilities have been greatly enhanced by their Penn state experience. Indeed we Are fortunate to have the Dubois Campus of Penn state in our midst. We Salute the College students receiving degrees on this special occasion. They will join a Long and impressive list of Campus grads of the past 50 years. Buchwald satire ifs a Good year to say you re not going to Europe by Art Buchwald this is the Best year we be had for not going to Europe in a Long Long time. Its even better for those who weren to going there in the first place. The reason is it is now very Chic to say you re staying Home. Last sunday i overheard the following comments at a party. A Gloria and i have cancelled our plans to go to Venice because of terrorism a Sherman said. Davidov said Quot we cancelled All of Scandinavia because of the soviet fallout. Too bad because we could have met up with each a i think terrorism is a better excuse not to go to Europe a Clinton piped up. A you never know where its going to strike Lincoln told us a we have a better reason than either terrorism or fallout. We re not going because of the French. When they would not let our fighter planes Fly Over France i said to Myra a that does it. Scratch Paris and the Riviera Arch Trinkle said a a we re not going because our children begged us not to go. They said they be Able to enjoy their summer if they knew we were touring abroad. Ordinarily we done to let our children Tell us what to do but we made an exception for this trip to sum teem was holding a hot dog in his hand. A i Wasny to going this year because everyone else was. Now that no ones going in a telling everybody i cancelled because i did no to want to be Over there i tried to bring some sense to the discussion. A if you done to go the other Side will feel they have won the a you mean the russians who let their nuclear Plant melt Down outside Kiev a a no i mean the terrorists who have been trying to drive All the americans out of Europe. Your Job is to show them you Are not a Why do you say a your Job instead of a our Job a a since i Wasny to planning to go in the first place i have no reason to cancel. The Way i see it the american tourist who was planning to go to Europe should still go if for no other reason than to show the Flag a like in the song a Over there Over there Send the word Send the word Well be a a it a easy for you to say we should go because we re the ones who have to take the fallout. You know Why in a not going to Europe Quot White said. A a not because of terrorists or nuclear accidents but because the Dollar has lost a third of its value and you can to get bargains anymore. I can handle a nuke Accident and terrorism but i fall apart when i can to get a decent rate for my traveler a John Haskell who has always been a travel name Dropper said a let me Tell you the places we re not going this year the Villa do Este in Italy the Palace in St. Moritz the grand hotel do Cap on the Riviera the Ritz in Madrid and Claridge a in London. Now let me Tell you the restaurants we a enough Haskell. You done to have the Money to stay at any of those hotels. You done to even have the Money to cancel them. There is nothing worse than a tourist who says he a not going somewhere he never intended to go to in the first he replied a a it a the truth a so help me. I could never live with myself if i lied about cancelling the Ritz hotel in Madrid. I have to look at myself in the Mirror every a there is too much defeatist talk at this party a i said. A the russians Are laughing in Kiev at our panic. The terrorists Are gloating in Libya and taxi Drivers from Dublin to Budapest Are slashing their wrists because americans Are cancelling their trips. Are we going to spend the entire summer sitting around in Wicker chairs telling each other where we did no to go this summer a a i am a said sum teen. A but it wont be Dull because i have the slides from my previous trip to show a you can buy anything from Europe at Bloomingdale so mrs. Haskell said. A besides Quot Trinkle added Quot All the european artwork Worth seeing winds up at the National gallery los Angeles times Syndicate by Vicki Williams does it mean that i am behind the times or Over the Hill because i prefer the More Subtle and sophisticated James Bond method of retaliation against terrorism versus the Public blood letting of a rambo scenario president Reagan says that we have direct precise and irrefutable evidence that Moa mar khad Afy is involved in terrorism around the world most recently in the bombing of a West German nightclub in which one american Serviceman was killed and 230 were wounded. I believe the president and i also agree that it is past time for America to defend herself against terrorists not Only khad Afy but the iranians the palestinians the syrians anyone whom our intelligence sources Tell us is entangled in the web of International terrorism. Rather than sending the seventh Fleet steaming toward Libya though i wonder if we be More effective fighting fire with fire. I have no idea How much our raid against libyan air bases Cost but Between ships jets missiles and personnel it surely must have been expensive. With the same amount of Money the is Way j1 to ensure successful future fugues.s�r�?~1 Reese comments x let s Stop rewriting Pearl Harbor history by Charlie Reese grab your Wallet and your pen and stand up for your country a note to your representatives in Washington would be in order now. The . Congress is on the verge of doing something exceptionally stupid and unjust a voting a second reparation for japanese americans temporarily interned during world War in its not so much the Money a about $1.5 billion though that is foolish a As the principle involved. The instigators of this second set of reparations Are apparently intent on Ibeling some of our most distinguished americans by branding them As racists. When you consider they Are referring to such men As Franklin Roosevelt Hugo Black and Earl Warren the charge is absurd. To hear the propaganda the Story is that the . Government cruelly rounded up 120,000 perfectly innocent Loyal japanese americans and put them in concentration Camps just because they were of japanese descent. That is far from the truth. Its very much fashionable on the left these Days to rewrite american history to make it appear that americans Are unmitigated villains. A common tactic and one used in this instance is to take the matter out of context. People of the past must always be judged in the context of their times because whatever they did they did based on what they knew at the time a not on what we May know 40 years later. In 1941, the United states was plunged into War. The japanese quickly followed up the attack on Pearl Harbor with other victories in the Pacific area. The nazis stood triumphantly astride Europe. Only a beleaguered and battered England stood against an army that had two years of solid victories Over every foe. We had a primitive intelligence apparatus and there were no satellite cameras or sophisticated electronic eavesdropping equipment. All of a sudden the United states government which was tiny compared to today a had several enormous tasks to accomplish simultaneously in the shortest possible time. This was global War and we were unprepared. On the West coast in an area critical to defense were about 120.000 people a most Loyal japanese americans but some japanese nationals. This worried the commanders in that area. They were worried about possible sabotage. They were worried about sorting things out if there were a japanese invasion. They were worried about civil riots a feeling against japanese was intense. There was neither the time nor the resources to conduct 120.000 individual loyalty investigations. They thought the Best Way to handle it was simply to order the evacuation of these people out of the critical area. Roosevelt a order was just that the people of japanese descent must evacuate the area. Theoretically they could have just packed up and moved on their own to Nebraska or any other place they wanted to go. The supreme court ruled the order was constitutional. Necessary or not the motive was military Security not prejudice. Of course . Officials discovered that As a practical matter 120,000 people just suddenly pack up and move. They had no where to go. Hence the relocation Camps were created. They were intended to temporarily hold the people until they could make arrangements to move out of them. Some did. Most however voluntarily chose to stay for the duration of the War. Several thousand of the initial group demanded to be sent Back to Japan. Some refused to sign loyalty oaths and used violence and intimidation against those who wanted to. Eventually the troublemakers were isolated in one of the Camps. After the War the japanese american citizens league had High Praise for the american officials who ran the Camps in a humane fashion. Congress in 1948 gave All japanese americans an Opportunity to present claims for property or other economic losses and paid out several millions of dollars. There is no logical and no moral reason to do More. Millions of americans were dislocated and suffered financial hardship As a result of the War and have never been compensated. Done to let Congress commit an injustice by twice compensating one Small group and by doing so buying into a lie about decent american officials. King features Syndicate Cia could probably train a whole cadre of 007 types to infiltrate the terrorist organizations and assassinate the ringleaders. Of course this provide the Public with the same drum beating sense of satisfaction As seeing libyan air bases ablaze but it seems to me that this method of retaliation offers a whole Host of other advantages. It would allow us to be More precise in our targets. Rather than risking innocent lives As in in discriminate bombing raids Only those directly responsible for terrorism would be killed. And it might give the leaders More pause to know that they As individuals were marked rather than our just hoping that we would accidentally hit one of them during a general strike. Only Small areas would be annihilated rather than entire blocks of a City being bombed. Bond like retribution would allow our allies to save face. Presi Dent Reagan has declared that the moderate Arab nations and the europeans secretly Hope that we will be Able to bring Moa mar khad Afy to his Knees or worse but for various reasons of their own they Are not prepared to say so publicly. We Force them to criticize us when we indulge in massive highly publicized bombings like the one against Libya. Individual assassinations though can be made to look like accidents with no one nation claiming responsibility. This gives us the added advantage of not being such visible enemies. Behind the scenes espionage and assassination Means less Chance of provoking a full scale War. So far the soviets have kept comparatively quiet about our attacks against Libya except for the usual. The russians done to really care about Moa mar khad Afy but the danger is that they might feel pressured to lend support to an ally in order to protect their own Macho image As a superpower. Quiet Cia counter terrorism takes from the terrorists the one thing they want most a publicity. Their acts Are directed to draw at Tention to themselves. If instead of newspaper interviewers and television cameras their Hijack Ings and bombings Only Drew silent but lethal retribution they might not feel nearly As compelled toward terrorism. The Cia has generally had a rather poor reputation in America in the last several years. It is a reputation that it brought in itself because of its use of High handed Quot Law unto itself tactics. However there is a place for a secret service. This is not to say that they should be allowed free rein with no con Gressional monitoring. But we should use the Best Means at our disposal to combat terrorism and we might find that Bond works better than rambo. King features Syndicate where to write legislators . Congress 23rd District rep. Bill Clinger Warren a. 16365 phone 814 726-3910 or 1122 Longworth House office bldg. Washington . 20515 phone 202 225-5121 state Senate 41st District Patrick j. Stapleton 710 Croyland ave. Indiana a. 15701 phone 412 349 7010 state House 66th District rep. L. Eugene Smith main Capitol bldg. House Post office Harrisburg a. 17120 write your representative and senators and insist upon results. State general Assembly House 75th dist Eik Clearfield counties rep. Jim Distler 118 w. Long ave. Dubois 15801 iphone 371-1241 or 104 Maurus St. St. Marys 15857 phone 834-1331 . Senators from Pennsylvania h. John Heinz Iii 443 Russell Senate office bldg. Washington . 20510 phone 202 224-6324 Arlen Specter 331 Hart Senate office bldg. Washington . 20510 phone 202 224-4254 courier established 1879 the courier express Quot an Independent newspaper Quot consolidated 1928 express established 1882 main office Bureau office Dubois 8141 371-4200 Brookville 814 849 6737 Mon a Fri. 8 00am to 5 00pm Mon Fri. 8 of am to 4 30pm saturday 8 00am to noon saturday 8 00am to noon single copy Price 25c Carrier and motor route delivery rate available upon request by mail $74 of per year paid in Advance. Published monday thru saturday except the holidays of new years memorial Day Independence Day labor Day thanksgiving and Christmas by the courier express publishing company Jason s. Gray or president George w. Williams vice president Bridget a. Harriger Secretary treasurer w Dock Lias general manager 48-58 West Long Avenue Dubois a. 15801 entered As second class matter May i 1948 at the Post office in Dubois a. 15801 lists 135-520 Assn 8750-4049 have a service problem Call circulation department James m. Norwood circulation manager Vivian j. Smith office supervisor Jeff Gavazzi promotion director want to advertise display Call display advertising department Margaret g. Sloaf advertising manager William h. Reay sales promotion manager classified Call classified advertising department have a news tip Call news department Paul Frederick editor Herbert Martin senior editor Jeff Frantz managing editor Bantly Myers sports editor phone ext. 113, lifestyles Page Bureau office 156 main Street Brookville a. Call 849 6737 Helen Straitiff Bureau manager production Jake Caylor production manager Charles Butler production systems manager Richard Weis pressroom Foreman All the courier express printers belong to the International typographical Union local 374 readers opinion the courier express welcomes Reader opinions but reserves the right to edit or condense or select for publication those opinions which Best represent a viewpoint on issues of general readership interest. Preference will be Given to typewritten letters of 200 words or less name address and signature Are required but will be withheld from publication upon request. Terms the courier express reserves the right to edit classify cancel or reject any advertisement or news copy at any time. Liability of the newspaper for any error in an advertisement shall not exceed the Cost of space occupied by the error of for any reason an advertisement is not published the publisher assumes no liability for any consequences. The courier express assumes no responsibility or liability for publication of copy submitted to it by an advertiser any liability claim arising from the contents of advertising including but not limited to defamation misrepresentation invasion of privacy unfair competitive or Trade practice copyright trademark or Patent infringement or plagiarism is assumed by the advertiser and advertising copy is accepted for publication under the express condition that the advertiser will indemnify and hold harmless the courier express from All claims and liability resulting therefrom wire service member of United press International the United press International is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news published in the newspaper As Well As All up news dispatches. Corrections and clarifications it is the policy of the courier express to Correct All errors of fact and to clarify any misunderstandings created by articles. Corrections and clarifications will appear on Page two. Comments should be directed to the news department 371 4200 National representative Landon associates inc., 750 third Avenue new York new York 10017, represents the courier express for All National advertising

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